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A very beadle tu a liuniuruus sigh :
\ criuc; uay, a mghl wa ch ooiwialile;
A domineering pedant o'er the bi>y,
Thau wliiim nu niurtul so imiKuiduent i
TliiK wimpled, wliiimig. purhhiai. wayward btqr ;
This ttenior-juniur. munt-dwarf, Ihtn Cupid :
Regent of luve-rhynies, lord of fulded arms,
Themiuinted S4ivereixn uC siglis ami gruaiw,
Uege of all luilerers and niule«inieuis,
Drnud prince of pluckHs, kiiu ot oud-pieoes,
Nile imperalur. and greul ee neral
Of truttinx (lanturs. U niy liUlt- heartl—
And 1 to be a corpurul iM liiit Hithl,
And wear his culours Iiku a tumlder's hisip!
What? I! lluve! I sue ! IxoekawOel
A woman, that is like a Gemmn clock.
Still a repainmc ; ever out ol I'muirt ;
And never gumc unalit, being a watch.
But being waicli'd liiiii it may still %n nghtf
Nay, to lie perjur'd, whidi is worst of all :
Anil, aoiuiig three, to love the worst tif all ;
A whitely wanton with a velvet hniw,.
With two pitcti balls stuck in her fane lt>r eyea«
Ay, and. by heaven, one that will do the deml.
TiMtogh Argud were her ennoch and her goani;
And 1 to sigh for her I to watch for her 1
I'o pray for her 1 Go bi : it n a plarue
Thai tupid will impi«e fiir my nerh>ci

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[ArrllL >^

Birfm. If ulie weilded, or nn I

JiofTf. To b«r will. air. <ir so

Bmm You Hre welcome, sir ; odieu I

Boyc/. ForowaU to me, sir. and welcome to yon.
[JSxii Biron — Ijidies unmask.

Mar. That last is Biron, the meny mad cap lorJ;
Not a wont with him bat a jest.

Boifd. And every jest but a word.

Prm. It was well done of yoa to take him at
his word. [board.

Bof/et. I was as willing to fnrapple« as he wss to

Mar. Two hot sheeps, ronrrv I

Boyef. And whereAtre not slitpsT

Ko sheep, sweet lamb, unless we feed on vour lipa.

Mar You sheep, and I pasture; i$hall that finwh

BogeL So yoa gnnt pakure for nie. [the jest T

lOfferino to kifM her.
No • •

Mw. Not HO. gentle beast ;

My lipa are nn oommon, though several they be.

Bt^. Belonging to whom t

Mar. I'o ray fortunes and me.

/Ym Good wits will be jangling: bur^gentlea,
The civil war of wits were much better used
On Navarre and his book-men; for here 'tis
abused. flies,)

BtfeL If my observation, (which very seldom

Iliat all eyes saw hi» eyes enchanted with guzes :
ni iQve you Aquitain, and nil that is his.
An you give hnn Tor my sake but one lovinc kisa.
J*rm Come, to our pavilion : Boyet is diapooed.
BoifH. But to nueak that in words, which his
eye hath disclos'd :
I only have made a mouth of his eye.
Bv adding a u»ngue which I know will not lie.
JZflC 'fhou art an okl luve-roonger, and spoak'st
skilfully. [uf hitn.

Mar. He is Cupid's rmndfather. and learns news
Rot. Then was Vhius like her mother ; fur her

father is but Grim. ♦ •• -
BogeL Do yuu hear, my mad wenches f

Bofk What then, do you see T

JUm. Ay, our way to be g«ina.

'*'— ' '^ ott are too hard for me.


8CENX l^Another pari of Ok wmt

Alter Armado and Moth.

Arm. Wartite, child ; make p— kio af my a



Moth. Conrofwl \Simjmt9.

Arm. Sweet air! — Uo.tendenieiMiif ypim! taka
this key. give enlaigenif iit tu i he swuiii. Iinnr him
fesiinatety hither; I must employ him ai a letter
to mr love.

