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MaL MislreMi Mary, if you pnz'd my lady% fa-
vour at anything more than contempt, you would
not give means lur thik uncivil rule ; she shall know
of it , by I h» hand. [£xit

Mar. Go shake your ears

Sir And. IVere as good a deed as lo drink
when a man's a huiixry, to challeiuce li.m to the
field ; and then to break promise with him. and
make a fool of him.

Sirr 7b. D«it. knight ; HI write thee a challenge :
or I'll deliver thy ludignaUou to him by word or

Mar. Sweet Sir Toby, be patient for to-nitht;
since the youth of the count s wastinday with my
latlr, she is much out of quiet. For monsieur
Malvolio, let me alone with nim : if I do not guU
him into a nay word, and make him a common n»>
creation, do not think I have wit enough to lie
straight in my bed : 1 know, I can do it

Sir To. PusMM us, posiss s as ; tell tts suoM-
thug of hiB.


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y^AcT IL]

y Vio I am II

^ Mf master, n



Vio I am no fee'd nost. lady ; keep your purse ;
My master, not niya II'. lacks reciiinpeiise.
Ijuve inake h» lieart of flint, thtit you sIimII Iutb;
And let your ferrxur, like inv nmsier'n. he
Plur'U in cunteinpt I KMrewell; fifar cruelty. {Exit.

OU. What is your parentage T
Above mifjottmntg. yet mg state is well;

lama semlkmoM. Hi be sworn ihtiu art ;

Thy UHigue.thy fact}, thy liinhs. actions, und spirit.
Vo give thee tiTe-foUl blazon :— Noi too fast :—

Ktdl soft!
Unless the master wore the man.— How now 1
luveo so quickly may one c;itch ihe plui^ue T
llethinks. I feel tins yontti's [lerfeciioiis,
With an invisible unU sob.le sealih,
l'» creep in lU mine eyes. Well, lei it be.—
Whai^Uu. MulYi»liu!-

Re-enier Malvolio.

Moi. Here, madam, at your service.

OtL Run after that same peevisti mettsenger,
Tlie otunty's man : he le^t \\m nng behind turn,
Would I, or not; tell him. Til none of it.
l>eMire hmi not to flatter with his lord,
Nor hokl hini up with hopes: I uiii not for him :
If that the you h will coiue tiiis way to morrow,
ni Rive hiiu reasons for'l. Hie thee, .Malvolio.

MitL Madam. 1 will. [Exit,

Ob. I do I know uot what: and Tear to find
Mine eye too Kreat u flutierer for my mind
Fate, show thy force : Ourselves w« do uot <iwe;
What w decreed, must be ; and be Uu» so ! [Extl.


SCENE X.—'ITu Sea<oasL
Enter Antonio and Sebastian.

Ant. Will you sUy no longer T nor will you
not, that 1 go with you ?

Seb. By your patience, nn: my stars shine darkly
over me ; the malignancy of my fa e luighi, pt^r-
liapa, distemper yours ; therefore 1 shall crave of
Tuu your leavi;, that I may bear my evils alone :
It were a bed recompense for your love, to lay any
of them on you.

AnL Let lue yet know of you, whither you are

Seb. No, 'sooth, sir; my determinate voyage is
mere extravagancy. Bui I perceive in you so ex-
cellent a toucTi oi iiiod«Niy, that you will not exuirt
(rum me what 1 aui willing to keep in ; therufore
It chaixes nte in manners ihe rather to express
mjvili You niiisi know of me. then, Antonio.
my name is Selias ran, whicli 1 called Rodongo;
my bitlier wms iliutSebuxtian of Mt»suiine, wiioin,
1 know, you have heard ot : he ivfi belniid hiiii,
myselC and a sister, both bum lu nn hour. Ii
liie heareiu had been I'leaseU 'would we hud so
•tided I but, you, sir. altered thai ; lor, some hour
bakin you took me fmui the brusch of the mu,
wiH my sister dniwiied.

