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Nesiec ins an ntteinpt of ease, hihI mm.
Tu wake, and WM|te. ■ dai.ie**r pnititless.

Duke. Nay. in all runtklence, he's not for

QIT Here ui more news.

Bnler a liesBenK<*r.

Mf$9, Tlie Ottoniites. revereiMl and rracioiis.

Sieennx with due cour»e uiwaid the isle of

Have they iiijointed them wi«h an nller fleet.
1 iitH Ay. so 1 I bought : ~> How many, as you

Mra Of thirty sail : and now do they re-otem
Thi'ir hnckwani course. Iiearing witli frank a\>-
peernnre [rntH>.

Their pnrpoM« lowanls Cyprus. — Sienior Mon-
Yoiir trQ.iiy and most vjiUimh servitor.
W.ih hiM fiee duly, reciiinoiends you thus.
And firuy* you to lielieve him

Omx "lis oertain then for Cyiira* —
Mil mis Lurches^, is he nut in town f
I .Va. Il^'n now in Florence.
Dukt. Write fnmi us : wish hitn pi«t poei-hnste :
deApatoh. [Moor

I Skm. Hers oiMncs Brabantio, IrmI the niKaiit

Enter Brabantio. Othello, lago. ftoderipo, mmd

Office rs.
Ddkf^. Valiant Othello, we must strict enj

Aiainat tlie iieneml enemy Otiomwi.



not see you ; welcome, gentle MvnMir.

[To Brabnntia
We lack'd your connsel and yonr help «>-nif hi.

Bra. Sodnl I yotirs: Oood your grace, penkm
Neither my place, nor aught 1 heani of bosiiiesa»
Hath nbtSi me finmn my bed ; nor doth tlie gis

rml care
Take hold on me : Ihr my perticniar grief
Is of HO flood gate and o eHieariiur haiore,
Thnt It englnts and swuUoWs other sorrowa,
And it is sull itaeh*.

Duke. Why. what's the matter t

Bra. My daushter ! 0. my daughter!

*fi. iJeadt

Bra. Ay. to ma :

Site is ahns'd. storn from me, and oumi|ited
By spells and medicines houclit of luouniebanka :
Fi>r nature so preposterously to err.
Being not deficient, blind, or hime of sense.
Sans wUrlicrnlt oKild iiot'»-> foeedinf,

Duke. Whoe'er he l>e, that, in thhi foul pn>-
Hnth thus heguil'il your daughter of herself,
AmTVou of her. llie bloody book of law
Yon shall yoarsHf read in the hitter letter,
Afler your own nense : yea. though our pn>per mm
Stood in your wctioD.

Bra. Hnmhly I thank your grace.

Here is the man, this Moor; wIhhii ih*w, it saem^
Your s(ieoial mandate, for the sute afiairs.
Hath hither hrouRhl.

Dnke ^ ^n. We are aorry for it

Duke. WhHt, in your own part, can yon say to
this? r'/oOtbelkK

Ana Nothing, but this is so.

CHk. Most potent, gmve. and reverend s«niora,
}\v wry iMible and nppruv'd gcHsl masters,—
'rfiiii I have ta'eii nwsy thisokl manV daogbter.
It IS most true ; true. I hsve married her:
1'lin Very hend and front of my oflending fspeeoii.
Hath this extent, no more. Rude am I ni nty
And little hiess'd with the Mt phrnse of peace;
For ^ince I liese Nrm<« of none had seven years* piCI^
Till now Mime mne moons wai>tcd. tli«y iwve os^
1'heir dearest hcikmi In Mie tented 6ekJ :
And little of ihn< grea* world con I speak.
More than pertains t.» fi-uU of broil and baitlo:
An«l therefore iiuie siiall I sraoe my cause,
Tn speak itur for nnaeif: Yrt, by your gracKSM

I will n round unvamish'd tnle deliver [charme.
Of my whole rounte of love; wimt drugs, what
What conjuration, snd what mwhty matick,

(For such pnicefding I am chanfd witlial.)
won his dauf liter with.

