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And. as imagination bodiee forth Iheaveu ;

llie forms i^ ihiiics unknown, the poet's pen
Turns tliem to Bhapes, and gives tu airy nothing
A hical hulntation and a name.
Such tricks hath strong iioMgination :
That, if it would hut apprehend some joy,
V nompreheiids si>me brniKur ol tliui jny ;
Oi, m the nifht, iniaginitig wmie fenr,
How easy is a Itush suppoeed ii bear I

Uip. But all the story uf the night Uihl over.
And all their minds trHnsfigure>l so togetlier,
rliTB witnesseth Ihau fancy's imagrs.
And grows tu sumetlunx of ereai «*A.iuftancy ;
But, howsoever, strange, and admirable.

BnUr Lysander, Demetrius, Hemiia, and Helena.

TV. Hera come the lovers, full of joy and
J<7. fantle friends I joy, and ft«sh days of love,
Anoumpauy your hearts I

Lfic More than to us

Wait on your rojral walks, your buurd. your bed 1

TV. Coma now; what masks, what dances
aliall we Inve,
To wear away this long ace of three hours,
Betwoeu 'Mir aller-supper and bed-time T
Where » oar usmU manager of mirth I
What rereis are in hand \ Is tliere no plar,
'i'o eaue the anguish uf a torturing hour f
Call Piiiiiwtrate.

}*lnkut. Here, mighty Theseus.

TV. Say, what abrMlgmeut have you for this
evening T
What mask, vhat music T How shall we beguile
I'be hay Ume. if not with some deliglit T

I*Mo$L I'here ie a brief, how inuny sporu are
Make coiuce of which your highness will see first.
[Givtnff a paper.

TV. (Reads.] TV baUlewlh the (Jentaura, to be

Bf a» AtkemuH euimrk lo the hat p. [nnv.

W«MI nuiie of that : tliat have I lold my love,
Jn aliry of my kinsman Hercules.

/V nol VI) the iipsp Baerhanalt,

Teartwy the IhracwH etngrr tn their ragt,
Tlml IS au old device, and it w:is phty'd
Wliau I iroui Thenes cnnie hist a conqueror.

TV tkrKe three Muxs muurning Jar the deaik

Of kitrmnif, late decea^d tn bfwart.
That IS some Mtirr. keen, uml critical.
Not sorting with a nnp:inl ceremony.

A teilHma brnf trene ot foung P^mma,

AmU kta Ivae 'ikuV ,* very tragtcai martk.

I ous and brief f

nius strange snow
1 corxl of llits discord 7

ity lord, some ten wonls
* I known a play ; [long ;

1 . it is to«i long.

] 'or ill all ihe j>kiy

, one pUyer fitted,
i J, it Ik:

1 kill himself.

^ 's'd, I must onnfera,

1 It more merry teara

' ler never shed.

do plsiy it f [heie,
an. that work in Athena
^-u.»ut.».». ...n.u. u •.. wieir minds till now;
And now have toil'd their uuhreath'd memories
Witli this same plHy. against your nuptiaL

The. And we will hoar it.

Philost. No. my noble lord.

It is not for yon : 1 have heard it over,
And it is nothing, nothing in the world :
Unless you can rind sp«>rt in tlieir intents.
Kztremely stretched and coiin'd with cruel pain,
I'o do you service.

The. I will hear that play;

For never any thing can lie amiss.
When simplenesK and duty tender it
Go, bring them in : and take your places, ladies.
(JBzeHni PhiliihtrMle

Hip. I love not to see wretcliedness o'erdiargtMl,
And duty in his service peririhing. [thmg.

TV. Why, gentle sweet, you shall see no siinii

Hip. He sHVs, they can do not him? in tlib kiial.

TV. I'he Kiuder we, to give them thanks for
Our sport sliail be. to take what they mistake :
And what poor duty cannot do.
Noble respect takes it in might, not merit.
Where 1 have come, great clerks have purposed
To greet me wiih preme<litaied welcomes;
Where I have seen them shiver and look pale.
Make penods in the midst of aeniences.
Thnttile their practis'd acreut in Hieir fears.
And. in conclusion, dumbly have bn>ke off.
Not piiying me a welcome . Trust me, sweet.
Out of this silence, ynt, I pickM :i weloume;
And in the mudesiy of fearful duty
1 read as much, as from the mitling tongoe
Of saucy and atidacious eUiqnence.
Love, thereftire. and tongue-tied simplicity.
In least, speak most, to my capacity.


