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Cow. Murk, how he trembles in his oa/Ltwy I
^'inck. Give me your baud, sud let mu fbtsi your
pulae. [ear.

Ant. E. There ia my hand, and let it fisel your
l*mch. I charge thee. Saian. bous'd wiihiii tins
To yield ptisaeadon to my boly prayers, liii.m.
Ami to thy state of ihtrknesa ids thee stmiglit ;
1 ootgure thee by all the samts in heavens.

ii.in, y


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[Act IV,

Tluit'ii niiv»-rf<l o'er with Turkish topestrr,
Ther«f m m pnrae of ducnts ; let her eeod U ;
Tell her. f am arrmted in the it reel,
And il.jt shall hnil ine : hie thee, slare ; iw gone.
On. ofllcer. lo prtsou till it ofime.

[Exeunt Merchant, AiiKelo, Offloer. imd Aut E.

2>ro. S. To Adrians ! that w where we din'd.
Where Dowsahel did claim nie for her htMbaiid :
She is too biiK, 1 hope, (or me to compuss.
Thither I must, although ai^ainst ni/ will,
Forsenranta most their masters' uiuids I'ulfil.


Alter Ad nana onrf Lociana.
Adr. Ah. Lodana, did he tempt thee so T
Might'st thuu perceive ansterely in his ejre
rhat he did plead in earnest, yea or noT

Lnok'd he or rf<4l,or pnle ; or sad, or merrUjrT
What obsenration mad%t thou in I his case,
Of his heart's meteors tiltiiiK in his foce T
Luc. Pirsi, he denied you had in him no right,
ildr. He meant, he did me ooue ; the more my
spie. [here.

Imc Then swore be, that he was a stranger
Adr, And true he swore, though yet forsworn
Luc I'lien pleaded 1 for you. [he wem.,

Adr. And what said h^ T

Lue. That lure I beggM for you, he bbga'd of
me. [love ?

Adr. With what persnasioa did he tempt Uiy
Lue. With words, that in an honest aoit might
First, he did praise my beauty ; then, my speech.
Adr, Did'st speak bim fiiir T
Luc Have patience, 1 beseech.

Adr. I cannot, nor I will not. hold me stilt ;
My loiiftue. though mit my heart, nhall have bia
He is dcfi>mied. crooked, old. and sere. [wilL
]n-6tred. worse-bodied, shapeless every where :
Vicious, nngentle, fuoliwh, blunt, unkind ;
Stismaiii-al in making, worse in mind.

Lur. Who would be jealous then of such aooel
No evil UkA is wail'd when it is gone.
Adr. Ah t but I think hint lieUer than I uj.
And yet would herein oUiers' eyes were
Far from her nest the lapwing cries, away;
My heart prays for bim, though my toogoe
do cane.

Enter Dromio i^ Syreooae.
Dro. S. Here, rn : the desk, the purse ; sweet

now, make haste.
Luc How hast thuu lust thy breath T
Dro. & By running fost.

Luc Where is thy master, Dn>mio, is he well T
Dro. S. No, lie's in 'i'artar limbo, wurae tlian
A devil in an everiasting garment hath him.
One. whose hard heart is bution'd up with steel;
A fiend, a hdry, pitiless nikI roush ;
A wolf, niiy, worve. s fellow all iu bnlT:
A bock-fnend, a shouklei-clapper, one that ooun-

The passages of alleys, creeks, and narrow lands;
A hound that runs counter, and yet draws dry
f«N>t well \ [to hell.

One that, before ihejodmnent, carries poor souls
Adr. Why, man, what is the matter T
Dro. S. Ido not know the matter; he is 'rest-

ed on the ouse. (suit.

Adr What, is he arrssted T fell me, at whoat
Dro. S. I know not at wbtve suit he is amst-


But he's in a suii of hutT. which 'rested

that cun 1 lell :
Will you send bun, mistress, redemption the
money iu the desk ?
Adr. Go fetch it, sister —This I wonder ui.

lExil Lnriana
That he, unknown to me. should b« in debt :->,
Tell me, was he arrested on a band T

Dro. 8. Not on a bond, but OB a stronger tliii4c;

A chain, a chain : do you not hear it ringt

Adr. What, the chain I JgnM.

