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And therefoce he has ckisely mew'd her up,
Becanee she shall not be aunoy'd with auiiors.

Lmc Ah, Traaiu, what a cruel firfher*8 he I
Bat art thus not advis'd, lie took some care
To set her cunning scboolhiaiittoi to instruct hirl

TVe. Ay, marry am 1, stf; and now ^plotted.

22^ >

Lue. I have it, Trauio.

TYa. Master. (f>r mv baial.

Both our inventions meet and jump iu one.

Luc Tell nie thine fiiat.

Dra. Yon will be sdioohiMster

And undertake the teaching of the maid :
That's your devme.

Luc. Itia: MeyithednneT

Tra. Not possible; For who shall bear yotu* part.
And he in nalua here Vinoentai's simi T
Keep house, and fiy his book; weksome his frieiala;
Viait his countrymen, and banoiiet tiiein I

Lac. Bests ; coutent thee ; for I hsTe it fuU
We hMV« not yet been seen in niiy houee :
Nor con we be distinguished by our fiices.
For nuiu, or roaster : then it follows thus ;—
Tiiou shtilt be master Tranio, iu my stead.
Keep house, and port, aud servants, as 1 uould :
1 will some otyer be ; some FU»nsuiine,
Some Nenpoluan, or mean man of Pisa.
Tis lialch'd. and sliall be so :— rranio, at once
Uncase thee ; > ake uiy oolour'd hat and cloak :
When Biondello comes, he waits ou thee :
But I will clinrm him first to keepiiis tonvue.

7Vv. So had you need. [7%c|r txckanut kabi
In brief then, sir, sitli it vour pleasure is.
And I am tied to be obeuieiit ;
I For so your father diaric'd me at our parting;
tie mrvictabU to met SM, quoili he.
Although, 1 tliiuk, 'twas in anoUier sense.)
I ant ciNiient Ui be Luceniio.
Becauae ao well i fore Lucentio.

Lac Tranio. be so, liecause Lucent fo liivea :
And let me be a slave, to achieve tliitt m iid
Wbuee sudden sight hath thrall'd my wounded eye.

£n/er Bkmdello.
Here comee the mgue. — Sirrah, where have yoa

Aon. Where have I been? Nuy, how now,
where are you I
Master, has my fellow 1'ranfo stol'n vour olotheeT
Or voustol'n his T or both? pray, wImu'm then arsi

Zmc. Sirrah, come hither; tis no Unie to jest.
And therefore frame your niaiititint to the Uuie.
Your follow Tranki here, o s.ive my life.
Puts my apparel and my couuteouiioe ou.
And I for my escape lutve put mi ios ;
For in a quarrel, since 1 came ashore,
I kitl'U a man, and fear 1 was deeoned.
Wmik you im liim, 1 clmige yiai. as becomes.
While I make way from hence to save my life :
Vou undeistand me t

Bkm. I, sir T ne'er a whit.

Utc And mrt. a Jtit of Iraiuo in your nwiuth ;
TrHnio M cfaaiig'd into LuoeuUo.

Bum The better for liiui : 'Would I were so too I

'Vn. S«i wouki 1, foith, biiy, to have Uie next
wish after,— ^ (daucli^r.

Tliat LucentMi indeed had Baptista's youiikeat
But, siriaii,— not for my sake, but y<mr master^.—
1 advise [ctMiipaniee :

You uee your manners discreetly in all kmd of
When I am alone, why. then 1 am IVaiuo;
But in all pbK)es else, your maater Lucentia

Uuc Tranio, let's go :—
One thing mora nets, that thyaelf execute :
To make one among thaee wsoera: If thou ask

me why<—
SuiBoeth, my nrasons an both good aud weighty.

1 Serv. Jj^ lord, torn mod ; torn do *¥d amat Urn

Sty: ret, h Sava Anm, do I. At
' rn/Ur

mdUtr, y

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And melancholy is the none <if freni]r.
llienirore they thooKht it kmmI yoa bear m play.
And fnnne jrour mind to mirth and roemment^
Which bwrs h thoumnd hanrn iind Wngthena hfe.

Sif. Marry. I will; let them play it: la not a
oommonty a ChriHtmas gambul, or a tomhlinff-
tnck J

Pngt. No, niT good lord : it is more pleasing stuff.

