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One uf their kind, thut r«li»h nil as sharply.
Piusiun as they, Im kindlier muv'd than thuu art*
llioagh with tlieir high wmngs 1 am struckt.) tbe

Vet. with my nobler reason *Rainst my ftuy
Do 1 take part : the rarer action is
III virtue than in vengaauoe : thev bemg p em t e at.

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Aiimim. IMcrlm.
^m. CMw. BOit bomtanot IwIt, thy rieh lea*
iir whMU, nre. bvtey. vetches, onta, and pMse ;
Hqr twiy nMBtMM, wbera bw nibhling sheep,
Aod flat oMMle thatobM with storer, them to keep ;
Tlij bub with P0OBM and Ultod briioa.
Which wpoao April at Uit beet betnina.
To make oou njrmpha oliaete crowns ; and thf

Whose shadow the dismissed bachelor lovea,
Wf/iag htfs-lom ; ihjr pob dipt TtiMjrard ;
And ihjr aea-rajuise, stenl. and rockf-hiuu.
Where thoa thyself dost sir : Uie queen o* tho sky
Wboae wateiy arch, and measenxer. am I.
Bids thee leaTe these; aod with her soreraigB

Hers on this grsss-plot, m this very place.
To come and sport : her penoirks (I7 unain ;
Approach, rich Ceres, lier to euiertam.

£a/<r Ceres.

Or. Hall, many-coloar'a r
Dost disobey the wife of Jupiter ;
Who, with thy safttm wings, upon my flowers
Diflbsest hooey-ilrops. refreshiiw sliowers ;
And with earii end of thy blue bow dost crown
My bosky acres, and my onsbmbb'd down.
Rich scarf to my pnMid eartli ; Why hath thy qoeen
Smnmon'd me hither, to this shurt-frrasw'd icreenT

irrs. A contmct of true lore to celebrate ;
And some duiiation freely to estate
On the bless'd luvera.

Cer. Tell me. heavenly bow,

If Venus, or her son. as thou dost know.
Do now attend the qneen T since they dkl ploC
The means, thni dusky Dis my dauj^hter got,
Her and her blind buys scandal'd company ^
1 have fonwom. I

Iris. Of her society f

Be not afraid; I met her deity )

Cottinc the dnods towsrds Paphos ; and her son
nove-drawn with her: hers thoogfat they to have

Same wanton duum upon this man and maid.
Whose vows an that no bed-nie ahall be patd
till Hymenis (oreb be liiehted : but in vain ;
Mais's hot minion is retum'd again :
Her waspish-headed son bus broke his arrows.
Sweats he will shoot no more, but play with spar*
Aad be • buy fight oat. [ruws,

Cer. Hishest qoeen of slate.

OroatJoBo comes; I know her by her gait

filler Juno.
JkBLHowdossmyboanteousmsterf OowithoM,
To bless this twain, that they majrpffosperons be,
Aad hoQOor'd in their issue.


Jud. AoMoar, rfckst, H ta n ia yt^e s e tiifff
Long eo$Uum<mee, and incrtaaingt
ibmrtrjof* be $tiU upon fou I
Juno etnffa her bketinge on yam.

Csr. Earth** v$eren»e, and fouon plenty,
Bams and gamers never emplff
Vmes, witk ctusfring bumehts yrowisf ;
itsaif, wUk yoodlt Jmrden boismo:
Sprtng come to yoa, at the/nrthsk,
Jntksveryendof haroeHt

Cwni Ummno sots on fov.
Ar. This is a most mi^isstk: vision, and
..armooMNis duurmingly : Muy 1 bs bold
To Ihuik these HMrtuT

Pro. Spints. whk'ii by mias ait

I have flfom their oooflnss called to eiwrt
llypreaeut fiuicies.

Fh. Let me live here e\er ;

So rare a wonderM lather, and a wiis,
Maks this place Hkraiiise.

iJuno and Cerse isMrer, and tend Iris m

Pro. Sweet I

Juno and Ceres whisper serioosly :
There's something else to do: hush,aadbemm«i

Or else our spell is niarr'd. tniig brouki^

Mr. You nyniplui, call'd Naiadik or the waiid'-

Come, temperate nymphs, and help tu cel ebra te
re ; be not too late.

