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Grext Birmiui wcmnI to high DanMmuie hill
Shsll runie agaiiwt him [Drsremds.

Macb I'hac will never lie :

Who Clin titipress the fort^; Nd the tree
Until luN earth-lNMtnd riio' f sweei liodements!
H«b«;llioa.H head, ri^ never, till the winhI [kinhI
Of Biriiaui rise, and our hirli plnc'd .Macbeth
Shall live the lru.<« of nature, pity hit brKaih
To Mine, aial mortal imikioui.— Vf't inr lieurt
Throlia lo know one thiiiK Tell me (if yoor art
Can tell s<i uiiicii). shall Buuquo's issue ever
Keian in thui kingdom I

AIL Seek to know no saure.

Macb. I Will Iw satisfied : deny me this.
And an etem:il curae fall <»n you ! l^ me know-
Why sinks Itiat (wUidnai ! and wlwl iiotse b this f

1 Witch. Show!

2 W,tch. Show!

3 Witek. SiMiw !

AIL Show his eyes, mid grieve his heart ;
Come like sliadows, so depart.

Eipht King* appear, and pass over the Stage im or-


; Uanqua

. Ihe laH with a Gliss im hts hand ;

Macb 'I hita art too like the spirit of I

—down •
I1iy crown does sear mine eye- balls. —And thy

Thou other gold-hound brow, is like the first :—
A ihini is like the former— Kdiliy bass!
Wiiy do you show me this I — A fourth ? — Start,

What I will the line stretch oat to the crack of

diNini f
Another yet ?— A seventh T— I'll sae no mora :
And yet the eiglitli ap|ieara, who beam a class.
Which shows me many more ; nnd some 1 see.
Iltat twf»-fiti(l Iwlls mid treble sreprfes carry :
Horrible sight !— Ay. now, I sf>e. 'tis tme ;
For the hliaid-bolter'd Banquo smiles umai me.
And piNiits at them fur his.— What, is this so f

1 Witch. Ay, sir, all tliw is so:— But why
Stands Mncbetli thus mussed ly T—
Come, sinter, cheer we up his siirigfats,
AimI snow tlie best of our deligtiis ;
111 cliami the air to five a sound.
While yon perform your antiaue round :
1'hat tliiM rreut king may kindly say.
Our duties did Ids welcome iiay.

{Mush. TV Witches <<0iKe^ and aai

Wimre are they? Oooe f— Let this
nicitiue hoar
Stand aye aocurmi in the calewlar !—
Come in. without thers i


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Madb. C<ime. w«11 to •lr«p: my s*nu«e i
Ja Uke initiate ftmr. that T/ann hani um :-^
Wf ara yet but yuang iii deed. [.

SCENK v. — 7V/fca<*. Thunder. ^

BmUr Heoate. mmImv like One Witciiea.

1 WitdL Why, hciw now, Hecate? yon look

Hk. Have I not retiMin, beltlanw as roa are,
8au^. and over- hi lid } How did yon dare
To trade and tralEn wirh Miiclieih.
In riddlee. and iilfiiira of dtsuth ;
'And I, tiie niMirtJM of yoor nhnrms,
Tiie close contriver of nil harms.
Was never ailPd Ui lieur my imrt.
Or sh^iw tlie efury i>f our art f
>And, which is worK. alt you have done,
Kaili been but fur n wjiywunl 8>mi,
Spiteful, and wrathful; who iiii otiiers do,
Liwes for hw own «utls. no' for you.
But make amendM now : gut you gone.
And at the pit o( Acheron
Meet me i' the inoniimr; thi'her he
Will come tn know Ins den luy.
Yonr Teases, and your spells, pnmde.
Your charms, and every thiuK beside :
I am for tlie air; Hum night I'll spend
Unto a dismal fatal end.
Great buMiiiess must be wmoght ere nooa:
Upon the corner of the in<ioii
There hao((s a vspttruiiH drop profound ;
I'll catch It ere ii ratine to Kround :
Ami that, dn ill'd hr macic sliirhts.
Shall rawe such ariilknal sprwhts.
As. by tlie strength of their illusnm,
Sitall draw him on to hhomfusion :
He shall spurn fiiie. scorn death, and hear
His Impes Iwve wisdom, grace, ainl fear :
And you all know, security
Is DHHtal^t Rhiefeet enemy.

