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murky !— Fye, my lonl.fye ! a soldier, and aleanl 7
What need we tear wlio knows it, wheu none
ean call uor power to account T— Yet who would
have tbo<ight the old man to have had so much
bloiid in bun f

DocL Doyoo mark that?

Lodt if- llie thane of Fife had a wife : Where

is she now \ Wlua. will these bauds ne'er be

clean 7— No more oMiat, my lonl, no more othat ;
yuu mar all with this starting.

Doct. Go to, go to; yuu huve known whet you
should not.

Gt$U. She hits spoke what she should not, I am
sure of tliat : Heaven knows what she has knowu.

ImUf M. Here's Uie smell of the bluod still : all
the perfumes of' Arataa will nut sweeten tbsi
liUlehaiHl. Oli ! oli! uhl

Doct. Wuat a sigli is there ! Tlie heart is soraly

Qrm$. I would nut ha? • such a heart in my bo-
sum, for ihe dignity of the whule iNiily.

Doct. Well. well, well,—

QtnL 'Pniy God, i*. be. sir.

Uod. This disease is heyoud my practice : Yet
1 have known those wlncu walked in their sleep,
who have died h<»<ily w iheir IkmIs. v

Jjidft M. Wasli ytMir liantls. put on your niglit-
Rowu ; look out BO pale. — 1 tell you ret again,
Uanquo's buried : be oantiut couie out of his grave.

Doct. Kvensof

Ladt M. To bed, to bed ; tliere*s knodting at
the gate. Come, couie. come, oonie. sive me
fwar hand : What's dune, cuunoc lie ondune ; To
bed, to bed. to bed. I ExU Ladf MatOielh.


Doct. Will she go now t
GmL Directly.

Foul Whisperings are abroad


Do lined unnatural troublas : Inlbded minds
To t)if it deuf pdlows w iu discliarxe iln-irMi^rr
More needs sli** the di\in<*. than the idiysiraui.'^
God. God. forgive us uU; I^ook af er tier;
Keinove iitMi her ihe means oi'all annovauoe.
And still keep eyes upon her :— So, good nut it :
My iiiiad she has mated, and aiuaz d my si^bl :
I iliiuK, but dare not speak.

GtnL Good niglit, good donor


SCENE a— The Cotmhy near Donsinune.

Enter, mth drum and coltmrt, Meiiu^itb, Citthncsi^

Angus. Lenox. omJ Soldieni.

MaU. The En^lhib power is near, le I oo by
Hb uncle Siwunl, ana Uie good MacdiiflT.
Meveiices buru in them : fur their dear causes
Would, lo the Ideeding, and the grim alurni.
Excite the mortified man.

Ang. Ne

Shall we meet them ; that way ar«i tuey ouniing.

Cath. WImi. knows, if Dunalbam be wi h hb
hrulher T

Lm Fur certain, sir. he is not : I have a file
Of all the gentry ; there ii» S. ward's sou.
And mnny unruugh youilis, tliai even now
Protest their first %a maiihiiod.

Menu What dors tlie tyrant f

Cath. Great Diin^nsne he stnaigly fortiiie^*:
Some say he s mad ; ulliers, that lestier liale hiui.
Do call It valiant fury : but, f»r cenain.
He cannm buckle his disteaiper'd cause
Wi'hiii Uie belt of rule.

Ang. How dues lie feel

HiK secret murder utickingun \\» hands;
Nuw niiiiuti'ly revolts upbraal liu* faiih-hreurh,
Thuss he coiuiiiaiid.H, move only lu OiHiiinaiHl,
Noihing hi love : now does he feel Ihs title
Hung liaise about luni. like a giiuii'v rube
Up«iu a dwarfish thief.

MtMt. Who tlien shall blama

His p««ter'd senses to recoil, and start,
Wlieu all thai is within him dues condemn
It»elf, fur bring there I

Culh. W*ell, march we uo.

To give ohwlience where *\m truly ow'd :
Meet we the iiiedirine of the sickly weal :
AihI with him pour we. in our cuuntry's purge.
Each drop of us.

X/a. Or so much as it neetls,

Todew the snvercisiifluwer.aial dr«iwu ili« weeds
Make we our inarch tiiwunls Ihmaiu.

lExiunt wmrtkmg.

