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Her mother, even strong against that match.
And lirm for doctor C'wus. haih app«Hnied
'I1iat he stiall likewise siiufHe her away.
WbUe other sports are ta^iking of their roinda.
And at the deuuery, where a priest attends,
Strrfigbt marry her : to this her mother's plot
She. seemingly oliedient, hkewuie hath
MaJe promise to the doctor;— Now thus it rests:
He: lather nieuis she shall be all in white :
And m tliat habit, when Slender sees his time
to take her by the liand, aiai bid her go.
She shall go with hiin : her mother hath intended
The better to deiin.e her to the doctor, i

(For they must all be maiik'd aial vizarded,) I

'Hiat qU'iiiit in green, slie shall be loose enrob'd.
With rihands pendant, tlarmg Ixiut her head ;
And when the doctor spies iii.n vaiiUige npe, 1

I'o piiich her ijy the hand, atul, on that tokKtu
1'he luaMl hath given couaeul to go with him.

HotL Which means she to deceive 7 fattier or
moUier T I

Femt. ikiih, my good host, to go along with me : '
And Isere it res: s,— that you'll procure the vicar
To stay for me at church, 'iwizt twelve and mie.

Ami, in the lawAil name of marrying,

I'o Kive our hearts united ceremony. [vicar;

Host. Well, bosband your device : I'll to tha
Bring you the maid, you shall not luck a priest.

FV ./. So shall 1 ever more be bound to thee ;
Besides, I'll make a present reomipense.



SCENE \.—A Room m tJ»e Garter Inn.
Enter Falstaff a/uf Mrs. Quickly.

Fill. Pnr'thee. no more prnttling: — go.— .m
hold : This is the third tune ; I Im»p«, gisid luck
lies in odd numbers. Away, go: they say, there
is divinity in odd numlieni, either m nativity,
cliani^e. or death. — Away.

QmicA^ I'll provide you a chain : and I'll do what
I can to get you a ptur of horns

FitL Away, I say; lime wears: hold up your
head, and minoe. [Exit Urs. Quickly.

Enter Ford.
How, now, roaster Bns)k T .Master Bn>iik. the mat-
ter will lie known to-nigtit, or never. Be you in
itie Park, about midnighi, at Henie's-(Nik, uiiu you
shall see wonders.

Fbrd. Went yon not to her yesterday, sir, aa
you told me you had u|ipoitiied.

FaL I went to her. master Brook, as you see.
like a poor okl man ; bui 1 came from her, master
Bnxik, like a poor old woman. 'Ihatsume knave.
Ford tier husbund, hatli the Hiie!«t mad devil of
jealousy in him, master Bniok that ever govemeit
tixiuzy. I will tell you.— lie lieal me gnevously,
in the shape of awoman ; for in ilie shape of man,
master Brook, 1 fear iioi Goliuih. wiih a weaver's
beam ; liecause 1 know mIso hiis is a sliuttle. 1 am
in liaste : go ahing with me : I'll lell you all. mas-
ter Brook. Since I plunk'd geese, piuy'd truant,
and whipp'd top, I knew not what it was to lie
beaten, till lately. Follow me : I'll lell you .nrange
things of tins knave Ford : on whom itKnighi 1
will be revenged, and 1 will deliver Ins wife into
your hand. — Follim : Strange things in haiui,
master Brook I follow. (BjoeunL

SCENE n.-WiiKl8or Park.
Enter Page, Shallow, and Slender.

Page. Come, ocmie ; well coucii i' the castle-
ditch, till we see the light of our fairies.— Renieiu-
ber. son Sleialer, my Jaoghter.

Sten. Ay, foreuoth ; 1 have spoke with her. aial
we have a nay- word, how to know one aiitilher.
1 come to her in white, and ory, mum ; slie cries
budj/et ; and by that we know one another.

S/taL That's good Uio : but whar needs either

Jour mum, or her budget J the white will decipher
er well enough.- It hath struck ten o'chick.
Page. The night is dark ; light and spirits will
become It well. Heaven, prueper our sport I No
man means evil but the devil, and we shall know
him by his horns. Lei's away ; follow me.


