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Leon. A nest of traiton I

Ani. I am none, by this good light.

PauL «ur I ; nor any,

But one, that's here ; and that's himself: for lie
I'he sacred honour of himself, iun queen's,
Him hopeful hmu's. his liube's. Iielrays u» slander.
Whiiwi sliiig IS slmrper than the swunl s: and will
(Fur. us the num now Mfiinds, it Ui a curse inot,
ilu ouiiuiil be cttiupell'd to'l,) once remove
I'he rtNii of his opinion, which is rotten,
Am fver iNik. or sioiie, was sound.

Utm A callat,

Uf iNiundless tougue ; who late bath beat her hu^

And now \%m s me !— This brat is none of mine ;
It IK liie iitkue uf Fotixeiies:
Wttuvju with It; uitd. U wether with the dam,
Cuuinui Uiein U> the fire.

Paul. It is yours ;

And, iiiixht we lav the old proverb Ui your charge,
^ like you, 'UK llie wonw.— liehold, my lords.
Although the print he hule. the whole matter
And copy of the (uthi*r : eye, uimm;, hp.
The inrk of Ids frown. Ins forehead ; nay. the
vnllev, [anules:

The prsily dimples of his chin, and cheek ; his
The fery inoulU and frame of hand, nail, finger:—
Aim! thou, cood gikhletai nature, wliir4i hiist made
8o like Ui hini tlmt got it. if thou hust [it

Tbe ucdenug of tlie muid loo, 'luoocst all ooloon

^ BO use

> Tbe on

No yeUow in't ; lesi she suspeil, as he does.
Her children not liur huslMud's!

Uon A rrmw iiag t

And. hupl, thou art worthy to be li.uig'd.
I'hui will not siuy her ttMigne.

Ata. Hung all the husbnnda

That cminot do that feat, you'U leave yourself
Hardly ooe Mbject.

Leon. Onoe mora, take her hence.

iVint. A moat unworthy and unnatural lonl
Can do no more.

Leon. I'll have thee bam'd.

FaU. Icaraimt;

It is an herotk}. that makes the fire.
Not she, wliich bums int. Fll not call you tyrant;
But this most cruel usage of your tyueen
(Not able to produce more ancusui km f8:ivonn
Than your own weak-hing'd fiincy.) t ""' "
Of tyranny, and will igmibltf make yoa.
Yea. scandalous to tbe world.

I^itn On roar allegianre.

Out of the chamber with her. Were I a tyrant.
Where were lier life I she durst not call me so,
If she did know me one. Away witli her.

PaU. I pray you, do not push me ; I'll be gone.
Look to your httbe, my lonl; 'tis yours: Jove send
her (hamb?-^

A better guiding spirit 1 — What need theie
You. thut are thus s«i tender o'er his follies.
Will iievur do him euod, not one of you.
So.so:— Farewe.l: w«aregime. [ErH.

Leon I'liou, tmitor. hnsi set ou thy wife to tia>.—
My ciiild I awHV wilh'tl— even tlimi, I hat has!
A heart so tender o'er it, Uike it hence.
And see it insluuily dmsuut'd with fire;
£ven thou, and none iiui ihou. Tuke it up

Within this hour hriiig me word tis done.
(And uy k<mm1 testimony ,) or I'll seize tliy life.
With whut thou else cuirnt ihiiie : If thou rnfuse,
And will eiioiHinier wih my wrath, say so;
The bustard hraiiis with these my proper hands
Shull I dash ouL (mk Uke ii-iu ihe fire ;
For ihou seit'st on ihy wife.

AtU. I did not. nr:

These lonls. my nobis feUows, if tiiey pleuse.
C^n clear me in't.

1 Lord. We can. my royal liege.

He H not guilty of her ooiniug hitner.

