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Solmt fur it siniiKht. (that T

Zkf Alas, my lord, what may you mean Inr
Otk. Well, du ii. and be brief; I will walk by :

1 WHuld not kill thy unprepared spint:

No.— HMiveu lorefeud.— I would not kill thy soul.

iW. I'alk ytra of kiUing?

Otk. Ay. I do.

..I>B«. Theii,hesvM

Have men7 on me I

Oth. Amen, with al! my heart ?

Dee. If you say so. I hope yoo wdl not kill me.

Oik. Humph!

Dee. And yet I fear yon; for yon are fiital thea,

When your eyes roll so: Why I should fo«r. I

know nut, Jfoer.

Since ruiltiness I know not ; bat yet, I foel, f

Oth. Think ou thy sins.

Dee. They are loves I bear to yoo.

Otk. Ay. and for that thou diest (ing.—

Dee. ThMt deaUi's unnatural, that kills forlov-
Alas, why snaw you so your nether bpf
Some bluudy passuin shakes your very ihime:
These are port^nU: but yet, I hope, I hope,
Thev do not point on me.

Otk. Peace, and be atiU I

Dee. r will so : Whatis the matter?

Otk. That handkerchiei; which I so lov'd, md
gave thee,
Thoa gav'ki lo Cassio.

Dee. No. by my lifo and eoal ;

Send for the man, and ask him.

Otk. Sweet sooU take teed.

Take he«Hl of perjury ; thou'rt oo thy death-bed.

Dee. Ay, bul ut«i yet to die.

Otk Yee,preeeatly:

Therefore confess tbee Aieely of thy sm ;
For to deny eai^h article wUli oath.

Cannot reiiMive. nor choke, tlie struo,

That 1 do gnian wii haL Thoa art to die.

Dee. Then. Lunl have mercy on me !

Oik. 1 say. •xumi

Dee Ami have yoa mercy too !— I never did
Ofleiid you in my lifo : never luvM Cassio,
Bul wiiJi such general warranty of heaven
As I might love : I never gave nim token

Otk. By heaven, I saw my hamlkerchief in Mi

peijnr'd woman ! thou doet stone my henit,
Aud mak'st me call, what 1 intend to do,—

A murder, which I iliought a sacrifice :

1 saw the handkerchief

Dee. He found it then ;

I never gave it him :— Send for him hither,
And let bim confess a truth.

Otk. He hath ewifoesU

Dee. What. mylonlT

Otk. 1'hat he haili— us'd thee.

Dee. How? anlawAUhf

Otk. Ay.

Dee. He'll not say so.

Oik. No, bis mnnth m floppV ;

HtuieA lacfi barb ta'eo order l«ir't.

Dee. My leiir interprets then.- What, la te
deml r (ven^n

Otk. Hud all his haira been lives, my grent re>
Hml utoiimrh for them all.

Dre. Ala* ! he ik b«trny*d. and I undone.

Otk. Out, strumiiei I Weep'M Ihuu for him lo
mv focef

Dn. 0. banwh me. my kml, but kill me not.

Otk, Down. strumpet!

Dee. Kill me lu^ niurruw. let me hve to-nifbt.

06k. Nay, if you sinve.

Dee. But half an hoar.

Otk. Being dona.

There is no pause.

Dee. But while I say one prayer.

Otk. It is too late {He emoikere ktr.

EmiL [Witkm} My Innl, my lord! what ho!
my lunl ! my lord i

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iovoL Here.at th7 hand : be UiU. bihI take thy
swurd. [Retires to a Uitie distatce.

Rod. I have no gnmX devulion to the deed ;
And vet be has Riven me Mtisfyiiif reasons :—
^Hs bat • man cone ;— ^rth, my sword ; he dies

Uffo. I have rahb*d this youns quat almost to
the sense. [sio.

And he grows anirry- Now whether he kill Caa-
Or CasBw him. or each d«> kill the other.
Every way oiakes my sain : Live Roderigo,
He calls roe to a restitation lanre
Of ictM. and Jewels, that 1 bobb'd fhrni him.
As irifts bi Desdemona :
It most not be : if Cassio do remain.
He hath a daily beauty in his life.
That makes me oitly ; and. hendes, the Moor
Maf unfold me to him: there stand I in mveh

peril :
Ifo, he must die :— Bat so, I hear him oominf .