Ant. Alas, tlic day I

Heb. A lady, sir, i hough it was said she much
nfsemMed me, was yet of many accounted lieuu-
tiful : but, though i could not, wiib such estima-
lit« wonder, overfar believe that, yei thus far I
wilt botUly publish her. she bore a mind that envy
luuid not but call £ur: she is drowned already,
sir, with sail water, though 1 aeem to Urown her
rwueuibr.uioe again 'vith more.

Ant. I'srdiin me, sir. your ciad entertainment.
O. $oud Auiuitio, lorgive me > our trouble.

Ant. If you will nut murder me for my love,i«i
me be your servant.

Stb. If you will not undo what yon have d<
that is, kill him wiioui yo i have re(uver(5d.de»u«
it not. Fare ye well at once: my bosom it lull
of kindne.>a ; and I am yei so near the manners of
my mother, ihai upon the least ooctwioM inurH
mine eyes will tell Ules of ine. 1 am bound t«» the
Count Oraino's court : farewell. lExit

Ant. The gentleness of all tue gods go witb
I have many enetiiies in Orsino's court, [thee *
Klse woidd I vury shortly aec ihee there :
But, come what may, I do adore ihee so.
That danger shall seeui spori. and 1 wiU go. C£xil .

SCENE 11.-^ Street.
Enter Viola ; Malvolio foUowinff.

MaL Were not you even now with the Counters
Olivia T

Via. Even now, sir ; on a moderate pace 1 have
since arrived but hiiher.

ilfo^ She returns this nng to you, air; you
nii^lil have saved ine my (nuiis. to have lakeu i<
away yourself. She auds moreover, that yoa
should put your lord into a desperue assurance
she Will iioue of Itiin : Aiul one iliiiig more; Uist
you be never so hardy t4> come agiTm in bis aflBuni.
Uiiiea- II be to report your lonrs taking of this
Keceive it so.

Vui She look the ring of me ; 111 none of it.

MaL Come, sir, you oeevu^bly threw it to her .
and her wi'! w. it »IiouUl be ^o returned : if it bi
wortii sioiipiug (or, mere it Ues in your eye j ii
not. be It lus iiiai liiidii it. [Exit

Vut. I lef. no niu( witU her : Wliat means thiv

laidv r

Fortune forbid, my outside have notcharm'd her \

She made good view id' ine ; indeed, so much.

That, su.e, nietUou^jlit. her eyes hod lost ha

For she did s,>«aK in siurui disiraciedly. [UaigiM

She lovesi me, Mirn ; • he cuitiiing of her ptufciitat

Invites iiie ni llll^ ctiurlwli me.M*enger.

None of my lord's roi.: ! why. be sent her uoua.

I nm the man;— If ii b« so, (as lis,)

Poor lady, sae were better love a dream.

Disguise, I see. Umu art a wickedness.

V\ herein the pregnant enemy does tnuclt.

How ea-y IS it. for the proper-false

III woiiieii's waxen hearts to set tlieir forms I

Alas, our frailty is the cause, not we ;

For, suc.i as we are made of, such we Im.

How will this fadge T My master loves herdearl) .

And I, |HH>r inonsier, fuial as much on him;

And she. uiis sKen, seeiiis to d>Jte on me •

Wiiat will laxtoiiie of this ! As I am man.

My state is desperate f tr my master's love ;

As 1 am woman, uow alas ihe day !

W'h.tt tiirifiiew sigh.H shall poiir Olivia breatiM f

O time, tlitiu luusl eu' angle this, nuv 1 ;

It w loo liurd a knot lot me to uniie. li>:|

SCENE HI —A Room tn Olivia's House.
Enter Sir Toby Belch and Sir Andrew Ague-clu4 a

Sir To. Approach. Sir Andrew : not to b j a-biU
after midmgtii, is to lie up betimes; and ttUia^to
suryere^ thou know'sU

Sir And. Nay, by my truth, 1 know not: bu I
know, to be up late, is to be up lale.

