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WiU. Oenttioe easef

Eoa. Ay.

WiU. Uemtive.—horwn, horum. horvm.

Qmck. * Veiueeance «»f Jrnnii's case ! He on her !
—never name lier, cliild. if she tie a whore.

Eoa. Fur shaaw, *onian

Qiark. Voa do ill to teach the rhild surh words :
he lettchea him to hick and to hark, which they'll
do fast enough of themselves, and to call horum':—
Ae upon you !

Eoa. \)man, art thou lunatics T hast thou no
nnderstandings for tliy CNce«. and the nnmberv of
the gender* ? Thou art as foolish Chn»liuu crea-
tures as I would desires.

Mrs. Page. Pr'ythee. hokJ thy peace.

Eoa. Show me now. Williatu.some declensiotts
oi vonr pronouns.

WiU. Forsooth, I have forfot.

yet beheld, seemed lint tameneis, civility, and
p.itience. t«i thu* iiw dwleiniier he is in now ; I am
glad the fut knight u not here.
Mrs. Fbrd. Why, does he Ulk of him f
Mrs Piitft Of iione but hun ; and Mwe:ua. he
was carried out, the Uutt twiie he sn.irrlied lor him.
in a basket : proieiits to my hii.HlMnd he is now
here ; niui luiih drawn him auid the r»st of Uieir
company from their sport, to make another ei-

teriinent i»f hix suspinioii ; but I aiii glud the
night IS not here . now hesIuUl see his own fool-

Mrs. Fhrd, How near m he. Mistrtfxs Page ?

ilfrs Page, Hani by : at street end ; he will lie
here anon.

Mrs f\M-d. I am undone !— the kniirtii ui here.

Afr*. Page. Why then you are utterly ashamed,
and he's but a dead man. What a woman ant
you T — Away with him, away with him; Imlter
shame than murder.

Mrs. Fbrd. Whicli way should he go? how
should I b(«tow him I Shall I put him into ilie
basket ugaiii I

JZe-Mier FalstafL

Fbt. No, I'll come mi more i' the basket : May
I not go out ere he come T

Afrs. Page. Alas, three of maa^er Fonl's brotheiv
watch the door with pisUiU, that luaie shall isaoe
out ; otherwise you might slip away ere lie
But what make yuu here t


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[Act IV

FbL Come, let me pour in some i»ek to the
Thaoiee water; fi*r my bettfn tm oi>U as if I had
•wallowed enow-balls for pills to oool the reias.
Call her in.

Bard. Come in. woman.

Enter Mrs. Qoiekly

Quidt. By jroor leave ; I cry jroa merqr : Give
four worship miod-morrow.

fW Take awiiy theee chalioea; Go, brew me
• poitle t4 sack fkttnly.

Bard. With eins. lirT

fhL Simple of itself; 1*11 do pallet-sperm in
■jr brewuae. — \ExU Bardulpb.1 — How now T

Qiaek Many, sir, I come to joar worship fitun
« Ftird,

FhL Mnitraas Ford ! I have had tml enoach :
1 was thrown into the f<ml : I have my belly full
of ford

Qutek. Alas the day ! good heart, that was not
her fiiult : she diMH su take on with her men ;
thQT mistook their erection

fW So dkl I nime, to biuld apon a foolish
woman's pnnnise.

Qiack, Well, slie lameuts. sir, for it. that it
would yearn your heart to see it. Her husband
pies thM iiHNTuinK a biiding ; sJie deMree you once
luore to come to h«r between eifdit and nine : I
must carry her word quickly : slie'll make you
aiiieiidit, I warrant you.

PiU Well, 1 will viMt her : Tell her sn ; and
lad lier ihink what a man is : let her ouusaler his
Irailty, and then jud^e of my uient.

CMdk. 1 will tell her.

nt. Do ao. Between nine and ten. say'st tbou T

Qmck. Eight and nine, sir.

/b/ Wnli. he Rone : I wiU mit miss her.

CMdt Peace be wHh yon, sir. {Exit.

FbL 1 marvel. 1 hear luit of master Brook ; he
sent me word to stay within : i hae his money
welL O here he cornea.