SCENE III.— T7je StreH in Windsor.

Enier Mm. Page, Mrs. Ford, and Dr. Caioa.

Mrt, Pagf.. Master doctor, my daughter m in

green : wlian jrou see yimr tune, titke her liy the

haml. away wiili bar to the deanery, and despulcu

the y

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And marry ti«r at Eaton. Go. send to PalstaiT


FML Nay, 1*11 lo tiini axqinjn name <irBnNik
He*U l«)l uie all liis porptnw: Sure, he'll ouiiie.

Urt. P<n/e. Fenr mit you Uiat : Go, gel u* pn*-
Aud trickiue r<>r tiur fuiritw. Qpertteif,

Bon.. Let uk alNMit it : It m admirable pleasures,
aial ferjr houeeit kiwvehfw.

iEnvHi hu», Fonl. m&d Evan**

Mrt. Puge. 6u, nuttinvH FonJ.
Solid quickly lu ur Jubn, to know Ins nuwl.

lErtt Mrs. Ford,
ni textile docr<N- ; he hath niy iciMid will.
And Doue but lie. to marry witU Nun Pair«-
That Slender, tliouch well laodetl, ik iiu idiot;
And he niy hintlituHl beat of all Hliectst :
The doctor is well uioney'd. and hix fnends
Potent at court; he. mme but lie, shall have her.
Though twenty ibousaud worthier ouuie to crave
her. iExU.

SCENE v.— A Room m the Garter Inn.
Emfer H(«t omi Simple.

ikuL What woold'sl th<Mi Imve. biior? what,
thick-akin? speak, hreatlie, discuss; brieC ^luirt,
quick, snap.

Sm. JAany, air, I ct»me to speak with sir John
FHUitaffrnNii nuo4er Sltaaler.

Hott. 7'here*s liis chauiber, his house, his castle.
bis staiiduiK-l«ed. and truckie-hcd ; 'tis pitiured
about with ilie st(»ry o( the (M^iipd. fresh and
new : Go. knock and call ; he'll mim^ like an Am-
tkropot/kopmoH uiitii thee : Knock. I say.

Sim. What, sir?

Fnl To Itave her,— or no : Go; say.tlMfi
told loe Sit.

Sim. .Mny I he so bokl to say so, sirT

Ful. Ay. Bir Tike ; who more bold T

Sun. 1 (hank your worship: i shall make my
master glad with these tidings. [£jsrf Simple.

Hoti. 1'iiou art clerkly, thon art clerkly, sir
John : Was there a w^^e woinun witli lliee f

Fhl. Ay. ihai ihere was. mine boat: one that
haili tauehi tiie moie wit than ever I learned b«-
A»re in my life ; uml I pai<l nothing for it neither,
but waji paid fur my learning.

Enter Dnrdolph.

Bard. Out, alas, sir ! cozeuage I mer« cozen-

HoH. >K'here be my honesT sfieak well of them,

Bard. Run away wiUi the cozeners : IbraosoM
as I came beyuntT Eton, they threw me off, from
behind one of Litem, in a slough of nure : utni set
s )urs. imd awny, like three German deviht, three
Doctor Fuustuses.

Host. They are gone but to m»^t the duke, vil-
lain ; do not sny, tiiey be fled ; Germaiui are honest

BnUr Sir Hugh Evans.

Eva. Where is mine host T

Hosl What tn the matter, sir?

Em. Have n care of your eutertainraents: there
is a fneial of mine come lo town, tells mo, there
is three cou.mii KennniiN, that lius cozened nil the

«sssissc wmwmwM

HtmL Ha! a fot woman! the knight may be
robbed: I'll call.— Bully knight ! Bully sir John!
apeak from thy lungs nulitary : Art titou there I it
IS thine hi«t, Uuiie Efihesian, r^Uls.

FaL [above.] Hnw now, mine hont?

