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king of Tunis.

&6. Twos a sweet marriage, and we prosper
well in our return.

Adr. TwM was never graced before with socb
a paragon to their queen.

Gom. Not since widow Dido*s time.

Ant. Wkkiw? a pox o* thati How came thai
wklow in T Witlow Dido !

Stb. What if he had sakl. vridower iEnean ton I
good lord, how you take it )

Adr. Widow Dufo, sakl youf ym make wm
study of that : She was of Carthage, not of Tuaa.

Gom. I'his Tunis, sir. waa Carthage.

Adr. Canhage?

Gom. I assure you, Oaithaga.

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ThM did^ prevent me; 1 had peopled elee
lliJB ale with GalilMuis.

iVo. Abhorred slave ;

Which any pHnt of piodnew will not take,
IWn« capable^ ulliin I pitHNl thee, [hoar
Took pnina to make Uiee siieak. Uugtit tHeeeaeh
One thinf or iither : when thou did'ct nol, aavace,
Know thine own meaning, but wuald'at gabble

A thing iiHMt bmtah. I endowed thy purpoaea
With woi^ that made them known : Butihy vile
^ race, (natares

Thoogii thou didat learn, had that int whWli Kood
Coukfuot abide to be with : therefore wust thou
DesNtr-edly fxmfin'd into thn rock,
Who hadVt deaenr'd mora than a priaim. Con*t

CbL Y(nj laoght me language; and my profit
la, 1 know liuw to cmae : the red plague nd you.
For leanuug uie yoor language I
„'^ Hag-seed, henoe I

Fetch us in fbel ; and be qokdc. thoa wert be■^
To answer utIierboaineM. Shmc*8t thou, malice T
If thuu negleoL'st, or duet unwillingly
y^ hat 1 OMniiiatid. I'll rank thee with old cnmpa ;
fill all Uiy boues with aohee; make thee roar
lliat beaato shall tremble at thy dm.
. t^ ^ _ No. pray thee!—

1 most obey : his art is of such power, lAside.
It wouki control my dam^ god. Setebos.
And make a vassal of him.

/Vo. So,slave: hennet

[£ci< Caliban.

Mi-«mter Ariel iinume,platfmgimd*mgi$vi
tenhnand/otomiv fum

Ariel's Song.
OoBw ftmlo Otem veUo» BornU,

And tkem take kamia :
Camrfdedwkem torn ham, mid kutTd,

(7V wM wme$ mAm^,)
Foo< U MUg htrt ami tkne;


The watck^dopg bark
Bur. Bowgh, wowgh.


OarkikirtiiUS^, tfti|«r««r.

Tim tUmn^ strnttntg dknOidtn '
Onh Cofkra-40odi€-4oo
Fkr. Where shouki this musk: beT f the air.
It soonds no more :— and snre itwaiu upon
Home god of the iehmd. Sitting <hi a bank
Weeping again th6 king my father's wruck,
ThM music crept by me upun the waters :
Alhrnng both their Any, and my pussion.
With iU sweet air : thence I have .':>(low*d it.
Or it hath drawn me rather :— But tis gone.
No, it bugins again.

/W/ihMemjfer tkgJathtrUa;

Qf ktt bomrt art coral made ;
Tkoae art ptmrle that wre kU epee :

NoUumg 9f kirn that dothjade^
Bat doth mjfer a tea-ckai^
Seo-nrmpks homrlf rmg his AaeD;
Hark I momlkear tkemr-dim-dmtg, betL

CAvdea, dhig-doag.

Ar. Hie ditty does remember my diown'd Mr

This ■ no mortal hosinem, nor no sonud
I'hat the eartli owes :— 1 hear ii now ahovr n e.

Fn. The fringed curtNtna of thine eye m^vance
And say, what thou aeest yiNMl*.
■ Mtra. What ia*t I a spint f

Lord, ^nw it looks about ! Believe me, air.
It camae a bnive form :— Bui 'tis a spirit.

