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Would fnmi my foreheud wipe a periur'd note;
For noue olluiid where all Mlike do dute.
Loop Dumuin. {adoanring} thy liive is far fhmi

V BaoL Her i
^ . ooteiL

I'hut in love's gnef denir'ta aonetv : rchunly

Yoo mav hnik pale, but I should mush, I know.
To be o erhearu, and titkeii uRppins so

King. Come. sir. {adooncing] you blash ; m his
rour cuae is sur.h ;
You chiue at lum. oflKtudiiig twice as mocU ;
You do not love Miuia ; Loiucaville
Dttl never stHiiiet fiir her soke compile :
Nor never Iny his wreslhed arms sihwnrt
His loviiw{ Ihhoiu, to keep dtiwu his heart.
I linve \>oeu cltwely Hlirouded in this bush.
And inurkM you both, and for you both did blinh,
1 lienrdvour guilty rhymes, oliserv'd your (isiiiini ;
Saw sigfas reek froiiiyou, noted well your passion:
Ah me I snys one ; O Jove I the other criex ;
One. her hairs were aokl. crystal ihe other's eyes:
You would for paradise break fiiith and tmtli ;

{To Long.
And Jove, for your love, would infringe an iiath.
[7*0 Dumuin.
What will Biron say, when that he shall hear
A foith infrinx'd, which such a xeul dkl bwear T
How will he scorn ? how will he speial his wit I
How will he triumph, leap,attd Uugh al it t

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[Act IV.

V Sir]

jttn : jrttu are a pNid member or the comnion-

Hoi. Mehrrclf, if ihehr sons he iiurenioos, they
shall want nn iiistrurtiiin : if their daughrei-e btf
capnble, ( will pot it tu them : Bat, vtr aajrit, qui
peaica loquitur: a auul feminiue salutcth ua.

Enter Jaqaenetta and Costanl.

Jaq. Gnd give jim nmd niitimw. master person.

HoL Master pen«oii.— ^m/n pen t>ii. And if une
■hoiilil lie pierced, which is the uiie I

Co8t. Marry, master srli<iolma«t«r, be that is
Itkest to a h«iKiiheail.

HU Of pierciuff a himhead ! a fftMid lustre of
oouoeit ill a turf of *• arth ; fire enuii^li for a flint,
pearl enough for a swine : tis pretty ; it is well.

Jaq. Gufwl master parwin. he so Ktiod us read me
thM letter; it was aiven me by Cuttiard, niid sent
me from Don ArniNlho : 1 l»es«eGh you. read it.

HtA. I'huste, yncor gettda quatulo peau omne snb
Jtapntiiai, - and mi forth. Ah, goud old Mnntuan !
i may speak of thee as the traveller duth of Venice :

— ^ VturffM, Vineoki,

Chi non /e vede, a tion U pnyta.

Old Mnntuan ! old Mantoan ! Who undrrstandetli

thee not, hives iliee not.— W, rr, tot. la,mi./a —

Under pardon, sir, w lint are the rouii'iitsT or. rat her,

M Horace says in his— What, my soul, verses?

ffath. Ay, sir. and very learned. {domme.

HnL Let me hear a stair, a ^tallza, a verse ; Dve,

Hath. If love make ine forsworn, how shall I

swear i<% love T [vowed !

Ah, never faith nmld hold, if not to beauty

lliooi^h to myself forsworn, to thee I'll fiiiihfuj

prove ; [(«ien« bowed.

Those thoiiirhis to nin were onkx. to thee like

Study his htus leuv(«, and makes his tiook thine

eyes ; [com prehend :

Where all those pleasures live i hat art would

If knowlfHl^ lie the mark, to know thee shall

siiflfce ; [commend :

Well learned is I hat toi^tiie.that well can ihee

All igiioniiit that suul. that sees thee witliout

wundt;r ;

(Which is I o me some prniso, that I thy parts

adniiru ;}

Thy eye Ji.ve » lightning bears, thy voice his

dreadful thnnder. fiiin

Which, not U» anger bent, is music, and sweet

Celestial, as thou art, oh pardon, love, this

w mug, [tongue !

