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Becauxe 1 am ao dwarfish, and ao low 7

How low ajn I, thou painted maypole 7 speak ;

How low am 1 7 I am not yet so low.

But that my nails can reach unto thine eyes.

HA. I pray you, though yoo mock me. gentlemen
\M. her iitit hurt lue : I was never imnn ;
I have no nil at all in shrewishnees;
1 am a nglit maid for my nuwardioe :
l«t her nut strike me : Vou. perhaps, may thi ik.
Because iihe's sonieiliing lower than myseU^
That I can match her.

Htr. Lower I hark again.

HA. Good Hermia. do not be sn biiter with mc.
I evermore did l<ive you. Hermia.
DhI ever keep your oiHinaels. never wnwg'd you;
Save that, in love unto Deroetnus,
I tohl him of your stealth unto this wood :
He f<»lh>w'd you : for love. 1 fullow'd Imn.
But he hath chid me hence ; and threatened ma
To strike me. apum me. nny. to kill me too:
And now, so you will let me quiet eo.
To Athens will I heiir my lolly hMidc,
And follow yuu no furtlier : Let me go :
You see hi»w simple and how fond I am [you *

Her. Why, set you guiie : Who ist that hinders

UH. A foolisli heart tlmt I leave liere behind.

Her. What, with LyauJer 7

Ud. With Demetnna.

Lg»' Be not afrakl : she shall nu hann thee,
Helena- [her part

Dem. No. sir: she shall mA, though y«»u take

Hid O.wlien she's Slurry, slie IS keen mid kUrewd:
Site WrfS a vixen, wheu slie went to school ;
And. tliough slie be but litile, slie is fieroe.

tier. Uitle again ! uoUiiiik lait hiw aial little.—
Why will you ttulfer her Ui doui me thus 7
Lat me cuiue to her.

Lfs. Get yoo xnue. you dwarf ;

You minimus, of hitid'niig kuut-grass made;
Vou liead, you acum.

Afsi. You are too oTBcioos

In her behalf that scorns y«»ur servioea.
Lei her alone ; speak not of Helena ;
Take uot her poit: (or if thou dost uitend
Never so little show of love to her,
Tliuu slialt ahy it

Lt$. Now she holds me not ;

Now folkiwf if tlioo (lar'ai, Ui try whuae rirht.
Or thine or mine, is naad in Helena.

Dem. Kt»lhiw i iwy. Ill so with thee, dieek by
JjIo. \Bxeuta Lva. ami Item.

Her. YiHi, mikiraas, all this coil m I«mi^ uf you :
Nay. go n<H lauUc.

Hti. I will n<rt trust you. 1 ;

Nor limi^er stay in your curst nunpaiiy.
Your hands, tlmn mine, are quirker for a fhiy ;
My lei(S are longer thougli, tu run uwiiy | ExtL

Her. 1 am ainuz'd, and know ii'it wimt t<» s.iy.
[Erfl. ittrtutng lleUnia.

Obe. This is thy negligence ; suit iii<»u niwiaK'i4,
Or else commit 'si. thy knaveries wiiruliy. -"

l*MCk. Believe me, king of shadow >. I inrstook.
Did nut yuu lell nie, I sliouid know the man
By the Atlieiiiun nrnienta he ha>l on f
And so far blanieleas pn*ves luy enterpnan.
I'hat I have 'no-nled an Atiieiii ui's eyes :
And so far am 1 glad it so did sort
As tlua their janciing 1 esteem a sport (Hrlit :

Obe. Thou beest, these l«>vers seek n piece to
Hie therefi>re, Robin, overcast the iti^t ;
The starry wclkm cover thou auon

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Ant Tlien fate o'er-rules; ttiiit, om man
lioldinK troth.
A millinn TaiL conAmnding oath on oath.

Obn. About th« wood gn Kwifler tliun the wind,
And Helena of Athens liiok thoa finil :
All fancy sick she is. aiid pale of cheer
With sif hs of love, that cost the fresh blood dear.
Bjr some illusion see thou bring her here ;
111 chai m bis eyes, afrninst she do appear.