Mod. I know his iralt.ti8 he: — Villain, thoa
dleaL {Rtul^ijrom hit post, ami makes
a pass at Cassio
Oaf. That thmst had been mme enemy indeed,
V«t that my onat b better than thou ihink'st ;
I «iU make proof »f thine.

[Drams, amd wotmds Roderigo.
JM. O.I am slam!

pago mim from his post, aUs Cassio btkmd
tmtktkif, ond exit.
Cm. I am maini'd forever: — Help, ho! mur-
der! manlerl [FbUs.

EmUr Othello, at a dutamot.
Oik. The voice of Cassio :— lago keepa his word.
JlsdL O, villain that I am!
OO. Hark! 'tis even ao.

Osa. O, help ! ho! livht ! a sun^eno !
Oik. *1'is he ;— O breve Ia|n>. himest. and Jost,
Tkot hMA sonh noble seoM of thy friend's wrung I
than teadieat me.— Minion, your dear lies dead.
And roar fate hies apaoe :— Strumpet. I come :
ibfth of my heart tliuae eharnia. thine eyea, are

Thy b«l. lost-stain'd, shall with lusfk blotid be
spuUed. [ExU Otiiello.

Ailir LodovioD amd Gratjano, atadtstamos.

Cm. What ho! no watohf oo p assag e! mur-
der! murder* (direful.

On. Tis some misobance: the ory is very

Cos. O.belp!

Ud. Hark!

Red O wretched villahi !

Jjsd. Two or three gmana ;— it is a heavy night :
These may he ouanterfeita : let's thinkt unsale
To come m to the cry, without owre help.

Rod. No body comet then shall I bleed to



^ tmt



in his shirt, with Ught

^ [cries on murder T

Wbo% theret whoee noise is this, that
Wedo Dot know.

Did you not hear a ory t
Here, here ; for heaven's sake, help ma.
What's rhe matter?
TYiM iaOthelloli ancient, as I take if.
11ie same, indeed ; a very valmnt fellow.
Whiit are yo« here, that cry so griav-

Gas iMgu T O. I am spoil'd. undone by villains !
Give me eonie help [Ihist

logo. O me. lieuiemint! what villains have done

Cos I think, that one of them is hereabout.
And cannot make away

Jogo. Otrearhemos villanw!—

What are you there ? come in. and give some

help ( To Lodovico amd Grstiano.

Rod. U. help me here !

Cos I'hai's uue of them.

Jago. O murderous slave I O villatai !

(lago stabs Roderigo.

Rod. O damn'd lagn I O inhaman dug !—
O! O! 0! (bloody Ihieveef—

tgo. Kill men ilhe dark! -Where be theee
How silent is this town ! Ho! munler ! murtler I
What may you be T are you of good, or evil f

Lad. As yon shall prove as, praise oa.

logo. Signior LodovwoT

Lod. He, sir.

3ago. I cry you merry; Here^ Cassio hurt
By villains T

Ora. Casaiof

hgo. How is H, brothert

Cos. My leg is cat in two.

.£100. Marry, heaven forbid I

Light, gentlemen : 111 bind it with my shirt.

Baler Bianca.

Bfon. What is the matter, hoT who ls\ that

iago. Who ist that cry'd T [C7'd t

Bwn. O my dear Cassio ! my sweet Cassio !
O Casaio! Cassio! Cassio!

Ugo. notable strumpet ! — Casaio, msy you

suspect [yim T

Who they should be, that have thoa mangled

Cos. No. (to seek yon.

Ora. I am sorry, to (hid you thas : 1 have been

hgo. Lend me a carter : So — O. for a chair.
To hear him easily h«nce ! (Cassio !