PhUoet. So please your grace, the prologue Is

add rest.
TV. Let him approach. iFUmrith of trumpet*.

JSater Prologue.

ProL IS we nffeni, it is tmlh our good wW.

Thai fOH shouid think, toe come not to t^B^md^
Bui vrith good witL To show our simple skiU,

That is the true begittntng of our end.
Consider then, we come but in despite.

We do not come as mimiing to nmttnt lOii,
Oiir true intent is. Alt J or your Or light.

We are not here. THal you should here repent yam,
The actors are at hand ; und, Ity their show,
Yoa shall know all, that you art: like to know.

'The This feUow dotli not stand uptai points.

Lys. He hath rid his prulttguH. like a ntugh colt,
be Knows not the stop. A good moral, my lu.J :
It is not enough to speak, but tu speak trua.

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Btnu. and shnut mthm. D«nietri-js. Ljrsander,
Harmia, and Uf lena. wike and statt up.

The. G<¥Nl-niom*w. TrieuUs. Saint Valentine is
Begin tiifse WfOil binla but i(» couple now T [past ;

X|«. I*knlcm, iiiv lord.

llfie anil the rrsi kneel to 'ITieseus.

Tkt. I pray you nil. st«ud up.

I know, yoa are twi> rival eneinifs ;
How OMiies ihiN Kentl« rauKMinl in the wurld.
That hatred w sii far iroin jeal(iu>y.
To sleep by hate, and fear nn fiiiiiity T

LifS. My lurd. I sii:ill rv\Ay Hiinizedly.
Halt' 'sletfp. hair wakntx : But m yet, I swear.
1 cannut truly bay how I cuiutf here :
Bat, as I think, (for truly would I speak,—
And now 1 do bethink me, so ii ih ;)
1 ctuite with hlernua hither : our intent
Whs, to be gone fiuin AUieiis. where we mi^it be
Wilhout the pt^nl of ihn Alhcniun Ihw.

Eue. EiMMii^h.enoiiKh. niy lord: vou have enough:
I b(^ the law. the law npon h\» *ie;id. —
1'hey would have k'til'n awny. Uiey would. Denie-
I'hereliy to have de.eatt d you and nie : llrtus,
Vou.ul vuur Wife: and tiie. of niv uon»<ent;
our wife.

at power,

to UeriuiB,

me now




le eye.

iftmd :
al tu»U

tely met :
r auou.—


ling worn,
Hide. —
ind three,

y —

SOS, and tram.
aud undutiii-
like far-otf iiiounijiins tunied into clouds.

Her. Met h iiikN 1 bee I hese tilings with parted eye,
When everyiluug tteeius double.

He!. S«^ metbinks :

Aud I hare found Demetritis like a jewel,
Mine own, and not nitne own.

Dem. It seems to me,

1'bat vet we sleep, we dream.— l>o not vuu tiunk,
I'iie duke was here,- and bid us follow fiini ?

Her. Yea ; and my father.

Hd. And Hippniyta.

Xilit. And lie dkl hid us follow to the temple.

Jiam. Wh/theu,weareawuktt: lei's follow him;
Aud bjr tbe way, let us recouut uur dieaius.

Am tket go out. Bottom tnoakeg.
BoL When ray cue comes, call me. and I will
^— my next is. Mo$t/air PipramuM. Uej,

liol— Pftcr Quinre ! Huie. the iNfllows-mrnderl
Snout, the linker! Suirveliiig ! GikI's my lilel
slolfii lieiiCe, iind left me Hbleep ! 1 have had a
niiii»l Hire vision. I have had u dream — ptist the
wit of man lu siiy what dreuiii it w:is : — Man m
hut iin a-v*. if he go about to txpound this dream.
M«l bought I wits — liieru is n > man can tell what.
Melhoiijchl I WHK, and melhoiight 1 iiad. — Bat
man is hut a psilr.hed fool, if he w.|I cilfer to ftrnf
what nielhoutfht I hud. '1 he eye of nnin hath not
heunl. the car of man hath not s*ieit ; nian's hand
is not able to taste, his tonieue io cuiateive, nor bit
heart to rep«irt, what mv dream wuk. I will get
Pt;ter Quince lo wrile a nallud of ibis dream : it
shall be railed Botiitiu's Dream, becainiie il hath
no iMitioni; and I will sing ii in the latter end of
a play, iH-fore the duke: Peradvcniure. Ui make
It the more gracious, 1 shall King it ai her death.


