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Kath. Love me. or love nai ima, I like the cap ;
And It I will have, or 1 will havn none.

PiL Thy fowa r why, ajr^-Come, talkir, let as

O menqr. God! what ronskinf stalThi here?
1%'hat's thiar a aleeve r tie like a demMMnnon :
What! up and down. Rarr'd like an apple- Uut f
lief e*8 sail), and nip. and col, and sitsli. and slash.
Lake lo a oenaHr in a barber's shop :—
Wbv, what, o'devil^ uame.tailor,call*8t thoq thisT

My tootue will tell the anger t4 my
Orefaw my heurl.oonrealing it. Mrill I
And rather than it sliall, I will be fn

u ahe)i Uke to have uetiber cap nor


Tai. Vou hid me make it ortlerly and welL
Amirdiiu t4i the fasliMwi. and the time.

Pet. Marrv, and di«l ; but if you Ini rtenembar'd,
I did not bid you roar it to the time.
Go. h<ip me over every kennel home.
F«ir you shall hop without my cusuoa, ihr :
I'll none (»f it ; hence, make your best i»f it.

Kath I never saw a better taahiun'd gown.
More quaint, mure pleaaiiif , nor uaire oummend«

able :
Belike, you mean to make a puppet of me.

Pel. Why, true ; ha means to make a puppet of

Tai. She says, ynor worship means to make a
puppet of her.

Ptl. mimstrona anroganoe I Thoa lieat, thoa
Thou tliimble, (thread,

Tlioo yaitl. three^uartera, half yard, quarter.

Thon Ilea, thon nit. thoa winter cricket thoa :—
Brav'd in mine own house with a skein of tlireiid!
Away, thou rat. thou qaautity. thou remnant ;
Or I ahail so be-mifte thee with thy yard.
As thou sIihU think on prutiiiK whilst thou liv*at*
I tell tliee. I, that thou hn.«it onirr'd her gown.

Tai. Your worship is dtweivod : the gown la
Jint as my master had direct nm : [made

Grumio KMve order how it should be done.

Ont. Iicave liini m* order. I save him tlie slnfC

7te'. But how did you deiure it shi.iild Ho made I

One Marnr, sir. with needle siimI thread.

Tu. But dni you not r»^ut« to have it cut f

Om. Thou bust fluxfd iiiauy thin^.

Tai. I have.

Gr^, P:ice not me: thou bast braved itintiy
.»«n : bnive not me : 1 will neither lie fat^ nut
braved. 1 tay unto thee. — 1 bai thy maSUer cut
«>ui the gown : but 1 dal not bul hini cut it to
pieces : eryo, tiiou liest.

Tat. Why. hen ia the note of the Avhion to

Pet. Read it.

Oru. 'llie note lies hi hia thiXMt, if he say 1
raid so.

Tin. Impriwttt, a laeat-baibed gam :

Orm. Muster, if ever I snal loane-liiiilied gown,

w roe in the skirts of it. and laail me to drath
with a bottom of brown thread : I said, a gown. '

Pel. PPioeed.

Tin. WitkmmnaUceatpamdeape:

Orm. I OHifeas the ra|ie.

Toi W,tJ»atniHlnift9e;

Om. I cuiifei« two ]ileev«ni.

Ybi The tkevea rmrwutf rat

PH. At, thore s the villany.

Oru. Error i' the bill, mr; error i* the hill. I
eommanded the sleeves should be cut out. and
sewed up again : and that I'll orove upon thee,
though thy httle tingef be arin'd la a ihiiuble.

Td. This ia true, that I say ; an had thee in
place where, thou should'Nt know it.

Oru. I am for thee ttrauthl : take thou tlie In II,
give me thv mete-yanl. and xpire n.it me.

Har. Gud-a-maroy, Gruiuu* ! then he sliall have


PeL Well, sir, hi brief, the gown is not for mo.

Oru You are i*lhe right, sir; Tut for my mistrexs.

Pet. Gow take it up unto thy maaler's uae

Oru. VilUun. not f«ir thy life : Take up my una- '
treft<*ii gowu (>r thy master's oaa 1

Pet. Why. air. what's y«iur conceit in that T

Ont. O. sir, Um oouceit hi deeper than yo«
think for:
Take ap my mntresali gown to ha maaurii aaal

805 >.