Moth. Master, will yoa win your kive vith a
French hniwi T

Arm. Hiiw meanM thou T hniwling in French f

Moth. No, my complete master: bat to jig off
a tune at the tons tie's «imI, canary to it witIi your
feet, humour it with tiiniiiiK up your eye-lidn; sikIi
a note, and sinit a note; ^ioniftiinn through the
throat, as if yuu » wallowed love wi' h nnginit lire;
sometime through the iiasn. as if vuu snuffed up
lov« by smelling love; with your hst peiithoan»-
like, u er the shop of your eyps : with your arnit
c r u siw jd on your thin belly-doublet, like a rabbit
on a spit : or your hands in your pocket, like a
msn after tlie old pa nUng : and keep not t4io lung
in one tune, but n snip and away : Theam arc com-
pliments, these urH liunionrs; these betray nice
wenches — th:it would he lietmved without I'hese ;
and make them men of note, (do you note, men 7)
that mi«t nre afTecJed to these

AroL How hast thou purchased t his expcrieaoeT

Moth. By my penny uf observation.

Arm. Bni O.— but O—

Molh. — the hobtiy-lHirse is fbnrot.

Arm. Callest thou my love, hubhy-horse?

Moth. No. milliter: the hobby-horae is but a
colt, and your love, perhaps, a htickney. B*it hav«
you furgia your love T

Arm. Almost I had.

Afo^A. Nealigent aiudent ! learn her by heart

Arm. By heart, and m heart, hoy.

MoiK And uut uf heart, master : all th<we threa

will prove^

Arm. What will thou prove T

Moth. A man. if I live; and this, by. in, and
without, upon the instant : By heart you love her,
becauHe your heart cannot come by her: in lieMrt

Sou love her, becausie your heart is in love with
er; and out of heart you love her. being oat uf
heart that you cannot enjoy her.

Apn. I ani all theae three.

Moth. And three times as much more, and yet
nothing at sll.

Arm. Fetch liither the swain; he must carry
me a letter

Moth. A ntessace well sympathised ; a horse to
be ambafKador for an nss f

Arm. Hn, ha t what wtyest thou T

Moth. Marry, nr, you iiiuhI send the aas upas
horse, for he is very slow-eaited : But 1 go.

Arm. The wav i» but short; away.

Moth. As swifl as leuil. sir

ilrsi. Tliy uieaiimx, preti v ini(enioua T
Ja nut lead n metal heavy, dull, mimI slow T

Moth. Mimmtt honest master; or rather, mas-
ter, no.

^rm. I say, lead is slow.

Moth. You are ton swifl.. sir, to say so :

Is that lead slow which is (ir'd I'rom a gun I

Arm. Sweet smoke of rhetoric I
He reputes me a cannon; and the bullet, that%

I shoot thee at the swain.

Moik. Hiunp then, and I flee.


Arm. A most aeate Juvenal ; voluble and free
of grace I
By thy favour, sweet welkin, 1 moat sigh in thy

Most rode melancholy, valour givea tliee plsoa.
My herald is retai u'tf.

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Re-enter BoyH.

I To hare his title 1it« in Aq<ijtmn:
Whirl, we much nuher Irad iifual within
'-*" '^lier' -

m \

a-_ « M — u N"w what Rdmittance. I«nl T j AmJ iiNve the money by our fhlW lent,
aSTI ^^^"* '^'^ ":***^ of your rwrappifwcU; Than Aquitaiii ao KelOiii m it is •

Apd he, and \m rooipctilors lo futh, ^ :* '^ . .

Werr all mklresH'd to meet yoa, gentle lady.
Before I Ranie. Marry, thus much I luive learnt,
Ue rather means (o ludfe yon in the field,
(Like (MM Uiat comes here u> besiege his onait.)
Thau seek a dispeiisatinn Ibr his oath,
Tb let ytMi enter hw unpeopled house
Here oiNues Navai re. 1 7%e Ladies wutk.

