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and confirmed honesty I will teach vou huw to
huiiiuur your o»iimu. that she shall Mil in love
with Benedick :— and I, with your two helps, will
m> pniciuw on Benedick, that, in despite of bis
quick wit and his queaxy Mtumucti. be shall fall in
luve wi h Beatrice. If we can do this. Cupid is
no longer au archer ; his gUay shall be ours, fur
we are the only kive- guds. Go in with me, and 1
wUI tell you my drift. [JSzeiml.

SC£N£ 11.— ilNOlAcr Boom m Leouato's Hovaa.
Enter Don John and Boracbio.

D. John. It is su; the Count Claudio shall
marry the daughter uf Le«tiiato.

Bura, Yea. my lurd, hut 1 can c^»^s it.

D John. Any bar. any cntas, any impediment
will lie niediciiiuble tu lue : 1 um sick in diKplea-
sure tu him ; and whatsoever cuiues athwart liis
afllectiun, ranges evenly w.th nuiie. Huw canst
Uiou cruM tlu» marriage T

Bom. Nut huiieistly, my lord; but ao covertly
tliat uu dishuiiesty shall anpear in me.

D. John. Shuw me bnelty huw.

Bora. 1 think, 1 told yuur lordship, a year since,
how much 1 am in Uie favour of Mai
waitiu«-gentlewuniaii tu Hero.

D. Jo^ I remember.

Bora. 1 can. at any unseasonable instant of tha
night, appoint her lu luok out at her lady's cham-

D. John. What life is in that, to be the deatJi
of this marriage T

Bora, Tlie poison of that lief hi your temper.
Go yuu to the pnnce your brother: spare not to
tell htm, that he hath wronaed his honour la
marrying the renowned Cluudio (whose esuwa-
tion do you mightily hold up) lo a contaminatad
stale, such a one as Hero.

D. John. What proof shall I make of thatt

Bora. Proof eiiougti to misuse the prince to
▼ex Claudio, to imdo Mem, and kill Leonalo :
Look you lor any other isi^ue T

D. John. Only to despite tbem, i will endea
vour any thing.

Bora. Go then, find me a meet hour to draw
Don Pedro and the Count Claudio, al<4ie : tell
them, that you know that Hero loves me ; iulead

Margaret, the

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MMorn: Booe bol Uhertines delight ia him ; mid ; bituir disposition of Beu nee, t «f puts th« wi^U
UMraramendaUuii is not in his wit, but in his into her pereon. nnd m> gives iu« ouL W«ll, 111
\ilhinr; §ur he b«ith plenseth nien, nnd nngere be raveuged as I may,
them, and then Uiey laugh at hint, and beat hiiu :
I am sure he is m the fleet ; I would he had
bucnied me.
Bern. When I know the grtttleman, PIl tell


Re-€nter Dm Pedro.
D. Pedro Now, sigoior. whereas the count f
Dm] you s*^ him ' . . ^

Betit. Tni.h my lord. I have plajed the p irt cf
him what you say. Lady Fsme. 1 found h m here uk inelaiinh.ily as a

Brit Do, do : he'll but break a eompanson or (^^^ -^ „ warr u : I to d him, and. I think. I lo.d
two on me : which, peradreniure. not murk* d, or , j,,^ ^^u^^ i|,„ y.^j j^^jcj |,aU gut ihagu id will of
•d laughed ai, strikes him into melancliol^ ; Mnil ^,i^ ynuiu lady ; and I oflbred hira my coimiaiiy

then there's a pHrtridge' wiiur saved. f.»r the f.N.I
will eat no supiier that night. iMmmc wttkuL]
We most follow the leaders.

Btm. In every g*«od thing.

Bftt. Nay, if they lead to any ill, I will leave
Cken at the next turning. ..,_.,, , ^

iDanoe. YVn ummi aUbtUDaa John,
Borachio, carf Claudia

D. Mm. Sure, my brother is nmorous on Hero,
and hath withdrawn her father to break with

to n willow tree, eit ter to m ike him atn.rlaml. as
beins fiirsaken. or to bind him up a rod. as beuig
wonhr to bt! whipped. , ^, , ...