Bhn. Alas, he faints:- O CassMi! Caaaiol

iago Gentlemen ail. I do auspect this trash
To be a party in this injury —
Patience a while, g«Mid Cassio.— Come, oome ;
Lend nie a light.— Know we this fiioe. or nof
AluM ! my friend, siid my tlenr countryman,
Riideruni r no :— Yra. sure ; O heaven I Roderiga

Gra W|mt.of VpnK^f

Jitgo. £ven he, sir; da! you know him t

Gra. Know him f sv.

logo. Signior GratianoT I cry yoa gentk
pardon ; (ners.

These Uondy acrnlenta mast esoasa my man-
ThM ao negiectad you.

Ora. I am glad to aee yoa.

Jago. How do yoa, Cassio 1— U, a chair, a chair I

Gra. Roderigo!

Jago. He, he. tia he : -O. that<b well said : -

the chair:— iA chair brought at.

Some good man bear hnn earefblly from hence ;

nifistdi the general'k saigeon. — Foryoa, mia-

trees, (7b Bianco.

Save foa your taboor. — Ha that Uea alain hexn.

Was my dear friend
Oof. None in the world

What malice waa betwesL


: nor do I know the

Th Bian.J What, look yoa palaf-O,

him oat olhe air.—

rCaiaio amd Rod. ar* tome gf.
tUemen. —Look yoa pale, nua*

Stay yoa, good geni


Do von perce i ve the gaatn esa of her eye T—
Nay, if yoa atara, we shall hear m«»re annn :—
Behold her well ; I pray yoa, look upon her;

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f mi

/ Oft.


[Act V.


O.— Desdemuna.

Ik*. MyloTdf

OfJk. GetjroQ lo bed on the iMtxnt; Twfllbe
retarned forthwith : dismt^syoaralteiMlani there ;
look, it be done

IkM I will, my lord.

\Exnmt Othello. Lodoriro, and Attendants.

JEmsL How rues it now T he looks gentler than
he did

Det He says, he will return incontinent;
He hath oomiuiuided me to (to to bed.
And bade me to dismiss you.

BmL Dfsmissme!

De*. It was his biddinir ; therefore, ^id Emilia,
Give me my ninhtly wearing, and adieu :
We must not now displease him.

BmiI. I would, you had never seen him I

Da. So would nut 1 ; my lure di*th »<• approve

him, (fhiwus."-

That even his stubbornness, his chenks. and

Pr'ythee. unpin me,— luive fraoe and favour in

thee. [the bed.

RmiL 1 hare laid thoRe sheets yon bade me tm

Ika. All's one:— Good father I how foolish are
our minds I—
If I do die liefore thee, pr'ythee, shroud me
In one of those same sheets.

Emil Come. come, you talk.

' Dt». My mother had a maid call'd— Barbara:
She was in love ; and he, she lov'd, pniv'd mad.
And did forsake her: she had a souk of— willow.
An old thinr twMs. but it express'd her fbrtone.
And she died sinking it : That song, to-night.
Will not go from mv mind : I have much to do.
But to go hang my head all at one side,
And singit. like poor Barbara. Pr'ythee, despatch.

JSM2. Shall I go fetch your night-gown f

1k». No, onpin me here.—

This Lndovioo is a proper man.

J&iuL A very handsome man.

[k». And he speaks well.

EmU I know a Indy in Venice, who would have
walked barefoot to Palestine, for a touch of his
•ether Up.


Da. The poor soui $at siohmff bt a s^eamort' Irfe,
Stng all a yrten mUow ; (Sinniig.

Her hand on her botom, her head on her knee,
Sinv willow, wUow. willow : [moans ;

The frtth streams ran Ay her, and murmttr'd her
Sing willow, 4rC

Her salt tear8/eU/romher,amisofUn'd the Stones:

Lay by these :

8in0 wiilotOf wWoss, willow;
Pr'ythee, hie thee : hell oome anon.—

Sing aU m green wtUow nmst be m§ garlamd.


Ijft nobodfi Name htm, hts scorn I approve,—

Nny, that's not next. — Hark I who n it that
KmiL It is the wind. (knocks f

Des. 1 ealPd my love, false hoe; but what said he
Sing willow, 4^
if I amrt mo women, fou'll roncft with mo mem.

get thee
Piilh that bode

EwttL Tn neither here nor then.

