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Whiit, out of hearing T gone T no sound, no word f
Alack when* ur^ you T speak, an if you hear;
Speak, of all loves : 1 swoon almi«t with fear.
^io ?•— then I well perceive you are not nigh :
Kither death, or you, I'U find mimediately. [EM.


SCENE 1.-7^ mme. Tht Quetm ^ Fiiirkt
Igttig asleep.

Enter Quince, Snug, Bottom, flute. Snout, «atf

Bot. Are we all met 7

QuiH Pal, pat; iiiid bent's a marrenous ood-
Teiiiriit place for our reheunwl : This green plot
shiill be our stiu^e. this hawthorn iirake oar
lyinig-houHe ; and we will uo ii in action, as w«
will do il before the duke.

Hot. Peter (Juiiice.—
. Quia. Whul Mt> 'st thou, bully Bottom 7

Bof. There aiti Uiings in tiiw comedy ot l*yr(mmi
ami Thubt, that will never please. First. I'yr^iius
niu>t draw u sword to kdl himself; which the
ludius caiiiiitt alade. How answer you tliai 7

SumU. ByVlukui, a purious fear.

atar. I believe, we must leave the kiUiugou',
when all is done.

Bot. Not a whit ; I have a device to make all
well. Write me a prolu^e: and lei the pn4ogue
seem tosiiy, >Ke will do no hiirm with our i«.vonis :
aiat that Pyrainus is nut kiUt^ mdeed: uihI. fur ilie
more better uMiuraiiOH. tell Uiein, that 1 l^ramiis
am not Pyrainus, but Uoiiuin Uie weaver : Tins
will put them out of fear.

gam. Well, we will liuve such a pralofua ; and
it sliidl lie wriilen in eigiit and six.

Bol. No, nwke it two more ; lei it be written in
eight and eixiiL

^itumt. Will not Uie ladies be aAmr^l of tlia Uonf

Slar. I feur it, 1 prumiae you.

Bot. Musieni. you oualit i4> consider with your-
selve.v : u% bring in, God shield ux 1 n lion uiuung
ladies, ui u iiiuaidre.idlul lluiuc: furtliere is not a
more fearful wild-fuwl than yuur liou, living; and
we ought to lui»k to it.

SmMit. Therefore, aootliar prolofiM must tell,
be is not n lion.

BoL Nay, yoa moat name his name, and half
his face must be seen timiugli the bou's neck ;
and he hmiself must s|ieak Uir^iuah. snymf thua,
or tu the same deiec— l.mlif^i or fair l;uli*^ \

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V At uui

To leave the city, and oommit youraelf
Into tiia handx of one that loTe9 you not;
To tru>t the opportuiitiy of ni^t.
AikI the ill cuuiiKel of a desert place.
With the riili worth of your vjfgiaitv.

UeL. Your virtue is my privilege for that.
It iif not uiKht. when 1 liu see yuur f<toe,
I'heralure I ihiuk I am mA in the iiifht :
Nor doUi this wood lack worlds of oompany ,
F<ir yon, in niv respect, are all the world ;
Then how cni'i it be soid, I am alone,
Wtien all the world is here to look oc me T

Dewi. Y\\ ruu from thee, and halt me in the
And leave iliee to the merry of wild beasts.

Ud. The wildest Ituth not such a heart as you.
Run when you will, the story shall be chaug'd ;
Apollo flies, and Drfpbue boLis the cbaaH ;
Ilie dove pursues llie griffin ; the mild hind
Makes speed to csilcii ilie ii|:er : BootieAs speed 1
When' cowardice pursues, and valour Dies.

Dtm. 1 will not stay thy que^tlons; let me go:
Or, if thou follow me, do not believe
But I shall do thee mischief in the wood.

HtL Ay, in the temple, in the town, the field.
You do nie mischief Fy, itometrins 1
Your wrongs du set a scandal on my sex :
We cannot fight for love, as men may do :
We should he wuo'd, and were not made to woo.
Ill follow thee, aial make a heaven oi lieli.
To die upon the hand 1 love w well. .

