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h chUd liy him '—My cou-

ousin ?

I sehool-roaids change their


She it is.
rry her I

This is the powt
ngely cone fnNii heuce;
I, iiiyiielf heing one.
actum : but we do lenra
lie very nerves of state,
i( an lutiiiite disiaitoe
design. Upon Ida place,
his authority,
: a nmn, wliiiee b'nod
•no who never foels
d motions of tiie senae;
>lujit hjs lulinr.il edge
ind, study and fasL
e and liberty,
run bv tlie hideous law,
h pick d out an ani,
ense yuur bn>ther*s life
ur^>^ls hiiuiin it;
rigour of the sUitute,
nple; nil hope is gime,
Tace bv yoiir fair prayer
id thais my piih
1 and your poor brother,
sk his hie I

Has nensur'd him
ar, the provost haib
3or ability's in me

tay the power you have.
lUis! 1 doubt,—

Our doubts are traiton,
good we oft might win,
: Go to Lord Aii<el«»,
know, when maaleiui sue,
but when they weep aad

as fVeely theirs
ould owe them.

But, speeddy.
straight: ^^
to give tiie mother
1 humbly lliaiik yuu :
irutlier : soon ul night
word of my success
ave of you

Good sir, adiea

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Clo. YondM- man m chitmhI v

hawd. Well ; whad lias bo duu« f

Clo. A wtiinaii.

BawL But what*s hw offence T

Cto. Gniping (ur iruuU in m peculiar rtrer

Anoet W Lat, is there a mnkl with child hy him T

Clo. No; l>ut there's u woniau with niaxl l»y
Iiim: You have not beard uf the pitwiainaUun,
have you T

Anml What proclamation, man T

Clo. All houses in the suburbs of Vienna most
l«e plucJt'd do«»ni.

Bowd. And what shall become of those in the
cry 7

Clo. They i^hall stand for seed : they had eone
down Uhi. bui that a wise biirvht:r put in lor them.

Bated. But shuil all our bouses oi' re»ort lu the
■oburbs be pal I'd down f

Clo. To the grcuod, mist ma.

Bated. Why, here's a chan^, indeed, in the
)ommonweaith ! What shall become n( me?

Clo. Come; fear not you: i^uoii counsellors
lack nu clients : thoitfrh you CMiiffe your place,
you iit-ed not change your tnide ; I 'It be your tap-
ster huII. (our.iKe : therf will lie pity taken on
yiHi : yuu that have witni your eyes Blmu»t out in
the nervict;. yon will Ite riniHideivd.

Bawd. What Hi to do here, Thiimas Tapster T
Ljsi 's withdraw.

Cto Here comes SUnior Clandio. led hy the
pru\caA to prison : and Uiere *s Madum Julieu


SCENE Wl.—Tke mme.

Enter Prorost, Chiudin, Juliet, and Officers ;
Lucio and tmo Grnilenieu.

Claud. Fellow, why dust thou show me thus to
the world T
Bear me to prison, where 1 am committed.
, Fro. I dc It m»t in evil dispusition.
But ironi Lord AuKelo bT special charve.

CUntd. Tbuscuu ibe denu god. Autiiority,
Make us pay down for our odeiice by weight. —
Tlie woids of Heaven;— ou \%honi it will, it will ;
On whiHU It will not, so ; vet still 'ii« just.

Utcio. Why, liow now, Chiudio T wluiuce amies
this restraint I

Claud. I'Yom um much liberty, my Lucio, liberty :
As surieit is the £iiUer of much last,
i>u every scope by the immoderate use.
Turns to restraint : Our natures do pursue,
(Like rats that ravin down their pruper bane.)
A thirsty eviL and when we dnuk, we die.

Luao. If I couU speak so wiseiy under an
arrest. 1 wfMlii send f«»r certain of my crediton» :
f^wl yet, to say the truth, 1 had as lief have the
Ttipnery of freedoiu. as the morality of luipriiiou-
Oieht.— What's thy offisnoe, Clauduj ]

Claud. What, hut to speak of would offend

Luao. What is it ! murder I Liig.uu.

Claud. No

Jjuao. I^echery?

Claud. Call it so.