Host. Here's u Btthemian-Turtjir tiu'rifie the com-
ing down of Uiy iui wimian ; Let herdesceiKl, bul-
ly, let her descend : my chambers are honoura-
ble : Fye 1 pnvai^ I fye \

Bitter FahftaO:
FoL There was, mine host, an ohl fiit woman.
<iven now with me ; but site's gone.
Sim. Pray vou. sir. was't not the wise woman

FaL Ay, many *-ns it, muscle-shell: What
MTould you wiih her i

y«>u : you are wise, and full of giiies and
vIouUug st4jg8; and 'tis not convenient you shouki
be cozened : Fare you well. jExit

Enter Dr. Cains.
Caims. Vere is mine Host d* Jarlerre f
Host. Here, master doctor, in perplexity, and
doubtful dilemma.

CaiHS. I cannot tell vat is dat : But it is tell-a
me. dat you make grand preparation for a duke
de Jarmantf : by my iroi, Jere is ii«> duke, dat de
court is know to come : 1 tell you for good vill :
adieu. {ExiL

Host. Hue and cry, villain, so:— assist me,
kinsht : I am undone : Ay, run, hue and cry, vil-
lain ! 1 am undone !

[Exeunt Host and Bnrdiilph
would, all the world niigiit be cozened ;

Sim. My master, sir. my master Slender, sent S«. ,. VlT.,??'", i."^ "J^> ^u"* •'^^". ^•"•. ."^ ''

to her. seeing her go thn.UKh ihe streets, to know. f^"'ln"r^ i''*' *i"^ "^ '*'®. ^""^^ ^'""^ ' •.'"?

sir, whether one Nvm. sir. iluii beguiled him of a u " '^'^•»"«7'"^V ""d howmy tnmsformation haUi

Cham, had Uio cliain. or w. . '^*" washed and ciidseled, they woukl melt me

FbL 1 sp .ke with the old woman alKMit it. i ^"^"' '^\ ""• *^^T ^y ^~P' «*^ '"!"<* fi«»«eriiM»if s

Sim. And what says she, I pray, sir ? I »"«'« J*'th me ; I w»iTa»il, tliey would %y hip me

FaL Marry, she says, that the very same man. Y'"'/*""^ ^"? '*""' "" ' *"•*"» Mrresi-fallen as a

thntbecttiledmast«rSienderofhischain,cozcn«l ""e^.P^fr I "ever iTospered since 1 forsw.we

faimont. myself at ;>ni«/ro. Well, if my wind were hut

Sim, I woold. I could have spoken with the *""« «°»"S'' ^ ^Y ^Y pruyers, 1 would repent,
woman faeraelf : I had other tlungs to liave spoken I

Enter Mrs. Quickly.
' Now ! whence come you T
I Quick. From the two parties, forsooth.
I f\U. The devU take one party, and his dam the

^,. ,,,. -. - . other, and so I hey Bhull be fM)tn bestowed! I have

Sm. Why, sir. Uiey were nothing but about suffered more for their sakes. more than the vil-
mistreas A one Page ; to know if u were my mas- lanous moonstancy of man's dispositicm w able to
••r's fortune to have her. or no. bear.

FU Tis. t» hu fortiUM. • Quick And have not they suflered T yea, I war-

with her too, from him.
FaL What are they ? let us know.
Host. Ay. come; quick.
Sim, 1 may not oonoeal them, sir.
FhL Conceal them, or thou diest.

I war- ^


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ml. foa rooTon 1 oat ! tmt ! 1*11 conjnre yoa. HI
fur-iitie-tell you. iKxii Knlstaff.

Mr*. Paoe. Are you not aahatueil 1 I Uiink. yoa
have killeil the poor wonruui.

Mrt. FbnL Nay. be will do it :— Tm a goodly
credit for jrou.

Fbrd. Hang her. witch!

Am. By yea ami no, I think, the 'oman is a
witch indeed : I like nut when m 'onian has a treat
peiinl : I spy a irreai peHrd under her muffler.

Fbrd. Will you rollow, f^enilf men 7 I beneaeh

nu. follow ; see hut Uie iwue of my jenlousy : if
:ry oat thos upon no trail, never trust me when

^a^. Let*« obey his humour a little further
Come, gentlemen.

lExrmtl Page, Ponl. Shallow, ami Evans.

