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Thai 1 must diu here and Uve h«uoe by initb f

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Ba$t. So. on mr mhiU he did. for auirht he knew.
Bui wherefore do you dru<ip T why look y(*Q sad f
Be immt iu act, va you huve iieeii in tliouitht;
^^t^. iiot the world aee fenr. mid Mid distruht.
Govern the motion of a kinfly eyo:
Be ■lirrinic uc the tinte ; be fire wiih fire ;
Threaten th« i hreat'ner. and ouifuce f he brow
Of immiug hormr : so shall inferior ej et,
lliat boiruw their behaviottiv from ih« great.
Grow icreei hy your exiiniple. and put ou
The dMunil<*« hpirit tif rewiluiion.
Away ; and cli>tAr like the god of war.
When he nreudetli to become the field :
Show boldiiem and aspiriiu cunfiiletice.
What.KhHU they veek the lion in liia deu. [ihereT
And fnght limi ilifrii? and make him trvmble
O, let it not be wiiU !— Fomge. and run
To meet diafileasure further fnmi the door* ;
And grapple with him, ere he CAwm ao nigh [ra«.

K. Jokn. The legute of the pope hath been with
And I have made u happy peace with him ;
And he halh proinii'd to di»oiNH the poww*
Lad by the Dauphin.

BaU, O incloriooa letfoe I

Shall we. Qpon the fooling or onr land.
Send fuir-pluy onlera. and luuke annprriwt,
Insinuation, parley, and b«i»e tnioe.
To arms invaaive f ahall a heardleHB boy,
A cocker'd ailken waul on brave our fiekkt
And lleili his spirit in a warlike soil, j

Mocking the uir with colours ully spreadf
And find no clieck f Lei us, my liege, to arms :
Perchance, the cardinal cannot make your peace ;
Or if he do, let it at least be said.
They saw we had a purpose of defence.

if. JpAm. Have tUuu the unleiiug of tliip present
time T [know.

BaaL Away then, with good courage; yet. I
Oar party nugr well nuret a prouder foe. \,E3xtaA.

SCENE IL — il PAmi. iKor St. Edmund s-Bury.

JEMcr, in armt, Lewis, Salisbury, ileluii, Pem-
broke, Bigot, ami SvlOiers.

lam. My loni Mttlun. let this be cop«ed out.
And keep it sale lor our renifiulirunoit :
Keiuru ttie preceUuiit i«t ihcae lords ugnin ;
That, having our hur urjnr wrilteu down.
Both I hey, und we. penihUig o'er tiieav notes.
May know wherefore we Untk the sucmoieiit.
And keeji our fuiihs linn muU invittluhle-

8aL I'poii uiir cidn it ntiver kIihU be broken.
And, noble daupliiii. allieit wo swear
A volunlKty Zenl. und uuunc'd I'nilh,
To your prtweedingx ; yoi, l*eiieve me, prince*
I am nut glud thui sucu a sure of tune
Sliould se«k a plaster by conUiniu'd revolt.
Aim! heal the in Vetera le canker of one wpuad,
By iimking nwny : O, it grieves my soul,
'1 luU I must draw tius metal from my side
To be a WMlow-maker; O. ami there,
Wliere h<NM>aruble rescue, and defence,
Cnes out iipou the iiHiue of Salisbury :
Bui »uuh is I lie iiii'ect.iMi of thti lime,
1'hut, lor ilio lieulih und phyhio of our right.
We rainiiot deul but with the very' hand
Of sif ru lujus'ice and confusMl wr»ug.—
And u't luit pi y. U luy gr.«v«d litenUs 1
I'liat we, tlir sons und cliiUtien uf ihw isle.
Were liom to see wi sud an hour lu tins :
Whtireiu we step ufier a stranger march
Upon her genlle Innshii. ami till up
Her eiwmies* ranks. (1 inua witlidraw and weep
Upon the spot of this enforced oiiwe,)
lo grace tiic geutr> uf a laud rvmule.