That sings heaven's praise with such an earthly

Hoi. You find not i he Hptwi niphcs, and so miss

the accent : let me 8ii|icrvKHe the cnnxonet. Here

are only nuniben* mtiinil ; but for the elegancy,

fcrility, and golden cudcnre of (M*esy, caret. Ovi-

dios Naso wan the man : and why, indeed, Naso;

hut for smelling out ilie odoriferous flowers of

fciK-y, the jerks of invention 7 Imitnri, \» notliing:

•o doth the hound his iiiasler, the a[ie his keeper,

the tired horse his rider. But dnmosella viryin,

was this direcied to you f '

Jaq. Ay, sir, from laie Monsieur Biron, one of
the strange queen's lords

HtU. I will ovenrlance the superscript. To the
tnow-whiie hand of the most beauteous ijady Rom-
bne. 1 will liMik nguin on the intellect of the
letter, for the nominaiion of the party writing to
tlie nersiMi wmtcii unto:

Your ladyship's in aU desired emptofmnU, Biron.
Sir Nathaniel, this Biron is one of the votaries
ariUi the king : and here he hath frametl a letter

to a sequent of the stranger queen's, whirh, aoni-
dentally. or by the way of progrewiiun, haih nus-
carried.— Trip and «o. my liweet; deliver tiiia
paper inU> the royal hand of ihti king: it may
concern much : Slav not thy oonipliiiieut ; 1 fur-
give Xhy duly ; adieu.

Jaq. GtKid Costard, go with me.— Sir, God suie
your life !
Cost. Have with Ihee, ray girl.

{Exeunt Cost, and JwL

Nath. Sir, you have done this in the fear ti

God, very religiously; and, aa a certain father


luit me of the fhiher, I do fear rav
rs. But, to return to the veraes;
!e you. t>ip Natluniiel ?
' llous well for the i>en.

to day at the father's of a certain
where if, before repast, it shall
, itify the table Willi a grace. I will,
^ ^e 1 have with the parents of the
mil or pii|>il. undertake your btnvmuto;
till prove lhi«« verses to be very uii-
learneii, neither siivoiiring of poetry, wit. uor in-
vention : I liestiech your aociely.

Nath. And thuuk you loo: for society (sajth the
text) is the happiness of life.

IM. And. rentes, the text most infallibly ooo-
cludes It— 8ir. [to Dull. J 1 do invite you Uni; you
Nhall not say me, nay: pauca itrba. Away: the
gentles are at their gunie, and we will to oar re-
creaUon. lExatnL

SCENE \\\. - Anothtr perl <^ Iht soma.
Enter Biron, wilh a paper.
Biron. The king he is hunting the deer; I aiu
coursing iiiy^elf: they have iiit{:h*d n unl ; 1 uni
toiling in a micii ; piirh that ilffiles ; defilti ! a liful
word. Well, Set ihee down, sorrow ! for so they
say, the fiMil Siiid. and so say I, aial I the foot
Well proved, will ^y ihe i^rd, tliiM h*ve is as
mad as Ajsix : it kills shf ep ; it kills me. I a sheep :
Well proved again on my side ! 1 will n«»t love: if
1 do, hang me ; i'laith, i will not. O, but her eye,
—by this liiflit, but ft»r her eve. I would mil love
her; yea. for her two eyes. W'ell. 1 do nothing .n
the wi>rld but lie, and li<! in my thriait. By heaven.
1 do love: and it hath t4iuf{ht me to rhyme, and
to \to melanclioly ; and hure is p«rt of my rhyme,
and here my niclaiicholy Well, she hath one <•'
my sonnets already; the clown b«>re it, the fooi
sent it, and the Indy hath it : sweet clown, sweeter
fool, sweetest lady ! By the world, 1 would not
care a pin if the other three were in: Here comes
one with a paper; God give him gnice to gruiiu.
iGtls up into a im.

Enter tht King with n paper.
JCmg. Ah me ! >

Biran. [ilJirfe.] Shot by heaven ! — Pnire«>U,
sweet Cupid; thou hast Ihuinp'd him wiih iby
bird-boll under the left pap :— rfiiilh secrets.—

Kino. [Reads 1 So sueel a kiss the qoiden sun
gives wn

To those fresh mominff drops tipon the rose.
As Vm eye-beams, when ihtirjresh rays have smote

The ntffht of dew that on my rhnks dntrnjimos:
Nor shines the stiver moon one halt so bnt/hl

Throtiiih the transpartnl bosom qfthe deep.
As doth thjf/ace through tears of mine qt:e Ugfd s

ThCM shm'sl in am-y tear thai J do vterp ,
No drop but as a coach doth carry thee.