Pro. NcH wench ; u oau and sleejiB, and hath


As we have, such ; Ihis gallant, whk^ thou seest

Was in the wreck ; ami hut he'^ something stniii'd

With grief, that's beauty's canker, tho» muht^

Cull him
A gnally person : he hath kMt his feUowi^
And strays about to fiial ihem.

Mtra. I miglit call lom

A thing divine ; for notkug natunl
I ever saw ao noble

^J*n>' It foes on. Undt

As uiy soul prompts it :-Spirit. line apiiit I HI Ave
Wiilim two-days, for this. iikieo

^^ Most sore, the KoddesM

On wliom these aire :it' end!— Vouchmfe.myp
Nay know ; if yuu reuiain upon this tslaiMl :
And thut ytHi will some good instruotkw give.
How I may bear me here : My prime request.
Which 1 do la<«t prtNiouuce, is, you wonder!
If you be maid or noT

Jfire. Nowander,sir;

But, certainly a maid.

T ^^\ ^ My laiujuwre I heave* !—

I am the beat of them that speak thia speech.
Were I bnt where tis spoken.
«,(^ .. Howl the best?

What wert thou, if the kuw of Naples heanl Uiee t

Fer, A smgle thing, as lam now, that wiaaion
To hear thee speak of Naples: Hedoeshearme;
Aud. that he does, 1 weep : myself am Naples ;
WImi with mine eyes, ueW since at ebb. beheld
The king my fioher wreck'd.

4f"»-„ , . . Alack, for mercy!

fh-. Yes, faith, and all his lords; the duke of
And his brave son, being twain. [Milan,

^Pro The duke of Milan,

And hw more bmver daughter, eoold omtrol thee
If now 'twere fit to dot :— At the first sight iAMit'
Tliey have chang'd eyes :— Delwate Ariel,
I'll set thee free for this !— A wonl. good sir :
I foaryoo have done yourself some wrong : a wora.

Aftrv. Why speaks my father so ungently T This
IS the third man tliat e'er I saw ; the first
That e'er I sigb'd for : pity move my fkiiM*
To be incliu'd my way f
. ^' ^ O, if a virgin.

And your afle«*ion not goM forth, I'U make foo
llie queen of Naples.

Pf^- Soft, sir ; one woid more.—

They are laith in cither's powers; but this swift

1 most uneasy luake, lest too light winning [AjmIk.
Make the prize light.— One won! more ; I chaigt

That thou atleial me : thou dost here usurp
Hie name thou ow'st not ; and hast put thyself
Upon this nOaud. as a spy, to win it.
Prom me, the lord on't.

^- ^ No, as 1 am a man.

Mtra. There's nothing ill can dweU m such a
If the ill spirit liaae so foir an house, [tempto .
tiooU things wiU sinve to dwell witht
/¥». Follow me.'*

SprndciMtvoaforhim; be% a traitor.— Come
rll maMmle thy neck and foet togeUier :

ahalt thou drink, thy food shall *w

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Bound ndly hone for NaplM;

SoppMinii that th«7 nw tha kWi riiip wnok*d.

RnetiT it peribnii'd ; hat there'ii mora work :
What b the time <^ tho dsf T

Ari. PMt the mid aeMoa.

Pro. At leert two flaaas: The time twixt mx
and now. _ _

Mnst br QB hnth be apent moat pfeekMMlT.

ilri la thera mora tout Sinoe thoa doat ghre
Let me mmemher ttiee what thoo haat proourd,
Whkih M not jret perfbm'd me , ^

Pro. How nowT moody 1

Vhat ia*t thoa eaniM demand T

ilri Mf liheftjr.

Pro. Befora the time be mtf no mora

Art I pray thee

Remember, I hare done thee worthy aennee:
Told thee no liea, made no miatakinipi, aarv'd
Witboat or icnidKe, or Kramblinxa: tboa didat

"* ■ " ' ■' tpr

Doat thoa forget



To bate me a ftiU year.

From what a torment


Pro. Thoa doat: and thinkirt
It much to trmal the ooze of the Mdt deep:
To run apun the aharp wind of the north ;
To do roe bwineaB m the veins o* the earth.
When it li bek'd with ftaat

Art I do not. air.