And fiillow onanqouint««l ciilour>> here f [move I
Wliat. Itere f— U uuUoii. UiiU tliou couki'Mt lo
Tliat Neptune's arms, who clippeth thee about.
Would bet«r tliee from ihe knowledge of thyself
And grapple thee un'o a pucau shore ;
Where tiirse two Chris iuu armies might ecmNae
I1ie blood uf ma iue in u vein of leagiie,
And nut to smuhI it so unneirlibourly I

Lew. A noble temper d(«t ihou show in this;
AinI great affbcttoos, wrestling in thy btMiiii,
Do uiidce an earthquake at' uobiliiy.
O, what a uotile ciHiiiiut liasi thou looghl.
Between compulsion, and a brave ruipeot I
Let me wipe otf ihis nouourab.e dew,
l^iat ailveiiy duih progress on thy oheeks :
My heart hath melied at a haly's tears.
Being an ordinary iiiundaiiua'f
Bui this elfusioii of such manly drops.
Iliis shower, blown up by tempest of the soaL
Sturtles mine eyes, and makes me more amasV
TliMU hud 1 seen the vauliy top of heavea
Kignr'd quite o'er with burning meteors.
Lill up tliy brow, renowned Suiisbaiy,
A lid witli a great heart hi ave away lliis storm :
Commend these waient to thiwe baby eyes,
'lluu never saw the grant workl eurag'd;
Nor met with fortune other than at leasta.
Full warm of blood, ol' uarth. of gunipuig.
Come.oume; for tliouithalt thrust ihy hand as deep
Into tlie purse of rich pn«pcrity.
As Lewis lumself :— eu, nobles, slmll you all.
I'hal knit your i^oews tu the strength uf mine.

EnOrr PsiHlnlph, aitemted.
AihI even thers, methinks, an angel xpake :
IdHtk, where Uie h<iiy legate comes apace.
To give us wurraiit iriMii the liaiai oi' heaven ;
And on our aciious set the name of tight.
With iiuly breath.

Pond. Hail, noble prince of France !

1'lie next is this.— King John Iwih reconul'd
Himself to Home ; iiis spirit is come in,
riiai so sUmhI out uguiust I lie holy oliurob.
The greut ntetropoiis und see of Kome ;
Therefore thy Uire;il'niiiK colours now wind up,
And tunie Ihe suvuge spint of wild war;
That, like a lion fiMter d up at hand.
It niiiy lie gently ut ihe foot of peace,
And be no furUier harmful than in show.

Llw Your grace shall panlon me. I will not
1 tun too high-born to lie propertied, [beck ;

To, he a seooudaiy atounlrul.
Or useful serviugrmun. and instrument.
To any sovereign state throughout the work!
Your breath first kindled the dead coal uf wfcn

Between this chasiis'd kingdom and myself;
And brought in matter that should teed this fire{
And now ois far Uiu huge to be blown out
Wuh that same weak wind which enkindled it.

You taught me how lo kiMiw the face of nght,
Acimaiuled me with interest lo this hind.
Yea. tnrust this euierpnse into my heart:
And come you now lo tell me. John hatJi crade
His peace wuh K«Mne ? What w that peace to
I, liy the hoiio r of my marnage-bed. (me I

Alter young Arthur, claim this land lor mute;
And, now it is half omquer'd. muat 1 hack.
Because that John hath made his pesos wHk
Koine f Iburee

Am I Rimie'ii sisve T What penny hath Hun e
WlMt men pruvided, wlwt mumbon sent,
I'o underprop this sdion I n't not I,
'lliat undergo thix duirge ? who else bat 1,
Aud such as to my claim are Uauie.
Sweat in this busUMSs. and nud. %«.iu this war


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_ , Yitar >wonl ■ briffht,rir ; pnt ii op aipiin.

SaL NtH Ull I MhMih It in h niunlerer's xkin.

hub. StMMl back, Lunl Salisbary; stand back.

Bjr h«MVeii, f tliink, 1117 twonl's m sharp a« f
I woakl uoC hare j«>u. Uml. (onaet 7»unel(,
*• - -' ■ - '- - 5^ft

., r"=

Nur tempt the ilaoirsr of my true defenoe

Leat I, by marking of jroar rage, fbixai

Yoar wurth, jroar icreatiHMW, and Dobilrty. [man f

By. Oot, tlonf bill I dar'st thna brave a u<»bh)-

IMt. Not for ray hfe : bat yet I dare defend
U.f innooeot life acainat an emperur.

