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as aforesakl, honest Launctlot Ottbbo : do not run ;
scorn runntng with thy heels; Well, llie m««t cou-
rageous fiend bab me pack ; tna ! says the tieial ;
OMtft snys the ficial, for the hravens; rouse up a
brave mmd, says the fiend, and run. Well, my
conscience, hanicing akiui the neck of my heart,

Ss very wisely to me,— my honest frtend, uoMce*
brina an hoatst man's son, or rather an honest
woman's son : — for, indi^, my father did some-
thing smack, sonietliiiw ktow to. lie had a kind of
ta»te ; — wall, my conscience says, iMuncelot, budge
not ; budge, nys the fiend ; budge not, says iny
" if we"

conscience : C(»uscience, say I, you counsel well ;
fiend, say I, vou counsel well : to be ruled by uiy
oooscience, (should stay with the Jew my nisster,
who, (God bless the mark i) is s kind of devil :
aiul, to run away from the Jew, 1 sboukl be ruled
by the fiend, who, saving year rerereuoe, is tlM

Hied V

tlM r

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Act I J

CMM* fhmt n flf h. the Prinos of Moruonii; who
brines wnnL ih« prince, hw maater* will be here
u* eiicfat.

/W. If I eouiil Iwl the fifth welcome with so
fiaid heart an I mn hid ihi' •4l»er fuur fiirewell, I
■hiMild be Klatl <*f hi* apitr.K«rli : if he have the
c><MUitioo iii a mmnt, umi ilu* roniplexiuii of u
(IkviI. I had rather he •hoii il >nriv*- nie t hnii wiYe
BMi. Come, NeriMn.— 8imtii. m* kn-'inre— Wliilee
we shot the gate upou oue woout, ainAher kiHJcks
tl the duer. lExemU.

SCENE III -Veoiee. AjmbbcPlae^
Bmter Bamvun md Shylock.

Ay. Three tbouaaud duaiia.— well

Bau. Ay. sir. A*r Uiree nwinth*.

Skp. Kht ihiee iiwmtlis.— well.

Anw. Fur the which, as i Uikl too, Anttiaio
■ball be hmiiid

Snif. Au'uuii» shall herxioie bdaml.— well.

Bast. May you kiead me t Will you pleasure
OMt f Stmll I KiMiw yuur auiwer T

Shf. Three thousand dueats, fur time uionths,
•ad AnlMUo iMmiid.

Bnat. Yuur aiMwer f o Uiat

^*f. Aatomu M n «imm| m lu.

bam. Hiive you heard Miy impotatioa to the
iiuutrary T

Shf Hv. uu. iMi, no, uii. — my nieamnir. in niy-
ioff Im M a ipHid roan, in lu have you undent and
me, that he is suffirieui : yet lim mean* are in
SQppimlinii : Im Iwih uii nnpvtf bound Ui Tnttolis,
auuthertoihe ludien: I uwlKmiand nHmtover upiHi
the Rinliu, be iuiih » ihml nt Mexico, a fourtli for
KnclNud. — itiid other veiitursH he hath, kiiuui-
der d ahrisid : But s1ii|m arr Inii Is lanls. sailors iHit
men : there he land-rMU, and wiiier-rais, waier-
UiieTes, aad laiid-Uiievwi ; I uieiui. pirateii; and
tlien. there w ilie perilof waters. wiihK and ruotcK:
llie niau m. n«iiHitiiKtMiidiii|t, sufhctent : — three
Ihoismial duoNt*;— I ihink, 1 uitty lake his buuU.

Bnti Be aMured you nuiy.

Hkf. I will he asBured. 1 may : and. that I mav
he MMured, I will bethink uie : May 1 speak with

Bu$ If It please run to dine with us.

Skf Yeit. to Miicli pork ; to eait of tlie huliita-
tiuu which yimr pntpliet. ihe NiiZiinte, ouiijured
llie deni into; I will bny wiih you, Nell with you,
talk with jruu, walk with you. and mo folluwing ;
but 1 will iHiC eiit with you. unnk wiih you, nor
pray with yi»u Wliat itews uu t be Rialto f— Who
m be cumea liere I

Enter Antonia

Bam. This is Ssnistr Autuuiu.