{Eixtunl Dem. and Hel

OAe. Fiire theo well, nymph : ere he do leave
tlus grove.
Thou Shalt lly him, and he shall seek thy love.

iZf-«nler Pock.

Haat tbon the flower there T Welcome, wanderer.

Pitch. Ay, Uiere it is.

Ote. I pray I bee. give it me.

I know a hank whereon the wild ihyii.e blows.
Where oz-lips and tiie nodding vioUt grim a;
Quite over-caiiopied wiib IukIi wiMHliiiiie.
With sweet musk-ruees, and with e^diiutine :
1'bere sleeps Tiiauia. some lime of ibe nistbt,
LoU'd in these flowers with dunct^s and deliglit;
And there the snake throws her ennmed'd skin.
Weed wide enough to wrap a fairy in :
And with the juice of Ibis I'll s.reak her eyes,
And nnike her full of hateful funtaMes.
Take thou some of it, and beek ihrougb this grove:
A sweet Aiiieuiiui lady is in love
With a dttdainiul youth : anoint his eyes;
But do it. when the next tliinir be espies
May be ilie lady : Tliou sbait know the man
Bv the Athemuu gannenu be luiUi on
Kfflect it with s«inie care : that he may prove
More fond on her. than she upon her love :
And look tbou meet me ere tiie fimt cock crow.

i'udlc. Fear nut, my lord, your servant sliall do so.

SCENE ni-Anolher part qf tJm Wood.

Enter Titania, wrM her tram.

TVlo. Come, now a roundel^ and a fairy aoog :
llieu, for a ilurd part of a minute, hence;
Some, to kill cankers in the musk ruse buds ;
Some, war wiib rear-mioa for their leaibern winga.
To make my small elves coals ; and siaue, keep
Imck [ders

llie r4amoroas owl, that nightly hoots, and won-
At our quaint spirits : Sing me now asleep ;
Then to your uifiose, and lot me real.


1 Fki. Tou spotUd snakes, with dovbU tOHgme^

Thamt hedge-hOQS^ be not seem ;
Newts, and biind-womu, do no wrong ;
Cone ftot near our fatrg qneen ;

Phfomrl, wtth mdodt.
Slug in our swret lultahf:
Lulla, tuila. luUabf ; luUa, tulla, btUabfi
Never harm, nor spell nor charwi.
Came our to»ljf bidy nigh ;
So. good ntghl, with luUahf.


2 l-'ai. Weaving spiders, come not here :

Hence, fuu hny-levg'd spinners, henos :
Beetles black, approach not near ;
Worm, nor snail, do no offence.

Philomel, with "telodf, Sto.

2 Fbi. Hence, away ; now all is well :
One, aloof, stand aentinel.

[Elxruni fames. Titania deept.

Enter Oheron.
Obe, What thou seest, when thou dost wake.
iSqueexes the flower on Titania'a ei/e-tid».
Do it for thy true love take ;
Love and languish ibr Ins sake ;
Be ii ounce, or cat, or l>ear.
Hard, or laair with bristled liair.
In thy eye that shall appear \

Wbeii tbou wak'st. it w tliy dear; V
Wake, when wMiie vile thing is near. J {ExiL

EtUer Lysander and Hermia.

LifS. Fair love, you liunt with wandering in IM

And to speak troth. I have forgot our way ;
We'll re*t as. Hermia, if you think it good.

And tarry for tlie comfort of Ute day.

her. Be it so, Lysmider. liiid you out a bed.
For I upon this bank will re!»l my bend.

Lfs. One turf shall serve as pillow for us both ,
One heart, one bed. two bo8«>nui, and one troth.

Her. Nay. good Lysander : for my sake, my dear.
Lie further on yet. do nut lie so near.

ZfS. O, take the sense, sweet, of my innocenoe ;
Love takee the meaning, in love's conference.
1 mean, tliat my heart unto yours is kiut ;
So that bat one heart we ran make of it :
Two bosoms interchained with an uatli :
Si* then, two bosoms, and a Mngle tnith.
Then, by your side iwi bed-room me deny ;
For, lyinr so, Hermia, 1 do not lie.