Enter Ford

Fbrd, Bless you, sir !

FM. Now, master Brook ! you ooma to know
what liath paased between nie and Ford*e wife.

FbnL I'hat, indeed, sir John, is my business.

FkL Master Broi»k. I will not lie to you; 1 wi
at her house the hour slie appianted me.

h>rd. And huw sped you, sir T

#U. Very ill-fovourMlly. master Brook.

f^frd. How so, &r T Did she cJunfe her detw-
raiimtion 7

fh/. No. master Brook ; but the peaking cor*
auto her huKbond, luasier Bniok, dwdhng in a
oiaitiuual 'laruni of jealousy, comes roe in the
instant of our encounter, after we had embraced,
kisaed, protested, and. as it were, spoke the pro-
iueur M our comedy ; and at Ins heeb a rabble
oHiis oompunioos, I hil her provoked and iustiKuted
liy his dweiiiper. and (onooUi. to search his
houw for his wife's luve.

fbnL What, while you were there T

Fal While I warf Uiere.

thrd. And did he search for you, and could not
dnd yi>u T

FhL You shall hear. As good luck wooM have
It, comes in one mhttreas Page ; gives intelligence
uf Ford's approach ; aial, liy her invention, and
Ford^i wife s distruoUon. they conveyed me into
« buck-basket !

FbnL A buck-basket!

FaL By the Lord, a buck-basket : rBmm^d me in
wiih foui shirts and smocks, socks, fool stockings,
— ^ - Brook, there

V aiMl graaigr


was the rankest oompoond of villanoua smrlt
tliat ever oflRsrided nostnl.

FBrd. And h<iw long lay you there T

FkL Nay, vou shall hear, roaster Bniok. what I
have suflered to bring this woman to evil for your
good Beiug thus craromed in the basket a c<*uple
of Font's knaves, his hinds, were called forth by
their mistress, to carry me in the name pf foal
dotlies to [Hitchet-Iane : iliey Uiok me on their
shonklers; met the jealous knave llieir master in
the door; who asked them caioe or twioe what
they had in their baHket : I quaked for fear, lest
the lunatic knave woukl have searched it; but
(ate, ordaining he sliould ba a cuckokl, held hm
hand. Well : cm went he for a search, aial awav
went I for foul clothes. But mark the sequel,
master Brook : 1 suflered the pnngs of three
several deaths: first, an mtolerablenight,tobe
detected with a jealous rotten bell-wether : nexi,
to be compassed, like a g(MMl In||m, in the cfrcniu-
ference or a peck, liilt to point, heel to head : and
then, to be stopped in, like a strong distillatioa,
with stinking clothea that fretted in their own
grease : think of that,— a man of my kalney,—
think of that; that am as suhject to heat, as buU
ter; a man of continual diSKolution and tliaw;
it wasaminicle,to*BcaiiesmlbcatMW. And in the
heigiit of this baih. when 1 was more than half
stewed in greaae, like a Dutdi dwli, to be thrown
into the Thames, and oioled. cluwing hot, in that
surge, like a horse-shoe ; think of thai,— haaing
hot,— think of that, master Brook.

FbnL In good sadness, sir, I am sorry that fiir
my sake you have suflered all this. My suit tbeu
is desperate ; you'll undertake her no more.

FuL Muster Brook. 1 will be thrown into Gtaa.
as I have been into Thames, ere I will leave her
thus. Her huslniud w this morning gime a bird-
inx : I have received tnna her another emlMHsy
of meeting: twuct eight and miie is the boor.
Master Brook.

Fbrd. Tib past eight already, sir.

FbL 1m HI I will then address me to my ap-
pointment. Come to me at ytHir ooiivemeut lei-
sure, and you shall know how I apoed : and the
conclusion sliall be crowned with your emuying
her : Adieu. You shall imve her, master Brook ;
master Brook, you shall cuckold Ford. {Eat.