Song. [WiUim] Coeie eanjr. rome eMoir, 4c
Hark, I am call'd ; roy hUle spini, see.
Sits in a Mxy cUmd, and Ntuys for me. [ExU.

I lYilr*. Come, let's iimke luute : she'll sinm
be back again. [Exewi'

SCENE VI. » Forest A Room in M« PoUux.
EmUr Lenox, md oftotker Lard.

Lm. My former apew^hw bave bat hit your


Whiofa can inlerprvt ftirther : only. I say,

lldngs have been strangely home; the gracioue

[HiHCan . .

Was pitted of Macbeth :— marry, he was dead:—
And the riglit-Taliant Banquo walkeil i«mi late:
Whom yon may aayjf it please ytni.KI'Muioe kill d.
For I leauce fled. Men most not walk too late.
Who camnit want the tlH*uglit, how mouatroiM
It wus Air Makulin. ami for Oounlbaio.
To kill their grarious fiitlier 1— damned fitcti
How it did grieve Machethl— did he not straight,
In pious raite, the two dt»inqoents tear, ,

That were the slavee of drink,and thralla of alef p:
Waa IMA that nobly done ? Ay. and wiaely too;
F«ir 'twould have aucer'd any heart alive.
To hear I lie men deny it So tliat, I say.
He has borne all things well : and 1 do think.
That, had he Duncan'a aons under hw key.
( Aa, ant pleaae heaven, he ahall not,) they shoald

Wlwt 'twere to kill a father :— eo alioakl

But, peaoe ! — for truui broad words, uial 'eons*

he fciild
His preaence at ihe tyranfk feast, I hear,
Maodnir Iive8 in diiernioe. Sir. can you tell
Where he besuiws luiuself I

Lord. I'he aon of Duncan

From whom this tyrant holds the due of b.rth.
Lives in tlie Enxlish conn ; and im receiv'd
Of the mtiett pious Udward with such erace.
That the malevolence of fortune nohing
Takes from his hiKh respect : Thii hnr Macdnn
is gone to pniv the holy king, on hm uid
To wake Northuiiiherranu. and w.irlike Siwan' :
I'hat, Iw the help of these <with Him above
1 o ratify the work), we may again
Give to our tables meat, sleep to our nights :
Free from our feasts and lianqnets bloody kiiive>«;
Do fkithful lioinage, and receive fi^ee honours.
All n^hich we pine for now. And this report
Hath so exasperaie the king, that he
Preparaa for some attempt <»f wer.

Ltn. Sent he to MsoduffT

Lord. He did : and with an aliNolule, Otr, not L
The clotHly me8w>nger turns me hw huck.
And hums ; as who should say, Yvu'U rue tka thm
That ctoin me mih Utis mmoer.

Ltn. And that well might

Advwe hiiu to a caution, to hold what disiunce
Hw wisdom can provide. Some holy angel
Fly to the court of England, and unfold
His message ere he come ; thai a nwia lileaninf
May (HNMi return to this our sulfenug country,
Unu^r a hand aocars'd 1

Lard. My prayers with him t



SCENE \. — A ilark Cave, h the middk. o Cent-
droH iMHlinti. Thunder.

Enter the three Wiiches.
I Witch. Thrice the hniided cat liutli mew'd.
3 Witeh. I'hnce ; and once the hedxe-pig

3 Witch, hhirper crifs :— Tb time, "lis time.

1 Wttch. Round about the CiiuUlrtHi au ;
In the poiKon'd eiur.iih thmw.
Toad, that under coldest stone.
Duya and nigliUi hust I hirtytme
Swelter'd veninn sleepmg ffot.

Boil ihou first i' the chsu-med pot !

JUL Double, double Uiil and iroulile ;

Fire, bum ; and CHuldron, b«M»le

2 Witch. Fillet of a fenny snake.
In the cauldron ImnI and Imke :
Eye of newt, and toe of fnic.
Wool of bat, and tongue of dfig.
Adders fork, and hlind-worm's sting,
Uzanl's leg, and owlet's wing.

F<»r a cliurm <»f powerful tmuhle ;

Like a hell-broth h«iil and huiihle.

AIL Double, double U>il and troulila

Fire, bum ; aial cuuldroii. bubble.