SIj9. What, huusehold stuff?

Page. It is a kind of history.

309 Well, we'll see*t: Come,aMdam wife, sit
by oiy side, and let the workl slip ; we shall ne'er
be Toonger. iThct 9U down.

ACT 1.

SCENE I.— Padua. A jmUic place.
Bnler Looentio amd Tninio.

Imc. TranMi. sinoe— for the great desire I had
To ser fair Pmloa. iiurvery of arts,—
1 am arnv'd for nrnitOil LombarJv.
1'lie plea>4iut gnnleii of great lialy ;
Aiid. ny my fmher** lore nud leuve. an arm'd
With li« iciNid will snd thy good mmpauy,
Must trusty aervNUt well nppniv'd lu all ;
Here let us lirewihe, and happily institoie
A course of learuiuit. and iiwtenKius studies.
Pnoi. reiinwued fiirgmre citizens.
Gave me my Iteiiig. aiid my fuiher first,
A merchant of great tniflic through the world,
Vinoetitio.oome of the BentnrohL
Viuoentio his son, brooglit ap in Florence,
It shall become, to serve all hopes coiiceiv'd,
To deck his fortune with his virtuous deeds :
And therefore, Traiiiis fi»r the time I study,
Virtue, and that part of philoaophy
Will I apply, thai treats of happiness
By virtue V|ieciHlly to be Mchiev'd.
'I ell me thy niiud : f<ir I have Pisa left,
A>m) am to Padua come ; as he that leaves
A shallow pliisli to plunge him in the deep,
And with satiety seeks to quench his thirst.

Tra. Mi perdoimtr, gentle master mine.

I am in all a&c-'ed as yourself;

Glad thai you thUN continue your resolve

To sock the sweets of»weet pliiliiaophy.

l)tUy, sood master, while we uo admire

This virtue, and this mural discipline.

Let's be no stoics, nor imi slocks. I pray.

Or so devtite to Anvtoile's ctiecks,

As OvmJ lie an outcast quite abjurVl :

Talk banc with acquaintauce that you have,

And praictise riiet«iric lu your ounmoo talk :

Music nial pm sy use to qa:cken you ;

The mutliematiCK sod tlie metaphysiCB,

Kail Ui them, as you find yourstomach serves yoa:

No profit grows, where is no pleasure ta'en ;—

I I brief, air, study what you nMvt aflecL

Lue. Gramerctes.Tranio. well dtwt tbuo advise.
If. BmnhIcIIo. thou wert come ashore.
We could at once put us in readiueas;
Jbid t<«ke N hMigtnx. fit to euiertain
Such friends as ume m Paduit sliall beget.
But stav awl ile : What comi«nv ia thia 7

Tra Master, aome sliuw, to welcome us to town.

Eidtr Bapiista. Kaiharina. Bianca. Grenyi. «iMf
Hortensio. lAioeutio and Trani«t stamd atide.
Bap- Gentlemen, importune me no further.

4*ac h4»w I Ormly am i^>iv*d you know

l>it ik— «iM' lo hogow my

Before I have a boilMnd Air the ekler :
If either of you both love Katharine,
Because I know yoa well, and love you welU
Leave shall you have toooart her at your pleasure

Grr, 1 o cart her rather : She'a loo rough fui
There, there IlortenMo, will voo niiy wife T

Kalh. 1 pniy yiHi. sir. [to Bap ] is it your will
To make u stale of me amount these males 7

Hot. Mates, maid! how mean you that! no
mates for yon.
Unless you were of gentler, mikler mould.

Kath. Tfaiih. sir. you shall never iiaeil to fear ;
I wix. It im not hair way to Iter heart:
But. if it were, dooitt mit her cure khoukl he
To comb viMir iiialille with a three-legg'd stool.
And paint vour fare, and luie you like a fool.

Hot. Fr(«iallsnelHlevils.cood Lonl.delivernK!

Ore. And me too. e«Niil Lord ' [toward ;

Tr». Hnah master » liere is some «ood pastime
That wench in stark mod, or wonderful fhiwanL

Luc. But in ihe (rtherSi silence I do see
Maid's miki beliavioar aial sobnety.
Peace, Trsnio. (fill

Tro. Well said, master; mnm ! and cnte yoar

Bap Geiiilemen. that I may simhi make gmal
What I have smhI,— BiHUCa. get y«Mi in :
And let it mit dinplemie thee, mod Bianca ;
For I will love thee ne'er the less, my giil.