Dro. S. No, DO. the bell : *lis time, that Iwer«

k was two ere i left bin. and now the eleck

strikes one. (hear.

Adr. 1'he liours come back ; that did 1 never

Dro. S. O yea. If any hour meet a sergeant^

atoms back for very feai.
Adr. As if lime were iu debt ! how fondly dosl

thou reason I

Dro. S. 11me is a very benkmpr, and owes

more Uian he'a wonb. to seaMm. (nay.

Nay. lie's a ihief ttMi- Have von not heard men

That lime cornea stealing <ni by night and day t

If he be in debt, and theft, and a aergeant in the

way, [day I

Hath 1m not reoson to turn back an hour m a

Alter Luciana.
Adr. Go, Dmmio; there'a the money. Iiear it
And bring thy master home immediately.—
Come, sister; I am press'd down with conceit:
Conceit, my comfort, and my injury.

SCENE m.-7Vjiniie.

Enter Antipholos of Syracuse.

Ant. S. There's not a man I meet, but doth
salute nie
As if I were their well-acquainted friend ;
And every one doth call me by my name.
Some lender money to roe, mmi inviie roe ;
Some other give me tiutuks for kiialnesses ;
Some offer me oomimxliiies to buy :
Even now a tailor cali'd me in his shop.
And showNi me silks that he bad bought for me,
And, therewithal, took measure of my body.
Sore, these are but iniaidnary wiles.
And Lapland aoit«rere inhabit here.

Enter Dromio t/ Syracnae.

Dro. S Master, here's thegiiM you sent roe for:
What, have you got the picture of Old Adam
new apparelled f

AhL S. What gold w this! What Adam doat
thou mean T

Dro. S. Not that Adam, that kept the paraduie,
but that Adam, that keeps the prison ; be that
goes in the raiPs-skin that waa killed for the
prodigal ; be that came brhind you, air, like an
evil angel, and bid you forsake your Uberty.

AnL S. 1 understand thee not.

Dro. S. NoT why, tis a plain case: he that
went like a base-viol, in a case of leather ; the
man, sir. that, when gentlemen are tired, gives
them a fob. and 'rests tliem ; he, sir. thst l4ikes

Sity on decayed men. aial gives ihem suits of
uranoe : he that sets np bis rest to do more ex-
ploits with bis mace, than a nioms-ptke.
AnL S. What ! thou mesn'st an officer *
Dro. S. Ay, sir, the serg«>ant of the band ; he,
that brings any man to answer it, that breaks hto
band; one titat thinks a man alwavs gisng lo
bed, and saya, Ood give yotr good rrttf
AmL S. Well sir. Uiere rest in your fa«ilery Is


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Act TT.)


6^ booM with H. and plemm jirar wife wUhal;
Aid vNNi U rapper- liiue 111 vmit juo.
4Dd ihra reneiva mjr nmai^y htr th« chafai.

i(»<. S. I pniT jroa, rir. rHoeive the nitmejr now,
For fear ft*a ne'er tee cliain. nor mow^j more.

ilaV' Vua ere a merry man, sir; fi«re ycm vreil.

Jtmt. S. What I ahoakl think nf this. I canuiit
Bot thai I think, there^i no roan is so vain, Itetl ;
I'hot wookl refOM so fitir an oflifr'd chain.
I sea. a nan hers needs wit hve by shifts.
Whan in the streeu he meets stich gulden glfla.
Ill to the mart, and there fur DnMnm stay ;
Jf mg ship put uot, then straifht away. \Jbeit.


SCENE i — TV aoaw.
BHter a Merchant, Angelo, and an OtHmr.

M»r. Yon kuow.sinoa Penteovt the aum is doe,
And sione I have nnt nonh inipurton'd rem :
Nur now 1 had not. but that I am b<iund
To Feraia. and want fniders Titr my vuyafa :
Thereftire make present saiMiictiiHi,
Or I'll at'acli yon by this officer.

tilay. bveu just tlie sum. that I do owe to yon,
birrowiiiK lo me by Autipholus :
And. m the instant that I iiiMt with you,
Hk had uf ine a dintn ; at Ave o'clock,
I shall receive the miNiey fur the same :
Pleaseth you walk wi h roe down to his houaa,
I will diaehance my limid. aud thank yuu too.