Leon. You are liars Mil. [credit;

1 Lord. 'B«t«etiCh your hi«hne«i. give us lieUsr
We have alwsys truly wrv'd you ; and liesaech
So to esteem of u» : And on our knoes we Iteg .
(As reoouipeube of our dear servmes, [pi«e:

Past, and to C4mie.) thut y< u do ohniise this p«|w
Which, being »> humblf. mt hliNHly, must
Lead on to some foul i^ui* : We all ku«eL

Lton. I am u feutlier for eitnh wind t hut blowi:'^
Shull I live oil, lu see this lias. aid kneel
And call me fuUier 1 Bt:ti«r burn ii now.
Than curse it i hen. But, he ii ; let it live :
It shall not neither. — You. sir, come you hither;
17 o AniigimuB.
You, that have b«-en so tenderly omrious
Willi lady Margery, your luhiwifn, tbere.
I'u save this hiisUrd's life : for tin a Inisiard,
So sure as this beurd'ii sray, — whai will you ad*
To aave tliis brui's life f (venture

Ant. Any thing, my loid.

That my ability may undenco,
And iiohleiiesR impose : at least, thus much :
I'll pawn the little blood which I have lell.
To suve the innooenl : any thing |M«sible.

i>ON. It shall l)e possible: SweurbyUiissisotd
I'huu will pttrfi»rui my bidding.

•Ota y

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Rt-tMltr AUendant. wUk tkt Keeper.

\tm kmm dm, «Io ytM nc* T

ICiKF. For • woithf UmIj ,

AmI nm» whom much I kfiooar.

CoodlMt MS to tiM qUMIL

Keep. 1 May imt. maJani : to the oootraiy

.„_ Hera'kado,

To lock ap hfiiMvty and honnar frmu ■
The aooBM iif iteoUe TMtanl— It it lawftil.
Bna) joo, tu Me b«r woiuen 1 any of ttacm f

ICniP. So pleMA yon* OMdun, to pat
Apart ihaaa yuar a t l auJau t a, I shall brine
Cmilia fimh.

Pmd. I pray now, call bar.

Witlidraw yiiunelrca. [Bxamt AttawL

Kttp. And. madam.

1 mort he preaaot at yoar oiiiferaooe.

ikud. Well, be it M, pr'yUice. ( BxU Kaapar.
Here^ aueh adi* to make no atain a atain.
As paaaaa eulouring.

lU-*mler Keeper, m/k Emilia.
Dimr cenllewoman, biiw fares our gradooa ladyT

EmL As well m* eoe so arsiit, ami si» ffirlom,
Mny hiiU tafelber : iio her friKhts. aiid (rriefr.
(Which nevnr tewler Indy hath bunie irreaier,)
aihe ia, scmMtliiug before her time, deliver'd.

J*mmL AbuyZ

Aut A daughter; awl a goodly babe,

LmIj, and like to live : the qoeen rMCeivcs
Mocti niMnltin mt : says, li§ poor pr-Mtntr^

PamL. I dare he sworn :——

These dangsTDOs unsafe Iuims o'er Uie king I bo>

Nor ffollty of, the anser of the kinr ;
ir any be, the traspiias of the queen

Keep I do believe iu

/Vmt Ditnntyim fisar: upon

Mine lioooor, 1 will stand *twixt you and danirsr.

SCENE nL~ Tike sme. ABo€mbitke Palmot,
Elder Leonte% Aniignnaa, Lords, ami oOm

He most be told uo't, and he shall : ilie offiea
Booumea a wiwnan beat : I'll take*t upon me :
If I pruvM bnoey-iiMiuih d. let my tongue blister;
Aud never to my red-luuk'd anger he
1'lie trumpet any more :>-Pray you, Emilia,
C«mmieud my lieat iihedieiiof to tlie uueen ;
If abe dares trm« me wnii her liuie babe,
ril alM»w*i the king, and undertake to he
Her ndvucaie to th* loudeat : we do not know
How lie may anAen at the eight o* the child ;
I'he aileiiCM often uf pure iniiuoenoe,
WiWiMdea, when ipeidiiug fiiils

KmiL Mi«t worthy madam,

YiMir honour, and jrour gnndiiesa. is so evident,
I'luH yiMjr fiee uudertakmg cannot mtes
A tlinviuf asoe ; there m no hidv living.
So meet Itir this great errand : Pleaae yoar lady-
To visit the next fui>m. I'll pceaently (ship

Acquaint the queen of y«>ur ni<nt mible nflbr;
Who, but tu day. hommer'd uf this deiugn ;
But durst not tempt a mwiaier of honour.
Last she shookl be dewed.