SCENE in. — Dnnsinone. A Room m the CaMe
Enter Macbeth, Doctor, and Altendanta.
Macb. Bring inc uo more reports ; let theiu fl>
Till Bimum wood remove to Dunsinane. loulni T
I cannut taint with lisar. Whai's ilie boy Mat*
Was he nut bom of woman f Tlie spu i s that know
All mortal oonsequeuis pronuunc d uie ihua :
Fkar not, Macbeth ; mo man, that* bom nfwammm.
ShaUiferhavf power on thee. Tlien fly, fabe thanes,
Aud miugb with the Euglbh efnoures :
The muM I sway by. and the heart 1 benr,
ShaU never sagg with douht, nor shake with isar.

Enter a ServanL
The devil damn tliee black, tbou oream-ftc'd lioc.
Where got'si thuu that goose kiok t

Serv. Then b ten thousand—

Macb. G<

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Macd. Such welomiM ami «awe(cuiiM tbiinr* it
tk karU t» raouuol*. [ouoe,

BHter a Doctor.

JM. WeU; mora onua.— Cooim Um kinir fbrth.
I pray jrou T {mtaln.

DkL Ay, Mr: ikera are a craw or wretched
That stay his care : their malady coaviiicea
The great eanw of art ; but, at hi* tuiich,
Sooh Moeuiy baih heaven givea in hie hand,
I'hey pra wtt t l y amend.

Md. I thank yoo, ddctnr.

lEat Doctor.

Jfaoi. What*8 the diaease he mean« T

JtfU. Tiscairdtheeira.

A oNiat miraoolom work in thia ^nmI kiiia:
Which otUm, ainne my here-reaiaio lo Eughmd.
I hiive aeea hun do. Hww he eoliciis heaven.
Hiraoelf beat kuuws: bnt ainingely-VMited people.
Ail awola and uineroua, piUfui lo the eye.
The mere despair of sarfery. he curM ;
Hangtnf a RuUeu stamp about their mjcks.
Put on with hMly prayera ; and 'Us spoken.

Tu Ihe tuooeediua niyalty he leaves
The heahttc beaedictiun. with Uua st
He hath a heavenly gtit of prupheqr ;

strange virtaei

And snndry Mesaiiin hauf abuut hia'thraiie,
lliat speak him fall uf graoe.

Mmcd Sea, who oomes hers T

MaL MvooQntryman; bai yei 1 kuuw him not.
Mad. My ever-gentle ouosin, w elc o m e hither.
UaL I knuw him now : Ouod Gtid, beiioiee re-
The nieana that make us strangers ! [move

Maed Stands SooUand whera it did f

R a $m . Alas, piNir ooontry ;

A liuoet afraid to know itaeif I It canuut
Be CMil\lunrmother,botoor grave: where nothing.
But who knows luiiliuif , hi ouce seen to smile ;
Where sigtis, and gniaus, and sbneks that rend

the air.
Are made JMit uiarfc*d: where violent sorrow seems
A modem eostucy : the dead man's knell
Is theie scarce ask'd, for who ; and good men's
Kgjptre before the ditwera in their caps, [liv(
l>yim(, «r ere they sickea.

Macd. O, relation,

T<M» nice, and yet too true I

MaL Wimt is the newest griefT

> itessc That of an hoar's sga doUi hiss the
Each minute taams a new one. C*peaker ;

Maed. Uuw does my wife T

Ame. Why. welL

Hacd. And all my children r

MatM. Well loa

Mmcd. The tyrant has not batter'd at their
p**ac« T (leave them.

Jtocse. .W«» they were all at peace, wtieii 1 dul

Mood. Be nut a niggard of your sp eecb : Hnw
gotw it r [tidiDgs,

HoMC When I came hither to transport tlie
Which I have heavily borne, there ran a rumour
Of many worthy Mh»wn that were imt ;
Which was ut my belief witnesa'd the rather,
For that J saw ih«* tyrant's power a-IViut:
Now M the ume of help; your eye in Scotland
Wo«ld create suidiers. maite our women dglit
I'o dotf thmr dire diatreaeea.

MaL Be it their oomfort.

We are commr thither: graeiuua England iiatli
Lent oa guud Siwani, andten I
An older, and a batter sohlier,
k^TI^f^- '

I Rom. nvoald I could i

' This oumfort with the like ! Bat I have wonM,
I'hat wtHikl be bowl'd out in the dreert air.
Where heanug ahouhl not laioii them.