With your nedg'd crowns, nnd ever harmless kwkL
Leave your crisp diauuels, and on this green ]smi
Answer your suiiimuns : Juno dose ouiiimiind :

Come, temperate iiyniphi ' """' > •^ -

A contract of true love ;

Enter certain Npnphs.
Too sm-bum'd sicklemen, of August weary,
Couie hither from the furrow, and be merry ;
Make holy-duy : your rye-straw hats put on.
And theae fresh nyuiphs encounter every oua
In country footmg.
Enter certasn Rtapers. properly hatetsdj they jon

with Iht Nymphs in a yrae^ donee i towards tks

emtw*tere(tf^lrrtmpwo starts suddenly, and speahs:

after which, to a strange, hotism, and eonfusei

noise, they hsaoityoattish.

Pro. {Aside.] I had forcot that foul

Of the benat CiililNUi, and his coufederates,
Against my Ufe ; tlie minute of tlieir plot
is almost oume.— [To the SiptrUs.} Well dnoa^-
avoid ; — no more. Qw

Ar. lliiK i3t nKwt slrNiige : your fiither^ in
That works hiui strongly.

Jftra. Never till this daf.

Saw 1 him touch'd with anger so disieroper'd.

Pro. You do look, mv son, in a niov'd sort
As if you were dismay^ : be cheerful, «ir :
Our ravel# now are ended : these our uctora,
As 1 fkMoiold vou, were all spirits, and
Are nMsl ed into air, into thiu nir :
And, like the biMeleni fiibnc of this vision.
The douu-ciipp*d towem, the gorgeous pahMSS,
The siileniu lemples. the areat globe iiseU;
Yea. all which it inherit, shall awsiUve ;
And, hke Uus insolisianiial uageanl " '
hovee not a rack bebiiMi : We are s( ^ ^
As dreams are made o(, and our IttUe life
Is rounded with a sleep •iiir, I am vex'd ;
Jiear with my weaknei« ; my old brain is troubled
Be not disiurb'd with my luhrmity :
If you be pleas'd, reure mto mf cell.
And there repoae ; a turn or two I'll walk.

We wish your peeoa

Pro. Come with a thought : — 1 thank you :—
Ariel, come.

Art Thy thoughts I cleave to: What% tlw
Pro. Spirit, [pleasnref

We must prepare to meet with Caliben. [CereiL
Ari. Ay, my commander; when 1 preaeuted
I thooglit to have tokl ihee of R ; but I feaKd,
Lest 1 might auger thee. (varletsT

Pro. Say' again, where didst thou leave thess
An. I tokl you, kir, they were red-hot with drink-
So full of valour, that they smote tite air [lag :
For breathing in their faces ; beat the grouiid
For kissing of their feet jyet always bewlmg
Towanls their prqiect : Then 1 beat my labsr

To still my b

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Act III.)



dapf hit witti/* >Qnm tfte toAfe, and with « flinw

titvietf tke baHqmU vanukeM.

Aft You ara throe men of on, whom dtaiiaj
(Thai haih to ioMninient this lower world.
And whal it in*t.) the neversarfeiied lea
Hath caused lo hnlch ap: aud un this lalaud
Whom man doth mit hihabit ; yoa 'rauiigst men
Being moit untit to Uto. 1 have made yiMi mad ;
• [aHivAlou.Sel>.^(iy«wl*dr«iKir(^
And even with such like valour, men hang aud

Hksfr INPoper eehrea. Yua fouls 1 1 and mjr fellows
ArammMteri of fute : the elemeuts,
)f mhom yiMir awtirds ore temperM mav as well
^«iand the loud winds, or wiih bemockVl-at stsbs
Kill the suil-closiu4 waien. as diminiitb [ten
One dowle Uuti^i in my plume : my fellow-nunts-
kn tike mvulnerahle : if you omld hurt.
Your swords un uuw too iiiaaay fur your strengths,
And wdl not be upidled : But, remember,
(For Uiafk my busiiitaB u» you.) that jroa three
Vrook Mdim did Mippluul gimd Pnispero ;
Kjcpus'd uutn I he SHa, wUicli hatli raquit it,
liim, and his iuiiooeiit duld : for which foul deed
'I1ie powen, delaying, uut forgsttiiu. have
Inoeus'd the sea« awl niiures, yoii. all the creatures,
Against your petice : Thee, uf thy M»n. Alonso,
They have bereft ; and do proiioHiice by ma,
Ling'hng perdition (worse ihau uuy death
Can be at oooe) shall step by step aiieud rfrom
Yon, and yovu* ways ; whuee wraUis to guard vou

IWhMih harp, in this muet desolute isle. hIso nilis
riKN) your heads,) is nothing, but heart's sunuw.
And a dear liie eiisuuig.


an<Miif ewKArtebk.