3 Witch. Scale of drag«ni. tootli of wolf,
Witches* ninmmy ; maw. and gulf.

of the ravin'd sa'U-eea sluirk :
RiMrt of hemlock, digg'd i' the dark ;
liver of blaspheming Jew ;
Gall of guHl. and slips of /ew,
SUver'd in the miMNi s eclipse ;
Noee of Turk, and Tarur^s lipa;

Finger of hirth-slrangled bi
Ditch drliver'd by a drat*.


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No teelli ftir the praaeul. — Gut thee goue ; to-

W«MI liptir. ouraelves agftin. [Bxtt Monlerer.

Ufd^ A!. My myal lord,

Vnu (Jo lint give the cheer ; the feusi is ■old,
'1 hnt is not oflen vouch 'd, wlule lis n makinic.
Tis givKii with welnunie : 1 u feed, were beet at

hoiiiH; —
From theuce, the Miuce To mrat is ceremony,
Mt^tiiig w»:re bure without it.

A/006. Sweet remenibranoer.l—

Now. kknmI diffeition wait uu apiietite.
Aim] heuUhoii both!

Lai. May it please your highness sit T

iThe Ghoit qf Buiiquo n«e«, ojtd sits m
yUtcheih'n piact.

Macb. Here had we uuw our country's honoar
Were the rnic'd perwM of oar Banqao present ;
Who miiy T rather chsllenge for unkindness
Hian pily for mischanoe 1

Rotte. His absence, sir.

Lays blame upon his promise. PItuiKe it your
1 o itnire us willi your royal company T [liighness

Marb The tiible'it full

Z^a. Hem's a place resenr'd, iiir.

Marb. Where/

Len. Here, my lord. What ist that

moves your hu^liuess f

Macb. Which of you have dmie this ?

Ixtrds. Whiu. my ito«id lord ?

Marb. Thou canst nut say, 1 did it : never shake
lliv ipiry locks Ht me.

RosK. Gentlemen, nse: his higiiness is not well.

Ladt M Sit, Mturthy fneiahi :— my lord is often
thus, [seat;

AikI hath bet^n from his youth : 'pniy you, keep
The fit is momenlary ; olmui a thouf^lit
He will again lie well ; ir much vou luMe iiiin.
You shall oflend iiiin, and extend Ins pussioo ;
Feed, and regard him imt — Are you a nian T

Macb. Ay, and a Ixild one, that dure look on
Winch might apiKil the devil. J hut

Ladu M. O pniper s! ufr!

This u the very painting <if your fuar :
This is the air-^rsiwadugee:, wiiicli, you siiid.
Led you 10 Duncan O, flieae llawK. snd Htsrta,
(lmpi«turs to true fear) would well lieconie
A wonuin's story, at a winter'M (ire,
AuUiiaiz'd by lier graiidani Shame itself!
Why do you auike such bees f When all's dune.
You look but un a kIouI

Macb. Pry'thee. see there ! bebokl 1 look ! lo !—
how say you 1
Whv, what cure 1 T If thou canst nod, speak too.
If ctianu'Mioiises. ami our graves, must send
lliose I hat we bury back, our monuiiienis
Sliull he the luawK of kiteK. iGbott d/rnip pe ar s

Ludt M Whiii ! quite anmmui'd in lidly I

Marb. If I stand here. I saw Itim.

Xm/y M. Fye, for shame !

Macb. Blood hath been shed, ere now, i'lhe
olden time,
F.re human statute purg'd the gentle weal :
Ay, and since to<i, mnnlerv luive been perfurm'd
l«jo lenible for the ear; the times huve been.
That, when tht brums were out the man would
And tliere an eml ; but now, 1 hey ruie again, [die,
Wiih twenty mortal niunlerv on ilieir cmwiui.
And posli UK fnnii our sUiols. Tiiiu is more slrauge
1 ban Hurli u munler w

Lail§ M. \\f worthy lord.

Your noble friends do luck you

Marb. I do foncet :~

i>u nut muse at me, my must worthy fiieiids;

I have a strange ioflrmity, which is nolhhur

I'o tiioee that know me. Come, love and heaitli

to all:
Hien 111 sit down :— Give me some wine, fill fuiU
1 dnnk to the general joy of the whole table.

Ghost nte*.
And to our dear frieial Baiiquo, whom we niias ;
Would he were here i to all, and him, we tlitrsW
And all to all.

iMnis. Our iluiiea. and the p1e<iKe.