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Hem ■ nijr hwki. ntif lifire I firmly vow-
Never Ui wiMi iier iiiortt ; liiu Uu fiiraweiir her.

A« uue uiiwcin liy mU Uie funiier fnvtiure
I'hnt t liMVe fondly flutler'd lier wHIimI.

Tru. Ami bere 1 UiKe the like uiifei(^ad neth,
K«*er to mnrrjr wiili her though khe wwulil

entreal :
Pye on her ! SKe. how henttlv the doth ooart him.

Uor. 'Would, nil the world, but he. had quite
forsworn !
For me, — tlmt I may surely keep mine oath,
1 will be married to a weHltliv widow
Era three days paas ; which hath us lonit lov'd me.
As I have luv'd this pn>od diadainful haggard :
And Hu farewell, njrnior Lnc«nt;o —
Kindneas m wonmn. not their heMUleoua looln,
8IihII win uiy hive : and au i t«ke my leave,
lu reaulutit*!! as I swore betiire.

[£rt/ Hortensio— Luoentio aiH< Bianca

Tra Mistreaa BiaiiCH. hleae you with such grace
As loiireih to a lovttr's lileftaed ciise!
^ay, I have tu'en you nuppiiia. senile love;
And have forawoni you wiHi Hortensio.

Btan. I'ranio, you jest ; Bui have you both for-
sworn me t

TVo. Miatrtas, we have.

Luc 'llien we are rid of Liao.

Tra. Pfaith, heHI have a lusiy wiihiw now.
That sliali he wuo'd and wedded in a day.

Aon. God give him joy !

7Va. Ay, and he'll tame her

ButH. He snya so, Tmnib.

'/Via. 'Ftuth, he is cone onto the taminfr-achnoL

BiOH. Tlie laming-achool ! what, is there such
a place?

TVia. Ay. mistrms. and Petruchio ia the master;
Tliat leuohtdh tricks eleven and twenty lonir.—
To tame a aiirew, and dianu her chatt^wing

EiUer Biondello, runtrinff. '
KoH. O mnater, master. I have watch'd ao long
That I'm di^t-wtfury; but at liixt I spied
An ancient angel coming down the lull,
Wilt aenre the tunr
Tra. What is he, Biondello T

ifiron. Maaier. a mercntnnte. or a pedmit,
3 know not wlwt ; but ftirmal in ap|iarel.
In gait and oouuteniuioe surely like a Aitber.
Jjuc. AimI what of him, Tranio T
Tra. If he be creduloua, ami trust my tale,
ni make him glad to aeem Vicenti<» :
Ami give liSKurance to BapCistii Minola,
As if he were the right Vioentio.
Take in your love, and then let me alone.

[£crvR< Lucentio and Bianca.

Enter a Pedant

Prd. Ood save you. rir!

Trio. And you, rir I you are welcome.

1 ravel you hr on. or are you at the furthest T

PeiL Sir. Nt the furthest for a week or two ;
But tlien up further; and as far as Rome;
And so to Tripoly. if G<nI lend me life.

7Vv. What omntryman, 1 pray T

iVrf. Of Mantna.

Tra. Of Mantna. sir T— marry. God fiirbid 1
And come to Pudnn, rarelexs of yonr (iie T

Ped, >}y life, sir ! how. I pray? for t hat goea hard.

Tra. Tis death for any one in Mnnttia
To come to Padua ; know you not the caoae {
Your Nhipa are staid at Venice ; and the duke

[Act IV. >

*l'is marvel ; but thnt you're hot newly oome
You miglii have heurd it e ae proclaimed abo«

/W. Ala.H 1 Kir. it IS worva f^^r me than au;
For 1 have tiilis ibr nKiiivy iiy eznliangt
From Florence, and most here deliver tliem.

'J'ra. Well. air. to do yon courtesy,
I'hia will I do, end this*will I adviae you :
First, tell me, hHve you t* vrr been at Pim f

ltd. Ay, sir, in Pimi have 1 often lieen :
Pi««. renowned fijT grave citizf iis.

Tra. Among them, know you one Vicentm?

Pad I know liini not. hut 1 hnve heard of him;
A merchant of incompHnibtH weulth.

'IVa. He is my hither, sir: and. sooth to say.
In cuuniennnce somewliHt doih resemble you.

Bion. As much aa an wpple doth au oyater, aoJ
all one. [Isir'c.