Fbrd. Hum f ha ! is this a vusion T is tliis a
dream T do 1 sleep T Master Ford^awake ; awake,
master Font ; thereli a hole made in your best
coat, master Ford. Thw 'tw to be married f this
tis to have hnen, and buck- baskets ! — WelL I
will prochiim mysnll' what 1 am : i will now take
the lecher; he is at my house : he caimot 'scape
me ; 'lai impossible he should ; he cannot creep
into a halfpenny purse, nor into a pepper-box ;
but, lest Um devil that guides him should aid h wi
I will sairch iinpossihle plaoes. 'fhough wimt 1
am I cannot avoid, yet to be what I wouhl not
shall not make me tame : if I have horns to make
iuie mad. lei the proverb go with me. 111 be horn
mad. {ExiL


SCENE l—The Street
Enter Mrs. Page, Mrs. Qukskly. and William.
Mrt. Page. Is be at mMtar Fonl*ft alroudr.

Ihink'sl thou I
QMck. Sure be is by this ; or will be presently :

but truly he is very uMirageoua umd. about ma

^n ^ .

I UM ^

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Act III.]


AimI t«*1lH nie, \\s a thinf impomble
1 tflipukl lure thee, bat as a pruperiy.

Amm. May l«, he tella yoa true. roome !

Pent, No, Heuven so speed me iu mv Ume to
Alheit. I will confess, thy father^ wealth
Was the first moiiTc that I woo'd thee, Anne :
Yet, wooimr Ihee, I f«Mind thee of more value
'llinn stam|i» in gold, or sums in sealed bafB ;
Aud 'tis the very notiftt of thyself
'i'liat now 1 aim at.

AiMt. Gentle master Fentnn,

Vol beuk mv fetber'k luve ; still seeic it, sir :
If opportunity and hnmblest suit
Cannot aiUun it, why then.— Hark you hither.

[Tnei/ conoertt apttri.

EhUt Shallow, Slender, and &frs. Quiokly.

Skai Break their talk, mistress Quickly ; my
kiusniau hIuiU speak fiir himself.

Sim ru make a »halt or a bolt ont : slid, 'tis
bat ventarioK.

S'viL fie u<>t disrosiy'd.

Sttn. No. she xhall not dismay me : 1 care not
for tlial.— but that 1 am afeard.

Qutck. Hitrk ye ; master Slender would speak
a wtinl with you. [choice.

Anne. 1 ooiue to him —This is my lather's
O, what a world of vile ill-l'avtMir'd fMulis
Looks luuMlsouie in three hundred pounds a year !

Qtuck. And how does guud mast«r Fenton I Pray
Ton. H wonl with yiiu.

iSlyiL iihe's ooimng ; to her, coz. O boy, thou
httdst a lather !

Sun. 1 had a father, mistress Anne ;— niy uncle
can tell you giNid jetfis of hiui :— Pmy you. uncle,
l«ll mistress Anne the ysnit how my father stole
two geese out of » pen, g<Hiu uncle.

Stial .Mistress Anne, uiy ci>usin loves you.

Sleu. Ay, tlMU I do ; us well aa 1 love any woman
1b (jluuoeMtersiiire.

ShaL He will maintain yon like a gentlewoman.

SkH. Ay, that 1 will, come cut and long tail,
oniler tlie degree of a *«qnii-e.

54a/. He will make you a hundred and fifty
pounds jointure.

Anme Guul master Shslluw, let him woo for

ShaL Marry I thank you for it; I thank vou for
. that good ouiiiforL She calis you, ouz: I'D leave

ilime. Now, master Slender.

Skn» Now. |to>*d mistre»s Anne.

Anm. Wliui I.H yuur will?

SkH. My will \ 'od'k heiinliiuts, tliat's a pretiy
iesi. ind««0 ! 1 ne'er inade my will yet, I thiuik
Heuveu ; 1 um mm. sucli a stcaly erf uturu, 1 give
Heaven praise.

Anne. 1 mean, master Slender, what wookl you
wiUi uie f

Sk*. Truly, for mine own part, 1 would little
or notliicg witli you : Your father, and my uncle
have made motions ' - • ■ - '- =' - •

05 \

ttui U» \

Mrs, Page. Good Master Fenton. oome uui u»
my chikl.