Pro. Awtiy, sir ; yon most go.

Claud. One word, good frieud :— Locto, a word
with you. [ Takes hiin asuU.

Luno. A hundred, if they'll do you any good.—
U lechery so look'd after T (contract,

Claud. Thus staiHls it with me : — Upon a true
1 got possession of Julietta's bed ;
lou know tlie lady ; she is fast my wife.
Save Uiat we do the den inciation lack
Of uutwjrd order : this we came not lo.

Only tor propaxaiion of a dower

ReuiamiiK m the coffer of her fViends :

From whom we thouebt it meet to hide oar love

Till tune had lusde Uinn for us. Bm it chance^

The siealili of our most mniusl entertainmaiit.

With chanicter too gn«s. is writ on JuImL

Lucio. With child, perhaps!

Claud. Unhappily, even so.
And the new deputv now for the duke. —
Whether it be the rault and glimpse of newnusa;
Or whether that the b«idy pubic be
A horse whereon the g«>venior doth ride.
Who. newly ni the seat, thst it mny kiMiw
Me can couiniand, lets it straight feel the ufnr:
^^ heiher the tynuiiiy be in ins place.
Or in his eminence that tills it op,
I staxger in :— But tins new |p>venior
Awultes me all the ei>niird iienaltiea, ^^"^11

Which liuve. liKt; uuscour'd nrinour. bong by toe
So long, that mneteen zodiacs have gone mund.
And none of them been worn : and. fi*r a name.
Now puts the drowsy and n«H(lected act
Freslily on me :— tis surely for a name.

Jmcw. 1 waminu he is : and thy head stands so
tickle ou thy shoulders, that a inilk-iiiaMl, it she
be in love, ni:iy sigh it off. Send after the duke,
and appeal Ui liiiii.

Claud. 1 have done so, but he*s not to he foond,
I pr'ythf*. Lucio. do me this kiiul bemoe.
This day my sister should the cloister enter.
And thet-e receive her approbation:
Aftjuaint her with the danger of my state ;
Implore her m my voice, that she make fnenda
I o the strict deputy ; bid herself asaay him ;
I have great hope in that : for in her youth
I'here is a prone and speeciiless dinlert, [nrt

Such as moves men : iM^ale. she hath prueperous
When slie will pluy with reason and discourse.
And well she can |ien«nade.

Luao. 1 pray, she may : as well for the encou-
rage.iieut of the tike, whicli else would stand
under Knevous impusrion; as fur the eiijujnug
(it tliy life, who 1 would lie sorry should lie tlius
foolishly lost at a auuie of tick tack. I'll to her.

Clatml. 1 thiink you, good friend Luoo.

Luao. Within two hours,

Claud. Couie, officer, away. [Eznonl.

SCENE IV.— J Mauutery.
Enter Duke amd Friar I'homas.

Duke. No; holy fstlier; throw away that thought;
Believe not thai the dribbling dart of |>ve
Can pierce a complete bosom : why 1 detare the*
To nve me secre*. liMrboor, hath a purpose
Mure grave and wrinkled than the aims and eialw
Of buriiiiig youth.

Frt. May your grace speak of it T

Duke My holy Mr. none l>etier knows than yo«
How i have ever lov'd the life removed ;
And held in idle price to haunt lUisembiiea.
Wiiere youth, snd cost, and witle«» brarery
I have delivcr'd to Uird Aiigehi [keeps.

(A iiiuii of stricture, uiid firm abstinence.)
My alisolule power and plare here lu Vienna,
And he siip|>ottes me travuM'U to Poland ;
Fur so I have strew'd it in the ctHiimim ear.
And so It w ret-eiv'd -. Now. pmus s.r.
You will demand of me, why 1 do this T

Fn Gladly, my lord. [laws.