Tra. To save your life in this extremity.
Thin fiivour will I do yon for his s»ke :
And think it not the worst ^f nil your furtunc%
I'hat you are like to air V'ic^nlio.
His name and credit shall you undertake.
And in my house you shiill lie fneiidly ludg'd ;—
Look, that you take upon you as vou should ;
You understand me. sir;— so shatl yoh stay
'nil you have done your bU)fin«t« in the city:
If this he courtetiy, sir, accept of it

Ped. O. sir, I do; and will repute you ever
I'he patnai of my life and liberty.

TYa. Then go with nie.to niHke the matter good.
Thik tiy the way, I let vimi understand ;—
My lather is here hiok'd for every day.
To paas assurance of a dower in marriage
'Twizt roe aial one Bupiista'fi daughter here :
In all these circumstances 111 instruct yoo :
Go with me, sir, to clothe you as becomes jroo.

SCENE m. — A Room in Petmchio's fhnm.

Enter Katharina oiKf Gramia
Om. No. no ; forsooth. I dare not. for my lifk
Kalk. I'he more my wnaig. the more my apite
Whiit. did he marry me to ^mudi me T [appeara:
Beggunt. thai come unto mv father's door,
thitm entrpHty, have a present nIuin ;
If^ not. elvewliere they meet with chnrity :
But I.— who never knew how to entreat.—
Ani stnrv'd for meat, giddy for lack of sleep:
Witli «NUhs kept waking, mid with brawling (ed :
And tliat which spites me niore than all Uieoo
He does it under name of perfect luve ; [wanta,
As who should say.— if 1 should sleep, or eat,
*Tw«tre deadly stckness. or else present death.—

pr*ythee go, and get me spme repast :
1 c:ire not what, so it be wholeoome food.
Oru. What say you to a neat's foot T
Katk. Tis pas<iiiur good ; 1 pr'ythee let me havf
Gru. I fear, it is tofi cholerick a meat :— [it
How say you to a fat tripe, finely broil'd 7
ifalA. llike it well; good Grumio, fetch it nm,
Gm. I cannot tell : I fear, 'tis cholehck.
Whut say you to a piece of beef, and mustard f
Katk. A diKli that 1 do love to feed uptHi.
Gru. Av. but tlie mustard is too hot a little.
Kdth. Why, then the beef, and let the muatanl


Gru Nay, then I will not : you shall have the

Or else you get no beef of Grumio. [mnatanl.

Katk. 1'hen both, or one. or any thing thou wilt

Gru. Why, then the mu«Uni without the breC


(For phvate ^u irrsl twixl your duke and him,)

pobUshNl and. proclaini'd it openlf :

Xath. Go. get thee gone, thou false deluditx'
slave. [Beats Um.

That (ised'st me with the very name of moat :
Sonow on thee, and all the pack of yo«.


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Act IV.i


T«rii tfi(Ker-heiMl^ nimI nnpoluih'd croomsl
^hat. no nUcndance ' iio refiinl T mi datjr T—
Wliere IN tlie (u->imh knavM i Miit before f

Orm. Here, sir : an ftmlish m I was before.

PeL ViHi petiwint swain ! f%m wlioresuo mall*
h<»rMe di ud :e !
Did I iMit Nil tlie« ni«ft ni« in the park.
And brine ai-nif Ui»-8e rascnl knaves wi h thee f

OriL Na b:inirl'H omt. sir. w:ia nut fnliy made.
And Gultrtt'rs immpii ware all nnpink'd i* Uie heel:
Thett was no Imk t4> colour PtsUtr*s hat. (inc :
And Walter's daoer was not come fmm sheaUi-
llie'e were D»ue fine, but Adam, Ralph, aoU

Gregdn ;
The rest were rained, old. and betonirly ;
VhI as thrv are. Iierf are they conie to meetypu.

fieL 60. nuicala, go. and feich my supper in —

iBamnt mmt if tkt Servants.

Wrkfre i$ the life that Me I kd^ iSit^.

^ kere are thusi- Sit downJfale,and welooine.

Sood, aood. souJ. moimI !

Rr-rnter Servants totth sup pe r.
Why, when. I aay f — Nay, good sweet Kate, be
mrn7 [When ?