Page. She is no match for ynu.

FknL Sir, will you hear nieT

Page. No, good master Fenltm.

Come, master Shallow ; come, son Slender: in :—

Knowing my mind, you wronic me, master Fenton.

[Exeftnt Puge, Shallow, and Slender.

Qmek. Speak to mistress Page.

Fail. Good mistress Page, tor that I love your
In soch a rsttiteous fiuhion as 1 do,
Perlbrce,against all checks. rebukes.and nannen,
1 must udvunre the colours of my love,
Aiid not retire : Let me have your good will.

Anne GimkI mother, do not murry me to yond*


itfrs. Page. I mean it not ; I seek you a better

QvirJk. Tina's mv master, master doctor.
Aune. Alas, I had rather be set quick i' the earth.

And buwl'd to death with lumi(M.

Mrs. Page. Come, trouble nut yourself: Good
master Kentiin,
I will not be your friend, nor enemy :
My daughter will 1 que«iiou how she loves yon.
And as 1 find her. so am 1 affected :
Till then, larewell, sir :— tf he must needs go i& .
Her father will tie anicry.

[Exi mil Mrs. Page and Anne.

Rnt. Farewell.genUeiiiiKtreas: farewelLNa^

QiMC*. This is my do«iig now ;—Nav, said 1, wm
you cast away yuur child on a fool, and a physictau?
Look Ml master Fenton :— Uiis is my doiiig.

th%t. 1 iliaiik thee ; aikl 1 pmy tliee, once to-
Give my sweet Nun this nng: There's for thy pcuna.

Quick. Now heaven send thee good fortune I A
kind heart he haih : a woman would run throngb
fire and water for Kuch a kind hearL But yet, I
would mv iiuwter had mistress Anne ; or I would
master Slender had her: or, in sooth, 1 would
numter Fenton had her : I will do what I can fur
theai all thnee ; for so 1 have promised, and I'll be
as good as mv wonl : but speciously lor master
Fenioii. WelL 1 must of another errand to sir
Jolin Falstutf from my two mistresses; Wliai a
beust am 1 to slack it f lExtL

SCENE v.— A Room m the Garter Inn.
Enter Fahttaflf and Banlolph.
FaL Bardolph, I say,—
hard. Here, sir.

i>\U. Go fetch ine a quart of sack ; put a tOMSt
mt. [Krti lianl.] Have I lived lo be earned inn
basket, Lke a barrow of butcher's otl'id ; and to be
thrown into the Thumeiil Well, if 1 be served
such aiiotlier trick, Tu have my brains ta'en out,
and butter'd, and give iheiii to a dog for a new
year's gift, i'he rogues siigtited me into the river
with as little reiuorM; as ihuy would have drowned
if it be my luck, so : if not, la bitch's blind puppies, lifleen I'lhe utter : and you

liappy man lie his dole ! 'lliey can tell you how Imay know by my size, that 1 have a kiial of aiac-
thiugs go, hetter than icaa: You may ask your ftiiy in sinking ; if the bottom were as deep as hell.

fiither ; here he comas.

Enfer Page and Mistress Page.

Page. Now, master Slender :— Love him,daagh-
ter Anne.—
A'hy, bow miw I what doe* Master Fenton here f

fou wToiig oM, sir, tlios still to hiinnt my house ;
t4»ld yoOf sur, my daoghter is dwpos'd u£
ihu. Nay, master Piige, be nut imputieiit.

^ >b

1 sliould down. 1 had been drowned, but that tlia
•bore wus shelvy and shallow ; a death that 1 ab-
hor : for the water sweila a man ; and wluit a tiling
should 1 h.tVe lieen, wlien 1 had been swelled ! 1
shooUl have been a mountain of mummy.

Ra-enter Banlolph, with the wum.
Bard. Here** mistrasa Quickly, si.*,
with you.

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nitin, my desu- friend ; aiid 1 fenr iiot mine own
•ihaioe, im much an his peni : I iiad rattier than a
iImhmmihI pouml. lie were out of Uie hoiue.