Ktftk. A pretty peat I 'tis best
Pot (incer in the eye — an she knew why.

Bian. .^isier. omtent y<Mi in my disconteor.—
.^ir. to yiHir pleasure humbly 1 milwcribe :
My books aial instruments shall be my company ;
On them to look, and practiae by myaelf

Luc Hark. 1'ranio! thoo may'st hear Minerva
S|ienk. [Afidt.

Hnr. SiKnior Baptista. will you be so strange T
Scffry am I. that our good will eflecfs
Bisnca's grief.

Grt. Why. will jrou mew her op,

Sicnior Baptista. for 'this fienti of hell.
And make her bear the penance of her tonne.

Bap Gentlemen, content ye ; I am resolt 'd :—
Go in. Bianca. {Exit Bianca.

And for I know she taketh most deliglit
In music. iiMtmments. and poetry.
Schoolmasters will I ke«»p within my house.
Fit to instruct her youth —If yoa. ifortensio.
Or Simiior Gremio, you.— know any audi.
Prefer them hither; for to conning men
I will be very kiml, and liberal
I'o mine own children in gotsl briiuting-np :
Aial so farewell. Katharma, you may slay ;
FiH- 1 have more to commune with Bianca. iErtt.

Katk. Why. and I trust, I may go t<io; Mav 1

notf [behke.

What, shall I lie appointed honra: as thoucb

1 knew nut what to take, and what to leave! Hal


Ore. Yoo may go to thedevil^sdam ; your gif^s
are so good, here is none will hold you. llieir
love is not so peat, HorteiMio, but we may blow
our nails together, and fast it fmrly out ; our cakeli
domth on both skies. Fkrewell :— Yet for the love
1 bear my sweet Bianea, if I can by nny means
liKht on a fit man, to teach her that wherein she
delichta. ( will wish him Ut her father.

Hot. So will I, Sicnior Gremif> : But a word, 1
pray. Utooch tlie nature of our quarrel yet
never bruok'd parle. kmiw now. opon advice, it
toucheth us both.— that we mav yet again have
access to our fair mistress, and be happy nvato
lu Bianca *s love.— U» labo«r and elfcct one fhiiig

— r


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3 Arv. What rauneot will joor Iwaoar wear
. I am ChriaUiphen) Sly; call not »« - »»<»-

nor tonl«l«ip : I never drank sank in my life ;

•ad if yoQ gim me anj oooaerram inve roe om-
•arvea of beef: Ne'er ask nie what raiment rll
wear : for I have no m«ire dunbleta than buck*, no
more stnckinfi than lees, nor no mora «hue« llmii
feet; najr, annieUmea. mure feet than shoe*, or
mteh shoes as mf toes loitk through the over-

Lord. Heaven eease tlus klle hnmoor in your
O. that a ffliiility mnn of such descent, [boiioar 1
Of rach p uss e M ion s , and so high esteem,
ShonkI be intWed witli so foul a apint!

SI9. What, wonhl roa make roe mad ? Am not
1 ChriBtophero Sly. ukl Sty's son <if Burton heath :
by birth a pedlar, by education a card-maker. \,j
Iransmutatton a bear-herd, and now hy present
pntfeasioo abnkerf Ask Marian Hacket.tlie fet aie-
wife of Wineut, if she know roe not: if she say 1
am not foartern-penoe on the soora for sheer ale,
score roe up for the lyingest knave in Clirisieudooi.
What, 1 am not bestranght : Here's

I Snv O, this it is that makes your lady mourn.

3 Stn. O, this it is that makes your servanis

lord. Heiioe oomcs it that your kindred shun
your boose.
As beaten hence by your strange lunacy.
0. noble lord, bethrok thee of tbj b<nh ;
Call home Uiy ancient thoughts from banishment.
And banirii hence tlieas abject lowly dreams ;
Look how thy serranu do attend on thee,
Each in his oflloe read/ at thy beck.
Wilt tlroa have mnsiof harkl ApoUo plays.