Pro. Thoa lieat, malignant thing I Haat thoa
The foul wHch Syconu. who, with age and envy,
Waa cniwn mto a hoop T hast thoa forgot her!

Ari lio.mr.

Pro. Tlmnhaat: Where was she bom t

apeak : tell me.

Art. Sir, in Argier.

Pro. O. waa she an f I most,

Onee in a month, reooont what thou haat been.
Which thiHt forgefiit. This damn'd witch, Sy-

Pormiachiefii manifold, ami s orcene a terrible
To enter hunmn liruniut. from Argier,
Thoa knuw'sl was ImniahM ; fur one thing she did,
Ttiey wi»uld not take her hfo : la not thia true T

Art. At, Mr. (withehiUl.

Pro. 1 Ilia Miie-ey'd hag was hither hnniglit
And hem was IhA by the sailors : 1*lioa, my slave.
As thoa rnport'sl thyself, wast then her servant :
And. for thou wast n spirit too dehcate
To act her earthr and abhorr'd cummanda.
Refusing her grand heato, ahe did oonAne thee.
By help of her more potent ministeia,
And m her mnat unmitigable nute.
Into a okiven pme ; within which nfl
Imunaon'd. tliou did^A painfully remain
A doaen years ; within which spnce site died.
And left thee there; where thoa did'st vent thy

As fost as mill-wheelM strike: Tlien was thia island,
(SJave for the son tliMl she did litter here.
A fVeckled wlit*lp. hug-burn.) not liunour'd with
A human shape.

An. Yea ; Caliban her eon.

y*ro. Dun thinx. 1 say ao ; he. that Caliban,
Wh<Mn now I keep in service. 'I'lioii beat knuw*st
What torment I did find thee in : thy groana
Did make wolves howl, and penetrate tlie breasts
Of erer^ngry beora ; it waa a lormeiit
To lav upon tbedamn'd, which Syooras
Cwoki not agam nndo; it was mine an,
Whon I amv'd. and beard thee, that mnde gape
1^ pine, and tot tbev uut.

(ActL >

theo. maste . ^


Art. I

Pro. If thoa mora marmarlst.1 will..
And peg thee in hia knotty eiiiruila, till
Thou hasi huwl'd away twelve winters.

Art. Pardon, mvler:

I will be correspondent to command.
And do my spritiug gently.

Pro. Du so; and alter two daya

I will discharge thee

Art That*a my noble master!

What shall I do? say whati what shall 1 duT

Pro. Go make thyself like to t nymph o* the aaa :
Be suhiect to no sight but mine ; invisible
To every eye-ball ehw. Go, lake tliis siiape.
And hither come int : hence, with diligeiB*«.

Awake. dear heart, awake ! thoa hast slept well ;

Mirrs. The strangeness of your atory put
Heavineas m nie.

Pro. Shake it off: Come on;

Well visit Caliban, my slave, who itever
YieMs us kind anawer.

Mira. Til a vUlaw, sir,

I do not love to lode on.

Pro. Bot, aa tia,

We cannot miaa him : he does make our fUna,
Fetch in our wuud : and aervea in ufAnes
That profit ua. What hot slave! Caliban!
Thou earth, thoa ! speak.

Cat n^'ilMim ] lliere's wood enough within

Pro. Come forth. I say ; there's other buaininw

forth thuu tortoise 1 wlien T [fur

Re-en/tr Ariel, Hke a leeter mg m pk .
Fine apparition I My quaint Ariel,
Hark in thine eur.

Ari. My loni, it aliall lie done. tSxil

l*ro. Thou poisonous slave, gut by the devil him*

Upon thy wicked dam, come forth ! Itelf

filler CaUban.

GaL Aa wicked dewas e'er my mother hmah'd
With raven's feather from unwhuleauuie fen.
Drop on yuu both ! a aooth-weat blow un ye.
And blister you all o'er. [cramps^

l*ro. For this, he sure, to-night thoa shalt?hara
Side-stitclies that shall pen thy hreatli up; urchins
Shall, for that vast of niglit that tliey nmy work.
All exercise un thee: thuu shalt be puicli'd
Aa thick aa lioney-ooinba,enoh pinch mora Ainc^
Than beea that made them. [lug

CaL 1 most ent my dinneff.