JSHter King, Longavilln, Domain, Binm, omI

Kmg. Fair pnnoess, weloome to the mart of

Pnn. Fair, I give ynn hack again ; and, wel-
enme I have not yet : tlie roof of this court is too
bigb Ui be ytmrs ; aial weloume tu the wild fieUs
luo base lo be mine.
iCMpL Von sliall be welcome, madam, to my court.
iVm. 1 wil! be welniroeihen;oouduct me thillier.
JBti0. Hear me, dear lady; I liave swum an nui h.
Prm. Our lady help inf lord I he'll be forsworn.
Kmg. Not fur the workl. lair madam, by my will.
/Vm. Why, will stiull break it; will, and nothing
King. Your ladyship is ignnrant what it m [else.
Prm. Were my hirJ so. bis ignoraiu« were wise,
Where m>w hn knowledge musi pn>Te igiMimnce.
I heal, y<»ur grace haih swornwHit house- keeping :
*I'is deadly sin to keep that oulh. my lord.
And sin to break it:
But panJon me. 1 am Uio audden hold ;
lb teach a teacher ill beaeriiieili me.
Vouchsafe lo nsad tlie iMirpnse of my coming.
And soddeuly resolTe me m my suiu

Kbit. Madam, I will, if suddenly I may.
/Vm. You will the Mmner, that 1 weie aw^r ;
For yuull pr^ffe iieijur'd. if you mske me stay.
Area. Ual u«it 1 daiics with you in Kmbant onceT
Jlos. Dal nut I dance with you in Brabant once?
Aron. I know you dtl.

Aw. itow needless was it then

Jbwi. You most not be ao quiekc

JEoc. Tia long of yuu that spur me with such
qoeatHNia. [twill tire.

Aren. Tour wii'g too hot, it speeds too (ast,
Bm. Not till it leava the raJer in the mira.
Atdn. What time o' duj r
Roe. 'l*b« hour that fiMiTs should ask.
Bmm. Now £iir befiill your mask 1
Jbw. Fair fall the fi«ce it oof ers I
Krrsii. And send you many loversl
Ro$. Amao, so you be none.
Btnm. Nar, then will 1 be gone.

Kmi. Madam, your father here doth

Thfe payment of a hundr^ thousand oniwus
Bemg hot the <NM-lialf of an eiiUre sum,
I>ibursed by my father iu his wars.
But aay. that lie. %i€ we, (as neither have.)
RaoBivM that sum ; yet liters remaiiu unpaid
A humlred thousaial moiv: in surety of tlie which,
Ihte part of Aquitain is hound to us,
Akhuugh nut valued to I lie money's worth.
H then Uie kiiut yu«ir fiitlier will restore
B«t that oua-lwU whiob mi uiisuiisfivd.
We will nve up our nglit in Aquitain,

Dttftr princess, were not hi» rnques's so far
Kjrum noasiRi's yielding, your fhir s«rlf slMiold nnkg
A yielding, 'gninst wmie rm^iai. in my brnast.
And g>i well satisfied to Fraiicn i^rain.

Prm. You do the king my father too imirb
And wrong the reputatHNi of yonr name, [wroi^
In so unse«ming t4> ounl^ss rrfvipt
Of that whwh Imtli so riuthfally Iwen paid.

Kmg. 1 do pnrtest, 1 never heard of it ;
And, if vou prove it, HI repay it buck,
Or yiekf up Aquibiiu.

Prm. We arrpst your word :—

Bt— • — ^i can produes acquittances,
Fc n sum. from specml officers

Of a bis father.

Satisff me ao. fconM.

So pb^aae your grace, i he packet is tail

W nt and other specta ties are hoiiml ;

w vou shidl have a sight of tlif*m

E siiull sufBre XDif. : at which interriew.

I reason 1 will yield onto
, receive such welciNiie at my hand,
r, without branch i»f houour, may
Jer nf to ilnr true wortliincss

I, wi

Y( not ciNne, dxir princesN, in my antes ;

Bu. with(»ut you sliHll be so recfivVl.

As you aliall deem vouiself loilg'd in my heart,
'I'liougti so denied fair harbour in my h«>aMe.
YourownKiMvltliiMighu excuse me. and larewell:
To*morruw shall we vimt vou agiiin. [craoe .
Prin. Sweet henlth and lairdesires oonaortyuur
Kmg. Thy own wish wish I tlinf in every phcel
lExrunt Kiiu? end his train.
AtroR. Lndy, 1 will ouininend you to my own

ummeiHlatioos; Iwoald

ml It groan.


with yonr eye f
hy life !
ag living I

inksgiving. [AefiriNip.
a wonl : What lady la

_ , . ni«»jnn. Rosaline her name.