^ 7b. A false conclusion : I haie it as an un-
filled can : To be up after mMJnigiit, and to go i«
bed then is early ; so that, to go lo bed after m ««•
night, is to go to lied betimes. Do nut uor U« «s
ooiMist of the lour elumeu.s /


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Mat Of vi-ry ill nmiiner : he'll speak with yoa,
Will ytiii. or no

OU. Of vrt%m perannare and jrears, n he T

MnL Not jret old etiouch for a nmn, nor yonn^
enonrh for n hoy ; as a Niiniih w before 'tis a pea^
cod. or a oodhnV when tis almxst tin apple : 'tis
witfi hini e'en arandiinr water, between boy and
man. He \» very well fjivofired, and he spcaka
very Hhrewislily; one would think, his mother's
milk were noarce out o( him.

OH. IM liini apprtMch : Call m my gentle*

MaL Oeutlewfimaii. my lady calls. [Exit.

Rr-mter Mnna.
Ott. Give me niv ved : come, throw it o'er my
6c8 : We'll once more hear Onuno's

Enfrr Viola.

Vio. The huiioarable lady of the bouse, which

0/i. Suetdt to me, 1 shall answer for her : Yoor

Vto. Most radiant, exquisite, and iinmarchable
beauty,— I pray you, tell me. if this be ihH lady of
the house, fur 1 never saw her : I wmild lie loaili
to rast away my speech : for, besides that i( is
ezcHleotly weH'penn'd. I have tiikttn rre.at paiiiM
to COD it. Good beauties, let me sustain no acnm ;
1 am very coroptiMe, even to the least sinister

out Whence came yon, sir?

Vio. I can say little more than I have studied,
and that question's out of mr part. Good ceiiile
one. (ive me modest nssnrance. if you be the lady
of I he house, that I mnv proceed in my speech.

OU. Are you a ooiuedian 1

Vio No, my profDUiai heart: and yet by the
very fanes of malice I swmr I am not that i play.
Are yi>u the lady of the house T

Oti. If I do not UKurp myself. I am.

Vh MoKt certain, if you are she, do not usurp
yourself; for what wyonrw to bestow, is not yours
to reserve. But this is fnim my c«>nim0«iun : I
will on with my speedi m your praise, and then
show you the heart of my inessai^.

Oti. Come to what is important tnt : I forgive
you the pnuse.

Vio. Alas, 1 took great pains to study it. and 'tis

on. It is the mi>re like to lie feiimed ; I pray
you, keep it in. i heard yuu were saucy at my
nles ; and allowed your approiich, rather to won-
der at you than to hear yoii. If you lie not mad.
Iw gone : if you have reason, be brief: 'tis not that
time of moon with me, to make one in so skippmg
a diiiloifue.

Mar. Will you hoist sail, sir 7 here lies your

Vio. No. gmul swablier: I am to hull here a
little longer. — 6unie uioUilicatiou for your gianl,
■m-eet lady.

Olu Tell me your mind.

Vio. 1 am a niessencer.

Oti Sure, vou hiive siime hideous matter to de-
liver, when the courtesy of it is so fearful Speak
your offioe.

Vio. It alone concerns ^our ear. I bring no
overture of war, no ijixation of homage ; I hold
the olive in toy baud : my words are as fUU of
pence as matter.

OIL Yet vou began rudely. Wliat are yoo f
what would you T

Vio. The rudeness that hath appeared in me,
have I leam'd from my entertainiiienL What I

am. and w^hat i tvonhl, are as serret as maiden<
head : to your eurs, divinity ; to any other's, pro-

Oil. Give OS the place alone: we will hear this
divinity. [Extl Mhuu] Now, sir, what w your

Vio Mi»st sweet bulv,— —

OIL A comfortable doctrine, and much may be
said of It, Wher*- lieti your text T

Vto. In OrMino's iHMom.

0/t. In hi:i btiaoin? In what chapter of his
bosom ?