Oir with my boots, yoo rofcnes. yoo villanis;

tlwoMlke fn«ref ordrregrep^ [5I>V*-
A$ ke forth tomtked on ku May.*—
0«C, oat, yon n«ue ! yoa pluck ray fonr awry :
Tkke that, and mend tlM plucking off 1 he oi Iter —
iStriki-s hm.
Be merry, Kate :— Some water here; whnt. ho!
Where's my spaniel 'I'roilua ? — Sirraii. get you

And bid toy cousin Ferdinftnd come hither:

[Exit Servant
One, Kale, that you most kisi. and be aoqiiuinied

with —

Where are mr slippers? — Shall I have some

watar f lA bomm it preeem ed to him

Come, Kate, and wash, and welcome heartily ; —

[Servant letttheewr M.

Too wboreaoQ Tillainl wdl yuu let it fait T

iSrikfS htm
JMh. Fatienoe, I pray you ; *twas u Ikuli un-
PeL A whora9nii.beetleheadedilap-ear*d knnvel
Com*, Kate, sit down ; I know yuo have a sto-
Will yoa give thanks, tweet Kate; or else shall
What is tbiar mutton? [I?—

1 Sent. Ay.

Pet. Whobmughtit?

l&rv L

ptt, Tls bnret; and eo is all the meat :
What d(ifsi are ihtwH T— Where ia the niMnal rook?
Ilowdurvtyuo, villains, hriiur it fruui the drecser.
And aerve it ibut to me that love it no* I
There, lake it to yon. tr«ur.her>, ipw. aiNl all .*

{Tkrmrtthe mraf, 4rr , ab >uf the tta-ie.

Too h<!«dles<« j«iltheiul», and unm ■< n-'r'd ulnvt**!

What.du ytrti grumlile f I'll be witli you HTrairtit.

Kaik. I pruy yiNi, hush rnd, Iw not so diM|o et;

TTie nieiit was welU if you were m> ci»nten*ed

PH. I tell thee. Kute. *iwns burnt and dried
And I ezprettily am f<»rbid to touch it, (a^vay ;
For it engenders chider, plHUteih anrer;
And better twere that IniUi of us dkl fast.—
Siuoe, of oorselves. ourselves are cholenck ^
Than leed it wiih such over-nia«trd fle^h.
Be patient ; to-morrow it sIihIi be mended.
AiM^i*r Wwt nirht, we'll fits', for conipmiv —
- I W4U brinf Uiee 10 thy bridal chainlMr. .
\Kvmml Pbtruohio. Kaiii (rina.aa/ I'urtla.

NtUk. lAdottmmg 1 Peter, didai ever see tfe*
Peter. He kilb her in her i>wn huiuour. [Uhaf

/{p'«fi/a' Curtis.

Orm. Where w he f

Cmrt. In her chamber,
Makinc a apnmio of ciMitinenry to her : [xml,
Aittl niila, iumI swears, aial ra'es: tluit she, poor
Knows nut which wny to stand, to Xornk, to speak :
And aits ks one new-naeii from a dreuni.
Away, awsy * for he is ouniiug hither. iB»tmt

Rt^Hlrr Petnidiio.
Pet. Tliua have 1 politicly bevun my reign,
And 'tis my hope to end Muccess.ulty :
My folcnn now is slinrp, and puasiiiv empty :
And, till she 9toup. she mnat not lie fuIUgoniM,
For then stlie lit* ver liNiks upon her lure.
A no her way i have to man my lumrard,
To make her come, nnd know her keeiier^s rati.
That is. u» waich her iix we watch these kib^
1*hat bstttt, and Ileal, hiiiI will not be obedient.
Slie eat no meat to diiy. nor none shall eat :
Liist nirh' slie slept not. iMirto-iii«ht she ahnll u«it
As with the meui^ Nonie undeserved fault
111 Und about the mnkinv of the bed :
An«l here 11! fling the pillow, there the bolster.
This way the coverlet. aniRlier way the sheets ;—
Av. and anikl this horly. 1 imeial.
That all IS done in reverend nare of her;
AimI, in nmclUiiimi, she shall watch all night :
And. if she chance to nod. Ill ndl and brawl,
And with the clamour keep her atjll awake.
Tliis is a way to kdl a wife wi'h kiiidnt«< ;
And thus I'll curb her mad and headstrong ho*

inour :—
He that kmiws better how to tame a shrew.
Now let him speak ; tls charity to shew. [Ktit

SCENE 11. - Pndoa. Bijbre BapUsUt Omte,
Bnier Tranio aa<f Hortensio.
7V«. bt possible, friend Lido, that Bianca .
Doth fhney any other but Lucentio f
I tell yob, Sir. she hears me fair in hand.