Jks, I have heard it said so. — 0. these men,
these men 1—
Dost thou in conscience think.— tell me, Eniilm.—
That there be women do abuse their hartNuids
In such gross kind T

EmiL 'Inhere be some stich, do qoestioa.

Des. WooUlst thou do such adeed for aU the

RnU. Why, would not you t

Dea No. by this heavenly light I

Bml Nor I neither by this heavenly Ugfat;
I might dot as well i'the dark.

Des. Would'st thou do such a derd for all the
world? (price

Emil llie world is a huge thing: Tie a greet
For a small vice.

Des. Good troth. I thtok thou wonldlst noc

EmiL By my trt»th. I think I should ; and un-
do'i. when I bad done. Marry, I would not do
such a thing for a joint-rinc: nor fur measures of
lawn ; nor for gowns, petticoats, nor capa. nor
anv pretty exhibiiion: but, for the whole world,
— Why, who won hi not make her hosband a
cnckold, to make him a monarch ? I ahoukl ves-
ture punniiory fort.

Des Beshrew me. if I would do such a wroot
for the whole world.

EmtL Why, ihe wrong is but a wrung Ptbe
world : and. Iianng the world Utr your hiboor, *tia
a wrong in your own workU and yua might
quickly make ii rirht

Des. I do niH think there is any sorb womaa.

EmiL Yos. a dozen ; aud as many
To the vantage, us wuuUl store the workl they

plMy'd for.
But, I do think, it is tlieir husbands* faults.
If wives do fiill : Suy. that they slack their dutiea.
And pour out treasures into foreign lapa;
Or else break out in peevish jealoosiea, [w.

Throwing restraint upcm ns ; or. say, they strike
Or scant our former having in deqnte : [gnee.
Why, we have galls : and. though we nave soaie
Yet we have some revenge. LeT husbands know.
I'beir wives have sense like thwa ; they see. awl


And,have their palates both for sweet aad aoor.
As husbands have. What is it that they do.
When they cliange as for othertT Is it sport?
I think. It is ; And doth afecticm breed it ?
1 think, it doth; 1st frailty, that thus ens?
It is so too : And have not we affections?
Desires for sport? and fVailty, as men have?
Then, tet them use us well : else, let Miem know.
The ills we do. their ills instruct ns to.

Des. Good night, good night : Heaven me wmek
usage send,
Not to pick hod Awn bad; but, by bed, mend I


SCENK I "d Street.
Bntrr Ingii ami Roderiga
logo. Here, stand behind this bulk; straiehl
will he come :
Wear thy good rapier bare, and pat it home ;
Qnidc. quick ; fear nothing ; 1*11 be at thy elbow :
It makes us, or it nwrs us ; think on thai.

gone; good night Mine eyes do And f\x m<«t firm thy ivsulntion.
le weeping? (itch; Rod. Be near at hand; 1 uuiy i

miscarry ut. r

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Act IV.l



To be railed— whore T would It not nmke one

Dn. It « nijr wretched fiirtonn.

kt99. BMi*irew hiiu fbr it I

Bow oune* this trick upnti him 7

Df». Niiy. hf^veii doth knnw.

BmU. I will be hnngM. il' Miiie etenud viiloiii,
Snnie bonjr and iiMiioatiiw nif ne.
teme cnanrar mzruinx vlxve. lu iret smne oflloe.
Have nut devw'd ilib> Blandrr ; I'll he haiurd. elae.

bfo. Pjre. there m no such man ; it w imnwiihle

Dn. Ifauf Buch there be, hraten pardiio him!

BmiL A halter panlon hiro ! and liell ftuaw hii


Wbjr shoaM he call her, whore ? who keepa her

What ptacifT what tioie f what fiimi T what like-

The Moor's aliQs*d hjr some moat villaiuoos kuave.
Some hoeenutonoasknaTc.aomewujrvy follow :—
O, heaven, that sorh oompanions thou'dst unfold :
And put in every Irnnest hand a whip.
To lash the raaeal naked thrunah the world.
Even from the east to the west t

i«90. Speak within door.

Am/I. O.fVenpoahimlsomesuchaqttirehewaa,
That tam*d jrour wit the seamy side without.
And made you to sospeet me with the Moor.

