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About thy thoughts, and counsels of thy heart!
But. (are thee well, most foul, most fair I farewell.
I'UtM pure inipiely. and ini|iioiib punty I
For thee I'll lock up all Uie ^ates of love«
And on mv eyeluls shall conjecture hang,
I'o turn all lieauty itito thouichu of harm.
And never shall it nam lie gnicious.

UoH. Hath iMi man's dagger here a point for me T
rifero swoons.

Beat. Why. how now, cousin T wherefore sink
you down T [thus lo Uglit,

D. John. Come, let tis go : these things, u>me
SfDutiier her spinta up.

lExeunt Don Pedro, Don John, and Clandio.

Brwc. How doth the lady 7

Beid. I)«mI. 1 think ;— help, uncle ;—

lierol why,Hero!— Uuclel— Stguior Benedksk!
— frtarl

Uon. fate, take not away thy heavy hand 1
Death is the fairest rover for her shame,
Tliat may Iw wish'd lor.

Beat. How now, cousin Hero T

Friar. Have comfort, bdy.

i^nm. Dost thou look up ?

Fhar. Yea; WliereAire shouUi she not 1 [thing

Lton. Wherefore 7 Why, doUi not every earthly
Cry shame upon her T Could she here deny
The story tliat is pnnted in lier bitiod 7—
lti» mA live. Hero ; do iii>l ope thme eyes :
Fur did i think thou wouyst not qukrkly die.
Thought I thy spinU were stronger liiau thy

Myself wouki, on the rearward orrepronches.
Strike ai thy life. Gnev'd 1. 1 had but one I
CbMl 1 for xiuA at fhigal aaturs's frame (

\ Myself
Ik Strike I

O, ime too much by thee ! Whj had 1 coeT
Why ever wast thon lovely in my eyes f
Why had 1 not, with churilidile hand.
Took up a beggar's issue at mv gates ;
Who smirched thus, and inirecl with infomy,
I might have said. No part uf ilismme.
This shame deritrs itself from ttnknoum loins T
But mine, and mine I lov'd, and mine I preis'd.
And mine that I was proud on ; mine so much.
That 1 myself was to myself not mine.
Valuing of her; why. she — O. she is fallen
Into n pit of ink ! that the wide sea
Hath drops too few to wash her clean again ;
And salt too little, which may season give
I'o her foul tainted flesli 7

Bene. Sir, sir. be patient :

For my part I'm so attir'd in wuuder,
I know not what to say.

Beat. O, on my soui, my cousin is belied.

Bene. uidy. were you her bedfellow last night 7

Beat. No. truly mA : all hough, until last nigtit
I have this twelveuKnith bt^n her bedfelli»w.

LeoiL Conf!rm'd, eonfirm'd 1 O, that is stronger
Which was before harr'd up with ribs of iron I
Would the two princes lie f and Claudio lie 7
Who lov'd hei so, that. H|ieaking of her foulness.
Wash'd It wii h tears T Hence from her ; let her die

Fhar. Hear me a little :
For 1 have wily Iteen Kjlent so lone.
And given way unio this course of fortune.
By noting of the lady ; 1 have mark'd
A thousand liliisthuig apparitions start
Into her fiure ; a thousand innocent shames
In angel whreness liear awuy tliuse blushes;
And in her eye there haili a{>pear'd n fire.
To burn the errors that these princes hold
Agiunst hnr maiden tru'h :— Call me a fool ;
Trust not my reudin?, nor my oHservatimis,
Which with expeiunental seal d4iih warrant
The teiKMir of my IxMik ; truKt not my age,
My reverence, calling, nor divinity.
If this sweet lady lie not guiltless here
Under some biting error.

Leon. Fnnr. it cannot be :

Thou sees*, that all the grace that she hath left.
Is, that she will not add to her dimination
A sin <»f peijunr : she not denies it :
Why seek'st thou ihen ti* cover with excuse
That wlik:h appears in proper nakednet* '

fVfar. Lady, what man is he you are aocns'd of 7

Hero. They kmiw. that do accuse me; I know
If I know mora of any nnm aUve [none

Than that which maiden modesty doth warrant.
Let all my sins lack men^ 1—0 my father.
Pnive you that any man with me convers'd
At houn unmeet, or that 1 yesternight
Maintain'd the change of words with any creaiare.
Refuse me. hate me, torture me to death.