8kf. [Aiidr.l How like a fi.wuiiw publican he
1 kale buB, ftir he m a (.'hnKtam ; [kmksl

Bat mura. Iiir iluu, in low iMni|>licity,
lie Imds uut maiey irratis. and hnuss down
I'he rate of UMiuae liere wnh ns in Veuioe.
If I can cutnli hiut once upiai ilie hip,
I will feed (at the ancient crudice I liear him.
Hr halea our mcred luitiun ; and lie nub.
Kvea thera wlirre memluiiiis nitrti do concrefate.
tin we, my iMnums. and my well-wiai ihrtfl,
Wl-xh be calls interest : Curat be my tnlie.
If I lurfive luin !

Asm. Shyluok. d«> you lusnr f

Skr. I am dehntmi <if my present store :

fnd, by Uie near gomm of my menMiry,
rattis4 ita4antly rawe up the frruM
or full three tlH>UMind ducats : What of that f
Ty«l, a «ke«lihy Hebrew uf my tnbe.

Will ftimiah me : But soft ; How aui^ manliM
Do you desire T— Rest you fair, stsal simior:

Yonr worship was the Inst man in our nMHiUm.

AhI. Sliyloek. alheii 1 m^ither lend uur burner.
By uikiiiK. ni»r by kitiiis of excess.
Vet. to suppiv tlie npe w:iuts uf my friend,
ril break a coRioin :~b lie yet puHwss'd,
How much you would T

Sfi9. Aj. ay. three thousand docata

Ant. And ftir three m«mths.

Shf. I had forro;.~-tlirBemuntlis.yootokliucMUk
Well I lien, your hood; and, let me see.— -But

hear you:
Metliouffht, you said, yon neither lend nor burmw,
Up«Mi adrttuinge.

AmL I do never use it.

Shf When JaciihKrHS'dliis uncle Laban^sheep^
lli.s Juoih fn»m our holy Ahraham was
(Ajt hs wne moilier wniu^it in liis behalf.)
riie tliinl piNMeMMtr: ay. he was the ttiinl.

Ani. AinI what of him ? dsl he take iiitersa f

Shit No. iM»i take interest: nut, as v«)U would say.
Directly interesi : mark what Jaouo did.
Wlien l^biMi and hiiiw^lf were coiu|>rumis'd.
That all tlie eanliiixs which were slreakM, aial

Should n*ll. us Jnouht hire ; the ewes, being rauk,
III ttie rnd of au'uiuu. turned to the raiiu:
Aud when llie work of iteneratiim was
Between these woolly breeders in the act.
The Kkilful shephenl peel'd roe certain wands.
Aud. in tlie d<Nii« uf I tie deed uf kind.
He stuck tliem up liefi»re the fubunie ewee;
Who, then oincetviiw. did in eaniuK time
Kail party dJour*!! IhiiiIm, and thosie w«)re Jacob's.
This wuM u way lo thrive, mihI lie wits blest;
And thnfi is lilessnut, if ineii steid it not.

Ant, This wns a venture, sir. that Jacob aerv'd
A thiiur not in list power to bnnft to pasK. [for;
But sway'd, and <iutliioii'd, hy the haiid of Heuveu.
Was thiti iiMertea iti make intenstt pwid f
Or IS your ituld sihI ailver. ewes uimJ nuns?

Shu 1 ciuiMit tell ; 1 make it breed as fast :—
But luite me, sunuor.

Ant. Mark von this.

1*lie devil rait mie Scnpture fur hat porpuee.
An evd s-Hil. prwluciua holy witness,
hi like a villain with a siiiiliiuc cheek :
A got wily apple nitteu at the heart:
O, what a Kuislly outside falaeliood hath I

8h0 Three thttusand ducats.— 'tis a KUi4l round

BUm. (rnie.

