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So sweetly tastes, being the thing I am.

Rot. But, for the bloody napkin 7—

OIL By and by.

When fh>m the first to last, betwixt us twu.
Tears our reamntments had most kindly bathVl,

As. how 1 came into that desert plare.

In bnei; he led me to the gentle duke.

Wkagave me flreah array, and entertainment,

Conunitung me miio my brother's love ;

Who led me instantly unto his cave.

There stnpp'd himself, and here upon his arm

The lionew had torn some flesh away.

Which all iliis while had bled ; and now he flunted,

And cry'd in fainting, upon Rosalind.

Brief, l recovered him : bound up his wound ;

And, after some small spsice, being strong at heart,

He sent me hither, stranger as I am.

To tell this story, tluti yon might excuse

Hm broken promise, ami to give this napkin




SCENE I. — DbeMsie.
Enter Touchstone md Audrey.

TotuA. We shall find a time, Audrey ; patience,
gentle Audrey.

Aud. 'Faith, the priest was good enough, lor all
the old gentleman s sayinx-

Tmtch. A most wicked sir Oliver, Audrey, a
moat vile Mar-text But. Audrey, there is a youth
here in the forest lays clnim to you.

Aud. Av, I know who 'tis ; he hath no interast
in me in the world : here comes the roan you mean.

Enter William.

Touch. It ia meat and drink to me to see a
clown: By my troth, we that have good wita,
have much to anawer fur; we shall lie floutii^;
we cannot hold.

WilL Go(xl even. Audrey.

Avd. God ye good even. William.

WUL And good even U* you. sir.

V'OMC^ Good even, gentle friend : Cover thr
liead. cover tliy head ; nay. pr'ythee, be covered.
How old are you, fnend 7

WitL Five-snd-tweuty. sir.

rouc^ A ripe age: Is thy name WllliamT

WflL WiUiam.sir.

Touc^ A fair name: Wast bora i' the forest
here 7

WiU. Ay. sir. 1 thank God.

Touch, 'nank God ,<-« good answer : Art neh f

WiiL 'Faith, sir. so sa

Touch -So M, is good, very good, very flooelleat
good:— and yet it is not; it IS but so so. /rtthoa
wise r

WiU. Ay. sir, I have a pretty wit

Touch. Why. thou sayVt well. 1 do now m-

- "a saying; Tht fool doth tktmk ht w^mm


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Rm. Well, time m tb* oldiaatiM thnt exmimuet
an Mch oObwien. and let tuna Uy : Adieu!

C£n< Orlando.

Off Toa have irimplj mitaaU iiur mx iu tout

' *MTe vtNir dmihiet and liOHa

I, and shiiw tbe world what

, cus. ouc, njr pref j little oos. that
now how nuuiy fiithum deep I am in

Vwe-prute : we must have
piocked over jirar head, ai
the Hinl hath done to her

Aof. O eucoi4

thoa didet know

luvel But It cannot be eoanded; mjaffiMtion haih
an ankntiwn hnUom. like tli« tmr tt( PortngaL

CtL Or. mtber. bnituail«w ; that a» fast wtjan
piKir aflectioii in. it rana <Mit

MiU Nu. that mune wicked has^ard of Venna,
Jwt was hegut of ihouirht. ciNireired of spleen,
and hnm rf madneas ; thnt blind raanally buy. that

Ro$. Come, oonie. von are a foul.

And ture*d hito the extremity of Uive.
I aaw her hnml : ahe ha.^ a leathern hand,
A freeatMie ni4iHired hniid ; I Teniy did ihink
Thai her gltiTtm were ihi. I»ut twas her handa;
She has a huswife's band : hut thaili no matter:
1 say. she never did invent this letter :
This is a man's inveutiou, and his hand.

9U. Sore, it is hirt.