Mer. Lysander riddles very prettily : —
Now much beshrew my manners aial my pride.
If Hermia meant to aay, Lysander bed.
But, gentle friend, ^ lovu and C4Mirt«sy
lie further otf ; in human naideaty
Such aeparatiou, as. may well be said.
Becomes a virtuous bachelor and a maid :
S«i far be distant; and good night, sweet friend :
Thy love ne*er alter, till thy sweet life end 1

Lgs. Amen, Amen, t«i that fair prayer, say 1 ;
And then end life, when 1 end loyalty!
Here is my bed : Sleep give thee all his rest !

Un. With half that wuii the wuher'S eyes
press'd' ('/Vjr

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Obe. How canst ihuu tliiu, f.ir shanie, TiUaia,
GlMice at nijr credit with Hippulyut,
KuowinK I kuow tlijr love to Tbeaeus?
Uidat Uuiu not Irail hint throuxh llie ^immenn;
Vmm Pencenia, wbiMn h« raviaiieU ? luifUl

Aod amktt hiiu witU fair i£|de break his £uUi,
With Anadue, aiul AotJopa?

'l^Ua. TUftie are the forxeriea of jealoivy :
And narar. since the nkldle somtuer's spnnfc«
Met we tin hill, in uala. ibrest, or mead,
Bf pHTed iuuutain, or bjr rush/ brouk,
Or on t|ia beached niarneut of the sea,
To dance our niigleta Ut the whistlinK wind.
Bat with thjr brawU thou liaat dwturb'd oar sport.
1'berefi*re the winds, pipiu|r lo us iu Tain,
As in revenae. havn suck'd up from the sea
Caitaiputisfutpi ; which folhui; lu ihe laud.
HaT6 every peliiof nver iiiaUe so pmud,
niiat tbejT have over<K>rue their coutinents :
llM ox hath lheref«>r« streictrd his yoke in vain,
11am piouf hniaii hist hu sweut; and the greeu corn
U«h rutted, ere his youtii aiiuui'd a lieard :
11m fiihi stands em^ity m itie drowned tield.
And crows are fatted witU the uiurnuu flock ,
llie nine men's m<tms is fiU'd up witli mud ;
And the qmuul nuzee in the wuntoii green,
For lack of tread, are uuUisiiu<u.shable ;
The human moruU wiuit their winter here ;
Mo nif lit IS now with hymn or carol blest : —
Therefore the mu«ui. the Kovemess of d-Kids.
Pale m her auxer, wasliee alt the air,
'Jlwt rbeuniaiio diseiises do abound :
And th*in>uf h this dotemperature, we see
'llie seasons alter : hoary-headed fruau

Fall in (he fresh lap of the cniusou nNH%:
A;al on old Hyeiiis' ctiiu, and icy crown.
An odoroUM cliaplet of sweet summer buds
Is, as III iwickery, set : 'I'iie spnui;. the summer,
'I'M dulling auiuiiiii, amcry wiuter. oliange
llieir wouted livenea ; and the mazed world.
Bjr their increase, now kiitiws iKit wuich is which:
And thai same protreny of evil comes
Fnmi our debate, from our dissension ;
Wa are their paren<s and urigiuid.

Obe. Do you amend it Ui«u : it lies in yoQ :
Why shouhl 'lltania cruas her Olienin I
I do Imt b09 a little changehng buf,
To be mj henchman.

J\u, Set your heart at rest,

Tba laiiT laud hays not the cliild of ine.
Hm OhiCner was a voi'ims of my order:
Aial. m the spiced Indian mr. by night.
Full o(ten baiUi she guanip'd by my sale ;
Ami sat with me tm Neptuue^i yeUow sands,
Markiaf the emliarked traders un the flood ;
When we have lau|rh'd U» see Uie soils oonceiva.
And fr^>w big-beUied, with tlie wanton wiial :
W hich she. With preUy and with swimming gait.
Following (her womb, I hen rich with my young
Wiwid imitate ; and sail upon the land, [uquira,)
To feicii me mflea, and return aguiu.
Aa from a voyage, rich with merchandise.
But she, beiiur mortal, of that btiy did die ;
And. C*r her sake, I do rear up lit<r boy :
Aud. (ir her sake, I wiU not part with him.