Bm. A maiden never bcM ;

Of spirit so still nnd qutet. that her n«i4KNi
BlUsh'd at herself; Ami she.-— lu spile of natura.
Of years, of rountrv. rredii. every thmg.—
To fall in hive wiili what she fetu-'d lo hMik oa f
It is a judgment maioi'd. and most imtierfecA.
That will cnnfe>«>^|ierfecliiai B4i oould err
Acainst all rules of nature; and must bednvea
I'o fiial out prHrticvM of riinmiur hell.
Why thU shouki be. 1 therefore vouch again.
'I hut With HHne mixtures powerful o'er the Uood,
Or w ith some ilraiii coigorVI to this eOect,
He wrought U(nmi her

Duke. Tn vooc^i this, ia no pfoo^.

Wiihuul more certain and mure ovwt ttat^


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A(T L]



flro. heiireo I — Huw got the out ! — O trea-
tun of the blood !—
Faihera, from bonce trost not yoar dauithter'i
minds [cbarnw.

Bf what jroQ ne them act. — Are there ihi
Bv which the property of youth ntul niaidhood
Mxy be abov'dt Have you nut read. RiMlerigo,
Uf' Boroe aoch thing f

R0d. Tee, <ir; I have indeed.

BnL Call op my brUher. — O, that you bud
hud her!
Snme one way. aiime another— Do you know
Where we may apprehend her and the MoorT

R*id I think. I r»n dncover him ^ if you please
Til fet irond Kuard. and g<> along with me [call :

Bra. Pray yua. lead on. At every h«>use I'll
I may oomiiuind at most :— Get weapons, hoi
And rame MNrie special officem of night—
Oil, gijod Ruderigo ;— 1*11 deserve your pains.


SCEN E II.— The «asi^. Another Strait.
RUtr Othello, Iagi>. and Attendants.

lepe. Though in the trade of war I have alain
Yet do 1 bold it very stoff othe conscienm,
'I'll do nooontriv'd murder; 1 lack iniquity
Sumetinies, to do ine service : Nine or t«u times
I had thought u» have yerk'd him here under tiie

Otk. Tm better as it is. (ribs.

/aye. Nay. but he prated.

And spoke such scurvy and provoking terms
Aaainal your hononr.
That, with the liUle godliness I have.
I did full hard f«irbear him. But. 1 pray, sir.
Are you fast married T Air, be sure oif this,—
That the macniOco is much beloved ;
And hath, in his eflect. a voice potential '
As dooMe as the duke's ; he will divorce you ;
Or put upon yon what restraint and grievance
The law (with all Ins migfat. to enforce it on)
Will give him cable.

out Let him do bis spite :

Mr services, which I have done the sifni<»ry.
Shall oot-UNigne his complaints. Hn yet to

JWhidi.wheo I know that boasting is nu honour,
shall promulgaie.) i fetrli my life and being
Prom men of nifal siege : and my dpments
M.«y speak, onbonneted. to m% Kniinl a f>rtune
A< this that I have reach'd : Foi kii iw. lii«o,
But that I love the gentle DeMleinoiin.
I woold not my an housed free ooiMlition
Put into cireomKription and nnirine
F^ir the sea% worth. But, look! what lights
~ eooae yonder T

£alcr Cassio, mt a ttistanrr. md cerlain Officers
with tordtes.

hf These are the raised fiitlier. and his
\ on were beet go in [ fnends :

iMh. Niii I : I niuftt be found ;

Mt parts, my title, sod my |irri. r.i whiI.
Miwll manifest mt* riahtly Is it tlM-v ?

/iiie. By Janus. I think no. (if nant

Oik. I'lie ivrvantit of ihe duke. nimI my lieu-
The goodness of tti« uigbi upon you. friends !
U'bat n the news r

CJs9. The duke does greet you. general ;

And he lequires yo«r haste-poet haste uppear-
kven on the instant. [auce.

Oih What is Ihe mailer, think you T

Oss Soroothinc from t*y|iriw. a« I mny divine ;
U » a h— Bf of aume lieat : tJi« KnlinM

Have xent n dozen sequent meitMcinters

I'liiH very uixlit, at one nuutlier's heuis;

And niMiiy of the coukuIs, rani'il. itiid met.

Are at the duke's already : You have been hotly,
ciill'd for;

When, being not at your lodging to be found.

The M'nate hutb sent about three several quests

To scunrh you out.
Oth Tis well I am found by yon

I will but spend a word here in the bouse.

And go with you. [Exit.