MaaL What concern UwyT

The general cause f or is it a fee-gneC
Due tu aome aingle breaat T

Roue. No mind, that's hcnast.

But in it shares aome woe : though the main part
Pertains to you alone.

ilaoif. If it be mine.

Keep ii not horn me. quickly let me have it

Rene Lvt uot your eant despise my tuugiie §m
Which shall possess them with the heavieetaoond,
ThNt ever yet they heard.

Mood. Humph ! I gaess at it.

Ro$$e. Your castle is surprw'd ; your wife, imd
Savagely sUughter'd : to relate the manner,
Were, im the quarrv of iheae munler'd deer.
To add Uie death or yuu.

MaL Ifercifal heaven -~

What, man! ne'er pull your iiat iipunyo r hrowa;
Give somiw words: the rrief. that diMw nat Kpeak.
WIthipersthe o'er-fraught tieart,and bide it break.

Macd. Mychihlrent«N»r

Roue. Wile, chiUren.aervauts. all

That could be Ibund.

Macd. AndlmaatbefhMnthenoul


k •■Hwar

. Mat. BeoomtNted:

Let's make as med'cinea of oar great revenge.
To cure Una demlly ariel.

Midi. He has iiu children. —Ail my pretty ooeaf
Dili yuu ftty, all f-O. hell-kite I— All ?
What, all my pretty chickens, and their dam.
At one fell swuop f

3taL Dispoie ii like a man.

Macd. I Shall do ail ;

But I muat ahio feel it as a man :
1 cannot but remeiiilier such things were, [on,
That were tutmi preciuastume.— Did heaven luuk
Aml'wuuld iMit take their part ! Sinful MaoduS;
Tliey went nil striicic lor ibee 1 naught that I mn,
No^ for their own deiiienta. but fur mine, [now]
Fell slauKhier on their aunls : (Jeaveu rest tliein

MaL Be Uiis the wbetatune «if your swiNfd : lot
Convert to anger ; blunt not the heart, enraga it.

Maed. O. 1 could phiy the woman with mine
eyes. [heaven.

And braggart with niy tongue I But ganlle

Cut ahurt atl inienui«aim; irtiut tu fniot.
Bring tliou tliis lieml uf Scotland, and niyaelf :
Within my swunJ's length set him; it he 'scape,
Uaiiven forgive iiim uio

MaL TmiM tone goes manly.

C(mie.gu we to the king; our p«»wer w remte;
Our Inck is iiuthiiMC but our letive : Maclieih^
is ripe for shukiiuc. aud ihe powers ahuve [may ;
Fut un I heir iintniinentii. Kaoeive what ciieer yon
The night u long, that uaver hnda the d:iy


SCE.NE I. — Danainane. A Room ht the Catlk.
autr a Doctor q/'PAps<e. end a maUit^
Doa. I have two nifhia watched with yoo, but
can twrcaive no troth in your report. When '

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Ir 8C8


N«w widtiwy hiiwl: new orphnuB C17. new Knrowa
Sinks UeMvtiu <hi iIi« faci*, thai it reaoamla
Am if it ieii with Soutlaiid, aud yell'd out
Lake qrllnble of tluhiur.

Mai. Whnt I beliere. HI wnll ;

Wliat know, beliem ; and, what I can mlre«i.
As I shall And the Ume to fnend. I will. '
What you have spoke, it may be so, perchance.
This tyrant, whoMtsole naiue blialersourtiHieues,
Was mice thought h(mt«t; you have lov'd him
well ; [soniethiiu;

He hatb ihA looch'd yna yet. I am yoaiiR, but
You iiiaydeaenre of him thniush nie; aud wmlom
1 u ofler up n we:ik. poor, miioceut Iamb.
To appease an uo^rry Gud.

Mara. 1 um mit treaclienius.

UqL But Macbeth is.

A ipMid and virtuous nature may recoil,
lu an iuiperiul cliarge. But ^rave your pardon :
'I liai whKdi you art^niv thoufriits cannot traiispose:
Aogvls are briKlit siill. lhi>UKh the brightest fell :
Though all tluiigs RhiI would wear the brows of
Vet grace must siill liMik so. [grace,

Moo^ I liaTe hat my hopes.