/«vo. Yuu are a fuoi ; go to.

Dr*. food lagu.

What shall I do to win my lord anin t
Ooitd friend, an to him : for. by this Imht of heaven,
1 antiw not lii»w I lost him. Here I kneel :—
If eVr my will did trespaaa 'aainat his love,
Uiher m disoourae of ihuuant. or actual deed ;
Or that mine ^yea, mme ears, or any sense,
Daliahted them in any other form ;
Or that I do not yet.* and ever did.
Am^ ever will.— thnuah he do Hhake me off*
To heafarly divon^mrnt. — liive hini dearly,
CnmAntfiirawearroe! Unkiudnewroaydomuch;
Ami his unkindness may defeat my lifo.
But never taint my love. I cunntii say. whore ;
tl does abhur me. now I speak the wi>rd ;
To do the art that mifht the aildiiii4i earn,
N«il the aruHd's masa of vNoity could make me.

Ispo I pray you.becoiitent ; *iiit l»ui his humour:
1*be tiosiuess of the state does him ofteuoe.
And he doea chide with you

Du. If Iwere no other,—

Ims. It !• hot so, 1 warrant you. [ TrumpeU.
Hark, how Ihew InrirumcutM summon to supper!
And the irreat nieaaenveni of Venire Mtay !
Oo w. and weep not : all thincs shall be welL

{ExnaU Deademoua ontf Emilift.

Calcr Kodenfo.
How now. Rodenfo T

JML I do not Aud. that thoa deal*8t iastly with

/■«• Mrbatinth«<XMitraryT

Rod, Every tlay th«Nj dolTst me with aome de-
vice. Iac»; aud ratlier (as it seems tu me now.)
keep'st fn»m me all convenienry. than soopliest
me with the least advantace of hope, l will.
Ind«wd, no baser endure il : Nor am I yet per-
euaded. to put up in peace what already I have
Iwdishly suflereo.

Isf*. Will you hear me. Roderifo f

Rii. Taith. I have heard too much : (or yoor
wonis, and perfomiances. are no km tomiher.

Jape. Yoa cbarrs me roust unjustly.

JU^. With nooRht but truth. I have wasted
•yaalf oat of m) means. The jewels vuu have
' ' ' to deUvar to OualenMNia, wouUl

half hnve corrupted a votanst : — Vou have toM
roe— alie has received them.aiMl returned me ev*
pec'aiitHM aud comforts of vuddeu reapect and
aoqui tatice : hut I t1i.d ihmio.

liQO. Well: Koio; very well

Rod. Verv well * vo to f I cannot ito to. man ;
nor *tta not very well : By this hand. I say. it ia
very scurvy; and btjgw to find myaelf Aibbod
in It.

hgo. Very well.

Rod. I tell you. tie not very well. I wUl make
myself known to Deademona : If abe will return
roe my jewels. I will five over my suit, and re-
pent my unlawful solicitaiiiMi : if not. asanre your-
self. I will seek satnfaetion of you.

Intjo. You have said now.

RmL Ay. aud I have said nothing, but what I
protast intendment of dome.

Jauo Why, now I see tliere's mettle in thee ;
and even, fntni thw instant, do build on thee a
better opiiiitai tluiii ever before. Give ma thy
hand. Koderico . Thna hnat taken against roe a
niiwt just oxcf ntinii ; hut yet. I pruteat, 1 have
dealt roust dirucily m thy afuir.

Rnd It hath not spiieared.

ttqo. I ftrant. indeed, it hath not appeared ; aid
ronr xusturinn u nui without wit and judcroaot.
But. RoderiKO. if ih<Hi liHSt that within thee. i»>
deed, whidi 1 have fcreater reiison to believe Dow
than ever.— I mean, puriNwe. cuuraite. aial valour,
— this niiclit show it : if thou the next ni|tt;t fol«
lowiiift enjoyest nut DeMlemoua. take me from
this world with treachery, aud deviae eoitines for
my life.

JZorf. Well, what ia it T ia it within reaaon and
compass T

iqpo. Sir. there ia especial oommissinn eooia
twm Venice, to depute Cassio in Othelki*s plana.