Vio To answer by the method, in the first nt
his heart.

Oh. U. I have rend it ; it is heresy. Have yoG
no more t«i say f

Vio. Good madam, let me see your face.

OIL Have vou any conniiission from your lord to
negotiate with my "face T y«ni are now" out of your
text : but we will draw the curtain, and sh«>w you
the picture. L«N>k you, sir, such an one as I was
this present Ih't not well done T [UnveiUng.

Vio. Excellentljr done, if God did all

on. I'm in grain, sir ; 'twill endure virind and

Vin. "Tis beauty truly blent, whose red and white
Nature's own sweet and cunniii? hand laid on ;
f^y. you are the cruel'st she alive.
If yuu will lead tht-w gnices to the grave.
And leave the world no copy.

OtL O.sir, 1 will not be so hard-hearted ; I will
nve out divers schedules of my beauty : It shall
be inventoried; and every particle, and utensil,
labelled to my will : as. item, two lips indifferent
red ; item, two grey eyes, with litl?! to them ;
item, one neck, one chin, and so forth. Were
you sent hither to 'praise me T

Vio. 1 see yuu what vtiu are : you are too proud ;
But. if vou were the devil, yuu are fair.
My loru and master loves you : O, such love
Could be but reoompens'd, though you were
The nunpareil of beauty 1 Irrown'd

Oli. How does he love me f

Vio. With adorations, with fertile tears.
With gnians that thunder love, with siclis of fire.

OtL Your lord does know my mind. I cantuiC
love him:
Yet 1 snppoHe him virtuous, know him noble,
Of great estate, of fresh and stainlew youth ;
in voices well divuhr'd. free, leam'd, aiid vabaiit,
And. in dimension, ami the shape of nature^
A gracious pers<m : but yet I cnuiiot love htm ;
He might have Untk his answer lung ago.

Vto. If I did love you in my master's Hume,
With such a Kuflfering. such a deadly lift.
In your denial I would diid no sense.
I would not understand it.

OU. Wh:f, what would you ?

Vio. Make me a willow cabin at your gate.
And call upon my soul within the house :
Write loyal cantons of coulcniiied love.
And sing them loud even in the dead of night ;
Holla your name to the reverberate hills.
And make the babbling gossip of the air
Cry out, Olivia! O, you should not rest
Between the elements of air and earth.
But f ou sliould pitv me. [age I

Oh. You might do much : What is your parent-

Vio. AlMive my lortunex, yet my state is well :
I am a gciitlemutL

Oti Get you to your lord ;

I cannot love him : let him send no more;
Unless, perchance, yuu come to me again.
To t«ll me how he lakes it. Fare jruu well :
I thank vou for your paina : spend this lUr


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and, fur toniiiif away, let samniM- bear it

JNbr. Too are mmlate ih<>u T

Oe. Nut so neither i but I aai reeulTed on two

^°Mar That, if one break, the other will hold:
or. if both hrenic, your xaskins fall
Apt, ill fond faith ; Tcry apl
wajr ; if Sir Toby would leaTB d miking, ihou weit

Cto. Apt, ill food faith ; very apl ! Well, |to thy
vray : if Sir Toby would leaTB dniiking , ihou we^
aa witty a piece of Kv«'b Hesh as any in Ulyria.

Mftr. i^ace, you nwue, no iimre o' that ; here
BB my lady : make your excuae wiaely.^u

Aifer Olivia and MalvoUo.

Clo. Wit. and t be thy will, put me into pood
fooling ! 'Iliose wita, that think they have thee, do
reryoftprore ro<ils; and l.that am mire 1 lark
thee, may pass for a wine man : For what nays
Quinapnlus f Better a witty foul, than a fuoliah
wit, God bleas thee, lady 1

Oti. Take the fool away.