Rm Why. lis a btMerooB and a emel s^le,
A style fiir ohalienxers ; why, she deAes me.
Like Turk u» CbrnAian : woman'fe gentle hrahi
CuuU not drop forth such giauuraide invention.
Such Eihkip wonls. bhusker iu their elbot
Than in ilwir ONinienanoe :— Will you haar th«

sbujes eviiry one's eyee. because his owrn are out.
IK him te Judge how deep I am in love : — rU
tall thee, Aiiena, I cunuiii be nut of the sidit of

r deep

, , , luiii Iw _

Orlando: 111 go find a shadow, uud sigh till be

'^i And rU sleep. {BxtwU.

SCENE If.— ilnoMcr parlor Ike Arest

«y«r Jaqacs omf Lonia, in Ms AoMI <iriVaslcrs.

Jbf . WbKh is he that killed the deer f

1 Lord. Sir. it waa I.

JIag. Lefk preeeni him to the doka. like a Ro-
man conqueror ; and it would do wed to set the
dM>r^l boras upon bis bead, for a bnuicfa of vie*
lory.— Have you nu sung, foraaier, for this purpoaeT

3X0r^ Yes.str.

Jaq. Sing it ; *tis no mattar how it ba in tune,
au it make noiae auoogh.

L W»al sJhrn *e ikaiK, Mai Utrd Of dter r
X ilis IsoMer sAw. anrf Aonu lo issar.

1 TlhmsmpMsiAosie: r m^ .^

T^lkmmotoorm^lomtmrtkekormS I?g g.
Jr as* • ervsl src lAoH HMl ^orw. l.gyL! ^
L 7«r>U*sr'«/hli^Mertil; ^

SCENE 111.- 71W/brwl.
£alsr Roealind and Celia.
Km. How saj you now T Is it not past two
o'clock f And hate mnoh Orlando I

Ori. I wunrant y»o, with pure love, and trou-
bled brain, he hath ta'en liia bow and arrows, and
ia guoa fonh— to sleep :— Look, who oomea hare T

Aifsr Silvias.

ML Mr errand ia to you, foir yooth ;—
Mv faotia fhahe bid me give you this :

1 know not the contents ; but, aa Igoeas,
By the stern bn»w, and waapish anion
Which she did use as she was writing of It,
It i«ari an angry tenor : pardon me,
I am bot aa a guilileaa messenger.

Sot, Patience herself wouki startle at this letter,
And play the swaaerer ; bear this, bear all :
She savs, 1 am not nur ; that i lack manners ;
She calls roe pcuod; and. that aiie ouokl nut love nw
Wen man aa rare as Phumix ; OdSi my will I
llor kive ia not the hare 1 d«i hunt :
Why wrrtea she so to me T— WelL sliepherd. wall,
1 bin is a letter of your own device.

Ml. No. i pniteo, 1 know nut the contents
riwLo dal write iL

8iL So please you, ftir 1 never heaid it yet;
Tet heard too much of Phebe's cruelty, (writea.
iSot. She Phebe'a me : Mark how tha tyrant

Arl tkom^odto tkrpkird AtraV, [Ramla.

Can a woman rail tlina T
SiL Call you this railing T

Rot. WkftkffiodkMdMdapmrt,

Warr'tt tkom wOk m momoM'tkmrtT

Did yon aver hear auch railing f

Wkiks the ne ^ wtem ad woo me^
T%ot coitUi do no vtt w to n ft to ms.^

Meaning me a beast.—

^ tht teormi^f i/our briaki epm
Uavt pMm- to nuM took torn ht mim.
Alack, ia m* wkai ttranae fgmA
Wkikt ifouehidm,! did loot;
How tkm wtigkt torn- prattro siesa?
Hr, tkat brum Ikulooeto tkee,
LUtk kmow$ Ikit torn mow:
A-d imkimteaimptkt wmd;
Wkttker that tkttotUk ami kimi
Wm tke/aUkfiU i^tr take
Ofme,amdaUtkal /can make;
Oreieebtf kirn sqr toot dent.

80. Call yon thia chUing f

CeL Abw, poi»r shephenl!

