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JSku. I lova the sport well : bat I sliall as aoon
■nanal at it, as any ouiu ui Kiighind r^You ara
Stnklt Uyua see the bear luuse, are you uui f

Ammt. Ay, indeed, sir.

Skn. Thai's meat nnd drink to me now : I have
aMNi Sacfcerauu hmse twenty Umes: and have
laken him by the chain : but, 1 warrant you, tlie
wnman have so cned and shriek'd at it, that it
|aMB*d :— hut womea, iiakwd. cannot abide *em ;
i4M|y an very lU-liMruursd rough ihiugs.

Ac-cnfcr Paga.
i\iM. Come, gentle I
stay nir roo.
Skm. Ill eat nothii«, I thank voo. sir.
Page. By cook and pye you shall not cboasa,iir:

Slea. Nay, prsy you, lead the way.
Pagt. C<ime on, sir.

Sim. Mistress Anne, yourself shall go first.
Amm. Not I, sir : pray you, keep on.
Skm. Truly. I will imh go fiiat; tnily, la: 1 will
not do you that wmog.
T»u. sir.

ler lie aDmannerly than tnrabia*

_ le. 1 prayyt

Skm. nlraiht

ome ; yon do yiHinelf wrong.

Emter Sir Hugh Evans amd Simple.

£m. Git year ways, aad ask of Dr. Caius* I
wliicu n the way : and there dwells one mist rose
Quickly, whMi is in the manner of his nurse, ur
his dry nutse, or hia cook, ur his laundry, his
washer, and hw wringer.

fitov. Well. sir.

Boa. Nay. it is peiter yet : give her this let-
ter ; for ft IS a *oinan that aliogether's Ncquaint-
ance with mhrtress Anne Page : and tlie tetter n,
to desire and requirs her lo solicit your msaier*s
desires to mistrem A line Puge: Ipmyyou.heguoe;
1 will make an end of my dmner ; there's pippins
and cheeae to come. jEirmt.

SCENE IIL—A Boom m Iks Gaitar Inn.

BmUr Faistaff, Host, Bardolph, Nyn, Pistol, nd

At Mfaie host of the Garter,—

Bo$l. What says my bully-rook T Speak aeho*
larly and wisely.

t\U IVuly, mine host, I must tarn away sooic
of my fiillewers.

Hoat. Discard, bully Herculea;casfajer: let tbaia
wtur ; trot, trot.

nL 1 sit tti ten (Ntoiids a week.

Uoat. llioirrt Hu emperor. Cesar, Keisarjand
Plieezar. 1 will eniersni Bardolph; he shall
draw, he shall lap : saul I well, bully Henur?

#U Do so, good mine host.

Htiat. I have »poke ; let iiim follow : Let me sea
thee livth, and lime : 1 am at a wunl; follow.

lExU Host

#UL Bardolph, folkiw him : a tspvter is a gond
trade : an old cloak nwkes a new jerkm ; a with-
ered serving-mau. a frnah tapster: Go; adieu.

Bard. It is a lifo that 1 have desired : I wiU
thrive. [BaM Bard.

FiaL O baae Googarian wiglit I will ihou tha

wield T

His nuud « not ^eruic. and

>iten in dniik : Is nut the hn-

ihere^k the humour of it

#U. I am glad, i am ao aoqmt of this tinder-bo«;
his thefts were t«Nt open : lus liiclung whs like an
unskilful singer, lie kept not ume.

Hlfm. The good humour is, to steal at a miauleli

Pm. Convey, the wise it oaU: Sleal! fob; a
fioo for the phrase I

FhL WelU sirs. I am almost out at beola.

IhaL Why then, let kibes ensue.

Fbl. I'here is no remedy ; I muai oooay-catrli
I must shift.

I'M Young ravens must have fouL


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Paoe. lam (tad tn see yuii,«ood master SlendttT.

Sim. Huw does yoar AiUow gro v hound, ilrT 1
iMMid Mky, he was outrun ua CosuUe.

PofK. it ooa.d Dot be jndg'd, sir.

Skn. Yiin'll not confess, you'll nut cnnfesi.

ShaL That he will not; — 'tik your fiiull, lis
your fiiult :- -His a fuod dog.

Foffe. Acur.iir.