Thia island's mine, by Syronu ray muiher, '
Which thou tak'st fhMn me. When thuu eameat

Thou sirukw me, and madlst mnoh of me;

wiMikl'st give me '-^

Water with lifmes nit; and tench me how
To name the bncger ludit. aial huw the leas.
That bum liy ilsy and night : and then I luv'd thee,
Aiidebow'd thee all the qualities o' the isle.
The fresh springs, briue pits, bMrren place, and

fertile ;
Caraed be I that dkl ao i— All the ebarma
Of Srciiraz. tuada. beetles, bats, licht on yon!
For ( am all the suhfects that you Imve. (me
Which first WHS mine own King ; and here vtm aty
In thw hard ruck, whiiee you do keep ttoat me
The rsat of the isbuid.

Pro. ^ Hum qKNt lying slare.

Whom stnpea may move, net kindneas: I har»
US'!! thee, [the^

Filth aa thon art, with hnmaa care ; and loilvM
In mine own cell, tUl thoa did^ aeek to vailhiw
'Fbe hunuar of ' "

railhiw ^

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f Act

Act I]


nie Uttkedum, yet mhow'd, (alas, poor MOan I)
I'u OKMt icnuUe ttuopios.

Jftro. OtheheaTew! ^

pyo. Mark hb oonditioo, and Ihe evant: then
If this might be a liruther. p«U me.

Uva. I ahiHiId tin

Tb think hot noMf of my grandmother :
Guod womtaa have borne bad eons.

Pn, Now the oonditioo.

Thi> khif of Naples, beioff an enemy
To me inveterate, hearkeni mv brother^ sait ;
Which was. that he in lien o' the premiaee,—
Of biimugn. and I know not how muoli tribote.^
8hoaM preeently extirpate roe and mine
Oat of ine dukedom : and confer fair Milan*
With all the honoara. nn my brother: Whereon,
A tr»icfaerous army levied, one midnight
Fated to the porpose. di*! Antonio ooen
The gatOK of Milan ; and, i* the dead of darknea,
The miniaters fi>r tlie purpose hurried theiioe
Me, and thy cryiDf self.

Uxn. Alack.fbrpkyl

1. not rentemh'rhur how I cry'd oat then,
WiU cry a o'er iig;un : it is abut.
Thai wnngs mine eyes.

Pn. Hear a little ftuther,

And then 1*11 bring thee to the p r ese n t bosinesB
Which how's opuo ns ; without the which, this
Worn most nniiertinent. [story

. JAra. Wherefore did they not

That hour destroy OS T

fn Well demanded, wench ;

My tale provokea that qoestiuo. Dear, they durst

(80 dear the love my people bora me) nor eel
A MMk sn bloody on the business : but
With coiuars fairer painted their foul ends,
la few, they hurried w aboaid a bark ;
Bora OS same leagues to sea; where they prepared
A rotten carcase of a boat, not rigg'd,
Nor tackle. aaO, nor mast; the vwy rats
Inetioctively had quit it : there they huist na,
Tociy tothesvaihatroar'dtous; to sigh
To the winds, whose faty, sighing back again.
Did OS bat loving wrong.

Jfim Alack! what trouble

Was I then to you!

Prt». Ola

Tlioa waaL that did pr ese r ve me I Thoa didst

Infuaed with a fiictitade flnom heaven.
When I havedeck*d the sea with drope foU salt ;
Under my burden grnan'd ; vHiich raised in me
An underguing stomach to bear np
Aiainat what should eosoe.

jBhi. How

/Va By ftovidenoe divine.

A noble NeapoUtan, Uonzalo,

Out of his charity (wlkf being then appointed

Master of this design,) did give os; wtth
Rich garmenta, Imeiw, stuA, and necessaries,
Whaa since have steaded much ; so, of his geo-

Knowing I luved my books, he fumish'd me,
Flom niy own library, with volumes that
1 pnse above my duiedum.