8aL Thoa art a munlerer.

IhA. Du not prove me ao ;

Yet, I am none. WhaeetongaeiKie'ertpeaksfiilse,
Not tmly speaks ; who speaks not iralj, lies.

Prm. Cot"

1 to ,

EmtL Keep the peaoe, I say.

StL Stand by.or I shall itall you. FauloNihridge.

Bast. I'hoa wert better sail tlie deWI, Salaibuiy:
If thuu bat frown on roe, or stir thy foot.
Ur teach thy hasty spleen to do rae shame,
ru strike thee dead. Pat ap thy sword betime ;
Or 111 ao naal yoa and yoar ttiastiuir-iruo,
llua yoa shall think the devil is ooroe from hell.

Bm- What will thoa do, renowned fkakwn>
Second a villain and a marderert

iM. Lofd Biffot, I am none.

mt. Who killed this pnnce T

Um. ^Tis not an hoar since I left him well :
I hooour'd him, I lov'd him ; and will weep
My date of life out, fur liis sweet Ufe's lose.

&U. Trust not th(«e coniun^ waters of his e/M*
For villauy is not withoat such rheain ;
And he, lonf traded inx it, mukee it seem
Like rivers of reroofM and iDoooeiicy.
Away, with me, all yoa whuee simiIs abhor
lite uncleanly savuuni of a slaufiiter-huuse ;
For I am stilled with this smell of sin.

B»Q. Away,iowan] Bury.totlie Dauphin there!

Ptm. There, tell the kinf . he may inquire us
ouL [Exaud Lords.

fiosl. Here's a good world h- Knew yuu of this
fair work?
Beyond the infinite and boundless readi
Of mercy, if thou dtdar this deed of death,
Art thou damn'd, Hubert.

Hmb. Do but hear me. sir.

JM. H»! I'll UU thee what ; [hluck ;

Thuo art damn'd as black— nay, nolhinir is ao
Thou art more deep damu'd than pnucw Lucifer:
There is not yet ao ugly a tieod 01 hell
As thou Shalt be, if thuu didst

ttMb. Upon my soul.— —

BaaL U thou didst but oonsent

Tu this most cruel act. du but despair.
And, if thou waiu'at a cord, the smallest thread
That ever spaler twisted from her womb
WiU aerve tw straugte thee : a rush will be
A beam to hant thee on ; or, wuold'st thoa drown

Pot bat alttUle water in a spoon,
And it shall be as all the ocean,
£noa«b to atiile such a villam up,
' 9 very

tbtk. If 1 in act, ouoseat, or sia of thoofbt,
Be gnUtjr of the stealiiut tliat sweet breath
Wtueh was eiubounUed in this beaateuus clay,

Let hell want pains enough totoriara met
I kft him welL

ihti. Go, bear him in thine anna.—

I am amaz'd. methinks; and kae my way
Among the Uiuma and dancers of this world.—
ttow eaqr dust iitou lake all England up I

From forth this montel of deud roviilty,
The life, the nclit. and truth of all this re^lm
Is fled to heuveii ; and Eiwtand ii«iw is Id' «'
Tu tog and acrainhle. aiid to pert liy the eeth
The unowed interest of proud-sweiiing tate.
Now. for the b«re pick 'd hone of iimjcfvy.
Doth dngxetl war bristle his aii^ry cre-l,'
And siiarieth in the i^entle evex of pence :
N41W powers from home, aiiu discontents ut home,
Meet 111 one luie ; aitd viist roiifusioii wuirs
(As doth a raven 00 a sicx-fallen beast,)
The eminent decay of wrested iioiiip.
Now happy he, whose cloak and cmcture can
Hold out this tempest Bear awny that child.
And follow me with speed : I'll to the king :
A thousand businesses are brief in hniid.
Awl heaven iiaelf doth frowu apou the land.