Cos. Andent, what makes he livre i

hgo. 'Faith, he to night hath boarded a hmd
caiMck :

If it prove lawful prize, lie*s made for ever.
Ctu I do not undenttund
Invo. He's married f

Cat. To who 1

Rf-tnter Othello.

latfo. Marry, t(»— Come, captain, will yon goT
Oth. Have with you.

Com. Here comes another troop to seek fioi

Bnler Brabaniio. Roderigo. and Officers qf nifht
toUh Imehes and weapons.

logo. It is Brabantio :— general, be ndvis'd ;
He comes to bad intent

Oth. Hola I stand there!

Rod, Signior, it is the Moor.

Bra, Down with him. thieC

[ Thru draw oh both tidet,

logo. Vnu, Roderigo ! cointi. iiir. I am for you.

Oth. Keep up your brigtit sworas, fur the dew
will rust them —
Good 8igiiior,yoasiiall more command with years,
I'ban wi li your weap«>iifi.

Bra. O iliou foul r.liitsf. where bayl thoo stow'd
Oiv daughter T
Dnmn'd us thou art. thou hast enchanted her:
For I'll refer me to all tliincii of seiisr.
If she in cbauui of nta«:irk were iioi hound.
Whether a maid — so tMulur. fair, nnd happy ;
Sii that idie shunn'il

Tl I ngs (»f our nation,

W ur a general mock,

Ri to the sooty h«isi»m

Of ui fpsr. ih4 to delight.

Ju Lis nut rnjvs III sense,

Tl on h«r with fuiil cliarms ,

Al liwirhdruKii.urminerala,

Tl 11 liave it ilisputed OO.

T ble lo tliillkliia

It Ml do atiach thee,

Fc rkl. a praciiver

Of ...• ••••••»•«>.. ..n. v«l of M Hrr.iut :—

IV bold upon him , if he do n-mai.
Sundae him al his peril.

Oth. Hokl yoar hands

Both you of my iiaclinimr, and the rvst :
Were it my cue to fight. I should have known it
Without a prompter.— Where will you tlmt 1 go
To answer iha your cliarge T

Bra. lo priiHin : till fit tuun

Of law. and coarse of direct iif»s.ou.
Call thee lo answer.

Olh What if I do obey »

How may the duke be iherrwith sataified ;
Whisie mesa^nge s ar** here alniut my side,
Uptm some prt-Msui business of lite stale.
To bnng me to hiui.

Of. "Ts tme. nwait worthy shrnior

Tlie dukeV in OMincil ; and your noble self,
I am sore, hi aeni lor.


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Keep yet tboir hearts mteiulinir on tliemkrlves ;
Aod. Uirowiiiy but shuws of lervice uii i lirir

Do well thnre by them, and, when thejr have
liii'd their coiita, fHuul ;

Do themselves hurosKe : these fellows have some
And such a oue do 1 profess myself
For, Hir,

It is MS sura as you are Roileriiro.
Were I ibe M«M>r, I would u»i bts}»Ko:
In folldwiiig him. 1 follow but myself:
Heaven is my judre. mit I fur luve and duty,
But st^mniK mt, fur mv peculiar end :
For when my ouiwRru uotiou doih demonstrata
The nntive act uiid fiyure of my heiirt
In complmient extern, tis not lumc after
But I Will wear my heart upon my sleeve
For daws to peck Mt : I am not what I am.

Rod. What a lull fortune does the Uiick-lipa
If he can carryl thua ! [owe,

toffo. Call up her finther.

Kiiuse hnn : moke after him, poison his delight,
Pniclaim him in the streets; aicense her kius-
And. though he m a fertile climate dwell, [men,
FlaKue him with (lies: ibouah tliat his joy lie joy.
Yet throw such chuufres of vexation ou't,
As it may hsie some colour.

Rod. Here w her father's house: 111 call
aloud. [ytfll.

logo Do: with like timonMu accent, and dire
As When, by niitht and iie|rliKenoe, the fire
Is qaed in populous cities. [hu !

Rod. What. oh! Brabaniio! simior Bnihiiutio.

JaifO. Awnke! what, ho! Brabautio! Uiievtis!
thit-ves! thieves! (Inuhi!

took to your house, yoiir danirhtar, and your
Thieves! thieves!