Three OHNiths ftnan twelve, then let me see the

AnL VVell,ShyhM:k.»lmll webe helioklenUiyout

Shif. Suniior Anumai, nmay a time aud «iA,
In tlie Kiului you liuve rated me
AbiHit my monies aud my usanres:
Sull huve I Isirue it wiUi a paiieut shrof ;
Fur sollerauoe at the budge of all taar tnba:
You call me — mwbeliever, oui-thruat dog.
And SMt uptNi my Jewiali gabenliue.
And all lor use lif that which is mine own.
Well then, it imiw appesnt. you need my lielp:
Go to then : you ciMoe to ine. aial you Kay,
Shflodi, NT tiouki ham wtoium; You say so;
You, thiit did viad yuur rlieuiu upun my beaiU.
AihI foot me, as y«Mi Mpuni u siranger cur
Over yuur tlireshold : iiiuuies is your suit.
What siHtuld 1 say to you 1 Slutuld 1 iiui sity,
Hoih*»dovmoi^t isitpombk,
Acmrron (end thrtt ikmmwi dmoU t or
Shall I tieud low, aud lu a boodmun'H key.
With *bated breath, aial wbispenng huudiicuii^

2I7 S

MOliw \

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niy Antouiu. had I but the means
To hold a nrnl plard with ime (»r them,

1 have a miiid preanfre* nie each thr.ft.
That 1 should qomiibuless be fortiinute.

jM. Thou kiHiw'at, that all my f<»rtune« are at
Nor hare 1 twiney, nor otMiimuditjr (i

To raine a prewfiit Huni : therefiire ro forth,
Try what my credit can in Veuir* do:
That sliall be rack'd, even to the utterrooet,
To funUMh ihee to Belmont, to (iiir PorUa.
Go, pretientiy uH|Uire. hiid so will '

Where money in ; and I fio qnestion make,
To have U of my trust, or fur my sake.


SCENE 11. — Belmont. A Room in Pbrtia's Hbusr.
EtUfT Portia ami Neriwa.

iV*. Bv my troth, Nensxa, my little body is a-
weary of this great world.

Ner. You would lie, sweet madam, if yonr mi-
seriea were iu the name HbondniiOK ms your goiKl
Ibrtuiies are : And yei. for uuxlit I Mse, they are
aa sick, tlmt aurfuit wuh too murli. us they that
starve with uothiiif : It t» no meun liappmeMS.
therefore, to lie seated in the mfaii ; superflmty
oomes wonner by while huin, but cimipeteucy
lives loucer.

Par. G<iod sentences, and well t>rononnced.

Her. They wouhl be better, if well followed.

J^or. If Ui do were aa eu-ny as to kn<>w what
were good to d«t. ctia^iels had been dinrches, und
poor men's coiiaKNS. priuoes' pHhtoes It is a good
divine that foiluwa his own inatruclions : 1 can
•asier teach tweikty what were g«Mjd to be done,
than lie one ••/ the iwen'y lo fitliow mine own
teachiuf. The brain may dfVl^e laws for the
blood : but a hot temper len|M over n o>)d decrve:
such a tinre ■ madiiem the y>iutli. to skip o'er ihe
nieslH^ of tt'Hui coiiiMel the cripple. But this
rBaMHiing i*t n<»t m tlie fasliMMi i«i diii<»e me u
bunbaiid : — u me. inewiird cIhmhm;! 1 uiht iiei-
tlier cImmsw wiunii I would, iMir refuMe whom I
dislike ; so w the will m' a liviiuc datiirh'.er curi>*d
by the will of a dead fiitlier :— Is it not haid, Ne-
riwtt, that I caiiiMH chmwe one. nor refuse iioiieT

Ner. Your fatther wua ever virtnouK ; and lii»ly
meu, at tlieir deatli, li.ive kimmI iiwpiritious. tliere-
ibre. the lottery thui lie iiuth devl^ed in tlieM?
Uiree rliests. of gold. siUer. uihI lead. (Whereof
who clioiMMM liiK meaiiiiK, nh(M»i«» you,) will, uu
doubt, never lie clii«ien by any riifiitly, liut one
who you Khali riglitly lovtt. Itiit what waruiih
is there in y«iur atlec ion lowanis -any uf these
princely soiUm thai ure alrewly oiiie 1

/'or. I iirayih»!e. over-iiMiue liieiii ; and a» llmu
nameat ihem. I will dewrilie them ; mid ucourd-
iuc to my deacriptioii, level at mv art'rcnon.

rier. First, iliere w the Nenpoliiau prince.