SC£N£ IL— Athena A Room m Quince'k Houm.
Enter Quince. Flute, Snout, and Starrebug.

Qmn Ibive you seut to Bottoiirs house I is h«
come home yet T

Star. Hu cannot be hoard oC Out of doubt, he
is transported.

Ftu. h Ik* come m»t then, the play is marred ;
It goes not forwiiixl, doth it .'

Qutn. It iM not pttttsilile : yon have nni a man in
all Atiiens, uhle to disrliurxt; Pyratiius, but he.

/Yu. No; he buth simply the Ije^t wil of any
haiidycraft mun in Athens.

Qtan. Vea, and the Itest person too : and be it
a very piiramour, fur a sweei voice.

Flu. You must say, {HiRtgon : a paramour i%
God bless us, a lliiiig of nougliL

£iii/rr Snug.

&IU0. Majitere. the duke is coming fmm the
temple, uiiU there is two or three lord» and ladies
more married : if our sport had gone forward, we
had all been made men.

Flu U sweet Bully Bottom! Ilios bnili h« Inst
sixpence a-day dunng his life ; he could not hiiTe
'soiiied sixpence a-day: nn the duke bad imK given
bun sixpence a dav ftir pinymx Pyramus, I'll !«
hanged: he would have deserved it: sixpence
a-day, in Pyramus, or noUiing.

JSnlrr Bottom.

Bot. Whore are these lads f where are Iheee
hearts T

Qion. B(»ttt>m ! — O most couragei*us dsy ! O
mint happy hour !

Bot. Masteis, i am to dii<conree wonders: but
axk me not what : for if I tell you, I am no isne
Aihenian. 1 will tell you everything, right ae 4
fell out.

Quin. \jet us hear, sweet Bottom.

Bot. Not a wonl of me. Ail that 1 will tell yon
is. that the duke hath dined : Get your Hpp:irel tt>-
gether; good strings to your heads, new nblMHia
to your punifie; meet presently at the palace:
every man h»ok o'er his part; lor, .^e short and
the long IS. oar play is preferred. In any case, let
Thisby have cleoui' linen ; and let not him, tliat
plays the lam, pare his nails, for they Nliall hang
out for the lion*s claws. And. most dear actors,
eat no onions, nor garlic, for we am to utter
sweet breaili ; and I do ni»t duMht. but lo hear
them say, it is a sweet con-edy. No more word:
away ; gu, away.

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Bot. SeniiehmTh«ad»P««i-bk)8som.— Wh«ra%
BHHifiear Ctibweb I

Cob. Readj.

Bot. Mitiisraar Cobweb ; irnud monsieiir, mt
foor weapons in joor hnnd. nnd kill me a pkI-
nipped hurahle-bcH) on the ton of a thisile ; and,
moil iminsieur. bnnir me tlie hunev-bax. IXi nut
fret younelf tou nincli in the aotiuii. monsieur;
and. giMHl monaienr. hare n cnre the honer-bog
break mrf ; I wonid be loath in hava you orerflown
With a honev bax. nguior. — Where's munxieur
Uos'ard-**^ t

Mutt. Heady.

£f»l Give II e yonr nrif. monsieur Mostard-seed.
Prar VI o. Ie:i7e y% ar connesy. grNjd muosieur.

.Wwjl WhHl'ii your will?