Brabantio, oftonr. at a windom.

Ana. What in the reasim of this terrible sum-
What is the matter i here T [moiis I

Rod. Sifcnior. is nil your fhiiiily within f

logo. Are your doors lock'd f

Bra. Why 1 wherefore ask you tbisT

hgo. 'Zonnds.sir, you are rolili'd; for shame,
put on your gown :
Your heurt is burst, you have liMtt half your soul ;
Even now. very now, an old black ram
Is tuppinic your white ewe. AriNe. ariite:
Awake the snortiu); citizens with the bell.
Or else the devil will make a gruudsire of you :
Arise. 1 say.

Bra, What, have you lost your wits T

Rod. Most reverend siguior. do you know my

Bra. Not I ; what are vou f Ivoine I

Rod. My name is— lioderi«o.

Bra. The worse welcome.

I have chare'd thee, not to haUnt about my doors:
In hone»t phiinuess thou liast heard me say,
lly dau|chter is not for thee ; and now, in mad-
Beinr full of supper, and distemperinir draughts,
Up'm ouilicious bravery, dost thou come
To start my quiet.

Rod. Sir, sir, sir, sir.— —

Bra fiat thoa most needit be sure.

My spirit, and my place, have in them po\%er
I'o make this bitter to thee.

Rod. Patience, good sir.

Bra. Whst telPst thou me of robbing f this is
Ify house is not a grange.

Rod Most grave Brabantio,

In simple, and pure soul I come to you.

toyo. 'Zounds, sir, you are one of those, thai

will not serve God. if the devil bid i
ruuse we cume to do you senrlre. you thina we
ate ruffians : You'll have your daughter cmerefl
with a Barbary horee: youll have your nephr«s
neiffh to you : you'll have coursers fur cuumus
anuTgemiets for gemians

Bra. What proluue wretch art thou 7

Iitgo. 1 am one. sir. that comes to tell yon, your
daughter ami the Moor are now making the Deaa4
with two bucks.

Bra. Thou art a villain.

logo. Too are— a Kenator

i^ra. litis thou shalt answer: I know tlir«,
RoderiKo. [sercli yon.

Rod. i»ir, I will answer any thina. But 1 b«>
irt be your pleasure, and roust wise ronaeni.
(As |4irilv, I tind. it is.) that your fair daucbter.
At th:s odd even and doll wstch o'the night.
I'nnisporied— with no worse iHtr beuer guard.
But with a kiMve of common hire, a gondolier.
To the griwK clasps of a lascivNios Muor,—
If this be known to you, ami yiHir allowaoce.
We then have done you bold and saucy wn>uas;
But if you kmiw not this, my nmnners tell me.
We have your wrong rebuke. Do not believe,
lliat. from the sense of all dvilitjr.
1 thus would play atai tnlle with your rever-
euce : [leave

Your daughter. — if you have not given bar
1 say again, hath made a groM revolt :
Tying her duiy. beauty, wit, and fortmea.
In an extravagant and wheeling sirancer.
Uf here and every where : Straight sating your-
If she be in her chamber, or vonr house.
Let loose on me the justice of the state
For thus deluding you.

Bra. Strike on the tinder, bol

Give me a taper;— call up all mr pe«iple :—
I'his accident is not unlike my dream ;
Belief of it oppresses me already :—
Uffht, I say I light ! {Exit, /ram mbam.

lavo. Farewell : fitr I must leave yoa :

It SKsms not meet, nor wholesome to my ptaioa.
I'o be pnaluc'd (as. if I stay, I sliall)
Aftainst the Moor : For, 1 do km»w. the state.—
However this may gall him with stane rlieck.—
Cannot wit h safely cast him : for he's embark'd
With such loud reason to the C^prtis' wars,
(Which even now ataml in act,} that, Ibr then
Anollinr of hm faihtim they have not. [si»uia.
To lead their busiiiesp : in which regard.
IliouKh I do liate him as I do hell pHins.
Yet, for necessity of present life,
I must show out a fhig and sicn of kive.
Which is indeed but sign. That yvu shall Mire^r

find him.
Lead to the Sacitiary the rais'd search;
And tliere will I be with him. So, fiirewell.