MaL Perchance, even thare, where i did f '
my doubts.
Why in that rawness leA you wife, and child,

UlMioe preciirtiii naRives. tbnee stroug knots of
ithoul leave-taking 7—1 pniy you, ll<»ve,}

Let not my jeahiuMes l>e vi»ur dishtinouni,
but mine own safeties:— You may be rigtitly Just.
Whatever I shall think.

hiaaL Bleed. b*eed, poor country !

Great tyranny, lay tliou thy Immis Kure. (wrongs.
For goodneM dares not check thee; wear iliuu tliy
Tliy title IS alteer'd— Kure thee well, lord :
I would iha be the villain thai Uiou tliiiik'st
For Uie wlrale s|Nioe tlmt'a in the tyrant's graqt.
And the ricli kjwi to buuU

Mai. Be not ofleudod :

I speak not as in absolute fear of you.
I ihiiik, our oiuntry sinks iMjiieaih the yoke ;
It weeps. It bleeds : aud each new day a gush
Is added Ui her woundit: I tluiik, wiilial.
There would lie huuds upliAed in my right ;
Aud liere, fnMii gracioui i:^xlaiid, have 1 ofler
Of Koodly thousands : But. f«>r all lhu^
Wlieo 1 shall (read up4Ni Hie tyruut's head.
Or wear it 00 my sword, yet my poor couiitiy
i$hall have mure vices than it had Itelure ;
More aud'er. and more suiidr)' ways iliau ever.
by him that stiull suooeed.

Uooi. What should he be T

MvL It is myself I mean : in whom i kuuw
All Uie particulars of vice so grafted.
1'liat, when tliey ahail be oiien'd. black Macbeth
Will seem as pure as snow ; aiaJ the poor stale
l:;au>em him as a lamb, bf-ing compared
With my confiueless harms

MacA. StU ill the Iegi<ins

Of horikl hell, ran come a devil moredamu d
In eviU, to lop Macbeth.

MaL 1 grant him bloody.

Luxurious, araricious. false, deceiitul.
Sudden. maliCKius, smacking of every sin
That has a name : But tlierv'S no bottinii. none.
In my voluptuousness: your wiveii.yourdauxhten.
Your maimuB. aud your luaids, could uol nil up
The cadem or my lust ; and my desire
AU coniineiit ini|ieiiim»>uts would o'er-bear,
'i hat did uppoM my will : Better Macbeth,
Thau sodi a one to reign.

Maad. Boundless hitemperaooe

uature is a tyranny : it hatli been
IIm untimely empiyiug of the happy throne,

And fiill of many kiuis. But (bar not yet
To lake upon you wliat is yours : you may
Convey your pleasures in a Kpanious plru y,
Aud yet seem cold, the time you may so hood-

We have willing dames enough ; there cannot ha

that vulture lu you, to devour so many
t will t4j greatness dedicate themaelves.
Finding il no iucliu d.

MaL With this there growa.

In my most ill-oomptMVI aflMAion. such
A siaiicaletM avance. iliat. were I king.
1 siiuuld cut olf the luibles Atr their hiuds;
Desire his jewels, and ihin otiier'a house :
And my mon;-having would lie as a saiHX
To make me hunger mora ; that I should fcr
Quarrels uujuai agsuns the good, aud Utytd,
Uestniyiug them t«tr wealth.

MaaL I1iis avarice

Sticks deeper ; grows with more pemiduus nnl
llian HummeiHieediug lusi ; aud it hath been
I'he swofd of our siain kiiuc ; Vei do imiI fear;
Scotland hath foyaiaiM lu till up your wiiL
Of your mere own : All UieMf are portalde.
With other gract^s weigh 'd. Utracsa,

MaL But I have none: Tlie kinc U^uuiuig
As jutOice. verity, temperance, siatHeiiess,
Bouniy, persivemiire. mercy, luwIinoKS.
Devotion. pa;ieiioe. counuce. I«>r iiuoe,
I have uo rr\Mi of tliem ; but abtiund
In the div stiai of each aeveral crime.
Acting II many ways. Nay, had 1 power, 1 should
Four tlie swt^t intlk of coutMinl in o hell,
UpriNir the uuivrrsal peace, c^Milound
All unity CHI earth.

M'icU. O Scotland! ScoUand!

Mai if such a one be fit to guvei 11. speak :
I am as 1 have spoken.

Mard. Fit to govern !