Fiiar. I'here is some strange mispnsioo in ihe

Bene. 1'wo itf them have the very bent ol honour;
And if their wisdoms lie misled in this.
I The practice of it lives in John the bastard.
WIkism soiriis toll in frame of villaines.
I Leon, (know not; If i hey speak but truth of her,
Tliese hands shall tear her; if they wrong her

The proudest of them shall well hear of it.
lime hath not yet so dried tins blood of mine.
Nor Mge so eat up my mvention.
Nitr fortune made such havoc of my means.
Near my bad life reft me so. much o< friends.
But they shall rind, awak'd m suoli a kind.
Iluih strsngth of hinb. and ptdicy «»f ouinI,

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ActIII] much ado about nothing.

103^ L,

SCENE S.— Another Room in Leonato's Botm.
Enter Leooato, with Dogbeny and Vergea.

Iron. What woaki jon with me, honest nekh-

Dogb. Marry, sir, I woald hare aoroe confidence
with yoa, that decerns you uearlf .

Z>oit. Brief, 1 pray yoa ; for yoa see, lis a bosy
time with me.

Do9b. Marrr. this it is. sir.

Verg. Yes, in truth it is. sir.

LrwL What i* it, my ffiiod friends?

Doi/d Oondman VerKea. sir. 8D«taks a little off
Um matter: an old man. sir, and his wits are not
ail Mont, as, God help, I would desire they were ;
Ixit, in Auth, h«iesi, as the skiu between bis

Verf. Tea. I thank Oiid. I am as honest as any


n, but we
fur mine

;. 1 could

les more
I on your
though I

rcTif- YiiNJ ■» aiu I.

J^on. I would fain know what yoa have to say.

Vert. Marrv. sir, our wutch to-niglit. excnpiiuv
your worship's presence, have ta'eii a couple of us
arrant knaves aa any in Messina.

Dogb A (tiMid oid man, sir ; lie will he talkiniir:
as I hey say, When the are is in, the wit is out ; God
help us ! It is a world to see ! — Well said, i'faith,
neiKlihoor Venrea :— well. God^ls a gitml man : an
two men ride of a horstt, one must ride behind : —
An honest soul, i'faith, sir; by nir troth ho la. a?
ever broke bread : hut God is to tje worshipped :
All men are not alike ; alua. frmkl nei^liliour !

Leon, Indeed, neighbour, he comeM Uh) short of

Dofb. Gifts, that God i^vea.

Lton. I must leave you.

Dogb. One word, sir ; our watch, shr, have, in-
deed, oumprehended two aapicious persons, and
we woold liave them this morning examined be>
fore yoor worship.

Lun. Take their examination yourself, and
bnos: it me ; I am now in great lumte, as it may
appear auto yon.

Dogb. It shall he tnfllganc*.

XifiM. Driuk some wina ere yoa go ; fare yoa well.

Enter a Messenger.

Mr$$. My lord, they stay fur yoa to give your
dauahter to her husband.
Leon. I wdl wnit upon them ; I am ready.

dBxnoU Leonato and Measenjcer.
partner, go, get you tu Francis
bring his pen and inkhom to the
fOfA : we are now to examinniion these men.
Vtirg And we must do it wisely.
Dotb. We wdl Spare for mi wit, I warrant yoa ;
here's that [tonekimf ktefortheadi shall drive some
ot them to a non com : only get the leametl wnter
toaetdi»wnoareseommunication,and meet ine at
Ik* gaul.


SCENE t-The Jntid* of a Ckmek.

