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off withX while 'i« vendible : answer 1 he time of
request. Virginity, like an ukl courtier, weais her
cap out of fashion ; richlv suited, but unsuiuble :
just like the bruucli ami Uiotb-pick, which wear
nut now : Your datn Ih better in your pie and
your porridge, than in your cheek : And your vir-
giniiy.yourokl virgiuiij^js like one of our Ftonch
withered pean : it htuks ill, it eau dryiv ; mkrry,
*ti8 a Withered pear; it was formerly better;
marry, yet.- tis a withered pear: WiU yoa auf-

HtL Not my virginity yac
There shall your master have a thoosand lovaa,
A mother, and a mistress, and a friend,
A ph<Bnix, captain, and an enemy,
A gukle, a guddesa, and a sovereign,
A oounaeliur, a traitress, and a dmr;
Hn humble ambition, proud humiUty,
His jarring concord, and hat discord doloa^
Hia faith, his aweet disaMer ; with a wnrht
Of pretty, fond, aduptiiius chrii4eial'«nia.


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Aad aftnr, every of ihii bappv nnmber.

That hiive eDduHd iihrewil dajs and iiiirliti with u,

Shall Hhara the ffHfd of utir retmned fortuna,

Acoonlmg to the ntearare of their stales.

Meanlime, fiirfel this new-fall'D dignity,

And fall into oar rustic revelry : —

Play, mosio— and you brides and bridegroonw nil.

With measure heap'd in Jny, to the measures Aiil.

Jaq. Sir, by vour natiencn ; if 1 heard you rig htly,
1110 doke hath put on a reliRious lifie.
And thmwn into nefleet the pompous court t

Jag. de B. He haili.

Jaq. To him will I : out of these oonvertitee
lliere is much ntatter to be heard and learu'd. —
You to your former honour 1 bequeath :

your paUenne. and yoor virtue, well deserves it ;—
Yon [to Orlando] to a love, that your true fuitli

duth merit f—
You {to Oliver] to your hand, and love, and i^reat

allies :—
You [l0 Silvius] to a long and well deaenred bed :
And you [lo TonHiKtoneJ lu wrsnitling; for thy

loving voyage
Is but for two mouths vicioard :— So to your plea-

I am fur other than ftir dandng

DnJi* K Slay. Jaqaea, stay.

Jaq To sea no pnsthne, 1 : what you wonid have
I'll stay to know at your abandou\l cava. [Eat.

Duke S. Proceed, proceed : we will hegia iheaa
And we do tmst tbeyHI and. in tfoa dehgtiTs.

Ro$. It is not the foshion to see the hidy th«
epilogne : bat it is no more unhandsome thiui in
SM the lord the pniloKoe. if it he tme. that yomf
M«Kneeiiif Mo6if«A,'iistnie,Uiata^iod piayne«rda
no epilogue : Yet to good wine Ibey do use good
boslies : and good plays prove the better by tha
help of good epilogues What a case am I in then,
that am neither a good epikigne, nor cannot in-
sinuate with you h) the lielialr of a good play f I
am not famished like a beggar. theref«>re to beg
will not become me : my way is, to coojnre you ;
111 begin with the women. I diarge you, O
nifioen, for ih^ '~-'' — ' — - *~ ■ " '
niiidi of tliis p

Women, for the love vou bear to mm. to like as
niiidi of tliis play as please them : Knd so I ohante
you. O men. for the love you bear to women (as I

perceive bf vour sinipehng. none of yi*n hale
them), that between you aad the wiauen, I lie
play may please. If I were a woman, I would kaa
as muiy of you ns had beards that pletksed me,
complexions that likeil nis, and breatlis that 1
defied mil ; and, I am sure, as nuiuy as have pmd
beards, or good facKs, or sweet breaths, will, fur
my kiml (<ier, when 1 make a cortVy, bid ma
fiirewelL [EccmjU.



Kkw of France.

Dube of Franca. _

Bertram. Coaal t^BrnvOim.

Lafeu, on M lord.

PHTvttcB, a foUomr of Bertram,

I fOtmgF\rmck lords, tMattnve with Bertram
m tke Floremtme war.