Mrt. Page. Trust me. he heat him niivt pitifully

Afrf. Fbrd. Nay. by the nuua. that he did not ;
be lieat him roost unpitifuliy. me^hoorht.

Mr$. Pane. VW have the ciHlael hallow'd. and
hung o'er the altar ; it hath dune roentohoos ser-

Mr$. Fbrd. What think you T May we. with the
warrant of womanhood, and the witness of a ffotid
oonM>ienoe, purine him with any farther reveiuta T

Mr». Page. The spirit (»f wantonness m, aura,
scared out of him ; if the devU have him not m
im-*imple, with fine and recovery, he will never,
1 think, in the way n( wanta. attempt us ai^iin.

Mrs. Fbrd. Shall we tell our husbands how we

: if it be but to
u«band's brains,
the poor unvir^
iher afflicted, we

I have him pnb-
>re would be nn
not be publicly

T with it then,
soool. iExeiaU.

SCENE lll.—if Room m the Garter Inn.
Enter Host attd Bardulph.
Bard. Sir, the Germaa^ desire to have three of
' e duke himself will be to-murrow
r are guin^ to meet him.

ke shtKild that be, comes sose-

crellv T I hear not of him in the court : Let me
speak wHh tiie gentlemen ; they speak Englisli T
JBorri. Ay. sir. Til call them to you.
Hon. Thevsliall have my horses; but 111 make
tbem pay. rtl sauce tliem: they have had my
liuoae a week at oiimmaud ; I have turned away
Diy other iroests : they must oume off; III sauce
Iheu: Come. [BgemU.

SCENE IV.-A Room in Fonl'k Hmm.

SnUr Page, Ford, Mrs. Page. Him. Ford, and Sir
Hugh Evans.

Eva. TIs one of the pest diacretkms of a *oroao
as ever I dkl look upon.
Page. And dal he send you both these letters at

anru. oir, iiie uen
four horses : the dul
at couit, and they an

HiMl Wbatdukei

V la hiin

> 4sfini

Mr*. Pofe. Wtthm a qaarterofan hour.

Fbrd. Pardon me, wife : Henceforth do what
thou wilt;
I rather will suspect the son with cold, fstand,
I'han thee with wantonness : now doth thy
Jo him that was of late an heretic,
4s fim as faith.

Page. Tis well, tis walk, bo tmn.

Be nut as extreme in submiisnoa.
As in oftnce :

But let our plot go forward : let oar wirea
Yet once agahi. to make us public sport.
Appoint a meeting with this old fiit fellow.
Where we may take him, and dugrace him for it

Fbrd. There is nu better way than that tb«r
"* 8p)>ke of

Page, lluw ! tu send him word thevHl meet him
in the park at midnirht : fie. fie ; he'll never come.

Era. You my. lie has l>een thrown into the
riven ; and Uw been grievously peaten. as an old
'oman ; metliinks, there shoald be temirs in him,
that he shoald not oiime; meihinks, his flesh ii
punished, he sluill have no desires.

Page. So think 1 loo. [he cornea,

Mrs. Fbrd. Devise bat how yoiill ose him when
And let us two devise to tmnK him tliither.

Mrs. Page. There ■ an old tale goea, that Heme
the hunter.
Sometime a keeper here in Windsor-fbreat,
Doth uU the wmter time, at still mklnighl.
Walk round ubout an oak, with great ragv'd horns;
And there he blasts the tree, and takes the raUle;
And makes nil Ich-kiiie vield blood, and shakea a
In a most hkleuus and dreadful manner : reimin
Tou have heard of such a spirit ; and well yoa
llie superstitio4is idle-headeil eld [know,

it iiul dkl deliver to our age.

T f Heme the hunter for a trath. [fear

hy. yet there want not many, that do
It night to walk by this Heme's oak :

B If this?

d. Marry, this is oar derioe:
T sir at that oak ahall meet with ns.

Disguised like Heme, with huge horns on hia head.