Pyek. I go, I go ; look, how I go;
SwiAer than amm flrom the Tartar^ bow. [Exit.
Obe. Flower of this purple dye,
Hit with Cupid's archery.
Sink in apple of his i*ve !
When his lore he dotli espy
^ Let her Kliine as slonously
As the Venus of the sky. —
When tliou wak'st if sIm be faf
Beg of bar for remedy.

IZe-enfer Podc

Putk, Japtain of our fiiiry band,

Helena is here at haiid.

And the youth, mistook by me,

Pleuduig for u Intrer's fee ;

Shall we thetr fond pageant see?

Lord, what fools these mortals he I
Obe, Stand askle : the noise they make.

Will CNUse Demetrius U» awake.
Puck, 1'hen will two at oiioe. w<io one

That must needs he sport alone ;

And those things do best please ma,

lliat be&l preposterously.

Enter Lyiander and Helena.

14$. Why should yon think, that I should woo
in sntm T

Soom and derision never come In tears :
Look, when 1 vuw. I weep : and vows so bom.

In their nativity all truth apfiears.
How can theae thingM in me seem smm to yon,
Bearinrtlie badge of fiiiih. Ui pruve them trueT

MeL You do advance your cunning mora and

When truth kills truth. devilish-holy fray !
Those vows are Hermia's: Will you give her o'er?

Weigh uith with oath, and you will nothing
weigh :
Tonr TOWS, to her and me. pnt in two scales,
y^ ill even weigh : and hulh as light as tales.

Lm. I had no judgment, when to her I swore.

JkL Nor none, in my niind. now you give her o'er.

LifS. Demetrius loves her, and he loves not you.

£j^ T^^L — 1 .1 11..1.... — '-'^iB, nymph, per-

To wl

e thine eyne T



1 hy li

Tuurus' snow.


lis lu a crow,


let me kias

I'liis p

Mill of biMSl


,>- all are bent

v< iiei
Vj You

To set agnuiKt me. for rour mtrrimeiit.

]f jroo were civil, and knew cuurte»y.

You wuuld not do nie thus much injury.

Can you not hnie me. as I know yuu do.

Bat yiMi iiiiMi j;4n. in souU. to mtick me too ?

If you w«re men. as 1111*11 vou ure in show,

You would not use a genilo lady so ;

To TOW, and swear, and su|ierpniiim my parts.

When, I am sure, wiu hate me with your hearts.

Yoa botti are nvate, and love Heriniu ;

Aid now both nvuls, to nwick Helena :

A trim exploit, a mniily enterprae.

To conjure leiirs op in a p«K»r maid's eyea.

With your deriMion ! n<me. of noble sort.

Would so otTtfiul n vir^n : aiul rxiort

A poor (MtuI'M patience, nil to make yoa sport

Lyt Vou are unkind, Demetrius; he not so;
For you love Hermia: this, you know, I know:
And here, with all good will* with all my heart.
In Hermia's love I yield you up my part;
And yours of Helena to me bequeath.
Whom 1 do love, and will do to my death.

Hel. Never did niockeni wiiKie mure idle hreath.

Dem. Lysniider. keep thy Hemiin ; I will none :
If eVr I lov'd her. all that love w gone.
My heart with her but, as guest- wue. scfjoura'd ;
And now to Helen is it home returu'd,
There to remaiiL

£««• Helen, it is not aa

Dem. Disparage mH the &ith thou d<«t not know.
Lest, to thy peril, thou ahy it d^ar —
Look, where thy love comes ; yimder is thy dear.

Enter Hermia.

Bar. Dark night, that from the eye his functinn
The ear more quick of apprehension makes ;
Wherein it doth impair ine seeing sense.
It pays the hearing double recompense : —
1'hou art not l»y mine eye. Lysander, fonnd :
Mine ear, I thank it. bniuxht me to thy airnnd.
But why uivkindiv didnt thou leave me so I

L9$. Why should he suy, whom love doth presi
logoT rmde?

Her. What love could press Lriander fn»m my

Lk» Lvsander's love, l hat would not lei him bale.
Fair Helena ; who more ensilds the niKhi
1'han all yon fiery oes and eves of liKht. (know.
Why seek'si thou me 7 could not this make thee
ITie hale I litre thee made me leave thee so?