Clown, '* I'^i'i^B"^ (<> '^ CtMoileM qfRtmnUtm.


C«Minias8 of Rousillou. wumter to Bertram.

Helena, a gentlewoman protected 6jr tlte CotaUeu.

Am 4ld Widow of Florence.

Diana, daughter to the Wtdow. '

y!I^S^ \ naghbo»$ amd friends to Ow Widow.

LordM atiemiing on the Kino ; Qficere, Soldiere, 4c.
f)rench and florentim.

8CEN £.—Partti/ in Fiunce, aad par/(ir in Tutcang.


8CEN E L— Ronsilloa A Room in the Coonteas's

Enter Bertram, the Coiintesi of Rousillon, Halana,
and Lafeu, in motmung.

CoamL 4n delivering my son Drom me, 1 bory a
ascnud hu»baiNi.

Ber. And I. in going, madam, weep o'er my fk-
thar^ death uuevw ; bull most attend his uiaiesqr%

^ vum* m\

commaml. to whom I am now in ward, evermore
in subjection.

lAf. You shall find of the king a hnsband,
madam j— yoa. sir. a father : He that so gvnemlly
» at all times good, iiiosi of nenenity hold his
virtue lo you : whiiee wurthineaN would stir it up
where it wanted, rather than lack it where iheia
is such abundance.

Count. What hope is there of his mtOesty's
amendment ?

Laf. He hath abandoned hit physicians, madam ;
under whose practices lie hath per^ecuted time
with hope : and finds no other advantage in the '
process but only tlie losing of lio|ie by time.

Count. 1'liw young gentlewoman had a fhther,
(O. that had! how sad a pamage 'lis !) whcaw skill
was almost as great as his htaieaty: hud itiitrelclif»l
so far, wi»old have made nuiure imnairtiil. uiul
death shf»uld have play lor lack of work. 'Would,
for the king's sake, be were living! I think it
would Im the death of the king's duwase.

Laf. How called you the roan you speak of;
madam T

Count. He waa famous, sir, in his profession,
and it was his givat right to be so: Gerard dc

lAf. He wes excellent, hideed. madam ; the
king very lately spoke of hini. admiringly, and
moumingly : he was skilful enough to have lived
Mill.ifknowlrdgexould beset up against mortality.

Ber. What is it, my good lonl, the king hin-

LaJ. A fistula, my lord.

Ber. I heard not of it liefore.

Laf- I would it were not mrtonons. — Was 'hit
gentlewoman the daughter of Genml de Narbdu (

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to have foof lit o

Jbf Aim! *m>w was that ta'«o op T

Tbmek. 'Kiitth. we im«l, and found ttie qaarrel
waa upon th« aevenib cniiw.

J9&. How aavauth oiQwl Good my kml, like

DHkfS. I like kim very well.

7'«Mdk G«id*ild )rn« sir; I desire jroq of the
kke. 1 pram in here, air. umiNicat the rrst of tlie
eioatrf ooputatives, U> sweer. and t<i (brswear :
•OOnfdMf m nmrriim biiida. and blood breaks :—
A pi<or Tiripn, Mr, an iU-lkTuored thinfr, sir, but
■liae own ; a piior honioor of mine, «r, to take
thnt Chat no man etoe t-iII. Rich honesty dwells
Uke a ntieer, sir, in • pour-huose ; as jrour pearl
is vonr Kinl oyster.

ikdm & Pf my &itb, be is very swift and sen-

TsMck. Aooordiiv to the ft»l*s bolt, sir, md

Jbf. Bot '<ir the aerenth enose ; bow dU yoo
Had the qourel on the ^venth eaoee T