EnUr Antipboloa 4^ Ephesna, and Dnimio ^

Of. That labour may you save; aee where he
otMnes. (ih«Hi

AM. £. While I Ko to the Roldnnith'a house, fu
And boy a rciptt*s eial ; thnt will 1 bestow
Amans my wife and her eonfedermtea.
For locfcmc me out of roy doorn by day.—
Bot »>ft, I aee the (coklanuth :— cet thee fpine ;
Bay tboo a rope. aiaJ brii« it honie u» roe.

/V«. B I boy a thouaand pound n T«nr! I boy
a rope I [£!n/ DromHi.

AM, E. A man is well holp up. that trnsta to
I prumaMHl your preaence. and the cliain ; [yuu.
But neither diain. nor Koldsmith. came U» me.
Belike, yoo thouaht our lore would last too kaiir.
If A wen ohaiu'd togetlier: and therefore came

Ami. Sovhut your merry hamour,here^ the note.
How much your chitin weifbs to the utmost

Tike (lnone« of the cold, and ehnrcefnl fashion ;
>\bich doth amount to three odd ducats more
iVan I stand dehled to this geiitlemnn :
I PIT }***' ••• him pri^ntly diMiharfwI,
Fot he a bound to aea. and stays but for it

AmL JE. I am uot fonuafa'd with the p r sas nt

Besid es I have aome bosinesa hi the town :


C(»hI Mimiiiir, take the atran«er 141 mv
And Willi yoo tMke Uie eliuiu. and bid mv wife
Nabnnw the euro on tlie rfioeipt UienNii ;
Fatohanne. I will be there aa bimki as you. fM^lf
Am. Then von will brimt the chain to her yoor-
AM. K. No; bear it wttii you, loHt 1 come not

lime enouah.
4iv. ^>IU »ir. I will : Have yon the chain
abooi viiaf

AM. E. An if 1 have n'>t. sir. ' impe y<>u ha»fi
Or else vou may return wiUioui your iii«»ney.
AMff. Nay. ouroe, 1 pniy yiHi, kir. give me the
cliaiii :
Both wind Mud tide stays for thi^ reuHeroan,
And I. to bUnie, have held him here Umi lone.

E. G«Mid lord, you uae thia dalluuioe to

Yimr broaich of promise to th« Ptimipine:
I should have chid you for not lirngin:: it.
But, like a shrew, you first beciu to brawl.

Ma-. The hour stoala im ; I pruy you, sir.det-

Angk You hear, how he impiHtones me ; the
chain— [your money.

AM. E. Why. Kive it to roy wife, aial fetch

Aug. Gane, come, you know. I gave ii yuu evMu
Either seial the chain, or sem^ me by some token.

AM. E. Fye ! now yoo run this humour out of

breutli : fit-

Come, Where's the chain T I pray yoo. let me we

Mer. My bu>iiieaK cannot broiik Uiis dulliaiine :
Good sir. say. whe'r you'll answer me, or no ;
If not, I'll leave him lo the officer. (r*n T

AM. E, I answer yuu ! What should I siuiwer

Ang. 'I'he money, tliat yuu owe lue for the
• cliain.

AM. £. I owe you none, till I receive the chabi.

Any. You know, I irave it you lialf an hour
auiee. [niudi to say so.

AM. E You mve me none; you wnmc ma

Au^. You wruiic niK more, sir. in dnnying it :
CiMiwider. how it sUiiids upon my cradiL

Mer. Well. <ifficer, srre»t him at my suit

Of. I do; and oliarge you in the duke's naoM
to obey me.

Ang. 'I'his touciiea roe in repotatiiai :—
Kit her rouaeiit to puy thw sum for me.
Or I attach yoo liy tins officer.

AM. K C«>ll^(ellt to pny thee that I never had I
Arrest me. foolish follow, if thtai dar'st.