Bot. Ni tliin ;. ciniJ monsieur, but to help CnTa-
Irm Cobweb lu wra cli i must to ihe bartrnKs,
moasieur: I'or. meihiuks, Tam roarrellous haiiy
aiHMit I lie fnre : and I am s ich a fender mat. if my
hairdo but tick e me. ( niUKt s ntch. [!>weet love T

'I'ltn. WiiHt, wilt tiii>a lienr aonie muistc, mjr

Bot. I have a rfa-HNuibld 900.I ear .n mus.c: 1ft
OS have t be UaifCB and tiin hiaies. [eat.

li/a Or Miy, j*wi ei h>re. wlia' lliou d«»s r*Ht to

Bol. 'Vt>'U. a r eck of provender ; I amid munch
yotir food d.T («ts. MethiuKS, 1 have a great de-
sire to a bottle of hay : good bay. sw eet hay, hath
BO ftllow.

TUa. 1 have a ventumus fairy that fsball Reek
The sqairrellB hoard, and leich thee new nnts.

BoL I had rather have a hiindful or two of dried
peaa. But, I pmy you. let none of your pfofle
stir me; I have an expoaiiion of sluep corot; upon
■le. (ariiis.

TVo. Sleep thou, and I will wind thee tu my
fwutfu, be ffone, nnd be all ways awny.
So doth the woodbine, and sweet houeysockle,
Gentlr en watt,— the lemule ivy so
Eoriiwa the burky finrem of the elm.
O, burr I love thee ; bow 1 dote on thee I

[Theit sleep.
Obemu atfsoaort. Enter Puck.

Obe. WeicMoe. cnod Robin See*st thon this
Her dotage now 1 do begin to pi y. [»weet sight t
i'itr niee(iiu( her of late, behind the wood.
Seekimt sweet savours for tliiit hatt-ful fool,
1 dal h|ibniid Iter and (all out wiih her :
For she bin liain lemphss tlicn had rounded
With coronet oi fresli ami fr.iimiut flowers ;
And that siinie dew, which Dunie' inie 011 tlie bnds
Was wont to swell, like round and orient pesirls.
Sftood now wKhin the pretty flouieis* eyes.
Like t^ara, that did their own d.sgruce liewaiL
Wlien I had, at my plesiaure. tHUiited her.
And'f^e, in mild lernts. tient'd my (luiience,
I then dal aak of Iter her ch:iii^luig child ;
Whicli Rtmsrht she save me. Hrni her fairy sent
1 o hear him to my b iwer in (aiiy laud.
AimI now 1 have Ihe hoy. I will undo
I'hir hNfefiil imptfrferttini of her n^es.
Ai«d. gen le Pu«:k. take this transioniied scalp
Pinm otf the head of this A heiiian svt-aia;
lliat Me awaking wh«n the o her do.
Mm/ a(l to Athens back again repnir;
And think n* more of this niRhi's accidents,
But as the ilerce vexation of a dream :
Bw flrst 1 will release the fairy queen.
Be, as thou wa»it wont to be;

tVoMcUatr her ryes with an herb.
See, as thon was wont to see :
DhmIs bud o*er Cupid's flower
Hath noch force and blessed power.
Row, mif Tiianm ; wake you, my sweet qoeen.

Tita. &Iy Oberon ! what visitius have I seen t
Melhought 1 was enaiiMKir'd of an aas
Obe. There lies rour love.
TUa. How came the^e things to pass f

O, how mine eyes do hauh Iiih vistu^e now !
Obe. Silence, a while. — Robm, take off tlut
head —
Titania. music call ; and strike more dead
Than common sleep, of all thexe live the aeiise.
TlL Music, ho 1 music, such as channeth sleep.
Puck. Now, when thou wak'st. with thine own

fool's e} es, peep.
Obe. Sitnnd, music iSHI Mh tr.] Come, nty
queen, bike hands with me.
And ruck the grouiMl whereon iheee sleepeni be.
Now thou and I are new in amiiy ;
Ami will, tiMnorrow tiiklnirht. solemnly.
D:ince in Duke 'rhe>«us' h'usetr.umphuntly.
And Mess it 10 all fair p»stentv:
1'iiere aliall ti.e pairs of fiithfut lovers be
WeJdud, with 'Il>«*seu8. all in jolli'y.
Puck. Riiry king, iireiid, nnd mark ;

I do hear the morning Inrk.
Obe. llien. my queen, in silence sad,, t

lYip we after the night's shade :
We the globe can ci>mpn<(s siMin,
Swifter than the wuudertiig moon.
Titn. Come, my lord : and in our flight.
Tell me how it came this night.
That 1 sleeping here was fouml.
With these mortals, on the Knmnd. {ExeuML
iHoma eomd untkm.