Por. Ay, that's » cult, indeed, for lie doth no*
thitig but talk of liiK hurae; and lie ninkea it a
giaut uppropriutiou t^i hstown gooil puns, tliat he
can shoe luni himwir: I am Riu,h ainud, my lady
his iiiother played Mtm with n smi h

Nrr. Hien, is tlier* the ( onnty Pulaline;

}*or. Hedoili iHiihiiiK but irawn; aawhosliould
say. And V sua wi/l uoi hatt w^ chufht:^ lie licint
luerry tulea. und smiles u«it : t tear, lie wiil pmve
Iht weepius plnluaopher when he f^roWH ufd. bv -
ing so full «if umiiMniierly SiHliteas in h» youth I
IumI rntlitr lie num«Ml Ui a death's head wuh a
bone iu^iw mouth, than to either of these, (iod
defoial me from these two !

Ner How way you by the Freuch lord, Mon-

Ftr. tiud nuale him, and iherafbre let him pnss

liu to be a V

orsM hitler ^

for a man. In truth, I know it is a sh. to be _
mocker: But, he! why, he hnih a horse belter
than Uie Neapoiitan'it: u lietter bad habit of
frowning than Ihe Count Palaiine: he is every
man in no man: if a thruetle sing, be £ilb
straight a caiiering: he will fence with hut own
sliadow: if 1 should marry him, 1 shoiikl marry
twenty husbands: If he wonid despM^*. me, 1
would forgive him ; ftir if he love ne to mad«
ne^s, I shall never requite him

Her. What mv you then to Fauloonbridgf , Ihp
young Imnin of England ?

Pm You know, 1 say iioihing to him: lor h«
umlerstaiids not me, nor I him : he liaih neitlier
LMiin. French, nor Italian ; and you will come into
tlie court and swear, that I luive a ooor penny-
woriii in the English. He is a pmper maii'ii pic-
i ure ; But. alas ! who can convene with a dumb
allow T ll«iw oddly he is KUitedl I think, ha
bouglit his doublet in Italy, liis round huae in
KninoB. his hooiiet in Gemiauy, and his beha-
viour every where.

Ner. What think you of the boottish lord, his
neighbour I

ror. Tluit he hnth a neighbourly charity la
limi; for he liorrowed a box of the ear of^tbe
Eiuflishiiinn. ami bwure he would tiuy him again,
when he wan able: 1 think, the Freuchman be-
came lihi surety, :md sealed under for aiuii her.

Ner. How like you the youug German, iha
Duke of Saxonv's nephew f

For. Vtiry vilely in the morning, when he is
sober: and naist vilely in the ufieriioon, when he
in druuK : when he is beht, he is a little wono
than u mail ; and when he is worrtt, be is little
bet'er than a bea&t: au the worst, f.ill that ever
lei., I lio|ie, I shall make shift to go without him.

Ner. a he should olfer to chcaise, and chouse
the rixlil casket, you ahuuld refuse to peiiorm
your faiher's whl. if you sliuuid refuse to accept

}'or. Therefore, for fear of the worst, I pray
thee, set a deep glaiis uf Rheninh wuie on Ihs
o«i<itnir>- r4wket : for, if the devd be within, and
Uuti iempluiioi) without, I know he will cliuOHe
It. I will do luiything, Neriksa, ere 1 will be mar-
ried to a spuuse

Ntr. Von need not fear, lady, the having any
of these lords; they have aixiuuinted me with
their detenuiiui ions : which is, iiuleed, to return
to their htiiiie, and lo trouble you with no mure
sun ; unlesi>. you may lie won by some other sort
I hail your father's iiiipusiliou, depending on the

Por. If 1 live to be ns old as Sibylla, 1 will dis
us diaste as Diana, unleas I be olitumed bf t m
manner of my father's will : I am glud tlus pap el
of wiNiers are so leaaonable ; ftir iifttre is not o m
among them hut 1 dote on his very abseuoe, and
1 pray Uod gnnit iheni a fair depiirture.