Duke. \Ve hsvc sirtCl statutes, aial most littnitf
(The needful tats and i-nrl« I'or headstnaigsteedisj
Which fur these fourteen yea i-x we have let sleep;
Even Uke an o*er-gMwn liuii in a caw
That goes not out Ui prey : Now. as fond (bth*

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r Act

^ Nrtt 111


Not liirtil them for ihetiMetves : for if oar rirtaas

DkI not go forth of u», 'twera nil ulike

A« if w« had them uot. Spirits ure not finely

But to fine imuea: nor nature never lends
Tilt* ftmallest ncrupte uf her ezcelletioe,
But, like a ihnfty goildeeik »he dvtermjws
Itfrwlf the glurv uf a crudi or.
Both tb4i»k8 and iwe. But I do bend my speech
'I'u one ttul can my part in him uUvcrt-se ;
Hold, iherefiire, Ausvln;
In our lemore, be loou at full uurself :
Mortahiy and merpy iu Vienna
1 ire m thy toogne uud heart : Old EmcmIus,
Ih'High first itt question, is thy secondary :
1 ske thy ounuussion.

Am. Now, good my lord,

L#t io«« be Slime more test made of my metal,
Bi lorn so nobie and so great u figure
Be starop'd upoo it.

Dtike No more evasion :

We have with a leaven 'd and prepared choice
ProoeedeJ to yuu ; tlierefure bike your lutnuuri.
Oar haste fnim hence is of so quick cuiidi ioa,
Tliat It prefen lUeU^ and leaves unquvatiuii'd
Hatters uf ueedtol value. We shall write tu yuu
As time and our coucemings sliult iniponuiie.
How It fcuee wiih as ; and do luuk t4i knuw
Whst duth be/all yuii here. bo. fm e yuu well :
To the uopeiui execution do 1 leavti yuu
Uf your Com infamous.

Ant. Yet. give leave, my lord.

'llMt we xtvyi brhig yiMi Moiue hiiig on ihe WMy.

IMtc My liMSie xnu^ nut admit it ;
Nor need you. uii mine huuuur, nuve to do
W lUi Muy Ncruple ; your scupe tit u^ luiiie uwn :
S>u to eulurce, or quuliiy the la\« v
As to yuur soul Mieuis gmdi Uive nie your hand ;
I'd privily sMuy : 1 luve ibe penple.
Bat do not liku to sUge ine lo their eye* :
Ttmugh It do well, 1 tlu iiui reii.>h wen
Tlieir kMid applause. uaJ aw« vehement :
l^xx do I ilunk tlie man of sale diMCietioii.
'1 hat does aitect it. Uiice more, f^re > uu well

AMt. The heavens Kive safety toyuiir purutetes!

EaouL Lead forth, aud brnvi you btick in hwppi

Adke I thiiuk vou : Fare you well. ( ExU.

Eartd. I sluiU desire you, sir. to Kive me leave
To have freespeedi withfou; iumI it concerns me
To kiok mto the butioni of my phice :
A puwer I nave ; hut uf whst strengtii and nature
1 am not ye: insmmied (Uier.

Artif. Tw sa witu me :— Let us withdraw loxe-
And we amy soon our satisfttoUou have
Tuuchmg that piKuU

JCmmL rn wait apon your liouour.


SCENE 11.-4 Strtrt.
Enttr Luoo and two Gentlemen.
Lnc». If the duke, wiih the iHiier dukes, come
MC to uomposiuvu with Uie knur of Hungary,
why, then all the dukes fuii upuu liie king.

1 OtuL Heaven grant us i^s peace, hut uot the
king of Hungury^T

2 Gmi. Aiueu.
Imoo. I'hou concludest like the sunrtiraomous

pirate, that went to sea with the ten cuuuuand-
DMuts, but scraped one out uf the table.

3 GtHL Thuu Shalt ihA Oeal f
Lm3o. Ay, that he razed.
1 Qml. Why. Uwan a commandment to com* , ..ii„j, • .lu bu»«M,r-

Wami Ihf oapiaiB and oil ilie rest frtaullieirfuuc- 1 ilie news wiib yuu \


tions ; they pat forth to steal ; Tbere^ not a sol.
dier of us all, thut, in the thanksgiving before
meat, doth relish tlie petiiion well that pngrs ta

2 GaU. I never heanl any soldier dislike it.

Lurio. I believe ttiee : f<>r, 1 Hunk, thou never
wast where gr..ce was said.