Roe. Do you pity bun T mi, he deaervea no pi^.
—Wilt thou love such a wtmuui T— What to make
thee au iostrnrnent, aial play fktoe strains upon
thee ! not to be endured ! — well, go yuur way lo
her (for i see. kive hath made thee a Ume snake),
and aay thia ti> her:— That if site loves me. 1 cliarge
her to love thee : if ahe will noi, I will never liave
her, unleas thou entreat for Iter.— If yon he a true
hwer, hence, and not a word ; for here OHiHsa m<Ke
oompahy' i£xit Silvris.


OK. Oood-morraw, fiiir ones : Pivy yon, if )oa
Wbers, hi the portietts of this forsat. standi
A aheep-cute, nnc'd about with olnre-treea f

CeL West of this place, down in the neighbour
The nmx of osiers, by the murmmlng stream.
Left on vour nght hand, hrmga yon to Uie place .
Bot at this hour the bouee doih keep itaelt
Tliere'a mine within.

Theu I should know you
Such ganu^a • nnd aunh >ear8

Oh. If that ail eye may profit by a
heu 1 should know you bv ilescnpiion


tougua. y

un; r

l>09Wfatr, J

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Orl. Of a Riuiil T

Sat Ay, (if a mail : for thonxh be comM slowly,
be carhw his hiHiae on his lieail : a better joinlore,
I think, than yuu can niaka a woman : Besides,
he brinm his destiny with him.

Orl Whpl'sthnlf

Rat. Why, lioms; which saeh as yon are fain
to be heboldeu to yiior wive* ftir : but he onmes
armed in his lurtune, and prerenls the sbuider of
his wife.

OrL Virtue is no bom-maker ; and my Rosalind
» Tirtuous.

Jtof. And I am voar RoMshnd.

CeL It pleases him to call yon an: but he bath
ft RoaalintI of a better leer llian yi»a.

Rot. Come, woo me, wimi me ; far now I am in
a holiday humour, aial like eiMmcli t/i oonsent :—
What wookl yon say to me now, an I were yoor
ranr very Rcvulind T

OrL I wookl kiss before 1 spiAe.

Hoc Nay, yon were lietler spesk firsr; and
<whea yott were xravelled fiir lank of matter, yon
mif^ht take occasion to kiss. Very fcuod orstofs,
when they are out. they will sfiit ; aial for hirers,
bickuiK (Gtjd warn us!) maUer, the '
shift is to kiss.

OrL How if the kiss be denied T

Rot. Then she puts you to entreaty, and there
beciiis new matter-

Orl Who ciiold be oat, being before his be-
loved mistress ?

' Rot. Marry, that shonhl yon. if I were yiHir
mistrew; or i slumld think my h<ioesty tanker

mv wit.

. What, of my I _
Rot Not out tif jroor apparel, and yet cot of

OrL What.of mysuHT

four suit. Am uiA 1 yoor RiMtahnd T

OrL I take simie joy to s«y you are, be jause I
would be talkina of her.

Rot. Well, in her penon, I sftf— 1 will not have

Or Tlien. In mine own peraim. I die.

Rot. No. foiih. die by atiurney. The poor
world is almost six thousand yeara old, and in all
this time there was not one man died in his own

Krson, eideUcet, in a Icive-cause. 1'niiliis had his
ains dasheil out with a Grecian club; yeC he
fid what he could in nie befura : and he is one
of tlie patterns of hire. Leatider. he would have
lived many a lair year, thoofh Hero had turned
nun. if it had mit been for a hot midsummer nifht :
for. aood youth, he went hut forth to wash him m
tiie Hellenpont, and. being taken with the cjranip,
was drowned : and the foolish chronicleni of tliat
age ftiuud it was— Hero of Sestos. Bui these are
all lies; men have died fnmi inoe to ume, and
worms have eaten tliem, but not for love.

OrL I would not have my riitht Roralind of this
■und ; for, I protest, her frown miahi kill me.

Rot. By Uiis hand, it will not kill a fly : But
eonie. now 1 will be your Rosalind in a more
earning -im disposition; and ask lue what you will,
I wdl grant it.

OrL Tlien love me. Rosalind.

Rat. Yes, fajth will I, Fndays, and Satunlnjs,
and all.

OrL And wilt thou have me f

Rm, Af. and twenty such.

