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To Kay nmhiiig, to iUt uotbinc, to know noihiiur.
and Ut have nothing, is to he u great part i»t' ytHir
title ; which is vviUun a very little of nothing.

Par. Away, thou'rt a knave.

Cio You should have said, sir, befiire a knave
tlittu art II knave ; that is, before roe Ihou art a
kuave : this had been truth, sir.

Par. Go lo. thou art a witty fool, I have found

Cio. Did you ftnd me in yourself, sir? or were
you uught Ui fiiHl me I The search, sir, was proAt-
able ; aiid mucti fool may you tiod lu you. even to
ilie workl^ pleasure, and the increase of liiugltter.

Par. A good knave, i'laith, hihI well fed.—
Muduiu, my lord witl in> uwuy to-ntgiit :
A very serious business culls <hi linn.
The gretU preroKuUve and lite of love,
Whioli. us your due, Ume clauna. he does acknow-
But puts It off liy a MimiteH'd restruini : [ledge ;
Whuee waiii, and whose dehiy, m sirewtHi with

Which ihev distil now in the curbed time.
I'o make the coniin« lnuir o'ertlow witn joy.
And pleasure drowii the brim.

Hel What's his will elssT

Par. That you wIU take your instant leave
o' the king.
And make this haste as your own good nmnoeding,
Streugthen'd with what apology you think
May make it probable need.

Hel What more commands hef

Par. Tliat. having thu oiKain'd, you prbeentlj
Attend his further pleasure

HeL Ui eveiyihiug 1 wait upon his wilL

i^ir. 1 shall report it so.

HeL i pray you.— Come, sirrah


SCENE y." Another Room mlMeaam*.
Enter lafeo and Bertram.
Z^f. But, 1 hope, your lordship thinks not bin
a soldier.
Jkr. Yea. my lord, and of very valiant appruuC
lAf- Yuu have it fnmi his own deliveranoa.


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I imi a joutb or fourteen; 1 bnve known ihee

Hd. 1 dare not aajr 1 lake you; ito Benram]
hut I fhve
Mh and my aenriM. ever whilst Ilive,
Into y«Hir rtiiOiiig power— This » tlie mnn.

Ktng Wiiy then, yuanf Bertruni, take her. she*s
Uiy wife Chictin«fis.

Bir. My wife, mr liefte T I shall beneecii your
In »ttcli a businew give me leove to use
1 lie help of mine own eyes.

tSng. Know 'si tboa uot^ Bertram.

What slie has Oone Air me 7

Ber. Yes. my food lord :

But niiTer hope to know why 1 should innrry her.

KmO' Thou know'»t she has ram'd nte from my
sickly hed.

Ber. But folU»ws it. my loni, to brinf me down
Must answer fiiryuur misuK T 1 know her well;
She had her breeding at my father's chance :
A iKior physmon's dauf hier uy wife 1— Disdain
KhI her oorru pi me ever ! [whinb

Kmo. Tis only title ihou disdHin*st in her.tlie
1 can build up. Strange v it. that our bloods,
Of roluur, weighr. nndlieat. potir'd all tocether,
^^ ould quite ciMifuuod duiiiiictMMi, yet rtand off
In differences so mishly : If she be
All that is virtuous (save what tboii disiik'st,
A [MMir phyRicinii's daughter), Uiou dislik*st
Uf virtue for the name : bnt do not so :
From Uiwesl pUioe when virtuous things proofed,
I'be place is dignified by the doer's deed :
U'here great aiiditioos swell, and virtue iunm.
It is a dro|«ied honour : good aUme
I* good without a name ; vileiiem is so :
1 he property by what it n should go,
Not liy the title. She in young, wise, fair;
In these to nature she** ininH^linte heir;
AimI these breeil honour : tliat mi hiwuiur's aonni,
Whirh diallences ilwlf as InnHiurV born.
And lit ntH like the lure : Hiaiours befi thrive,
Wlieii rather fnmi our ads we them derive
I'lian our fore goers : the mere word'it a slave.
Debauch 'd tai every tomb ; on every grave.
A lying irophy. and a« oA u> dumb.
Where duio. atal damu'd oblivion. i« the tomb
Of hoiioiir'd bones indeed. What should be said 7
If thou canst like this creature tvn a maid,
I can create the rest : virtue, and she.
Is her own dower; hoiaiur. and wealth, fntm me.