Ner. Do you ii<it rememlier, lady, in yoor te-
ther's time, a Venetian, a acluilur, and a soldier,
that cone hiiher lu company of the ifarqois ui
Mouifcrrut 7

for. Yes, yes. it was Bassanki; as I think, so
WMS hu called.

NiT. True, madam : he, of all the meu that
ever my I'oolisli eyes looked upon, whs the best
deservini; a fair lady

Fur, I reiiiemher him well; and 1 remember
him wortliy of thy praise.— How now! what ueH-sl

Kuter a Servant

Strv. I'he four strangert seek for ym. madam,

to lake iheir laave: and there is a fuivrunttw

uniMi' ^

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lint t«ll not me; 1 koowr Antnnin
to lad to think apoa his merchandiM.

Ami. Believe roe, no: I thank my furtune for it,
Jfy venturee are not iu one bottom trusted,
Nor to one place; nor is my whole estate
Dpoo the fortune of this present year :
Tnerefore, my merchandise makes me not sad.

Sttl<m. Why then you are in love.

AnL Py.fy!

Salon. Not in lore neither T 'llien let's say, you
are sod.
Because you are not merry : and 'twere as easy
P^iryou, to lauirh, and leao, and suy. you are merry,
Becaose you are not sad. Now, by two-headed

Natare hath rram'd strange fellows in her time :
Some that will erermore peep throuirh their eyes,
ind lauffh, like piirruls, at a baK-piper;
And other of soch Yineitar aspect,
niial tbevll not show their teeth in way of smile.
llMHifh Nestor swear the jest be laughable.

EiUer Baasanio, Lorenzo, and Gratiauo.

Satan. Here dunes Baasaiiio, your roost noMe
Grstiano, and Uirenzo : Pare you well ;
We leave you imiw with better oompany. [merry,

Saiar 1 would have stayed till I had made you
If worthier fneiids had not pi evented me.

AnL Your wi»rth is very dear in my regard.
1 lake it, your own business cidls on you.
And von embrace the occasion to deuart.

Saiar. Uood-niorrow, my ginxl lords.

Bos*. Good signiors both, when shall we laugh T
Say. when I
Tea crow exceeding strange : Must it be so T

Sour. Wit'U make our leisures to uttend on
yoQTS. iExamt Sahiriuo atid Salania

Lor. My Lord Bobsanio, since you have found
We two will leave yon : but, at dinner-time.
I pray you, have in mind where we must meet.

Bast. 1 will not fail you.

Gro. You look not well. Signior Antonio;
Yon liave too much respect upon the wurld :
They k«e it, that do boy it with much care,
(lelieve me, you are marvellously chanced.

Ant I hold the world but as the world, Gra-
tiano ;
A stage, where every man roust play a part.
And mine a sad one.

Gra. Let me play tlie Fool :

With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come;
And lei mv liver rather heat with wine,
Than my heart onol with mortifying groans.
Why shoiUd a nuin, whtise blood is warm within.
Sit like his rrandsire cut in Hlabastcr f
8le««p when he wakevT and cr«fep i iiio the Jnunditn
Bf being peevmh f I tell Ihefi wliHt, Aiit<»uio, —
J love thee, and it is my love that speaks i~
There are a sort o( men, whose visages
Do cream and mantle, like a standing pond ;
And do a wilful stilliiem entertain,
Wiih porpuse to be drew'd in an opinioa
Of wiuom, gravity, profuund conceit ;
As wfau shtHihl say, lam Str Orade,
Andi mtten lope mi Ups, let mo dug barki
O. my Antonio, I do know of the^.
That therefore only are reuuttnl wise.
For saying nothing ; who. i um very sure.
If they shoukl speak, would aliiio^ damn those
ears. [fools.

iKIuoh, bearing them, wonid call thnir bruihitrs,
ni toU thee more of this anoiher time :

flsh not, Willi Uus luehiiicholy bait, I

For this fool's gudgeon, this opinion.—
Come, good Lorenzo : — Fare ye well, a while;
111 end my ezhortution nAer dinner. [itnia:

JLor. Weil, we will leave you then till dinuer-
I must be one of tliese same dumb wise men.
For Graliano never lets me speak.