Shal Sir, iie'k a good dog. and a (Ur dog: Can
Ibere be moru oud T be is good, and fair. Is su*

PofW. Sir. be u withiu ; and I would 1 oould do

a good office lietweeu you.
»i !t»s ""

■ spitke as a Christians ouffat to speak.

Skal. He hath wr.ing'd uie, uiasier Page

Pa(< Sir, he doUi m wmM sort ooufess it.

S»aL If It be oiMitess'd, it is not redress'd ; is
uo> that ail, master Puge T He ha h wn»ui{'d iiit ;
!iideed. he hath ;— ut a word he hath ;— l)cli«ve
Die ; Robert Shttliow, esquire, saiih, he is wruugM.

Pagt. Here comes sir Johii.

Ater pr Johu PalstaH; Bonlolph,

Nym, <

fU. Now, master Shallow, youll complain of
■M to the king \

StyiL Knight, you have beaten my men, killed
my deer, aud broke open my lodce.

FU. But not kiM'd your keeper s dnughter T

aiitd. Tut, a pm ! this shall be aiiswei'd.

Fai, 1 will aiuwer it siruighi ;— 1 have done all
this :— That is now aiiswer'd.

ShaL The Council sliall know this.

#10. Twen better lur you. if it were kuown in
Oiunael : youll be Uu<ird >a.

Am. Bnoa nvrte. sir John, coot worts

FaL GotKl worts! lewod OHtMjage.— Slender,
broke your head ; What matter have you against

!^m. Marry, sir, 1 have matter in my head
against you : and agaiMi your nuiey-catching ras-
otts. BarU«iipii. Nym. and Pistol. They carried
ne to the tavern, made me drunk, aud aiterwards
picked my pmti^et.

Bnrd. X ou Baiibunr cheese I

&tn. Ay. tl IS n-i matter.

fitL How uoMT, Mei>liue ophUus T

5ieN. Ay, it is no luuiter.

Sfm. Slice. I say ! puaca, jMutca ; sUoe I that's

TSXm. Wuere*s Simple, my man T<-can you *nll,

£^ INeaoe : I pny you ! Now Ut us nndor-
stand : There is turer uiiipirm in this matter, as I
undecaUud : that is— owisier PaxeJlUettcef, master
Page; aud there w niy.'4elt;/yt<ir«f, n^yself ; and
tiie three party is. la»uy and llnally, mme host of
the Garter

Pogt. We three to hear it, and eud it betweea

Em. Feny guot : 1 will make a prief oT it in my
notebook ; and we will Mllerwarus *ork upon the
cuuae, with as grsat discreetly as we can.

#W. Pistol,—

Pm. He hears with ears.

£c«. The tevd wuh Ins lam ! what phrase is this,
U* hear* mtk tan t Why. it is atfectations.

Al. PisUil, dal you pick master Slander's purse T

SIM. Ay, hf tlH:se glfVes. dal he. (or I would 1
wight never oouw m mine own great chamber
Mgoa else.) of seven gro.iU in mill-sizpenoes, awl
two £d«vard shovel boards, ttuU cost me two shil-
ling aud two pence a-pieoe of Yeud Miller, tqr

#U. lsUustnM.Pj«ulf

Fal What say you. Scarlet aiMl Jol
Bard Why, sir, ft»r my part. I say.
Mtt had drunk himself out of his tiv

Bva. No ; it is fabie, if it is a ptdt-purse.

Pul. Ha, iliou mountain-f Me«nei 1— Sir Jote
aud master mine,
1 ounbM challenge of this latlan bUba:
Wonl of denial in thy labm here ;
Word of denial : fhtth aud scum, thoa liast

SlMH. Bv these gloves, then twas he.

Hm. fie adnsM, sir, and pass goou nnmnvrt .
1 will s^, marrt trap with you. if you run tiie nut*
hook's humour on me : that is ihe verv note vi it.

Stat. Bvthishat,then.heintheredtBO<ihiidit:
fiir tliough I cannot remeinlier what I dal wiM*u ytMi
made nie drunk, yet 1 am not altoce tier an aas.

"• "" " ■ IJolmT

say. the gantle-

J five seutencea.

Boa. It is hix five senses : fie. what the igno*

Bard And being fap, sir, wa«, as they s:iy, la-
shier d ; and so ooiiclu:>ions passM tlie cureiras .