Ber. 1 canvol U>ve her. nor will strive to dot

Km- Tliou wroiig'st thyself, if thou 8hould*St
strive ti> dioose.

HrL That you are well restor'd, my lord, t am
Let the rest ko. [ftlad ;

Kmg. My liotuMir's at the stake: which to defeal
I roiii4 pniduce my power : Here, take her hand.
Proud aoomful boy. unworthy this aood gill,
That d<«t III vile maiprtsion shackle up
My love, aial her desert ; that canst not dream,
^ e. poizing us in her defective scale.
Shall weigh thee to the beam ; that wilt not know,
Ji is in us tit plant thine htniour, where
We please to have it grow : Check thy aaitempt :
Oiiey our will, which travails in thy iriMal :
Jielieve not thy distlain. but presently
Do thine own fortunes ihai oliedient right.
Whic4i both thy duty owe», and tnxr power claims ;
Or 1 will thniw Jhee from my care for ever,
lii'o the stncgers. aial the C4treless lapae
Oi you* h aial gpioranoe both my revenge and hate,
LooHinK iip«Ni iliee in the name of juHtice,
Without all terms of pity : Stieakt thine answer I
' -Btr P:inkin. my gracuiu* lord : for t subniil
Miy (aopy to your eyes : When 1 ouivider.

What great creation, and wiiat dole of honour.
Flies where yiai bul it, I And. that Khe, whkh lata
Was in my nobler thoughts nasrt haw, \% now
The praised of the king : who, so ennobled.
Is, as 'twere, bom soc

Kmg. Take her by the band.

Ami tell her. she is thine : to whom 1 priMUiae
A counterpoise ; if not to thy MCat«,
A hnlanoo more replete.

Bn. I take her hand.

King. Good fortnne. and the favour of the kin|
Smile upon this contract ; whtaie oeranaaiy
Shall seem expedient on the new-born bned
And be perforra'd Xn night : the solemn feast
Shall more attend upon the oomuar spane,
Kxpectiiut absent friends As thun lov*ift her,
Tliy love's to me relinous ; else, does err.

lExtmU King. Bertram. Helena, Wwikt,
end Atlendaiitju

lAf. Do you hear, monsieur i a won! with yoa

Par. Yuur pleasure, mr.

Iro/. Your lord and master did well to make
his recant at iiHL

Par. Recantation T— My lord 7 my master 1

I/tf. Ay : is It not a language, I speak f

Par. A naait hanth fme : aial not to be «nder>
stood without bloody succeeding. My master T

Laf. AreyoU ooinpauKHi to the count Rou!«illon T

Pot, To any count; to ail oouuto; to what is

lAf. To what ii count's man ; count'a master
is of another style.

Par. You are too old, sn ; let it Mtisfy yon, you
are too old.

lAf. I must tell thee, sirrah, 1 write man : to
which title age oanmrt. brine thee.

Par. What I dare too well do, I dare not do.

Laf. 1 dal tliiiik thee, for two onlinariea. to be
a preitv WBM fellow; thou dalst make tolereble
vent of thy travel ; it niicht paM : yet the scaHk.
and the bannereta. about thee, dal manifoldly dia-
•uade me from believmg tliee a vessel of tuogrwit
a burden 1 have now fiiund thee; when I hise
thee acain. I care not : yet art thou good for no-
thinc but taking up; and that thou art acaroe

Par. Hatlst thou not the privilege of antiquity
upon thee.

/>>/. Do not plunge thyself too far hi anxer,
lest thon hasten thy trial :— which if— LonI have
mercy on thee fur a hen ! So. my good wind<»w of
lattice, fare tliee well : thy casement i need not
open, for I liaik thnaigh thee. Give me th/ band.