No, nut to l.ve.— nation miserahie.
With an untitled tyrniit hl(iody-sce|»ler'd.
When khaii th«iii aee tliy whoieMane days again f
Since that the rniimt ixaoie of thy ibnaie
By his own iiiterdic.i«Mi siandst acrurs'd.
And dues liiaspheme Uis breed'— Thy royal fiahaf
Wax a most Miinted king : the queen, that boiv
Ofl'uer utMMi hrr knee^ than on her feet^ lUieo,
Died every day she lived. Fare thee well !
Tliese evila. thou repeaiVt upon thyself.
Have b:inuiird me Inuii Scotland. — O, my lireast.
Tliv hope euds here I

MaL MacdulT, this mible lauanutt.

Child of iiitexnty, hath lh>m my ii«>ul
Wip'ii the blacK scriiple». rei'onril'd mv thouchts
I'o thy gtioU truth and hon<«iir. DeviiUih MaoiMMh
By many of these tMiiw hath wmght to win me
Into hw power: and modest wisdoio plucks lue
From over-credulouN haste : But God ahuve
Deal between thee and ine : for eveu now
I put myaelf to thy direction, and
Uiui|«ak mine own deirnrtion : here ntjura
Ihe taiiiis aud blames 1 laid upon mysell^
For straiurKm to my nut ure. 1 am yet
Unknown to woni:m; never was forsworn;
Scarcely have coveUNl what was mine own :
At no time hnike my faith ; would not betray
The devil to hu fellow ; and delight
No less in truth, than life: my Hrsi false s|
Was tins upiHi myself: What I am truly.
Is thine, and my poor country's, to command :
Whiiher, ludeed, liefore thy heresipprouch.
Old Siwanl, with ten thousand warlike men.
All rsadv at a point, was settinit funli :
Now we II tugrthen And the chance, of giKslm
Be like our wurn*ui«d quarrel! Ni^ nyareyousUvHll

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/ actIV.1



£ii/«r Lbimo.

J^n. Wliiii*8 yiior 9r*c»'% will ?

U'leb, S«w jroa the we.nl nUters f

//-M. No, my lord.

Mtfb. CHine tlief not by yon T

Im. Nu, indeed, my lord.

Mttcb. lufected be the nir wliertton they nde:
And lUma'd nil \\%%wa tiint tniMt Uieiii!— I did hear
Itie KMliiiDiug (»f iiorse. Wlm wiwt canit! by t

Um. ''lie two ur three, my lurd. than briiii; you
Mamiuffw fled tu EiigUiud. (wotxl.

Macb. Fled to Etiirtaud \

Ltn, Ay, my ftood lord. CM'^'ii^ :

Afac6. lime, lhi»u aiiticipnt'iit my dread ex>
Ml.) riiKhty purpuae never u oVriouk,
OnleM tiie deed k«i mi u \\ Frum iliis moment.
The Tery llrailinfKuf my hi*Mn humII lie
IIm firklliUfm ut my haiMj. And even now.
To crown ray UuKigtiU with Mcts, be u tnuught

Hie oaiftie oT MMcduOTI will surprise ;
beue miuii Fife; give U» Ute edge o' the sword
\\» wile, hat babKS, and all unfunuoaie Moub
'l liiU truce hM line No Ijoasijiig liKe a foul ;
I'hM deed 1 11 do, liefure this purpt«n noul :
Ihit itu nM>re Mgula!— Where ure iliese KeiiilciuenT
Cutue, iMing uie where ihuy ure. \,E3aM»i.

SCENK IL — Fife. A Room m Macduflfs CasUe.
EtUer l/^ Unodair. ker Sou, mid fiosse.
L. Macd. What h-xl he done, to make hiui fly

Rotm. Yua must have psttience. madam

U Macd. He had none.

Hm fljKiit was ma<liie«!< ! When our aclious du nui,
Uur tears do maJce us traiuirs.

ibMSK. You know not,

W iiether it was Ids wiadoiii, or his fear.

JL UaaL Wisdom ! lu leave hi» wde, to leave
tiM babes,
Uia mansiuu. and his titles, in a place
^niut wheiH« himself doe» fly f He love* us nui;
He wains the iiaiurul touch : lor ihe poor wren,
'11m moat diiiimuuve of birds, will flgiit,
Vivt yuuiig oues m Uer nest, axuiiist ihe uwL
All IS Uie tear, and nothing is iiie love ;
As liUle ta the wiadoui. where the flight
So ruus against all reason.