And twenty caged nigtitiagales do sing :
Or wilt ihoa sleepT we'll have thee tu aoooch.
Softer and sweeter that the lu«tful bed
On purpnae tnmra'd up for Seminunis.
Say. thno wilt wulk : we will bestrawthe gmnnd :
Or wilt thou rale T thy hones sIinII he trapp'd,
1'beir harness studded all with gold and pearl.
D>«t thou love hawkingf thou hast hawks wiUsear
Above the rooming lark : Or wilt thou hunt ?
Thy houuds shall make the welkin aiuiwer them.
And fetch shnll eclioes from the holUiw earth.

I Sent. Say. thou wilt course ; thy greybouods
are as swift
Aa breatthed stags, ay. fleeter than the me.

3 Sen. Duet thou love pictureaT we wfll lalch
thee straight
Adnata, painted by a running brook :
And Cytlierea all in aedges hid ;
Whirh seem to nanre and wanton with her breath,
JSveu as the wuvinc sedgrs play with wind

Lord. We'll show tliee lo, as she was a maid ;
And how she was lieguiled and surpriM'd,
As hvely painted as the deed was done, [wood :

3 Serw. Or Daphne roaming Uirouich a fhoniy

Sontehinf I

And at that sixiit shall sad Apollo weep.

80 workmatily the bkaid and tears are drawn.

Lord. Thoa art a lord, and nothing but a lord :
Thou haat a lady fer nHire heauuful
Than any woman in this waning age. (thae,

1 Sarv. AoJ. Ull the lean that she liath shed for
Like envious floods u'erran her lovely face,
She wan the feirset crmaore ro the world ;
kttd yet she is inferi<ir ui none.

8tt. Aa 1 a lord f and have 1 such a ladrT
Or do I dream, or have I dream'd till now I
t 4u mC sleep : 1 aee. 1 hear. 1 speak ;

I smell sweet savours, and I feel soft 4iiugs :—
Upon my Hfe, 1 am a lord, iivleeil ;
And not a tinker, nor CiiriHloplieni S y.—
Well, bring our lady hiliier to our mgiit :
Aud once acaiii, a pot o* tin* shin I lest ale.

2 Serv. Willt please your mightiue« to wash

your hands i
[Servants prtteiU am ewer, batm, mtd mapkm.
O. how we joy to see your wit restor'd !
O, that ofioe more you knew but what you are !
lliese fifteen yesn vou liave been in a dream :
Or. when you wak'd, ao wak'd as if you slept.

Stf. 1'hese fifteen years ! by my Uy. u Kuodly napk
But did I never speak of all ihut time T

I Serv. O, yes, my l«ird \ but very klle words — «
For though you lay here in this goodly chamber.
Yet would ytKi say. ye were beaten out of doui .
And rail upon the hostess of tlie hooae ;
And say. you would imsent ber at the liwt.
Because aim brougtit stone jugs and no seal'd

Sometimes vou would call out fi*r Cicely Haoket.

Sff. Ay, tliti woman's maid of the house.

3 oiero. Why. sir, you know no house, nor no

such iiiiimI .
Sar no such men, hs you have rsckon'd up.—
As Stephen Sly. and old John Naps of Greece,
And Peter 1*urf, and Henry Fimpemell;
And iwi'nty more such names and men as these.
Which never were, nor uo man ever saw.

Sig. Now. Lord be tlianked for my good aroenda

AU. Amen.

Sif. I thank thee; thou shalt not lose by it.

EMer <Ac Page, «« a teir. «tf* Attendaula.

Fage. How fares my nnbte lord T

Sit Marry. I fere well ; fiir here is cheer enoogh.
Where is my wife t

Ptgt. Here, noble lord ; What is thy will with
ber r [iMind T

Stf. Are you my wife, and will not nail me — bus*
Mj men sliould call roe — lord ; I am your good*

Pave. My hnshnnd and my lord, my lord and
I am your wife in all obedience. [husband.

Sty. I know it weU :— What most 1 call her T

Lard. Madam

Sin Al'ce niad.«m. or Joan mmlam T

Lard. Madam, aud nothuig else ; so hmb eaU

51^. Madam wifp*. they sav that 1 have dream'd
Above siMue ftfte«*n year and more. (and slept

Page. Ay, and the time seems thirty onto me ;
BeiiK all this time abamlou'd from your bed

Sit. 'TIS much ; Servants, leave me aud ber


Ikladam, uiidresM yon. and come nfiw to bed.