Her Sir, to satisfy you hi what 1 have said.
Stand by, and mark the maimer of his teachinc.
iThet stand Qttde.

Bi»'fr Bianca onrf Laoentin.

Luc Nnw.miBtres8.pn>fltyoa in what yon read ?

BtOH, What, master, read you ? firat resolve me

Luc. I rssd that I profess, the art to love. [tha^.

Binn Andmayyoaproveair.nift<terofyiiururt !

Lmc While you. sweet dear, prove mistress of
my heart [Thfretirr,

Uor. 0«ck prtioeeden. marry f Now. tell ine,
Yon that dnrrt swear that your miarreas Bhmfri
Lov'd mme in the world so well aa Lui^entiu.

TVn. O d(«pitefMl love I unoaiataot woman-
1 tell thee. Licio. this is wonderful [kind :—

Hot. Mistake ihi more : I am not Lido,
Nor a musician, as I seem to hn ;
But one that scorn to live in ihn discitise.
For such a one aa Imives a gentleman,
And makes a (toil of such a cullion -
Know, sir, that I am call'd— Hortensio.

Tm. Signior MtHtensio. I have often heard
Of your entire afl^ctiim for Bianca :
And since mine eyes are witness of her lightnr-v,
1 will with von.— 4f yon be so coatenied,—
Forswear Bianca. and her l«*ve for ever.

Hor. See.iinw tbey kiss aiaj ouurt • — rSignk*

le tft* \

fiw» y

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[Act IV.

Uup. NeiKhlNiure wxl fneudM. tUoufli bride and
bndtxrtNHii wunu.
fur Ui supply the placer at the tehle.
YiHJ knuw i|i«re wuois uo jaucketii ai the fewt;—
Lunentio.yuii Hiidi supply Uie bridegnmm'ii place;
AimJ let Bianca tiUce iier sister's dniiu.
yVw. Slmll sweet Biuncn pmotiM) Ih>w tu bnde it^
Ban. Site sliaiU Luneutia— Coiue ^iitleinen.
lel^B gu. iExamt.


SCENE L — it Hall m Fetrucluo's CowitrtOouM.
Emitr Gnimii».
Om. he, fie, im all tired jiidesl on all mad
mosture ! aiid uli fuul ways ! Was ever man wn
bHMteu I was ever nan 90 layed f was ever nian
sii weary? I -ani sent befure lo make a fire, aud
they are oitniiuK afler tu warm them. Now, were
nut 1 a little pot. aud s«mhi hot, my veiy Up* might
ftveze to aiy teeth, my Uaucue Ut the nwi ut my
luuuih. my nenrt m my lielly, ere I should cuiue
by a lire Ui tliaw me: — But, I, with bluwiiif ibe
fire, shall warm myself; li>r, outsalenug the weu-
iher. a taller mau than 1 will take ould. Holla,
li««l Curtis I

£Mer Curtis.
Curl. Who IS that, culls so aildlyf
Ora, A piece of ice : If thou diMibt it, them
niayNit slsle fiuiu oiy sh«»alder to mjr heel, willi
no icreater a ruu but my head and my neck. A
tire, good Curtis

CmrL Is vaj master and bis wife coming. Gru-

Qru. O, iiy, Curtis, uy : and therefore fire, fire
cast on no water.
Cwrt. Is site wi hot a slirew as she's reported T
Gru. She was, kinhI Curtis, before this fru»l
but, tliou kuuw'st^ wiuter tMOHMi man, woman,
aial lieast ; for it ImiUi tamed my old maOer, and
Diy new mibirewi, and myself. f«*lluw Curtw.
CMriC. Away,>ou three mk^ fiNil I I am nu beww.
Gru. Am 1 but lliree inches T why. liiy liuru w a
fiKH ; and so loiiK uni I, at the leant. But wilt ihuu
DMike a fire, ur shall 1 oiHiipluJii on tiiee to our
mistress, wlioee haial (she being uow at hand.)
thou Shalt nntn fovl. lo tliy cutd comfort, lor be-
ing slow in thy hot office T

Curt. 1 pr'ylhee, good Grumiu, tell me, Huw
goes the world I

Oru. A cold world, Curtis, in every oflke but
thine ; aiai. therefore, fira : Do thy duty, aud have
thy duty ; for my iiMUiier and uitstiesa are aluMiat
fruxeu tu deaili. ...