Hrr. You speak not as V(»u think ; it Citnnut be.

HeL Lo, she is one of this cnnft^lenicy I
Now I perceive they have oonjoiird, all three.
To fuxhion this ral»« sport in spite of me.
Injurious Vleniiin ! m(»>t ungrHif ful niaai 1
Have you ronspir'd. liMve you with these contriv'd
I'u bait me with this foul derision T
Is all the counsel that we two have shar'd.
The sisters' vows, the hours that we have spent.
When we have chid the hanty- footed lime
For ptirtinK us,— <). anil is all fonnit T
All srh(M>l diiyii' friendhliip. rhiidhood innooenoaf
We, Hermia. like Umi urtinciiil Kods,
Have with our neeUts created both one flowerr
Both on one samuler, siiiinx on one ciudiion,
B«»tli warhliiur ol one 8i>ng. InhIi in one key ;
As i( our liniidH, our sidt-s. \oict;s. and miiKls,
Hml been mctirporute. So we grew together.
Like lo a double clif rry. seeming (jarted ;
But yet u union in iianiiion.
Two hively berries moulded on one stem :
So, with two seeming bodies, but one heart;
Two of the nrst, like ratals in heraldry,
Due hut to one, and cn>wiied with one crest.
And will you rend uur ancient love imuiitler.
To join with men in scor nine vou r pour fneodf
It IS not frieiidlv. 'li.« ii<it muidenly :
Our sex, as well as 1, may rhide yoa for it;
I'liough 1 alone do 6^1 the injury.

Hrr. I am amazed at your pa.sMionaie words :
I sconi vou not ; it seems lliul y(»u Nconi me.

Hrt H«ve yott not set L>*sand«r, nit in t«o>ni.
To follow me. and praise niv evt^s iiiul face T
And mmle your other love. Oenittrius.
(Who even hut now did spiini me with his lootO
Tu call me goddess, nymph, divine, and rare.

III, >

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Tito. Be kiiiil nml murteitiM to thisi(«nilenimii;
lliip in hia wulkit. mimI r.iiubiil in lib eyes ;
F«m1 him with NpnoinKs, aud dewberries ;
With pan>l« ilTiipeii. icremi tin. and inall)erri«s;
Ttie noiiejr bines sttcil fruni the humhle-bees,
Aod, fiir nicht-CMpers. cn»p their waxen Ihixhn,
And licht ibent at the fiery Rh>ww<>mi\ eyes,
T» hnve my love to bed. and to nrise :
And ptork the wines Truni painted batterflies,
I'o fan the mnon-UronMi from his sleeptnc eyea :
Nod to him. elves, and du h m ouortesraa.

1 Piai HhiI, murtal I

2 Fin. Hail I
ZFha, Hail!
4 FM. Hnil !

Bol 1 cry yo.ir wimhip's mercy, heartily.— I
baRee>:h, jriMir wurship's name.

Oo6. Cubweh.

BoL 1 shall deaire yiio of OMire aoqoaintance,
giHwl master Cobweb: ir I cut my tiu:;er. 1 shall
make bukl wah you.— Yuor name, honest geuUe-

Peas, Peas-bloseom.

BoL \ pray you. commend me to Mistress Sqnash.
your motner. and to Master I'MS-oid. yoar (Mther.
uood Master IVas-blossoin. I Jiali desire you of
w>«eaoquaiiitauoetoo. — Yoor name, I beseech'
yu<i. sirf

Mu*. Hostard-aeed.

Bol Good Master Mnstard-seed, I know yotir
patience well : that same cowardly, pant-like ox-
beef hath deroured many a f(entlenian of your
kooae : 1 promise yoa, your kindred hath made
■ly eyes water ere now. I desire ynu more ao-
fttaiuuiice, good master Mosturd-seed.

TUa. Come, wait opon him : lead him to my

The moon. meChinks, looks with a watery eye;
And when she weeps, weeps every little flower,

Lamentiof siime enforced cliaxtity.

I'm up nt love's tougoe, bnux bim nlently.


SC£NE \l-Ano(htrparl tfTOie Wood.