Page 1'hriee nolde lord, let me entreat of you.
Tu pordim me yet for a night or two;
Or. If not BO. until the son be set :
For your physiCianM have ex|ire!«ly charg'd.
In peril to incur your former maliMly.
That I shAukl yet abaeut me from your bed :
1 hope this resMin tttamls for my excmie.

Sig. Ay, it sUihIs bo. that I niHV hardly tar^ so
long. But I would be loath t4» lall into my dr««.iu
again ; I will therefore tarry, in despiie ot the flesh
and the blood.

Enter a Servant


Serv. Your honour's players, hearing your
Are come to play a pleasant comedy.
For so your dodon hold it very niee^ : (blood
" ' ■ -'• Ooi^teal'a JttOi

Seeing too much sodnrss I

4ood /

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JTiiw. Wliitrefora bait ihou aooaa'd him all this

Dia. BecauM halt ftuilttr, and ha is not xnil^ :
Ha knows I am on maid, aiid hall swear tot :
111 swaiir 1 ani a naidt and lie knows ikiL
Gieat kiiu;, 1 am no struropel, hy my life ;
I am aiUwr maid, or alae Uus «»ld mairs wifii.

iPointiMg to Lafea.

J&V. She does abase oor ears; to prisiMi with her.

Dia. Good niuUier, (etch my hail —Stay, royal
sir; lExtt Wkkiw.

1 be jeweller, that owes the rinx. m sent Air,
And be stiail sorely me. But fiir this lord.
Wh«i hath aboa'd me. as he kiHiw* himselC
Thuavh yet he never hanu'd me, here 1 unit hmi :
He knows himself my bed he hath deflPd ;
And at that lime he ^ut Iw wile willi diikl :
VvmH Ihiiaidi she he, she leeb her yomic tme kick ;
S-j there"^ my riddle. One. tliafk daad, mi quiek ;
Awl now behoU the meaninit

Rg-enUr Wiiluw. uUk Helena.

JGitg. Is thera no nuudiA

Be«uilea the truer oflSoe of mine eyes I
1st real, tluti I see T

HeL No, my cimnI hml ;

'^*is but tlie shndow of s wik* yuu aee,
1*lie name uud not the Ihinr.

Ar. Both, both : O. patdon I

U^L 0, my froiid lord, when I wiia like this maid,
I funnd yiNi wuiid*mas kind. There m your ring,
Aud. loi»k yoo, here's your letter; Thw it says,
Wkm/ram mtjmgtr torn can gtt tkU rmgt

A oUJd, ^.—'Hiis N UiMiH :
r. now you are doubly wimi f
r lie«e. can make me ku'tw tii»
ly, erer. ever dearly. (deu r Ir,
ir not plain, and pntve niitrue,
«p between me and yon I—
BT, do 1 see you livina T
m smell oniiam, I shall ween
in Drum [lo l^in*lleB). lend me n
«t, 1 thank thee: wait mi me
sport with thee : Lei thy oour e ■

i inn point to point this story km. w

Tu n i ruth in phfasore flow :

If a frsah uncnipped flower.

[7b Diuita.
Choose thon tliy hasband, and 111 pay thy dower;
For 1 can KiKwe. that, by thy honest aiil.
Thou kepl'st a wile heneK. thyself a mnid.—
or that aud all the pragrssa, mora and leas,
Resoltreiily more leisure shnll exprsa* :
All yet seems well ; and. if it end ao meet.
The bitter peat, mure welcome ia Uie sweet.

{Mvanemo )

TV hn(f$ a tievvnr, now Ih0! pUtf u tfone:
AU » wall ended, O'Mm $mt be wan.
That you nxpnMS coittatt ; mkich m mU p'tt*
WUk strife to ptetut foa, dof txeetdim dap :
(Marg be ymr patience then, amd toon amr part$ :
Yaar yaUk bands tend us, and tabs oar hearts.




A Lord. ^

Chrinopher 91v. a drunken TYm*^.^

Hmteii^ Psne.flayeia. Huatameit, IPersms as Ike

0t^ other Seteauta attendinp en | tndmditm
' thsLard. •'

Baptista. a rick omtltman iff Padmm.
VInneotio, cm eld anUleman of Pisa.
Lonenuo. son to Vmrenlw. m hve wifh Bfanra.

lytrochiu, a eenUeman el Vrrem "—

'^ Ktttbarina.