FmA Tell her. Enulia,

ru use that longoe i have : If wit flow from it.
As biiklneas from my bosom, let it nut be duubU^
I shall doguud.

Emd. Now be yna bleat Air it!

Ill to the qoeen : Pleaae yoo. oome something
nearer. . Cbahe,

JKcqp. Madam, iTt please the qoeen to send "
I Know not what I ahail incur, tu peas it,
having no warranL

/M YiNi need not fear it. sir;
The etiild wiia priaimer to tlie womb ; and ia,
9k law and pruiwMi iif araal nitora. the
fioe'd and eufnuiciu»'d ; nut a party to

\ fUd,

Leon. Nor nicht nor day, no rest: It it I
To bear the mutter thos : mere weakneas, if






Laugh at me ; make liieir lautime at my aiUTuw,

Thev ahuuld not iau«h, if I ouuid re««h them; nor

Shall she. witliio my power.

Bmter PauUnn, mUk a CUM.

I Lard. You most not enter.

PmU. Nsy, rather, good niy lords: be seouiid to
Fear you his tyrannous pnasKiu nu>re. alus, [me:
Thau the queen's life T a Kruduus iiuiuoeut soul ;
Mors free, than he ia jealous.

AM. That's enougli.

liUlMdL Madam, he hath nut alept to-uight;
None should cume at him.

PmA. Not so hot. good sir;

I oome to bring him sleep, ''lis such as yuu,—
That creep like itiadowM by him, and do sigtt
At eneii hts need lees heaviiiga, such as you
Nourish tlie cause of lijs uwukiiig : I
Ui oiMue with words as med'ciual aa true ;
Huneat, aa eiitier ; to pur^e him tif that hainoor,
1 hut pnmwa him fniro aleeu.

Letm. What nnise there, ho T

PauL No noise, my lord; but needful oouferauoe.
About some gueaipe lor your bigliuesa.

Lnm. HowT-^—

Away with that aodadoos lady : Antjgouus,
I oharg'd tliep. that aha shouki not uume about
I knew, she would. [me ;

Ant. I told her so, my lonl.

On y<Hir displeasure'k peril, and on mine.
She slioukl not vhoi yuu.

Um. Wtiat, canst not rule berf

i*imL Kmm all diohimeety, he c»n : iu i liia
(L'nleas he take the oourae that yuo have f^vii


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(Act II.

<nUch ni a«it call a creature of thy plana,
Leat barimr^, making mo tlie pnsnedent,
5huakl a like lancUiice uae Ui ull deicraes,
AihI mannerly disiinsaiiihroeMl leave oat
Betwixt the phiice and beggar !— I have aaid,
' She'a an adaliresa; 1 have mmI, with whom:
More, Mite's a traiUir ; aial CamilUi is
A fedemiy witli her; aud una that knows
What she stiuQld nhame U» know henMl/,
But with her nuisi vile prinapnl, that sba^
A hed-swerrer, even as bad as thuse
lliat viikars atve hold titles; aj, aud (Hivy
I'u this their htte escape.

Htr. No. by my life.

Privy tn none of this : How will this giiere yoo,
WhKu yno shall curoe to clearer knowledge, that
You tliQs liMTe pubUsh'd nie I Gentle my lord.
Yuu ncaroe can right me thorouglily then, tu lajr
You did mistake.

Lem^ No. no; if I mistake

In those fcKiiidations which 1 buikl upon,
'llie center i<« not big enough to bear
A school-boy's top. — Away with her to pnaon :
He. who shall speak fiir her, is alar off guilty.
But that he speaks.

Btr. There's aome iU planet reigns

I must he patient, till the heavens look
Willi an aspH% more favourable.— Good my lorda,
I am not prone to werping. aa our sex
Conimoaly are ; the want of which vain dew,
Fercliaiice. aludi dry your piues : but I have
'lliat honourable grief loUjt'd here, which bums
Wone tlian tears drown : 'Beseech yuo all, my

With thoughts so qualified as your charitias
Shall best lustruct you. measure me ;-Huid as
llie king's will be perform 'd I

Xnm. Shalllbehe«il1


Her. Who iat, that goes with mel — 'Beseech
your higliiinw*.
My women may be with me ; for, yon see,
Mjr plight requires it Du not weep, good fools ;
lliere m no cause : when you ahall know, your

Has daserv'd prison ; then abound in tean^
As I CiMiie out : this action. 1 miw go on.
Is for^y better gnice — Atlieu, my kird ;
I never wmh'U Ui see you sorry ; now,
I irosi. I shall.— My women, come; yuu have Icavw.