Gra. Well, keep me company but two years

more. [tongue.

Thou shall not know the sound of thnie own

Ant. Farewell: I'll grow a talker for this gear.

Gra. Thanks, i'faiib ; for silence is only com-
In a neat's tongue dried, and a maid not vendible.
[JEzvim/ GraUono and Lormzow

Ant. Is that any thing now?

Ba$$. Graliano speaks an infinite deal of nothing,
more than any man in all Venice : His reasons are
astwoirrainsof wheat hid in two bushels of chaff;
you shall seek all day ere you find them : and,
when you have them, they are not worth tho

Ant. Well ; tell me now, what lady is thisaaoM
To whom you swore a secret pilgrimage,
I'hat you to-day promis'd to tell me tZt

Bah. Tis not unknown to you, Antooio^
How much 1 have disabled mine estate.
By snmethimc showing a more swelling port
lliau mv faint means would grant omtinuanoa :
Nor do I now make moan to be abridg'd
From such a noble rale ; but my chief care
Is. to come fairly off from the great debts.
Wherein my time, soroeihing loo prodigal,
Haih led me gaged : I'o you, Antonio.
1 owe the ini«t, in money, and in love ;
And from your love I huve a warranty
To unhurt hen all my plots, and purposes,
How to gel clear of all the debts I owe.

Ant. I pray you, gtiod Bussanio, let me know it:
And. if ii stand, as you younelf still do,
Wiihin the eye of honour, be assured.
My pur^e, my ()erM>n. my extremMt means.
Lie all uuluck'd to your occasions. [shaft.

Bass. In my school-days, when I had loeC one
I shot his fellow of the sell same flight
The selfstime way. wilh more advised watch,
To find the other forth ; and by adveiii'niig both,
loft found boih : I urge this <*4iildhood proot,
Because what f«>llows is pure iuiiocenoe.
1 owe you much ; and, lilce a wilful you h,
That which I owe is lost : but if you please
To shoot another arrow tluil self way
Which ytm did shoot the first, I do not doubt.
As 1 will waich the aim. or to find both.
Or bnng your latter liuz>ird back again,
And thankfully rest debtor for the firttt. [time,

Ant You know me well ; and herein spend but
To wind about my love wilh circumstance ;
And, out of doubt, you do me now UKire wrong.
In making question «if my ultermoMt.
I'haii if you had made waste of all I have :
Then do but say to me what I slioold do.
Thill in your knowledge may by me he done.
And I am prei4 unto it : therefore, speak.

Bau. In Belmont ix a ludy nchly left.
And she is (an, aial, fiurer than tlmt word.
Of woiMl'rous virtues ; Monietinies from her tifna
1 did receive fair speechless meiiadges :
Her name is P4»rtht ; iiMthing undervalued
To Cabi's daiiKhter. Brutus' Portia.
Nor IS the wide world ignorant of her worth ;
For the four winds blow in from every oiiast
Renowned suit4irs : and her sunny lucks
Hang on her temples like a golden fleece :
Which makes her seat of Belmont, CoIdwW
And many Jaeous come in quest of her. [straiul.


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jreara Bat. mmt eMtaemed iTMtiMn, will you
hear tlt« diuluftue that the twu l«>amed men hNve
ftmipiled, in prMise of the owl and the cuckoo 1
It sImmiIU have followed in the end of our show.

A'mff. Call theoi forth quickly, we wiU do ao.

Arm. Holla! appmach.

Altar HolofiBmea, Nathaniel, Moth, CoetanI, and

Thia side is Hieins. winter ; this Ver. the sprinr :
the one maintained by the owl, the other by the
oookou. Ver, tMKia.

SpriM^ Wkendmnapml.MimililsbIm,
Ami ladMmodu mU tOaer-vkUe,
And ruekao-bmU ^iffelkm km.

Dojmmttke meadmo§ wilk itUokt^
Tiw ntrsoo Mciit en every Ittc,
MockM marrifd mtn^fw Om$ tmg» he,

Cttekoo. atckoo,—0 word of fear,
Umdemmmg to a mmrried tart

When shepherds pipe <m oaten straws.