So ridest Ihou trnanphinif in my woe:

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/ kfn IV.]

> JbiL Weill


9m. Well Um», 1 am Um ihooter.

Bfif^^ And who is 700? deer T

IZm. lfw»oiwioi«hvUielit>nM,yoaiwf: csume
fiuMT pot <HU indtteJ I— [near.

iter. YtNi sUII wrande with her, Bogret, Mud
•tie Htnkes at the brtiw.

Btfd. But she hente.f ia hit lower: HuTe 1 hit
her nuw T

Um. Shall I omoe upon thee with an (ild aajinf .
Ikat waa a man when King Ptopin uf Frauou was
ft hUle bmr. as toachin< tiie hit it T

JbyaC So I may unswer thee with one as old,
Ihat was a w«iuuin when Qoeen Goiuerer of Bn*
Inm WM a iHlle weoch. as toorhinc the hit ic

ibn. Tkm anal mot M it, kit iL ku it. {SU^^k^
Thorn emtu not huit^mit good wtmt.


SoftL Am I OMnol. cannot, cannot.
Am I cannot, another can.

iKztunt Ram. and Kath.
Cotl Bv my tnitb, roost pleaaautl huw boUi

JIar. A ninrk manr«UtiOs well shot; for th^

both did hit it.

BoifU. A ituirk ! O. mark Imt that mark ; A

mark, sajra my lady I [may ha.

Lst the mark hnve a pnofc iii't. to mete at, if it

Mar. Wide o* the bow band 1 I'lalthyour *

is out
CM. Indeed, a* must shoot nearer, or bell aa'er

hit the cioot.

JBoprf. An if my band ba oat. then, belike your

band is in. [the pin.

Coot llieti will hhn Ret the apshot by cktnviiig

Mar. Ctane, omie. you talk ^ntaiMly, your lips

irruw foul.
Co$L Site's toil lianl fnryoa at pnck»,sir : dial-

leiiffe tier u, howt

Hapd. i fcar'.oo much mlibiDir: G«iod ni^ht my

jciiwl owl. [EtbtaU B««7t>t tmJ Mnnn

Co$t. By my mmiI, a awuiii ! a moHt Nimplf clowu !

Lord, lord ! ni»w the ladies aial 1 hare put hiiii

down! [wii!

(ymyimlt«moatsweetJ«ntsl nioet inooiiy vuUur

Wh«n ii ouoMf* Ml siiHiotldy ofl^ so obsoeueiy, as it

WHre, »i> At.
Annatho o* the (Nie side,— O. a mtiat dainty miin !
'i'osee bini walk tiefure a liidy.MiMl Ut bear hitr fan !
To sea bim ki?« his hand 1 and bow rouai sweeily

a' Will swear !—
And Idi page o* t' other aala. that handful of wit !
Ah, llravena, it is a moat paibetical nil !
Sola, sola I [Shouting wilhin.

[Exit Cuatard, nmmng.

SCENE II -Tkt mnne.
Enftr Holofernea, Sir Nathaniel, and Dull.

Vmtk, Very rererrod sport, tnily ; and done in
Ike tesiiniuny of a Knud oiNMRMtnoe.

Uol^ 'I'lie d«er wns. hs yiMi know, in avavaw,—
bl(ii«l* npeasapiMuew.iiisr wboiMiwhangethlike
a jewel in ihe ear of roto,— die sky. the welkin,
the lieaveii ; and anon falleth like a crab, 00 the
fnem of rrrro.—llie aoil. ttir Innd. tlie earth.

Natk Tmly. Maslar Holoferuea. tua epithets
eft sweetly verieil, like aNciiirfurat the laast : but,
sir. I asMin* ye. f wm a hock iif the Urat head.

/M Str Nm hauMil. 4ffMi/ rm/o

JkaL n'waii n«it a hand cndo ; 'twas a pnoket.

UoL kliwt iiartwruua iiilimaikm ! yet a kind of
iaauiQMtMNi, as it were, m vta, in way, of ezplicn-
iMiu; Jarm, as it were, repUcaUon, or. ntilier,
asfentore.ioaiMw.aa it were, his inolinutiiNi.—«iAer
hai amlre«ied.uiipolMhcd. uiieducated. nnpnined.
wtTiiiasJ, »H mther unlettered, or, r>t t berwat, uu- 1

oonfinu'd fushHja«-4o insert ai{ain luy *ia»d cnJ»
fur a deer.