Enter Don Pedro, Don John. Leonato, Friar,
Claudio, Benedick. Hero, end Beatrice, &c

Leon. Coma. Friar Francia, be brief; onlytotha
plain form of marriaffe, and you shall recount their
particular duties afterwards

Friar, 'i ou cume liitber, my lord, to marrr thii

CUmd. Na

L'OH To be married to her, friar; yoa oome !•
marry her.

F)nttr. Lady, you ooaie hither to be married to
this count T

HfTO. I do.

Fnar. If either of yoa know any inward impe-

r yoa I
>a1d no

■hoaid not be conjoined, I chant
. to utter it.
»a any, Herot

u any, count T
ke iia anawer. none,
lien dare do ! what men mav do |
>! not knowing what I hey' do I
I nteijectioiis T Why, then some
ha! tin! ha! [leave;

lee by, fnar ; — Father, by your
i and unconstrained auul
. your duuchier T
son, as God did irive her me.
t have 1 to give you back, whoat
ise this rich and precioas gift T
)i hing. unless you reialer her agahk
I pnnce. you learn me noble thaiik-
-K take her back again ; [fulness.—
ullen oruiige to yiiur friend ;
gii and semblance of her honour :—
ke a maid she blushes hera :
my and sliow of truth
n riuver itself withal !
[ blood, as niodesr evidence,
iple virtue I Would you not swaar,
«< her. that she were a makl,
ior allows T But she is none :
< heat of a luxurious bed :
liltiness, not iiiudesty.
do you mean, my lonIT
— Not to he married.

Not knit my soul to an approved wanton.

Leon. Dfpa: my lord, if you, m your own prooC
Have vanquish'd the res«tanoe of her youth.
And made defeat of her virginity.^^ [known her
Claud. 1 know what you would say ; If 1 hav*
You'll say, she dal enibraoe me as a haahand.
And ft) exienuato the 'forehand aiu :
No, Leonato,

I never tempted her with word too laige ;
But. as a brother to his sist«r, shuw'd
Bashful sincerity, and comely love.
Hero. And seeui'd I everotherwiM to yoa t ni ;
Ctaud Uut on thy neeming ! 1 will wnto agamil
You seem to me as Oiiui in her orb ;
As chaste as is the bud ere ii be blown ;
But you are more intemperate in your blood
I'ban Venus, or thune pamper'd ■niin^ l*
That rage in savsige senanality. (wida

Ibro. Is my hird well, that he doth speak sa
Leon, Sweet pnnce. why speiik not you (
D. Pedro. Wlmt should 1 1

I stand diHhonour'd. tha^ have gone uIkmU
Tu huk my dwr friend to a cunimuu slala.

I spank T >

'I r

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Cm. All this I see : and see. that the fashion
weun out mora apuarel than the man : But art
iMii ihou thyveir KwiUy wiUi the fastiioo too, tliat
thoa hast shifted out of thy ule lutu telling me

Bora. Nut so neither : but know, that 1 liave
tu-iui;ht wooed Mar^ret, tl.e Lady Heru'u genile-
. woman, by the name of Heru ; tihe leans me out
at her nusiresH* chumber wmilow. bids nie a ihou-
niKl times good nwht,— I teU thia tale vilely .—1
shuiikl nrat tell thee, how the prince. Ulaudio.
and mr master, phiiited. and placed, and puetsess-
itL by my master Don John, saw ufar uU' lu the
< : cliai 1 this amiable encounter.

Om. And Uiought they. Mariraret was Hero ?

Ban. 'I'wo of ihem dMl. the pnnce and Claa-
dio ; but the devil uiy master knew bhe was Mar-
garet : and partly by his uailis, winch hrst p<«-
seased ihem, partly by the dark niglit, which dul
deceive tliem, but cnieflv by my villauy. which
did oonflrm any slander that Don John bad made,
away went Claudio enraged ; swore he w«iuld
meet her as he wms appoint^, next mumiiig at
the temple, and there, tkifore iheViiule Ciin^re-
gutiun, shame her wilh wliut he saw (»rer-nignt,
and send her home again without a husband.