Dim. A gallant lady ! Monaienr. fan you welL
long. \ beseech you a word ; What it she in the
white T [the liglii.

Bofsl. A woman sometimes, an you saw her m
Xmv Psrcliuuoe, Liglit in tlie light : 1 desire lier

\ A ham

fair friendship with li« m^estf.

Bm that g seems, he litile purpuMeth,
for here he doth demand to liave repaid

A hondrsd thiHiaand crowns ; and not de

Un payment ot a huodrsd thi»usaial oruwns

Slie hath but nne for liaiwlf ; to d
that, were a shiime
Lang. Pray you. sir. wluiae daughter T
BoftL Her mother's. I have heard.
Lang. Gtal's blessing on your heard 1
Bojiei. Good sir, he not offended :

She is an heir of FsloiNilNridge.
Lang. Nay, my clioler is ended.

She is a most sweet Uuly.
Boyct Not unbke, sir; that ni«y be

Atm Wbatt her name in the cap I
Bpfsl. Katharine, by good hap.

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Arm, I will vMit thfoe «t the lodge

Jmt' TtMfk lierebf .

Arwu. ( know wlMsre it IB atoata.

iof. Ixml, Imiw wae yuii ara!

ilnm. I will t«U Ui«e wowlen.

Jaq. Witk that fiMse f

Arm. \\aw\hat.

Jaq. Sd I haanl ymi saf.

^itR. Aad Ml (arewelL

Jaff. Fkir weather after fiMi!

IML CtNue, Jaque^elU. awar.

[fixfM/ Doll mni Jaquenetta

Arm. Vilhiia. thou ahalt fast for thy ofleuoea
•va Ukm he panluaed.

OX WellTsir. 1 hope, when I do it, 1 ahall do
It on a full gtiimwRh.

Jrai. TImmi vhalt be heavily punished.

CmC I am nMire iMund to yiiu. ihau yoar lei-
4Bwa. for Ute/ are but lightly rowanled.

Arm. Take nway tlii» villain; shut him up.

iMk. Cooie. yutt traaafreiHiaK slave ; nway.

Coat. \4A me nut be peat up. sir ; I wiU last,
lieinff kmae.

UoUi. No, sir ; that were fast and loose : thou
■hwlt to prisun.

CSut. Well, if ever I do see the merry days of
deaolation that I liave seen, some shall see—

Uotk What Rhall siMne see f

GoiC. Nay iMi*hhif!:. ^lafcter Moth, hut what they
look upon. It is not fur prianners to he too si tout
in tlieir words : and, therefore, 1 will say noUnos :
I tliank God, 1 have as litttr liatieooe as awiCher
Biau; aad, therefore 1 can he ^niet.

lEmml Moth mid Coward.

ilrai. I do aflfeet the very rniuiid. which iK haae.
where herviioe. which is iMiaer.RUKled hy her foot,
which M haseat, doth tread, i sliall be forvwom
(whK*Jiisaitrealannim«ntoffalBelH>od),ii'l love:
And how can that be true hire, wliieli vn AUnely
attempted T Luv« is a Auuiliar : love is a devil :
tliere IS no evil auicel but love. Vet Sampaon was
Ml tempted ; and he had an excellent stntuffth :
yet witH SulonaNi so MHlnoed ; and he had a very
giKid wit. Cupid's huit-shall is Um hard for Her-
cules* club, and therefore too much odds l)>r a
Spuuianl's rapier. The first aial seooud cause will
ttut serve my turn; the passado he respects. not,
the dueito he records not : Ins disf race is to be
called boy; but bai flury is. to siilidue men.
Adieu, valour! ruxt, rapier! he still, dm hi! lor your
manager is iu hive ; v«*ii. he iuveth Asust me
■ aome exteupund god uT rhyme, for, I am sure, (
shall torn sunnetteer. Devise wit ; wnte pen ;
ftir 1 am for whole volumes iu folio. [JCct/.