Macb. Avauut! and quit my siglitl Let tlM
eartli hide tJiee !
Thy boods are mai row less, thy blntal is cold ;
Thon luiMt no speculatam in tluiee eyes
Whicii thou dtait glare with :

Ladf M. 1'hink of this. c<nn1 peers.

Bat aM a thine of etistoni : 'tis no oUier;
Only it spoils the plea&ure of the tmte.

Macb. What man dare, I dure :
Appnaicli thou like tlie rugged Russian hear.
The ami'd rhinoceros, or the Hy rouii luer.
'lake liny shape but that, aial luy firm nerrtm
Shall never tremble : or. be alive NKain.
And ilan* me to the deaert wiiii iliy sword :
If trembliiur i inhibit Uiee, prol«si me
The baby of a girl. Hence, horrible sliudow !

I Ghost duuppfors.
Unreal mockery, lience !— Why, mi ;— being giaie,
I am a man again.— Pruy y<Hi. sit still.

Lodf M Vou have displaced the mirth, broke
the good meeting.
With most admir'd disorder.

Macb. C'-an Minh things be,

Aial overcome os like a summer's cIcmmJ,
Without our special wiHulerT Yuu make me
Even In the dispusi'ion that I owe. Istraugw,

When now 1 think you can liehold such sights,
Aial keep the iiutuml ruliy of your cheeks.
When mine are blancii'd with fear.

Rosse. What nixhia, my lord T

Ladp M. I pray you, speak not ; he grows worse
and wurse;
Qoestiou eiimges him : at once, good night :—
Stuud not U|M>ii the order of your going.
But go at once.

Lm. Good night, and better health

Atleial his muesty !

iMif M. A kind good night to all !

lExennt Lords attd Attendants.

Mad>. It will huve blood : they say. blood will
have bliaal : [Npeak ;

St^mes liuve iHsea known to move. and trms 1 1
Angum. niid understooil relations, have (tbrth
By magut-pies, and chounhs. aial rooks, brouatit
'1 he secret'st man of blood.— W hut is the nigiit I

Lad§ M. Almost at odds with morning. whicJi
is wliH*.li. [|wn>oii.

Marb. How say's' thou, that Maoduff denies nis

At iHir creut bidding 1
Marb. I hear it by the way ; but I will neiiu :

Did yiHi send to hini. sir T

I'heres n(»t u ime of tliem. but in his hn

I keep a servant fee'd. I will to-morrow

( Betimes I will), onto the weird snters :

More sluill they spesk: for now I am bent to

know. [pood.

By the worrt means, tlie wont : for mine own
All CMUses shall give way : I am in blood
Slepi in (Hi fur. that, should I wiide mi more,
Keturning were as tedioue as go o'er :
Strange things I have in lie.>d. thai will Ui haml;
Which must lie aitied. ere they iiuiy Iw «i*ann' I.
Lad9 M. You bck the season of all naiurea,-«


11 1. y


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/ ^zIM-



ijtd]l M. Nrmirht's had. mII'i

Whers nor dnire is n^* wittiiiut content :
' I'r* wifer t<> lie tlint which we deiitnijr,
lluiii, by destruoikiii. dwell in douiiuul Jojr.

EtiUr Manbeili.
How mm, inr lord T why do you keep alone.
Of WMTiea* fiiiicies your compaiiMNie n).ikiiu(T
Uaug thoKA thuuchts, wluch sliould indeed hxre
died [iiiedy

Wiih I hem they think on? Things without re-
ShouM he witliout regiird : what's done, is done.

Macb. We buve stxiicJi'd the snake, ihh kdi'd ii;
Slw'll ciowe, and he henwlf; whilst our poor iiuUiue
Renianis in dinger of her former tooth.
But let [suffer.

I'lie fmnw of Uihuta diijoint. both the worlds
lire we will eat oor nieel in foar, and sleep
In the afllirtitHi nf these lemhle dreams.
Tliat shiike us nightly : Better lie with the dead,
W:mhii we, to g;uu our place, have sent lo peace,
limn on the tortani of ilie mind Ui lie
Iti restlew ecsiumr. Duuchu w hi hw grare :
Afler lifeV fitfnt fttver. he sleeps well ;
'I'nnuMiu ha'« done Iim woret. nor strel, nor poison.
Mulkv domes, ic. foreisu levy, nothing , .,

Can tottcii him further!