Uirm. 'Would I might

Bol ever see that man i
lAa Nowlarisa:—

1, and hear the last of our sea-aunrow.
I ihuKlatMl weanrived; and here .-
I, ihysciMMlmaBter, made thee mora proi
_ other pnnoss can, that have mora time
vainer Uuan, and tutors nut so carafuL

Jfim. Heavens thank you for^l


iPor still ti» beating in my mind.) your
^or luising this sea-etorm T
Pro Know thus Cur fbrth.**

Sr accideot meet strance, bouutiful fortune,
ow my dear lady, hath mine enemies
Brought to this shore : and by my presctenoe
I find my seuith doih depend upon
Amoetauspiciouastor; whoee influence
If now I court not, but omit, my fortunes
WiU ever after droop.—Here cease moreoiiestiaas.
Thou art inclined to sleep; tie a gotid dulneas.
And give it way ;— 1 know thou canst nut chocaa.
[Miranda «fe« ~
Come away, servant, come : I am reiwly miw ;
Approach, my Ariel: ouuie.

Ailer AiieL

An, All hail. Kreat master I gvmvr sir. hail I 1
To aosww tliy best pleasure ; bet u> fly, [come
To swim, to Jive into the fire, to ride
On the curlM clouds : to thy strong bidding, task
Ariel, and all his qiMUjty.

Fro, Hast thou, nirit,

Perfbrm'd to point the tempest that 1 liade Uiee i

Ari. To every article.
1 boarded the kiiu^s ship; now on the beak.
Now in the wairt, the deck, in every catiin.
I flamed amazement : sometimes, rd divide,
And bum in many places; on the top-mast,
The yanls and bowsprit, would i flame distinctly,
1'hen meet, and join: Jove's Ughtoiags tlie pr»-

0* the dreadful thunder-daps, more momentary
And sight-out-fanning were not : llie fire, and

Of sttlpliuruuB roaring: the most mirhty Neptone
SeemVl tu besiege, and make his bold wave* trem-
Yea, his dread indent shake. [bla,

Pra. My brave spirit I

Who was so firm, so constant, that this aid
Wuokl not infect his rsaeouT

Axi, Not a soul

But felt a fever of the mad, and pUiy'd
Some tricks (if deeperatioa; All but mariners,
Plunf'd m the finuuing brine, and quit the vemel.
Then all a-fire with me: the king^ son, Ferdinand,
With hair up-staring (then Uke reeds, not hair,)
Was the first man that leap'd ; oriedjiitt tt Mipfll,

Fro. Whythat^myipiiitl

But was not this nigh shore I

itri Close byi WT

Pro, But are they, Ariel, safe T

Ari. Notah

On thefar soataining carmenu not a blemish.
But ftesher than befiire: and, us thou bad'kt am
lo troops i have dispersed tlieiu 'bout the isle :
The king's son have I Unded by himself;
Whom 1 left cooling of the air withsi^ha.
In an odd angle of the iale, and aitting.
His anna inOiis sad kwit.

Pro. Ofthekmg'sshtp

The mariiteia, say. how thou hast diepus'd.
And aU the rest (^ the fleetT

An. Safely m harbour

Is the king's ship ; in the deep nook, where once
Thoo oairdst me up at nudnight to fSetch dew
From the suU-vex'd Bermoothes, there she's hid :
lite niariaen all under halohes stuw'd ;
Whom, with a charm join'd to their suflbr'd labour,
I hava left a«leep : and fbr the rest o* the fleet.
Whldi 1 dispersUtheyaU have met agam;
And are upun the Mediterranean flote.


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tbrdimand. Moat Mire, the goddeti

Ob whom theee ain atUnd !

Tntrnv, Act I.. 8m«« U.

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Ant l«t% all link with the kii«. \BtU.

Srit. Ui'» take leave of him. iBxU.