D. Pedro To be wlnpped! What's hit fault?

Bene. ITie flat iraii.'^ressiou of a sRhoiil-b«»y;
who. Iieing over)«*y'd witii hiidiiig a bmi's nest,
shows It his coui^nioa, and he steals it.

D. Ftdro Wdi thou make a irast a tranagre^
aioii T I'he traiisKressiou is iu the lOealer.

Bene Yet it bad noi been ainin, ihn ro«l had

hmi about it : I'he ladies foUow her, aial but one |,^„ ^^^^^ mui i i^e KurlHud uw ; lor the garland

be might have winm hiinxelf; and the rod he
1 take It,

Jfof^ Aod that ia Oandio: I know him by his

D.JohL Are not you Signior Benedick T

ClatuL You know me well ; 1 am he

D. Jokn. Signior, you are very near my brother

m his love : he if euamoor'd oo Hero ; I pnyr you,

dasnade him from her. she is no equal for his

birth ; you may do the part of an honest man m iL

Ciamd How kmiw you he loves herT

D. Joim. 1 heard lura swear his atfectiou.

murht havrt besiowed on you, who, as 1
have stol'ii his bird's iient.

D. Pedro. I will but teanh them to sing, and
restore them to the owner.

Bene. It' tlieir Mugiug answer your saying, by
my ikith. you say hoiiHa>tly

D. Ptdro. riie Lady Dea'rice hath a quarrel to
yoo; the gentleman, that duiioed wiUi her, tohl
tier, she is rouoU wroiig'd by you.

Ba»- O. she misused me \>aai the endurance

Bora. So did I too; mal he swore he won.d | „f ^ Xti^cj^ ; an oak. I>ut wuh one green leid'on it.
marry her to-night. would have answer'd tier : my very visor began to

D. Jokm. Come, let ns to the banquet | u^ame life, uiid Mvild with hor : She lold me. not

[ExnaU tSm John atid Borachio. < ibmkiiig I hiul been mvself.lhut 1 wus the pnnre's

OtaariL Thus answer I in imiiie of Benedick.
But hear the>« ill news with the ears of Ciuudio—
Tts certain so ;— the prince wooes for himself.
Fnendslup n constant in all other thiu^
have m the «*fBoe and adiiirs of love :
llierefore.all hearts m love use their own tongues;
Let every eye negotiate for itself.
And trust no agent : for beauty is a wilcli.
Against whoae charms faith melieih into blood.
'J'his n an accident of hourly proof.
Which 1 matnisted not: Farewell, iherefofe, Herol

Bate. Count ClaodioT

CtmuL Yea, the same.

Bene. Come, will yon go with mat

OatuL WhilherT

Bene. Even to the next willow, about your own
bwmess, count I What fiishion will you wear the
cnrlaial of? About your neck, hke an usurer's
rfaaiu I or under your arm. like a Ueutenani*s
scarf T Yoo must wear it one way. <<»' Uie pruioe
hath got your Hero.

Uaud. 1 wish him joy of her.

Bene. Why, that's spoken Idee an honest dro-
«« r; su tliey sell bullocks. But did you tliiuk the
pi noe wo i.d haw served you thus (

"' - •, 1 pray you, touve me.

Betm. Ho 1 now you strike like the blind man :
'twas the boy thai stole your meat, and you'll

Oamd. If it wfll not be. Ill leave you. {ExU.