SiMii, Ay, vuu spake in Latin then too; but tit
no matter : ril ne'er be drunk whdst 1 hve again,
lint in houest, ovil, gtidi y compiinv. fur tins ti ask :
if I he drunk, I'll be drunik witii thoee that have the
fear of God, aud not with drunken knavvs-

JStw. So Gut 'udge me, Ui.tt u a virtuous mind.

#b/. You hear all these matters denied, geuile-
men ; you hear it.

Enter Unint$ Anne Page with wine, Mistrtm
Ford ami Mittressritgit, JoUowamj.

Paot. Nny. daughter, carry the wine in ; well
drink within. yExM Anne Pag*.

Sim. U iieaven ! this is mistress Anne Ptage.

i^Bi/e. How now. mistress Ponl ?

Fbl Mistress Kurd, by my troth, yiHi ve vei7
well met : by your leave, good miairess

(Jfuwair AfT.

Pott- W'ife. bid these gentlemen welcome : .

Coiiie. we have a hot veiuaon pteti^ to diuner :
oome gentle. lien, 1 htipe we Khali drink down all

1 Eixtma aU bnt ShaL , Slender, and Evans.

SletL I hud railier than forty shillings, 1 imd my
laaik of Songs aud Sonnets here :—

Enter Simple.
How now. Simple! Where have you been 7 I must
wait on myself, must 1 1 You have uoi The Uouk
<^ RkldUe about you, have you I

Sim Book of RuUles! why did not you lend it
to Alice Shortcake upon Allhallowmaa last, a
fortnight aliire MMihaelmas f

ShaL Come, ooz ; ooiue, cuz ; we stv for you.
A word with you, ooz : niui ry, this, cus ; Tliere m,
as 'twere, a tender, a kind of tender, made aiar
off by sir Hugh here i — Do yon undHrstand me (

SkiL Ay, sir. you shall, tiial me cvaauuable; if
it be so, 1 shall do that that is reason.

ShaL Nay, but undentaud me.

Slen. Sol do, sir.

£ua. Give ear to his motions, roaster Slender :
I will description the matter to you, if you be ca-
pacity of It.

Slen. Nay,I will do as nurooosia Shallow says:

pray yon. pardon me ; he s a justice ol' peaoa in

h» country, simple though 1 stand here.

^n. But this is not the queetioa; the
is ooooeming your mamage.

SkaL Ay, there's the pomt, sir.

Earn. Marry, is it; the veiy puint of it; to mi»>
trees Anne Page.

Stem. Why, if it be so, 1 will marry her, npoo
any reasouutHe denuuids.

£00. But can you atfectioo the 'ooiau *

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[Act I. >

iAiAc. 1 think Uie buy balh graoe in him; he

FflL I wsmuit ]roo« ny lard; mora t^na^ than

DiAt, what mean jmu hy that safinf 7

YoL PlaaM yuo, I'll tell foo as we paai alonf,

That 70a will wonder, what bath foitnned.—
Come, Proteoe; tis your penance hot to heai
The story of your lores discovered :
That done, our di^ of marriage ahaQ be yoon;
One test, one house, one mutual happmees.




Pent 00.

Shallow, a cotmtnfjiatke.

Slender, amtm to SMaBtm.

Mr'. Pace' ! '^ genUemem dmUmt at Wmdsor.

Wiiliwn b»Ke, abof.mmto Mr. Page,

Sir Hta^i Erans, Welrh porttm.

Dr. Caius, a Frmch pkysidan.

Hbtt of the Gorier Inn.




Pistol, y/oOowers cf FaJttoff.

Rohia. pooe to FkMnf.
Simple, tervant to Slender.
Rugby, tervoMt to Dr. Cam.

Mm. Fold.

If n. Page.

Mni. Anne Page, her daughter, m lam with FhUon.

Mn. Quickly, mvmU to Dr. Cam$.

Servants to Page, Ford, 4t.
SCENE,~Windsor: and the parf mdjneent.

ACT 1.

SCENE I.-WiiHlsor. Before Pa«e% Homm.

Enter Justice Shallow, Slender, and Sir Hugh

ShaL Sir Hugh, persuade me not : I will make
a Star-chamber matier of it : if he were twenty
sir John FkbtaiSh he shnll not abuse Robert Shal-
low, esquire.