CXe. I woader, if lltania he awak'd ;

it that next came in b

she must dote on in extremity.

£ai«r Puck.

Here cornea my messeniper. —How now. mad spirit!
What malit-nile now about th<s haunted anive I

thick. My ma^rew with a nMKtster is in love,
Near to Iter close and doti.<wcratr J howor.
While she was in lM>r dull and sleeping hour,
A crew of petdite. rode inechaincals,
'Itiat work for brvud upon Atlieniaii stalls.
Were aiet loieeiber Ui rehearse a piny.
Intended for great TheMeus' nopUnl day
1*h« shalkiweet thick-skin <if that barren sort,
Who Pvramos presented, in tlieir sport
Forsook his scene, and etiter'd in a brake :
When I did liini at this advantage take.
An aas^i mnivi I fixed on ha lieiMl ;
Anon, bm 'I'liisbr most be answered.
Ami 6Mth uiy minuc nnnes : When they him spy,
As wild creM that the creeping fowler eye.
Or m^et-poted chouirhs, muiiy in sort,
NMi« and cawing at the gun s report.
Sever themeelves, and mmllv sweep the sky ;
So at bis siglit, swav his fellows fiy :
Aad, at oar stamp, hers o'er and o'er one AUIs ;

Than, what was it that next came in her eye,

WhicLs ^ " '

enea, and help fhan Athens eoUs.

Their sense thus weak, lust with tlieir fuaia. thus

Mnde senseless things beein to do tliero wmng :
For hners and thorns at their upparei siialcii ;
Some sleeves ; some, hats : Inun yieldera all

Ihin^ catch.
I led tlieni cm in this distmcteil fear.
And lei^ sweet Pymmus iriiiiMla*ed there;
When in that rotMneiit {mt it cnnie t** |iasv.)
Titania wakM. and strai^iiwuy lov'd an n!<8.

Ohe. Thb fnlbi out Iwtter ilisn 1 ri nkl difVise.
Bui hast thou yet laicli'd tlie Atheniiin's iiytts
With the love-jiiice, ns 1 did biil thee do T

Puck. 1 took him sleeping, — tliat m fioish'd
And the Atlieiiian woman Ity his side;
'lliat when he wak'd, of force site most be ey*d.

Emter Demetrioe ami Hemiia.

Ohe. Stand clnee : this is the same Athenian..

AkA. 1'his is the wiminit. but iMit tha*Uie man.

Drm. O, whv rH>uke yt>u him that love yo*i sot
Lay breath so bitter on ymir bitter fl**

Her. Now i but dude, but 1 slioukl osa thee
For thoo, I fe:ir, hast oven me oanae to enraa.
If thou hast slain Lysmsler in his sleep,
Beinc o'er shoes in blood, plunge in the deep.
And kill me too.

The son was not so tme onto the dny.
As lie u» me : Would he Iihvr s'ol'n away
Knini sleeping Hermia 7 I'll heKeve as snoQ.
This whole earth may lie bor'd; and thai tlie mooi
May throoKh the centre creep. hikI so dnpleftsa
Her hrtAher*s noon-tide with tlie Antipfides.
It cannot be. but thou bust morder'd him ;
So should a murderer look ; so dead, so grim.

Jkm. So siHMild the munler'd look; aiul so
should I.
I^rc*d tlirough the heart with your stem cmelty:
Yet you, the murderer. liMik as brirht. ns clear.
As y..nder Venns iti her eliminennK sphere.

Jter. What's this to my Lysiinder T where is htf 1
Ah, good Demetrius, wilt thou give him me T

Jkm. 1 hud rather give his carcase i<i my hiranda.

Uer. Out, dog! oat, cur! tliou driv'sl roe past
the bounds
Of makleii's patience. Hast tlioa sinin him then t
Henceforth lie never number'd among men!
Oil ! once tell tme. tell true, even for my sak^ ;
Dursi thou have look'd nuor niin. being awake.
And hnst thou kill'd him Kleeping T O brave touch I
Cookl iKit a WitniK an adder, do so much 1
An adder did it; l<>r with doubler tongue
Than thine, thou serpent, nevxr adder stong.