Par. My lord, you give me must egregNMis in-

LbJ. ky, with all my heart; and thou art
worthy or it.

Par. I have not, my lord, deserved it.

Ia/. Yes. koinI faitli. every dram of it: md 1
will not bate thee a scruple.

Par. Well. I shall be wtsar.

Dtf. E'en as mmio as tliou canst, Ibr thon hast
to poll a smack o* the contrary, if ever thou
be'st lioond in thy scarf, and beaten, thou shah
find what it is to be proud of thy bondnce. I
have a desire to hold my acquaintance with thee,
or rather my knowledse ; that I may say. in the
default, be is a man I know.

Par. My lord, you do me must insupportable

lAf. 1 would it were hell-pains for thy sake,
and my poor diiiiig eternal : for douig i am paat ;
as i will i}y thee, in what motion age will give me
leave. lEmt.

Par. Well, thou hast a sun shaU take this dia.

IS dia- . ^


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Gtoi O Lofd«iir, There** a eimple pottinf

•if:— «iore, more, a handred of tlieni.

CmmL Sir, I am a poor friend of joan, that

Oto O Lord, lir.— Thick, thick, epve aoi m».

OmmL I thM, Mr, yoa cau eat none of this
hunnlr mnnt

Ua. O Lonl, fir.— Najr. put me toX I warrant

Cmmt Yoa w«irBlai«ijrwhip(MNl,«r. as i think.

CU. O Lonl, lir^-Hipare noi me.

OmmI. Du yoa ery. O Lori^ mr, at vimr whip-
pmf,and JparriMMMrf Imleed.jruur OLonf,«rr.
M very aequeot to yoor wliipptiif '; you wunld
aaewer vny well to a whipping, if yun were bat

do. 1 ae'er had worse lock hi my life, hi my—
O Ltrd,air: I aee, things may serve long, but not
eerve erer.

ComU. I play the noble hooeewifeMrith the time,
to •nlertain it so mi'rrily with a Aiok

Cla O Uml, sir.— Why, theroH oenrea well amin.

" \ An end, air; to your buamees: Give

And aiq|n her to a present answer baok :
CuoMMind me to nif kmsmen. and my son ;
IIhs ii not much.

IM. Not mneh OMamendaUon to tiiem.

CamiL Not mneh employment for yon : Ton
un(i«naand me T

Gto.MoetfriiitftiUy; I am there before my lea.

CoimL Haste yoa again. [Steaml srnem^.

SCENE m.^Paria. A Jtoosi m the Iting^ Pataot,
bttr Bertram. Lafen, amd Pamllea.

lAf' They lay. miraeles are peat; and wa haw
oar philoanphiCMl persons, to make modem and fii-
milmr things. sopemiiiarBl and canseless. Hence
is It, that we make trifles of terrms; eusoonoiog
oofselves into seeming knowledge, when we
slMiakl sobmit oarselves to an unknown fear.

F&r. Whr,*tis the rarest argument of wonder,
that hath shot oat in oar latter Umea.

Bit. And so tie.

lAf. To he rslinqhishVl of the artietn.—

Pmr. So 1 say ; both of GhImi and Paracnlsoa.

Jj^. Of all tlie learned and aathentio fellows,—

J^, Rarht, so I say.

La/ That gave him oat toeorable.—

f». Why. there tie : so sny 1 tua

l4^. Not to be helped.-

Par. JUght: aa twere a man assured of an—

Jj^. Unoertaia life, aad sure death.

/^. Jast, yoa say well ; eo would I have said.

lAf. 1 maf truly say. it is a novelty to the worid.

i^. It ia, indeed : if you will have it in show-

mg. you shall read it in, What du you call


iAf' A showtafofa heavenly elfeet man earthly

/Vr That^ it I wooM have said; the very same.

L^. Why, your dolphin is not loatier : Tore me
I speak inre sp eot

/^. N«yf tia straafa, tia very strange, that is
the brief and the tedkNM of it; and heisofamuat
t«(SMir»as spirit, that will not aokaowtodge it to

lAf. Very hand of Heavaa.