L»df M. CiHue <Ni:
Gentle my lord, sleek o'er your nxged looks ;
Be hnghl and jonal 'mong your guests to-nighl.

Mmctf. So shall I. lore ; and so. I pniy. be you .
I«t your reoMiiiilirunce apply tii Bmtquo;
Preaent him eminence. iNitli'witli eye and tongue:
UianliB the while, that we
Most hive our hoiMiurs in these flattering streams:
And make our faces vizards to our lieurls,
Piyiwiiw what they are.

Ladf M. You moat leave this.

Hart. U, full of scorpiiMts is my iniiMl.dear wife!
Tbun know'st, that B^oiqiMi and Ins Klennce live.

LadgM. But in them nut ure's copy ':« no; e'erne.

Macb. Iliere's OiHnfort yet; they aire mjomiIuIiIu;
llieii be tlio<i jocund : Ere the iMt liiuh llown
His cloait«'r'd flight; ere, to hluck llecuie s sum

The sb:ird-lKirne beetle, with Ins drowsy hums.
Hath ruiw niglits yawning peul. mere shili b:
A deed oTdraudfnl note. ftUme

Lmlf M. What's to be done t

Macb. Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest
Till tbou applaud the deed. Come seeling nighl,
S^ouf up the tender eye of pitiful dav ;
And, with thy bhsaJy aial invLHiule hand,
Caurel. and tear to |fiec«s. tiiat great ImmhI
WliiRli kfeps iiM) pale !— Lighi tluckensi and the
Makes wing to the muky wood : [nruw

Good tIniiKS of day liegm to droiip and drowse ;
While night's bUok agents to ih>:ir prey do rouse,
lliou marvell'st at my wunis hut hold thee still ;
Tmugs, laul begun, make s. roug iheiuaelve» by ill.
bi», pr yibee, go wiUi ine. iEnmtU.

8C£^E m.— TVssjim; a Parkor Lamn^with
Got* kuding toMt Faiuce.

BmOt time Murderers.

1 J^. But who dal bid thee Join with us f

3 Mir. Xftirheth

2 iHur. He needs not our mistrust ; suice he

Oar oflloKs. and what we have to do.
To the dire«!iioii just.

I Mur. Then stand with o«.

The west yet gliinmerii wuh some streiiKs ofduy:

Now spurs the lated traveller armoe.

To gam the timely luii ; and ueu. appmncinw

The subject of our watch

3 Mur Hark ! I hear honws.

Ban. [Witkm.} Give us a U<lit there. h>i!

2 Mur. Then it is he ; the rest
That are within tlie latte of expectation.
Already are I'tlie court.

1 Afar. His horses go about.

3 Afar AlnxMt a mile : hut he dot^ usually,
S<i all men do. fnan heuce to the p:uace gate
Make it tlieir waik.

Enter Bauqno ami Fleance, a Servant with a terek
precedtMO tb/m,

2 Mur. AIigtit.aUglitl

3 Mw. Tfci he.
I Mur. Stand to't.

Ban It will be rain to nigbt.

1 Mur, Let it mme down

lAttauUt UniiqUii.

Ban. O. treachery ! Fly. gisHl Kleuuue ; lly. Ay

l*liou niay'st revenge.— O slave ! Illy,

[Dies Fleance and Servant eans^.

3 Mur. Who dal strike out the lulu f

1 Mur. Wiin'i not the wiy f
3 Afar. There's hut one down ; ilie »m w ll«<l

2 Mur. We have liMit b«tst half oi our atf.or.

1 Mur. Well, let's away, and say how miu:U M
dtaie. lExtunL

SCe.NE IV.—A Room of State m the Palace. A
Buttquet prepared.

Enter Macbeth. Ladf Mnnheth^ Kisfiie, Lenox,
Lords, and Attendants.

Marb. Yon know yoar own degrees, sit down :
And last, tlie hearty welcome |at tirst

lytrds. I'liaukx to your iimjesty.

M icb. Ourself will mingle witlt sticeiy,
Aihl play the humble host.
Our iKMiess keeps her stiite; Init. in best time.
Wt9 Will reqiure her welcuiiHi. (frieials;

Lat*^ M. Piotiuunoe it lor me, sir. iti all our
For my heart spvaks. they uie weictune.

Eatir first Murderer, lo the door.