Jkm. Yon spend your pariSKru on a n ispris'd
I am not guiltv of Lyminder'S blond ;
Nor w he dead, for aurbt thai 1 can tell

/f^r I pray thee, tell me then that he is writ.

Dem. An ii I C(»uk], what should I get thereiuraf

her A pnvdege, never to see me m«ire.—
AimI fnim thy bated presence port I i«» :
See me no more, whether he be dead or no [Bttt.

Dem There is no following her in this fiei ce vem:
Here, therefore, for awhile 1 'viii remain.
So somiw's heaviness doih heavier gniw
For debt that bankrupt sleep d*ah somiw own ;
Which now, in some slixht measure it will pay.
If for his tender liere 1 mske some stay. [Dfedotom

Obe. What hast thou d<mef thoo hast uitsiakea
And laid the love juice on some trne-love's sight :
Of thy misprision must perfonw eiuine
Some true k»ve tum'd. aud not a false tum\l tnM

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woaltl wish jrtia, or. I woold reqaeit jou. nr. I
would entreHi you. wot to fear, irni lo tremble :
niy life (or youre. If you think 1 come hiUier u m
iKNi. It were pity of my life : No, 1 am no such
thmir : I am a man ax other men are : and there.
Indeed, let him name hix name; and tell tbem
pbiuly, he is Snufr the jomer.

Qum. Well, it shall be so. But there is two
hanl thinffi ; that is, tu briiir tlie moon-lij(ht into
• chamber: Atr you know, Pyramus and Tliiaby
meet by moou-lighc

Shmo. Doth the moon shine that night wa play

SoL A calendar, a calendar! look in the nlma-
■ack ; find out momi-shme. find out miMm-shine.

Uam. Yea, it duch sliine ilial iiiffht.

Bot. Whv, then you iiuiy leave a casement of
the ^reat chaniber-wuiduw. where we play, open ;
and the moon may shine in at the cftMtmeiit.

<^H. Ay ; or else one niinit oome m with a bush
of thorns and a lantern, and Miy, be comes Ut dis-
fiaure, or to present the (lerwrn of moon-shine.
Then, there is another thing : we roust have a
wall in the great chamlier; for Pyramis and
1 iiish" says tbe story, did Ulk tlirougb the chink
of a wuiL

Stttig. You never can bring in a wall—What
•ay you^BoUomT

Boi. bonie man or other must present >irall .
and let him have some plaster, or Mmie lonie. or
some rough-cast about him, to Miguify wall ; or let
him hold his lingers thus, and through that cranny
•hall Pyramus and 'i'hisby whisper.

Qum. If that may be, then all is well. Come,
•it down, t^wy moiher'a son. and rehearse vuur
parta. l>yranius. you begin: when you have
•poken your apeecti, enter into that brake ; and
ao every one aooorduig tu his cue.

Enter Pock behind.

Puck. What hempen home-spuna have we
swagxering here,
So near the cr<ulle of tlie fairy queen T
WliNt. a play, Uiwani t Til be an auditor ;
An actor too, perlinps. if 1 see cause.

Qmn. Speak, Pyramus :—l1iisliy. stand forth.

J*vr. 7}tt9l>9, the Jlowers of odious MmmrtMweel^—

Qum. Odours, odours.

tlft. odours mtvourt ftoeet :

So dolh tktf Urtalh, my dearest 'Pasbydear.—
But. hark, a voice! stay Ihou hut here a whiie.
And by and by I will to thee appear. [Eztt.

I*uck. A alrauger Pjrnuuus than e'er pluy'd

«. I'f*'. . . Uside.-Exa.

This. Must I speak now 7

Qum. Ay. marry, must you : for you must un-
derstand, be gtiea but to see a ojise that he heard,
and w to come again.

'/»». Most radumt I*yramus, most tUy-wMU 4if

(y colour tike the red rose on triumphant brier.
Most bnsky Juvenal, and eke most Itivety Jev,

As true » truest horse, that yet woutit mvtr tire,
rn meet thee, i*yramm, at I^hwy's tomb.