TkMck. Upon a be wren times renmred ;— Bew
yoar budr ni«>re aeeuiiwr, A udray -— ««s thoH, sir. I
did dslwe ine out of a certain niMirt tor's lieaid ;
be seat dm wonl. if t said bis beard was not cat
well, be was in the mind it was : This is called
the iUlart emaiifom$. If I sent bim word anin, it
was aut wei4 cut, be wnokl send me wjord, ne cut.
It to please himself, thid is ealltsd the gtap morfesf.
If s«ain. It was not well cut. he disahMs my jodfr-
mmA : This is oalFd the Repit dk«r/u4 if aitaini
It was not well cut, be woukl answer. 1 spake nut
trae : 1*bis is csll'd the Rtproof vabamt If again,
it was not well cut, be would s^ I U«. This is
eall'd ibe CHmterdkerA q miitU ome: and io to the
Im ciraamalmUiaL, and the Ue d.rect,

Jmq. And bow oft did yua aay lus beard was not

T^arA 1 djrat go wo further than ibe Zsff<i cam
slsalial. our he duret not mve luc the LkHnai
and so we measared swunis. and parted.

Jbf. Can yua nominate u mder now the degreea

ToMr*. 0. sir, we qaarrel in punt, by the book :
• yon have buoks Am- i^mkI mnnnen : i will name
oa the decrees. The first, tiie Krtort oourteoos ;
the secood. i4ie Quip modest ; the ihinl. the Reply
churlish; the AHirtb,ili«i ReprooiTHliMnt; the fifth,
the Cnuntereherk qaarrebMMne ; the sixth, the Ue
with areomstanoe ; the seventh, ibe Lie direct
All thess yuu may avind, but the lie direct; and
yoo may avoid Ibat too. with an if. I knew when
eeveu justices ouukl not lake up a qaarrel : hot
when lbs p^rtiee were met tliemselTes. one of
thorn Uuioffbi but of an //*, as, /^ yue jottf so, tkm
i sstf m : And tbey shcuk bands, and swore bro-
thera. Yoar |A w the only peaoa-niaker; much

Jbf. Is nut this a rare fellow, my IcrdT ha% as
goud at aiur thmit, and yet a fiml.

Da*s 5. He Qsea lus M\y bke a tfalkiag-horse,
aad nader p-asantatiim of that, he shoutThis wit.

iMsr Hymaa. iMtfv JwwUad fa a

UjmL TVa it Arrt awtJk ia Aessm,

as yon


AQMM/ram ^ s s wca mwighl Act,


71a< /Asa migktt/jon her html with kit.
Whom kmrt wuum htr humm u

Rot. To you I five myseU; for J am y«Hii».

1% Duke i
To yoa I giva myself, for 1 am yoais

. Duke S. If there be tmta in sight, you are my
dsagbier. MumL

OrL If I hern be tnitn in sigbt, yon ars my llwt»>
Phe. If sidit and shape be true.
Why then.— my bive adieu !
JCiM. I'll have no father, if yoo be ant be >-

I'll have no husband, if you be not b«k:—

( To Oriandtt.
Nor ne'er wed woman, if yoo be not she

I'ibPheba. ^
Btm- Ptoace, hoi I bar confusion :
Tie I m«ist make ooncla<aoa

Of these most strange events :
Hers'k eight that must take haoda,
To join in HynN*n** bands.
If truth boldn (rue cunUfnta.
Ton and yon no omas sluiU pert:
_ ( To Orl.iudu and Rosalmd.

Toa and yoa are heart in heart :

_ [To Oliver end Calia.

Yoa [to Phebe] to his kwe mu«t M0cx»nl,
Or have a woman tu your l<»rd :—
Yoa and you are sure tocether.

C To Touchstone and Audrsf .
As the winter to fool wewher.
Whiles a wedlock bymu we sing.
Feed yourselves with qusHtioiiing ;
That rsaaun wonder mny diminish.
How lUos we met. and iheas thingi

^ OblesKd bond t^ board andled I
Tm UjiiittH peoples toetff town j
Utth medUxk Um% be hoito m u l :

To ikmm, pod of eoerp lomml

IMe 8. p my dear niece, welcome thoa art to
Even lUoghter, wekMiiie in no less degree, ime ;

Pke. 1 will not eat my word, now tliou art nuae :
Thy faith my famsy to thee doth cumbnie.

[To Silvias.

JBmCo* Jaques de Bois.