I Walck. We charge you in the pruioe's name,

8 Watch. Can op tli^ right master Constable :
we have here recovered the must daugenius
piece of lecuery Uiat was ever known w the
cuninion wealth.

1 Waick. AinI one Deformed is one of them; 1
know liini, he w«ais a lock.

Om. Masters, masters.

2 Wokh. You'll be made bring Deformed forth,
1 warrant you.

Cm. MnateiB,—

1 Watch. Never speak ; we charge jou. let us
obey yuu t4( go with us.

Bora. We are like Ui prove a goodly commo-
dity, being taken up of these inena biib.

Om. a otHiimodii j in quesuoii, 1 wurrant you.
Come, we'll otiey yuu.

SCEN£ IV.— il Room m Leonato's Uotm.
Enter Hero, 3^1argaret, mid Ursula.

Hero. Good Ursula, wake my oousia Beatrice,
and desire her to rise.

UfS. 1 will, lady.

Hero. And bid her conM hither.

Urt. WelL {Exil Ursula.

Morg. I'roth, I think, your other rabalo were

Hero. No, pray thee, good Meg, I'll wear this.

Jfary. By my troth, it's not so good; and 1
warrant, your cousin wiU say sa

/Jero. My cousin's a fool, and Ihon art another
I'll wear none but this. , ,

Mmy. I like the new tire within excellently, if
the hair were a I bought browner: and y ou r Ki » w n 's
a most rare fashion, i laitlt. 1 saw the duchess of
Milan's gown, that they praise so.

Hero. U that exceeds, they say.

Jforp. By my troth it's but a night-gown in re-
spect of youra : Cloth of gold, and cuts, and liined
with silTer; set with pearU, down sleeves, sale-
sleeves and skins round, under home with h
bloeish th«el : but Car a fine, quaint, graceful, and
axceilent fashum. yours is worth ten out.

Hero. God give me joy to wear it, for my heart
• y heavy! . . ,

iU be heavier seo^ by the weight of

Hero. Fy upon thee ! art not ashamed T
Marg. Of what, liuly T of speaking honoorably f
Is not marriage lioiutsrable in a heicgar T Is not
your lord hcniourable without marriage T 1 think,
you wouUl have nie say, saving your reverence.—
a husband: an bad thinking do not wrest true
speaking, I'll offend nob«idy : Is there nny harm
in— thekiaoier for a hutband 7 None, I think, aft
It be the right husband, and the right wife ; other-
wise 'tis light, and iiut heavy : Ask my Lady Bear
trice eUw, here she comes.

EiUer Beatrice.

Hero. GfKMl morrow, coz.

Beat. Good morrow, 8W«*et Hero.

Hero. Why, how now 1 di> you speak in the aidr
tune T

Beat I am out of all other tune, methinks.

Marg. Clap us into— IiV^ o* love, tliat goes with*
out a burden ; do you sing it, and I'll dance it.

BrtiL Yea, Lit/ht o'lovf, wiih your heels !— then
if your huslmiid have stables enough, you'll see
he shnU hick no lianis.

Mary. iliegiiiniate ooostmcUon ! I scorn that
with my heels

Beat. I'lM ulmoiit five o'clock, cousin ; 'tis time
you were ready. By my troth, 1 am exceeding ill :
— hey ho ! ^

Atarg. For a hawk, a horse, or a husband t

Beat. For the letter that begins them all. H.

Afuiy. Well, an you be not turned Turk, thers^
no more sailing by the star.

Beat. What means the fnoU tmw 7

Afary Nothing 1 ; but God send everyone their
heart's desire i

Hero 'riibse gloves the count sent me, they are
an excellent perfume.

Beat. 1 am studed, cousin. I Cannot smelL

Marg. A maid, and stuffed 1 there's goodly
caicuiug of cold.

Beat. U, Gud help me ! God help me 1 how long
have yoaprjiifess'd apprehenition i

Mary. Ever since you leil it : doth not my wit
bectMiie me rarr ly I

B^at. It IS not seen eiiongh, you shonhl wear it
in your cap.— By my troth, 1 am sick.

hinrg. Get you some of this distilled Carduos
Beiiedictus, and lay it to your heart ; ii is the only
thing for a qualm.