Bene. Alas I poor hurt fowl I Now will he creep

intosedges. But, that my Lady Beatrice sliould

know me, and not know me I The prince's fo«>l !—
Ha, it may be, 1 go under that title, because 1 am
mern.— Yea; but so; 1 am apt to do myself
wra«: 1 am nut so rapa;ad: u is the baao. the

je.<«ter ; that I was duller than iigreiit tiiuw ; hud-
dliiig jest upon jest, with such iniposiuble convey-
ance, upim uuf, ttiai 1 stood like a man at n mark,
with a wliole army sliooiing at me : She speaks
pomards. and every word hiubs: if her breath
were as terrible as her tenniuutious, there were
no living near her; she would mt'eci to the north
slur 1 would not marry her. tliougli siie were
endowed with all that Adam hiul left htm before
lie trall^greased : she would have made Hercules
liave turned spit ; yea. and have clefi his club to
make the lire too. Come, talk not of her: you
shall find her tlie mfernal Ate in good a(*parel. 1
woukl to Uod, souie scholar would culture her;
for, oeitainly, wliile slie i* here, a iiiua may live
as qmet m hell, as in a suooi uary ; and people sin
upon purpose, because they would gu thither ; so,
indeed, all disquiet, horror, and periurbaliou ful-
hiw her.
Rftnter Clandk>, Beatrice, Leonato, and Hen*.

D. Pedro. Look, here she comes.

Bern. Will yourgrace command me any set vita
to the world's end I 1 will go on tlie sliKiitest er-
nuid now to the Antipodes, tlmt you can devise to
send me on ; I will fetch jrou a tuoihpksker no*
from the farthest inch of Asia ; bnug y<Hi the
length of Prester John'ii foot ; fetch you a hair t If
the great Cham's beard ; do yoo any eiidiusHBM
to the Pigmies, rather than hoUl three words'
conference with this harpy : You have no e-if
ployment for me T

D. Ptdro. None, bat to desire your good com

**S&w. O God, sir, here'* a dish 1 love mH, I

cannot endure my Lady Tongue. [awi.

D. Pedro. Co.ue. lady, oome ; you have kait iha

heart of Signior Benedick.

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SCENE \.—A HaU h Uutiato's Hoiae.
EhUt Leunato, Anionio, Hero, Beatrice, and othera

Leon. Was not Ctiiint Juhn here at sapper T

Ant. I raw him not.

Beat. How tartly that eentlemiin looks ! 1 never
can see him, but I nm hrnrl hunii^l an hour nfter.

Hero. He n of a very mehinrholv disposition.

Seal. He were an excellent man that were
made jost in tlie roid-WHy between hitn and Bene-
dick ; the one is rrM> like an imaire, and mys no-
thing: and the other, too like my lady's eldeat
son, evermore tati liiu;.

Lron 1 hen hnlf Siicnior BKiietlick's tonrue in
Count John's mouth, and hair C<iunt Jolui's me-
lancholy in Signior Itenedick'x fnce. —

BeaL With a rood \t^, and a i^Nid (hot. uncle,
and money enough in his purse, such a man
would win any woman in the world,— if he could
get her kihmI will.

Leon. Bv mv troth, niece, thon wilt never ect
thee a hushtuHl, if thou be so shrewd uf thy tongue.

Ant. In foith. she is too curet.

Beat. Too curst is more than curst: I shall
lessen God's sendine that way : for it is said, God
temU a atrst row short horns ; but to a cow too
curst he sends none.

Leon. So. hy being too curst, God will send
yon no honis.

Beat. Just, if h*i send me no husband ; for the
v/Uidh blessing, I am at him upon mv knees every
inominr ami eveniiig : Lortl ! 1 could not endure
a husband with a beard on his face : I had rather
lie in the wo<»llen.

Leon. You may light upon a husband that hath
no beard.

Beat. What should I do with him T dress him in
my apparel, and make him my waiting genilewo-
manf He that hath a beard, ia more thnn a
youth ; ami he that hath no Iward is less than a
man : and he that is more than a youth, is not for
me ; aad he that is less than a man, I am m»i fi>r
hini: Therefore, i will even take sixpence in
earnest of the bear- herd, and lead his apes into

Leon. Well then, go you into hell T

Beat. No; but to the Rate: and there will the
devil meet me, like an old cuckold, with horus on
hw bead, and sav. Get you to henvm, Beatrice, get
yo« to heaven ; here's no pkire for ifou matds: so
deliver I up my apes, and away to Saint Peter for
the heavens ; he shows me where the bachelors
sit, luid there live we its merry as the day is lonr<

Ant. Well, niece, [To HeroJ I trust you virUl be
ruled by vour father.