LeeN. Go, do our biddiiif ; heuue.

\E3BtwU Queen tfwl Ladies.

IXonL 'Beseech your highueas, call the queen
again. [una

AM. Be certain wliat you dm air ; last your jn»-
Prove violence : m the which three great ones
Youseelf, your queen, your sou Isulfer.

1 Lord, For her. my lunl.—

I dare my life lay down, and will do't, sir.
Please you to accept it. that the queeu is ^potlsM
V the eyes of heaven, aud to you ; 1 mean.
In tins whwh you accuse her.

AnL If it prove

tktiiM otherwise. Ill keep my stablea where
1 lodge luy wife ; I'll ao in couples with her ;
Tliaii wlittu 1 feel, aud aee her. m* further trust
Fur every incli of woman ui the wiir^d. pier ;
Av. every draui of wouiau'e deali, is faiae,
U «iiti lie.

/ytfM llo!d your peaces.

1 ijord. Good my lord,—

Ani. It IS for you we speak, not fi*r ounalvas :
Vou are ubu»'(l, and liv mmum puUer-ou, llain.
Thai Will be duiuuU An't; witukl 1 knew the vU>
1 wottkl hual daiuii auu : Be she bouour tfaw'il.

I have three dauf^teni ; the eldest m eleven ;
llie aeciNMl, aud the Uiird. nine, and some five ;
If tliis prove true, theyll pay m^ : by imue h»

I'll geld tliem all : Courteen they shaA not sea.
To linng feSa'^ geiieriitions : thvy are oo-heira ;
And I had rather glib myself, than they
Should nut produce fiiir issue.
^Lum. , , .; Cease ; no mora.

You smell this businees with a sense aa ookl
As n a dead man's miee : I see't, and feel*^
As you fee^ doing thus; aud see withal
The instruweuta tlia^ feaL

AM ^^ If it beau,

We need n^gnive to hvy bonekty ;
Thers'a mit a gram of it, the fiice to sweeten
Of the whole dungy earth.

JMm. , WhatllaeklomLtl

1 Lard. I had rather you did lack, than I, my
Upon thia ground : aud more it would content mt
1 o have her honour true, thun your auapiCMMi ;
Be blaiu'd for't how yuu matht.

Leoa. Why, what need wa

Commune with you of this f but ratlier fitlhtw
Oar fiirceful instigation T Our prerogative
Calb not your ciNinsels : but our luitnrai goudnesa
Impans this : whicli— if you (or siupifitou.
Or seeuung so in skill.) cannot, or will not,
Kehsti aa truih, like ua; luiorm yoorselvea.
Wfl need no moru of your advice : the matr
lite tusa, the gam, the ordering oot, is all
Properly ours.

AM. And I wish, mv liege.

You had only m your »ilant judgment tried it.
Without more overture.

Uon. How oooM that bs f

Eittier thou ait most ignoniui t^ age.
Or thou w«(t born i ftsil. Camillois f
Added to their fun«tliuiiLy,
(Which WHS as grius na ever touch'd ooiOectara,
I'hat iNCk'd wgtit only, nought fur appnibatioii.
But only seeing, all other cnrcumstaucea
Mude up U> the de^.) d«ith push ou thw proossd"
Yet, for a greater ouuiiruiaiiou, (mg.

I For, in an aqt of this importance. *twem
liist piieouS lo tie wild.) 1 have diapatch'd ia post
To saoted DeJphos, to Apollo's leaiple,
Cieomenes and Dion, wliuiii yiHi kuow
Of stulTd su%*iency : Now, from Ibe oracle
They will bring ail ; whoae spiritual ooansel had,
Shall Slop, or, spur me. . Hiivo 1 dime well I

1 Lard. Well doite. my lord.

Leon. I'lHHigh I am MttaOied. and need no mors
Than what I know, yei shall ihe urachi
Give rest to tlSe minds of oUten; such as be,
Whoee igiionini creduh y w.li n<it [good,

Couie up to Uie troth : So have we Ihoognt il
Fnan our free person she should lie oonhn'd;
Lest that the traNOiiery of the two, fled h«nca.
Be left Iter to perfi>rm. Cnuie. follow us ;
We are to apeak in pubtio; fiir thn hustnesa
Wairaisrosall. ^

AM. lAmde.) To laughter, as I take it.
If the good troth were known. lEvmU.