OrL Whstsay'stlhonT

Rot. Are you not good 7

OrL I hope so.

Rot. Whv then, can one desire too moob of a
good thimc f— Come, sirter. you shall be the priest,
and many us.— ^ive me yo«r baud. Oriando :—
What do yoQ say, s^iftr t

Orl Pray ihee. marry ua.
CtL 1 cannot say ilie woids.

Rot. You must becin, Wm pom, OrlomdOf^

CtL Go to : Will you, Orland<H have lo wife

OrL 1 will.
Rot. Ay, but when T

OrL ^%lly now ; a* (mA as she can marry as.
Rot. 'llien yoo must Kty,—I take tku, Rotalind,

OrL I'takethee, Rosalind, for wife.

Rot. 1 might ask yon for y<rar ooromwsion ; bol,
—I do take thee. Orlamhi. for my husband : 1 heie
a girl Koes before tlie prieet: and. certainly, a
woman's tliought runs bef<ire her actions.

OrL So do all thouflits : tht* y are winged.

Rot. Now tell me, how Umg you woukl hare
her. after yon liave panesaed her.

OrL FtNT ever, and a day.

Rot. Say a day. without the ever: No, no, Orw
lando ; men are April when they woo.'Deoember
when they wed : maids are May wlum they are
maids, bat the sky changes when ihey are wives.
1 will be imae jealous of thee than a Barbery
oock-pigeon over his lien ; more clamorous than
u pnmit againjit rain ; more new-fangled than tarn.
ape ; more giddy in my desires than a monkey : 1
will weep for nothing, hke Diana in the foiintaia,
umI I will do that wlien you are disponed to be
menry ; 1 will Uuah hke a hyew, and that whea
thou art inclined to sleep.

Orl But will my Rosalind do an T

Rot. By my life, site will do as 1 da

Orl. 0, but she is wise.

Rot, Or else she could not have the wit to do
this : the wiser, the way warder : Make the doon
upon a woman's wit. and it will out at the case-
ment; shut that, and 'twill out at the key«tiola;
stop that, 'twill fly with the smoke ooi a: tl^t

OrL A man that had a wife with each a wit, he
mutht sar.— Wi<, whU/ier wilt f

Rot. Nay. you might keep that check for It, UU
met yoor wife's wit going to your neighbouni

OrL And what wit conkl wit have to excoae that?

jRos. Marry, to stir,— Mhe mme to seek yoo there.
You sIihII never take her without her answer, on-
less y«iu take her without her tongue. 0. Uiat
w«iman that cannot make her fiinlt her bnsbaud'a
occasion, let her never nurse her child herself, fur
slie will breed it like a fooL

OrL For these two boors, Rosalind, 1 will leave

Rot. Alas, dear love, I cannot lack thee two

Ort 1 mnst attend the dukr at diimer; by two
o'clock I will be with thee again.

Rot. Ay. go piur ways, go your ways;— I knew
what you wouhi prove: my friends lokl me ae
much, and I tliought no leas:— that flattering
toncue of yours won me : — *iis hat ««ie cast away,
and so, - come, death.- 1'wo o'clock it your hour I

OrL Ay. Nweel R4«Hliud.

Rot. By my troth, uiiil in sood eamesf. and s»
G«id mend me. and by all pretty lauhs that are not
dangeroua, if you break one jot of your pruniB«.
or come (Hie niiiitiie iiehiiKl your hour. 1 will think
you the most pathelical brenk promise, and the
niost IkiIIow lover, and the miwt ouworthyof bet
yon call Rivahnd. that iiiav lie cIkimu out ol' the
gross band of the uiifuithtui : therefore bewera
my censure, and keep your promise.