Cto. Do : ou not hoar, fellows? IVike away the



Go to, you're a drj

yo« : besides, you grow di

rtM T«« f^n\in^ niadon
oud : for c
not dry;
if he men
uinor. let i
mended, i
I, » but pa
hut patch

gisiQ willL , lit.

As there is no true cuckold but
CHlamity.ao duty's a flower :— the liidy b>ide lake
away tke foul; theiefore, I My again, take her

Ott. Sir. 1 hade them take away von.

Cto. Misprision in the hujhest degree !— Lady,
CucuUm nan Jaat mimoekum; that's as much as
to say, I wear not m<»iley in my hntin Good ma-
doDiia, give me leave to prove yoo a fooL

OU. Can you do it T

Cto. Dexterously, good madonna.

OtL Make your proof

Cto. 1 must cwtechixe you for it, madonna;
Good my mouse of virtue, answer me.

(ML Well. i>ii% lor want of other idleneaa, HI
'bide your proof.

do. Good madonna, why monrn'st thoa T

(XL Good fool, for my brother's death.

Cto. I think, lus soul is in hell, mndonua.

OU I know hat soul is in heaven, fool.

Cut. llie m<ire fiN>l you, miidoiuia, to mourn for
yoar brother's st»ql beiug m heaven.— Take away
tile fijol. gentlemen ..,,„. ,. - , ,

OU What ihiiik you of thn fool, Malvulio 7 doth
tw not mend f

MtoL Yea : and shall do, till tlie pangs of death
•hake him : Infirmity, that decays the wise, doth
ever make tlie better fool. , . ^ „ ,

ao. G«id send you, sir, a speedy infirmity, fi.r
the better increasing voor folly f Sir I'oby will be
sworn, that 1 am no fox ; but he will not pass his
word tar two-peooe that you are no 'ir>L

OU. How s:iy yoo to that, Malvolio T

Jfail I marvel your ladyship takesdelight m soch
a barren rascal ; 1 saw him put down the other day
with an ordmaiy fool, thatbas no more brum than
• ia<««. Look you now, he's out of his guard al-

, ; anleasyou laugh and minister occasion to

Wb^Im a fMK«d. 1 protest, I take Uiaae wise

men, that crow so at these set kind of fitols. no
oelter than the AkiIs' zanies.

OH. O, you are sick of self-love. Malvolio, and
taste with a disieniperwl appetite. To be geiieriius.
guilt Irsis, and of free disposition, is to take ihtwe
things for bird-bt)lts, that you deem cannon-bul-
lets : There is no slnnder in an allowed ftNil,
thousch he do nothing but rail ; nor no ruibng iu a
known discreet man, tliou<$h he do noUiiiig but

Cto. Now Mercury endue thee with leasing, foi
thou sfieakest well of fools 1

Re-enter Maria.

Mar. Madam, there is at the gale a young gen-
tienian, much desires tc» speak with yoo.

Oft. i''rom tlie Count Orsino, m it f

Mar. 1 know not, madam; 'tis a fair young man,
luid well attended

OU. Who of my people hold him in delayl

Mar. Sir Toby, mad im, your kinsman.

Oil. Fetch him off. 1 pray yon ; he speaks no-
thing but madman : Fie on him I [Exit Maria J
Go you, Malvolio : if it be a suit fmin the count,
I am sick, or not al home ; what you will, to dis-
miss it. [JSzt/ Malvolio.] Now you see, sir, how
your fooling grows old, and people dislike it.

Cto. Thou hast spoke for us, madonna, as if thy
eldest son sluiuld be a fool : whose skull Joveoram
with brains, fur ht* re lie ooinea, one of thy kin, has
a most weak pta mater.

Enter Sir Toby Belch.

Oh. By mine htmonr, half drunk.— What is he
at the gate, cousin T

Sir To. A gentleman.

(Hi. A gRiillemiui ? What rentleman T

&r Yanls a gentleman here — A plague o'these
pickle-hernncs !— H«»w now, sot ?

ao. Good Sir loby.