Pro. lAsUe.] Bravely the figore of this harpf
, hMt thou
Parfonft'd, my Ariel ; a grace it had, devouring:
Of my nstruutmn hsuit thou uoUiing bated,
lu what thou hadst lo saj : >«», wiih good hfis,
And observaiitHi vtrau^a, my meaner miniaten
'Hietr several kiuds have doue : my higti charma
Aud ihise, mine enemies, ure all kuit np [work,
lu their dwtractiouii : they now are in my power
Aud m theie flts I leave tiieni, wtulst 1 visit
Young l%idinand.( whom they Kupfjotie isdrownM,)
Aud his and my loved dai liui^


[Exit Pn«pem/Vom

Oom. r the name of eomuthing holy, sir, why
In tins strange stare T [stand yoa

.Aion. } O. it is monstrous! nHiostroos I

Metboogfat, the billows s|ioke. mid told me of it ;
Tlie winds dal King lo me ; aud the thunder,
Thai daap and dnaalful onc>m-pip«f« pi
The name of Pmeper; it did bMSs my
llisrefar; my son r Uie ooze h budded . „_
111 seek him deeper than e'er plummet sounded,
And with him there he inudded. {ExU.

Stk. But one deud at a Ume,

ru dght their lagiotti o'er.

AnL f 111 be thy second.

[ExtmU Seb tmd Ant

Osn. AH three uf tbem are desperate ; their great
UkB poieon gives to work a great time alter,
Now 'gins lo hito the spihu :— 1 do beseech you
1 hat are 'Of suppler jomis, follow them swilUy,
And kinder tbem firuin wlwt this ecstac^

*" FoUow.lpaj^


SCENE l.^B^ort Prosperous Oefl.
Emter Prospera, Ferdinand, onif Miranda.

Pro. If 1 have too austerely punish'd yoa.
Your oompens;ition makes amends ; for I
Huve given you here a ihread of mine own UAb
Or that for which I live ; wlioni once ngau
I lender to thy h-Mid : all iby vexations
Were but my tria.'s of thy love, and thou
Hast strangely stood the test : here, afore Heaven.
1 ratify this my hdi gill. O Ferdinand,
Do not smile at me, Utat I boast her oft
For thou Shalt 6ud she will outstrip all praise.
And make it hul| behind her.

Fkr. 1 do believe it.

Ail [tion

f gift, and thine own acquiai-
Wi . take my daughter : But

If ler vindu knot beforb

At eremunies may

W: rite be minlster'd,

N( shall the lieuvens let (all

To KCt grow : l)ut barren hate.

So 4id uisconl. shall iMjstrew

Th led with weeds so hiuthly,

Tt I it both : Uierefum take heed.

As iliall light you.

i As I hope

Fo. , , issue, and long lifis,

With sucli love us tie now ; the murkiest den.
The moKi upLMirtune place, the strong'st sugges-
Our wurser Gemas con. shall never melt [tiun
Mine honour into lust; to take awajr
The edge of that day's oelebratkm, [deWd,

When T shall ihiuk, or Phcabus' steeds are /onu-
Or night kept chaui'd below.

Pro. Fsirly spoke:

Sit than, and talk with her, she is thine own.—
What, Arid; my industrious servant Ariel I
Alter AneL

Art. Whatwoaldmypotent master T hers I am.

Pro. Tboa and thy meaner fellows your last

Did worthily perfiirm ; and 1 must use you
In such another tiiek : go, bring ilie ralible.
O'er wluHii 1 give thee pttwer, here, lo tlus place :
Incite them to qnick motion ; for I most
Bestow upon tlie eyes of this young couple
Some vaiuiy of mine art ; it is my promiaa,
And they expect it from me

Ari. Presently f

Pro. Ay, with a twink.