Cte-/. Ihen* s fire ready ; And, therefore, guul
GraOuo, the news T

GfH. Why, Jadi bofl ho bo^l aud as mucli

news OS thou will.

Curt. Come, you are so full of conycatcliing :—

Gru Why, therelore, fire ; fur I have cuught

extreme coiU. Where's the cuok! is supper ready,

tlie buuse lriami*nl. ruUies strewed, cobwebs

swept ; Uie serving men in ttieir new fustian, their

white Hiockiniis, ami «rer}' officer his wedding-

fanueot on T Be the jiicks fair wiihin. the iills

bir without, the carpet laid, aud every thing in

order T

CurU AU Bsady ; And. therefore, I pray thes,

Grii^ Pirr. know, my horse is tired; mj mas-
Wr aud niw ntss fallen uuU
Cmn. \Umi,

Gru Out of their saddles hito the dirt: .\ad
thoreliy liancs a tale.

Curt. Lei's ha't, good Grumra.

Gru. Lend lliine ear.

Curt. Here.

Gru 'I'bere. [StrMughm.

Curt. Thw IS to firal a tale, not to hear a tale.

Gru. And therefore 'tut (tailed, u sensible lal» :
and this cnlf wax but to kmick at your ear, ami
beseech Isiieninic. Nuw 1 begin: 7ntprvm$, we
came down a foul hill, my master ndug behind
my mistress :—

Curt. BoUi on one horse t

Gru. Wlial's that tu ihee 7

Curt. Why. a horse

Gru. Tell ihou tht* tale : But hadflt thou not

cmssed me, thou shjuldst haiVe heard how her
liuTSe fell, aiai slie under her borsi^ Uiou should'st
have heard, in how miry a plare : h«iw she was
bemuiled ; how he lell her with tlie horse upim
her; how he beat me because her home stum-
bled; howsiie waded through the dirt tu pluck
him ulf me ; how he swurx ; how she preyed—
that never pniy'd ltt<fure; how 1 cried; how 'he
horses ran away ; how her bridle was burst ; htiw
1 h«l my crupper; with maiiv things of worthy
menioiy ; whK'h now shall die in ublivion. aud
thou return unexperienced to thy grave.

Curt. By ihm recktwiiuft, be is mtire shrew thaa

Gru. Av ; and that. th<iu aial the proudest of
yon sll snail find, wlieu he «tuiiies home. But
what talk 1 of thw T — cull fonh Naihaniel. Jo-
i«eph, Nicholas, Piuliii, W alier. SugarMip, and the
rest; let tlieir heads be sleekly comlied, their
blue coats brushed, and their garters of mdiflbrent
knit: lei 1 Item curtsey with their left leas; and
not presume to Umdi a hair oi my master s horss-
tuil, till ihey kiss their hands. Are they all readjrl

Curt, 'lliey arf.

Gru. Call ih. m forth.

Curt Do you hear. hoT jon mtuA meet nqr
masler, to oouiitenance my lui^treMi.

Gru. Why. she hath a <ane of her own.

Curt. ^^ ho knows not that f

Gru. Thuu. it stains ; tliat callest for compaay
to cuuntemiiKw her. '

Curt. I rail them forth to credit her.

Gru. Why, she cumes to burrow nothing of

Euter tevrral Servants.
NitVi. Welrome home, Grumiu.
FkiL How HOW, Grumiu \
Jia. What, Gruniio!
Ntch. FhIIow Grumiu!
Noih. Mow now, old lad f
Gru. Welcome, yon :— hiiw now, yno ,— what*

S)U ;— fellow, you ,— and tlius much for greetmg.
ow. my spruce cimipanious. is all ready, and all
things neal !
Hath. All things is ready : How near is our

nia-tter T
Gru. E'en at hand, alighted by this; snd tber»>

fore be not, Cock's passiun, sdence I-— 4 hsar

my master.

Bmttr Petnicfaio mul Kaihsrina.