DutL iaaKl.tbadaerwa8nom*iTarfrrBi/oj1w.ia
a pricket.

HoL Twre aod simplicity. Aw rortet/—0 th>»'i
monster iipioranoe, liow Ueiuniied di«t ibou lui>i» !

Nath. Sir, be bath ntsvur fml of ihf d-iinieaih it
arp bred in a hook ; he Imlh not etii piipttr. aa it
were ; he hath iHit dniuk ink : hM iiilelhtct is 11 <t
replenisli«>d ; he i* only au aniiiiHl, only senaU>ie
I in the dullnr parts;
And sudi liarren plants are set before aa.tbat wa

thankful aliouki be
( Whidi we of taste and ft^elinr arp) for thoae pnrla

that do fructify in us ntotm than be.
For as it would ill heroine me to be vuin, indM-

creet, or a fool.
So, were thera a patch set <ni leuminf , to see biui

in a sdiool :
Bat.eamff tenr.aay I ; beiiiK of an old Cither's miial,
Mang can brootc tie weaLicr. that tone not the iatn>i.

DulL You two are book'meu : Can you tell by
vour wit.
What waa a month old at Caiii<lB biith, tbatls not
five weeks old aa yet T

HoL Diotynua, good nuui Dull ; Dictynna, Rood
mail Dull.

DnlL What ia Diotyium ?

Sath. A title to HlKabe. to Luna, to the moon.

HoL Hie iiMN« wu* a iiMnitli old. when Adam
was no iiMinp ; [fiveaoore.

And raofht luit to five weeks, when he came to
The itlluaion hokls in the axchnnce

DtUL Tw true indeed ; tlie odluaiou holda m
the exrhiiiace.

HoL God oiimfbrt thy capacity I I say. the allo-
siim hokls in tlie exdiange.

DutL And i say the |ii>lluaion holds in the ex»
chniute ; for Uim inoiai is never but a nitaith old :
Hml 1 say be»tde, that 'twas a pricket that Uie
pniiceM kill'd.

HoL Sir Nai haniel, will you henr an exteroponil
epitaph 00 Ihetleaihof theileer t uiitl. l«» liuiMiiir
the iRuomni^ I have call'd the deer the priiMteas
kdi'd, a pricket.

Na/h. /Vryr, Rood master Holofemes, perv*; m»
it siull pleiute y«iu u> altmcnte scurnlny.

Hot. I will somelhiiiff alfeat the letter; for n

arigues faaaiy.

The prai$r/ut frmcrsi pien^d and prick'd a pnttg

pkastng pricket ;

Some eat. u sort ; tmt not a tore, till now made

tore tati ehoottng.

The doge dtd yU ; imt I to tore, then toret jnmpe

Jrttm thicket ; [hooitMtf.

Or pncket, torr, or elte tortl : the peop/e fall a

If mm be torr^lhm Ho tore m^tet^tg torn;

tore L! [murr U

Of ante tore Ian hundred make, bg addu^ but out

Sath. A rare talent !

DulL If a talent In* a diiw, look how he daw «
him with n talent.

HoL Tins is n (dn that I have, simple, simple ,
a Aiolisli exinivaaHiil spirit, full of forms, licnrm,
shapes. iiltjvcLx, Nleiis, a|t|»nfhunsioini. iiioIuhis. n^
vulutiiNis: these are In;(<iI m the veiiincle it(
nienH>ry.n<>urwlteil in tlio wtNiihof piasia/cr; aial
deliverd upon tlie mellowing of orcawon: Hut
the Rill w RiMiil in ttioae in whom it is acute aial
I am thankful f«ir iL

Nath. 8ir, I praise the L4>rd for you : mimI w> nmy
my penshioners ; fur their sihis are well luHN-'ii by
you, and their daughters profit very greatly under

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or hM almighty drendfiil little might.

Well. 1 will love, wnie, swh, pray, rae, and groan;

Soote imtii mum lure my lady, and uome Joan.



SCENK l.-Ajiotherpart nfOe turn.

AHer the Priiioeai, Kauai inc, Maria, Kalharina,
Bojat, Lnnli, Attendants, ami a Fonsater.