Obe. I liiw long witliiu ihia wood intend you stay T

Tito. Perchance, till aAer Theseus' wedding-
If yoQ will patiently dance in oar round.
Aud see our naaNi-lKht revels, go with ua ;
If not, shun me, and 1 wdl spare jour hauiita.

Ofte. Give ma that boy, and 1 will go with thee.

Tito. Not Ibr thy kmgdom Punea, awa/:
W« ilaali chide downngbt, if I longer stay.

[Extuta Tiiama am< aer /ram.

Obe Well, go thy wi^ : thou slialt not fnim this
Till I torment thee for this iiuury.— fgrova.

My geiiiie I'uck, come hither : Thou raaiemoerte
2>iiic« once 1 sat up«>u a promontory.
And heuni a mermaid, lai a doiphiu'a back,
Uiteriuie aucii dulcet and liarmouioua breath.
That the rada aaa grew avil at her song;
And certain autrs abot madly from thair apheraay
To hear the aea-maid's music.

puck, I ramaiiiher.

Obe, That veiy time I saw (but thou ouuld'tt
Plying between the cold moon and the earth.
Cupid all urm'd : a certain aim he took
At a fiiir veatal, thronpd by the west ;
And ItNM'd his l«ive-shafl smartly from his bow,
As It should pierce a hundreil thousand hearts :
But I mi jht aee young Cupid's liery shaft
Quuucb'd in the diaste beams of t he wai'iy moott;
Aud tiie iMiperial vot'resa passed on,
in niakleu uiediiation, fiiucy-lVee.
Yet mark'd I where the holt of Cupid fell :
It fell apoii a hiUe western flower,—
Jieiiire. milk-white; now purple with lovels

And maideiis cull it love-in- klleneas.
Fetch me that flower: the herb 1 shuwM theaoooa;
'Hie juu« of it on sleeping eye-lids laid.
Will make or man or woman madly d«it«
Upon the next live creature that it sees.
Fak:h me tins herb : and be tJiuu here
£re the leviaihun can swim a leatnia.

Puck. I'll put a girdle nmnd about the aarth
ill forty minutes. iExU Puok.

Obf. Having once thia J moa,

I'll watch Tiiama wnen she is Hitleep,
And drop the liquor of it in her vytm :
The next thing then she wroking looks upon
(Be It on lion, mmr, or wolf, or buU,
Uu meddling miNikey, or on busy ape),
She sliaU pursue it with the s«iul of hive.
And ere I take litis churm oflTfrom her sight
(As t can take it, with anotlier herb),
I'll umice her render up her page to me.
Bjil who ctMiies here T I am iiivmble ;
Aud i will over-hear their ooniereuca.

Ef^er Demetnus, Helena yUtoaaiHr kan.

Dm. I love thee not, therefore puraue ma not
Where IS Lysaiider, and fhir Hermia T
The one I'll slay, the othiT slayeth me.
I'hou toUl'st me. they were atol'n into this wood,
Aud here am I, and wood within this wood,
Benaoae I eamiot meet with Hennia.
Uence, gat thee gone, and follow me no more;

HeL You draw me, you hard-hearted adamant;
But yet you drew not iron, tor my heart
Is true as steel : Leave you your power to drew.
And I shall have no power u> follow you.

Dem Do 1 entice you T Do I speak you fair T
Or, rather, do 1 not in plniiiesl truth
Tell you— 1 do mil, nor 1 caniioi love yon T

UeL And even for that do 1 love you the more.
I am your spimiel; and, Demetnus,
The more you beat me. 1 will fuwo on yoa :
Use me but aa your spaniel, spurn me, strike me,
Neglect me, loee me ; wdy give me leave.
Unworthy as I am. to follow you.
What woiarr place can 1 beg in your love
(And yet a place of nigh respect wiUi me),
'I'hau to be uaed as yoa use your dog ?