Camilio^ fiight.


7%e svfer Jlssm ^ m

Bmtn Pkulina ami Attendants.
PmM. The keeper of tlie prison,— call iu him;
[EmU &h AtteiMtaMt
Let him have knowledge who I am —Good lady
No court w Europe is too good lor tliee.
What d««t thou ttien m prmm t— Nuw, nuad sir


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^ Y




Ynar Mloweni 1 will whuiper to the business :
And wiT tfi twus, rihI three;*, at Mevenil p<isterns,
CteMT tbem o' the city : For nivMlf. HI nut
ItjT liMtiwes to ytiur service, which are here
ftr thN disrovery Inet. Be nut unceitaiu ;
Yvt. by the honour of my purents, 1
HaT« otter'd tm'h : which if yua seek to profv,
f dare not stand liy ; nor sliall you be safer
Tu«B one ooodemn'd by the king's owa mouth,

His eaecutitHi sworn.

M. I do believe thee ;

I saw hia heart in h« face. Give me thy hand ;
Be mkit tu me. and tby places shall
Still neirlibtiur mine : My stiipn are ready, and
My people dkJ expect my hence departure
Two days m^ — i'liis jealtiusy
U far a precious cr&iture : as she's rare.
Moat it be great ; and. as his penton's mighty
Must it be violent : and a^t he ddes conceive
He id di!ib«>noarM ny a mnn which ever
Profeas'd to him. why. his revenmrs must
In tliat he mude more bitter Fear o'ershndes me:
GfRid expedition be my friend, and comfort
The gniCHMis queen. |iart of his theme, bat nothing
Uf hN ill-ta'en suHptdon ! Come. CamUlu ;
I will respect thee rk a father ; if
Thou bear'st my life off* hence : Let us avoid.

Osai.' It IS in mine MUthdrily, to oommand
l*he key« of nil the pi«iems : Please your bigness
Tu take the urgent hour : come, sir, away.


SCENE t — rVjome
£it<cr Hermiuue, Mamdiius, and Ladies.
BtT. I'ake the hoy to yoo : be au troubles me,

1 uidf. Come, my graci<iQs k>rd.

Shalt i (m your playfellow T
Mam. No, 111 none of you.

1 Laitf Why, my eweet lord T

Mom. Youll kua iiie hard ; and speak to mc aa
I were a baby still —I hwe you better. [if

2 Ladtf. And why so, my giMid h»id T
M'tm. Not far bera

YourbrDwsare blacker! yet black bmws, they say.

BaHuiae simie women hecit ; so thnt there be not

TiM» much hair there, but in a semi-oircla,

Or half moon miMJe with a pen.
2 Lmtt' Who tanght yoa this T

ilfem. I leani'd it oat of women's feces.— Pray

W hat eutour are your eye<brows f [now

1 Lsdjr. Bloe. my lord.
Mmm. Nay, that's a mock : 1 have seen a lady's

That has beta Uae, bat not her eye-brows.

2 Udf. Hark ye
The qweeo. your mother, roonds apace : we shall
Present our servioes to a fine new prince,

Ooe of theae days; and then you'd wanton with as,
If we woaki have yoa.

1 Latff. She is spread of late

lulo a fiadly bulk : Good lime enoouaier her I

Htr. WhHi wudom stirs amuugat you I Coma,
sir, now
I m far voii iigain : Pray yoa, ait by as,
Aad leU 's a ute.

Mm. Merry.orsad,8halItber

Htr Aa merry as you will.

Ham, A sad tale% best for winter;

I hum MM of apirits aad gobiias.

Her. Let's hiive thai, mr.