J'^. Ay.su I sqr.

Jj^. In a moat weak^—

hfr. And dahila m i n is t e r , great power, great
tmnsoendenea: which should, haleed. give ns a
finther use tn be made, than afone the recovery
nf the king, as to be

Lgf Q ene ra lly thankfltf.

-?!1? <


£M<<r Kiag, Helen, and Attendanta.

Par. I wnnU have said it ; yon say well. Here
comes the king.

lAf- Lostio, as the Dutchman says : I'll Nke a
maid the better, whilst 1 have a tooth in my head :
Why, he^ aide to lend hnr a oorantu.

Ar. ifort dm Vimign! Is not this Helent

~ / Tors God, 1 think eo.
"mq. Oo,oaU before me all the lords io ooot —
lExit en AiteudauL
Sit, my pr us rver , by thy patient's side ; {maf
And with this heaUbfnl hand, whnee baniih'd
Thou hast repealed, a aeoiHKl time receive
'llie oonflrmatjim of my promis'd gift.
Which bot attends thy naming.

MmUrttitrat Lords.
Fidr maid, send forth thine eye : this yoothAil

Of noble baohelon stand at my beetowing. [voiee
O'er wliom botl- sovereign power and fiaher%
1 have to use : thy frsnk election make ;
Tbuu hast power to chmwe. and they none to for*
sake. ftress

HeL To each ol /ou one feir and vhtnous Biia>
Fail, when love please— marry to each bot one I

lAf. I'd give bay Cnrtji!, and his furniture.
My monih no mors were broken than these boys',
And writ aa lutle beard.

Kmg- Peruse them well :

Not one of thnae. hat had a noble fether.

iiU. Gentlemen,
Heaven hath, thruagh me, reator'd the Ung to

AIL We undentfand it^and thank Heaven for you.

UeL I am a simple maid : and therein wealthieet.
That, I pruteet, 1 simply am a maid :—
Please it your nudaaty, 1 have dune already :
Hie bluslies in my elieeka, thus whisper me.
We bbah, that tkm riumttH ckom: but.btrxfiu^d,
Ut the whte dtath mtomtkt cheAjortveri

Ktnt. Make choice; and, sea.

Who shuns thy love, shuns all his love in me.

Art Now. Dian. from thy altar do I fly ;
And to imiierial Love, that god most high.
Do my iigfas stream.— Sir, will you hear my suit t

1 Lord. And grant it

Hd. Thanks, sir ; all the reet is mute.

L^ I had rather be m thia clioiee, than throw
ames-aoe for my life.

UeL The honour, sir. that flames in your feir eye%
Beliire I speak. Uio threateningly r«;pliee :
Love makee your fortunes twenty times above
Her that so wislies. and her homMe love I

2 Lord. No better, if you please.

Bel. Ily wish reoehre.

Which great love grant ! and so 1 take my leave.

Lff. Do all they deny her f An they wsre suns
of mine. I'd have them whipped ; or 1 would eend
them tu the Turk, to make eunuchs of.

Ud. Be not afraid Ito a Lord] that I your hand
shouU take ;
ni never do you wrung for your own sake :
Blessing upon your vows I and in y<»or bed
Find feirar fortune, if you ever wed I

Xof. Theee buys are boys of ne, thevHl none
have her : sure, they are bastanla to the Englisli ;
the French ne'er gut them

HA Yon are too young, too happy, and too good.
To nudce yourself a sun out of my hluud.

4 Lard. Pair one, I think But su.

Litf There's one grape yet. — I am sure ib^

ther drank whie.— But if thou be'st nut an at*.

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Wheti uiir niost learned doctora leave as; and

llie OMifiTeiptfeil oulleffe lisTe ooodudeil

That labounnK ait cau never imummu natare

Fruai Iter iiiaidable estate,—! eay we must not

S(i stain our judfnieut, tir currupt our hope.

1 o prostitute our pMC-cure auUady

luenipiricB; or to dissever so

Our Kraat self and oar credit, to esteem

A senseless help, when help past sense we deem.