Jkm. Tempt not too much the hatred of my
For I am sick, whan I do look on thee. lapiril;

Hel. And I am sick, when I look mit on yoa.

iJlon. Yoa do impeach your modenty uai mooh.

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/ I7fi


ton: 1*11 speak in a momtmot little Toinp;—T//uii«'.
Tkitne,^Ah, Fwromms, mg lover dear ; tk) Thubp
dear! and laif dear!

Qttm. No. no : yoo noat play I^nimaa, and,
Huie. jrftu Thtt^by.

Bot. Well, pruoeed.

Own. Robin SbinrHinf. the tailor.

Star. Here. Peter Quiiioe.

Qum. Riibin Starreiing.yuu mast plajr Thisbjr'a
nKiUier.— Tom SimhiI, the tinker.

Smrnt Here. Heler Qaince.

Qum. You, Pynunos's futher; mytielf. Thi«by's
fnther ;— Snug, the joiner, yon. the' lion's part : —
aul. I hope, here is a plwy fitted.

Smiff. HuTe you the lion's part written T pray
yiHi, If it he. give it rae, for 1 am slow of study.

QioM. You may do it extempore, font U iMiibing
hut rtmntm-

Bot. Let me play the lion too : I will roar, that
I will do any man's heart rood to hear me : I wil
rmir, that I will make the duke say, Ltt kun roar
ayain. Let km root again.

Qitin. An you should do it too terribly, von
would friiclit the ducliesK and the ladien. tiiat ihf-y
would slirtek: and that were enough to Imns nsuli

AIL That would hanK i\» every mother's sun

BoL I grant yon, fneudn. if that yiKi should
(right the ladies out of their wits, they would
have no more discretion hut to hang us : hnt J
wid agpravate my voice so. tlwt 1 will nwr you ns
gently a» any sucking dove: I will roar you an
'twere any nurtitingale.

Qmn. You can plav no pnrt hut Fyrimns : for
Pyrunius is j sweet-lWd niiin ; a proper man, a.«
one shall aee in a summer's day : a most lovely,
geutleman-like man; tlierefora you must needs
play Pyriimus.

Bot Well, 1 will undertake iU Wliat beard
were 1 best to play it in T

OuiH. Whv. what you will

Bol. 1 will discharge it in either your straw'
coloured heard. yi>ur onmee-tawny lieuni, your

Krple m-grain beanl. or your French-ciowu-co-
ir Iteartf. your iierfedvel low,
QiffN. Some of your Frenr4i crowns have n<»
hair at all. and then you will piny bure-iaced.—
But. masten ; here are your parts : and I am lo
entreat you, requmt yi>u, and desire you, to roit
them by to- nMH-niw night; and meet me in thf

Glace winhI. a mile without the town, hy miMni-
lit; there will we reheafK: for if we meet in
the city, we s!iall be dog'd with comfiauy. and
our devmoM known. In the mean time I will
draw a bill of pru|>erties, such as our play wunts.
J pray you fml me not.

Bol. We will meet ; and there we may rehearse
mora ob^early, and courageously. Take pains ;
be perfect; adieu
Qam. At the duke's oak we meat
Bot. Eliouf h ; Hold, or cut bow-striuga.


SCENE \.—A Wood ma


Bmter a Fairy at one door ; and Puck at another.
Puck. How now, sfMrit ! whither wander you T
fbL Over hill, over dale,

Thtirough hush, thoivugh briar,
Over park, over pale,

Thorouch di*'id. tiiormigh firs,
I do wander every where.
Swtf rr tiuu th« muvnaa sphere :