Aftg. Hfre is thy fee ; arrMtt liiui. officer ;—
I would nut spare my brother in this case,
If he should sairn me auuppsireiiily.

Of. I do arrest you. sir; you hear the suit.

AM. E. I do obey i hee. Ull I give Uiee bail ;—
But, sirrah, yoo shnll buy this sfNirt as dear
As all the metal in your shop will answer.

Attg. Siir. sir, I shall have Inw m Epiieaua,
To your notorious shame. I doubt it not.

EMer Dmmio qf Syracuae.

Dro. S. MaMer. there is a bark of Cpidamiioro.
That stays bot till her owner comes iilKmrd,
And lh«n. sir, bears away : o«ir fniuiclit:u(e, sir,
I have cimvey'd aboaitl ; und I have liought
Tlio oil, the bahiamum. ami iiqua-viiw.
The ahip la in her trim; ilie merry wind
Bkiwa fiiir from laud : lliey atay for noualit at all.
But (iir their owner, master, aial yourself.

AmL E. How now ! a nmdman 1 Why tht*u
peevndt sheep.
What ship f»f Epidamnum staya for me 7

Dro. S. A ahip you sent roe Ui. to hire waftaite.

Ami, E. Thou drutUcen alava, 1 sent thee fi>r a

And told thee to what purpuae. and what eial.

Dro. S. Yuu sent me. Kir, for a rope's-end as
YtfU sent me to the laiy, qr. for a Ivirk. [soini :

AM. E. I will debate this matter at more lei-
And teach your eani to listen with more hoed.
To Adrtnna, villain, hie thee straight :
Give bur ium key. aud tall her. lu the deidt

ha»fi; \


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(Aar ITI.

fime tfnn, fbr UiyMlf. nni\ 1 will HitUi :
SpiMd u'er th«i 8ilv«r waves thy gnkJen lain,
M a bed 111 Uka Ihao. mmI there lie ;


And. in that idorious ttuppocitkNi, Uiink

e gaine bf death, that haili sueli means tu

Let love, htumr ligut, he dmwued if ahe aiiUc 1


Xmc What, are yon oimI. ttiat yon do reMson
m T rkitow.

AiU. S. Not mad, hat mHTed : how« 1 do not
Lmc It is a fiiQlt that sprnixeth from roar ey&
AmL S. For mixing on your beams, fair sun.

beiiif hf
Lite. Gnze where too should, and thot will
clear your sifhu [on lUfchl

Ani. S Am good lo wink, sweet Ioto, as ItMik
Jm€. Why call yiiu me lovuT call luy sister so
Amt. S. Thy suiter's sbtter.
Jjie. Hiat'smysirter.

AMI.S. No;

It IS thyaeU; mine own selfs better part :
Mine eye's clear eye, my dear hrartv dearer

My food, my Aiftane. and my sweet hope's aim.
My siilr eunh's hSMVen. uihJ my h«!i<ven's diiim.
Lue. All this my sister is, ur else nhuukl be.
Ant. S Call thyself sister, sweet, for 1 aim
Thee will 1 lore, and with thee lead my life;
Thou hast no husband yet, uur I no wUe :
Give me thy haial.

Lmc O, soft. sir. bold you sUU ;

I'll fetch my sister, to get her good will.


EmUr frvm the hmm of Antipholos <if Ephesos,
Dromio f^f ifyraouae.

AnL S Why, bow now, Drumio, where mn'st
thou so fast T

Dro. 8. Do yoo know me, sir T am 1 Dromio T
aai 1 your man T am I myself 7

Ant. a. Thou art Onwiio; thou art my man;
tltuu art thrself.

Dro. & 1 am an ass; I am a woman's man,
and beaidM myself.