Beat. Yes, ^itli ; it is my cousin's duly to make
courtesy, and siy. Father, as it pleose ww;— but
vat for all that, cousin, let him l>e a handsome
lelkiw, or else make another courtesy, and say.
Father, as it please me.

Learn Well, niece. I hope to se* you one day
fitted with a hn)>bnnd.

Bent, tint till God make men of some other
metal than earth. Would it not nnaye a woman
to be overmastered with a piece of valiiuit dust T
to make an account of her life to a cUmI of way-
wanl marl T No. uncle. I'll mme : Adam's sons
are my brethren: and truly, I hold it a sin to
match in my kindred.

i>oii. Daughter, remember what 1 told you : if
the pnnce do solicit you in that kind, you know
jour oaswer.

Beat. The fault will be in Uie music oowid it
you he not woo'd in einid lime : if the prince bs
too importunate, tell hiin. there is meaaure in
ever}' thin?, and wi dunce out the answer. Fur
hear me. Vlem : VVim>i.ik. weddinx, and repenting,
is as a Scoicli jiir. a measure, and a cinque-paoe ;
the (irat suit w hot and liHsty, like a Scotch jig,
and full as fantastical; the wedding, mannerly
modest, as a mensure full of state aiiu ancientry:
and then nmies repentanCH, and. with his bod
legs, fulls into the (hnque-pace faster and foster,
till he sink into his grave.

Leon. Cousin, you apprehend passing shrewdly.

B*at 1 have a good eye, uncle: 1 can see a
church by day-heht.

Leon. The revellers are entering. broUiei
make good room.

Enter Don Pedro. Claudio. Benedick. Balthazar;

Don John, Boracliiu, Margaret. Unula, totd

others, nuukal

D. Pedro, i^dy, will you walk about with your
friend T

Hero. So yon walk softly, and look sweetly,
and say nothms, I am yours for the walk ; and,
es|>eciallr. when I walk away.

D. Pedro. With me in your company!

Hero. I may say s«>. when I please.

D. Pedro. AiHlwhen please you to say soT

Hero. When 1 like your favour: fi>r God die
fend, the lute should be like the case !

D. Pedro. My visor is Philemon's roof; within
the house is Juve.

Hero. Why. then your visor should be thab^ii'd.

D. Pedro. Speak low, if jan spesk love.

{Takes her aside.

Bene. Well. I would you did like nm.

Marg. So would not 1, lor your own sake, for I
have manv ill qualities.

Bene, which is one T

Maig. I suy my prayers aloud.

Bene. I Uive you the better ; the hearers may
cry. Amen.

Marg. God match me with a good dancer !

BaUh. Amen.

Marg. And God keep him out of my sight
when the dance is done !— Answer, clerk.

Balth. No more words ; the clerk is answered.

Urs. 1 know you well enough ; you are Siguier

Ant. At a word. I am not.

Urs I knew you by the vnurgline of vour head.

Ant. To tell you true, 1 counterfeit him

Urs You could never do him s<i ill-well, un
less you were the very man : Here's his dry hand
up and down ; yon are he, you are he.

Ant. At a word, I am not.

Urs. Come, come ; do you think I do not know
you by your excellent wit ? Can virtue hid*
Itself I Go to. mum. you are ho : graces will ap>
pear, and i here'M an end.

Beat. Will you not tell mn who told you soT

Bene. No, you shall pardon me.

Brat. Nor will you nut tell me who you are T

Bene. Not now.

Beat. That I was disdainfhl,— and that I \>rA
my good wit out of the Hundred meiry Tales ^
Well, this was Sienior Benedick that said so.

Bene. What's be T

Beat. I am sure, you know bim well euo igli.