BbL My duty then shall pay me fur my pains ;
1 will no more enfiirne mine office on you;
Humbly entreating from your royal thoughts
A nuNJest one, U> bear me back acutn. [ful :

Kim. I cannot give tliee lees to be call'd grale-
Thoa thougiiilst to help me ; and such thanks 1

&s one near death to those that wish him live :
But, what at full I know, thou know'st no part ;
1 knowing all my peril, thou no art.

HtL What I can do. can do no hurt to tiy,
Since you set up your rest 'gainst remedy :
He that of greatest works is Dnikher,
Oft does them by tlie weakest minister:
So holy writ in babes hath judgment shown, [flown
When Judges have been babes. Great floods have
From simple nonrces ; und grail seas liuve dried.
When miracles have by the greatest been denied.
Oft expectatMMi faiht^ aial must oft tliere
Where most it pnNiines; and oft it hits.
Whtrre h(»pe is coklest. and despair most sits.

Ki»g- I uiiMt (Hit hear tliee; bra thee well,
kind maid :
ins, not us*!!, must hy thyself he paid :

Hti. If I break time, or flinch in pniperiy
Of what I spoke, nnpitied \4i me die ;
And well deaefv'd : Not helping, death's my foet
Bar. if I help, what do you promise me I

ICmg. Make Ihy demand

Htl Bui ^W yon make it even f

KinO' Ay, bv my sceptre, and my liopes of
Heaves. (haml,

HA. Then shalt thou give me. with thy kingly
What husband in thy power 1 will command :
Exempted he (tnn\ me the am^ance
To clionM from forth the royal bliKid of Frame ;

ProMtt. not t4Nik, fttap ihanlm ^ their rewsnL
. Inspired merit so hy hreatli is barr'd :

HeL 1

It 18 not so with him Uiat all things knows.

As 'tis with us that t^qiuire our guess by shows :

But most it is presumptiiai in us, when

llie help of Heaven we count the act of men.

Pear sir, to my endeavouis give consent :

Of Heaven, not me, make an experiment.

1 am not an iraposUir, that prochum

Myself agsiiMti he level of luiiH* aim ;

But know 1 ihink, and tliiuk 1 kuow most sore.

My art is not |iast power, nor you iiast cure.

Khtf. Art thou so conhdeui I Within what wp&ob
Hop'si UuMi my cure T

J9d. . The greniest grace lending graoe.

Ere twice the horaes of the sun shall bring
'llieir heiy torclier his diurnal nng ;
Ere twice in murk aial occkleutal damp
Moist Hesperus hath quench 'd his sleepy lamp
Or AMir-aiHl«twenty times the pilot's glaM
Hath told the thievish minutes how they pass;
What SI infirm fn»iii your sound pans siiaU fly,
Health shali liire free, and sickiiuss freely die.

i&w Upon thy certainly and conlkleiioe
What dar'st thou veutme f

Urt. Tax of impudence,—

A strumpet's boldness, a divulged shaiiie^—
I'raduc'u by odious ballads; my maidtfus name
Sear'd otherwwe ; uo worse of worst extended,
With vilest toriurH let my life he ended ["peak

Kwo- Meihinkh,m thee Muiie blessed spirit doth
Ilia pitarerfol sound, within an organ weak :
And what impoaHihility would ahty
111 coninMMi sense. senM saves another way.
Thy Ufa ia dear ; for all, tliat lite can rate
Worth name of lile, in thee hath esiiinate:
Youih. beauty, watdtan, courage, virtue, all
That happineM and prune cau iiappy call *
TImm Ibis to liazard. m «d« mnsi mtimate
Skill infinite, or moiUktroiwdeaperate.
Sweet practjaer, thy physic I will irr;
Tkai ministers thiue own death, if I die.

My low and humble name to propagate
With any brunoli or image of thy state :
But such a one. thy vnatsl, whoni 1 know

Is free for me to ask. thee to besUiw.