Enter Thesens, Hippolyta, E^ns, maf trmm.

The. Go. one of you, find out the forester;—
For now our obMervnti4)n is performed :
And shire we have the vawnrd of the day.
My love shall hear the music of my hounds.—
Uncouple in the western valley ; go :—
D spaicli, I sity, and find the fore'tter.
We will, fuir queen, up to the naiuiitain's top,
Am] raHrk the ninsicsii confuMon
Of hounds and echo in conjunction.

Hrp I waM with Hercules, and Cadmtis, (Hice,
WIhju in a wood of Crete they buv'd the bear
With hounds of Sparta : never did 1 hear
Such gallant ciiidiiiK ; fur. ttesiden the «roVbe,
I'he skies, the fot:ntHiiui, every reeioii ne;ir
Seem'd all one mutual ciy r I never heuiU
So musical a diiconl. hiicIi sweet thuialer.

The %]f hounds an bt ed unt of the Spartan kind.
So flew'd. so SHialed : oial their heads hi^ hong
Witli ears that swefp away the monitni; dew ;
Crook -kuee'd and dew-lap'd like Tlieafttlian bulls;
Slow in pursuit, but niatdi'd in immih like belh^
Eitch unilvr each. A crv more luiasable
Was never iiolla'd to. nor clieer'd wiih horn.
In Crete, in Spuria, nor in 'I'hessaly :
Judge, when you hear.— But, soti; what uynipbt

Bge. My lord, this is my daughter here asleep;
Ami this, Lysander ; this Demetrius w ;
l*his HeleIu^ old Nedar'n Helena:
1 wonder (»f their being here together.

The. No doubt, thev n«e op early, to obserra
The rite of May ; and. hearing tiur intent.
Came hem in grace of our aidemnity.—
But. speak, felgeos ; is m»t tliis liie dny
I'hat Hermia should give answer of her dmiee t

Eae. it is. my lord.

Tie. 60, bid the huntsmen wake them with tbdr

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Wnh dmopiuK fn§, mm black m Aoheroa ;

And lend Umm tMty liYHl* «• niitn«y.

As one oome not within anut Iter's iwnjr.

lake to LyMinder •Ni»etiine fhiine ihy tonfiie,

Then atir Demetrius up with bilter wriNi(c ;

And snoietinie rait ihuu like Deinetriua ;

And fruni each other look thon leatl tliem Ihos,

Till o'er their brows dealh-oounterfoiting sleep

With Imdeii legs and Imtty winffs doth creep :

I'hen crush tlits herb into Lywimler's eye ;

Whuee liauor hath thn vinuoua prvperty,

To take fruni thence hII errur, with his mifrht.

And niake his eye-balls roll wiUi wonted mgUL

Wiien they next wake, all this dension

Shall aeeni a dream and fruitless vumhi :

AimI back to Athens sliall the lovers wend,

With league. whtsM date till death shall never end.

While I in this adkir do thee employ,
I'll to my aueen, and lieir her Indian
AihI thun I will herohnimied eye release

From monster's view and all things shall be pence.

Puck. My fairy lord, this must be done with
For night's swift dragnns cut the clonds fall fiwt.
And yonder shines Aurora's harbinger : [there|.
At whoae appruaoh. Khoeis, waudehnr here and
Troup home to church-yards : damned spirits all.
That in crusa-ways and rttiods hiive liuriul.
Already to their wormy beds am giaie ;
For fear lest day should lork their shames upon,
Th^ wilfully theniyelves exile fmm liglil.
And most for aye consort wii n black-bruw'd night.

Obc But we are SiHrits i another aort :
1 with the moniiiig's love have ofi made sport ;
And, like a forester, the groves msy tread.
Even tul the eastern gate, all Aery red.
Opening ob Nepluiie with fitir blessed beams.
I'ums nilu yellow gold his sait-greeu streaiits.
But. uot>Ailnstandiii{r. haute; make no dehiy :
We may effect tha business yet era day.