Ari. Before you can say. Come, and 0O,
And breathe twine ; aud ciy, So, to ;
Each one, inpping un his toe.
Will be hen) with mop uial mowa :
Do yoa love mcntuster T no. [proaeh«

Pro. Dearly, iiiy delicate Ariel: Do not a(*
Till thou dtist hear me call.

Ari. Well I conceiva. tJbU.

Pro. Look, thou be true : do not give dalliawie
Too much the rem : the strongeHt oaths are straw
To the lira i' the Mood : be lUiire ahet e nuoua.
Or else, good iiiglit, your vow I

thr. I warrant you, sir.

The white eold virgin snow upon my heart
Axainst the ardour of my liver.

Pro. Well.-
Now come, my Ariel : bring a eoroUarr,
Ratlier than want a spint : appear, aialpeitlf.—
No tongue; all eyes ; be sdent iSbfi

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J 5^


[Act III.

OMiyWttooownMkl: Tbejr all do hat« him

kM mottdlj w 1 ; Barn but his buoks ;

Ht bM brave otannb. (fur to h« caUs thMn,)

Which, when he hM a huiMe, he*H dMsk withaL

Aiid that moat deeply to ounaider. ia

Th«t beauty of hu daughter : be hunself

GaUe her a nonpareil : 1 ne'er aaw wuoian.

But oalf Synornx my dam, and she ;

But ahe as fiu- aurpaaaeth Sjrourax,

la creatert doea leaaL

arc la it so brave a las T

OA. Aj.lard; ahe will becume ihj bed, I war-
And brinK ibee forth brave brood. tnuit,

Ae. MonstAf. I will kill this nian: his daughter
and I will be kiiy and queen : (mve our ffracea!)
and Trinculo andllnraeTr shall be vweroys :— Doet
tboo like the plot, TrincaloT

TVin. Excellent.

SU. GivemethjhanrI; 1 am sorry I heat thee:
hot, while thou livest, keep a good toogw in thy

Cak Withm this half hour will he be asleep ;
Wilt thou destroy him then T

Stfc Ay, on mine honour.

Ari. This will I tell my maaler. [sura ;

CaiL 'lliou niak^ roe merry : I am fbll of plea>
Let us be Jocund : Will vou troll the catch
You tamrht me but while-era T

Sic At thy requeat, monster. 1 will do reaaon,
o: Come OB. Trinculo, let Basing, [ gru p r .

luL OU lord. I cannot blaaM tbec.

Who am myself attach'd with weurineas,
To the dnUiug of my spirits : sit down, and rasL
Kven hera 1 will put ua my hope, and keep it
No longer for my flatterur : he is dniwn'd.
Whom thus we sUay to find : and the sea monks
Our fmstrete search on land : Well, let him go

AmL 1 am right ^ad that he** so out of hope.
Do not, for one repulse, forego the puipoae
That you rasolv'd to eflecL

&6. The next advantage

WiU we take thozonghly.

AnL l.et It be to-night;

For, now they ara oppreas'd wiiii travel, they
WUl not, nor cannot, use such vigilance.
As when they an fieah.

SA, 1 say, to-night : no mora.



om a tabor and ftp*.

or catch, played bf

how thyself in thy

, taket as thou list.


ibto; 1 defy thee:—

ate. No. monster, not I.

CM. Be not afeared ; the isle is full ofnoiiee,
Nmuda, and sweet aiis, that give delight, and
hart not.

mI twanglmg inatrumenta
) ears ; and sometime vuicea
rak'd alter long sleep,
igain : and then, in dreaming,
ight, would open and abow

nM : that, when I wak'd,

)ve a brave kingdom to me,
ly Diosio for nuthiug.
ro ia dealruyed. [atory.

by and by : J remember the
■ going away : lei** fbUow it,

r : well foUow.-I would, J
r: he lays it on.
ill follow, Stephano.

SCENE HL—AMelkerpart </Ae bland.
Atfcr Alonzo, Sebastian, Antonio, Guuzaiu,

Adnao. Frandaoo, and o<*erf.
Om. By'r lakin, 1 can co no fnither. sir ;
My old bones adie : liere^a a mass trod, indeed,
Tfcfoogh forth-rifthts and maaudeial by your

I mart reMi me.