IRng. Hers is my hand ; the premisee observ^
1*hy will by mv performance shall be servM ;
So make the dioice of thy own time, for 1,
lliy resotv'd patient, on thee still rely.
More shouhl I quesiHin thee, and more 1 m wt;
llioagh, more to know, could not be more to
trust; [reot

From whence thou cam'st, how tended on,— But
Uiiqueetion'd welcome, mm! undoubted blest. —
Give me some help here, ho ! — If thou proceed
As high as wuid, my deed shall matdi thy deed.
iFkmnak. Esaau. .

SCENE a— Rousilhm. AKoomintIm
Countess's Palace.

Emler Countess oarf Clown.

Omit. Coroe^on, sir; I shall now pot yon to
the height of ydhr breeding.

Ch. 1 will show myself highly ibd and lowly
taught : i know my business is bur to the court.

Coiml. To tha/xnirt ! why, what place make yon
special, when you put oflf that with such oootempt 1
But to the court 1

CIo. Truly, madam, if God hath lent a man any
manners, he may easily put it off at court : lie that
cannot make a iec, put oflT^ cap, kiss his haial,
-and say noihing, has neither lea, hands, lip, imht
cap ; and, indeed, such a follow, to say prectsely,
were not for the court : but tur me, 1 hava au
answer will serve all men.

CotuU. Marry, 4hat's a bountiful answer, that
fits all quest inns.

Oo. it is Idea a barher^i cliair ; that fite all but-
tocks; the pin-buttock, the qualch-boUuck, the
brawn-buttock, or any huttock.

CPHNi. Will your answer serve fit to all qoes-

C/o. As fit as ten groats is (or the hand of sn
attorney, as your French crown btr your tal&ta
punk, as Tib's rush fiir 1'um'M fore-finger, aa a pan-
cake for Slirove-l'ueMlay, a moms Tor May-day,
as the nail lo h»-hole, Vlte cuckokl to his horn, aa
a scolding queau u> a wniiigiiug knave, as ilia
nun's Up to the friar's mouth ; uiqr, aa the pudding
to his skin.

CotmL Have you. I s^, an answer of sndi fit-
ness fiirsB quest ions T

eta. From below your duke, to beneath yov
omstable, I will fit any qoestion.

CommL ItmnstbeauauBweruf mostnionstroos
sixe. and must fit all demands.

do. But a trifle neither, in good fiiith, if Ih^
learned sliould speak truth of it : hrre it is, ami
all that belongs lo't : Ask me if I aui a « uuitatr :
it sliall do you no harm to learn.

CiMnU. To be jroung again, if we could : I wi 1
be a fijol in question, hoping to be the wiser b?
ynur answer. 1 pray you, sir, are yon a ouortier I

w ov ^

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SCENE L—Pkrai AJUtnm1mtk$Ki9t^uPattut.

WImmA Enter King, with yotui? Ltmls, taking
ktmjor the Floraatwa mmr; Bertnun, PkroUes,

Enf, Ftarewdl, yom% lard, these warlike prio*
dules twell :—

^.-..^ twell

Do aot tlwuw from jroa >-«iid yoa. mr Innl, fkra-
Stare the xlTioe betwlit vtra : if both gnia nil.
The fjft doth strutch itaelt ■• 'tis received*


I Lent. It is oor hope, nr.

After well eeter'd eoldieri, to retnra
AmJ lied roar rraee in health.

Km§. No, no, it cMBol be ; end fet my heart
Will aot ooafeen he owea the maladv
ThatdoChnflifiBbeMeKe. Farewell, yoiMflovd;
Whether 1 lire or die. lie yoa the tuM
Of worthy FrenchiHea : let higher luiy
n-koae InCed, that luhent bat the fall
Of the last moaardiv.) lee, that joa come
Not to woo h<Nioar, bat to wed it ; when
The braveetqneeUntshriuliB, find what yuo seek,
That fhme noiy cry yvo loud : I say. fiireweU.

3 Lfrd. Health, at yoor bidding, serve yoor

Cmg. I'hnse girts of Itajy, take heed of them
Thief say oor Prenc4i husk lamroairB Ut deny,
If tliey deniuiid ; beware of being captives,
lleliire y\^ serve.