Joq. dr B. Lk me have audieuen for a wmd ur
1 am the second stm of old Sir lUiwUiud, rtwo :
That bring iheae tidings t4> thu fitir ai»embly :—
Duke Fredenok, hearing b«»w that every da|y
Men of great worth resorted to tliis forttst.
Addrsss'd a migbiy power; wbidi were on fboL
In his own conduct, purposely to lake
His brother here, and put him to the sword :
And to the skiru of this wild wood be camo;
Where, meeUug with an okl religions man.
After some qnvstion wiib bim. was convened
Bulb from liBi entKrprae. and (han the wortd :
H» crown bequeathing to his bauisb'd liruthar
And aU their bads rescorrd to them a«mn
That were with liim ezil'd : 'ITiis to be true,
I do engage u«y Ufe.

IJaAe 8. Welcome, yonng man ;

Thoa oflbrst fyrly to thy brother's wedding;
To naa, his lands withberti : and Ui the other
A land itaelf at laige, a potent dukedom.
Paat, in this forest, let Oi do those ewls
'lliat hers were well begun, and well liegot:


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Ort. And K» am llbr RuMlmd.
Hm. And Ml ani I fi*r no wiiman.
tkt. \( Uin Im ao, why blaine yoa im to lore
/on f iTo Rcmlivt

n thii be to, why bUme ypa im to love

. rTbPhalM,

OH. If rhia he an. why Mame yon me Ui love yoa 1
" "" ' to, wkir Maaie fOK aw to

irrhiabL .
Xoft WlmdoytM
Utoe fOH*

, Orf. To her that ia not here. n<ir doth not hear.
Rat pFMy «cia. no nwre of ihia; tie like the
howliaf uf IiMi W4ilvee ajtainat the moon —I will
helpjmu, rioSilTiua] if I cun :— 1 would love yon.
{to niebe] if I euuid.— l'<i morrow meet me all
ln«ether.— I wiU marry you. [/o Phebe] if ever I
many woman, and Pll he nimnied lu-morruw :— 1
will mtidy yon. [lo OrlandoJ if ever I aatialied
man, and you ahHli be murriefllo-morrow :— I wiU
ouotent yoQ, Ito Silvioa] if what pleaaes you c«iu-
tenta you, and yoa sball he married to-momiw.->
Aa yoa (to Orlando] love Ruaalind, meet :— «■ yoa
(to Silnaal hive I^ie. meet ; And iw I love no
woman. 1*11 meeL-^So, (are you well ; 1 have left
y<ia oummanda.
SiL ill not an. if I live.
Pke. NorL

OrL Nor I.


BHter Toodutone ami Audrey

TamA. To-morrow ia the JoyAil day. Audrey;
to-morrow will we he married.

Atti. 1 do deaire it with all my heart : and [
hope it ia no dBhoneat deaire, to deaire to be a
woman of the world. Hers oomea two of the
banished duke's pages.

AHer iwo PsffesL
1 Page. Well met. honest centleman.
Tbuck. By my tixjih. well met: Ciime, sit, sit,
•nd asnoit:.
3 Page. We are Ibr you : sit i*the middle.

1 Page. Shall we dap intot roundly, without
hawkinv, or spiuiiif, or SNyinf we are hoarse ;
whieh are the only prolafues to a had voice T

2 Page. i*fiiith. i^faith ; and both in a tone, like
two gypsieH on a horse.


h IMS a toter and hit lett^

* With a kef, amd a ho. and a keg nowno.

That oW tkr ^retH eom-JMd did patt

Lt the tprvtptiwte, the o$Ugin^r rank time,
Whm birdt do mag, hn/,jdmg a ding, ding:
Stotet iovert lotte the tpring.

Between the aaret t^ftke rge.

With a kef, and a ho, and a keg nomtno^
Tkete pretig eomttrg/otkt would tie,

bk apring timt, 4^
TVs mrof tkeg began that hoar.

With a ho/, and a ko, and a keg horAm,
Bow that a life wot tmt ajlowtr

In tpring time, 4<-
And tkerefon take tke pretent time.