Mn. J*ogt. Fur rtiame, nerer bIhikI fou had ra-
titer, and yov Had ratktr ; your liushand's here at
luind, belhmk yiHi ttf some coDreyance: in the
h(Hise 70a cnniMA hide him. — U. huw have you de-
ceived me ! — Uiuk, here in a haskoi ; if he be uf
any reasonaiile stature, he may creep iu here ; uitd
iliniw foul iiiieit upiHt him. hk if it wen* eoiii^ to
ImckiiiK: Or, it is whiieiiius time, send him by
your two men to Dutchet-mead

M'S. Fbnl He's 100 bic Utm* in tjiere: Wiuit
shall 1 dor

Re-fnhT FalstaA

fU. Let ma ■eel. let me tteet I O let me aeet !
ni ill, 111 in, follow your friend's counsel; — 1*11

Mrs. Poffc. What! Sir Jolin Falstaff! Are these
your letters, kuight?

fa/. 1 hive thee, and none hut thee ; help me
away : let me creep in here ; HI never—

[tkiiotMnUutkebatka; Uie§ cover him with
iuul Itnen.

Mrt. Ptiife. Help to omrer yoor master, boy.
rail vour men, mistress Ford :— You dissembling
kiiisht !

Mrs. Ford. What John. Robert, John I [BxU
Robin. Re-enter Servants] — Go tidie up these
clothes liere, quickly ; where's the cowl-staflf?
look, how you drumble ; carry them to the lann-
dress m Daicliet-niead ; quickly, come.

Enter Ford, Page, Caius, and Sir Hogh Evans.

Ford. Pray yon, come near : If I suspect with-
out cause, why then make sport al me. tlien let
Die be your jest ; 1 deserve it— How now T whither
bear you this 1

Serv. To the laundretis, forsooth.

Mrf Ford. Why, what have you to do whither
they bear it ? You were best meddle with buck-

Fi/rd. Buck T I wish 1 could wash myself of the
Ikx4( ! Buck, buck, buck T Ay, buck ; I warrant
you, buck ; and of the season too ; it shall appear.
lExntHt Servants with the basket] Gentlemen. 1
Inrre drmmed to-nifht ; I'll tell you my dream.
Here, here, here be my keys: ascend my cham-
bere. search, seek, find unt : Til wurrant well un-
kennel the iox :— Let me stop this way first :— eo,
now iincape.

Page. GikmI master Ford, be contented : you
wroDK yonrsetf too much.

FunL True, master Page— Up, gentlemen ; you
•Itnll see sport aiM mi: foUow me. irentlemen fExit.

Eva This is fery fantastwal humours and jea-

Cams. By fmr,*tis no de fashion of France : it is

tietjeaioas in France.

B the issue

ly folhiw him. cent

:n. fExetml Kvans, Paice. and Cains.
, Is there not a double excellency in

9 better.

> Mrs

^ Nay foll<
of his

Mrs. F&rd. 1 know not which pleases m
that my huslMiid is deceived, or sir Jolin.

Afr». Page. Whnt a taking was he in. when yonr
h«isiMnd asked who was in the basket 1

Mrs. Ford. I am half afraal he will have need
of washinr: ao throwing hiiu into the %vater will
do him a benefit.

Mrs. Page. Hang him, dishonest nucal. 1 would
atl ufthe same strain were-tn the same uislresa.
Mrs Ford. 1 think my husband hath some spe-

cial suspicion of Palstaff's being here : for I nerer
saw hini so gross in bis jealousy till now.

Mrs. Page. I will lay a plot to tiy that: and w«
wiU yet have more tricks with Falstaff: hisUisao-
lute disease will scarce obey this medicine.

Mrs. Ford. Shall we send that foolish carrion,
mistress Qu ckly. to him. and excuse his throwing
into the water ; and give him another hope, to be-
tray him to another nunishment T

ilfr«. Page. Well do it • let him be sent for to-
morrow eight o'clock, to have amends.

Re-enter Fonl, Page. Caiua, and Sir Hmth Evans.

Fbrd. ! cannot find him : may be the knave
hmgged tif that he oiuld not oumpatis.