SOen. In the county of Gloster, Justice of peace.

ShaL Ay. cousin Slender, and Cmsl-alorvm.

Sten. Ay, and rotetorwH inn : and a gentleman
born, master pNrann : who writes himself erwri-
gem; in any bill, wanant, quittance, or obligation.

ShaL Ay, that we do; and hare dune any time
these three homlreil yeeri.

Slen. All his suoreiswira. mne before him, have
dooe^: and all hiiiiuioe8ton,that come aOer him,
may : they may gire tlie d«izen while loneM in their

ShaL It is an old cuat.

Bm. The dozen white louses do become an old
coat well ; ii screes well, passant : it is a famihar
keast to man. and signi({e»— lore.

ShaL llie luoe is the fresh flsh ; the salt fish is
an oldooat.

Sten. I may qimrier. cnxT

StmL Yuu may, liy marrying.

J|na. It is marrmg, indeed, if he quarter it.

Ae/. Not a whit

.£na. Vea, pjr'r-lady ; if he has a quarter of yoor

roat, there is but three skirts (or yourself hi ray
simple cmuectures : hut this is all one: If sir John
Falstaff have committed dtspangemenls unto yuu,
I nm of the church, and will be glad to do my be-
neroleiice, to make atonements and compromisea
between you.

ShaL llie Council shall hear h; ft is ariot

Eva. It is not meet the Council hear a riot ;
there is no fear of Got in a riot : the Council. look
you, shall desire to hear ilie fear of Got, and not
to hear a riot : take vour vizameots in that.

ShaL Ha ! o* nnr life, if I were young again, tha
swoid should eiKJ it

Eva. Il is petter that (Viends is the sword, and
end it : and there is also another device in my
prain, which, perad venture, pringa goot discns-
lions with it : 1 here it Anne Page, whidi is daugh-
ter to master George Page, which is pretty vir*

Sim. Mistress Anne Page T She has brown hair,
and speaks small like a wimian.

£00. It is that fery penum for all the 'orld. aa
Just as you will desire ; and seven hundred ptiundt
of monies, and gold, and Kilver. is Iter (rrandMire,
upon his death's-bed. (Got deliver to a joyfu. re>
surrectioim !) give, when f4ie i* able to overtake
sevetiiecii yesrs old : it were a goot motion, if we
leave our pnhbles and pmhbles,and desire a mar*
naee lieiweea master Abrahiim, ani mistreaa
Anne PMge.

Shot. PmI her grandsirelesve her seven hundred
ponml 7

Eva. Ay, and her father is made her a petter

ShaJ. I know the young gentlewoman : she has
good gifts.

Eva. Seven hundred pounds, and possibilities, is
gond ciAs.

Shot. Well, let us see honest master Page : Ii

. Eva. Shall I tell you n lie T I do despise a Imr,
w 1 do despise one I hat is false : or, as I despise
onethatif^nottnie. 1'hekiiiclit.sii liam, is there;
and, I be)«eech >ou. lie ruled l.y ycHir well-wilk n.
I will peat the door Ikvocks] for master F^i^
What, boa ! Got pless your house here I
Alter Page.

/V»pe. Who's there?

JS^ Here Ik Guf» plessmg. snd your friet. I. and
jtvitire Shuiinw : and here young master Slender ;
that, pemdvfniures. sIimII tell jrou another tale,
if miittere grow to >«iur likings.

Poite. I am glad to see yonr worshirs weD : I
tlisnk von for mv venison, niaster Shallow.

Shaf Master Pa^ e, I am slad to see you : Morb

KknI do It your good heart ! I wished yi>nr veniaoa
*tter : It was ill killed —How dot h good nintress
Page?— and I hwe you always with lay beait. hi ;
with my heart
Page. Sir, I thank yon.
ShaL Sir, I thank you . by yea and no, I da

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>^T \


Kather than hii?e &lse Pmteos reaooe ma.
O. H«iven be judfce, how I \me Valentina,
whoM hfe'lB aa taoder Ui me na mjr wul ;
Anl fall at maeh. (fur mure there cannot be,)
I dodateet fiiba ptsijur'd Prciteufi :
llierefore befHHM. auhcit me mi more. [death.