OU CouMii, cousin, how have you oomeao early
by this letharRV f

Sir 7V>. Lechery > I defy lectiery : There's «me
at the gate.

Oft. Ay, marry ; what is he T

Str To Lei him be the devil, an he will. I care
not : give me fuith, say L Well, it's all one.


OIL What's a dnmken man like, fhtd T

Cto. Like a drown'd man, a fool, and a madman :
one draught above heat makes iiiin a fool ; the
second mads him ; and a tmrd dmwns him.

OU. Go thou and seek the roroiier. and let hiin
sit o' my coz ; for he's in the third degree of drink,
he's druwn'd : go, look after him.

Cto. He is bat mad yet. madonna : and the fiol
shall look to the madman. lExit Clown.

Re-enter Malvolio.

MaL Madam, yond' young fellow swears he will
speak with you. I told iiim you were sick ; he
lakes on liim to understand so much, ami therefore
comes to speak with you; I Utld him you were
asleep; he seems to have a fore-knowledge of
that too, and therefore conies to speak with you.
What is to be said lo him, lady t he'n forlifiad
against any denial.

OH. Tell him, he shall not sptwk with me.

MaL He has been toU so; and he suva, hell
stand al your door like a sherifTs post, and he lus
suppcirter of a bench, but hell speak with yn,

OU. Wliat kind of man is he T

Jlfoi. Why, of mankind.

Ofi What manner of man ?

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Mar. ItVdnr, sir.

Sir And, Why, I Ihink so ; I nm not mioii nn ass.
out I can keep my haiHl di7. Bui what'g yuur je«t?

Mar. A dry je«t, sir.

•V^r And Are you full of them ?

Mar. Ay, wr ; 1 hnve them at my finren' ends :
many, now I let go your hand, I am barren

_. _, ^ . . . [Exit Maria.

Str To. Oknifliit, thou lack*Kt a cup of canary :
When did I see thee so put down 1

Sir And. Never in your bfe. I think ; unlnsvyon
Me canary put me down : Methinks sometimes F
have no more wit than a Christian, or an onliiiary
nian luu : but I am a freat eater of beef; and I be-
liere, that does harm to my wit

Sir To. No question.

Sir And. An I thought that. I'd fonwear iL ini
nue home to-morrow, tdr Toby.

^ To. Povrquop, my dear knicht I
. /.'!^ What IS pounfUOjfT do or not do T I
would I had bestowed that time in the tougues.
that I have in feiicinif, danoine, and bear-baiting :
O. hod I but followed the arts !

&r To. Then liudst thou had an ezoelletit bead
of hair.

Sir And. Whf, would that have mended my

Str Tb. Fiiat question ; for thou seest, it will not
curl by uatiire.

Sir And. But it becomes me well enouirh. does't
not? ^ '

. ^ ^*. fccellenl; it hangs like flax on a dis-
taff; and 1 hope to see a housewife take thee be-
tween her le«8, and spin it off

Sir And. 'Faith I'll home to-morrow, Sir Toby :

CBur niece will not be seen ; or, if she be, ifii four
Mine she'll wme of me: thecoaut himself, here
hard by^ woos her.

Sir lo. She'll none o» the count; she'll not
match above her dejcrce, neither m estate, vears
nor w»t ; i have heard her swear it. Tut, there's
life m t, man.

Str And. Ill stay a month longer. 1 am a fel-
low o' the strangest mind i' the world ; I delight
*" i??*^"** ^"•' revels sometimes Hltogether.
kn htV''' ^' ^****" ^"^ *' ^****® k.ckshaws.
Sir And. As any man in lUyrin, wimtaoever he
be, under the degree of my betters; and yet 1
will uot compare with an old man.
knfht'*** ^***' ** ^^ sxcellence in a gmUiard,
Ar And. Taith, I can cut a caper.
Str To. And 1 can cut the mntUMi tot.
. Str And. And, 1 think, I have the back-trick,
simply us slrpng as any man in lilvna.