SCENi: L — TIejiDiM. it /Zoom In Ms Pcloct;
fiiKsr King John, Pandolph with tkt ctdmh, md

K. MhL Thus have I yielded ap into yoar hand
The etrcle of my glory.

Pand. Take again iOivh^f John the cnwm.
From this mj hand, as holding of the pope.
Your sovereigu greatness and aathority.

K. Mm. N«iw keep yuur holy word: go meet
tlie French;
And firoro his holiness use all yoar power
To stop their inarches, 'fore we are iuOam'd.
Oar dwnonlented counties do revolt;
Our people quarrel with obedience ;
Sweanug allegiance, and the love of sotil.
To stranger bliiod. tu foreign royalty.
This inundation of mistemper'd humour
ReeU by you only to be quaulied.
Then paoae not; for the present time's so sick.
That present luedidae must be iiiiuister'd.
Or overthrow mcuntble ensues. [up,

Pand. It was luy breuth ihut blew this tempest
Upou your stubborn usage of the p(>pe :
But. since you are a grntle couverlite.
My tongue shall hush again tlu^t suirm of arar.
And make fair weather in your blustering land.
On this Ascensiou-tlay. remember well.
Upon your oath of service to the pope.
Go I to make the French lay down their arms.

K. Jokn. Is this Ascenston-day f Did nut the
Say, that, Itelore Asoeiision-Oay, at noon,
My cruwn I shuuld give offl Even 10 1 have :
I did suppuae, it should be on constraint ;
But, heaven be thank'd. it is but voluiUaiy.

.finftr Me BaatanL

Bosl. All Kent hath yielded ; nothisff ttiart
Bat Dover castle : London hath rsoelvM,
like a kind hoat, the Dauphin and his powen:
Yuur noblee will not hear yoa, bat are gone
To ofler aervice to your enemy ;
And wild amasement hurries op and down
I'he little number of yuur duubiful fnends.

K. Joht Would not my lords return ti> me again,
After they heard young Arthur was alive T

£a$L They found him dead, and cast into the
An empty casket, where the Jewel of life
Rf some danm'd hand was rubb'd and taVn away.

if. JokH. I'hai vuhiin Hubert umU uie neuu uve.

live, ^


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r aoo


[Acr IV<

QuftNl. mm! Mini'd. to do a daed of •bame,
Tliia niunler had iiot come into mj nuiid :
But. biktux n<ilfl of ilijr abiiorrwl aapedt
FiimIiok liiae fit for bloodv vilbuiy.
Aptf liulile. ui he einploy^ in dai^er,
I faintly broke wiih ihe« of Arthur's death ;
And tliou, Ui In> euileartid to a kiii^,
Made it uu auiKieuce lu destroy a pnooe.

Umb. My loid. [made a pause,

K. JokM. HuiJ'si thou hut shook tliy heiad, or
Wimii 1 kpake darkly what I purpoHed ;
Or tuni'd au eye of Uoul>l upon my faoe,
As bid uie tell my tale lu exjirusa words;
Duep shaine had struck um duoib, made ma break
ott [me :

And those ihjr fears miffht have wrought fean in
But thou ilHist uoderttuud me by niy signs,
.lod ditiai m bikiui acaio purl«y with sin ;
Yea without stop. didi»l let Uiy heart couaent.
And. ooiiseqiieui(y. Uiy rude hand to act
Tne de«xl which both our tongues held vila to


Out of my Sight, and never see me more I

My noblea leave m« ; and niv state is brav'd.

Even at my gates, with ranks of foreign powers :

Nay, in the body of this fieahly laial.

Thai kingdom, Uiis condne of blood and breath,

Hoetihty uial civil tumult nug ns

Between my oouscienoe and my cousin's death.

Hub. Ann you against your otiier enemies.
Ill make a peace between your soul and you.
Young Arthur is alive : This hand of mine
la yet a maiden and an innocent hand.
Not painted with the cnmsou spoU of blood.
Wiihin tiiiti boMini iM'ver euier'd yet
I'he dreadful mo:ion of a murdViius thought,
And you have nluiaJer'd nut ure in my funu ;
Winch howsoever rude exienoriy,
Is yet the cover of a ^liier miud
lliau to be liutclier of mo iniiuceut child.