Afr*. Page. Heard you that T

Mrs. Fbrd Ay. ay. peace :— You use me well,
master Ford, do you f

Ford. Ay, 1 do s«>.

Mrs. flrd. Heaven make yrm better than joar
thoughts !

FbrxL Amen.

Mrs. Page. You do yoaiaelf mighty wrong, nia»*
ter Ford.

Find. Ay.Mj; I must bear it

Eva. If there be any pody in the house, and in
the chambers, and in the coders, and in the
presses, Heaven forgive my sins at the day of judg-

Cams. By gar, nor I too ; dere is no bodies

Page. Fie, fie, master Ford! are you not
ashamed T What spirit, what devil suggesU this
imagination T 1 would not have your disemper in
this kind, for the wealth of Windsor Ciisle

Ford. "Its niv fault, roaster Page : I sufler for it.

£>t>a. You sufler for a pad conscience : your wife
is as honest a 'omans, as I will desires among five
thousand, and five hundred loo.

Cams By car, 1 see 'tis an hooei4 woman.

Ford, Well ;— I promised you a dinner :—('onie.
come, walk in the pork : I pray yon. piirdoii me ;
I will hereafter make known to you, why I have
done this. — Come, wife;— come, mistress Page;
I pniy you. pardon me ; pray heartily, pardon me.

Page. Let's go in, gentlemen; but. trust me,
we'll mock him I do invite you tn-motn»w morn-
ing to my huose to breakfiist ; after, we'll a Inrd-
ing together ; 1 have a fine hawk for the bush :
Shall It be so?

Fbrd. Any thing.

Eva. If there is one, I shall make two in the

Cams. If there be one or two, I shall make a de

F.va. In your teeth : fcir shame

Fbnl. Pray you go, niHhier Page.

Eva. 1 pmy you now, remembrunce to-momnr
on the lousy knave, mine host.

Cams. Dat is icood ; l>y gar, vit all my heart

Era, A hiusy knave ; to have his gibes and Kit
mockeries. [Excmk

SCENE IV.-^ Room m Page'k .Hosut.
Enter Fen ton and Mistress Anne Page.

FhU. 1 see, 1 cannot gaet thy father's h»ve;
llierefore no more turn me to luiu, sweet Nan.

Amte. Alas! how ihenT

FhU. Why, thou must he thywUl

He duth otiieot, I am too great of Im th ;
And that, my state being gall'd with my ex|«nat^
I seek to heal it only by Ins wealth :
Besides these,, other ban he lays before me,-*-
Mv liots past, my wild sticielies :


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SkaL WelU fiure yna well :- we shall have the
tntr wooinx at maMer Pamx

[Exetmt Shallow and Slender.
Oanu Go home. Juho Rufftij ; I cume anon.

Host Farewell, my hi^rts : f will to my boneet
kniidU PateufE and drink canaiy with him.

ffix/t Host
AnI lAtide.} ! think, f ahall drink in pine-
wme ftiii with him; PU make him dance. Will
TOO Ku. centlea T
A 1 Have with jroo, to see Uiis monster.


8CI£NE III.— it Jtoom m Font's Ham.
Eu'er lira. Fonl ami Mrs. Page.
Un.nrd Wliat. John I what. Robert I
Mn. Pave. Quicklj, quinkly : b the bock-bas-
Mtr$.FifrtL 1 warrwit :— What. Robin, I sajr.

fii/cr Servants, with a buakd.

Mfrt PUf*. Come, onne. none.

Afr*. MW. Here, set it down

Mrs. Page. Give jruar men the oharfe ; we most

Afrt. PML Marry, as 1 told vna berors, John,
and Hubert, he ready here hard by in the brew-
hooee : and when I suddenly call yi»n. oonie fisrthc
and. (without any paune or ragcvring,) take this
bosket fm your sbuulders : that dune. trudge with
it m sll haa'e. and carry it among the wliitsten in
Dnichet-mead and there empty it in the muddy
ditch, done by the Thames side.

jtfrt. Poor You win do it T

Mr*, ntrd I have told them over and over ; they
lark no directioo : Be gone, and eoroe when you
are called. [Brmmt Servanta.

