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Kill what I love; u wivnKe iraloiisy.
That aoinet inie sttvonra n<iliry f— Uut hear me this:
Snine y»a to iHHi-rr«nrdHiioe cxsA my fuith.
And that I partly know the iiisiniinmit [tout;
1'liat screwH nwt from mv true plane in yuur fo
Live Tou. the marlile lirMixied tvniiil. hIiII :
But this your iiiiiiiimi. whom. I kimiw. yuu love.
And whom, hy I Itiaven I swear. I lender dearly.
Him will I t«'ar out of ihat miel eye.
Where he sil^ rrowned in Iiim maxier's Kpitu.—
C<ime. bii^. with hh^ : my ihouf^hts are ripe in mis-
I'll sacnnne tin* laiiih thai I do h>«e, [chief:

To spile a raven's heart within a dove. {Going.

Vio. And I, mo>l jocund, apt. ami wdlinxly,
Tu do you rest, a thousund deaths would die.


OU. Where goes Cesario T

Vio. After him I hive,

Miire than I love these eyes, more than my life,
More. Iiy all moras, than e'er I shall luva wife:
If I do IfiKU. y«»u witneshes above.
Punish my liie, for taint mx of my love I

on. Ah me, detested ! how lirii I h^ffuil'd !

Vio. Who does lieyuiU* yuu T who tioes do you

Oti. Hast thou fonri»t tl^-self 7 Is it so Innc 7
Call forth the holy father [Exit an A'tendant

Duke Dime u way. [Y'o VK>la.

Oti. Whither, mr lord I Cesario. hushaod, stay.

Duke. Huyhundf

OtL Ay, husband, can be that deny 7

DuHe. Her baslMmd, sii rah I

Vio. No. my lord, not 1.

OIL A Ins. it is the baseness of thy tear,
Tliat imtkes thee ktiaiixle thy propriety :
fear not, (JeMirio, take thy (uituiieK up;
Be Ihat thou know'st thou art. aisl then tbon art
As fn'Slos that thou fear'iit.— O. weloome, lather!

Rt-enter Attendtuit ami Pnest.
Pntber, 1 charge ihoe, hv thy reverence,
Here to unfold (though lately wm intended
To ki'ep in darkness, whut oocaMiNi now
Keveals laifore 'tis npe) wh.it thou doxt know,
Hath newly past iMitweeii this youth ami me.
/'rrsf. A ooutract of etenial bond tif love,
Omtirm'd by mutual Joiniler of yotur iiauds,
Aii4«lud liy Um holy cluae of lips.

.Strenfftben'd hy interohancemeut of your nuga :
And all the cerenfumy of this compart
Seal'd in my function, bv my testimony : [gnive,
Since when, my watch liaHi told roe, towanl my
1 have travelled but two hours. [be.

Duke. O, thou dissemhhiKrruhl what wilt tliuu
When time hnlh sow'd a puzzle on thy case?
Or will not else thy crafl so quickly gtxiw.
That thine own tnp shall he thine overthrow T
Farewell, and take her: hut direct thy feet.
Where i hou and I hencernnh may nerer meet.

Vto. My lord. 1 do protest,—

Oh. O. do not swear ;

Hold little faiih. thoui^h thou hast too much fear.

Enter Sir Andrew Aitne-cheek, with huheadbroke.

Sir And For the love of God, a surgeon; send
one nn-Msnlly to .Sir Tobv.

OL Whul% the iiMiiter?

Sir And He ha<< broke my head aoroH. and has
ftiven sir Tobv a bloody coxcomb Uto : for the love
of Uod. jrour help : 1 luid rather Uian forty pouud
1 were at home.

OU. Who has done this. Sir Andrew 7

Str And. The count's ftentlemun. one Cesario:
we took him for a coward, but he's the vei^ devil

Di4ke. My irentleman. Cesario?

Sir And Od's hfeltiiKs, here he is:— You broke
my head for nothing : and that that 1 djd, 1 was
set on U) dot hy Sir '1 ohy. [you ;

Vio. Why do you speak to me 7 I never hurt
You drew your sword upon me, without cause :
But 1 hesnoke you fair, and hurt you not

Sir Ana. If a bloody coxcomb lie a hurt, yim
have hurt me ; i tliiuk,yuu set uulluiigby a bloody

Enter Sir Toby Belch, dnmk, led bf the Clown.
Here comes Sir Toliy hailing, you shall hear more:
hut if he had not Iteen in drink, he would have
tickled you otbergittes than he did.