EiUfr tereral siramge thapet, b nati tat
m a baaqmel ; tktt dattct about it with gtnttt ae-
timut^ mUmtatkm; aaiL,mottiao tkt Kmg^ ^ la

Akm. What harmony ia this T my good fhends.
Oon. Mfnrelloua sweet music 1 [hurfc I

iUoR. Give us kind keepers, heaveoal What

were iheee T
Stb A living drollery : Now I will believe.
That there ara uniooms ; that, in Arabia
There IS one tree, the pbceuix' tonma ; one phaeniz
At this hour reigning there.

Ant. ini believe both;

And what does else want credit, come to me.
And I'll be aworu 'tia true : Travellera ne'er did
Though foola at home oondenm them. [lie,

Goa. If in Naples

I should report this now, wouU timy bbheve ma f
if 1 should SMy, I mw such islanders,
(For, oertes, these sie people of the islanfl.)
Who, though they ara of rooustroua shape, yet.

Their Biannera are more gentle-kind, than of
^ . _ .. ■ "lual


Our human geuvraiiiiu yuu
r, sluuist any.

Many, nay, )

Thou hastaaid well: for auuie of you there pre-
Are worse than deviia. iAtate .

Alan. I cannot too much mnw.

Such sluipes, such gestura, and such auoad, ax-

(Although they wunt the use of toi«ue,lA kind
Of exceUent dumb daouurae.

Pra. Praiaa m itffutuf.

JVbb. They vaaish'd strangely.
Seb. No matter, aaee

They have left their viaoda behind; for we haw

Willt please yuu tasto of what is hera T


' UoH. Faith, sir, you need not fear : Wheu we

wera bojv.
Who wuukl believe that there were mouatshmeps
l^w-Upp'd hke buda, whoae throats had hanging

at them
Walleto of flesh T or that tliere were aoch men,
whose heads stood w their breasts I whiish now

Bach putter-out on five for one, wdl bring ns
Qipod wariknt oC

Atom. ^ 1 wiU stand to. and feed.

Although- my 1^ : no nntier, since 1 feel.
The best is past :— UnKher. uiy ionl the diika.
Stand to, aiHl du M wo.

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Mykewtflytoyoarwrrioe: thenrwides,
T^MMkenedavatoit; umI liir your Mke,

Am I ihlB , .

Mva. Dojrou loremeT

Ar. O heavta, aarth, bear witiuMi to Uw

Aad crown what I prnfen with kind arant.
If 1 apaak troa ; if hutUiwIy, inrart
WhntbaatktMMladina.iomiwhien I.
fiufnai all limit af wbat elae i* Iha worid,
Iioliive,pfiia,lioiMMuryuu. , ^ ^

Mira. lamafbol,

Td waap at what I am glad of.

Pro. Fair enooontar

Of two moat rare aflbctiuns' Heuvena rain grace
On that which breadi haiwean iheni 1

Jifcr. WherBforawaapyouI

Mtra. At mine onworthhien, that dare tiotolftr
What I datire to give ; and much lev uke,
What I ahall die to want : Uui tliktintzifluigi
And all the nma it leeks to liide itaeir. ^ ,
Tba b«gar balk it ahows. Uenca. bashAil can-
ning 1
And prompt ma, plahi and holy mnooaiioa t
1 am joor wile, if you will iiuirry "la .
If not ni die your maid ; lo be your fallow
Yoa may deny me; but Pll be your aanrant.
Whether yoa will orna

F&. My mittreit, dearest.

And I thoa hambla aver

Afira. My hoshand than T

fkr. Ay, with a heart aa witUug
As iMwdage e'er of freedom : here'k my hand.

Mira. And mine, witli my heart m't : Ann now
TUl half an hour hence. rrareweli,

fkr. A thousand ! thousand !

iSxemtt Per. and Mir.