AnL 8 What woman's man T and how besides

Dro. 8 Marry, sir. besides myself, I am due to
a woman ; one that claims me, tme that haunts
me, ouu tlint will have me.

ital. 8 What chum lays slie to thee T

Dro. 8 Marry, sir. sunh claim as you woold lay
lo your horse ; and she would have me as a beast:
not tliai. 1 being a beiist, site woold have me : but
tliat she, being a very beastly creature, hiys claim

AfU. 8 What is she T

Dro. 8. A very reverend body ; ay, soch a one
as a man may not speak ot, without he say. sir-
rerrnmoe: 1 have but lean lurJi in ihe match,
■lid yet is she a woodnHis fat marriage.

AmL S. How dosi ihou nioiui. a fut marriage T

Pro. 8 Marry, sir, she^ the kitcl*en-wencli, and
ill gre«se: and I know not what use to put n^r
to, but t<* make a Unip of her, and run IVoin her
by her own light. I warrant her rags, and the
titliow in them, will bum a PbUnd wimer : if aha
livae till iluomsday, ahe*ll Imm a week longer
the wliole world.

AmL 8. What complexkm is she ofT

Dro. 8 Swart, Uke my »lioe. hut her fboe no-
tiling tike mo clean kept. For why T She sweats—
a man may go «»ver shoes lu the gnme of it.

AnL 8 JhalV a fault that water will mend.

Dro 8 No, iir, 'lis in grain ; Noali'* (loud otHild

Ant. & What^s her name f

Dro. 8. Nell, sir; —but her name and three
qnartera. that w an ell and three quarters, will
not meaKUre her from hip to hip

AnL S. Ilien she bears muue braadth T

Dro ^ No kMiger from beaU to foit, than from
hip to hip : slie is spheiicaU like a gluue; 1 could
fiiid out nouiiirirs in her.

Ant. S. Ill \\ hat tmit of her body sUnds Trelaudf

Dro 8 Murry. sir. ill her buttocks; 1 iuand it
out by the Ixsn.

Ant. 8. Wiierc Scotland T

Dro. 8. I round it by tiie barrenPiM; hurd, in
the p^ilmof the hand.

Ant. 8. Where France T

Dro. S. In her forehead ; armed and reverted,
making war agitin>t her hair.

Ani. 8 Where Ireland f

Dro. 8. I looked fur the chalky ctifllk. bat I
could flial no whiteness in them ; but I guess it
stood in her chin, by the salt rheum that ran be-
tween France aial iL

AnL 8. Where Spain?

Dro. 8. Faith, 1 saw it not ; bat I felt it, hot ii
her lireath

Ant. 8. Where America, the IndieaT

Dro. 8. O, sir. upon her nose, all o'er emhel*
lished with mines, carbuncles, sapphires, dechn-
Inc their rirh aitpert to the hot bieaih «tf Spain :
who sent whole aiiuadaa of carracks lo be bal«
last at her noae.

Ant. 8 Where stood Beliria, the Netherlands?

Dro. 8. 0, sir. 1 dU nut liMtk so low. To om-
clude, thin drudge, or diviner, laid claim tii me ;
called me Dmiuiu; swtire I was assured to her;
told me what pnvy marks I had about me.— «s
the msrk of my vhouldi-r. Ihe mole in my neck,
the rreai wart on my left arm,— Uiat 1. amaaed,
ran from her as a witch : and. 1 1 hink. if my breast
liad not been niude of tuth. and my heart of steel,
she had tnuisfoniied me to a curtaii-dug, and
made me luru I'lhe wheel

Ant. 8 Go, hie tliee presently, post ti> the road;
And if the wind blow miy way from shore,
1 will not harbour in tlim town to-night.
If any bark put forth, come to the mart.
Where 1 will wmU, till thou return to me.
If every one know us, and we kiaiw maie,
Tis time, 1 think, to trudge, pack, and he gone.

iTro. 8 As from a bear a man would run to€
So fly I from her that woald be my wiffe. {EaL

Ut. 8. There's uoue but witches do iuhalat

And therefore 'tis high time that I were hence.
She, that doth call me husband, even my sool
Doth for a wife abhor; but her fair bister.
Puness'd with such a gentle sovereign grace.
Of such enclianting preaeiioe and disixrurse.
Hath almost iiiiide me traitor to myself;
Hot, lest liiyitelf be guilty to self-wrong,
ru stop mine ears against the mermaiJ • aoof.