Oom. Niiw wotild 1 inre a thonsand ftir1oiuc» of
•ea fbr an acre of bairen Kniund ; lone heath,
bnm-n furze, anv thinit: The wills above be
dmup ! hot i wtHtld fiun die a dry death. lExU.

SCE.N C a.- TV itUmd : b^on tktetU<^

Enter Proapero amd Mimrwla.

Mtm. I f by vunr art , m v deareat father, yoa have
Put tu« wild waters in this ruar. allay them :
The skv, it neema. wookl poor down simldiif pitdi.
But thar the sea, nioantinc to the welkin's dieek.
Dashes the fire oat. O, I have sufler'd
With those that I saw sufler ! a brave veaseU
Who had no dtniht some noble creatures in her.
Dashed all to piecea. 0, the cry did knock
Against my very heart ! Poor soals ! they pensh'd.
md 1 been any god of power. I would
Have sunk tlie sea within the earth, or e'er
It should the enod ship so have swallow'd. and
The freighting souls within her.

Pro. fiecolleoted;

No more amazement : tell your piteous heart,
There's no harm done.
Afmi. 0, woe the day !

Fro. No harm.

I have done nothing but in care of thee.
(Of thee, my dear one. thee, my daughter!) who
Art ienorant of what thou art. nought knowing
Of whence lam; nor that I am more better
Tlian Prospero, master nf a full poor cell,
And thy no greater fiither

Mrrv. More to know

DmI never meddle with my ihooghta.

Pro. Tis time

I sliould infoim thee Anther. Lend thy hand,
And pluck my magic garment Avm me.—So ;

[Lays down hi* mantle.
I je there, my art— Wipe thou thine eyes ; have

The direful spectacle of the wreck, which touch'd
The very virtue of compassion in thee,
I have with such pmvision in mine art
So safely bnlered. that there is no soul—
No. not so much perdition as an hair,
Betid to any creature in the vessel
Which thou beard'st ciy. which thouaawlst sink.

Sit down;
For tlion must now know further.

Mtro. Yon have often

Begnn to tell me what I am ; but stopp'd
And led me to a bootless inquisition ;
Concluding, Stat, not pet.—

Pro. The hour^ now oome :

The very minute bids thee ope thine ear :
Oliey. aial be attentive. Can'st thou remember
A time before we came unto this cell T
I do not UuLk thou can'st ; for then thou wast not
Out three years old.
Mtra. Certainly, sir. I caiL

Pro. By what T by any other house or person T
Of any thing the imnge tell me. that
Hath kept with thy remembrance.

Wra. TisfiM-off;

And rather like a dream than an assurance
That my remembrance warrants ; Had I not
Four or five women once, that tended me T [is it.
Pro. Thou hadst, and moi«. Miraiala : But how
That this lives in thy mind T What west thou else
In the dark backward and abysm of time T
If thoq remember'st aught, ere thou cam'st here.
How thoa ram'st here, thou niay'at.

Mhn. But th 1 1 d<. aiiL

Pro. Twelve yeais since, Miranda, t wel ve y«»an
Tliy fiuher was the duke of Milan, and (since,
A prince of power.

Mtro. Sir, are not yon my fiitber T

Pro. Thy mother wan a piece of virtue, air I
She said— thou wast my daughter; and tliy fitther
Waa duke of Milan ; ami hi* only heir
A princess ; no worse issued.

Afire. 0, the heavens !

What foul play had we, that we came torn thence
Or blessed wast we did T

Pro. Both, both, my giri ;

By fbul plav. as thou say*st, were we heaved
But blessedly holp hither. (theane ;

Afrro. O, my heart bleeds

To think o' the teen that I have tum'd yon to.
Which IS fWim my remembrance I Please yuo,

Pro. My brother, and thy uncle, cell'd Alio*
nio. —
I pray thee, mark ;ne.— that a brother should
Be so perfidious !— he whom, next thyself.
Of all the world I lov'd. and to him put
The manage of my state ; as. at that time.
Through allthesi^nnes it waa the first, •
And Pnispero the prime duke ; being so repoced
In dignity, and, fur the liberal arts.
Without a parallel : thiwe \mms all my study.
The Kovemment I cast upon mv brother.
And to my state grew stranger, being transported
And rapt in secret studies. Thy telse UMMe—
Dust thou attend me!