PU. Where be these knaves I What,iM aaa
at dour.
To hold my stirrup. iKir to take my horssl
Where w NNthamel, Gregory, Philip I

AU Sero Here. here, sir: here. Sir.

JM. Hsre,su-! hers, sir ! hers, su^ t hsf* av'


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Act III.)


Gb«lil I repBir wlm sie w II w«>mr m mn.
As I rata chanice Uiese put»r acouut<-«fiiieau.
n*«rer« well for Kate, ami hetier fur mymlt
Bat what a f«M4 Hm I, lo clmt with jruu.
When 1 nhoQld hul giMNl-niorniw to my bride,
AaJ aeal the tithi with n lovely kim 1

iBxemmt PMranhiu. Gruiuio. end Bkiodelki.

TVr He hath totiie iiieMnins iii hw mad attira
We will pentiade him. be it piftAilile,
TupoC on IwCter ere lie fi» tii cliarch.

Af. Ill aA«r hlim and we tlie event of thia.

7V«. Biit.air, to her love noncemeth as to add
Her Cithei'K liking : Whieh to l>ria< to pass.
As I beftire imparted tu jrour worship,
I am lo get a man.— whate'er lie he,
h skiib not muHi ; we'll At him to our lam.—
And he shall be Vinmntto of Pwh :
And make SMianuiee, here in Padoa,
Of neater ku.iin thau I hare pmmiaed.
So shall yon qaietly ei^ y«Hir hope.
And manrr sweet Btanca with nonaent.

Lue. Were it iiot that my follow snho«>lmaster
Dmh watAh Bianca's stepa so narrowly,
Twem Kooil. methmks, 16 steal oaf mamafe ;
Which onoe perform'd. I4t ail the world say— no,
I'll keep miiir own. disapite of all tlia world.

7V«. ThHt by deipfees i«e mean to look into,
Aad watch oor vantage m tlus business :
Well overHneach the ffieyheanl, Oremio^
I1ie nam>w pryinx fnth«r. Minola ; '
llie qoaiut mastrinu, amonios Laao;
All iir my master^ sake. Lnoantio.—

Rt-enitr Oreniki.

Snior Otemm I came ynq from tha chnreh f

Ore As willingly m e'er I caune ftum school.

Tirm And la the bride-and bridegnium ouroiug

Ore. A bridegnxKn, say you f 'tis a groom, in-
A mmlillUK gmom. and that the girl shall ftnd.

!>«. Curster than she f why, 'tis impuanible

On. Why he*« u devil, a devil, a verv Heiid.

TV«. Why.she'sadeviLadevii, the devil's dam.

Ore. Tui t site's a lamb, a dove, a fool tu hun.
fU tall yuo, sir Lucentiut When the print

fc— if Kathamio should be his wife,
^, tf goi^matme, qiiuih he ; and swore so lood
TbiKt, all aiuaz'd. Uie priest let fitll the book :
And. m he stuup'd anun tu take it ap.
The mad-braiu'd hndegruimi lonk him snnh aouff
That down fell pnest aial book and book and

JWns Mkr tkem ap. qooth he. (/*«■» titt
TVa. What iciid tlie weiioh. when he aroae againl
Ora. lYembted and sliouk ; for why,he slamp'd,
and swore.
As if the vicar meant to ouaen him.
Boi after many ceremoniea dune.
Ha calif fiar wine :—A keaitJL quoth he: as if
He had been alirond, caMumiig to lib •aama
Aftar a storm :— Qoaff*d olf the musRhadel,
And threw tha aops all in the aaxtun's feca;
HaviiNi no other reawMi,—
But that hsi beard crew thin and hnngeriy.
And aeero'd lo ask hiro snps aa he woe drinking.
Vkm done, he tuok the bnde about the neck ;
Awl kMs'd her lipe with such a cUiiMiruos smaok*
I'hat. at the peniug. all the churcli did echo.
1, aramg tlua, oame tliauoe fur very shame ;
Aad aAar me, I know, the ru«it is ouuiinx :
Bach a Bad mamaga never waa before ;

' ^1 1 hear t»e laiMifala plajr. iMmc

\ Bodia


EitUr Pctucliio, Katlinrioe, Bianci. ikptista,
Hor.eiwu, Grumio, end Train.

Pet Gentlemen and frieuda, I thank you ttir
your puins :
I know, you think to dine with me to-dar.
And have prepar'd great store of weddiuf cheer;

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