Come on, irit down : — C<ime on. uud do your hesi

To fright me with your spnies: you're puwerfu

Mam, I'here wa.s a nitni, [ui it

Her. Nay. ct»me, sit down ; then oii. •

Mam. Dwelt by acuurch-yunl; — 1 will tell it
softly :

Ton crkskets shall not bear it
Her. Come on thei(.

And grre*t me in mme ear.

£n/er Leontea, Antivonus. Lords, amd othtrt.

Leon. Wiis he met there T his train 1 Caiuillo
with hiro? [never

1 Lord. Behind the tuft of pines I met Iheat ;
Saw 1 men hcuur so on llieir way : I ey'd Iheiu
Even to their ships.

Xeofi. How bless'd am I

In my just censure ! iii mv true opinion !—
Alack, tor leaser knowledge !— Huw iioours'd.
In being so hiest !— I'here may Iw in the cup

A spider sieep'tl. and one may drink ; depart.
Ana yei partake no veuom ; for his kuowled«re
Is nut inr>H:t«d : but if one present

The nbhnrr'd iiiTredieiit to Iiih eye, make known
How he huth drank, he cracks his gunce, hix ifidi^,
With violent hvtUt : — 1 have dnuik, and sevn th«»

CamiUo was his help in this, his pander :—
There is a plot against my life, iiiy^cniwu;
Alt's true thai is mistrusted .— tlua false villain,
Whom I eniploy'd, was pre-empluv'd by him :
He has discuverd my design, and 1
Remain a piiicli'd tn'in;; ; yMi, a very trick
For them to play at will:— Huw caiue the puslems
Soen-sily upeuT

1 Lord. By his great anthnnty;

Which uAen hath no leas pievuil'd ihau so,
Ou your cutiimaud

Leon I kmiw*! too well.

Give me the boy; 1 am glud yuu did nut nurse

Thougb lie diiesi bear some signs of me, yet yuu
Have too much biuod lu him.

Her. What is this T sport T

Leon. Bear the hoy hence, he shall nut cuiue
about her :
Avray with liim :— and let her i*port herself
With that she's big with : dtr 'tu Puhxeues
Has made ttioe swell thus.

Her. But I'd say, he had ii4it,

And, 111 be sworn, yon would believe my saying,
Howe'er yuu lean to the nay ward.

Lum. Yoa. my lords,

Look on her, mark her well ; lie but aliout
To say, the is a qoodtf ladff, and
The jastioe uf your bitans will tliereto add,
*Y^ pi/y. she's not honesty hoHouralde:
Praise her hat tor this her withouinlour form,
(Which, on my faith, deserves high speecti.) and

K r.iixht
The 8*iriiK. ilie ham, or ha : these petty brands.
That caluiriiiy d »th use: — 0, 1 am out.
That m.'rcy dues; fur calumny will sear
Virtue itself: — these siimioi, these hu>iis,aiid ha's.
When yiMi have said, she's gu«Milv, couie htsiwceu.
Ere you can s.iy she's honest : U\i\. be it kii>iwii :
Fruiii liini that has most cause tu gneve it should
She's :tu adultreas. [ij«^

Her., Shoold a vilhiln aay so.

The nuMt replenished villain in the world.
He were as inucii mure villum : you, my lord,
iX> but mistake.

J>oii. Yuu have mistook, my lady,

INiuxeues far Laim'.es : U ihou thmg


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W liifii Miioiild mihIo more diniig : Av. niul thoa,
H« ca(.li««r«r.— whom I from meaner flinn
Hiiv«i heiiru'd and rear'd to wonhip : whu may'at

PlHmlT. as heaTen an«a earth, and earth aees hea-
H»w I am ipiiltKJ. - mJvht'iit bespioe a cup, [veu,
I'o Kive mine ernintf m la^4inK wiok ;
Which draught to iite were conlial.