Aftro. Sir, most beedfully.

Pro. Being once perfected how to grant suits.
How to deny them ; wliom to advance, and whom
To traah for uvenopping ; new created
The creatar» thai were mine, 1 say, or diang'd

Or else new formed them ; having both the key
Of oflkser and ofl1c<>. set ull hearts
To what tune plens'd his ear ; that now he was
The ivy, which had hid my princely trunk.
And suck'd my verdure out out,— I'hou attend'st

not :
I pray thee, mark me.

Mtra. O good sir. I do.

Pro. IthusiicgIecthigworidlyends.alld
To closeness, and the bettering of my mind
With that, which, but by being so retired,
O'erpriz'd all popular nUe. in my fiilse brother
Awak'd an evil nature : and my trust.
Like a good parent,.did beget of him
A fiilsehoud, in its contrary as great
As my trust was ; which had, indeed, no limit,
A confidence sans bound. He being thus lorded.
Not only with what my revenue yiokled.
But what ray power nught else ezacL— Uke one
Who having, unto truth, by telling of it.
Made such a sinner of his memunr.
To credit his own lie,— he did believe
He was the duke ; out of the substitution.
And executing the outwnnl foce of royalty.
With all prerogative: — Hence his amnitioo
Growing.— Doet hear T

Mtra. Your tale, sir. would cure d e a ftws*

Pro. To have no screen lieiween this part he
And hhn he play'd it for. be needs will be
Absolute Milan : kle, poor man !— my library
Was dukedom large enough ; of temporal royall ea
He thinks me now incapable : cuafederatea
(So dry he was for sway) with the king of Naplci*
1'u give him auntinl irihiite. do him homage ;
Sol^MCi his ouruiMii to his crowu. and bend

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Alotixo, King nt NapUt.
SebMtiaD, ki§ brother.
Protpero, the rightful Duke of Milan.
Antonio, hi$ Ifnthar^ the ngurping Duk^ of
Ferdinand, ton to the King of Naples. [Milan.
Gonialo, on honest old oonmeUor of Nuple*.
Adrian, > j^,^
Fninclwjo, /'*'**•
Caliban, a eanage and deformed tlave.
Trinculo, a Jeder.
Stapbano, a drunken butUr.
Master of a ship, BoatswUn, and Mariners.
Miranda, daughter to Protpero.
Ariel, on airy miarit,
Irle, 1

Jano, tptriU.

Reapers, )

Other spirits attending on Prospero.
8CENB.— 7A<! Sea, with a Ship ; afterwards
an uninhabUed bland.

^ aim

\ laboa

V Boc


SCENE I. — On a Ship at Sea.

A Storm with Thunder and Lightning.

Enter a Staip-maBter and a BoatairaiD.

Master. Boatawain,—

BoaU. Here, master: What cheer P

Mader. Qood : Speak to the mariners : fa\\
to t varely, or we run ouraelTes aground ; be-
•tur, bestir. IEkU.

Enter Mariners. ^

Boats. Heigh, my hearts: cheerly, cheerlr
mj hearts ; yare, yare : talie in the top sail ;
Tend to the maiter's whistle. — Blow till thou
boiat thy wind. If room enough!

Enter Alonso. Sebsstian. Antonio, Fardiaand,
Gonsalo. and others.

Alan. Qood Boatswain, have care. Where 's
tbenasterr Play the men.

Boats, I pray now, keep below.

Ant. Where is the mester. Boatswain 1

Boats. Do you not hear hlmr You mar our
labour: Keep your eaUns: yon do sssist the

Oni%. Naj. good, be patient. [storm.

Boats. When the sen is. Hence! What care

these roarers for the name of king P To cabin •'
silence : trouble us not. [aboard*

Gon, Good ; yet remember whom thou hast
Boats. None that I more love than myself!
You are a counsellor; if you can command
these elements to silence, and work the peace

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