SCENE V—AmaOmr part t^ftkA 9amt.
and Tad$ at a dutamoe.

J^Uer tke Prhieesa of Prance, Hnsaline. Marte,
Kathaiiae, Boyet. Lorda, and other Attendauta.

Bo^. Now, madam, summoa up your dearest
Consider who the king your fiither sends ;
1 u wliom he sends ; and what's his emhiusy :
i'ouraelf, held precious iu the world's esteem ;
lb pariey wiUi llie sole inheritor
Of all perfections that a man may owe,
Alat<'hMi« Ni*varre : the plea of iin leas weight
l*haM AquilMiu ; a dowrv for a quiieu.
Be now an priMJixal of nil dttar grace.
im nature was m making graces dear,

When she did starve the general world beside,
And produrally gave them all to you. [metA

Prm. Good lord Biivet, my beauty, though ba
Needs not the paiutt^ flourish of yoar pmise ;
Beauty is bought liy judgment of the eye.
Not uUer'd hy hasti sale of cliapnien's timgnes :
I am less pnMid to htsar yua tell my worth.
Than you much willing to be oooated wise
In Rpeudiiig your wit in the praise of mine.
But now to task the lasker,— Good Ihiyet,
You are not lanoraut, ill-lelling fame
Dulh noise abroad. Navarre hath made a vow,
Till paliil'ul study shalf oat-wear thive years.
No wtunan may appnaKsh his silent court :
Tlierefore to us seeinetn it a needful cuurae.
Before we enter his forbidden gates,
To know his pleasure ; and in that- behalf,
Bold of your worthiness, we single yuu
As our best-moving fnir solicitor :
Tell him, the dauchter of the King of Prance,
On seridus business, craving quick despatch.
Importunes personal conference with hin graos.
Haste, signify so much ; while we attend.
Like humhly-viKMg'd suitors, his iiigh will

Botet. Proud of employment, wiUingiy 1 gn.


Prin. All phtle is willing pride, and roars is au.—
Who are tlie votaries, my loving Ionia,
That arc vow-felhiws with this virtuous duke T

I Lord. LoogaviUe is una.

Prm. Know yju the man \

Mar. I know him, aiadam: at a marnage-feaat.
Between Lorxl Perigort and the beaoteuus betr
Of Juques Fiilcouhridge stilemnized.
In Normandy saw I this Lougaville :
A man of sovereicu parts he is wteem'd ;
Well fitted in the arts, glornius in arms :
Nothing becomes him ill. that he would w«dL
Hie tHily imhI of his fiur virtue's gliMs.
(If virtue's gloss will Kiain with any soil.)
IM a slinrp wit match'd with too liluut a will ;
Whose edge hath power to cut, wh«ise will stili

It should none spare that onnie within h» power

Prin. S«ime merry nwirking loixl. belike ; nl ao T

Mar. They say so m<«t, that must his humouis
■ know.

Prm. Such sliort-liv'd wits do wither as they
Who are the rest f [grow.

Kath. The young Dumain. a well-aocomplish'd
Of all, that virtue love, for virtue lov'd :
Most power to do UHist harm, least knowing 01;
Pur he 'hath wit to make ao ill sliape good.
And shape U* win grace lliough he had no arit
I saw liim at tlie Duke Alengon's once ;
And much Uio little of that good I saw.
Is my report, to Ins creat worthineas.

Hm. Another of these stialents at that tioM
Was there with him : t( I have heard a truth,
Birun they call him : but a memer man.
Within the limit of becoming mirth,
I never spent an hour's talk withal :
His eye begets oocioion fur his wit :
For evniy object that the one doth catch.
The other turns U» a mirth-moving jeat;
Whicii his fsir tongue (conceit's expositor)
Dehvere in sucli apt and grucHriM wi rUs,
That aged earn play iraanl at hoi tales.
And yuuuger hearings are quite ravi^ihed *
So sweet and voluble is his disooum.

/Via. God bless my lailies 1 are thev all la \xn9
Tliat every one her own liuih garnished
With audi bedecking onuuuenis uf plains t

Mar. Here ooiuek BuyeU



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Ait I.)