0am. Sir, my lord,

1 could do this ; and that with no rash potion.
But with a lioc 'ring dram, that should not work
MMlicitHisly hke poison : But 1 cannot
Beheve this crack to he in mr dread mistrasa,
fo wvertiiRnlv being hunourable.
I have lov'd thee,

Lum Make't thy question, and go rot 1

Dnst thiuk, I am so muddy, so unsettled.
I'o appiNnt mywt\f in this vexation T sully
The purity aiul whiteness of my ahuets.
Which Ut preserve, is sleep: wluch being spotted.
Is giNids. tbonis, nottles. tails of wasps r
Give scandal to the blood o' the prince my son.
Who. I do tliink is mine, and love as mine :
Without npe moving lo't T— Would I du Uusi
Couhl man so Ueucli T

Cam. I must believe you, sir ;

1 du; and will fetch off BiMiemia fort:
Provided, that when he's remuv'd, your hivliueas
Will take agnin yiMir queen, hm y«»urs at first ;
Even for your sou's sake; und, thensby. fur sealmg
1*he injury of tonguea, in courts und kiugduois
Kmtwu and allied lu yours.

Leon, lliou dost advise ma.

Even so as I mine own courae have set down :
I'll give uo blemish to her honour, none.

Cam. My lonJ,
Go then : and wiili a oonntenaiice as clear
As fneudship weant at feasts, keep witli Bohemia,
Aial with your queen : I am his cupbearer ;
If from roe ho have wholesmue beverage.
Account me uoi your servant.

Leon. This is all :

l)ii*t. and thou hast the one half of my heart;
Do't nut, tlmu spUt'st thine own.

Cam. ini do't, my lord.

jLeon. I will seem friendly, as thou bast advis'd
me. lExiL

Cam. O miserable lady I— But, for me.
What case stand I in r I must Im the poisoner
Of good P«»lixenes : and my gmund to do't
Is the obedience to a master; one.
Who. in rebeilioa witli himself, will hava
All that are his, so Uio —To do this deed,
Pn>motiim fiillows : If 1 could fiiMi example
Of tbtKisands, that had atruck anointed kings.
And floarnli'd after, I'd not dot : but since
Nor brana. nor sUaie, nor pnrchnient, bean ikot
Let viliany itself forswearV I nitut [one,

Forsake the court : to dot, or no, ia certain
I'o roe a break-neck. Happy star, reigu now I
Here comes Bohemia.

Aler Pblixenas.
PoL * I'his is strange 1 methinks.

My favour here begins to warp. Not apeak T

Good-d^y ramiUa
Cam. » Hail most royal sirl

roL What is the news i'Uieo>urtT
Cam. None rare, ray lonl.

PoL Th« king hath on him such a ouuuienanoe
As he had kiel some province, and a region,
Lifv'd as lie loves himself: even now I met him
With customary cumpliroeut ; when he.
WalViiiK lua eyes to the oontrury. and falling
A kp off madi <Mii«iiipt, M|j«ods frmu ms; and

So leav^ me, to onMder whul is brwHluig,
Tlint chanites thus lii^ mauuers.

Goal. I dure not kui»w, my lord.

Pot. How ! dure not T do uoL Do yon know
and dare not
Be intelligeni to me T Tis tliereabouts :
For, to youiaelf, what you do kiiiw. ynu must ;
And cannot Kuy, y>iu dare luH Good CHmillu
Your cliang'd inimplKXions Hre to me a mirror,
Wiiich shows me mine r.hHiig'd i«n>, for 1 tuuit bt
A pnrtv in this nlteratKNi, finding
Myself thus aiter'd with it.

Cam. I'here it a sicknta

Which puts some of us in dwienipt-i : but
I cannot name the disr Hse ; and it m caught
Of you tlint yet ara well.

PoL How ! caught of roe T

Make me not sighted like the basilisk : (better
I have look 'don UiohsmihIs. who have sped the
By my re^ird. i»ut kill'd none so. Camillo,-^
As y«iu are c<'rtiunly :i geiilleinaii ; ihereUi
Clerk-ike, ext«rieiic'd, which uo leas adunis
Our gen ly. than our pareutK' iiuhle nuuies.
In wiiuMt suor!i»s we are ireu'le.— I IwwfCli you.

If you know au^ht which doesi behove my know-
Thereof to he imornrd. imprison ii uoc [ledge
In ignorant coucealmenL

Cam. I III y not answer.

Pid A sicknesH caught oi mu, mimI yet 1 well 1
I ninsi be auHwer'd — Dini iliuu hear. Caiuillo,
1 cunjure thee, by all tht; p.trt» of muii, [leaMt

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