Frm. Waa that the king that nHirr'd his hnrse
.igainst the sleep uprising of the nill ? C«o hard

Btmt. i know not ; but, I think, it was not he.

iVw. Whoe'er he was, be sliuw'd a mounting
Well, lords. Ui-day we shall hare our d««patch;
Ob Suiurduy we will return to Pnioce —
Then, Turester, my friend, where is the bosh,
That we must stand mihI pluy the murderer in 7

Fbr. Here by, upon the edge of yonder omfAce;
A stand, where you niuy make the fnirest tthoot.

Priu. i thunk my besuty. 1 am fiiir that shout.
And thereupon thou speak'st the ftiirest shoot.

/W. Pardon me, mudsm, for 1 meant not su.

Prin. Whut. witatf first praise me, and ogain
say. no?
O short- liv'd pnde ! Not fiur T alack for woe I

Fbr. Yes, madam, fair.

}*rin. Nay, nerer paint me now ;

Where tur is not, praise cannot mend the brow.
Here, guud my glaw, take Uus for telline true ;

[Gtvmg him money.
Pair payment for fiinl words is more than due.

thr. Nothing but fiiir is Umt which y«>u inherit.

/Vm. See, me, my beauty will |je sav^d by xuttA.
O lien^y in fiiir, fit for tlieae days !
A giving hand. I hough fouUhall haTefiiirprBiae.<—
Bui oome, the Imiw :— Now merry gties to kdl,
And sliooting well is then account*^ ill.
Thus will 1 Huve my credit in the shoot :
Not wounding, piiy wouki not let me dot;
if wounding, then it was to sliow my skill,
'I'hat mure lor praise, thnn puriKwe, nietint to kilL
And, out of quesiion, so it is mMneiiiues ;
Ulory grows guilty of detested crimes ;
Wlieii. for Aune's sake, tor pruise, an oatward
We bend to that the working of the heart : fpiut,
As 1, fi>r praise alone, now seek to spill
lite p«N»r deer^ blood, that my heurt means no ilL

i<Ofel. iX> not curat wivea 'hold tliat self-auve-
Only Ibr praise* sake, when they strive to be
Lords o'er their lords f

PrtH. Only for praii^i : and praise we taxj afford
To ai^ iady tiist subdues a lord.

&/»- Costard.
Prin, Here oomes a member of the oommoa-

Goal God dig-yott-den ail I Vrvg you, which is
the head lady (

Prm^ 1'huu sh«lt know her, fellow, by the net

(hat iuive no heads

CosL Winch is lite greatest Imly, the highest?

iVm. The iliickest, snd the lullest.

CmL I'lie tliickest, aiai the lalkstf it is so;

truth M truth. | wit.

An yonr wsist, mist raw. were as slender as my

One uf these nuuds' giniles for your wnist stiouUl

befit. (ben.

An Dotyui) Ute chief womanT you an the thickest

tnm. WhMV% jruar wdl, sir f whafk juor wdi t


CotL I have a letter ftom Honaienr Bhron, to
one Lady Rosaline.

Prin. Oj thy letter, thy letter, he'k a guoi
fheiHl of mine :
Stand astde, ennd bearer.— Bojret, yon can cam ;
Brf ak up this capon.

Botet. ! am bound to serve —

This leiter hi mistook, it ImptHteth none here :
It is writ to Jaquenetta.

Prm. We will read it, I swear ;

Break I he neck of the wax. and ew'ry one give ear.

Bojfe<. [Kehds ] fijr keovm. that thou art Jan
UmoMtinfiiUiblr ; trm.thal thou art beoMttmu ; tnUk
Utfif, that thou art lovrlg : Mote Jantr than fmr.
beaiUtful than beauttmu : truer than truth it*H/,
have commiitratim on thf heroioal vaaaalt lie
mavnanhnou* and uutet Utualraie Kim Cophetna
aei eye ttimN the prmiaoue and indubitate beggar
Zeiielophon ; attd he it was thtt m>ght righUf tap.
veni, vhU, vici : which to anaiomtMe m the vutyar, ( O
ba*e and odacure vulgar I) videlicet, Ae, «cmie. asie,
aiui tmercame: he came^ one: 9aw,twot overca m e,
three. Who camel the tiing; Why did he comet to
tee ; Whg didf^eeef to ovtrcome: 7h tnhom came
he 1 to the beggar; WhataawkeT thebewar; Who
overcame lu? the btggar: TheronclueiOHievicterw;
On whoee $tdr. T the Idnu's : the cmttre is enrieh'd ;
On whose stdet thebrggar's: line catastrophe is a
nuptial: Oh whose side T The kini/*s t^-no^ on both
in one. or one m btdh. Jam the tang ; for to stamts
the comparison : thou the beggar ; for so wUuesseth
thg lowliness. ^^uiU I comwumd thg love 1 / nmy:
ShaU I enforce thelovel 1 could: ShnU I mtrtat
thsUmel IwilL What shaU thou exchange for mgst
robes; Fbr tittles, titlet: For thgstlf, me. Thus
expecting thy reply, 1 profane my Hps on thy foot, my
qfcs OH thy picture, and my heart on thy every part.
Thine, in the dtartst design o) mdustry.
Don Adrinno de .\nnado.
Thus dost thon hear the Nemean hon roar Lcrey ;