Pitch Up and down, up and down ;

1 «vill lead them up mid dowu :

1 am fear'd m held and town ;

UoUlin, lead them up and down.

Here oomos one.

Entlr Lysander.

Lif$. Where art tlion. proud DeroetrineT speak
thou now. [art thou T

Pmek. Here, villain : drawn and ready. Where
Jjft. 1 will be with tliee straighL
Pmck. Follow roe, then.

To phuner groand. [JExtf Lys., asJoUowmy Iknoke.

Ailcr Demetrins.

Dem. Lysander ! speak acahi.

Thoa runaway, thou ouwurd. art thou ded I

in suine bush I Whttre d<«t then hide

thy liead I [stars.

pMek. 'lliou coward, art thoa braoing to the

Telliuf tlie busliea that tliou iook'st »n- ware.

And wilt nut come ? Come, recreant ; come, thoa

J*lt whnrthee with a nal : He is detU'd, [chiM ;

I'lial draws a swoni on tliee.

Jkm, Yea : art thou there T

Pmek. Follow my roioe ; we'll try no manhood


V Tlii

> llul

Re-enter Lysander.

£|& He gues before roe. and still darea me oo;
Whma 1 oome where he calls, then he is gone.
11m villain is much iightar hael'd thaa I :
I luUow'd ftat, bot fiMlar be did 4y ;

That Adlen am I in dark nneven way,
. - J .. . . will real me. Come, tlioa gentle day I
For if but ooee thoo show me thy grey liglit,
111 find DeoMtrios, aial revenge this spite. {Sktrt^

Re-«$»ter Puck amd Demetrius.
Pneh. Ho, ho I bo, ho I Cowanl, why oom'it

thon not?
Dem. Aiade me. if thoa dar'st ; for well I wot.
Thou rann'st before me, shifting every place ;
And dnr^ not stand, nor look me in the firae.
Where art thua f
Pmck. Come hither; I am here.

Dim. Nigr, then tlioo muck'Kt roe. IIkhi shalt
If ever I thy Ame by day-light see : I buy tliis dear.
Now, go thy wny. Fajntnees oonxtrnineth me
To measure out my length on thai oohl bed.—
By dajr^ approach look to be visited.

[Liee down amd tleefe.

Enter Helena.
BeL O weaiy nixht. O long and tedioos night.
Abate thy hours: shine, comforts, from the
That 1 may back to Athens, by day-light, (east ;
From these that my poor company detast—
And. deep, that sometimea shuta up sorrow's eye.
Steal me a while fWmi mine own company. [Sbqw.
itidk. Yet but three? Comeonemore;
Two of both kinds make np four.
Here alie comes, rurst and sad :—


Cupkl is a knavish lad.

Thus to make poor females mad.

Ber. Never so weary, never soia wo«

Bedabbled with the dew, nial torn w«h bi ten ,
I con no further crewl, no further go;
My legs csnkeep no pno^ with my desires.
Here will I rest me. till the lireak of day.
Heaven shiekl Ljrsander, if they mean a (ny I

lUe$ diHHt
Puck. On the gimind
Sleep sound :
rU apply
To y«mr eye.
Gentle lover, remedy.

fSgneezim/ the juice on t^ianderls cfS.
When thou wak'st.
Thou tak'st
True delight
In the sight
Of thy former lady's eye
And Uie cunuiry proverb known,
I'hat every man slioiild take hui own.
In your waking shall tie shown :
Jack shall have Jill ;
Nought shall go ill ; [be weU

The man shall U^wn his luaraagain, and al thaU
lEiat Fuck.— Dem., Uel., 4<^ tieqf



Enter Titania and Bottom, Fairies a/tnatevf
Uberun behind •

Tlflo. Come, sit tliee down noon this ftifweiy hed.
While I thy amiable clieeks do coy.
Lod stick musk-ruses in thy sleek smooth head.

thy I

And kiss thy fair large eare, my geutte J^f .
BoL Whare'i^PtoM-bk^eom I


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hnROimM. fleleartial f Wltarofura iipoaks h« this
To hrr Im liHtos? aiul wherelu/e do li Lysmider
UMqr yoar Itive. m nch wjthiii hra lual,
Ami t«fKi«r nut, fimmith, affiictiiHi ;
B«l bf ruar aetiiuf oit. hjr yimr oonaent t
What UKMigh 1 bn not MO in craco as ytio.
So baair orNm with tuvA. s» lartuntite ;
Bot niwnihUi nwat, to li ira unlov'd 7
lluii joa shuald pitjr. rather thnn deapiae.

uer. 1 awlflfatana not what you meiin by this.