K. Joim. Diith Arthur live I O, haste thee tu
Uie |icent.
Throw tlus report on their Incensed rage.
And make itiem tuiiie lu their oliedieuce I
Forgive the commenl that iny passion made
Upon thy feature : for my rage wmk blind.
And ttiul imugiuary eyt^ of bloud
I'reiMiuted thee iiKire liideuus tlian thou art.
U, aiuwrr not ; but to my rloiwl bring
The anitry lordis, with all exptidieui haste :
I oot^ure thee but slowly; run mure fast.


SCEUE m.^Tke mmt. Before the Castk,

Enter Arthnr, on the watts.
Arik. Tlie wall is high; and yet I will leap
down: —
Gooil gnmud, he pitiful, and hurt me not h-
I'liere'a lew, or niNie, do know me ; if they did,
ThiMkliip-lHiyV semblance li.itiidiiigui»'d me quite.
1 am afniHi; and vet I'll vrniure it.
If 1 gel down, aiaJ do not break my liniba,
rtl hiai a tlMiusaud shitU to get away :
As good to die. and gu, as die, and suy.

U OM I my nndeV spint is in these stones :—
Heaven uke my soul, and Lnghiud Ufp my
bonea. {Dkt.

SiOer Pembroke, Salisbur)'. and Bigot.
8aL L«>rds, I will meet him at Samt-EdmundV
It IS our Mdety, aiai we must embrace CBury ;
Thm xeui te uifer uf the perilous time.
ivm. VX liobrousht ihsi letter from the cardinalT
SnL Ihe count Sleluu, n noble lord of Franca ;

Whoae private with ma. of the daupliiu's love.
Is much more irenerul than theee lines import.

Big. To morrow morning IhI us meei iiiin tlien.

aal. Ur, rather then ae( T.irward : for twill be
Two kMig days* journey, loixis, or e'er we meet.

JEk/er lAtf Bastard.

Ba$t. Once more to-day well met, distemper'd
I'he king, by me, requests your pre^wnoe straiglit.

Sal '1 he king haih dispossea'd bimseii of us;
We will not line \m thin buMiamed c oak
With our pure honours, nor auend the foot
Tiuit leaves the pnnt of blood wnem'er ii walks
Return, and tell him so , we know the wonA.

BomL Whste'er you ibink. good words, I think,
were best. iObw.

SaL Our griels. and not our manners, reason

Ba^ But there is litile reaaou m your grief ;
Therefore, 'twere reason y«m had muniMin now.

Fern. Sir, sir, iinpuUeuoe huih iu privilega.

Brut. 1'is true; to hurt his roaster, no man else.

SaL This IS the prison. What is he lies here r
iSeeing Arthur.

Pern. O death, made proud with pure aial
pnnoety beauty !
The eanb hatli not a hole to hide thia deed.

SaL Munifrr, an liatiug what himself hath dona.
Doth lay it open, to urge «in revenge.

Bio- Or, when he doom'd this beauty to a grave.
Found It loo precious princely for a grave.

SaL Sir RiiUianl, what think youl Have yoo
Or have you restd, or heard T or could you think T
Or do you almoat thmk, aUthough you see.
That you do seel couhl Uwught, without thia

Form such another? This is the very top.
The lieKht. the creet, or crest unto ihe oreet.
Of murder's arms : this n the bliMidiest shame,
I'lie wihieal aavag'nr, the vilest stroke.
That ever wall -ey'd wrath, or stanug rage.
Presented to the tears of sod remorse.

I*em. All mordera past do stand excus'd in this
And tliii so sole, and so unmutchabie,
Shall give a holiness, a punty.
To the yet-unbegutten tin ot times ;
AihI prove a deadly bioudaiied hut a jest,
ivjutiupled by tiiw heinous spectacle.

BtuL It is a danmed and a liltMidy work ;
The graceless actiiai of a heavy hatal.
If that it be the work of any luual.