Page. Well, let it not be doubtiMl but hell come.
And in this sliape : When you have brougbt him

What ahall be dune with him T What is year plotf

Mrs. Page. That hkewNe have we thought upon
and thus :
Nan Page my daugliter. and my little son.
And three or four more of their growth. weHl drees
Uke urchins, ouphel^ and fairies, green and white;
With ruunds of waxen tapers un their henda,
And rattlea lu their hands ; upon a sudden.
As Falstaff, she, and 1, are newly met.
Let them fVom fiirth a saw-pit rush at once
With some diffused song ; upon their sight,
We two in great amazedness will fly :
Then let them sll encircle him about,
And fiiirjr-like, to pincli the unclean knight ;
And ask him, whv. thiU hour offairy revel.
In their so sacred patlis he darss to tread.
In shapeprufane.

Mrs. Fbrd. And till he tell the truth.

Let the supposed fames pinch him sound.
And bam him with their tapers.

Afrs. Page. llie trath being known.

Well all present ourselves; dia-hura tlie spirit.
And mock him home to Windsor.

.Fbrd llie oliihlrBn most

Be practised well to tbie. or they'll ne'er do it.

Eoa. I will teach thecfaiklren their behavkwrs;
and 1 will lie hke a jack-an-apes also, to bam the
kuixht with my taber.

Fbrd. That will be excellent. Ill go buy them

Mrs. Page. My Nan shall be the qoeen of all tlie
Finely auired in a mbe of white.

Page. That silk will 1 go buy :~ond hi that time
Shall master Slender steal my Nan away, Idmde,

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fU. Whatahall I do?— I'll creep up into iba

Mn rbrrf. There they alwayi need todianharge
tlieir birdiiig pieces : Crbep iiitu the kiln-bule.

¥al. Where in it?

Ut9. Font He will seek there, on my word.
Neither press, rolfer. chest, iruiik. well, vault, hut
ho hath an abstract for the remenibmnco tiT such

^ k fo« I

K laces, and iroes tu tbeni by his note : There is no
idinc you in the house.

Fat I'll go out then.

Mn Poffe. If you so out in your own ambiance,
yua die. sir John Unlessyou co out di^vuised,—

Mr$. F&rd, How might we disguise hint T

Mn. Paue. Alas I he day, T know not. There is
no woomu's sown bic enoush tor him ; otherwise^
he might put ou a hat, a mulller, and a kerchief,
and M> escape.

F^L Uood hearts, devise someliiing : any ex-
tremity, rather than a nitschief

Mn. Ford. My ninid's aunt, the fat woman of
Brentford, has a rown above

Mn. Page. On my word. i( will serve him ; she's
as big as be IS : and lliere's her thrum'd hat, and
her muffler too. Run up. sir John

Mn. Ftird. Go. iro, sweet sir John: mistress
Pace and I, will look some linen for your head

Mn Page Quick, quick ; we'll come dnsss you
straight : put ou the gown the while.

fJSnf Fnlstaff

if rt. Ford. I would, my bu^hnml would meet
him in lliix shape : hecnnnot aiiide the old woman
of Brentford ; he swears, she's u witch ; forbade
her my house, and hath Ihrcttened to heat her.

Mn. Page. Heaven guide him to thy husband's
cudeel ; . and the devil guide his cudgel after-

JIf r«. F&rd. But is my husband coming T

Mn. Page. Ay, in gtMid sjidnesK. n he ; and he
talks of the basket loo, howsoever he hath had

Mn. Fttrd. We'll try that ; for I'll appoint my
men to carry the basket ii^in, to meet hiiu at the
door with it, as they did lust lime.

Mn. Page. Nuy, but he'll be here presently:
lel'K go dress him like the witch of Brentford

■Afr*. Ford. I'll first direct my men. what they
■hall do with the basket Go up, I'll bniig linen
tor him straight. [ Eni.

Mn. Page. Hang him, dishonest varlet! we can-
not misuse him enouch

We'll leave a pnsif, by that wlik"h we will do.

Wives may be merry, and ^et honest too :

We do not act, that oAen jest and laugh ;

* lis old but true, SttU swme eat aU the draff.


Re-enter Mrs. Ford, mlh two Servants.

Mrs. Ford. Go. sirs, take the basket again on

vour shoulder*; your master is hard at door; if he

nd you set it down, obey him : quickly, dispatch.