Hero. Inhere thou prick'st her with a thbtle.

Beat Bentidicius! why BenedictusT yuu have
some moial in this Benedicius

Marg Moral T no, by my troth, I have no moral
meanmg ; 1 meant, plain holy-thistle. You may
think, uerclisnce, that I think you are in love:
nay, by'r lady^ 1 am not such a fool to think what
1 li»i i nor I list not to think what I can ; nor, in-
deed, 1 cannot think, if 1 would think my heart
out of iliiiiking, that you ara in love, or that )ott
will be ill lute, or tha you can bu in love : vet
Bf.iiedick was such another, and now is he be-
come a man: he swore he would never many;
and yet now, in despite uf his heart, he eats his
meat without grudging : and how vnu may be
DHiverted, 1 know not; but, methinks, you look
with your eyes as other women do.

Beat. What pace is this that thy tongue keeps 1

Marg. Not a false gallop.

Re-etUer Ursula.

Ur$. Madam, withdraw ; the prince, the count,
Siguior Benedick, Dun John, and all the gallauU
oTthe town, are coine to fetch you to church.

Hero. Help to dress me, gotsl cos, good Meg,
good UrsuU. C^"* •

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SCENE 11I.-il SlneL
EmUt Dofberry «^ Veig«>. with the Watob.
Dogb. Are yoa cood men, •ml true ?
Verg. Yea, or else it were utjr but thry ahoald
•ader nlvaiiua, botlj and aual.

Dosfb. NaT. that were a punishment too frond ^._
for tbeiii. if thejr shoold have any allegiauce iu lum.

tbein. beiug cboaeii Utr the pnnoe's watch

Verg. Well, give them their chance, ueighboar

Dovb. KinL who think you the most deartlesa
■lau U> be cunstable *

1 Watek Hugh Oatcake, tir, or Georse Sea-
oimI : fur ihey can wnie and r«ad.

Dogb Come hither, neiKlibiHir Seaooal : God
hath bicjwed jou with a guud wiroe : ttt be a well-
favoured mmii H the giA uf furiuue ; bat to write
and read aioieK bj nature.

2 Watch. Buth which, master constable,

Dogb. You have ; I knew it would be your an-
swer. Well, for yiHir (kvuur, sir, why. rive Gud
thanks, and make no boaa of it ; and £»r your
wntiiiK and reading, lei that appear when there
IS no need of such vanity. You are tlmugiit here
lu be tlie RMwi seuaeless and tit niuii for the can-
stable of the watch : ttietvfore bear you tlie biii-
teru : This m your crane ; You shall comprehend
all vagririu men : you are to bid may man siaud,
ui the pnnoe's uaiiie.

2 WaidL llow if he will not stand r

Dogb. Why. then. Uke no note of him. Iiot let
him gu; and preaeutlT call the rmt of ihe watch
tuceiher, and tliuuk God you are nd of a knnve.

Vent- If he wdl not stand when he is bidden,
he la nooa of the pnnoe's a>ibi«(^^

Dogb. True, and tlioy are tu meddle with none
but the pnnoe s subiecu : — You i4iall also make
no none m the streeU ; lor, for the wau:li to babble
and talk, n most tolerable luid iwu U> be eiaJured.

2 Watch. We will rather sleep lUau Ulk ; we
know what l)eUNi|pi to a watch.

Dogb Why. you speak like an anaent mul
■MBit quiet watchman; for I cannot see how
•hwpiiig should oifitud : only, have a care that
yuur Ults be not stolen :— W«il. yuu are to ail I at
ail the ale-houses, and lad those that are drunk
gel them tu bed.

2 Watch. Uow If they will not?

Dogb. Why then, let them alone t.fl they are
sober; if they luaae yon not then tie lieiter uu-
swer, yoa may say, they are not the u^n yuu Uxik
theui lor.