SaL If that it lie the work of nny hand T
We had a kind of light what would ensue:
It IS the shameful work of Hubert's hand;
The practice and tlie purptne of the king :—
From whose «>(iodieiice I furbid my soul.
Kneeling liefore Huh rum of kweel life.
And breathing to luji breaUilesn excellenoe
The incense of a vow, h holy vt>w ,•
Never to taste the plesisurett of the worlil.
Never to he mfeded with delight.
Nor conversant with ease and idleness.
Till 1 tutve set u glory to Uiis hand.
By givinit it the wurship o( levenge. [wonls.

ftm. Big. Our soub religiously oonUrm thj

Enter Hubert.
Hub. Lords, I am hot with haste iu seeking you :
Artliur doth live ; the king haiu sent for you.

SaL O, he is bold, and bluslies uut at death :—
Avaunt, thou hatetui villam, get thee gone I
Hub. 1 am no villain.

Sat. Must 1 rob the hiw f



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^ luri

/¥m. Stay 7«t, Ion] Salishanr; I'll tpt wii h thee,
jkwl find th« inhanumoe i>f this pour child.
Km liUla kiiiKUunj of a fonwd frrave.
That bkjod. wluch ow'u tiie bnmdlh of all this Me,
three hmc of it doth httid ; bud world the while I
lliia niQKt not he itius home : this will break out
I'd all oar sorrows, aud ere lotig, I doulit.

(EzraMi Lords.

K. John. They bum in indisnatitm ; I repeat ;
There is no sure fiiondutiua set ia blood ;
No <«nain life aciiiev'd hjr others' death.-— «

EiUtr a Messenger.
A feai fal eye thuu hast. Where n that Mood,
1 bat I liave seea inhabit in those cheeks I
80 fbal a skr clean not without a storm :
Pour down tJijr weather :— How gam all in France?

iHeM. Fnin France to UnglamL— Nerer such a
For any foreign prepanition, [power

Was levied in the body of a landl
The oipy of your speed is leam'd by them ;
fnr, when you should be bikl they do prepare,
The tklngs ouroe, that they are all urrirM.

M. Jokm. O, where liath fHir luielligenoe been
druuk T (care I

Where halh it slept? Where is my mother's
That tooh an army oouUl be drawn in France,
And slM not hear of a f

Afcss. My lien, her ear

Is stoppM with dust ; the fimi of April, died
Your noble mother : And, us I hMir. my lord,
llie lady Ckaiatauce ia a frenzy died
Three days before: but this inHii rumour^ toQgae
1 idly lieartl ; if true, or fiUse, I know not.

JCJokm. Withhold thy speed , drsadful occasioa 1
O, make a leaf ue wUh n»e. till 1 have pleas'd
My dtaouoieiiied paera I— What ! uaiiher dead ?
How wildly tlien walks my eatate in i-'raiioe I—
Undar wImm conduct oaiue those power* of

That tbiiu fiir truth xiv'st out, are landed hers t

Ue$$. Under tlie Daupliiu.

MiUtr tin Bastard and Peter qT Pomfi«t.

K. John. Thou hast rhiide me giddy

With tbeee ill tklings— Now, what suys the world
To your pr o cee d ino ? do not seek ti» i»iutf
My bead witii more ill news, lor it i» full.

Bast. Dui. if yuu be afeanl ut liMir tli« wortt.
Then let the worst, uuheani, fall on vour head.

K. John. Bear with nie.oousiii; for CwasamaxVl
Under tlie tale : but now 1 breathe ngaiu
Aloft the ihiud ; and can give uudieiioe
'lo any tongue, speak it of wluil tt wilL

BotL How I have sped uiiioii« the cleiigynien,
Tlie sums 1 have collected sliuU eX|»rt«t.
Bui, as 1 travelled hitlier through the land,
I and tlie people strangely fiiulasied :
t^wwesa'd with ruinoum, lull of idle drsams;
Not kiMXtiug whut they tear, but full i*f tear;
Aial here's a pnipher, tliat I brought with me
F.\Mii forth the HtreeU of Puinfrei, whom I found
W iin uuuiy hundreds tre^Hlinx on his iieeb ;
'1 o wiMNu he sung, m rude harsh -sounding rhymes,
1 hat, ere tlia next Asoeiuuon-duy ut noon,
^ our highness should dehver up your crown.