Madt. See, they eiir4>uiiter thee with their hearti^


Both sides are even. Here I'll s.t Ttlie midst :
Be large in m nh : anon, we'll dnnk a measure
The table rouu.l.— There's blood up«in ihy (ace.

Mur. ^ris B>ui(|Uo s • hen

Macb Tis belter ihee without, than he witliin.
Is he despatch 'd i (hi.n.

ilar. My lord, his tliront is rut; that 1 did r»r

Macb. '1 hou art the liest o*ihe cul-i liroais : yet
lie's good.
That dkl the like for Fleance : if thou didst it,
lliou art tlie nonpareil

Mar. Must royal sir.

Fle.-inoe is 'scap'd.

Macb. Then oumes my lit again : 1 had else been
Whole as the marble, founded as the rock :
As broad, and geti»ral. as Hie caMiig iiir ;
But now I am nahiird. cnhb'd. ooiifin'd. I»uiiiwl i^
To saucy d<iuh<8 :iihI fears. But Btiiaiuo's safe f

Mar. Ay, my good lord safe m u di cti he ladi i,
Wiih twen y trenched gashe« imi ii>s UeutI :
The least a deaih tti u.-iliire.

Macb. ThHuk» for th it :—

There the grown serpent lio»; liie >A««ir.:i. iuit*s

lUAli nature that in tune will veil mu breed.

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Han. A* fur, nir turtl. m will fill np the tinie,
'Twixt tills iuhI sapper, gn nui mjr liorw tlie belter,
1 iiiUMi becinne a Nirniwer of the uight,
¥w m dark liuar, or tnun.

Macb. Fkil not oor feaat.

Ban. Mv l.»rd. I will not

Mmrb We httar, our blood j mailM are heirtow'd
In England. »iid in Ireland ; not oonfewing
1'heir cruel pmricitie. filling llieir heareni
With stmnge iiiVMution : But uf thiit lo-morrow ;
Wiieo. thf rewitliiU. we ahair hare akw« nfittiie,
Crannn us jyintly. Hie yuu Ui horse : Adieu.
Till you reiitni ei uiftit. (kw» Fieuue« with you T

Bom. Ay. iiiv guuu lord: our tiuie dues call up<iu
us. liiiot :

Macb. I wisii jr«Hir liorsrs twift. ami sure i>f
And iiO 1 du niiiuiiieiid you to Uieir biirlcs
Furewell ^— [Exa Bunquo.

lei every himu be master of his iiiiie
Till seven m up^Ul ; to iniike sticiety
Tlie sweeter welcome, we will keep oarwif
'I i.l supper-taoie idoue : while then, GihI be with
l^reitnt La/y M:icheth. Lords, I^adies. &e.
Sirnih. a word : AUeud Ui«wu ineu our pUmsure ?

AHemL I'hoy are. my liHd, witUuoL lue palace

Macb, Bniiff them Iwftire us.— [£xil Atteu.]
I'o be tlio-H, 18 no Iuiik:
But to be safely ihuo :— Our lesirs ui Bunquo
blick deep; and in his nwuliy of mUure (dares ;
Keiitus that, which would lie fewr'd: ' I'is iiiucli he
And, to that (hiuntless temper ot iiis uund.
>le halh a whmIuiii that doih lOiHle his valour
To act III safely. There is none, hut lie
Whijee beinic 1 d<i i'eiur : and. under him.
My geniiw ts ifbiili'd ; as. ii at sail,
Mark Aiilony's WHS liy Cauar. lie chid the Kisters,
U'hen And they put the luiuie oikiux upon me,
Aud bade thoni hpoak to liiiii ; ilieii. K*>M»et-like,
They haird liiui lather Ui » l>iie or kiu^s :
Upon my lieud ihcy plmr'd a fiuiile^s ciuwn,
Aud put a luineu scepire m my ttnpe.
'1 heuoe lo Iw wrench d with an unhneal hHkd,
No s«Hi of mine suoceeditiK. If it lie so.
For Bauquu's iksue hMV« I liled my iniml ;
For them Uie Kruauus Duucun liaVe I muider'd ;
put rancouis in the vesMil of my pe.ioe
Only U*r iheni ; aud mine e emal jewel
Uiveu to the coiiuimmi enemy or iimii.
'i'o umke iliein kingH. the seed oi U.inquo kiufs t
Kailier than so, mme, fate, mlu Uie list,
Aud clianipiou me lo the utleruuoe i — — Who's
there f—