Bene Not I, believe me.

Beat. Did he never make voii laugh T

Bene. 1 pray you^ what is he T

Beat. Why. he is the prince's Jester: a vory
dull fool ; only his gift is tu devising imponiUe




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'act I.]



Than to driTe likinft to the naine of love :
But DOW I am retorn'tl. niul Ihnt war-thoiifbts
Have left tiieir plnnes mount, in tlieir ruoaie
Come thruniniift sitft and delicute dK»ires.
All ucompunf me how Ciir yi»uu|r Hero is.
Savnur. I lik'd her ere I went to wam.

D. P^ro. 'Itma wdt be like a lover prewntlj,
And tire tlie hearer with a InjoU of wunls :
If tbon doMt love fair Hero, cherish it ;
And I will break with her. and with her fHther.
And thou shalt have her : Was't not u> this end,
I'liat thuu heguu'st u> twist so fine a sUiry f

Cicmd. How sweetly do you minister to love,
rhat know love's fniel' by his complexion !
But lest mr hkinc iniabt «o<i sudden s»^m.
i would have salv'd it with a lonter treatise.

D. Pedro. What ueiHl the bridge much broader
than the flood T
Tbe foh-est icmnt is the iieceanty :
Look, what will sei-ve. » At : 'tis onoe. thou lov'st ;
Audi will fit thee with the remedy.
1 kwiw. we sHmII have revellhic to nnrht ;
1 will imunie ihy part in siMiie dia)$uise.
Aud tell fan- Hem 1 am CUudio;
And in her btwMn 1*11 nndusp my heart.
And tnke her lie.inn« prMMi^r with ttie force
And strunf encounter of my Mtnorons title :
Then, after. t4i her fa' her will I hrewk ;
And. the oaiclusi«Hi is, she shnll lie thine :
!• prsBtot let us pat it preaenUy. [Bxamt.

SCENE 11— .4 Room in l>eonaTo*s Hou$t.
Enter LetHiato ami Automo.

i>OR. How now, brother T Where is my cousin,
yuur sun ? Hath he provided this music T

Ant. He is very busy about it. But. bnHher. t
C3UI lell you sinuige news that jmu yet dreamed
DOT of.

Zmm. Are they Koodf

Ant As the event stamps them ; but they have
a end oiver. they kIhiw well ouiwiird llie pnnne
luid Count CIsudio, walkiiur in a thick- ploaclied
alley in my ttmhitrd, were thus much overiieard
hv a maa of nime : llie prince dwrovered to
(landio. that lie loved niv niece your daughter,
■nd meant to acknowledce it thw nicht m u
dance : and, if he found her accordant, he meant
to take the present time by tlie top. and instantly
break with you of it.

J>eiL Hath Uw fellow any wit. that told you

Ant. A (toad sharp fellow ; I will send for him.
and question him youreelf.

i>on. No.no; we wdl hold it as n dream, till
it appear itaelf :— but I will acquaint my dsuditer
witbal. that she may be the belter prepnred (ar an
answer, if peradvrnture this be true. Go y«iu, and
tell her ot it. [SevntU pmont cross the slave.]
Cousins, you know wliat you have to do — C>. I
cry you inerrv. friend : voo go with me. and 1 will
oae yoor skill : — GooJ cousins, have a care this
boqr time. iExeunt.

SCENE III.— if MoAer Room m Leonato's Hbusr.
Enter Don John and Conrude.

c*eii. What tbr fongere, my lofd T why are you
tliQS jut of nieasttie nd T

D. John. There w no measure in the occasion
thafc breeds it, therefore the sadneis is without


Can. You sliouUI lienr reHwiii

D. John And when I liave he<uxl it. what bN
ing briugeth it T

Con. if not a present remeily, yet a patient suf-

D. John. I wonder, that tlioii bpint fas thou
say'st thou art) iNirn nmier Satnni, gtawi aliout
to apply a moral inedicii.e Ut a iiiurtifyin^ iiim-
rhief. I cuniiot hide what I tun : I must l:e mid
when I have caust* , and »niile at no inuira jests .
eat when I have stoinacli, and w:iit for no niiiirs
leisure : sleep when I hio drow.ny. uod lend to ii<i
iiiairs business; luuidi wlien 1 am merry, uud
claw n» niaii in his humour