IM4. Oar hearts receive yoor warnings.

Km9. FarewelL— Come hither tu me.

[ TV King reftret to « eoMck.

1 Lord. O ray sweet lord, that yua will stay be-

hind us!
Par. Tb not his fkult ; the mark—

2 Lard. O, *tis brave wan I
Pnr. Most admirable , I have seen th<jiie wars.
Ber. I am oummonded httnt, nnd ke|it a ouil wiih,

To9 fowv. and 6he noH gtor, and */i« too eoHf.

Fm-. An thy nund vUud to it, boy, steal away

Ber. 1 shall stay here the forehorse to asnook,
Cr«akiaf niy shoes uo the plain inMonary.
Till huouur be bruugtii np, hikI no swiird worn.
But one tudNnce with I By Heaven. Ill steal awi^.

1 Lord. There's honour w the iheft.

Par. Commit it, count

2 Lord. I am ynar accessary : and so farewell.
Ber. 1 grow tuyuu and uur parting is a toctared


1 Lord. Farewell, caiAain.

2 Iiorri. Sweet muneiear Parolles I

Fmr. Noble heme*, my sword and yoars are kin.
Good sparks and lustruas. a wunl.goud metals :—
Too shall And in Uie reg iiuent of the Spinii, one
captain Spuno, with hm ciratnce, an emblem of
war. here on his sinister dieek ; it was tins very
•Wind eotrenohed it : sny to him, I live ; and oh*
•er^ his renurta ^or me.

2 Lord. We ahall. Mible captain.

Pmr. Mara dote on you for his novices! [EsemU
Lords] What will 7<Hi do T

Ber. SUy ; the king—- iSeeing kun riee.

Pmr. Dm a more spedmis cerenKmy to the noble
|oid«j yoa have restrained yoarsrif within the
lort or t«iu coU an adieu ; be nHire expressive to
then : for they wear themselves in the cap of the
Ituie, there, do muster true gait. eat. speak, and
■Mive ander the inflaenoe m the must received
•tar ; and though the devU lead the measure, sunh
are to be followed : after then, ami take a mofe

> aretol

Ber. And I wOl do so.
Pmr. Worthy fellows; and like to prtnre moat
sinewy sword-men.

{BmemU Beitram and ParoUee.


Lotf. Paidon, my lord ikmeetmtl, forma and for
my tidinga

Kma. I'U fee thee to sUnd ap.

Laf. Then here's a man

Stands, that has bnMight his pardon. 1 would, yoa
Had kneet'd. my lord, to aak me mercy ; and
I'hat, at my biddmg , yoa could so stand opi

King. I would 1 had ; so I had broke thy pata,
And asfc'd thee mar^ fort.

Lof. Ooodfaith across.

But, my frood lord, tjs thus; Will yuu be ca:ed

237 ^^

Of your mflrmity i


L^. O. will yon eat

No grapea, my royal fox f yes. hot you will.
My noble Knir«a, an if my ruyal fox
Could resell them : 1 have seen a medicine.
That's able to breaihe life into a siuiie :
Qoicken a ntck. and make you dunce canary,
With spritely fire aud motiim ; wnoae simple touch
Is powerful tu arsise king Pepin, nay,
I'o give great Clinrleniain a pen in his hand.
Anu write to Iter a loveUue.

lOna. What her is this r

L^f. Why. doctor she; My lunl. there's one
If yoQ will oee her,— now, by my faith and honour.
If seriously 1 mav convey my tliiHighis
In tliis my light (leliveraiioe, 1 have sp«»ke
W.;h one, that, in her »ex, her years, prufessam.
Wisdom, and constancy, liatli amax'u me more
Than 1 dare bliiiue my weakness: Will you see her
(For that is her deiiiaiid) and know her businesa f
'lliat done, laugh well at me.

King. Now, good Lafeu,

Bring in the admiration ; that we with thee
May spend uur wonder too. or take off thine,

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