2 Watch. Well, sir.

Dogb. If you meet a thief, yon may suspect him,
by virtue of your olHco, to be no true miiu : aiai,
hn such kind of men, the lv»* you meddle or inaiie
MitU iliein, why, the iiioie is for your hunesty.

2 Watch. If we know lum to be a tiiief^ shall
%its not lav hands on hiiii i

Dugb. 'rruly, by your offlce, you may; but. I
think, they ttiat toucii pitcu will be denied : the
UMait peaceable way (at you. if you do take a
tni4t IS, Ui let liim show luuiself what he is. and
sieiil out of yoar company.

Verg. Yuu have been always called a merciful
o«au, partner.

Dogb Truly, I would mA hang a dog by my
will ; much mora a man whu haih any honesty in

Verg. If yoa hear a child cry in the niglit, you
must call to the nurae. and lad tier still it

3 HVilck. How u the nurse be asleep, and will
■ullirtf «»f

Dogb. Wliy then, depart in peace, ami let the
child wake her wit h crying : for the ewe that will
not hear her lamb when ic baea. will never aa>
swer a calf when he bleats.

Vrrg. 'TIS very troe. „

Dogb. I'his is the end of the charg«. Yon. ooo-
stable, are to present the pruioe's own pennNi ; if
you meet the pnnce in the wght, you may sti^

Verg. Nay. br*r ladj. that, 1 think, he cannot
Do<fb. Five siiillitigi to iHie oii't, wiUi any niaa
thai knows the sUttues. be may stinr lum : marry,
notwiihuuttlie prince In5 wiilm.; : n»r.inJeeil,ihe
watch ought to odeiiti no man ; and it u an odenoa
to — "gainst h.s will.

ily. 1 think, it be so

,hal Wall, iiiasiem, good uirht :
an r matt er of weight chances, call up

UM r fellows' counsels and your owa,

an -^AMiie, neighbour.

ill. masters, we hear our eharge :
lei re upon the choicU-bench Ull two.

an bed.

(ird more, honest neighbours: I
pr 1 about Signiur Leonattrs door ; for

till eing there to-mnrmw, there is a

gn (bt : Adieu, be vigitant, 1 beseech

yu i^xemt Dogberry omf Vergea.

EiUer Bor a eU k Mim f CiWi r aile.

Bora. What! Conrade,—

Watch. Feace. stir n«>t.

Bora. DHirade. 1 say !

Con. Here, man, 1 km at thy elbow.

Bora Mass. and my elbow itched ; I thought,
there would a sciib fullow

Ctm. 1 will owe thee an answer for that ; ami
now forward wiiii thy tale.

Aoro. :>iand tiiee cluee then under this peul-
hooae, for it dnzxles ram ; and I will, like a traa
drunkard, utter all to ihee.

Watch. [AtidK.] iJome treason, marters; yet
stand close.

Bora, 'llierefore know, I have earned of Do«
Johu a thousand ducaia.

Con. b It piiasibU* that any villaoy shouU be so

Bora Thou shoukl'st rather ask, if it were
p«NiBible any villany should be so rich ; for when
nch villaiuM have need o( poor onea, poor ooea
may make what price they wdL

Ctm I woiMler at it.

Bora. That shows thou art ononaflrmad : Thou
knowest, that ihe fashion of a doubiet, or a hat,
or a cloaK, is nothing b^a man.

Con. Yes, it IS apparel.

Bora. I mean, the fasliiou.

Con. Yes, the lashion is ihe fashion.

Boro. Tush t I may as well say. the foolV the
fool, but see'st thou not what a deformed tiuef
this fosliion u T

Watch. 1 know that Deformed ; he has been n
vile tiuff this seven year; he goes up and down
like a gentleman : 1 remember his name.

Jiora. Dnlst thou utA hear somebody T

Coa. No ; 'twas the vane on tlie house

Bora Seest thou not. 1 sair, what a defotiaed
thief tlib fushKMi is ' how giddily he turns sibuut
all the hut bluods, between fourteen and live aiaJ'
thirty ? souieume, fasliiouiug thetii like Phurooh's
soUiieis UI tlie reccliy pamtiug; simieiime. Iika
god Bel's priesu in the old church window ; sorar-
Ume. like the shaven Htrcules m the smirched
worm-eaieu taiiestry, where hia cud p ieea aea
as maasf as his clubT

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.^ 1C0_

^ An.1 II



[Act III.