ISSJlk,.!*— '*
gjjJIJ,'**- XmaanU le Ptiraekia.
litOaaaLaneldJkUessseiaploprrmmale Vbteentie.

^tl^^^li/S^'l^^^'rsle BapUsla.

TUsr, Bsbenlasker, and 3frvant» aUeniav ou
Bapiisia ami PMnichio.

HCeNC-MNHiMsMi ht PMdoa; ani mmtiam «i
fetruRluo's House m the Countrp,


SCENE I. - Bsfiare an Akhause on a Heath.
Entrr H<«tesi and Sly.

SSa. Ill plieme yiMi. in fnkh.

Host. A pmr i^f rocks, yon nspie!

afy T'are n iNicKsge ; the Slies are no m^tiea :
l^tok in the ohnHiicles, we came in with Kich>ird
Conmenir. 'llierefore, paueas paltabris; let the
work) alide : Susa !

Host, You will not pay fur the gla!«es yon hare
burst I

Skf. No. not a denier : 0«i by. ears Jenaumy -
Go to thr cold bed. ami wann thee.

Hosl. 1 know my remedy, I iiiujt go (eirh 'he
thi nlboroQgh. r Crr/.

Stf l*bird. or fourth, or flfth bormich, Ini an-
swer him by law : 1*11 not bodge an inch, hiiv; let
him come, and kindly.

[Ltes down on tbe fromnd, andfsOs asknt

Wind horns. Enter a Uml from buntinc, wnb

HunUmen and Serrants.
Lord. Hnntaman. I charge thee, tender well my

Brach Iferriman. the poor car is embnas'd.
A ml couple Clowder with the deap-mooth'd braek
Saw'iit ih(»tt not. hoy, how Silver made it good
At the liedge aimer, in the oi>lilest flialt 7
I would uiit l^vee the dog K»r twenty pound.


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JCmcr- Come biUwr, ouant ; Do joa knnw Umm

Bar. My lord, I neithttr out nor will d«ny
But tiMt 1 kiiow Ummii : Du Umij okan* ma Air-
th«r7 (wifeT

Ow. WItr do yoQ kmk ao ttninge opuo your

Bn. Sbeii none uf mme. my lunT

Dm. If yua i

Too icrro oway this hand, and Uwt is i
Too give away Heavou'i mwa, and Uioae ara

Toajrnre away mymlC which b known mine;
Far 10* vow am an emhmlied yiiora.
1 bat ahe, which marhee you, moat marry ma,
iJlierboihiir nuoe.

Laf. VfMir r«|HiUtiim \to BertramJ cnniee too
ahort U* my duughUtr, yuu ure no buabaod &<-

Bm My lord, thia is a fiiod and deeperate cran-
ture. fhachneaa

Whom aiNiMitinieM I hare biaah'd with : iei yuur
Lay a m«>rt* wibte ihought apun uiiue huMXir,
llian Ibr Ui ih.nk Hurt I wookl sink it here.

Kaig. Sir, fi»r my ibuiwhta. you have them ill to
frieiMJ, [hiNHmr,

Till your deeds imhi Ihf^ : Fairer pmve your
I'iian iu my ihouglit it lies I

Vta. Good, my lord.

Ask him opnn his osth if be duea think
Hti had not my virpnliy.

Kmt. What say'st tboo to her ?

Utr, She's iiiipodent, my lonl ;

And was a oummoa ganieeier to the camp.

Dm. He dues me wnmft, my lord ; if 1 were ao,
He mifrlit have buughi me at a ouninMin pnoe :
Pu uiii behere ium : O, liehuU tiiis rniff,
Wl^jee high respect, and noti vslHlity,
DhI lack a piiraU«l ; yet, for all that.
He iPtTe it to a coiiiniuuer o* the camp,
If I he one.

awMl. He MoahM, and *tis it :
Of aiz preceding aiicest4>ra. that gem

Cnnferrd by testament to the sniofnt
...... ... . 'iuis IS

his wift ;

Hath It hreu uw'd and w<»ni.
llija nog's a tlHMwand pnM>(ti

tbttg, M*-tliimKhU yon nid.