Con Yea, but yon must ni*t iiiHke the full show
of ihm, till vou may do it without coirrtiluient.
You have oi lu'e kIinmI out against your hrotiitfr,
and he hnih la'eii you iiev^ly intii his grace;
where it is im(Mi«sitiln y(»ii slutuld tiike true r«M>t.
but by the fair weather u'lat you make yoiin«eir:
it is needful that yuu fnune the season for your
own harvest

D. John. 1 had railipr be a ranker in a hedge,
than a rose in liw grace : iind it lietter fits iiir
blood t4» be disdained of all, than to fii^hion n car-
nage to n>h love from any : in tliut, ihougli I cun-
uol be said to he a fiiiUeniig hoiaui* man. it must
nut be denied that 1 am a pluin-dealiuK villain.
1 am trusted with n miizxle. and enfranchiseil
with a clog : therefore I have decreed latt to sing
in mv cage : If I had my mouth. I would Inle ; if
I had my liberty. 1 would do my liking: in the
menu time, let me be thai 1 am, and seek not to
all*tr me. •

Con. Can you make no use of your discfaitent?

D. John. I make all use of it, for I use it only.
Who comes here 7 What news, Boracluu I

£>iter Borachio.

Bora. I came yonder from a great sapper; the
nrince, your brother, n royHlly enteruuned by
Leonato ; and I can give you int«lligence of an
intended marrince.

D. J^thn Will it serve for any mislel to biiikl
miscliief <mi f What is he fur a foul, that betruths
himself t«> unqnieineMif

Bora Mairry, it is your brother's riirht hand.

D. John. Who ? the muet exquisite Claudio f

Bora. Even he

D. John. A proper squire ! And who. and whi> ?
which WHV lotiks lie ?

Bora. Marry, on Hero, the diiughter aiai heir ol

D. John. A venr forward .March-chick 1 How
came you to this f

Bora. Being entertained for a perfumer, os 1
was smoking a niusiy riNim.comeH me ilie pnnoe
and Claudio. hand in hand, in siid conference : I
whipt me behind the arms; mu«i there heanl it
agreed upon, that the pnnoe should wm Htru
for himself, and having olHained her. give hi r I j
Count Claudio.

D. Jahni. C<Hne. come, let us thither ; this nay

Kntve iood to my disuleasure : thatyouna start-up
ath all the glory or my overthrow ; if I can rmmn
him any way, 1 bless myself every way : Yuu are
both sure, and will aaust me I

Con. To the death, my lord.

D. John. Let us Ui the great tapper; *lietr
cheer is the greater, that ( am sniidaed : Wnuld
the ciNik were of iny muul !— ^hall we go prove
what> to be done T

Bora. We'll wait upon your lordship. [EaemU.


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^ reouiicilcd lo the prince jonr brother, I
yon all duty.

D. Juku. 1 timnk you : I um nut of muny words,
but I thank yon.

Leon. PloMw it your ^mce lead on T

D. Pedro. Yoor liaml. Le<>untn; we will ifo to-
gether. [Exrvnt oU bv Henedick ami ClaiKlio.

Qawl. Benedick, dulyi viiou note the daughter
of Signior Leunato T

Bene. 1 noted her nut : but I looked on her.

CUnid, Isaiie not a niode>t youiiK Indy (

Bute. Do you ^uestaon nie iis su honest man
hoald do. fur my t^imple true juugnieut ; or would
you have roe Hi'ieuk uAer my cu»iom, as being a
profewed tymnt to their sex f

Claud, ^u. I pmy ihet:s|ieHk m sober jiidfrmenr.