Mr*. Page. Here oomes little Kobin.
BtUer Roltm.

Mr*. Fbrd. How now. my eyas-musket T what
news with you T

Rob My muater. sir John, is come in at yoor
back door, tmstrsss Ford ; and requesUyouroom-

^Mr». Page. Yoo little Jack-Aplent, have yuo been
true to OS '

Jto*. Ay, ni he sworn : Mv master knows not
of yoor being here; and hath tUreafenod to pot
me into evenastiiw liberty, if I tell you of it ; for,
he Kweam, hell torn me awsy.

Mr*. Pome Tho«rrt a good hoy ; this secrecy of
thine shalfhe a tailor to the«t. and shall nmke thee
• new diNiMet and boee.— I'll go hale nia

Mr*. Fbrd. Do ao:— Oo tell thy maiter. I am
alnaa. ftUstrass Page, rsmember you your cne.
[ExU Robin.

Mra. Page. I warrant thee; if 1 do n«it act it,
Wss me. [BUI Mm. Pen.

Mr*. Fbrd Go to then ; well use ibis unwhnle-
•ome homidity, this gross watery pumpion ;— we*U
taaoh him how to know turtles mim jaya.

PkL Baae I ramht thee, sw heawnlr jemetT
Why. now let me die. for I have hved !• mc onoogh :
this is the period of my ambition; O this blemed

Ifrs. Fbn* O sweet sir John !

FkL Mistjesa Ponl. I cauoot oc«. 1 rannatpnite,
I Pofd. Now shall I sin in my wish : I

Jlfr». Pbrrf. 1 yoor lady, sir John ! ahw. 1 should
be a pitiful Imlv.

Fbl Let the court of France Ao\w me such
aaother : I Hee how thine eye woukl emulate the
diamond : Thou hast the right arched bent of the
blow, Unit beconiM tlie ship-tire, the tire*valmnt,
or any tire of Venetian admittance.

Mr*. Fbrd, A ptiuu kerchief, sir Jfihn: my brows
become nothing else ; nor thai well neither.

FbL Thou art a traitor to say no : thou woukl si
make an absolute courtier; aiid the firm fixture
of tliy foot would give an excellent motion to thy
gait, m a semi-cirRled fari hingale. I see wliat thou
wert, if fortune thy foe were not; nature is rhv
friend : Come, thou canst not hide it.

Mr*. Fhrd. Believe me, there's no sudi thii« in

PhL What made me love th««T let that peranade
thee, there's something extraordinary in thee.
Come. I canmit cog. nnd my. thou art this and tlmt,

lil,^ r.u i:..^;„.. .. .w„^ j„^ tij^

CO niHl smell like

Be ii>i : but I love

th( ervest iL



[ love to HralK

I. how 1 kive

rve it.
soyuado; or

listress Fonl!
sweating, ami
would needs

a very tatthn*

^ Ctebeai

w«fii«d ■ by husfannd were deed : 111 speak it before
■ beeit. • "

Uml. 1 wuold make thee my hnly.

Enter Mietre** Page and Rohm.

What^ the matter f how now f

Ifrr. Paae. O mistress Fonl, what have yon
done T You're shsnied. you are overthrown, yum
are undone for ever.

Mr*. F^rd. Wliet's the matter, good mislrsM

Mr* Page. O well-a-day. mistress Fonl ! having
an honest man to your hushnnd.to give him such
cause of suspiciim.

Mr*. Pbrd. What cause of suspicran ?

Mr*. Page Wlmt cause of siauiioionl— Out upita
yoo ! how am I mistuok in you T

Jfrt. Pbrd. Why. alas! what's the matter t

Mr*. Page. Your liuiibaud% cupiing liither, wo-
man, with all ilie oflloers in Windsor, to sesn-li for
a gentleman, that, he says, is hem now in tlie
boose, by your consent, to take an ill advantage of
his libsenoe : you are uml<Nie.

JITri. Ford. Speak louder.— [ilnd^l—nis not so,

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