With a hrg. and a ho, and a heg
At inse it erotenett wUh tke prima

In epratg time, 4c

Tonck. Truly, young geutlemeB. IhouKfa tbcrs
ras uo greater n jitter in the ditQr, yet the auto
was very uqtuneable.

1 Page. l[ou are deceived, sir; we, kept lima,
we lost not our time.

Touch. By my Iniih. yes; 1 count it hut time
loettohearruehafocdiahsoiir. Giid le with you ;
and God ueud your voiced Cume.Audrw.

SCESBtV.-Anotker Part uf tke PkntL

Bnkr Duke Snrror. Amiens. Jaques, Orlaado,
O'iver, and Celia.

IMe S. Doatthou believe. Orlando, that the boy
Can do all ihia that he haiU promiaed T [not ;

OrL i sometime* do believe, and sometimes do
As those that fear they hope, and know they fear.

Enter Roaaliad. Silvias, a^d Phebe.

Rot. Patience unoe more, whiles our oompwit

is unr'd :

You say, if I brine in youi Rosalind.

[To tte Duke.
Yuu will bestow tier on Orlando here *

Dnke S. That ./ould 1, had I kingdoms to gfva
with her.

Rot. And you any you will have her. when 1
brinvher? [TbOrhindo.

OrL That would I, were I of all kiuadoms kinc.

Rot. You say, yuull marry me, if 1 be willing!

_ iTo Piieba.

Fke. That will T, should I die the h> ar after.

Rot. But If you do ref^it* to marry me,
YouU nveyourself to This most failhAil shepherdT

Pke. So is the tmntain.

Rot. You say, that you'll have Phebe. if ahe will f

SO. Thoofth to have her and death were both
one thing. [even.

Rot. I have pmmis'd to make all this matter
Keep you your word, C duke, to give yoar

daoirhter : —
You yours, 9rland«s to receive Ws daughter :—
Keep your worti, Pliebe, that yoo*ll n.arTy me ; *
Or else, refusing me, to wed this shephenl :-~
Keep yonr word, Silvius, that you'll marry ber.
If ahe refuse nie :— end from hence I go,
To make theee doubts nil even.

[Exeunt Roealind and Celia.

Duke S I do remember in this K^pphenl -boy
Some lively touches of my daurhter's (avtKir.

OrL My lonl. ihe firrt time that I ever saw hito,
Metbouirht he was a brother to your daughter :
But, my rood lord, ihis boy is f.,reat-liom ;
And bath heeii tutor'd in the rudiments
Of maiiv desperate studies by his uncle.
Whom ne reports to he a grekl r

Obacured m the circle of this forest

Enter I'oochsCone owf Audrey.

JoQ. There is, sure, another flood toward, and
these couples are coming to the ark ! Here cones
a pair of very strange beasts, which in all tooguca
are called fiH»|p.
Touch. Salutation and greethig to you all I
Jag. Good mv lonl. bid him welcome ; This b
the rootley-minued genllemnn. thJi I have so often
~ ': in the forest : he haia been a courtier ha

touch. If any man doubt the', let him put me
to my purgati<in. I have tr ^d a measure ; I amf
flattered a lady; 1 liave been politic with
friend sniuoth with mine enemy ; 1 have

I amg% y
andoMi A

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tttt tke wm wtim ibiom him»iif to be a foot Tlie
iMith«o philnanphftr, when he hud a decire to rat
• gnp«, would open his !ip> when he put it into
hb Mootli : mMninf therrhjr, that rrapeff wrre
made to eat, and lips to open. You do love this

WW. f do, sir. ^

Tbmek, Oitre roe j$ar hand : Art thoo toarned T

wm. No. sir.

Tmuk 'I1ien learn this of me; To hare, is to
Imve: For it is a flmre in rhetiiric, thst drink.
being poured ont of a cup into a f lass, hv fillinx
the one doth empty the Utier: For hII your
wn>era do onnnent, that tp$e m he ; now you are
Bot MS. Ibr I Nm he.