Duke. How iiijw. icenilenmn, how iji*t with yon 7

Sii To. 1'hat's all one ; he bos liuit me, and
there'k the end ou't.— Sot. dkl'st see Dick sarfeou,
sot T

Clo. O he'sdnink. SirToliy,nn houracone : his
eyes were set at eight i* the iiKirning.

Sir To. Then he's a nstue. AAer a passy-mea-
surr. or a ptivin, 1 hate a drunken rogue.

OU. Away with hiiv : \N ho hath made this ba>
Toc with them T

Sir And. I'll help yoa. Sir Toby, because well
lie ilressed together.

Str To Will you help an ass-head, and a onz-
C4imh, ami a knave 7 a thin-faced knave, a mill 7

Oti. Get him to bed, aial let his hurt beiiMik'dta.
[£zrim/ Clown, Sir 'J'oby. and Sir Audrew.

Enter Sebastian.

Seb. I am sorry, motlam, I have hart yo»>- kins-
But. hod II lieen the hnrther of my blood, imxu .
I must have done no lest, with wit and safety.
You throw a strange regard upon me, and
Uy that I do perceive it haih offended you ;
Hardon me. sweet one. even for the vows
We made each other but so late ago. [peisons ,

Duke. One fiice. one voice, one habit, and two
A natural pers|iectivn, that is. aud is not.

Srb Aiiionio. O my dear Antonio I
How have the hours raok'd and tiirtar'd nie.
Since I have lost thee.

Ant. Sebastian are you 7

Seb. Fear's! thou that. Ar.'xa» \

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That h« did raiuce the town to i>e«k mo oat
His ononsel now mifht do me xoldeii snnrioe :
For thiMigh my soul dixpaies wtill with my sense,
Thai th» uiuj Iw snme emtr, but uo inadnoMS,
Tet doth this ucrkleul and iIikmI of Tortaue
So Ikr exceed adl iiistsuoe. ail discourse,
That I am ready to disdruKl mine eyeff.
And wnuigle with my reason, tliat persuades me
Til any other tnisi, but that 1 am mad.
Or else the lady's mad ; rat, if twere so,
She could not sway her house, aimmaud her fol-
T9kB, and give back affbirs. and their despatch,
With such a smooth, discreet, and stable lieariug,
As, I perceive, she does : there's somethinc iu*l,
lliat B deoeivable. But here comes the lady.

Emter Olivia amd a Priest.

Ott. Blame not this haste of mine : If you mean
Now go with me. and with this holv man,
into the chantry by : there, before him.
And andemealn iliat consecrated ru<>f.
Plight me the full assurance of your faith.
'I hat my most jealous and tno doubtful suul
May live at peace : He siiall OMioeal it,
Whdes ytm are wiUinx ii aliall oume to note
What time we will our celebration keep
Aooordnw to my birth.— What do y«m sjiy !

Seb. ru follow this pmnI man. and gu with you ;
Awl. having sworn truth, ever will lie true.

OU. llien lead the way, good father; And

heavens so shine,
Tkat they may Aiirly note this act of mine !



SCENE l—Tke Strttt brfont Olivia's Awac
EmttT Clown and Fabian.

J^ Now. as I hou htvest me. let me see his letter.

do. Good master Fuluau, grant me another re-

Fab. Any thing.

Clo. Do not desire to !«e thai letter.

F^. That is, to give u dog. awl, ui recompense,
desire my dog agiim.

BnUr Dake. Viola, ami Attendants.

D»d». Belong you to the latly Olivia, friends T

~ " - >f her irappinip*.

How dost thuQ. my

Clo. Ay, sir. we are some of her irappinxM.
DHkt. 1 know thee well " *"" "^ ~

good follow?

Cto. 'IVnly, sir. the bAter for my foes, and the
worse lor my friends.

Dmkt. Just the contrary; the better for thy

€2(0. No, sir, the worse.