Rjod b tliat true T whv. then Othello aud Oaa.
demona return attain to Venice.

hgo. 0. no; he ffoea into Mauritania. and takaa
away with him the fair Deademona, unless hn
abode lie linitered here by some acculetit ; wliera-
in none can be an determuiate, as Uie rauiuviug
of C-nmiio.

Rfd. How do you mean— removimt of htm f

hiio. Why. by makimt him uurapalde uTUtbe^
lo's pUce ; kouckmic out his braina.

Rod. And that you wuald have me do ?

hi/o. Ay: ifjroudaredoyouraelf a pmAt,awt
a hitht He supa to-ni«ht with a harlot, aiul thi-
ther will I ICO to him : — he knows not yet of hw
honourable fortune : if you will watch his iroina
thenoa. (whicli I will fashiiai to fiill out laitwoeu
twelve and one.) you may take him at your plea-
aura : I will he near to secoud your attempt, mal
be aliall foil lietween us. Come, rtsud not amazrd
at it, hut ro alooa with me; 1 wdl ahowyou such
a necoMUty in his death, that you aliall think
youraelf hound Ui put it on him. It is now hinh
supper-time, and the ninht gniws to waste:
about it.

Rod. I will hear fhriher reoMW for thia.

kif. Aad you shall be sataified. lEmad.

SC£NE Wl—Amdker Room in tke Oastk,

Emter (Hbello, Lndovicn, Deademona. Cmilm.

and Attendants.
Ltd. I do beseech you. sir. trouMe yourself wo

Otk U. pardon me; twill do me fotal to walk.
Lod. Madam, food night , I hunddy thauk yuui

Dei. Vbor iK^wair w ommI wekaam*.


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For, If ■toe IM not huncat. cbaste. wmI true.
Thera'k no man bnppy ; tlio pareic of ibeir whrea
la fool as ■laiidor.
Otk. Bid bar oone bitder :f(o^

[Sxit Emilia.
She myt enooffh ;— rat ah«*a a nmple hawd.
niiateannot say aa much. Thiaiaarabtlewhora,
> ciiiMri.-Uick>amI-key of rillainom aecreta :
And jral «he*U knoaUand pray: I have aeon bar do*t

JU'tmUr BmiUa, mkk Deademona.
DeM. My lord, what iajronr will r
Otk. Pny, chock, oomo hither.

Dr$. WhatiayoarpleaaareT
Oik. Let roe aee yov eyta :

liM»k in my fine.
Drt. What horrible fkncy^ thiar

OdL Some of your funciiun. mlatreM:

ir* .

I^nve pmormnta alnae. and *hat the dour .
( nurh. or cry— hem. if any body oun»e :
^'our myatery. your myaiery ;— nay, drapaicb.

[Enl Emilia.

Da. Upon mjr kneea, what doth your apecdi
import f
I nnderetand a fury in your worda.
Hui iKit the worda.

Oik. Why. what nn thou T

De$. Your wile, my lord ; yoor true

AihI loyal wifo.

Otk. Come. Rwear it. damn tliyaelf ;

Loet. iieiuK like one of heaven, the devila' tliem>
aelvea [danin'd.

Blionkl ftmr to aehce thee : therefore Ite douhle-
bwf^r— thou art honest.

jy». Heaven doth tmlv know iL

Oik. Heaven truly kmiws, that thou art falae aa

De$. To whom, my lord T with whom » How
am 1 fitlHe 7

Oik. DeadeiiMwa !— away ! away I away !

Dt». Alas, the hmtvy day !— Why do you weep ?
Am 1 the orcaniiin «if these teHrs. my lord ?
If. haply, jrou my fiitlier do simpeot.
An iimtrument of this your calliuff hack,
Ijiv nirt your idNme on nie; if yoo have lost bim.
Why. I liave loat him loo.