Emttr, Mots, Brabantio. and Serrants aevH

Bra. It is too true an evil : gone slie n;
And what's to c<ime of my de»pii)ed time.
Is nouitlii but bittemvsa —Now, Roderigiv
Where didtit thou see her T— U. unhappy airi I—
With the MiMir. suy'sl thou ?— Who wuold be ■

father 7—
How didst thou know*twas ah«T— 0,tiMM de

ceiv^it DM
Past thought! -What said she toyoaT -0«e
more tapers; I yoa*

Rahie all my kindred. — Are they married thtat
Rod I'niiy, 1 think, they are.


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y Bottin



Bat Mnce, no jump upuii this bluoJy quest oo.
Yo« fi>Nu liie Polack w«n, and you fioiu Eoff*

Ara berv MMTd ; (nve order, thiit th«:<e buJie^
Hifh oa H itiajfe be plac«d to tiie ri<^w :
AmI let Hie speak lo lae yol uiiknoMruig wo.id.
How theStf UiJuKfi cant -. alnHit : 5u ■ luu yuu near
Uf canul. bi<«iUy. himI unuaturnl hcIk;
Of acitiiJeaUil juUKiiieiiU. owuhI itiuuxliters ;
Uf UwUba |Hi (HI by naiiu.of . ami lore d cause ;
Aud. 10 tbu U|nh<ii, purp.«e4 iiiwliiok
FalJ'u iHi Uie luveuUim' uead« : all this can I
Truly deUver.

/bri. Let IIS haste tu hear it,

Aad nil thit uuht.^ t«i ihe aodieuce.
For me. w.th •■>. Mw I einitraoe my Ibrtune ;
1 bave MUM lUf.iis <if in«;ui.»iy id Uus kiiu|duni,
Wbicb uuw lu cluioi my vaulage do.b invite lue.

Bor. 0/ that I sliall have alw cause to npeak.
And fruui his 0M>uth wbuae voice will draw on

But let tiii9 Muiie lie prc-sently perfomi'd,
Lveu while nieu's nuuds are wild; lest soiue

On ulols, and erruVB. happen

tort. Let four captains

Bern Hamlot. like n siildier, to the stafe ;
l-'oi- he wu» likely, bad be tasen put («. [ssfre,
To have pruv'll itiwi ntyuliy: and, lor his pus-
The suldier'n iiiosick. and ihe htes uf war.
Speak loudly lur him —
'lake up the btidteM : - Such a idght as this
B«CiNiie« rue Held, but here sliowe luuoh amiss.
Gt4. bid the Moldiers siiunC [A dtaU Match.

lExtW't, beoivifi qff the ieud bodttM I ajui
wiuck, a pad uf onbumee t» thai qff.



Dvko of Venica.
Bnib.inliu. o $fimior.
Ymo olker antaton.
UiaitaiH). b'Olhtr to Bmbantlo.
Lodovtcu, At'Owi'iN lo Brabautio
UUielUi. the Moor.
Ca^aiu, Au InuiemuU.
Imko. ki$ ancknt.
Ktaleriipi, a Venitiaii gaUkmam.
UuotuiM*. Otiieilo's # ii a risws spr m the goornmenl

It/* Cyprus.
Clomi, tervamt l» Otbello.

DesJsnMHia, daughter lo Bnibiii io, and mfe to

Of hello.
Emilia, wtte lo lagoi.
Bouica, « amrtetant mi$lre$$ lo Caana

Q0een, Oemtlemen, Meeeemgere, MusidanM^ SaSnre.
Attendaitie, 4^

8CESEr-/9r the Fint Act, in Venice : dnrmu the
tm^th/t IHrnt^ mt m 5ira- Port in Cyprus.


8CENB L-Venioo. A SIreeL

Bnler Roderiico ond Isfu

M§i Tosb. Mvor tall roe, I uke it moch oan


Ibat tboo, lacor-who bast liad my pnias.

As if the strincii were tbiiie. sboald know of tbis.

htgo. 'Sblonn. but y«»u will not hear me :—
If ever 1 did drsam of socb a matter.

auaar no.
Med. Tboo told'st me, tboa didst bold bim in

Iat§ Despise roe, if I do not. Three great
ones of the city,
in psneoal suit to make me his lieutenant,
Gft eapp'd to him ;-«nd, by the fiiiib ni' luan.