Dake, How can that be T , ,

Cio. Marry, sir, they praise me, and make an ass
of me : now my foes tell me plainly I am an u«:
so thai by my toes. sir. 1 profit lu tbe knowledge i>f
myself: and by my fnends 1 am abused : so that,
oooclosions to be as kuass, if your four negaUves
make your two aArmaUves. why, then the wtHse
for my friends, and the better for my (bea.

D^ Why. this is esoelleou , , ,

Cio. By my troth, sir. no ; thoogh it please yoa
U be one of my fnends.

Doha. Thou shait not be the wons for mo ;

Clo. But that it would be double-dealing, sir, 1
would you ooukl make it another.

Dtute. O, you give me ill counsel.

do. Put your grace in your pocket, tii, fbr this
once, and let your flesh aiMl Idood obey it

Dttke, Well, I will be ho mucli a sinner to be a
double dealer ; there's another.

Cto. Priwu), ttcuado, tertio, is a good play; and
tlie old saying i:s' he third pays for all : the tttplae.
sir, is a good irippiog measure ; or the bells of
St Benuet, sir, may put you in mmd ; One, two,

Duke. You can fool no more nmney oat of me
at this ihruw : if you will let your Udy know, 1 am
here to speak with her. and bnng her alonn; with
you, it may awake my b<»uiity furtlier.

Cto. Many, sir, lullaby to your bounty, till I
come again. I go, sir: but I would not have you
to think, that my deedre of having is the sin of
covetousness : but, as ytm say, sir, let your bounty
take a nap, 1 will awake it anon. iBxU Clown.

Enter Antonio and Officers.

Fto. Here comes the man. sir. that did reocne me.

Duke. The face of his 1 do remember well ;
Yet, when 1 saw it last, it was liesmear'd
As black as Vulcan, m tlie smoke of war:
A bawbling vessel was lie captiiin of.
For shallow oraught, and bulk, unprizable ;
With which such scatliful grapiile did he make
With the must noble bottom t>f our fleet.
That every envy, and the tongue of loeis.
Cry'd fame and honour on him. — What's tbe

I Off. Orsino, this u that Antonio. [nutter?
That took the Phmoiz, and her fraugbt, from

Candy :
And tlus is he, that did the Tiger hoanl.
When your young nephew Titus lost his leg :
Here in the streets, desperate of shame, and state.
In pnvate brabble did we apprehend him.

Kto. He did me kimlnev, sir; drew on my skle ;
But, in conclusi«m. put strange speech upon me.
I know not what 'twas, but distraction.

Duke. Notable pirate ! tliou salt-water thief !
' \ boklnea

s brought thee to their luer-

What foolish t


Whom thou, in terms so bloody, and so dear.
Hast made thine enemies 1

AM. Onino, noble sir.

Be pleas'd that 1 shake off these names yodT give
Antonio never vet was thief, or pirate, [hm ;

ThfWgh, 1 confess, on base :md ground enouirh,
Oraino's enemy. A witchcraft drew me hither :

St ingrateful boy there, by your side.
» rude sea's enrag'd and foamy mouth


Pnim tlie ., ,

Did 1 redeem ; a wreck uast hope he was :
His life 1 gave liim, and uid thereto add
My love, without retention, or restraint.
All his in dedication : for his sake,
Dal 1 expose myself, pure for his love.
Into the danger of this adverse town ;
Drew to defend him, when lA was b^set :
Where being apprehended, his folae cunning.
(Not meaning to partake with me in danger.)
Taught him to face me out of his acquaintance.
And KTOw a twenty-years- removed thing.
While one would wink ; denied me mine own
Which I had recommended to his use Cpurae,
N(»i half an hour before.

Via. How can I his be ?

Duke. When came he to this town ?

AtU, To-day, my lord; and (or three muuthi
(No interim, not a min'ite^ vacancy,)
Both day and night did we keep company.


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Jie caraia; do it quickly: 111 call tirTol^the
irhilBt. [Exit Maria.

Clo. Well, 111 put it on, and I will disiemble
nyseir in't ; and I woold I were the flni iliut ever
diMembletl in kuch a gown. I nm not Tat enoaj^
to become the function well : nor leaii enough to
be thought a ic<kx1 student : but lu be twHi, tin ho-
nest man, and u good houseketfoer, got- k us fiiirly,
as to say, a careful man, and a great scholar.
The oooipetitore enter.

£Mcr Sir I'oby Bekh and Maria.