AiUfC. My dearest ok.

I uray you. setuiol yottn«lf. But, for your husbend.
He IS uuble. wise, juuicioas, and liesi kuows
Tue bta o\he seasuu. I dare nut speak much

fuitlier :
But cruet are the times, when we are tnuU»ra,
Aifl'Ui iu*t know ourselves; when we hold rumour
ftiiau wtuk we UfM\ yet know not what we fear;
But float upuii a w(Jd and vioient sea,
Kat4i way, and move.— 1 lake my leave of you :
huali Hut be kaig dot I'll be liere aguin : L^ard
'1 hiuga at I lie worst will cease, or eha; oliiuh up-
'I'o what thfy were beibre.— My pretty ouusin,
BuMsiug upuii yuu !

L. M«cd. Father'd he i% and vet he's fatherless.

itasar. I am mu much a Awl. should I s:ay liMiger,
It wuuhl be my disgrace, aial your discomfort :
1 take mv leave at mice. \Exit " '

L Mood. Sirrah, ymir btlier's dead ;
And what will you do ihiw 1 How will yoa live f

^bn. As birds do, uaHher.

L. Mard. Whut, with worms and flies T

doM WHh what I gitt, 1 mean ; and si* d«i they.

L. Maod. Pour bird • tbiMi'dat never ^r the net.
The |4t*ftilt nor the gUL . . . [uwr lime.

Son. Why should L mother! Poor buds thoy
are' aot set for.
My fii h<^r is niK dead, for all your saying.

L. Maid. Yhs. he m dead; how wUt thou do
for a fill her?

Stm Nav, htiw will yoa do for a husband T

L. Moot. Why. I can biv me twenty at any

Son, Then y<iu*ll buy 'em to aell aguin.

L. Macd. '1 him xpeak'st with all thy wit ; a m1
Wiih wit enouich for ihee. [yet 'faiih.

Son. Was my father a traitor, mother i

L. Macd Ay. llitU he was.

5oa What is a traitor ?

L, Macd. Why. one that swears and lies.

Son. And be all traitors that do so T

L. Macd. Every one that does so, is a traiitv,
and must be haaged.

Som. And must they all be hanged that swear

L. Macd Every one. [aud lie I

Son, Who must hang them f

L. Maa(. Why. the honest men.

Son. Then the liurx and swearers are fools: for
there are liara aial swearere enough to beat the
honest men. and hang up tjiem.

L. Macd. Now God iielp thee. poor monkey!
But how wilt taou do fur a iaiher f

Son. if he were dend. you'd weep for him : if
you would not. it wttre a guud sign that 1 shuuul
quickly liave a new ^her.

L Macd. Poor prattler 1 how thou taUcest I

E$Uar a Messenger.

Mess. Bless you, fiur dame 1 I am not to yon
rtiougli in your state of honour I am perfect.
I duubt, some danger duel approach you nearly :
If you will take u htiroely man's advice.
Be not f.iund here ; hence, witli your little nnea.
I'o frigiu you tliu^. meihmkx, 1 uni too saviute ;
I'o do worse lo you. were fell cruelty, [y*t\i !

Which IS Um mvh your person Heaven preserve
I dare alaJe no lunger. [Extt .Messenger.

L. Macd. Whither sU'uld I fly T
I liave dime nn harm But I remember now
I am in tins earthly world ; where, tu do Imrm,
Is ofien laudable ; to do good, stmietiiiie.
Accounted dunserous folly : why then, alas!
Do I put up iliat womanly defence, (hioes?

To say, 1 have dune no harm? What are these

Enter MunlerRr*.
Afar. Where is your hushaiMl T
L. Macd 1 hope, in no place, so unsanctified.
Whare such as thou may'st find hitu.
Mht. He's a traitor.

Svt. Tbon ly'st, thou shag-ear'd villain.
Mur What, yuu egg I iStabbino kfi

Young ttf of treachery T

Sott He has killed me, mother;
Run away, I pray you. ^ £^
lExtt Lad^ MacduflC erv^g murder^ and
J ^ ^ „ 1

8C7 >

B thov ^

^ T**i*!

SCENE ni. — Englaml. A Room in Via King's

Enter Malcolm ofiif MaoduflT.