Str To. Whereforearetheseihmw hid? where-
fore have these iitim a curtain befiire them T are
I hey like to take dust, like niiid rei« ilall's picture?
why dust thou not go to cliumh in u galliard. and
come hiHne m acoranto? My very walk should
be a Jig; i would not so much as make water, but
in a wuk-a-pace. What dost Uiou mean 7 is it a
world to hide virtues in 1 I dkl think, by the ex-
cellent consUtuti«»n of thy leg, it was formed under
tlie star of a galliard.

«r And Ay, 'tw strong, and it docs indifferent
well in a name-coloured stock. Shall we set about
some revels T

Sir To. What shall we do else? were we not
bom nnder 1 aurus 7

fi^'l'^^?'""""' *^''» "Je« and heart.
^r To. No, sir; it is legs and thighs. Let me
mt U>«e caper : ha ! higher : Ita. ba '-excellent !

SCENK \W.-A Room in the Dnke^ Palaea.
Enttr Valentine, and Viola m M0n*« aitire.

Vol If the duke continue these favouis towanto
you, Cesario, you are like Ui be much advanced :
he hath known you but three days, and already
you are no stranger

Vio. You either fenr his humour, or mv ncgU-
geiioe, that you call in question the oontinuano*
of his love : is he incoiisiant, su-, in his Civounf

Vol No, believe me.

Enter Duke, Curio, and AUendant*.

Vio. I thank yno. Here comes tiie count.

Duke. Who saw CoMario. ho 7

Vio. On your attendance, my lord; here.

Duke. Stand you awhile aloof -^^esano.
Thou km^w's: no lera bnt all ; 1 have uiiclaspM
To thee the hook even of my secret soul :
Therefore, eood youth, addreHS thy suit unto her;
Be not deny'd acce.sK. irtand ai her doors.
And tell them, there thy fixed foot sluiil grow,
i'lll fhou liave audience.
,,*^ ^ , Sure, my noble lord.

If she he so abandon'd to her sorrow
As it is smike. slie never will talmif me.

Duke Be olamonms, and leap all civil bonnds.
Rather than make unprotiled return. [then f

Vw. Say, 1 do speak with her, my lord : Wliat

Duke. O. then unfold the passion of mv love,
Surprise her with discourse of my dear iaith ;
It shall become thee well to act my woes ;
She will attend it better in tliy youtli,
Than in a nuncio of more grave asptet.

Vio. I think uot so, my lord.
_,^«- ^ ,. Dear lad, believe it.

For they shall yet belie thy happy years.
That say. thou art a man : Diana's lip
Is not more snMNith. and rubious ; thy small pip*
Is as the matden's <irgan, shnll, and sound,
And all is semblative a wimiau's part.
1 know, thv constellation is right apt
For this affair :— Some four, or five, aUend him ;
All. If yon will ; f.ir 1 myself am InmI,
When least in company :— Prosper well in this.
And thou shalt live ms freely as thy lord.
To call his fortunes thine.

yio. I'll do my beat.

To w(K) your lady : yet, [Asitif.^ a barful strife I
Whoe er 1 woo, myself would be lus wife.

SCENE v.— ^ Room m Olivia's Itoute.

Enter Maria and Clown.

Mar. Nay. either tell me where thon hast been,
or I will not open my lips, so wide as a bristle may
enter, in wny of thy excuse : my lady will banc
thee for thy absence.

Clo. Let her hang me : lie, that is well haMcil
in this world, needs U» fear no ooloan.

Mar. Make that good.

Clo. He shnll see none to fear.

Mar. A good lenten answer. I can fell thet
where that saying was honi of, I fear no colours.

Clo. Where, good mistnws Maiy ?

Mar. In the ware; and tlial may you be bold to
say in your fiNilery.

Clo. Well, God give them wisdom, that have it;
«"»J those that are fimls. let them use their talenU.

Afar. Yet you will be hanired, for being so Iom
absent : or. to be turned away : is not that as good

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