Sir To. Jove bless thee, master parson.

Cio. Bonos dies. Sir Toby: for as the old
hermit of Prngue. that never saw pen and ink,
veiy wittily mid to a niece of King Gorboduc,
TkiU, that is, ts: so I, being master pMrson, am
roaster parson : For what is ikut, but that! and
is, but IS 7

Sir To. To him, sir Topna

Cto. What, hoa, 1 say.— Peace in this prison !

Sur Jb. The kqavv oouaterfetis well ; a good

Mai. Tin an inner (Aamber.l Who calls there 7

Cto Sir lupMs. th<
Mulvolio the lunatic.

18. the curate, who oomea to visit

MaL Sir I'opus. Sir Topas, good Sir Topas, go
to my lady.

Cio. Out, hvperbolioal fiend, how vexest thon
this man T inlkest thou nothing but of ladies I

Str 7b. Well said, master parwKi.

MaL Sir Topaa. never was mu«i thns wroogeU
■oud Sir Topes, do not tltink 1 an; mnd ; they have
laid me here in liidtMios darki>e»a.

Ck) Fie, thou dishoneitt Siithuii ! I call thee by
the most modt^t terms ; for 1 am «ine of liiose
gentle oneK. that will lue :he devil himself with
courtesy : Sny'st tlion, Uiat house is dark I

MaL As lielU Sir Topas.

Cto Why, It hath oay-windowB, transparent
as bnrricadues, and the clear stones towards the
Mxtth north, are as lustrous us ebony ; aud yet
ciHiiplainest thou of obstruction T

Mai. I om nut mad, Sir Topas ; I say to you.
this house is dark.

CIn. Madman, thou errest : I say. there is no
darkness, but imorance; in which tliuu art more
puzzled, tlian the liJQrpUans in their foe.

Mat. 1 say. this house is as dark us ign<»rauce,
though isiioranoe were as dark as hell ; und I say,
there was never mun thus abused : 1 am no more
mad Uian you are ; make the trial of it in any oou-
■tant question.

Cio. Whut IS the opinion of IVthagoras, con-
cerning wild-fowl 1

MaL That the soul of ourgrandam might haply
inhabit a bird.

C/o. What thinkest thou of his opinion.

MaL I think nobly o( Uie soul, and no way ap-
prove his opinion.

Cto. Pare tliee well : Remain thou still in dark-
ness; thou shalt hold the opuiKMi of P>tliaKonu,
•re 1 will allow of tliv wita ; and fear to kill a
woodctick, lest iIhiu dispoweiw the soul tit' thy
framlam. ("are thee wfll.

Mai. Sir Topus, Sir T»i|nut.—

Sir To. My most exquihiie Sir Topas I

Cio Nay, I nm (br ail waierx.

Mar. Thou might'st liuve dime this without thy
fcaani and gown ; he st^s thee noU

Sir Tb. Tohini in ihiiie own voice, and bring
■M word how thou flndest him : I would, we were
well ral of this knavery. If he may be conveniently
delivered, I would he were ; for lam now so br in
with my niece, that 1 cannot pursue with

[Act IV. ^ .

any safety this sport to the upshot. Come by-and-
by Ut my chamlier. iKxettnt Sir 'i'obj and Maim.

aa Hev.Rol>m.joU0lM>in, *

TeU mekowlk^ ladft does. lSSnw«V*

Mai FikjI.—

Cto. Mf ladjf is wikind,perda.

MaL Fool.—

Clo. JUas,U)hyisAesol

MaL Fu«ii, 1 say ;—

Cto. SkKloorsonoUter—yfYiooa\\a,hnl

Mai Good fool, as ever thou wilt deserve well
at my hand, help roe to a candle, and pen. ink,
and paper ; as I am a gentleman, I will live to be
thankful to thee fort.

Clo. Master Malvolio I

MaL A V. good foul.

Clo Alas, sir, how fell you besidee* your A\4

MaL Fool, there was never man so notoriously
abused : I am as well in my wito, fool, us thou an,

Cto. But as well 7 then you are road, indeed, if
you be no better in your wits than a ffiol.

MaL 'lliey have here propertied me ; keep roe
in darkness, send m misters to me, aaws, and do
all they can to lace me out of my wits.