Cfik. Had it pleaa'd heaven

To (ry me with affliction ; had he nun'd
All kinda of aurea, and shamea, on my bare head:
S'eep'd me in poverty to the very li|«:
(iivpu to captivity me anti my ulmoxt hopes:
I Kliould huve found in aome part of my aonl
A drop of patience : hut (aUia !) to make me
A fiird fifnire. for the lime of scuni
To fHiint his slow unmoviiui nueer at,—

Vei oonkl 1 hear that too: well, very well :
Dot there, where I have mrnerM up my lieart;
Where either I must live, or bear no life ;
1 lie fountain from the whicli my current rone,
< )r tiise driM up ; to be diacanlMl thence I
i>r kttep it aa a cistern, for foul toads
To knot and sender in I— turn thy complexion

mtience, thou yonnir ami roae-Upp'd cherubin;
Ay, there, look irrim as hell I

De$. 1 hope, my mtlile lord esteems me honest.

Otk. O. ay ; as summer flies are in tlie shauiblea,
Tliat quicken even with blowimr. O thou weed.
Who art Ml hively fair, and smell'rt so.sweet.
1-hat the senae acbea at thee. — *Would. thoa
had'at ne'er been horn I

yVt. A Im. what ignorant sin have I oommitred T

OU. Waa Ibis fiur paper, this moat goudiy buok.


Made to write whore npnot

Commitied ! -O tliou public

1 should make very forpces ot mj coneKs,

I'hat would to cinders hum up modesty.

Did 1 but speak thy deeds.— What commictad I

Heaven stops the nose at it. and the mooa wtnki

I'he hAwdy wind, that kisses all it meets.

Is bush'd withra the hollow mine of earth.

And will not hear it : What committed I

Impodant strumpet J^

[Act IV . X

commttedf ^



Ob*. Nfliw as I am a chrjarjaa ;

If to p r eaerve this vessel for my lurd.
Prom any other fuol unlawftal touch.
Be— Dot to be a stmnipet. I am i

Otk. What, not a whore 1

No. a




Oik. bltpossihlet

Des, O, heaven ibrgive oat

Oik. I cnr you mercy, thea :

I took you for that ennninf whore of Venice,
lliat married with Othello.— YoO. mistrsaa.

Re^nUar EmiKa.
That have the oAca onpnaite to Saint Peter.
And keep the gate of bell : Yoo I yuu ! ay. yo« I
We have done our courae ; ibere'a OMioey fer

your paina;
I pray you. turn the key, and keep oar oooaaeL
EmtL Alas, what does this gentleaaa con-
wive T—
How do roil, niatlnm t how do you. my good lady f
iV». 'Full h. half aiclerp
EmiL GoinI madam, whatii the iMtter with

my lonlf
Dn. With who T

EmiJ. Why. with my lord, nadaak

Dea. Who is thy lord T

£»ift He I hat is yours, sweet hidjr.

Ik». I have none : Do mit talk to roe. Emdia;
I caniuit weep: nor answer I have none.
But what alioubl go bv water. IVythee. to^^iRht
Lay on my bed my wrdding sheets,— reateaiber;—
And call thy husband hither.
EmL Here la a change, indeed!

Da. Tw meet I should be nsV so, very moat.
How have 1 been behav*d. that he misiht stick
The smaU'st opinkm on my grentiA abaw f

R*-*nter Emflia. ««« lago.
Japo. What hi your pleasoie, omdaaif How ii

it with roil f
Des. I cannot tell. Tboae, that do tench yonag

Do it with fteiitle meana. and easy tasks:
He might have cliid me au ; for, in gted Ihith,
I am a chikl to chaJing.

logo. Whal% the matter, lady ?

Emit. Alas, lagc. my lord hath ao liewhorM her.
Thrown such despite and heavy terms npon her.
As troe hearts cannot bear.

Du. Am I that name. laeoT

hoo. What name. Adr hidy f

Da. Such as. she aays, my lord did sar I waa.

EmiL He call'd her, whore; a beggar, m hie
Conid not have laid such terms upon his callai.

kv9. Why did he so?

Da. 1 do not know ; I am sore, t am none each.

hgo. Donot weep, do not weep; A hw the day I

EmiL Has she fonaiok so manv nolile "^■"''vn.
Her fotber, and her coontry, and her Mead^


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/ ACTlV/i


Oth, Hanx her ! I do but sajr what aha la :■
dttlic-iia wiUi her iiKndle! — Ao ndmirabla

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