Pro^ What daoKenxn nctioii. sUhmI it next to
Woald I not undeKu for ime culm Iraik t
(>. *tr« the cttrse in love, and tull approv'd.
When wumeu cannot iove, where they*re lieloT*d.

SU When VtvMQt cainnot love wliere he'n be-
Read over Jaiia*a heart, thjr first bert love.
Fur whive dear aaka tboa didat then rand thy faith
Into a thooeand natha; and all thoeti oatlia
Dracended into perjmy, to luve me.
'Hwia haat no fiiith left now. niitesit thuU haiter two.
And thafk fitf wovae than none ; better have none
Hiau plural fhith, which ia tuo much bjr one :
'llMia ouontarftfit to thjr troe friend I

/Vo. In lore,

Who raqianta friend ?

Si. AV men but Pniteoa.

Pro. Nay, if tlie gentle Vfint of iiiovtug wucda
Cnn no way duuice you to a •iiilder form,
ni woo you hke a auldier, at arma' end ;
And hiTB yuu 'cuiiiat the nature of love, force jou.

SO. OlleMven!

Pro. I'll force thee yield to my deaire.

VaL Roflian. let iro th.it ruile uncivil touch
Thou friend of an dl fiiahion I

Pro. Valentine !

VaL Thon OMnmoa fkiend, that'a witliuut Odth
or lore ;
(For aueh ■ a friend now,) treachemna man !
'Umio haal beiruird my hopea; noucht hut mine eye
Could have perauaded me : now I dare not aay,
I havtooe fn«nd alive: thou would'sl diaprove me.
Who ahonid be truated now, when uneSi h|(ht hand
la peijar*d Ui the buaom T Pruteua,
I am aorry I moat never troat thee more.
Bat count the world a atranger for thy aake.
The privafe wound \n deepeat,0 time, moat carat I
*Moagat all fnua, that a friend should be the wurat

Pro. My Bhanie and guilt confound me.—
Kurxive me, Valentine : if beany aumiw
Bo a aiifBcient mnaom for oflbnce,
I tender it here : i do aa truly autfer,
Aa e'«r i dal commit.

VaL Then I am paid ;

And oone again 1 do receive th«e houeat :—
Who liy rapenunce is not aaiiafied.
b nor of heaven, nor earth ; fortheaears pleaa'd;
By penitence the Etenial*a wrathV appefta'd :—
And, I hat m> love mav appear plam and fliea.
All that waa mine in Silvia, I give thee.

JW. O me, unhappy I {FUiUt.

Pro. \/»A to the boy.

VaL Why. boy I why.wafi hownowT whatis


JmL And JuUa herwif did cive it me ;
And Julia heraelf hath broacht it hither.

Pro. How ! Juliu!

JmL Behold her that gave aim Ui all thy
And entertuiii'd tlieiii deeply in her heart :
How oft haat thou with perjury cleft the rrakf
O Pruleua, let thia habit make thee bluah I
Be thou ushanrd. that 1 havt« took upon ma
Such an iiiini(ide.<a raiment; if ahame hve
In adisxiiiM of Inve:

It IS the iea-«r lilot, modes'y flnda, [miiida.

Women to dinnge their shape8.than men tliiir

Pro. limn men their niiiMU ; 'tie true ; O hea-
• veil ! were iiiuii
But crmstant. he were perfect : that one errnr
Fills him witti faults ; iiiukes him run thruujch all

si us:
Inomstantlv fulls off; ere it begins:
What IS in SilvmV face but I may apy
More fn-sli m Julia's with a ctaialant eyal

VaL Cuiiie. C4>me. a linnd from either:
l^t me im hltait to iiuike thin happv clone;
''I'were pity two such friends ahottJd be loafrfooa.

Pro. Bear wititess, heaven, 1 have my wiah for

JuL And I have mine.

Elder Out-hiwa, wOh Duke and Thorio.

OmL A prize, aprixe.apffiasf

VaL Forbear. I say ; it is my lord the duka.
Your grace ia weiouiue to a nuin divgrac'd.
Banished Valentine.

DhIu. Sir Valentine!

Tku. Yonder is Silvia: and Silvia's mine.

VaL Thiirio, give back, or else embrace Uy

Look op: speak

Jul. O good air. ny i

To deUver a ring to madam Sdr . .
Which oat of ny neglert waa never dona.