WiU Which he. airT

"Dmck. Hr. sir. that most marry this woman :
Thersfore. you clown. abaiHlon,— which is. in the
Tulcar, leuve.— the society.— which in the boorish
i* company . - 4if this foninie, — which in the com-
moo is. woniau, which toj^ethrr i*. abandon the
»«iety of this lemitle: or cluwn, thmi perishest:
or. to thy better onderstandiiif^ diest; to wit, 1
kill Ihoe, make thett uwny. tranKlate thr life iuto
Urath, thy htierty into blindage: I will deal in
Ifliimiu Willi thee. or lu iMMtiniido, or in steel; I
will bandy with thee in fiirtMiii ; I will o>r-ruii
tiiee Willi policy ; I will kill thee a hundred and
Aftv ways; tlierefbre tremble and depart.

AfuL Vo. rood Willuim.

Witt. Cod rest you merry, sir. {BxiL

Enter Conn.

Cor, Oar master and mistrefls seek yon ; come,
•way, away.

limefi. Trip. Audrey, tnp. Audrey;— J attend,
1 attend. lExmint.

SCENE W.-Themme.

Enter Orlando and Oliver.

XkL Isl poMible, that on so little acquaintance
voa shoutil like her T that, hut seeing . you should
lore herT and, loving. wo(»T nn<i. wooing, she
- alMMild jcmnt T luid will ytMi persevere to enjoy herT
Oil Nritlier cull the giddiness of it in qneeiion,
the poverty of Iter, the snmll acquaintance, my
•udoen wiMHiig. ii«ir her kudden consenting; but
sny with nie. I love Alienn ; say, wi:h her, that
Bh« love* nte: cmtsent with both, tliHt we may
eqjiiT eadi other ; it shall he to your good ; for
my teiher's house, ami all the revenue that was
old sir Kowland's, will 1 estate upon you, aud
here hve aud die a shepherd.

£nler Rosalind.

OrL You have my consent I«t your wedding
be to-nMirrttw : thither will I inviu the duke, and
all his (>»iitented fitllowers : Go yon. and prepare
Aliena : for, look you. here comes my RosiUind.

Ros Ood save voa, brother.

O'L And you, inir ssitar.

Rne O, my dear Orlamlo. how it grievea me to
•re thee wevr thy heurt in a scarf.
* Ort It H mv ann

Ra$. I ilMiu<hL thy heart had been wonnded
wHh the claws of a Ihni.

Ort Wuunded it ». but with the eyes of a lady.

Rat. DnI yoor brother tell you how 1 counter-
fbiied to swoon, when he sbow'd me your hand-

Ort. Ay, and greater wonder than that.

Rot O. I know where you are :— Nay, tts true :

came, anw, and overcame: For yoar bmtber and
my sister no sooner met. but they looked; no
sooner looked, hut they l«*ved : no siNioer loved,
but I hey sighed ; no sooner sighed, but they asked
one another the reason ; no sooner knew the re»*
son. but tliey wHight the remedy : and in tlieae
degrees have they made a pair of stairs to mar-
riage, which they will chmb inomtinent, or else
be iiioiHitinent befiire mamage : they are in the
very wrath of love, and they will ttscether; dube
cannot mirt them.

OrL They shall be mmried to-morrow ; and I
will bid the duke to the nuptial. But O, how
bitter a thimr it is to ]<iok into luqjpiness thr«Mich
another man's eyes ! By so raudi the more sliall
I to-momtw t>e at the height of henrt-heuviuess,
by how much 1 shall think my brother happy, ia
having what he wishes for.

Rot. Why then, to-morrow I cannot serve your
turn for Kusalind T

Otl. 1 can live no longer by thinking.