2 Gent. No \ a dozen times at least

I Gmt. What? in metre I

Lucio. In any proportion, 'ir in any hinguage.

1 Gint. 1 think, or in any religion.

Luao. Ay ! why not I Grace is grece. despite of
all ooiiiruverKy: As fur example; I'hou thyself
art a wicked villain, despite uf all grace.

1 Gnu. Well, there went but a pair of steers
betweeu us.

Lacio I grant : as tnere may between the lists
aud the velvet : lliuu art the list.

1 Gtnt. Aud thuu the velvet : thou art good vel-
vet ; thuu iirt u three pil'd piece. 1 warrant thee :
1 had >u lief be a Iwt u( an fcliwrhsli kersey, as he
pd'd, ait thou art piPd, fi>r u Freucli reiveL Do 1
speak feelingly now I

Lucio. I ihiuk thou dost ; and. indeed, with most
painful feeling uf thy speech : i will, out of thiue
own ooufiwBiua. learn to begin thy health; but
whihti I live, forget to drink uf.«r thee.

1 Gent, 1 think, 1 have done myself wruuK ;
have 1 not ?

2 GaU, Yes. that thou hast ; whether thuu vn
tainted, or free.

Utao. BehoUl. behold, wliera Madam Mitiga-
tion comes I 1 have purcliased as nuuiy diseases
under her niof. u» coiue Ut—

2 Otnt. To wtiiki. I pray (

1 Otnt. Judge.

2 Otmt. To tiiree thousand dollars a year.
1 Gent. Ay. and mure

Xmcio. a Frew:h crown more.

1 Gmt. Thou art always figuring diseases in
me : but thou art lull t^ entir : I am sumid.

LiM30. Nay, uot as one would siiy, healthy ; but
su sound, as thiiigs thnt ur^ hulluw: thy liooeaare
huUow : impiety liiu miide u teusi of thee.

£ai«r Bawd.

I GfHt. How now T Which of your bips has the
■i>«i profound sauiicaT

itaiM Well, well ; there's one yonder arrested,
and curried to prison, was wunh live thoasaud of
vuu all.

1 Gmt. Wlio's that, I pray thee f

Bawd. >Ia rry, sir, that's Cl.iodn,SigniorClaudio.

1 GiuU. Claudio to pns«iii ! 'us nol so

Bawd. Nuy, but 1 know, 'tis so : 1 saw him ar-
rested ; saw liim carried away ; and. which » mure,
within these three days liis head's to be chopped

Lncio. But, after all this fooling, I would nut
have It so : Art ttiou sure of this '

Bitwd. I am too sure of it : and it is for getting
Miidam Juliet' a with child.

Lnao. BeLeve me, this may be : he promised to
meet me twu liuurs since ; and he wjs ever pre-
cise in prumise-keepiug.

2 Oaa Besides, you know, it draws something
near to the speecli we had to such a purpose.

1 Gent But most of all, agreeing wiih tlie pro>

iMcio. Awajr; let's go learn the truth of it.

[Exeunt Lucio and tJentlenien.

Bawd. Thus, what wuh the war, what with the
sweat, what wirb the gallows, and what witli po-
verty, 1 am cusuinHshrunk How now t what*i

J29 \

a sol. \

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llHm shall lie Uiih the plMiiitiflf aiid Uie judge
or ihitie own atom.

Fhd. G(ind mmlHm. hear me speak ;

A ltd let lut qaarrel. uor iki bntwl Ut cimie,
1 Mint the aHMlitKHi iif ihut pn'oeiit huur«
Which I have wfMuJ«r*d nu In iHipo it siiali not,
M<*t frpely I cdiifess. mynvlf. aiid 'iobjr,
Set tliM device uKHinsi Ahtlvoh«i here, .
rixm niiiKs viuhlMHni and uiiouurieous parts
y\ e had ooiioeiv'd against him : Maria wrtl
Tne letter, at Sir Tiihy's f rem hniKirtaune ;
ill rvcunipeiuie wht- rnof, he huth married lier.
lluw with a Kptirtrul malice it w:u< fdUow'd.
May niiher pluck on lauKhtpr than reveui^e;
If that the iiunries be justly wei^h'd.
That have on Uah sides past.