K. John. Thou idle drramer, wherefore didst
ihooso? l«o

Prter. Koreknowii^ that the truth will fiill out

K. John. Hubert, away with him ; imprison uim:
And on that *Uif at noon, whereon, he Kiys,
1 shall yield up my crown, let him be Iwug'd :
tNtUver huu to sawty, aud return,
I ur 1 must nee thee.— O my gentle oou5(in,

[lixu Hubert, mth Point.

It'll ? >

Hear'st thou the news abroad, who are amv'i

BasL The French, my lorU ; men's mouilis are
fuU of it :
Besides, I met lortl Bigot, and lord Salisbury
(With eyes as red as new-enkindled Are),
And others more, going to seek the gnive
Of Arthur, who. they suy, is kiU'd to-night
On your suggestkai.

K. John. Gentle kinsman, go.

And tlirust thyself into their ctHniKiuies :
I liuve a way to win their k»ves uguiii ;
Bnug ilieiu before me.

Boat I will seek them out.

K. John. Nny, but make hi«;e : the better foot
O. let me Imve no sul^ect enemies, rbefore.— <-
When adverMs foreigners atfiight my towns
With dreadful pomp of stout invasum !—
Be Mercury, net feathers to thy heels ;
Aud fly, like thooxhl, from them to me agsin.

BaU. The spirit of the time sliall teach me
speed. Ifinl.

K. John. Spoke like a spriteful noble geuile-
60 after him ; for he, perhape. shall need [mau.
Some messenxer betwixt me atai the peers ;
And be thou he.

Mat. With all my heart my liep. ,

K. John. My mother dead 1

Jb-ea/er Hubert.

A(fr. My lord, they say, five moon* were aeen
Four fixed : aud the fifth did whirl about
The other four, in wiaid'rous mutmu.
■ JC John. Five moons?

Hub. Uld men, and beldams, in the streets
Do prophesy upou it dangerously :
Young Arthur's death is comnion in tlieir mouths:
Aral when they talk of hini, tliey sliuke their heads,
Aud whisper one anotlier in the ear ;
Aud he, that speaks, doih gh|Hi the iiearer's wrist;
Whilst he, thsit hears, makes fearful aniiuo.
Witti wrinkled brows, with nods, with nilUngeyes.
I saw a smith stand with his huininer, thus,
I'he whihit hst iron did on the unvil ciniI,
With open mouih swallowing a tailor's news :
Who, with his shears and measunt lu Ins Imud
Stuialiug <« slippers (which hi:* mnilile haste
Had fiUsely thrust upon oonlrury feel).
Told of a many thousand warlike French.
That were embatteled mal raiik'd m Kent :
Another lean unwasii'd artificer
Cuts off his tale, aiai talks ol Arthur's death.

K. John. Why seeK'st tliiHi lo pisuesw me with
these fears (
Why lurgest thuu so oft young Arthur's death ?
Thy haiai hath murder'd Imn : 1 inul niiglity cause
To wish him dead, but thou hudst iwNie lo lull hiin.

Hub. Had uiHMi. my hird I why. dui ytm nut pro>
vuke me }

K. John. It bt tiie curse of kings to be attended
By slaves, thut tuke Uieir humours liir a wariunt
1 o break wi.hin the bluudy iHHMe of Ufa :
Aud, on the wiukiiig of authority.
To understand a law; to know the meaning
Uf dangerous imijusty. when, |ierehaiu», it iruwns
More upon humour timn lalvtsd reaped.

ifa^. Htire is your hand and seat t^ir what' I did.

K. John. O, wlieu the \nA aouuuut 'twut he»>
veil and earth
Is to be niiiUe, tiien ohall this hand and seal
Witness aguinst us 10 tiumiiu:itNi !
How ofi Uie sight ul niviiiis to du ill deeds.
Makes drtali* ill done ! Il.iii'si m»: thou '
A feili'w by luu nuuU ul iMiMru luara'd.

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(Act IV.

Or. Huh»rt, if you will, cut ftut rojr totunie,
S(i I iiia^ keep mine eyes ; U. »p tre mine cnre* ;

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