And I aerva the fairy queen.
To dew her orbs upon the green :
niie cuwsli|w tall lier penstoners be;
In their gold coats spots you see ;
Thone be rubies, fairy fiiToura,
In thi«e freckles live their savours :
I must go seek some dewHlrop« here.
And hang a peari in every oowxUp's ear
PxrewelU thou lob of spirits. 1*11 be gone,
Our queen and all our elves come here anoa.
Puck. The king doth keep his revels here U>>
Take heed, the qneen come not within his iifi»L
P<ir Ot>eron is passinir fell and wrath. .
Because that she. as her attendant, hath
A hwely hoy. stol'n fnim un Indian king;
She never had so sweet a changelinir :
And jealous Ohernn would have tlie child
KniKht <if his train, to tiace the forests wild :
But fho, perforce, withholds the IovimI lioy. Moy:
Crowns him with Howers, and makes him all her
Ami now they never meet in grove, or gr««n.
By fountain clt^r. or spangled star-light sheen.
But they do sqiinre; tliat all their <*lvea, for fear.
Creep into nrom cups, and hide them i*iere.
Fat. tuber 1 mistake your shape and i

Or else you are that shrewd and knavish spnte,
CalI'd Ktibin GooUfellow : are you mit lie.
That Inrlit tlie muklens of the villagerr ;
Skim milk ; and sometimes lalaiur in the qoeru.
And bootless make Uie breathleas booaewifo

chum :
And aonielime make the drink to bear no barm ;
Mislead night- wanderers. InUKhinir at their harmf
Tliom that Hobgoblin call yon. and sweet Pnc4i,
You do their work, and tlieyahall have food look:
Are you not he T

Purk. Ilioa speak'st aright :

I am that merry wanderer of tlie nialit.
I jest to Olieron, ami make him amile.
When I a fut and bean-fed htirse beguile.
Neighing in likenet« of a filly foal :
And sometime lurk 1 in agiasip's bowl.
In veiy likenem of a roosted crab;
And. when site drinks, against her lips I hob.
And on her wither'd dew-Up pour the ale.
The wM«t aunt, telling the saddest tale.
Sometime ftir three-foot sUiol mistaketb me;
1'lien slip 1 from her bum. d«iwii lopplea she.
And fof^r cnes. and falla intnanouch: [lafle;
And then the whole quire hold their hipa, aou
And waxen in their mirth, and neexe and swear
A merrier nour waa never wasted tliera.—
Bot room. Fairy, here OHnes Olienai,
Fm. And liera my mistress : — 'Would that ba
were gone.

SCENE M.^Enter Oberon, at one door. wtM ki$
train ; and Titaniu, at anotker, wilk ker*.

Obe. Ill met by moon light, proud Ti*anta.

TUa. What, jealous Oheronf Fairy, skip benos ;
1 have forsworn bin lied and oompiuiy.

Obe. Tarn*, rash wimton ; Am iMit I thv lonlf

'nia 1'hen 1 must be thy lady : But 1 know
When thou liiist sud'n away from fairy land.
And in tlie shape of Corin sat all day.
Playing on pipes of cc rn. and versinc lova
1'o amorous Plii lain. Why art tlwu here.
Come from the farthest steep of India f
But that, Airsooth, the Itouncing Amaxoa,
Yoor huskin'd mistress, and rour wamor lofvo,
I'o ThRMeiw must be wedileu ; and you t
To give tbeir bail joy and praspenty

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Her. My good I^rmndar I

I swenr tn thee bjr Cupid's stniageet bow ;
Br hM best arruw with the snklen hewl ;
Bjr thti primplicitj of Venus' doves ;
Bjr ttiat which knitteth souls, aod prospers loves ;
Aim! by that hre which bum'd the CnrUiaffe queen.
When the fiiise Tnijan under sail wm seen ;
By all tlie vows that ever men have broke,
In nomber more than ever women spoke ;—
lu that same place thou hast appointed me,
To-momiw truljr will 1 meet with thee. [Helena.

Lg$. Keep promise, lore : Look, here comes

Enter Helena.

Ber. God speed fitir Helena ! Whither away T

AeL Call yon me iairT that fair attain nnsay.
Uemotrins hives your (air : O happy fair ! (air
Too r eyes are lodr-stan ; and your toratue's sweet
More tuneable than lark to shepherd's ear,
Whenwheat b |nnRen.when hawthorn buds appear.
Sickness is catohiuf ; O, were favour so I
Tours wookl 1 catch, fair Hermia. ere 1 go;
My ear shtMild catch your voice, my eye your eye,
My tongue should catch your tongue^ sweet

Were the wtnid mine, Demetrius being baled «
The rest 111 give to he to you tmiiKhited.
O. teach me how to liiok ; and with what art
You sway the motum of Demetrius' heart.