Bene. Why, il'uiih, nielliinks >:he m too low for
a b>{!h praise, tuo hniwn for u fair praise, and Um
hitle for a icreat praise : only iliis comiiieiuiatioq
I can nflK>rd her: that were »iie lilher than she is,
she wern unhandsome : and being uu oUier but as
she ix, 1 do not like her.

Claud. I'hou thiiikest I am in sport; I pray
Uiee. l«ll me truly, hnw thou likesl h^r.

B>nr. Would you buy her, that you inquire
after her 1

Ctaud Can the world buy such a jewel T

Bene. Yea, uud a mse :o not it into But apenk
you this wrh a sad lintwt or do yoii phiv the
flouting Jack ; to tell us C'u|<h1 is n gotid huru-
fiialer. aial Vulcan a rare cnrpenier T Come, in
what key shall a man take you, t4» go in the soug ?

Ctamd. Ill mine eye, slie m the sw«ut«:st lady
that ever 1 looked oa.

Bene. I can yet see without KpecfUcles, and 1
see no buch matter . there's her coumii, an she
went not pi Massed with a fury, exceedM ht:r us
iiiurh in beauiy. its the lirht ui Alay doih the last
ul December But 1 ho|«, ytiu hitve no iutcui to
turn husband ; have you T \

CiauU. I would itcaree trust niyMUf. though I pad
swoni the conirary, if Hen» wuuld l>e my wife.

Btur. U it come tu tliu>. i'fiiHb f lii>th ikA the
World one man, but he will wear his ciip with
kUNptaon 1 bluill 1 never see a bucheiur of tin er-
M-oie aitatu 1 Go lo, I'luitb : and tliuu wilt needs
thrust tliy neck intu a yoke, wear the print of it,
and sigh away Sundays. Look, Don Pedro is re-
turned to seek you.

Rt-enUr Don Pedro.

D. Pedro. Wlwt secret hath held yoo here, that
you followed not to Leunato's f

Bene. 1 wuuhl your grace would constrain me
lo tell.

D. Pedro. I charge thee on thy allegiance.

Bern. You hear. Count Claudio : 1 out be secret
as a Jomh man, I would have you think so ; but
on niy allegiani«, — mark you this, on my iiUe-
giaiMv :— He is in love. Witii who f— now that w
your BTace's part. — Mark, how ttliort Ins answer
IS I'With Hero, Leoiwtu's short duiighter.

Cb9id. if this were so. so were it uttered.

Bene. Like the old tale, nor lord : " it w nut so,
nor 'twas not so ; but, indeed. Cud forbid it should
be so."

CiawL If my passion change not shortly, God
forbaJ It should lie oiherwiae.

D. Pedro. Amen, if you h>ve her; for the lady
is very well wuriliy.

CUnuL You speak this to fetch me in, my lonl.

D. Pedro. By my troth, 1 speak my thought.

C'tmd. And, in laith, my lord, I spoke mme.

Bene. And by my two faiths aiid truths, my
kml, I spoke mme.


Cbrnd. Tliat 1 love her, 1 feel.

D Pedro. Tliai she is worthy, I know.

Btne. Ttiat 1 neither feel how she should 1m
loved, nor know how she should be worthy, is the
opmion that fire cannot melt out of me * 1 will die
in it at the stake.

D. Peitro. HioQ wast ever an obstinate heretic
in the despite of beauty

Gaud. And never ounki mahitain his part, but
in the force of his will.

Bene. That a woman conceived me, I thank
her; that she broiiKht me up, 1 likewise give her
iiHwt humble thanks : but that 1 will have a re-
cheat wiiidnd in my forehead, or hang my hugle
in an inviKible bnlJrick. all wumen shall pardon'
me : Because I will not do them the wrung to
miKtrust any. I will do myself the n^ht to tra»t
none : aial the fine is, (fijr the which 1 may go the
finer,} I will live a liachelor.

D. Prdro. 1 shall see Ihee, ere I die, look pale
with love.

Bene With anger, with sickness, or with bun-

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