1 Serv. €k>me. come, take it up.

2 Serv. Pray lienveu, it be nut full of the knight ,
■fain. '

I Serv. 1 hope not ; I had as lief bear so much

XMrr Foj-d, Page, Shallow, Caius, ami Sir Hugh
Pbrd. Ay, but if it prove true, master Paee,
have you nus way then to unftMil me njraiii 7— .Set
io%vn the basket, villain : - Somebody call my wife:
— V'on. yiriith in a Imskel, come out here 1—0,
fOQ pwiderly rascals i there's a knoi, a ging a

Sack, a onnspirncy u^nirt me: Now shall taa
evil be sliuined. What ! wife. I say, come, come
fortli ; behold what lionesi clothes you send forth
to bleaching.

Page. Why, this pasMs ! Master Ford, you are
not to go lu<ise any loncer ; you must be pinioned.

Eva. Why, this B lunatics! this is madasamad

ShaL 1

. Indeed, master Ford, this is not well : in-

Enler Mn. Ford.

Fbrd. So say I too. sir— Come hither, mistrea
Ford ; mistress Ford, the honest woman, tlie nM>-
desi wife, the virtuous rrosture, that hath the
jealous fool lo her husband !— I suspect without
caU'«, misires!«. do 1.

Mn. Ford, Heaven be my witness, you do, if
you suspect me in any dislnmesty.

Fartf. Well said, brazen-fiure ; hold it OQt.—
Come ibrth, sirrah.


Page This passes !

Mrs. Fbrd. Are you not asluuned T let the clothes

Fbrd. 1 shall find you anon.

Eva. 1'is unreasonable ! WUI you take op your
wife's clothes 7 Come away.

Fbrd. Empty the liasket, 1 say.

Afrs. Fbrd. Why, man, why,—

Fbrd. Master Piige. as I am a man. there was
one conveved out of my hunse yeHterdav in this
basket : Why may mrt he be there acain 7 In my
house I um sun; he is : my inielheenoe is true;
my jealousy is reaM>nable : Pluck me out all the

Mrs. Fbrd. If you find a man there, he shall die
a flea's dejirh.

Page. Here's no man.

S/hiL By my fidelity, this is not well, master
Ford; this wnHicsyoii.

EtMt. .Master Fonf,y«»u must pray, and not follow
the iiiiagimitions of your own heart : this u jea-

Fbrd. Well, he's not here I seek for.

Page. No, nor nowhere else, but lu your brain.

Fbrd, Help to search my house this one time :
if I find not what I seek, show no colour for my
extremity, let me for ever he your table sport : let
them say of me. As jealous hs Ford, that sean^i^
a hollow walnut fur his wife's lemaii. Satisfy me
once more : once more search with me.

Mrs. Fbrd. What hon, mistress Page ! oome you,
and the old woman, down ; my husband will oome
mto the chamber.

Fbrd. Old wimuin I What old woman's thalT

Afrv. Fbrd. Why, it is ray maid's aunt of Brent-

Fbrd. A witch, a quean, an oM oozenimc quean •
Have 1 not forbid her my house 7 She OMues of
errunds, does she 7 We are simple men . we do
not know what's brougtit to pass under tl»e profes-
sion of fortune-telling She wtkrks by rharnia by
spelb. by the figure, and such daubery as this is ;

beyond our element : we know nothing. Come

down, you witch, you hag you ; oome down, 1 say.

Mrs. Fbrd. Nay, good, sweet husband ;— good
gentlemen, let him not strike the old woman.

Enter FalstaflT m woman's ctolhes, led bg Mrs. Ilige.

Mrs. Page. Come, motlier Prat, come, give om
vour hand.

.Fbrd. I'll prat her : Out of my door, y.m

witch. [Iteats Ant] you rag. you baggage, you puU-

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r Aci



throwmf into the water. Hietre;* Ponl desiree
fOtt to conia Muldmiljr.

Un. Pas/e. I'll Iw with li«r hr undliy ; Til but
bring nty ycuax man liere U> Nr.hnol ; lAtik. where
hu iiuutuir ouiuex ; *in a pluyiug-Uay. 1 nee.