I know my pnoe, I am worth no worm a pbw« .
Bui he, lu loviug his owu pride aud purpuves.
Evades tlieio. wiili a UouiInisi. orcuuistauoe.
Horribly siuif 'd with epiUteU uf war;
And, in ouim-Iusuni, nousuits
My mediatuTH ; /or^ certes. says be,
i have atreadt chote mg qffictr.
Aud what was he ?
Kurauoih. a rreat anihniettnian.
One MichnelCaaBMi, a Fii»reui ine.
A fellow alniusi dunio'd iii u lair wife;
TUui uever net a uuadruii in the field.
Nor llie divMuu of a lutlile knows Fonck,

More IhHU a spumter; unless the boukisli Uii*-
Whereiu the toged cuiuuls can pniptnte
As nuuMtfrly as bK*. mere prattle, without pnu'-
Ure. [tioif :

Is Mil hw stfkliership But he. sir, bad ibe el«r*-
And I,— of wliiHii Ins eyes had seen the proof
At Kiiudes, ut Cypros ; and on other fn>uuds
Cbnstjan and heailien. — must be be-lee'd and

By dehiUir himI crrditor, this counter-caster;
no, HI ((oud Uiiie, must Itu lieutenant be,
Aud 1. (God bless lUe mark Ij his Mour-sbip's an-

Rod. By lieuveu, I rather wuiikl have been ho
ItMitginan. [service,

loM. Bui iheia'H no reniedv, *iis the curse ol
Piefrruienl itoeit hy tetter, and ulfrctlun.
Nut by the old erMdalaai. where euch second
2>toud heir to ilie hrst Now. sir, he judite ynnr-
Wheiber 1 in any just term am affiu'd fsellL

To love the Moor.

Bad. I would not follow him than

J0tfo. O. sir, content you ;
I ^»llow bini to serve my turn upon bim :
We cannot all be uiasteis. n<»r all masters
Canooi be truly follow'd. You shall mark
Many adnteiHis aial knce-rtioking knave.
That, dutinc ou b>s own obsequious bondaice.
Wears oat hw tune, moch hke his master^ a>w.
For nought but provender; and, when he*s ••ii|,

cashier'd ;
Whip me socb honest knaves: Othern i litre are^
Who, irimm'd in forms and visages ui duty.


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^ 11*

ifaM. This likw nie well : 1*he«e fbils hare all
a length T [ Tkef prepare to plan.

Otr. Ay. iiiy guud lord.

King. Set oie the atuupa of wine apoa thai
table :~
If Hiiaikit give the firet or second hit,
Or quit III Nuswer of the titinl eicaiunge.
I^et Mil ttie IwUlrmeQlK tlieir ordiuiuce fire :
Hie liiiir shall druik to Hamlei'n better breath;
And ia the cup aa union shall lie tlirow,
Kicher tbuii tiiut whicli fuar successive Idngs
lu L'enniark'M cntwn imve woru; Give ine the
And let the IcetUe U> ihe truiiipei speak, [cups;
llie trumpet lu tlie CMniioiieer wiuimit,
Ttie cauuuns lu Uim htwvens, the heaven to earth,
iVoip the kmu lirvJcM to Hamlet.— Coiua, begin ; —
And you. the judges, hear a wary e>e.

Umt. Come on, oir.

Laer. Come, my lord. [T/^tptat.

timn. One.

iMer. No.

Uam. Jodgnufttt.

Otr. A hit, a veiy palpable hit.

Loer. Well.— again.

Kmg. Stay, give me dnnk : Hamlet, thai pearl
is ihiue ;
Hera's to thy health— Give him the cup.

iTniw^l* sound ; and cannon thoi t^wUhtn.

Hmm. ril play tliis bout first, set ii by uwuile.
Come.— Another hit ; What say you f i'i'kevpiaif.

Loer. A touch, a touch, I du confess

iCtng. Our son shall wiu.

Queen. He's fat, and scant of breath —

Hera, Hamlel, take my napkin, rub thy brown:
The queen carouses to thy fortune, lUuuiet.

Jiam. Good madam,

Kutg. Gertrude, do nut dnuk.

Qaem. I will, my lord :— I pray yuu. pardon me.

MSiny. It is the poisuu'd cup; it m loo hUe.