Clo. Advise you what you say : the minister is
here.— Malvolio, Malvulio, thy wita the heavens
restore I endeavour thyself to sleep, and leave thy
vain bibble babble.

MaL Sir1'o(«s.—

Cto. Maintain no words with him. good fellow.—
Who, I, sir I not I, sir Uod b'wi^ou, good Sir
I'opns.— Marry, amen —I will, sir, 1 wdL

Mai. Fool, foul, fo«il. 1 say,—

Clo. Alas. sir. he patieiii. What say joa, sir T
I am silent for speaking to you.

MaL Uuod fool, help me to tome light, and
some paper ; 1 tell tliee, 1 am ap well iu roy wita
as any man in lllyria.

Clo. Well-a-day.—tlial you were, sir*

MaL By this hand, 1 am : Good fool, some ink,
paper, snd lisht, aial convey what I will aei down
to my ludy ; it shall ad vantage thee mors thanevei
the beiiniig of letter did.

Cto. I will help you tot But tell me tme, are
you not mud indeed T or do you but counterfeit?

MoL Believe me, I am not; 1 tell thee true.

Cio Nuy, I'll ne'er believe a madman, till i see
his bnuns. I will fetcli you light, aud paper, and

MaL Fool, ril requita it in the higliest degree :
1 pr'ythee, be giuie.

Cto. 1 am gone, sir^

And anon, sir,
ni be with you avaxn^
In a trtcf.
Like to tite old mce.
Your netd to sustatn ;

Who wUh dagt/er of iatk,
Jn his rave and his wrath,

Crus, ah. oh! to the dexM:
Like a mail Uid,
Pare Pif nails, dad.

Aduru, ifoodnuM drireL [EtM

SCENE in.-Olivia's Garden.
Enter Sebastian.
S/b. This is the air; that is the gloriocM wnn;
liis pearl she gave me. I do fnelt, ami nee't :
And though 'tis wonder that enwrape me thu

This pearl she gave me. I do fnelt, ami nee't
And though 'tis wonder that enwrape me thus.
Yet, tis not madness. Where's Antonio tbin f
I could not find him at the Elephant :
Yet there he was: and there 1 found thai crwlrt.


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Act IV.)


Will ftm denj me now T

U> ro«^h!«. that nrr dwer ti to jon

Can l»(Sk per*a«QiMi ? Oo not tempt ntf mmfff,

Ltfflt that It make me an nnsmmd a in:in.

An to apbrmMl yoo with Mio^e kaidnesMe

Tbat I have dooe for yoo.

Vio, I know of none i

Nor know I joa br rmr^. «*r mir ftrnture :
I hate infratiMH'e morv iii n tnin.
Than \pimt raimie**. h:ihMiu7. dninkrniw*.
Or anT'taini i^rrm, wluae wiUou^ a*mtptHia
lahnlMri oor frml MiioX

An*. ( > hMTeus tlicmeehrea I

2 <y Come. wr. I pmy roii, «o.

iliU. bt m*** eiknliife. 'niMjronrbthat jon
■pe here.
] Miatrh'd noe liaK ont of the jaws of «if>ath ;

Believ^ ItVM with I "rh s iiofitT of Im-e.

Ami t<» hi« imtra. which me'h''iMrht Ukl |»n*ini«e
MuKi T^neml le wiir h. did I ilev*i»inn. [awav.

I Qfi Wim •» cliHt 'o n» » The 'laie tpm^ hw ;

AmL Bu'.O h"w T |f» nn id«»l r»ro»es hi^ toil } —
Tbonhai(t.Sel>»i«iiin.donecnni] <(m'iire«hame.—
In nature the e** no hieiiii<«h. Imt the m n I ;
Nime ran hr ntWW df formM l«o* tUf iiiikiiid :
Virtne m henn y : trv 'he he-iiiteiHio t^v 1
At^ rtpp'r tnniks oVrfl 'nri^'iM hjr the deril.

I rjf. lite man gruw* nvMl : away with hint
Conir. come. wr.

AM. LAMlmenn \Bx»^niOtlhfir%mthhntonio

Vtn. Melhink*. h-s wonis do rroni "uch ptenion
That he hetieTea himaelf : *^o ili> n 't I. (fly.