OrL With no less reliaion. than if ihoQ wert Wh
deed my Rueiihud : So. adieu,


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r AcT lIl.3




P^ir 1 miMt tall frm flriendljr m jrmir ear,—
Sell whea yua can ; yoa are not for all nBarkets
Crj the man merer ; love him : take hb uObr :
Foal is OMMt fool, heinc foul to be a toofler.
So. take her to thee, shephenl ;— (are yoa well

FhL Sweet Tooth, 1 pray yoa chide a year to-
Kether ;
I had rather bear yoa chide, than thia man woa

Hm. He's fallen in knre with her foalue«. and
she'll fall in luve with my anger : If it be so,
tet »s she anHwers thee with fmwninf looks, I'll
aaooe her with bitter wonls.— Why look you so
opon met

Pkt, Par no ill will I bear jtoq.

JEflC 1 pray yoa. do nut fall in love with roe.
For t am fiiber tlian tows made in wine :
Besidee, I like yoa not : If you will know my bouse,
Tsi at the toft of (rfivea, here hanl by :—
WiU yoa Ko. sBterf— Shepherd, oly her ban! :—
CoHM, sister:— ShepherdcM, look ihi him better.
And be not proud ; thuovh all the world could aiMf
None ciMild lie so abus'd in sight as be.
Come to oar flock.

[fismal Rosalind, Celia. ami Corin.

V%L Dead sheiilierd ! iniw 1 And thy sawofmiglit;
Wlke ever Imfd^ thmt lot^d not mtJtrttsiglUT

an. Sweet Phebe.—

Pke. Ha ! what say'st thoa, Silvias t

StL Sweet Phebe, pity me

Pht. Why, I am sorry fiir thre. gentle Silvias.

SU. Whtrrever sam>w is. relief would be ;
If yoa do sorrow at my gnef in luve.
0v giving love, yuar surruw sud my gnef
Were both extemun'd.

Pke. I'hoa bast my Uive ; is not that neighboarly T

SU. 1 would have vou.

J*ke. Why, that were

Silviiia, the time was, that I hated thee ;
And yet it is not, that I bear thee love :
Hut snice that thou cunst talk of love so well.
Thy Oumpany, which erst was irksome to me,
I wdl endure: and I'll employ ihee Un:
But do not look fiir Auther recimipense.
Than thine own ghMiness that thou art empbiy'd.

SiL So lioly andte perfect is my love.
And 1 in such a poven^ of grace.
That I shall thmk it a meat phinteous crop
To glean the broken ears after the man
That the main harvest reapa: looee now sod then
A sbatter'd smile, and that I'll live upon.

Pkt. Kaom*tl thoo the youth that spoke to me
ere while.

9B. Not vcfy well, bat f hare met him nft ;
And be hath bought the cottage, and the bounds,
llmt the oh! carkit once was master of.

Fkt. 'lliink not 1 love him, though I ask for him ;
1% bota peevtsh boy :— vet he talks well ;—
But what care I for wonu t yet words do well.
When be that speaks them pleases tlM«e that hear.
It is a prrtiv youth :— not very preUv :—
But sore be^i proud; snd yet h w pride becomes him:
Hell mahe a proper man : The heat thing in him
Is his oomplexioa ; and foster than his tongue
DnI make odence, hia eye did heal it up.
He is not tall ; yet for his years lie's Ull :
Hw leg is but so so ; and yet *iia well :
There was a pretty redness in his lip ;
A little nper snd more lusty red [ference

Than that miz'd in lus cheek ; twas Jnst the dif-
Betwixt the constant red. and mhigled damask.
IImts be some women, Silvius, had they mark'd

la parreb as I did, would have gone near
To foH m love with him : bat. for my part,
llavahiai auC nur hate kim nut : atalyet

I have more cauae to hate him than to kne ban;

For what hud he to do to ciiide at me T

He said, mine eyes were Mack, and my hair black ;

And, now I am rememher'd, scom'd at me ;

1 marvel, why I answer'd not again :

But tliat^ Mil iMie ; omittance is no quittance.

I'll write to him a very taunting letter.

And thou shult hear it; Wilt tliou, SOrinsT

Stl Phebe, with all my heart.

Ptte. I'll write it stndgfat;

The matter's in my head, and in my heart :
I will be bitter with hiiii. and pusaiug short:
Go with me Silviua. ' "


SCENK l.-TV*»i«.
EHter Rosalind. Celia, aatf Jaqaea.