Enter Sir Hufrh Erans.

How now. sir Hh^ T no school to-day f

Era. No ; master Slender in let the boys leave
to play.

Q^Kk. Blessinf of his heart!

Mis. Page. Sir Hnfth, my husband says, my son
pniflts nothinj? in the wurld st hw b«Mik ; I pruy
fou, aa'i him Mime qnestioiw in hts ncctdenne.

Eva. Come hither. William ; hold up your head ;

Mrs Page. Come on, sirrah : h<ild up your head ;
answer your master, be mit afraid.

Eva, William, how many numbers is in nouns T

WtU. Two.

Qiack. Truly, I thnufht there had been one
Bumiier more ; benaune they miv. od'it uouiui

Eva, Peace your laiilinxH What is Jatr, Wil-

Will Pulcher.

Quick. Pbu teats! there are fairer things than
piHilcatii, sure.

Eoa. You are a venr simplidty 'oraan; I pray
yon, peaoe. What is lapis, William f

WiU. A stone.

Etn. And what is a stone. William T

WUL A pebble.

£00. N't>. It is It^ns i 1 pray you remember in
your pram

Wdi. Ijtpis.

Eoa. Tliat w poiid. William. What is he, Wil-
liain. t!Mt does lend articles f

WiU A nicies are liorntwetl of the pronoun;
and b( thus declined, S*nii itariter, wtmmat vo.

Boa, It is. ict. kee^cod; i( you forpK your «ie0.
your ktts, and your cods, you muat be p 'le mJ iea
Go vour wayt. and play. gi*.

Mrs. Page. He is a better scholar Ihau . tlioafht
he WHS

Eva. He is a good kpiag ineiudry. i-areweiu
mixtress Hnge.

Mrs. Page. Adieu, good sir Hugh. {Exit St
Hiigh.J Get you home, buy.— Come, we s'ay too
long lExeimL

SCENE II.— it R$om m Font's House.
EtttfT FalstaflTr/fui Mrs. Fonl.
PU. Mis'ress Ford, jr»»ur sorrow hath eaten up
my sufRirance : 1 see. you are ohiteqiiious in your
love, and I prufeiv requital to a hmr's breadth :
not only, mistreiis Ford, in the simple oflBoe of
love, bdt ill all the aocxmtremetit. nomiilemnnt,
and oereniony of it. But are you sure of your
httiibiutd now T
ilfrs. .Fbrrf. Hp's a binline. sweet sir John
Mrs. Page. iWUkuLi What boa, gusHip Fonl!
what hoa !
Mrs. Fbrd. Step into the eliamber. sir John.

[£21/ Falslafl;

EntfrUn. Page

Mrs. Page. How now, sweetheart? who's at
home beaVJe yourself ?
Mrs. Ford. Why. n<me but mine own people.
Afr*. Page. Indeed !
Afrf. Pbrd. N o. certainly ;— Speak louder.

Mrs. Page. IVuly, I am so gUal you have no-
body hor«.
Mrs. F^trd. Why ?

Mrs. Page. Wliy. woman, your husband is in his

old lunes aguio : he so take!* on yonder with my

ikfc, km. hoc ' huiibaiid : so rails uguiust all married mankind':

toa. Nominatioo, hg, hag, hog;- pray yo«. ! »♦' cunass all Eve's daugliteis, of what coinpiexiou

mark : genetwo, hvjus: WeU, what is your occa- , *'«ver ^ and so buffets liiniwif «hi lh« ior«head.

gative case T I crying Perr-out. itetr-out ! lliai any niadnew, I ever

WiU. Aeoisntivo, htne.

boa. I pmy yiKi. have your remembrance, child :
Aemsalivo. king, Hang, hog.

Quick Hang hog is Latin for bacon, I warrant

Eoa Leave vour prubhles. 'oraan. What is the
fiicative case. WUIiam \

WtU. O—vocatiro, O.

Eva. Remember, William, focolhre is, caret.

Qutck. And that's a aond root.

EPtt. *Oiiiau, forbear.

Mrs. Page. Peace

Eva. What in vonr gemtive case plural, William I

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