Ami. Ueuedick, love on, I will requite thee :
TMminK my wild heart to Ihy loving hanu ;

If Miou da»t luve. my kiiMlnet« shall incite ihee
I'll IhimI uur loves up in u hiUy huiid :

Fi*r uihere suy. Uiuu dust deserve ; und 1

Believe it belter thau reportiDgly. C£n/

SCENE II.— /I Rcum m LeoDato's Hmm.
itttfr Don IVdro. Claodio. Bettedick. and Leunato.

D. PtHrn. I do but stay tdl your niarrini^e be
oliRiimiiiiiU*, and then I ro toward Amigon.

Claud. Ill iHiiigyoc thiihor, iny h*rd, if ^ouMl
^onchsiife me.

A J'nlrn. Nav. that would be aH fn^'eat a Koil in
tbr new Rhtas of your marriug^, as to Khow a child
iu8 new ooiiL, and forhid him to wear it. 1 wdl
nuly be bold with BeiitHlick ftir his company; for.
fnaii the crown of hm heiid to the sole of his fiml
lie 19 nil niiith ; he haih twice or thnce cut Cu-
{■id's lMiw-t4rinK. and the little haninnan dare not
•ImmiI at hioi : he hiitli » heiin as sound as a bell,
and his Utn^ue is the clapper; for what his heart
tliinks, his Unique speaks.

ytnie. Gallants 1 am not as I have been.

Lnm, So say 1 : niethiiiks, yoii are sadder.

Claud. I ho|!e, lie be in love.

D. Htdro. Haiii? him. truant ; there's no true
drop of I>Io«h1 in him. to be truly touch 'd with
love : if he be sad, he wants money.

Bate. I have the tooth-iiche.

D. Ptdro. Draw iu

Bene. HanR it !

Claud. You iiiuat banfc it first, and draw it

D. Pedro. What T sigh for the tiH»th arhe?

Jjton. Where i» but a humo'ir. or a worm 1

Bam. Well, every one cau nias.er a grief, but
he that has il.

CUauL Yet, say 1 he is in love.

D. Pedro. 'I'liere in no iippeanince of fancy in
him, unless it l>e a fancy that he hath to stniiiKe
diaeuises; as, to be a Du ciimau to day ; a Frt-nch-
man to-morrow ; or in the i>li!ip« of twu coniitr.es
at once ; as, a German from the waiM ilownwiird,
all ships; and a Spaniai-d from the hip upWHrd,
IM' doublet: Unlt»« he have a lancy totlnsftNilury.
MS It appears he hath, he is iiu fuol fur lancy, as
yttu Would have il appear he is.

Claud. If he be not in love with some w<»man,
there is no behevmgold sIkiis : he bruslies lua hut
o* mornings ; Whut Khould tlmt hod« f

D. Pedro, ilatli any man Keen lum at the bar-

Claud No : liut the barber's man hath been
aeen with him; and the old ornament of his
dieek hath already stuffed tennis bulls.

Lton. IiaJeed. he looks younger than he did, by
the luaa of a beanl.

D. Pedro. Nay, he niha himaelf with avet
Can you smell him out by that i

Claud, I'hai's as much as tu say, The sweet
youth's in love.

D J*edro. The greatest note of it u his melan-

Claud. And when was he wont to wivh his face 7

D. Ptdro. Yea, or to paint hiiuseli T for thi*
which. 1 hear what they say of him.

Ciattd. Nay, but his jesting spirit; which i»
BOW r rept into a lutestring, and now governed by

D. Ptdro. Indeed, that tells a heavy tale for
htra : Conclude, omclude, he is in love.

Uttud. Nav. but 1 know who loves biro.

D. Pedro I'hat would I know, too ; i warrant,

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