Oti, Alas. iMior fiMii I huw have they baffled thee!

Clo. U'hy. Mome are bom grtat, tom^ acterve
qnaimu, and tome kfive vraUmest thrown upon
thrm. I waj» one, kit. in this interlude ; one Sir
Top:i8, sir ; but Unit's all one -.—Bit the Lotd. Jbid,
I iim ma mad ,*— But do vou remember ? Mmtnm,
tohff laugh you at surh a oarrennuealf an ynw stiule ,
not, hr's oauyed: And thmi Ute whirli|inK of ume
bnuKs in hix reveiifres.

MaL I'll be reveuged on tlie whole pack of vou. I


Off. He hath been most notoriously Rbu»*d. |
Duke. I'urtiue him.andeutnMa hi'Uioa|ieace:'—

He hutii not U>U1 u:( of the captmn yet ;

Wlum thai is known and i;i>ldeu time ooiivenla,

[AcTt >

I A solemn combination shall be made

I Of our dear son b— Mean time, sweet sister.

We will not pitrt fmm lienoe— Cesariu, ooiue ;

For so you shall »>e. while you are a iiuui ;

But. when in <»iher liabits^ou iire sefn,

OrMuos mi8urebs,aud h>s (am^'s queeu. iEtemd.

ao. Whfn that I was a iitlk tiny boy,

WUh kty. ho, the mml and the ram,
A Jootish thntu was but a toy.

FOt the rain it raoteth tvery day.
But when I came to mtm's ettate.

With h>y, hi; the wtuU and the ram,
*OaiH$t kunve tmd thief mm shut thnr yele,

For the ram U ruimti eoerf day.
But when lcame.aias! to wtor.

With hiy. ho. the wimi and the ra,n.
By twaofferim/ « ould I Metier thrive.

For the rut n It rmntUt tveri uoy.
Bui when I come unto my bed,

Wuh hey. ho, tfu win/t and the nan.
With tots-pota $tUl htid drunken head.

For the ram it ratneth every day.
A t/rrai while offo the world begttn.

WUh hey, ho, the wtnU and the ram.
But that's all one, our play is dour.

And we'll Sirtoc to pkOM you tvery day



Virentio, Duke of Vienna,
AiiichIo. lord di-poty in the Duke's absence
Eaculus. an ancient Uird,jomed with Anyelo m the

Claudio, a young gentieman.
Lucio. a fantastic.
Two other like gintlemen.
Varrius, a ffentleman, servant to the Duke.

'lliomas, > ,. - f-„^
Peter, {'«»/"««.
A Justice.

Eibow. a stmpte amstahte
Froth, a fooiuh genllemon.
Vlown, servant lo Mrs. Over-dons.
AbluH-aoo, an ertrultoner.
liuniardiue, a dissolute prisoner.
Isiibella. sister to CImtdin.
Ma I iana. betrol ted to A ngelo.
JuiiMt. beloved Ity Cluudio.
FnuiciscM. a nun.
MjNtritHs Over done, a bawd.
Lards, Oenilemen. Guards, QffUxrt, and other


KCENE l^An Apartment tn the Duke's Palace.
Enttr Duke, Escalus. lunls. and Atteudanla.
Duke. Escftlus.—
"" Mylei^

Duke. Of piremnient the pnipeities to nuf«dd
Would seem m me to atifect speech aud disoourhe ;
Since I uni put to know, i hat your own acieuoe
Exceeds, in that, the lixis of all advice
MystrciiKthcanffjTe you : 'I h«»ii uo more reiiuims
But that to your Kufficicncy. ns your worth iK.ibie,
And U4 them work. I'lie imture of our iieople.
Our ciiy% in.<)tiiutions. and the tt^rms
For ctHiiUHin justice, you are ait preintaut in.
As art and practice hath eniiclu^ any
That we renieinlier: There jr our commisM<iu,
Frum winch we would nut have you warp.— Call

I say, bid amie before us Amrelo —
.... ^ [Exit an AUendaiiL

What fifure of us think you he will l>ear/
For you must know, we have with special soul
Ele<^ed hnn our abiteuce to supplv ;
l^ut hmi our tenor, drest him with our love ,
And Xiven Iiik depu aHiui all the orgiiUs
Of our own power : W hat think you of it t

EscaL If any in Vienna he of worth
To undergo such ample graoe and honour.
It IS ktrd Augelo.