Her. I fniwii apiio him. yet he luves me still.

HtL O, that your frowns would teach my snules
snrh skill!

Hrr I give him curws. yet be given nie hive

Hd. O that my prayers could such aflRKiion

Her. I'he more 1 hate, the more he follows me.

HfL The more I hive, the more he liatelh me.

Her. His folly. Helena, is no fiiult of mine.

HeL None, but yiiur beauty; 'Would that fault
were mine ! [fuoe ;

Ber. Take comfort ; he no more shall see my
I^TMMider and myself will dy this place.—
Hefure the time 1 did LjmanJer see,
Seem'd Athens as a paradise to me :
O then, what graces in my love dn dwell.
llMl he hath tum'd a henven untii hell f

L|«. lielen, tu you our minds we will unfiild :
To-monuw nixht when Ph<Bhe dtith behohl
Her silver visage in the wai'ry gtasa.
Decking with iiquHl nearl the hladed graa,
(A time that hnrtrs* flixhts doth suil mmceal.)
Throufh Athens' gates have we deviifd to steal

Her And in the wood, where often yon and I
UpMO fittnt primtnee lieds were wont to he,
Emptying our boemns oi their counsel sweet;
lliere my Lysander and myself shall meet :
And thence, from Athena, turn away our eye«.
To seek new fnends and stranger oompaoiea.
Farewell sweet playfellow ; pray thou fur us.
And Kood luck grant thee thy Demeinus!—
Keep word, Lvsaiider : we must stniire our sight
Prom lovers* food, till morrow deep midiiicht.

{Extt Hermia.

If*. I will, mv Hermia.— Helena adieu :
A> voaoQ him, Oemetnus dote ini you ! ( Exit Lya.

iU How happy some, o'er other some can be !
Through Athens I am thought as fair as she.
But what of that T Demeinus thinks nut so ;
He will not know what all hnt he do know.
And as he errs, doting on Heroua's eyes,
So I, adminng of his qualities.
I'hings hnae and vile, hokliug no quantity,
IaiV9 can transpose to funii and dwuity.
Uwe Inuks not with the eyes, hut with the mind ;
AmI thersfure m wing'd Cupal painted blind.


Nor hath love*ft mind of any judgment taste
WingN, and no eyes, Agure uuhee'ly haste :
And therefore is Love said to he a rhikl.
Because m choice he is so oft Imituird.
As waggish boys in gunie themselves forswear.
So tlie boy Love is penur'd everywhere :
For ere Demetrius IfMik'd on Hermia's eyne.
He haii'd down oatlis, that he was only mine ;
And when this hail some heat from Ht-rniia lelt,
So he disBulv'd. and sliowers of oaths did melt.
I will go tell him of fair Heniiiu's flight :
Then to the wood will he, to-morrow night.
Pursue her; and for this intelligence
If 1 have thanks, it is a dear expense :
But herein mean 1 to ennch my puin.
To have his aigtit thither and back again. {BxU

SCENE II.— TV Mnie. A Room in a Cottage.

Enter Snug, Bottom, Flute. Snout, Quince, and

Quill Is nil iHir company here T

Bot. You were best to call them generally, man
by man, aocordinir to the scrip.

Qutn. Here is the 8cn>ll of every man's name,
whicli is I bought fit, throiich all Athens, to play in
our interlude liel<ire the duke and duchess, on his
wedding day nt niirht.

Bot. Fimt, giNNl Peter Quince, anj what the play
treats on: then read tlie names of the actoia; and
so grow to M puiiit.

Qum. Marry, our play is— The most Ismentahte
comedy, and must criiel death of PyramuM aial

JM. A very enod piece of work, I assure you,
and n merry.— Now, guud Peier Quince, call forth

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