MaL Let us wek out some deadaie shade, aial
WoQP our sad bosums empty. [tliere

Macd. I>et OS rather

Hukl fost the mortal swonl : atal. like gi*od men
Bestride nui dowu-fairn birtbduai: liMeh ae^


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Make Hm trurl tUirk nml nUth:

Atlil iheleUi h tixcrV rtiNudmii.

For I Iks in<rfili«;uui uf our cHuldroa.
dU rViulili!. diiuhln t<>il mid iroulile ;

Fire. Itiirii ; Mud ntiuldnm. hiiblfle.
2 WUrh C«Hit it with a bMhrnura UiknI,

I'Ueu tlie cliarni is rirm mid £iiod.

Enter Hecate, and thf olher ikree Witchn.
Arc. O, well dune * I nciiouiend jruiir puiiis ;
A m1 «<v«I7 one nlmll slinre i* iiie irHiiui:
Aim! nuw MlMiut Ibecnuldruii mo;,
Uke eive* miil fuiriea in ii nng.
£urhautiug kU that /ihi put lo.

BUick $ptntM and whitf^
Jtrd ipirtU and yr*if;
Mmgh, minute, mimtle.
You that mingle $naf.
2 Witch. By the pnrkins of my thomhe.
Something wicktnl this wuy cuiiiea:—
Open, locks, whoever kmicKii.

Enter Miicbeih.

Mocb. How now, yoo necret. Mack, nnd mW-
Whiit imX you do f (uucbt hngM T

Alt. A deed without h naiiie.

Mtirb. I conjure ynu. by ihnt which ynu profess
(Howe'er yoir nome lo know it) Mimwer me :
lliouxh you untie tli« winds, and irt them ficht
Acaiiist the oliurchec: tluMuh the ytmly waves
Coufboud and swaihtw o«viff:i ion up ; [down;
lliouith Maded corn lie hNlir'd, and ireea hhiwu
Tliough castles topple on iheir warders' heada;
'I'hoUKh palaces, uud pyramids, do slope
llieir beads (o tiielr iuuudalituia; iboofh the

Of natare's geruiins i amble sU together,
Even UU destruciioii sicken, answer um
To what I usk yuu.

1 WUch. Speak.

2 Witch. Demand.

3 Witck. Well answer.
1 Wuch. Say. if lhoo*d« rather hear ii frum

Or from oar uiasien f (oar noutiis.

Macb. Call f hem, let me see tiiem.

1 Witeh. Pour in sow's blmid, ihat haih eaten
Her nine (arrow ; crease, that's sweaten
Fmni the murderer's gil>bel throw
Into tlie flame.
AIL Come, hif h or low ;

Thysrlt and office, deAly sliow.

Thunder. An Appttritim <tf an mimed Head rises.
Macb. 1'ell me, thou unknown power——
\ WUdk. Heknowsth/lhoogfat;

Uear his speech, hut say thou ntHight.
App. Muclieih! Macbeth 1 Macbeth! beware
Beware the tluuie of Fife. — Dismiss me: —
£nouKh. {Descends.

Madt. Whaie'er thou art, for thy good caution,
Tlioa bast harp'd my fear aright :— But one word
more : —
1 WUch. He will not be commanded :— Here's
Mora patent tlian the flrai.

Thmmda: Am Apparition of mbtoodr ChOd rises.
App. Macbeth ! Macheih ! Macbeth I~

Maeb. Had I three ears, Fd hear thee.

fie bloody, boU,

Anil re^ilutf ; laugh lo sc<»rM t| e power of i

For none of wumau lioni sliall liami Macbeth.

Maeb. Then lire, Macdnir. What need 1 leaf
of tlieeT
But yet rti make amunuioe double s«re.
And take a iMmd of fate : thiMi Ktialt not live.
That I may tell pale-heaned leur it lies.
And sleep in spite of thunder —What n thta.

Thunder. An Appant-nn of a ChiU mmaned, wth

a Tree in hit Hawt. risrs.
That rises like the u»u^ uf a king :
And weiirs u|Nin his liaby brow the round
And lop of sovereiKiity f

AU. I isten. H«it speak not.

Aiip. Be lion-me'tletl. proml ; and take im care
Wlio cliaf 'M. who frets, or where oonxiiireia are:
Macbrfili shall never vanqui^hM lie. nnid

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