'Gainst thee. I boo Inmb, that standest as ha
SolanisMve fiiil his \tru\cn\y feet before.

And he fiom forage will incline to play:
But if Umu strive. pcx>r xoul, what art Ui«>n then f
Food for hn race, reptutture f«ir his den

Prin. Whut plume (^ featlien m he. that indited

this leUer ? [hear better T

Wliat vuneT what weather-mck? dkl you ever

Boyet. 1 am much deceived, but 1 remember the
style. (erewhile.

Prin. £lse your memory w bad, going o'er it

Avel. This Armndo is a Spanianl. that k«e|«
here in court;
A phantasm, a Monsrclio. and one that makes sport
To the prince, and his book-mates.

Prin. Thou, fellow, a word :

Who gave thee Uiis leUer I

Cost. I told you ; my kird.

Prin. To whom shouhlst thou give it T

CosL Fnmi my lord to my Isdf.

Prin. Pruro which lord, to whicli lady T (muie.

Cost. Prom my LiHd Biroii, u good master or
To a ladv of l>>anoe, that he call'd Kosaline.

Prin. Ihou hast mistaken his letter. Come,
lords, away.
Here, sweet, put op this; twill he thine another
dj«y, • IKxtt ItiiiceMi and limn.

Boyd, who is the suitor I who is the »uitur f

Ras. iMiall 1 leach you to know ?

Boyd. Ay. my continent of lieauty.

Ros. Why, she that bears tlie bow.

Finely pnt off! (mamr.

BoyeL My lady goes to kill horns ; bat. if ihiMi
Hang me by the nock, if lionis that year miscam
Finely pot on!

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Re-«ii/flr Moth and Ci«tinL

Ualk A w«iiid«r, muier; Iwre't • Onstanl

hniken m a skm.
Atwu Smne M«mii. tuiiw riddie: ounw.— thy

rMoay,*— hefcim.
CmI No ecnm. no riddle, no Trnw^y ; an wive
hi the hmU. sir : O, air. plantain, a i>liiiii pUiita a ;
■u Cemvo*, no tenmfv. uo anlve. sir, hot a ^aiiiHin!
ilrm. Hv virtue. tlto<i euftircest laaxh'cr: ihv
■itlv ibooKtii. af 8pli}*'ii : the houvinc of mjr lon)^
pruvokes ma ut rid«ul«Mui smiliiuf : O. penlm iiic,
aqr stars! Di>th tlie innmsidnntie take snlvn fur
ftmm, aad the word, Cemrop. fiir a salve T

Mtk Dn the wise thiak ttieui other? is n<»t


Arm. Nu, pa«s : it is an epikitrae or discoarae,

to make plnin [sidn.

Snne ohsenre precedeooe that hath tofure been

I will example it :

The fox, I he ape. aiid the homhle-hee.
Were still at odds, bttiio; hot three.
There's the moral : Now the Cemtof. [amun

Mctk. 1 will add the Cemmi: say the nionU
^rai The (ux. the ape. and the hnmble bee.

Were stdl at odds, heiiif Irat three :
Molk. Cntil the^oive cniiie (Hit of U<Nir,
And slav'd the odds \ny addiQ« four.
Kow will I befin your ntoral, and do you follow
with my femvof.

The Ibx, the ape. and the humMe-hee,
Were sUll at odds. Iiciiix bat three :
ilrai. Uutil the ffwaf caine out of diior,

Siayiuff the odds liy add.iv four.