And men y larks are plonohmm's rtodu.
When twrtks trend, and rooks, and daws.
And maidens bleach tkmsnmmar smocks.

The rttckoo then, on everg tree.
Mocks marrud mm, for thus singt hSf

Cuckoo ;
Cuckoo, cuckoo,— O word off tar,
Unpleasmg to a married earl

Winter. When iddes hana fty (he wall.

And Dick the shepherd bfows kts wdl,
AM Tom bears lavs into the halt.

And milk comes frotm home m pail.
When blood is nipp'd, and wojfsbefont,
ITten mvhltt sings the starmg owl,

Tu whit, to-who. a tnerrf note.
White grtasg Jana doth kett the poL

When oU aland the wind doth blow.

And conffhing drowns the parson's sow,
And birds sit brood tno m IV snow.

And Marian's nose looks red and rass^
When roasted crabs hiss in the bawl.
Then nighUit sings the staring mU,

To-who ;

l\i-whit, to-who, a mierrtf note,

WhiUgreasfiimn doth keel the pot.

Arm, The words of Mercury are harsh after

tlie sonc» of Apollo. You, that way; we. thia

way. iSxenni


Duke of Venice.

ffi*^ *i ^Z!^ l^^tors to Portia.

Prince of Arracon. 1 _ .

Antonio, the Merchant <if Vemea.

^aanxao, his friend.

Sahinio, >

Salarino, >fnsnds to Aniomo and BaaaoMO.

Oratiano, )

Lonmzo. in lave with Jessna^

Shylock. • Jew.

Tubal, a Jew. his friend

Uunr«lot Gobbn, a down, servant to Shglock.

Old GoMio. father to launeeiot.

Saleho. • messenger from Venios.

Le<MMndo. servant to Bassanio.

Portia, a rich herress.

Neriasa. her waiting-maid.

Jessica, danghter to Shglock.

Magnifkoes ^ Vennre. QffUtrs of the Comrt gfJus-

ttce. Gaoler, Semants, and other AUendants.

bCmK—Parttv at Venice, and parllf at Belmont,

the seat of Portia, on the ConUnenl.

V u wea


SCENE L-Vemoe. A Street.
Enter Antonio, Salanno, ami Salanio.

Ant. In sooth. I know not why t am so saJ ;
_l wearies me: '

9ot how 1 cauf I

: you say, it weariea you :
if ht it, (ound it. or came by it.

What stuff lis made oC wbereo/ it is bom,
I am to learn ;

And such a want-wit sadness makes of me,
Tbnt I have much ado to know myself.

Solar. Your mind is toasinc on tlie ocean ;
There, where your ancnnes with portly sail.
Like siiniiori nnd rich burshers of the fkiod.
Or. as it were, tlie pei^eunts of the sea, —
Do orerpeer the petty traffickers,
1'hat curtW to them, do them reverence.
As they fly by them with their woven wiiifs.

Satan. Believe me. sir, had I such venture forth.
The belter part of my affections would
Be with mj hopes Mbnwd. I should be stilt
Pluckine the unm, to know where sits the wind:
Peering in maps, for ports, and piers, and roads;
And every ol^ect, that migiit make me fear
Misfortune to my ventures, out of doubt.
Would make me sad.

Salar My wind, ooolitur my brolly

Woakl blow me to an aitne, when I thought
Wliat harm a wind to«i Kr«at might di» at sea.
I should not i^e iht; sundy hoor-Kbise run.
But I fihould think of sliallows and of flau:
And see my wealthy Andrew dock'd in sand,
Vailins her hiirh-top luwer than her nhe.
To kiss her burial. Should I fco to church.
And see the holy edifice <>f stone.
And not bethink me siraiirht of dnnireroas rocks f
Which touching but my KeiilNi vessel** aide.
Would scatter all her spires on the stream ;
Enrobe the roaring waters with my silks ;
And, in a word, but even now wortli this,
And now worth no* bins T Shall I have the thoufftU
To think on this ; and shall I lacic the thought,
lliat sudi a tiling, bechancM, would make me sadt

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