Pro. So glad of this aa thev, 1 caiiiMX he.
Who are aurpris'd with all : but my rtfynring
At noihmg ean be mora. i'U to my luiuk ,
Fur yac ^re sapper time, most 1 perform '
Moch boaiaess appeitamiiv i£*U

SCEN£ IL—Amikirpvtiirtke hlamd.
i Triuculo;

Sk. Tell not me ;— when the butt is oat, we
will dliak water; not a dnip before : theriifore
hear op, and buaid 'em; SiervantHauuster. drink

-Mm. Semmt-mnnslerf the fbllyoT this islandl
They ear, there's but dve upon this iale : we ure
three Of them; if the oUiar two be brained like
OB. the slate totters.

**r. Drmk. senrant-moa»ter, when I bid thee;
nres are aliiHVt set in thy head.
in. Where shoaUl they ha s^alsa The were a
brave monster indeed, if they were set in iiis tuil.

Ml*. My man-monsterliathdntwiied his tongne
in «ck : for my part, the aea rauiio druwii nie :
1 swam.^re 1 oauld rseorer Ihe snore, (ive-and-
iboty laugoea, off and tin, by this lutbt.—Thou
shidaJw my tieataaaat,'nMmster. or my standard

7Vm. four iieuteuant, if yoa Ust ; he's uu


Ac. Wenimitran.

7V«. Nor go neither : but you'll he, Uke dfigs
andy« aay aathmft neither.

Cm Mauo^mU; speak once to thy Ufe. if thou
heest a good moon-calf (itliue :

(^L How doaa thy hoooorT Let me Uck thy
m unt serve him, he is not vuliaot

Ttlm. Than lieat, mort ignorant monster; I am
ta eaaa <o jostle a cuustabUf: why, thou deboshed
fislv thoo, was there ever a man a coward, that

hath drunk so much sack aa I to-dav f Wilt

tell a monstrous lie, being bat half a llsh, and half

CaL Lo, how he mocks ma! wilt thoa tot hlai,'-

TVm. Lord, quoth he I— that a mooatar dmrid
be such a natural 1

CaL Lo.lo, again! bitehimtodeath.Ipr'ythaa.

Ste. Tnjiculo,keepaguodtoogneinyourhead;
if you prove a mutineer, the nen tree— The poor
numstar^i my subject, and he shall not suSar in-
dignicy. [uleaaed

Vol I thank my noble lord. Wilt thoa ha
To hearken once astain the smt I made theeT

Ste. Marry will I : knoel and repeat it; 1 wfll
stand, and ao sliall Triuculo.

£ln<er Ariel, iniiMUs.

C^ Aa I told thee
Before ; 1 am subject to a tjrnuit ;
A sorcerer, that 1:^ his cunning hath
Cheated me of Uus island.

An. Thooliest.

CaL Thoa liest, thoa Jesting monkey, thoo :
( would, ray valiant master would dertiof tbaa :
I do nut lie.

Su. Trineolo. if yoa trouble him any more hi
his tale, by this hand, I will supplant some of yoor

Ti^ Why. I saul nothing. [teath.

St. Mum then, and no more —{Tit Caliban.]

CkL I say. by Boroenr he got this isle
Prom me he got it. Ifthj

thoo ^

half >

ly icreutnnss wdl
I know, thou dar^;

KeveiigB it on him— for, I
Bui this tiling dare nut.

Sle. 'riiat*s mi«t certain

CaL I'hou nhuli be Iiird of it, and Pll serve then.

Su. How now shall tlii:( be ooiupossadf Canst
tlutu brine me to the purty T

Cal Yea, yea, my lord; ill yield him thee asleep.
Wlmre thou roay'M knock a na.l into his head.

An. Thoa liesL thou canst not. [patch I—

CaL Wliat a pled uiiioy's thisT Thou scarry
I do b seedi thy KTeainest. give him b'.own,
And take iiui bottle from him : when that's gone,
H« shall dnok nought but biina ; for I'll not »h«iw
Where^be qukHc freshes ure. [him

Ste. Tnnculo, ran into uo farther danger: in-
terrupt the monster one word further, and, by
this liand. I'll turn n^y uiercy oot of doom, and
make a stock-fish of thee.

Trm. Why, what did i 7 I did nothing; 111 gu
further off

Ste. Didst thoa not say, ha lied?

iiri Thou liest.

Ste. Do 1 so r lake tluMi that iSlrike$ Ami.] Aa
yuu like th.s, inve me the lie uiiollier linn'.