111 lay mr head to anjr good nmn'a bat,
llMae natha aad law* will prove an idla anom.—
Sirrah, oome on.

C9$L I Boflhr An- the troth, lir: for troe it ia, 1
wan taken with Jaquenatta. ami Jaqueiwlta ia a
tnie Kiri ; and therrftiie. Welcome the tour cop
t4 pnmeriiy I Affliction may one day smile afain,
and Ull then. Sit thee down. MNTow I iKxewU.

SUENE IL—Attoiktr part ^tkt aoM. Armado'a

Enter Aniiado 0*mi Moth.

Arm. Bof , what t^gn u it. when a man of gitaX
Slant fniuvs nielandmly T

Molk Afrealsifnt,8ir.thathewiniookaad.

Arm. Why. Mdneiia is one and the self-aame
thmc. dear imp.

Jtolh. No. no ; O lord, sir. wk

Arm. How canst thou part sadness and melan-
^*^*17« my tender jutrenal ?

Moth. By a familiar demooatratioB of the work-
ing. my iiHiftb aenior.

Arm Why to«irh senior? whv toofth senior T

Molh. Wliy tender jiirennn whv tender javeualT

Arm, I spuke it, lender juvenai. ms a congruent
epitheton. appenaioiiut to thy youof; days, which
we may nominate tender.

jllst*. And I. tough aenur. as an appeitinent
ttUe to your iM time, which we may name tough.

Arm. Pretty, and a|iL

Motk How mean yoo, air; t pretty, and my
saying apt T or t apt, and my snyiii!? pretty 7

ilrm. tIhni pretty, hecaose litiie.

Molh. LiUle prBity, bemuse Uule : Wherafbre

ilnn. And therelbre apt. hecaoae quick

Molk. Speak you lUw in my praiiH), lunsterT

Arm In thr condign pruiM.
Molk. i will pmiae an eel wit
ilrsi. What T tliat an eel is lugeniouo ?

B an eel with the same praiaa.

Mulk That an eel IS qumk

Arm 1 do aay, thou an quick in answers : Thon
lieniest my Mood.

Molk. I am answered, sir.

Arm, 1 love not to he crossed.

Molk. He speaks the mere contrary, c m ss Bs
kfTB not luni. [Atide.

Arm. 1 have promised to study three yean with
the duke

Molk. Yoa may do n m an hour, air.

Arm Impowibis.

Motk. How many k om thrice tokJ t

ilrsi. 1 am ill at rsekoning, it fitteth the spirit
of a U|Mt«r.

ifeU. Yob are a gratleman, and a gameoter, sir.

Arwi. I confess both ; they are both the varnish
Of a oanplete man.

Afoik 1 hen. I am sore, yon know how much
the gross sum of deum-aos amounts Un

Arm. U doth anioimi to one more than twa

Molk. Which the baae vulgar do caU three.

Arm. rroe.

Molk Why. air, ia this soeh a piece of study?
^ow hers ia three studied, ere you'll thrice wink :
.Ml how eaay it m to put years to the word three,
laal study three yean in two words, the dancing
I orse will tail you.

^rai. A m<«t Ane flgorsl

Molk. To prove you a cipher. {Ande.

Arm I will hersopon confess, I am in love : and,
a§ It w lN«e fiir a soklier to kive, eo am 1 in love
«ith a ba«f wench. If drawing my sword against
th« hunMMir of affection would deliver me flrom
Ike nwrobote thought of it. I would take desire


prisoner, and ransom him to any French onorLer
tira new devised court eay. 1 think anora to siah:
metliinka, I shoukl oot-swear Cupid. Cnmiort
me. boy : What great men have been in love ?
Motk. H

Arm. Moet sweet Hereoles *— Mora nothority,
dear boy, name more ; and, sweet my child, let
them be men of good repute nnl carriage.

ilfol^ Soinpaon, master ; he was a man of good
carriage, great caniage ; finr he carrted the town>

K tea on his back, hke a porter: and be was in

Arm well-knit Snmpena! strong-jnintei]
Sampeun! I do excel thee m my rapier, as much
aa thou didat me in carryaig gates. I am in kxe
too.— Wliu was Sampeon's love, my dear Moth ?