Qum Ninua* tomb, man : why vou must not
•peak that yet ; that you answer to Pvranius : you
qieak ail your part ul once, cuea aial all.— I*yra-
moa enter; your cueist post ; it is, never tire.

M^-anterPwA, and Bemom, with an ass's head.

This. Or-A* true as truest horse, that yet would

Pyr. If I were fair, Thisby. I were only thine :—

_Qioi*' mitnstrons ! O strange ! we are haunted.
Pray, masters! fly. masters! help!

n. . ™. , .. [Bxnmt Clowna.

Purk. Ill follow Tou. I'll lead you aboutaruviHl

llirongh bog. through liush. tlirxMigb brakt
through brier:
Sometime a horae I'll be, sometime a hound.

A ho^, a beadleas lieur, sometime a fire ;
And neigh, and bark.and grunr.Niid rotir,and burn
Like horse, hound, hog, bear, fire, at everr tom.


Bot Why do they run away T thia is a knaveiy
of tliem, to make me afeard.

lie enter Snout.

Snout. O Bott ni, thou art clianged I what do I

Bot. What do you see 7 yon see an ass's hea)
of your iiwii ; Do you 1

Re-euter Quince.

Qui$u Bless thee. Bottom ! bless thee! Ihouari
translated. [Exd

Rot. 1 see their knxvery : this is Ut make an aki
ofnie ; to frivlit me if llier could. But 1 will not
stir from thu place, do what they can : 1 will walk
up and down here, and 1 will sing, that ihcrsliall
hear I am not afraid. [Sii^fS.

The ousel-cock, so blark of hue.

With oranor-iaUHy bill.
The throstle with his note so true.
The wren with tUUe qmU ;

Tita What angel wakes me from my floweiy
bed 7 {Wakmi.

Bot. The Anrh, the Sparrow, ami the lark.
The plain-soNg cuckoo gray.
Whose note full many a man doth mark.
And dares not answer, nay ,>—
for, hKJeed, who would set hn wit Ui so foolish a
bird 7 who would give a bird the lie, though ha
cry cuckoo, never so 7

7 V/rt. I pray thee, gentle mortal, sing again :
Mine ear m much enHniour'd of thy note.
So is mine eye eniliniiled to thy nliape : [roe.
And thy fiiir vinue's force perforce doth nvive
On the first view, to say, to swear, 1 love ihee.

Bi t. Meihinks. mistress, you should have littU>
reason K r that : And yet, lo »»y the truth. reuHW
and love keep liiile compony together now-v
days : I'he more the pity, that Mnne honest ue«ta-
bours will not make iheiu friends. Nay. I caa
gleek upiai uocnsKin.

'fUa. Thou art as wise as thou art benutifbl.

BoL Not so. neither: i.nt if 1 had wit eiax^
to get out of ihia wood, I have enough to ai?nre
mine own turn.

Tita^ Out of this wood do not desire to gn ;
Thou slialt remain here, whether thou wilt or no.
1 am a spirit, of no ronimon rate ;
The summer still doth tend u|N>n my state,
Atal I do love thee : therefore, go with me ;
1*^1 give thee fairies Ui attend on thee ;
AiKlthey sliall fetch thee jewels fban the deep.
And sing, while thou <>n pressed flowers dost sleep!
And 1 will purge thy mortal groMiMw so.
That thou shalt like an airy spirit go.— [seed I
Peaa-bloMoml Ckibwebl Moth 1 aial Mustatd-

Enter four Fairies.
1 FitL Ready.
2 /fat. And I.

3 ffat. And I.

ifid. Where shall wa got

wagot ^

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PmJL TbrvMKh the iurest linTe I Kone,
But Athenian rcHiud I mmtu
On whoM evM 1 nuclit aitpmre,
I'liiN rttiwor H force in siirniiK l«>ve.
NifflU ami silence ! who ui here I
Wreds of AUteus lie «Joch wvar :
l*biH n he, my master Bnid.
DeKinaed tlie Athenian inuid ;
And here the niiudun. sleepiiif lound,
Om t e dank and dir* j gruuiid.
Prettjr miuI ; she durst nut he
Neur this lock luve, kill cuuriesf.
Churl, iip«in thy «yes I thn>w
All the power this "iiiinu dnth owe :
When Ihoo wak'st, let ..>ve furUid
Sleep his seat un thy ey»-lid.
So wake, when I am guiio;
For i most now tu Oberuo. lExU.