MoU. A ftoud Cemroif, ending in the gotve ;

Would you desire more f

Co»L The biiy hath sold him abargaia.afftKHie.

that's flMt:— [fat —

Sh", your pennywortli is Kood, an yonr x«nmm> he

To sell a nuvain well, is an cuuniiig as last and

Let roe see a iNt Ctnooff ; ay, that's a fat Kuoee.
Aral. Qtnie hither. oiMne liiilier: How did this

argument b^Kiu T
Moth. By sayinc that a Co$tar4 was broken in a
Theti calt'd you for the Ctnoof- [shin

CotL I'rae, and 1 for a plantain : Thus came
Then tlie boy's fai Penvof^ the goose that you
AimI he rnded i he market. [httufflit ;

Arm. But tell we; bow was tbers a CtNtluid
broken m a stun T
JtfofA. I will tell you sensibly.
ij9$t. Thou hast no feehux of it. Moth ; I will
spt^ that reaeof.

L ( uetard. ruiiiiiuft out that was safely within.
Fell over tlie UireshoUi. jiutl broke my shiu.
Arm, W«i will talk no inure of this matter.
Cost. Till there he iiHire iiuui«ir in the shhu
Arm. Small Ct«tard. 1 will eiifruuchise thee.
CoMt U. marry me to one Kruiioes; — 1 smell
some ftuvof, some RiMise, in tins.

Anm. By uiy sweet soul. I mean, setting thee at
liberty. eufreedomiiig Ihy pernio; thou wort im-
nurpd, n^rained, captivuied. bound.

Co»L Trae. true ; and now you wUl be my pur-
gattuo, and let me iiNwe. *

Arm. I Kive thee thy lilierty, set thee frun^
durance; and. in lifu thereof, iniptsMi on tiiee
uotliiuc but tlus: Bear tliis signiricaiit to the
^ euauiry luatd Jaqtieucttji ; there is rvniiineratioo ;
{fivmg hun monrf J for Uie h«>a wonl of mine ho-
•oor. is, rewardmg my dependents. Moth, follow.

Mfih. Like the sequel, I.— SigiiiurCoetanl.adieu.

k m$a.i

CotL My sweet ounce of man's ftoih ! mv m-
(•onvJewl (ErifMiith.

Now will I look t4i his rsmuneFStinn Kemuiiera
tion ! O, that's the Latin word for three fartliiiiKs :
three farthings— remuneration —WhaCs the pna
(tfthitmUel a pen»m:—So, FU gtve yoK a remu-
nrratiam: why, it camea iL — Kemuneratiou i—
why, it IS a fairer name than French crowu. 1
will never buy and aell out of this word.


Biron. O, my gtiod knave Costard ! ezoeediugly
well met.

Co$L Pmy yon. sir. how much camutina ribbi a
miiv u man buy fur a reiiMineratiun I

Biron. W|i;ii is a remuueru'iou f

Cost. Marry, sir, half-ptfuuy farth.ug

Bkrofi. O, why then, three-fiirthiags-wofth of

CosL I thank your wursliip : God be witli you I

BifViH. (). s ay. slave ; I luusr employ tliee :
As thou will Win my 5tvour, cuod my knave,
Iki one tliiiu( fur me that I ^ihall entreat.

Cost. When would you huvu it done, sir f

Biron. O. ihisuf emoiMi.

Cost. Well, I will do It, sir : Fare you welL

Btrtm. 0. thou kiiowesi not what it i<«.

Cost. I shall know, sir, when I have dune it.

BtroH. Why, villain, thou must know find.

Cost. I Will cume to your wonliip to>morro«r

BitoH It must be done IhisaAemoou. Hark,
slave. It is but this :—

I'lie princess e«inies to hunt here hi the park.
And III her tnim thera is a kou le htdy ;
When tonifuefl speak sweetly, then they uaroa

her iiitine,
And RosiiliiM! tlitty call her: ask for her;
And to her while hand see thou Ju oummend
This seal'd up cuuuseL Therf's thy Ruenlun ; go.
[Gtoes kun monry.

Cos'. Guerdon.— O sweet guerdon I het.erihtin
reniuiieratiun. elevun-peiicefaniiiiuf better; ftluMt
swe«ft guerdon ! — I will do it, sir, tu print. —
Guerdon— reinuuenttHMi. {ExtU

Biron. O! — And I, fursuoUi, m love I 1, that
have been love's whip ;

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