UA Ay, (io, pertMnrsr. counterfeit mal bHika,
Make nowa opua oie wh«u 1 tnni my back ;
Wink at eanh other ; hold the sweet jext np :
This apoit, welt oarried, shall be clironicled.
If foa have any pity, ffraca, or manoers,
Yoo would nut make me soch an arcuRient
fiol, fare ye well : *ti8 partly mine «>wn rnalt;
Whioh death, or abaenoe. simni shall remedy.

/fs. Stay, ceatlo Helena ; hear my excuse ;
ly Wife, my life, my s * ' ' " '

u ny life, my soul, nir Helena I

Mtr. Sweet, do not scorn her so.

Ikm. If she cannot entreat, 1 can compel.

!#«, Thoa cmiet compel no mora than she en-
treat: (prayers
Tbr threats have no more etrenxth, than her weak
Heirn, I Vn% thee ; l>y my life 1 d«;
1 swear by that which I will lose for thee,
To pnire him false, that says i liive thee not

£hK. I say, 1 kire thee m»re than he can da

L9». If thou say so. wiibdmw, and pnive it too.

tkwi. Quick. oHne.—

Mer. l^raander, whereto tenda all this ?

Im, away, yuu Elhiop I

Dtm. No. no. sir:— he will

Seem tofir^ak kmee ; take on, as yuu would fbliuw;
But yeC mmr not : Yon are a lame man. «n !

/4«. Hans \4L thou cat, thou burr : vile thing
let Uioae;
Or I will shuke thee from roe. like a serpent

Ua. Why are yoo gniwa so rude 7 what change
Ml ha,
SweMt love !

Un. Thy Imre T out, uwny Tartar, out !

Out loathed niedicuie I hMlod potion, hence I

Ikr. Do you not jest?

Ikl Y«e, sooth ; and ao do you.

JLf*. Demetrius, I will keep niv wuni wiih iliee.

Demi. I would. I had y<Hir biinil ; A>r, I perreive.
A weak bond holds yuu ; 1*11 not trutt vour wihtiI.

X«B. What ! iUmiiUI 1 hurt her, strike her, kUl
Iter dead f
AHbooKli I liate Iter, IM not harm her so. fhate 7

Hrr. What ' can yon d«i me sn^ter harmirhnn
. . _. ._ ^ _.. .X _ . — L^. iws.my

Slider f

ilMSTteSUi •■■■■ii.iiiiui

Hve me ! wherefore ? O me ' what news, my love 7

" "! " / _ , l.ysaii

1^ aiu as fair ihiw, as I waa erawliile. llefl

Am not I Hnrmw f Are ihR you l.y

Since njgUi. yuu iov'd me; yet, since iiijciit ytiu
Why. then, yoa lefi me 7—0, the gods forbal •—
In enrneet. shall 1 say (

Im, Ay. by my life ;

And never dkl dentre to see thee iiMire.
I'herefors, be out of h<*pe, of quest iim. doubt.
Be certain, nothing truer : 'tis iiu jest.
Thai I do hate thee, and love Ileleiitt.

Her. O me I yoo juQiler! yoo cfeiiker-blnssnm I
YoO thief uf love! what! have you come by uijhi,
And siol*n mr love's heart from him 7

HkL Finci'faith!

.iave yuQ no modesty, no maNleo sliame,
|iio touch \A bHslifulneM f Wiia', will you tear
liliatiem answers frt*m my gentle tongue 7



Fke, A* I you cuuuierfeit. ytiu puppet you !

Ar. Puppetl why sol Ay. Uiat way goes the ffsme.
Maw 1 penative that she hath niada oowiMra

Between our statures, she hath urg'd her heiglrt \

And with her penonage, lier Ull peranin^.

Her iiei<ht.fon««Niih.she hath prevail'd with him.—

And are you KP>wn so high iii his esteem.

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