Rt-emttr Atteudaot, mlk tmo Murderers.
Now to ilie door, and stay there till we call

lUxit All
Was it not yesterday we spoke toceUierT

1 Mur. Il was, m please your liixlmeae.

Macb, Well then, now

lluve /on oonsider'd of my speeclies ? Know.
Thai U was he. Mi Uie tiiuea pest, which held you
bo under fortune ; whH:h, jou thouxht. had been
Our innooent self: this I mude foud Ui yon
In our last imulerenoe ; puas'd in pn«bniion with
you. (mstrunienta ;

How you were borne in hand : how cnsnt'd ; the
\V no wrought wuh them; and all things elae. that
To hull a soul, atal to a notion crsz'd^ [might,
bav. thus did Banquo.

1 Mur Yon nisde it known to oa.

Uacb. 1 dul so; and went further, wiuch m now
I) if ptHiit of second meeting Do you hnd
^'uur puiteuoe wo piudumiiiunt m vour nuiiire.

'Iliat yoo can let this go T Are you so ctNKiellM,
To pmy fur this ca«id man. and for Ins ns^ie.
Whuse heavy haiid huUi bow'd you to tlitf grave.
And beegarM youra lor ever f

1 Mm-. We are nntn, my Kege
M'ich. Ay, in the catalogue ye go for ni<-ii ;

As htiund'i. aud greyhounds, mom^reis, spaniels

Shooshs. wMler-mcs, and demi- wulvpt, are detail
All hy the uiroe of dtits : the valued he
Uw iiiqiiishes tlie switl, the mow, tue xnnile,
I'hd house'ket* per. the liun-er. evnry laie
Actuirilmg to ihe Kilt whh'h UHiiii4n> is im'ure
HuUi in him cloe'd ; whe.eby li«f thies reo^ive
Pnnicular ndduiou, fnaii -he hill
TInit writes them nil aiue . and no of men.
Now, ii yuu luive u ktiit on m the liie,
And not in the wuna r.iuk of niMuhoiNl. sny it
And I will put thsit Imwhimm in your iMiMMtie,
Whoae execnilitai takt^ryour enemy od';
Gr.ipp|i s you lo the heart ami love of uk,
Who wear our heutih but sickly in Ins hie,
Whidi ill bis deuih were perfrd.

2 Afar. 1 um tme, my liege
Whom the vile Mows ami boilets oi' tiie wurkT
Hure so inceu>'d, ilmt I mn recitless what

1 do, to Bpite the worid.

1 Mur. And 1 ainttlier.

Shi weary with diMstfrs. iug.''d wuh f«*nune,
'I'hat I wtiuld aei my ititt tm any cliitucr,
lo mend it, or lie raJ unV

Math Bolh of you

Know, Banquo was yiair enemy.

2^10-. Itur. my hird.

Macb. So bi he mine; aud m auoli bloody dis-
Tlial every iniuuie of h a being i liinisU [nuice,
AgaiiiiA my near'st of hfe : And though I oouki
V\i h tiate liicM power sweep him fiom myMgtit,
And hal my will avouch it ; vet I nnuii mit.
For cerium frmnds ihat are bo h his and mine,
Wliiiee loves 1 may ii«»t drop, hui wuil his full
Wiitim 1 inyMjif ktrucK d«iwn : and iheiMM it is.
Thai I t<»your ussurtance do make hnre ;
iMastiinc the hiisiness (nun tlie o>imm«>u eye.
Fur sundry w^-i^hly reasons.

2 Mur. We ahull, my hml.
Per^inn what you eummand m^,

1 Mur. Though our hvm— -
Matb. Your spirits shine through you. W i. hiu

this hour, at ni<isi.,
1 will advaie you where lo plant yourselves,
Anquaini you witli ine nirtrct st>y u'lhe time.
The miHuent on'i . fur t must Im dune t4i nuint.
And ■uiueihmg frmn the pul.ioe: a.wnyH tnu*ight,
'i'nat 1 require a clearness : Aiai with hiin.

I To leave no ruljs nor l>t»icheN in ihe work,)
■'Irunue lus MMi. that keeps Inm ixMiipany,
Whuae aliMin('« is no le*u( muter lal to me
Thau ts hut futner's, must embrace Uie fitte

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