Jaq. I pr'ythee, preUy youth, let me be better
acquainted with thee.

Aos. They say vuu are a mehineholy follow.

Jof. I am ao; I do kive it better than laughing.

Ro$. lliiwe, that are in extremity of either, ure
abominable fellows; ami betray themselves to

rery nuidem censure, worse than driinkards.

Jaq. Why, 'tis good to be sad and say nothing.

Rm. Why then, 'tis good to be a p(«t.

Jaq. I have neitlier the scholar^ melancholy,
which Is emulation ; nor the musician's, which m
fontasiical ; nor the courtier'k, whicJi is pmial ;
nor the Soldier's, which is ambitunis; iMir the
biwyer's, which is politic: norths lady'i^ whiith
is dice ; nor the lover's, which is all these : but it
is a raelaiic4ioly of mine own, oompouuded of
nmny simples, extracted from many otijects : and,
indeed, the suiMiry contemplation of my travels,
in whksh my often rumination wrupa me, is a must
humorous sadnexs.

Ros. A traveller! By my folth.yna have great

laooo to be sad : I fear, you have sukl your own
lands, to see «>ther men's; then, to have seen
much, and to have nothing, is to have noh eyea
and poor hands.

Jaq. Yes, 1 have gained my experience.


Am. And your experience makes yoa sad : I had
rather have a fool to make me merry, than expe«
rienoe to mtdce me sad ; ami to travel for :t too.

OrL Good day. and happiness, dear Rosalind !

Jaq. Nay then, God be wi' you, and you talk in
blank verse. lExiL

Ro$. Fare well, monsieur traveller : Ixmk. you
lisp, and wear strange suiu ; disnMe all the bene-
fits i»f your own country ; be «»ut of litve with mor
nativity, and almost onide Gtal A>r making vo«
that countenance you are; or 1 will scarce thmk
^ou have swam in a gondola —Why, how now.
>rlando ! where have yim been all thn while i
Yuu a lover I— An you serve such soother tnrk,
never come in mv sight more.

OrL My foir Rosahod, I cone within an hoar
of my pnmiiae.

Ros. Break an hoar's promise in love T He that
will divale a minute into a Ihomwuid parta, and
break but a part of the thousandth part of a
mmote m the aSain of love, it mav be said of
him. that Cupid hath clapp'd liim o* the shouMer,
but I warrant him heart-whftle.

CM. Pardon me. dear Rosalind.

Roq. Nay. an you be so tardy, come no OMire ki
my sight ; 1 had as hef be wev'd of aes "



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. f 254


r IIlN

[Act III.

tu he numeil uf him tban uf nnuiher: for he is
not like Ui ninrry me well ; ami uu( heinfc well
muTied. it will be a goud excuse fur me hereafter
Ui leave my wife. \A»^.

Jof. Go ihiMi with me. mmI let me ooamel ibee.
Tone*. Omie. sweel Audrey:
We must be married, or we must live in bewdiy.
('krewell. cuod marter Oliver I
Not— O sweet Oliver.
O bruve Oliver.
LeMve ate mrf liehi* tbee ;
But— Wind away,
Befftine I say.
L will nut to weddinf wp thea.
tBxnmi Jaques, Tourlntfiioe, oitd Andrey.
Sir (Mi. Tim no mutter ; ne'ei a fiintnsTicai knave
of them alt sliull duut me out of my oailioc- lExiL

SCENE IV.— TVjome. Bdort m cottage.
Enltr Romlind and Celia.

Rfic Never talk Ui mt\ I will werp

O/ Do I pr'ytiiee: iMit yet have tiie Kraoe to
ounskler. thai i«urs d«i ii<ii becniiM! a man.

Ro$ But have 1 not chum t'^ weep f

Ol As itiKid nmse as «iue would desine ; there-
fore we««p

Rjos. Hu very hair is uf the diwemhlini? colour.

Ctl Sometliiiiir hruwner ihim Judas's: marry,
liis kisses are Judas^ own children

Roi rfaith, his hair in uf a K*>od colour.

OL AnexcelUftttcitluiir: yuurclioNiut was ever
Uift^fNily colour.