Molk. A wnamn. master.

ilrst or wliat oomplexion?

Motk. Of nil the (>ur, or the three, or the two;
or one of the four.

ilrsi. Tell me precisely of what oomplexioaf

ilfoM. Of the aea-water green, sir.

ilrst. Is that one of the krar aanplexiona ?

Molk. As 1 have mad, sir: and the best of them

Arm. Grsen, indeed, is the ooioor of lovers ; but
to have a h>ve of that ookMir. met liinks, Sampson
had small reason ibr it. He, surely, aOeoied her
Siyr her wiU

il#0l4 It was so. sir ; fl>r she had a ginen wit.

^rai My love ia most iinmacnhtte white and red.

Molk. Most mnr^hrfe thoughts, master, are
masked under sooh ooloanL

Arm Define, define, well-edocoted infont.

Motk. My father's wit, and my mother's tongue
assist me.

Arm Sweet faivocation of a child ; moot pretty,
aial patbetioal !

Moth. If ahe be made of white and rsd.
Her faults will ne'er be known ;
For hlushiuv cheeks by faults are brsd.

And feara bv pale-white shown :
Then, if she fear, or lie to Mnme,

li^ this yon shall not know ;
F<*r still her clieeks poaseMs the tame,
Which native she doth owe.
A dangeniua rhyme, master, against the reason of
while and red.

Arm. Is there not a bnUad, boy, of the King and
the Beggar.

Motk The world was very guSty of sudi a bat-
tail siHne three ages since: but. Ithink. n>»w tia
not to be found : or. if it were, it wonkl neither
oerve fx the writing nor the tune.

Arm I will have tlie suliieot newly writ o'er,
that I may example my digressinn by iome mighiy
precedent. Boy, I do love that country girl, that
1 took hi the perk with the ratimial hind Costaitl ;
she deservea welL

Motk. To be whipped; and yet n better kwn
than my master. [Atide.

Arm Stng, boy ; my spirit grows heavy in love.

Motk And that's great marvel, loving a hght

.^rai. Isay.shig.

Motk. Forbear, till this company be past.

Eitter Doll, Costard, mti Jnquenetta.

DuU. Sir. the doke"^ plenanre is, that yon keep
CoetarU safe : and you most let him lake nodehght,
iM>r no penance: bm a' mntf fMi4 three days a week:
For tbM damsel, I roost keep her at the park ; slw
ia allowed for the dav-wonian. Fare you well.

ilrai. I do betray myself with bluahiac.—MaiA

Jaq Man

Digitized by


Stands in attoiiHlMr of eternal shuine :

SanestiiMW tune to others, no Ut me ;
But, I believe, aliUouKli i seeniao loth,
I HOI the lutd that will limt keep Ilia uath.
Bat i« there no quick mcreatitHi fn^nted T
Khv Ay, that there IB : ouraturt.jrooknow.tt

With a refined iniTeller ofSiiam; [haunted
A niun in ail the world'M new fii»liioii planted.

That Uath a nunt of phrase* in his brain :
One, whom the muaic of hiii own vaiu tongu*

Doth niviah, like eiM^lianiiiif haniHiny ;
A man of nonipliments, whom ncht and wrong

Have cli<«e h» umpire of their mutmjr :
1 hilt child of funcjr, that Armado Ini^ht,

For interim t«> our aodiea, alioll relate.
bi bigfa-hom wonK the wonli of many a knivht

From tawny S|iain. loett in the world'* debate.
How rou delifht. my Ionia. I know not, I;
But, I protein, I lore to hear him be.
And 1 will use liiin fur my minstrelsy.

Bntm. Armado is a most illnstrioiu wi|^t,
A man of fire new wonls. fasbioo's own knigbt.

Limif- Costard the swain, ami he shall lie our
And. so to study, tliree yesrs u hut short, [sport

Bnler Dull, with a Utter, and Cnatard.
JMiU. Which is the duke's own peraon T
BirOH. Thm. f»-llow ; Wliat wonki'st I
DulL 1 myself reprehend his own person, for I

Mu his grace's tliarlMirouicli : but i would see bis

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