Rot i will weanr yon no longer then with k)le
talking. Know of me then, (mr now I s()eak ti>
some pnrptwe.) Unit I know you nre a Kentlemnn
of good conceit : 1 speak not this, that you shoukl

iy thhig so sudden, but the fight
ef two rains, and CsMsHd thrasonical brag ot—l '

bear a good opinion of my knowledge, insomuch,
I say, I Know you are ; neither do llabour for a
greater esteem than may m some little mensurs
draw a belief fh>m you, to do yourself good, and
not to grace me. Be heve tlien, if you please, that
I can do stninge things : 1 have, since I was three
years okl. convened wiih a magician, must pro-
found in this art, and yet not diimuabte. If yua
do love R<«alind so near the heart asyour gej^turee
cries it out. when your brother mamee Aliena.
shall you nuu*!? her :— I know iii!u what straits of
fortune she is dnven ; and it is not impoesiMe to
me, if it appear not inoonvement to you. to set
her before your eyes to- morrow, human as she w,
aud without any danger.
Orl Speakest thou in sober meanmssT
Rot "By my life. I do ; whicli I tender dearly,
tliough I say I am a magiaan : Therefore, put yoo
III your best army, bid yi»ur friends: for if you will
be roamed to-momiw, you shall; aud to Rosa*
hiid. if you will

Enter Silvias and Phebe.
Look, here comes a lover of mine, and a lover of

Phe Youth, yon have done me moch ongentle-
To show the letter that I wnt to you. [uesi,

Roa. I care nut, if i have : it is my study.
To seem despiteful aud ungentle to yoo-:
Y*iU are thitre follow'd by a fihihful shephenl;
Look upon iiim, hive him : be worships ymi.

Pke, Gitud slieplierU. tell thie yooUi wliat tie to
love T

Sa. It IS to bn all made of sigtas and tears,—
And so am 1 for Phebe.

Phe, Aud 1 for Ganymede.

OrL And I for Rosalind.

Rot. Aud I fur ho fvoinan.

SiL It is u> he nil made of Ciith and eerrte;—
And so am I for Pliehe.

Pht. And I for Ganymede.

OrL And I for Rivalind.

Rot. And I for no woman.

8U. It is to be sll made of fantasy.
All made of pamon. and all made of wishee;
All adoration, duty, and observooce.
All humhlenesH. nil patience, and impatienoe^
All punty, all trial, all ohaervanoe;
Ami so am I for Phebe.

Pke. And so am 1 for Ganymede.

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Dv'd in this blood, antn the shepherd Tooth
TtiMl he in iport doth mil hie Rosalind.

CeL Why. how now, Guaymede T sweet Ganf •
mede ? [Bomlind faimts.

OIL Many will swoon when Utey do look o«

OL Then is more in it :—Coq«ii— Ganymede I

Oti. Look, he rnouvers.

Ro$. \ iir>ald, I were at home

CeL We'll lead yon thither:—
I pray you, will you take him by the arm T

Ob Be of icood cheer, yooih ^— Too a man T—
Yon lack a niau's hvart.

Rot. I do so, 1 ctMifess it Ah. sir, a body wuald
think this was well oiiunterfeited : I pray yoo tell
your brother how well I ouuuterfeited.— Heiidi

OIL This was not onunt^ribit ; there is too great
testimony in your complexion, that it wai a pas-
aioii of earnest

Rot. CoonterTeit, 1 aasom.Toa.

OU. Well then, take a good heort, and coonter-
foit to be a man.

Rot. i>o I do : but i'faith 1 riioold hnv* been a
woman by right.

OL Come, yoo look paler and paler: pray yoo,
dniw homewards :— Good sir, go with ua

CM. Hiat will I, for 1 must hear answer back
How you excuse my brother, KosNiind

Rm. I f>hall devise something : But T pnjr yoo,
commend my counterfeiting to bun.— Vf^ill yoa

CMi. Ana wen ne migni ao do.

For well I know he was nnnatnral.

Rot. But, to Urlnndo ;— Did he leave him there,
Food to the suck'd and honery lioness T

Oii. Twice did he turn his back, and purpoo'd ao:
But kiiidnflM. nobler ever than revenxe.
And nature, stmnger than his just invasion.
Made him give battle to the hdneaa.
W|h> qiuckly fell before him ; in which hurtlinf
From niisenible Klumber I awak'd.

CfL Are you his brother?

Rot. Was it jrou he rescued T

Ce<. Was*t you that did so oft contrive to kill
him 7

Oti. Twas I ; but tie not I : T do not shame
*! o tell you what 1 was, since my ronveraion

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