Enter Demetrius md Helena, rwuiny.

Bd. SUj, though thou kill tne. sweet Demetrius.

Ukm. I charge ihee, hence, and do not haunt me

HeL O. wilt then dnrklinr Irave me T do not so.

Don. Stay, on tliy pen! ; 1 alone will go.

[Exit Dumetrios.

UtL 0, 1 am out of breath in this ChhI chasel
The more my prayer, the lener is my itrace.
Httppy is Ut-nuia. wheresoe'er slie lies ;
Fur Jie h«th hhwied and aiira&ive eyos.
How came her eyes lulirixlit T Not with saltta»nr
If so, my eyes are oAeiier wash'd than hers.
No, no, 1 am as ugly as a bear ;
For beasts that meet me. run away (or fear:
I'herefure, no marvel, iliouxh l>eiiieirins
Do, as a nawster, llv my pr<»eiic»* thus.
What wicked end diMteiiiMiiig glaits of mine
Made me dmipare witli Herniiu*!t spliery ejnie T—
But whn IS here ?— LyKuialer ! mi the gruuud I
D(h«d T or usieep T I see no bliKid, no wound I—
LjTMUider, It you live, cot^l sir, awake.

L¥$. And run through lire I will, fur thy sweet
s»ke. iWaki

Transparent Helena! Nature here shows art.
I'hat throuKh thy botMHU makes me se« thj heart.
Where is Demetrius I U. Iiow lit n woru
Is that ^le name, tu pensli on my stvord i

Uei Do not say so. Lysuuider ; say not so :
Woat ihouxii he love your Hermiaf Lord, what

though T
Yet Hernuu stiU loves you : then he content.

Lts Cimteiit with Heniiiu f No : i do repent
The tediims iiiiiiuies 1 wiih her have spent.
Not Henuiu. but lleleiia I litve .
Who will iKii cluiuxe a mveii for a dove f
The Will o|' iiian is by hw reusou swny'd :
And reowrti suys you aie Uie worthier niakL
'lliiiiKs growing lire not ripe until tiieir season ;
So 1. iienig young, till now ripe nut tu reiUMHi ;
And toucliing nuw the ptmit of hunuui skill,
K«:isoii beotwea the inursliul to my wilU
And leads me to your eyes ; wlH>re 1 o'erhiok
Uive*s stones, written m love's richest Imuk

Hcl W lierefore wus 1 to I Ills keen iiiiickery boriiT
When, at your huiuLs did 1 ileftcrve this scorn I
Wt not emtugli. is'i not enough, young man,
I'hat I dal never, imi. nor never can.
Oesenre a sweet Ijok Irutii Uemetnus* eye.
But rou must llout my iiMufHcieiicy /
Good troih. you do nie wnnig, good sooth. you do^
In such disdainful wuiiuer me tu woo.
Bat fitfK you well : pertinrce I must oohIbsb,
I UMMfbt you lord uif mure true gentleiiesa.

O, tlint n lady, of one man refus'd,

Shouh). of iiiioiher. therefire be iihus'dl [Exit.

Las She sees not Herram :— Hennia, sleep ihoa

there ;
And never innys'st thou come Lyssnder near I
For, M a surfeit of the sweetest things
The deepest loathing to the stomacn t>riQgs;
Or, as the heres.es, that men do leave.
Are lulled muMt of those they did deceive,
8ii tiKiu, my surfeit, and my hereiiy.
Of -all tie hiUed ; but the niosd of me !
And all my iNiwers, address your love snd might.
To litmour Helen, and tu be her knight ! [Exit,
Her. isiarting ] Help me, Ijrsuuder, help me {

do ihy best,
1'n pluck this crawling serpent from my breart
Ah me, for pity !— what a uream was here ?
Lvsaiider. Iti«»k, how 1 do qiiNko wiih feurl
Alt-thought u stfrpent eat my heart awny.
And you sat smiling at his cruel prey : —
LjTKanderl what, removed T Lysander! lord!

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