Ealer Angela
Duke. I-otik. where he comes.

Ang. Always obedient to your grace's will,
come to know your plesHurs
I^tke. A ngelo,

lliere is a kind of character in thy life.
That, to the observer, doth thy history
Fully unfold : Thyself aiul thy belonging*
Are not tliine own so prop«.r, a» hi waste
1'hyself upon thy virtues, them uu (hee.
Heaven duih with us. a« ** with lorcliM d(

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Act v.]



AnL How have you niiuie division of jroaneld —
An appl«,rlert in two. la iiot nu*re iwiu
riian these two crentures. Which » Sebastian t

OH. M«»<iHOoderrul!

&6. D«> I siand there T 1 never had n brother:
Nor can there be that deity in my nature.
Of here and uvery where. I had a ewter, [ed :—
Whom ihe bhnd waves and surges have devuur-
Of fihanty, what kin are you to me 7 [ '/\> Viola.
What country man T whiit name I what parentai^I

VitOL OfMesiuiline: SehHstmn was my talher;
Such a Sebastian was my bn»thertoo,
So went he suited to his wuicry tomb :
If spirits can aasume both form and suit.
You come to fright us.

Stb, A SDirit I am. indeed :


fhtm her


. . ..untie help

I was preeerv'd, to serve this uoble niuiit ;
All the occurrence of my fortune siiice
Hath been between tins lady hihI tins lord.

!kb. So conies it, lady, you have been mistook :
I'l'o Olivia.
But nature tn her bias drew in that
You would have been coutmcted to a maid :
Nor are f«»u therein, by my life, deceiv'd.
You are betroih'd boih Ut a niiud and man.

IMse. Be not amaz'd ; nglit noble is his blood.—
If this be BO, as yet the KlaM seems true.
1 shall have jiharc lu tlus most h»ppy wre<*.k :
Buy, thou hast said to me a Ihouwuui times.

lima never should's! love woman like to me.

Vio. And all th(«e savings witl I over-swear;
And all thoae sweariiu^ keep as true in soul,
As doth that ortied ciNitinent the fire
llMt seven day from night.

XMv. Give me thy hand ;

And let me see thee in thy woman's weeds.

Fio. The capuiii, that dal brmg me firat on
Hath mj nqiid's garmenta : he upon some action,
Is now in durance ; at M.ilvoiioa suit,
A rentleman, and follower of my lady's.

iHi. He shall enlarge hini : — Fetch Malvolio
And yet, alas, now 1 remember me, [hither :—
Ttiey say, poorgentlemuu, he's much distract.

Rt-tMter Clown wUh a letter.
A roost extracting frenzy of mine own.
From my remembrsnce 'clearly banuh'd his.—
lluw docs he, sirrah T

Cto. Truly, mailam. bo holds Belzebub at the
stave's end, as wall as a man lu his case may do :
he has here wnt a letter to you. I should have
given it to you to-day morning ; but as a madmau's
epMlles are no gospela, m it skills not much, when

OH. Open it, and read it.

Clo. liook then to be well ediAed, when the fooj
deliverathe madman :—Bt the Lord, a

OIL How now * art thou mad T

Cto. No. madam. I do but rtnd i
your ladyship will have it as it ought to be, you
must allow vox.

0/i. Pr'ythee, rend i'thy right wits.

Clo. So 1 dn, madonna ; but to read hia right
wits, is to reau thus : tlierefore perpend, luy prin-
cess, and give ear.

OH. Read it yeu. sirrah. [7b Fkbian.

f^tli. [Reads J Bf Ike Lord, madam, you wrong
me, and the world ^U know it : though yon have put

me into darkness, and givmwourd
over me, yrt have J thebntefit of my senses as weU as
your laayship. I have your own letter that i m iucLd
me to thesembUmce I put on: wUh thewhkk I doubt
not tnU lodomyseO much ri/ht ; or you muck shame.
Tnvtk (/ me as you pltase. I leave my duty u Httit
unthottght of, and speak out of my i^wry.