Rm. And his kinum; is as full of sanctity as tlie
touch of holy hreml

OL He hath hoocht a pair <if cast lips of Dinna :
a nun uf winter's swterliocid kisses not more reli-
giously ; the very ich uf chiudi'y is in them.

Roa. But why did lie sweur be would come this
OMrniiM:. and comes not I

CtL Nay, certainly, there is no truth in him.

Ro9. Do you think so T

Cr/. yes : I thhik he is not a pk*k-porse, nor a
borM«-sle«ler; but for his vt* rity in love, I do think
him as ooucave as a cover'd goblet, or a worm-
eaten nut.

jRos. Nut true in love T

Oi. Yes. when he is in : but. I think he is not in.

Rm. You have heard him swear dowurighi, he

Or/. IVof is not if .-besides the na*hnf a lover is
no stronger ihim the wonl of a tap«ter; they are
b«ithtliecunfimierBoffHtaereck(Miinxs: He attends
hem in the forest on the duke your fntber.

Rjn$. I niei the duke yeMerday, and had much
question with bun : He asked me of what purent-
nge 1 was ; 1 tuld him. (if as Koud as he ; su he
Inuffird. awl let me go. But what talk we of
fiithers. when there is such n mnn ua Orlando?

Ctl. O, that'M a brave man I he writes brave
venee, speaks brave words, swears brave oatlis.
aial breaks them bravely .quit** transverM, athwart
the heart of Ins lover ; as a puny tiller, thiit spurs
his horse Inil on «aie sale, breaks his staff like a
nuble guose : bat all s brave, that youth mounts,
aad lUly gaidea : — Who comes liere T

IMer Corin.
Cvr. MislreNs,and master, you have o(l enquired

AAcr the shepheni that complain'd of love ;

>% lio you saw siitiiur liv ine mi the turf,

Fnueing tlie pruial disdainful shephenlesi,

TliMt was his mnttreaa.
CeL Well, what of him T

Osr. \t you wdi see a pageent iraly play'd.

Between the pate complexion of tine love.
And llie red clow of scorn and prnod disdain.
Go lienoe a little, and I slialt conduct yon.
If yoQ will mark it

AM. O. come let ns remove :

The sight of lovers feedeth thi«e in love *—
Bring us unto this sicht, and you shall say
111 prove a busy aolur in their play. [Extmtt

SCENE v.— XiwlVr paH of&efanaL
Enter Silvins amd Pliebe.
SiL Sweet Ptiehe. do not aconi me; do not.
Say that you love me mit ; but say not an [Pliebe :
In nittemess : The common execqiioiier.
Whose heart the accusUwnM sight of death makes
Falls nut the axe upon the hnmhled neck. flMnl,
But first bees panlon : Wilt yon sterner lie
Than he that dies and lives by bkiod; drupe f

Enter Rosalind, Celis, and Conn, at a diMtamt.

Pke. I would not be thy execoti«ier;
I fly tbee. for I w<Mikt noi uyure thee.
I'hoo lell'st me. tliere is murder in mine eye :
*l'is pretty, sure, and veiy probable,
'IliMt eves.— that are the trairst and softest thhiit.
Who slint their coward gates on atomies.—
Slioukl be call'd lyranto. buicheri. murderers!
Now I do fniwu on thee with all my heart ; (tbee :
And. if mine eyes can wound, now let litem kill
Now counterfeit u* swoon ; why. now AUI tlown ;
Or, if thou cen'sl nut, O. for shame, for abame.
Lie not, to nay mine eyes are monlerDrs.
Now show the wound mii^eye liath made in thee:
Scratch thee but with a pin,' and there remains
Some scar uf it; lean but upon a rush.
The cicatrice and capable liupreMsUre
Tliy palm oume moment keeps: but laiw mine ejret.
Which I have darted at tliee. hurt thee not ;
Nor. I am sure. Uiere is no fiiroe m eif^u
That can do hurL

Skt dear Pbehe.

If ever (as that ever nuiy be near)
You meet in some fresh ch^k the power of fiuHf,

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