Pro. Wher«iBUutiinf,boTT

JoL Hera *li8: this ii it


Pro. Howl let ma see :
Why thia ia tha ring I gave to Jalia.

hU. O.crj yoa marny. air. I have miatook ;
Thai ia tha ring jroa sent to Silvia.

tSkowo aaotJitr mtf.

Fro. Bat, howeam'M thoo by thJaringT at my
1 fvna thM iMtu JvUtt.

Come not within the measure of my wrath :
Do iKii name iiilvui thine ; if once again,
Mil.in sliall mit behoU thee. Here she sUuda,
Take hut pnaaeasion of her wi;h a touch ;—
I dure thee but to hrearlie uptm my love —

't7m. Sir Valentine, I care not for her, I ;
I hi lid liiui liut n foul, thai will endanger
His twdy lor n gir' thut loves liim not :
1 claim hnr not, and theref(*re slie is thine.

Duke. The more degenerate and baan art thou
Tu make such mentis for her aa thou haat done.
And leave her on sudi light conditioaa.—
Now, by the honour of my ancestry,
I do u>pluud thy spirit. Valentine,
Aud think thee wortliy of an empeeaa* lova.
Know then, I liere furxet all ftinner griefo,
Cancel all grud<e. repeal thee home ateain.—
Plead a new a ate in tliy unrivtiird merit.
To which 1 thus sttlacnbe.— air Valentine,
ThiM art a KeutleiuHu, imd well deriv'd ;
Tkke thou ihy Sllvii^ C>r thou haat deaerv'd her.

VaL I thank yiHurgrace; the gift hath made om

I now beseech yon, foi liter's aaka,

I'o grant one hiion ihii jc of you.

Duke. 1 grant it, for whate'er it be.

VaL These biuiish'i at 1 have kepi

Are men endued with ililiaa; (withal,

Forcive them what th nmitted here.

And let them be recal sir exile :

Thoy are reformed, mi mxI.

And fit for xreat empli rhy lord, [thea;

Dike. 1'hou haat pi „, . ..anion them, and

Diapoae of them, aa thou know*st their deaarta.
Come, let ns go; we will include all jars
With tnumptis. mirth, and rare aoleamliy.

VaL And. as we walk alonx. I dare be bold
With our dntoourae tu make yirar grace to simVa.
Wluftt ihtuk you of ihw page, my luid T

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SCENE I.— 7V MM. AnAbbef.
EiUer EglnoKHir.
BH. The son beipw to tdld the western Aj :
And DOW, it is alwat the very hour
'i'lMt Sihskat Pktnck's cell, shtMikl meet me.
Slie will nut fiul ; fiir l-iven break not boors,
Cnleas it be to oome before tbetr time ;
&i a uch they spur ibeir ejcpediiiua
iSs/er SIlTia.

See where she oomes : Lady, a happgr evemnf t
Sil. Amen, amen 1 guoo. Kotd i^iuiiuurl

Oai ai the poeteni bv the ubheywall ;

1 few, I am aiteoded liy sume spies. [off:

tii/L ftar not : th« fiirest m not three leagues

If we reouver that, we are sure enough. iBxnmt.

SCENE U. — 7V mme. An AparfmaU m the
Duke's httace.

Emter Thuriu. Proteus, mmi J ulia

Tkm Sir Pruteus, what mjs Si!vm to mj suit T

/V«. O, sir, I find her milder than she was ;
And yet she takes exceptions at your persoa.

"nm. What, that my leg IS Uhi loux t

Pnt. No : that it ■ hmlittie. Croander.

Tim, rjl wear a boot, to make H Mimewhat

l*nK But luve will not be spurr'd to what it

T^hK. What says she to my face ( [hiathes.

tru. She says it is a 6ur one. [I4ack.

Tkn. Nay, then the waiiioii lies; my l':ioe is

/V«. But pearls are fair; aial tlie okl saying is,
Bhttk men are pearls lu lieauieiKis haiies* eves ;

Jtd. ' lis true, suclipeurhi as put out ladies' eyes;
For I had raiher wiuk ihsu look ou them. [ilMCc.

Am. How likes she my discourse T

tr9. Ill when you talk ol war lP«*o> ^

'Vim. But welC whan 1 dtaoourse of love ami

JmL But belter, indeed, when you hold your
peace. [JLadt.