JEMer Angelo.
Ang. Master Antipholos?
AnL 8 Ay. that's my name.
Amf. I know it well. sir. Lo, here Is the eham ;
. thought to have ta'en you at Ihe Porrupiue;
Ttie chain nntiiiisb'd made me stay thus loiur.
Aid. S. What is your wUl that I shall do with
this? lit for yon.

Ang. What please yourself, sir; I have made
Ant. 8. Made it for me. sir! I bespdce it nut.
Ang. Not mice, nor twase. but iweuiy luncS
you luive :


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> Par««

AM. B Du Tuu hear, jroa minkm T— yoall l«l

M m I liope r
Lmce. I ttuHM(ht to liave uk'd roa.
Ao. A And fuo nid. no.

Dn, E. So.oonw. help; well stnck;— there

wee blow for blow.
AmL E. Thton banace, let me in.
liwf. Can roa tell for whoae nke T

Dro. E. Mailer, knock the door hard.
Xnot. Let him kmicic till it ache.

A»l. £ Ton'II cry for tha, iidnion, if I beat

toe door down. [in the town T

Xmot Whatneedeallthat.aiMl a pair of stocks
Adr fWUkm] Who is that at the door, that

keeps all this noise I (anruljr bojrs.

Ane 8.Brmf troth, jrour town is troabled with
Amt. E, Are yoo there, wife! Ton miaht have

enme befoce. [the door.

Air. Tour wifo, sir knaTe! go, get you from
Dn. E. If VDU went in pain, master, this knave

wouhl go sore.
Ang. Here is aeitber cheer, sir. nor welcome ;

we would lain have either.
Bit. In debating which was best, we shall pert

with aettner.
Ane. E They Btand at the door, master; bid

them welcome hither.
AJtt. E. There is something in the wind, that

we cannot get in.
Dro. E Too would say so, master, if your gar-
ments were tliin. [in the cold :
Your cake here ai warm within ; yoo stand here
It woQkl make a man mad as a buck, to be so

bought sod siild. [tiie gate

AnL B. uo. fetch me something ; HI breuk ope
J2ro. S. Break anv breaking liere, and Til break

your knavee pate.
Dro. £. A man may break a word with yoo.

sir; And words sre but wind ; [behind.

Ay, and break it in your face, so he break it not

Dro. S. It seems ihou wantest breaking. Oat

upon thre. hiud !
Dro. E. Here*k too mrch, out upon thee I 1

n' thee, let me in.
r, when fowls have no foalhers, and
fish iiave no fin. [crow.

AnL E ^ell, Til break in; |*i borrow me a
Dro, E. A crow wiUtoot a foal her; master,
mean you so 7 [foather :

For a fish without a fin. there^ a fowl without a
If a crow help as in, sirrah, well pluck a crow
together [crow.

AmL B. Oo. get thee guns: fotch me an iron
Bol. Have patience, sir; O, let it not be so;
Herein yon war against your repotatioo,
And draw within the curopaas of sua '
The unviiilated honour or your wife.
Once tlii^— Yitur lone fcXpenenoe of her wisdom.
Her Rftber virtue, yean*, and modesty.
FVwd on her part some t^use to you unknown ;
And doubt nor, air, hut she will well excuse
Why at thm tln>e the doors are made against yoo.
Be rol'd by me ; depsrt in pal<enoe.
And let us to the Tww all to dinner :
And. about evening, come yourself alone.
To know the reason of this strange re»iraint.
If by strong hand you offor to break in,
Now in the stirriiif passnge of the dny,
A vulgar comment will be made on it;
And that supposed t>y the c«imnioii rout
Against your yet oiixiilled estimation,
liiat may with foul uitnisKHi enter in,
And dwell upon your itmve when yuu are dead :
flsr slander lives upon sooceesion ;
Por svsr hoos'd, where it once gels puasessam.

AnL E. You have prevail'd; I will depart w

3 met,
espite of mirth, mean to oe merry.
I know a wench of excellent disoourssr-
Prst^ and wiUy : wild, and, yet too, gentle ;>
There will we dine : this woman that 1 mean

My wife (but, I p^ote^^ without desert)

Hath oftentimes upbraided me withal ;

To her will we to dinner.— Get yon home.