Ton saw uue here in court ouotd wiUmsm it.

Dkks Idal, liiy lord, but Itmth um lu pruduoe
8o had an lustnnneui ; ha iiauie s Piirollea.

laj, 1 saw ihe luau to-day. if man he be.

iftaff. Kind him, and bnug hiiu hitlier.

Bn: What of hint

He'a qooled fi'r a moat perfiilii>as slave.
With all the spoU o'tbe world lax'd and deboah'd ;
Whose nature sickiiis. but Ui speuk u truth :
Am 1 or that, or thia. fur what he'll uUer,
I'hat will speak anything T

Ktm- ^be hntli that ring of yom*.

htr. 1 think, nhe has: certain it ia. I iik'd her.
And lioard«^ her i*ibe wantuu way uf jruuth :
bh« knew lier dtstmioe. aial dal angle h>r ma.
Maddewng my eageinew witli her raemiiU,
As nil impediiueiiis in fhncy's oonne
ArejiHiUves uf mure fancy ; and. m fine.
Her insuit comma with her umdern grace,
bulnlued me tu Iter rate : slie gui tiie nng;
And I had ttiat which any lufenur might
At maxket-pnoe have buught.

Dm, 1 most be patieat;

Yoq, that tom'd off at first so nubie a wile.
May jnsUy diet me. 1 pray yuu yet.
OMuce yon hick virtue, I will luae a huabandj
•mhI fiir yuur nng, 1 will return it hooie,
Aad give bm mine agam.


JRnv. What ring waa yours, 1 pray yuu r

Dm. bir, much hka

'("he same npnn yoor finger. [I«i«.

Kmf. Knuw yoo tiiis rmgT thia ring was lun %A
Dia. And this was it I gave him, bwna a-be>l
Kma. The aUny then goea &dse,yua threw 4

Out or a caeemeau
Aa. 1 have apuke the truth.

£Ma' Parollea.

Ber. My kird, : do mnfeaa. the ring waa kam

JKow. \ on biiggle shrewdly, every laathat etaiti


Is this the aiaa yoa speak oft

Dia . Ay myhmL

Kmg. Tell me. sirrah, hot tell me true, I cb..iira
Nat fearmg the dtwplaasnfe uf yoor maaiar. hrutt,
(Wbicli. on yuur josi |imoreding. 111 keepol^)
By km. and by this wooum here, what knuw yna 7

Pur So p l u a s e yuor nuneety, my master Wh
been an botuMinihle gentkunan; triors he hath
had in him, whidi gentlemen have.

IQae. Cone, come, to the purpose : Did he lava
this wiMnau ?

Par. 'Faith, sir. he dkl hnre her: bat how t

Kmg. Huw. I pray you T

Pur He did luve her, air, aa a gentleman kivae

Kmg. Howie that T

Ptr. He h*ved her. mr, and kwed her not

JKfW. As thou art a knave, and nu knave :—
What an «|uivaoal dompmiinn ia thiat

Par. 1 am a pour man, and at yoor niid«A7^

Irg/l He^ a good dram, my lord, bat a nangh^


Oml Do you know, he p rom is e d me marriage 1
Pur. 'Kailh. I knnw more than I'll speak.
ifta^. But wiU thou nut speak all thuu know'at 1

i^rr. Yes, en please year mi^eaty ; 1 dal go ba-
as I aakl ; but mors than that, he
ir. indeed, he was mad Utt her. and

luved her. — ■••i, iiiucvu. uv «*■■ u«au nrr Hvi. nau

talked of Satan, and uf Jimbo, and nf fan««, and I
know nut w4iat: yet I was in that eredii with
them at that time, that I knew uf their giang to
bed ; and of Mher moiiuaK, as promising her niar>
riagM, and things tliat wuuUJ derive me ill will to
speak of, Uiervfure I will nut speak what I knuw.

Kotp. Thun hast spuken all nlrewly, onleas ihfHi
canst sny they are married : Bnt thuu art too fine
in thy evalenee ; thetefore aund aside.— >
This nttif, yuu say, was yours T

Dm. Ay. my good lurd.

Kmf. Where did yoo buy it 7 ur who guTe it yun (

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