Pmre tmaJmaeinatiiin. O pntre 'nie.
That I. leer hn»' her. h • now la'en fur T«»n !

SKr 7*e Conie bi^her knteh' : or>nie h 'her, Fli.
N:in : well whisper o'er a cuu| le or iwu of UKNit

Vfo. He nani'd Sebactian ; I mv brother know
Tel livins in nty c*n«i ; even inch, ami to.
In fiiviMir wa« my hni'lier : iiml he w»«l
Mdl in ih'M tMikm. c.i'o-*r ontameut.
¥i*r h*m I imitwie: O. if it i»r.<ve,
TenuNwts are kmd, and mil wi.ves rre«h in love \

^^ [Exit

.%r 7b. A venr dWiunewt naliry hoy. and more
a mwanl than n hare : hw dwhoiifwy HOpeunt in
leaviiK his (ViniMl here in iincem tr. hihJ denying
liim : »mi fi*r hi* cowardtihiit. ask PHhinii.

Phh. A mwNitl. a miwt devout oowurd. reltgioos

StrAnd *8liil. Ill nfter him acain,aml heat him.

Str To. Pit. ouflT hull aouudly, but never draw
thy swoid

.S*r Ami. An. I d«. m*.— [Exit.

Fhk Come. leJV eee tlie event.

Sir Tbi 1 dara lay any nMMiey. twill be noihinc
y«L lExauU.


SCENE I.— TV SirrH hefvre Olivia's Hotm.
Enter SehaKiian and Clown.

Clei Will yuQ make nie believe, tliat I am not
•eat for r<Hi r

Seh. Oo to. CO to. thou art a foolish fellow ;
r«t ne he clear of tliee.

do. Well held iMit. i'fhith I No. I do not know
you: nor I am iMit Mint to yim hy my lady, lo hid
fouoooM speak with her. iM>r your name ■ nut
MMter Ceeeno: wtr thti> is not my nose neither.->
Nothinc tbat ie so. is so.

Aefr I pr'vthee. vent thy folly aomewlMrpelaB:
TbuQ knuw'rt not me.

C/e VeiA my |i4ly! he hx* hetml ihat wuni
of some rrent man, and mm npiilam it to a fmtl.
Veni niv ftilly! I am afiaid ihts rreal lubber,
the wurld. will p-uve a cockney.— I pr'vthee mm.
unmrd thy » mnsene&H. and tell me what I shiill
ven' lo my bnly ; sliall 1 vent to her. tliat IhiMi
art ciNnni« t

Sett I pr'ythee. fiiolidi Gre«k. depart from me ;
There's iiiuiiey f»ir thee : if you tarry longer.
I »4iall rivr wor>«e naymeu*.

Cto. By my irtrfli. th.i i havi an open hand :—
Thfse wise men that rive r<<«>l!t mtmey.ce' them-
selves a good lepun ai'.er fourteen years' put-


£Mter Sir Andrew. Sir Toby, and KabiaiL

Sir And. Now, sir, have I met you acain?
there's ftir you [Stnkn^ ^iehastmit.

Sb Why. thereti for thee, and there, and
there : Are all Uiu people mad f

[BeoUnff Sir Andrew.

5 r 7b. H H, sir. or HI throw your d»tggcr "iVr
tht! hunste.

Cto Thn will I tell my lady straifht : I would
no. he in s.»uie of your ousts I'ur two pence.

rfer / Clown.

Su" 7b. Come on. sir: hold iHoldng Svibm^im.

Si Attd. Niy lethm»l«Nie I'll k» another wav
to MOK wiih iiiiii ; ril have an action of b-«Uerv
iiriiM''t hmi.if ihere be any law in Illyna : thuQKii
I St uca •uhi lirs . vet It's no mailer fur ihut.

.V« Lrt Ru thy hand.

Ar 7*0. « one. Mr. I will mit let yo»i ca Come,
my v.'uu^ S'tldier. put up your iron : you are well
ftesfitHl ; CO lie INI

Sib. I wdl be (tw fhim thee. What wouM:4
Ihuu no«v {
If tliou dar'^ tempt nie further, draw thy swi»r.l.

Sir To What what T Nhv. then 1 mma have
an uunue or two m' Uus malapert blood fioin you

RhUt Olivia.

on. Holil.Tubv ; uii thy life. I cbar«e thee, h<ild.