And fetch the chain : by this, I know, 'tis mads :

Bring it, I pray yoo. to the Porcupine :

For there's the bouse ; that cluun will I bestow

(Be it for nothing but to spite my wife).

UpiNi mine hostess there : good sir, make haste :

Smce mine own doors refuse Ut enteruin me,

ni knock elsewhere, to see if they'll diada-a me.

Ang, I'll meet you at that plsioe, some hour

Ant. £: Do so; this jest shall oust me some
sxpense. {SmmtiL


Enter Lodaaa end Aatipholiis oj Syracuse.

Lne. And may it be that you have ouitP fonnii

A husbaatrs olfine T Shall, AnUp4M>lus. hate.
Evfn in the spring of love, thy love-q>ruMDi rot ?

Sliali love, in building, grow so ruinnie f
If vou did wed my sister for her wealth,

1 ben. for her wealth's sake, use her wiih mure
Or, if you like elsewhere, do it by stealth;

Muffle your 6ilae love with some show of
blindness :—
Let not my sister read it in your eye :

Be not thy tongue thy own shame s orator;
Lu<ik swee , upeak fiiir. become disloyalty ;

Apparel vice like virtue's liarbinger :
Bear a lair presence, though your beait be
tainted ;

'Vsach sill the carriage of a holy saint ;
Be seciet-folKO. What need slie be acquainted T

What simple thief brags of his own attaint I
Tis double wroug. to truant with your bed.

And let her read it in ihy looks at btiard :
Sbame hHih a bastard ^uo^ well managed ;

lU deeds are doubled wiib an evil wind.
Alas. po«ir wtNoen I make us but helievs,

Beiu compact ot' credit, that you love us ;
Though others have ttie arm. show us the sleeve ;

We in your motion turn, a«d you OMy move us.
Then, seiitle bmtlier, get you in aauin ;

Comfort my sister, cheer her, call her wifo ;
1'is holy sport to be a liule vain. [strife.

When the sweet breath of dattsry CMKioeri
AnL 8, Sweet mtstre« (what your name ui else,
I know not.

Nor by what woutler you do hit on mine)
Less, in vour knowledge snd your giace, }ou
show not. [daii».

llian our earth's wonder; more than eottb
Teach me, dear rreiiture, how lo think andspoali;

Uij open ui my eurihlv gruss conceit,
Smoiher'd in errOTs. i^ble, shallow, weak.

The folded meauiiis of your words' deceit
AgaiitKt my soul's pure truth why labour you,

'1 o make it wander in an nnknown held T
Are you a god T would yoc crente me new f

Transfonn me then, and to your power I'll
But if that I am I, then well I know, f ri«kl

Your weeping sister is no wifo of mine.
Nor to her bed no homage do I owe

Far OMMT, tM more, to you do I de

O train me iiqt, sweet mermaid, with thy

To diowu nie in thy sister's flood of tears


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[Act III.

To counierf«il thus gnewly with jr«»ur «ln»e,
Abettii^; hnii lu tliwurt me in my iikkmI f
Be it my wnnafr, jroa are Truiii me exempt,
Bui wroiiK »<>t tliot wroiifc with a more ctintempt.
Come. 1 will fasten un this ste«fve of ihine :
Thtiu Hit an elm, my bnsiMiiul. I, u vine :
Whose weakness, marnetl u> ihy struiiarer state,
Makee me with thv strength toocimniuniRute :
If aught paesass thee fn»ni me. it is drues,
Usorpinf ivy, bnar, or klie mitas :
Who, all for want of praniug, with intruaion
Infect thy sap, and live on thy oonfusmn.
Ant. S. To me she speaktt ; she moves me for
her theme :

ly dream f
all this f
Ban amiss T

mnts spread for
IS me for a sinner,
of spiles ! —
elfish sprites ;
Dsiie, [blue

cii OK black Mud
ilf, and auswer'st
[sol I
Dromio. thou drone, thou snail, (hou slag, thou

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