Tht> What s«]rs she to my Taloor T

tro. O. sir, she makes no doubt of that.

JtiL She need not, when she knows it oowanlkse.

Tim. What says she to my birth t

/Vo. Thai you are wall denv'd.

JiU True ; fniu a gentleman to a Ibol. lAtUk.

T>m. CoiisMiers slie my pussessiuus f

i*ro. U.'ay : and tHtiea tiiem.

Ttm. \Aiiareloref

JuL That such an aas ahoald owe tham.


/V«. That they are out by leaaa.

JuL Hersoomes the duke.

£nfer Duke.

Dukt. HnwDow,KirPruteusT how now, Thuriot
Which of you saw sir Eghuiiour of late f

llm. Not 1.

Pro. NorL

Dukt. Saw you my daughter t

; hro. Neither.

Ihikt. Why. tiieu she's lied unto tliat peasant
AIM l^|lalNour is in her oomfiaiiy [Valeuliue ;
'1V trwe ; 4or inar Laursnoe uiet them bi»ih,
As I r in peuauce waiider'd ihniiigh the forest :
Him he knew «irell, and guesa'd that it was she ;
bo*, behig maak'd. he was wa sure of it :
|:<sn1vs. she did miend omliBasMai
Ai Painck'soell this even; and there she ww not:
1 ueee likelihonds oonhrm her (light fttim heooe.
I'Aerejgra 1 pray yoti, suual not Id d«ouorsa.

But mnvnt yuu presently ; and meet with me
Upon the rksng of the mountam-fuot
Tnat leads towards Mantua, whiiher theyars ded.
Dwoatch. sweet gentlemen, ami follow roe. \JUiL

Thu. Why tiiis it is to be a peevish girl.
That flies her fortune when it follows her :
I'll aAer; naire to lie revengM on E^tamottr,
nianfortheloveofreckkMsSilvuL [EaK.

fro. And 1 wUI f.»lhiw, more for Silrm^ iovr,
Tlian hale of Crlaiuour that goes witli her. [£z»<.

JmI. And i will ftiilow, more to ntiss tha: hive,

Tliaii hate for Sdvta. that M goue fur love. fJCat

SCENE m.-fWifi<irrf<ifMaDtoa. TV FbrvsL

Emttr Silvia, and Out-Iawa.

ChM. Come, dime;
Be patient, we must hrragyou to our captain.

Sd. A thou.«and imire misrhances ihan^at
Have learu'd me h«iw t4> hronk thai patiently.

2 Om/. Come, bnuK her away. [hert
1 Out. Uhere w Uie gentleman that was with

3 Oaf. Beiiic ninible-lfnited, he ha'h ooft-mu us,
But Muyses. aial Vulenus. follow him.

Go thou with her to the weet end of the wood,
lliere is ourcauiain : we'll fblhiw him that's fled.
llM thicket is beaet. he camiwt Ismpe. [cave ;
1 OhI Come, I must bring yuu to our captaw^
Fear not ; he bears an honourable miial, '.
And will mit use a wiHuan iawlMntly.
&I. O Vaieuuue, this 1 endure for lhee.<

SCENE Vi.^AmotktrparttifO* PantL
filler ValenUue.

Val HownaeikithbceedahaNtinamaal
llus shadowv deann, uafreiiueiiLed woods,
1 belter brtiuk tliau dounshmg peopled toams:
Hera can I sit alone, unaeeii iif any.
And to the uighttngale's comphuuutg notea.
lone my dislwsas. and reouni my woea..
O iliou that dust inhabit in my breast.
Leave not the manaioB so haac teuaiiUesa;
Lest, growing ruinous, the budding hUU
And leave no memory of what it was !
R«|4ur me with thy pnaence, Sihria:
Thou gentle nymph, chensh thy forlt«m swain I
What hallotug, and what sur, ai this to-day!
These are my mates, tliat make tlieir wills their
Have some unhsppy passenger in chasn : [hiw,
1'hey love me well ; y«t I Iwvti much to Ju,
To keep them Aroiii uncivil uutrsges
Withdraw thee. Valentine; who's this ctNnat
hers? iSreiiBam^.

BttUr Pruteus. Silvia, ami J uka.

pro. MNdam. this servioe I have done (dr f no,

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