'Din. 1 did not give tlie lie :— Out o' yiiur wits,
and hearing tool-— A pox u* your btttilel this
can sack, and drinking do.— A niurruin ou your
rauustar, aud the devd take your tiogersl

CaL Hu,ha.ha!

Ste. Now, Airwurd with your tale. Pk^fthaa
stand fuitiier offl

CaL Beat him euoagh : after a liula Uma,
ni beat him too.

Ste. Staial further— Dtme, proceed.

CaL Wliy.us I told thee. Its a custom with him
r the aftemoutt to aleep: there ihuu niay^ brain

Having ftrst seiz'd his books ; or with a log
Batter his skull, or paunch him with a stale.
Or cut h» wezond with thy knife : Kemeinber.
Pinrt lo possess his books ; fur wiihoal them
He's bat a sot. aa 1 am. nor hath not

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TVte. !Hram «->hort, man, lilw a dock ; I <
nrim lika « dock, til be sworn.

see. Hera, kiw Um book : Tbondi thoa canat
•trim like a duck, Unm art made like a ffrxisa.

Trm. jStephaJMi, hast anj won of this I

SU. The whole bolt, man; mjr cellar is in a rock
by the sea ride, where my wine is liid. How now,
aMMD-cain how does thiue ucue T

GbL Hast thou not dropped from hearen T

ate Oat</ the moon, i do assure thee : I '
the man hi the moiin, when tirae was. [thee ;

CaL I have seen thee in her, and I do adore
Ify mistress showed me thee, thy do((, and bosh.

See. Coos, swear to thut : kiss the book : 1 will
Aimish it anon with new contents : swear.

TVm. Bf this good liglii. Uiis is a very shallow
noQSter :— I afeard of hiiii T a very weadc moitster :
—The man i' the moon T— a muvt poor credaiuus
uonsler: Well drawn, mouster.m good suuUi.

CaL m show thee eveiy lertile inch o* Uie
And I will kiss thy fouC : I pr'ylhee be my gnd

Trin. By this liidit, a most perfidkiui and
drunken monster ; when hisgud's asleep hell rob
his boule. {jecu

CaL I'll kiss thy loot : 1*11 swear myself thjsub-

Ste. Come <m then ; down and swear.

Trim, 1 shall hiogh myself to death at this
puppf -headed muuster : a most scurvy mousier '
1 ouuld tiud in my lieuit to beat him^—

SU. Come, kiss.

Trm. —but that the poor monster's in drink ;
An Mbuminabie rocmster ! [thee berries.

Cs/. ni show Uiee the best springs; 111 pluck
1*11 fish fur thee, and get tliee wuud enough.
A plague upon the tyrant that I serve I
111 bear hiiii no more sticks, but follow thee,
1'huu wund'nius man.

Trm. A mtwt ri«liculous monster ! to make a
wonder of n pnur dninksti. [grow

CaL 1 M-'yihee. lei me tmng thee where crabs
And I with my imig auils viU dui Uie pig-nuts :
Show thee a jay's res', and instruct tliee how
Tu snara the uioible mvraozet ; I'll bring thee
To clusi'riug Hiberds, iumI sometirotas I'll get tliee
Yuouff seatmeUs tnuu the ruck: Wdt thou go

A«. I pr'y'liee now. lesd the wny wittnMitany
moro laikiiic.— *°riiiruln. the kinr and all our
cinipanyeliir lieins drowu'd.we will inherit here.
—Here; bear my buttle. Fellow 'I'riucuUi, we 11
fi i him by and by asaiu.

OaL FunwM, wuuUr : /armMll. fartoM.

JSmikn drmikntl§.
runken muuster.
CU. Ko mor« <lmw Ttt m^lufwJUh ;
Nor fttch in /hrtng
M requiring,
Hw Mrmpe trtudttr. nor wmth dttk ;
Bmn, ^ir«i», Ca-Oaliban,

Freedom, hey day ! Iiev-dav, fivedum ! freechnu.
hey-day, freedimi I
au. O brave munsterl lead thi< Way. lSx4UHt.


SCRNE l.^B^for« Fruepero's CUL

Mnior Ferdinand, bearing a log.

Ftr. 'Itiere he mime sports ara painful; but


Delight in them wt* uff; some kind:* of hsseness

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