Strr 7b Madiiin T

CUt. Will It lie ever thus T Uiiffrnnions wretch.
Pit fur the •iiiiiuitnin.v. and the burb-nrous cuve:*.
Where ni.inneni ne'er were prenoli'd I out of my
B«* nut uJended. dear Cesiin • !^— (sif lit !

Kadei4>v. lie cuiie!— I pry hee aentle fhend.

[fii»Ma/ Sir Tiibv, Sir Andrew, and Fabiua
Lot thy isiir wisdom. n«it iliy piMuun, sway
III \\iv>. iiiicivd and uiiiiist extent
Apiiiist thv pen««. Gi» with ine to my hoo^ ;
Ami iHKir thuu there how numv fnntless pranks
'I'liis ruffiun hath liotcn'd up. ihat thou ihereiiy
Miiy'st Muile at this: thou shatt not chouse hu;
l)o imK deny : Beshrew hw houi for ine. [jpi:

He Marked une poor heart of m.iie in thee.

Seb What relish IS in this \ how runxthestraautl
Or I am mad. or el«e I lint is n dreum :— >
Let fcnry si ill mv sense in Lethe steep;
If it he ihUN to dream, still let me siec !

OU. Nay. ooine. I pr'ythee : 'Would thou'dst be
rul'd by me »

Seb. Madmn. 1 will.

(ML U say so. and so ba t


SCENE IL— il Room n Olivni^i J
Enter Mana and Clown.
Mar. Nay. I pr'fhee, pot oo this town and
tills lieanl' make luin bci.eve than art str lu,o

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[Act III


Sn T6. That dcfrncethoo liast, betake thee tot :
of what nature t!ie wruiiss are thuu hnst doiM
him. I know not ; hut thy interrepier, full of ile-
•puhi. ^'-ludy us the haater, attends thee at the
orchard end ; dixmonnt thjr turk. lie yare hi thy
prepHratMNi. fur thy aaaailaui im quick, akilful. and

Vio. You niirake. mr: I am Bure, ik> man linth
any quarrel l<i uie ; my renirnihniuce w very free
•ud clear fnun any linage of uileuce dune tu any

Sir To Vnu'll And it mherwiM. I aaaure ynu:
Uierefore. if yon hold yunr life at any pnce. he-
lAke yiMi to yiiur ffuanl ; fur your nppneite Inith in
ktm what youth. Antn^ili, ^ill, and wrath, cau
fbmiab mnn withal

Vio I pniy y»u. air. what la he !

air 7b. He is knii^ht. dnhbeil with unbacked
rapier, and on cnrpnt ctiii'Mderation ; hot he m a
drvii in private brawl ; aouls nnti iNtdiea hath he
divurued three ; ami his inceiiM^ment at ihii m«>-
nient w au implnnible, that nti8l:ictMHi can be mme
but by iNMiCK (iideiith aihl aepulchre ; hub, nob. m
hi^ word ; (pve't, or taket.

I'lo. I will return axani into the hnna^, and de-
nre nnup naiduct of the la<ly. I am no fiirhter.
I have lit^rd of aome kind oi hien, that put qiiar-
rela purpuMily on othera. t«> taste their valour : be-
like, this la a iniin of that quirk.

Sir To. Sir. no: his indiiniation denvea itaelf
out of a very ci«np«teni injury : theretiirr, fei
jrutt INI. )nd mve hun hi.H dewm. Back y«>n ahali
not to the hoOM. unlesa you undertake that with
ma, which with aa mudi aafeiyyou mi«hi aoawer
him : thernliire. on. or a np your itword atark
imked ; Air methllf y.m niual. that'a certain, or fur-
awenr to wenr iron alaiai you.

Vio. I'hia Ml aa unci vU. us at ranee. I beseech

Iou. do me this coune«iiuioffiai. as to know of the
niffht whut oiy otfence to Inm im ; it at aoiiiething
of my iieKlw^ence, iKtUiinit of my puriNwe.

Sir To. I will dti mi. Siffaior Kaluan, stay ynu
by thn irentlenmu till my rututu. [hlxu Sir I'uhy.

Vto. Pray you, air. «Jo you know of thu' mait«r ?

Fab. I kiHiw, the kiiurht in inceniifd uaainKt

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