Ham. I dare nut drink yet, inudani ; by aial by.

Qneen. Come, let me wipe ihy luce.

Laer. My htrd, I'll liit him now.

Kmv. I do not think it

Latr. AikI yet it is ahnost agaiuu my txin-
science. lA^ade.

Ham. Cunie, for tlie tliinl. LaerteM : You du hut
I pray yuu. pass with your \m>t violvnoe ; [dally ;
I am afeanl. you make u wuncun of me.

Laer Say yuu mi i come on. [TVieypfap.

Otr. Niahmg neither way.

Laer. Have at you now.

iLaertea wounds Hamlet : thm, oi tcufffiing,
tkep change rapters, ami llaiitlet toounds

King. Part them, they are incenkM.

Um. Nay, ouine xguiu. [ 7 i>e Queen jaUs.

Otr. UH>k to Ihe queen tiieie, ho !

Hor They blaed on liuih sides :— Hiiw u» it, iny

Otr. How is I, Lufi teK f [lord 1

Lur. Why, ua a wu«Klouck Ut my own spiinge,
1 amjtistlv ktll'd with mine uwn ireacliery.

Ham, Ho\» dues tue queeii f

King. She swuous to see them bleed.

Queen. No. no, the drink, the drink,— O my
dear Hamlei !—
The drink, the drink :— I am puison'd ! (Acs.

H0tm O vilhiiuy !— Ho 1 let the door be lot-kVl :
Treachery I seek it out. f Laertes yo//f.

Laer. It is here, Hamlet: Hamlet, thou art
No mediriiie in the worid can do thee good,
III I bee there is not half an huurhi life;
I'ht; irrMCberous inttrument is in thy huud.

Unbated, and envenom'd : Uie fool practioe
Uuth turii'd it»«lf un me ; lu. here I lie.
Never to rise again : Thy mother^ poiiiooM ;
I can no mure ; the king, the king's to Unas.

Ham. The point
Euveuum'd too I— Then, renom. to tliy work.

On. <f LoriU Treaano I ireaMio !

Kmhv. U, yet defend me, frivnds, 1 am bat hart.

i^oai. Ilnrn thniiiinnrni iiM.niinrriiiis.dam— if
Drink off this potion :— Is the anion here ?
FoUuw My muther. (King4i«

Loir. He is Jostly senr'd :

It is a poison tempered by himself—
Exchange hirgiveness with nut, noble Hiimlet :
Mine and my father's death coma noi upon thc<.
Nor Uiine on me 1 [Airr

Ham. lleuven moke thee free of it I I luUow
I am dead, Horatio :— Wretched queen, adiea ! —
You tlitti l«iuk |4ile and tremble at tiiw chance,
Thui are but iiiuifs or auilMiice to luik act.
Had I but time, (as tliw fell sencHiini. death.
Is strirt in lii» iirrest.) U, 1 could leli yuu,—
Dut let il be :- Hurntiu. 1 urn dead ;
'J'hou Uv'Mt : rrpurt me and my caiuse aiighi
l*o liie unauiMted.

Hor. Never believe it;

1 am more an antique Roman than a Dane.
Here's yet Mane Uquur left.

Ham. As thou'rt a man.—

Give me Ihe cup; let go; by heaven. 111 have
U God !— llurMlio, whal a wuuuded. name, [it.—
Things siuudiug ihos unknown, ahull live behiud
If iliuu Utdst ever hold me in tliy hrart, (dm f
Abseni Ihee from felicity awhile.
AihI in thM harsh world draw tin- breath in ^
I'o tell my stoiy.—lAf orcA ojar ttff. and shut m

W hat warlike mnw lb lh» I

0$r. Young Fbrtinbras, wiUi cuoqueftt ciia
from Poland,
Tu tlie ambniisadoni of England givui
Tliw werlike volley.

Ham. O. Idle. Huratiu;

T'^e potent pouMw quitv u'er-cruws inj apuit;
1 cannot live U> hear the ukmh from LuKiuad :
Bat 1 do priiplie>y, the eleniiun iiglit*
On Fortinbr. s ; he has my uying vuioe ;
So tell hiui, with the uorurreuis, UMire or leeK
Which have aulK:jted,— The rest t» wleuce. [iars.

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