The madly used Malvolia

OH. Did he write this?

Clo. Ay, madam.

Ditke. riiis savours not mnch of distractioa.

OU. See him delivered* Fabian ; bring him hi-

[£zil Fabian.
My lord, so please yoo.these tilings Airiher thought
I'o think me as well a saiter as a wife, [on.

One day ahall cniwn the alliance out, so pleaae
Here at my house, aiul ut my proper aiKt. [you,

Duke. Atadain, 1 am inort apt to embrace your
Your master quits you [7b Viola] : and, for your

service done him.
So much against the mettle of your sex,
So fur beneath your solt nnd tender breeding.
And since you call'd me masier for so long.
Here w my liHiid ; you shall from this lime be
Yiiur master's mtotress.

OU. AsmterT— yoaarosbs.

Re-ent*r Fabian, wtM Malvolia

Duke. Is this the madman T

Otx. Ay, my lord, this same :

How now, Malvolio t

MaL Madam, you have done me wrons,

Noumous wroug.

OH. Have 1, Malvolio f no. (letter:

MaL Lady, you have. Pray you, peruse that
You must not now deny it is your liaiid.
Write from it, if you can, m hand, or phrase;
Or say, *iis not your seal, nor your invention :
You can say none of this : Well, srant it then.
And tell me, in the modestv of honour,
Why you have given me such clear lightf of favour;
Bade me C4inie smding. nnd rnMS-garter'd to you.
I'o put on yellow stockings, and to fruwn
L'lKm Sir '1 oby. aial the lighter people :
And, acting this in an ohodient nope.
Why have vou suHer'd me to be imprison'd,
Kept in a dark house, visited by a priest.
And made the mi«l notorious geek, and guU,
That e'er invention plav'd on? tell me why.

0/1. Alas, Malvolio, this is not my writing',
Though I confess, much like the character:
But, out of quei>tion, tui Maria's hand.
AimI now 1 do betliink me, it was she [smiling.
First Uild me thou wast mad; then cam'st n
Aial in such forms which here were presuppos'd
tpun thee in the letter. iVvtliee. be content :
Tiiis practice hath most snrewdly pass'd upua

But, when we know the grounds and aathors of it,

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OiMa.—'SXy lord, so please yo«. these things further thought on,
To think rae lu well a si^iter ax a wife, ^

One diy shall crown the alliiince on 't. so please vou, f

U«r« at my boust, and at oiy prop«r cust. Tw.trrH Xw.t. A.t T..



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V Ciinhrn

EmUt OliTia and AttenduuU.

Duke. Ufim oitmes ihr ouanten: now hMiveu

walkinn enrth — [Deia:

Bnt for ibee, (elluw. fellmv, thy wnnls are mad-

Tiiree nioiitliM this yitulli hiitli tnmltHl npiin me ;

Ifat morn of Unit anrni.— — 'I'nke him aHide.

Oti. Whnt would mr hird, hut thnt he m:iy not
Wherem niiviN may Keem Mfnricenhle f— lliave,
CeMunn. roll dn not keep pruniise with me.

Ffo. Mvu\.u»1

l>tke Umnoug Olivin,-^ fiord.—-

(Xi \^'hal do yon tuiy. CiwirinT — . Uink) my

Vto. Mv loni would Kpt^ik. my duly huidies iu«.

Ob. \( W. Itf niiffht Ui tlie old tune, my lord.
It in us tint timi rulMime to mine eur
Am bowline ader iiiumo.

Duke. Still w> cruel T

Oti. Still M COttHiniit. Innl.

Duke, Whnt ! to perverseiiens T \-ou anctril lady,
T<> whoae inKrnte and mniii>|iiciuiiM aliurs
Mr told the fuittifuirHtoffttriiunliaHi lireath'd oat,
Tnat e'er devotion tf nderM ! What Khali I do T

Oh £Ten what it pleai« my lur.i. fh.il sltall he-
come him.

Dukt. Whv should I not. hnd I the httnit to do it.
Like to the Pjryptian thief, ut |N>int of death.

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