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If UiH Khould bUist ID priMtC Sufi; — let me

Well niake a solemn wafer oa your cunnings.—
I hat

When in your motKm yon are hot and dry,
'As mske your ImmiIm ni<*re violent ti> thut end.)
And thill he calls for drink, I'll huve preferr'd

A <^alioe U( the nonce ; whcrMon l>at sipping.
If he by chniice eacnpe yo^ir wniMu'd Mtuck.
Oor pariMwe may hold there. But stay, what


JEMrr Queen.
How now, sweet qoeen T

gusen. One woe doth tread apon another^

heel. [Laertes.

8d foat I hey follow: — Your sister's drown'd,

Ijirr. Drown'd ! O, where T

QHten. Tliere is a willow grows aacaoot the
That ahitwB liu hoar leaves in the glai«y si ream;
'llierewith fuiilustick sarlands did she make
Uf cni«<^llowerB, nettles, daisies, and lung pur-
That liberal shephenhi Rive a crosser name,
But our cold maids do dead men's Angers call

There on the pendent bouirhs her coronet weeds
Clatubeniig to linn«. an envious sliver broke ;
WImni down her weedy trophies, and herself.
Fell in the weeping bniok Her cluthes spread

wills :
And. mermaid-like. a while they bore her up:
Which time, she chanted KnntcheN uf old tunes;
As one iiicapnble of her own Ui^trms.
Or like a creniure native and itidu'd
Unto that element : but long it cuuld not be,
Till that lier Karnif nt». heavy with their dnnk,
PnU'd the poor wretch from her melodious lay
To muddy death.

Laer. Alas then, she is drown'd T

(ktrrm. Drown'd, drown'd. \\\%,

l0€r. Too much <if water bast thon. pourOphe-
And therefore I forbid my tears: But yet
It is our irirJc ; nature her custom htiid*, (gone,
Lri shMuie say what it will : when these are
1*1M woman will be tHit— Adieu, my l«ird !
I liave n spevob of Are. that giin would blaze.
But I bat ihis f«iily drowns it. [ExU.

Khuf. Ufu follow. Gertrude ;

ttiw much t had to do to calm hw rage !
Now fear I, this will give it start again ;
Thwvfiire, let** lulluw. {EanmL


SCENE L-^ Ckmrdk-Tard.
nuer Tm Clowns. wOk jpntfri, ^c
1 CVs *s site to be buned in christian burial,
tkfll wiirally seeks her own salvation I

2 Clo. I tell thee, she is ; therefiire make ht-r
grave strHiitht : the crowner huth set on her. and
Aiids It chnsiiHU burmi.

1 Clo. How C.U1 that he, unless slie drowueU
herttelf in her o>Kndt<rencef

2 Oo Why. 'tis found so

1 Cto. It niu^t l)e »g qgrniendo; it cannot Im
else For liere lies the point : If I drown niyt^'lf
wittinaly. it argues an act : and an act hath i hr*n»
branches ; it is. to act, to do. and to perform :
Argal, she drowned herself wiitinirly

2 CUi. Nsy. but henr you. eoodnian df Iver.

1 Clo. Give nw lenve. Here lies the wutt-r;
giKMl : here stands tli« man: giNid: If the nuoi

So to this water, and drown liimaeir. ii is, wiSl
e. nil! he, he goes; murk you that: hut if tli^
wster come to him. himI drown him, he dnmr •
not himself: Arrnl. he, that is not guilty of bis
own death, shortens not his own life.

2 eta. But is this law T

1 Clo. Ay. marry is't ; crownerVquest law.

2 cut. Will you lia' the truth ont 7 If t his li;< I
mti been a gehilewoman. she siiould have b«« n
buned out of chriiitian burial.

1 Clo. Why, there thou say'st : Ami the more
pity, that sreat folks shall have countenanre in
this world hi drown or hang themselves, nitire
than their even christinn CiHiie. inr ximmI**.
There in no ancient gentlemen but eiinlrne"*.
ditchers, and grave-makers ; they hold up Adam's

2 Clo Was he a centleman ?

1 Clo. He wn^ the rirni that ever bore arms.

2 Clo. Why. he hud n6n<>

1 Clo. WliMt. art a heathen T How dik«t iIku
imderstand the acriuture? The M*npture nhv*.
Adam dntgnd ; C<iuld he dig without armsT tM
put another question to the*- : if thou auswer«i4
me not t«» the purpose. coufeMt thyself

2 Clo. Go to.

1 Clo. What is he. that builds simncer than
eillier the luuson. the shipwngbt, or tlie carpen-

2 Clo. The imllow».maker: for that fy»me imt-
lives a thnitHnnd tenants.

1 Clo. I like thy wit well, in roimI (nith; the
gallows does well : But how dues it well ' it does
well to ihoM! that do ill: now Ihon disct ill. to
say, the icallows is boilt stronser tbiiii the church;
arsal, the sallows may do well tu ther. To't
again : come

2 Clo. Who builds stronger than a nwaou, a
shipwright, or a carpenter?

1 Cto Ay. tell nie that, nnd nnyoke.

2 Cio Murry, now 1 can telL

1 Cto. Tot.

2 Clo Mass. I cannot tell.

EtOtr Hamlet mtd Horatio, d a ^islamee.
1 Clo Cmlgel thy brains no more about it : A r
your dull ass will not mend his puce with iNtai-
ing : and. when von are ai^ketl this quosiion next*
say. a grave-maker; the liouaes that he makes,
last till dotimsday Go. irH thee lo Yaughsn,
and felcli me a stoup uf liqu4»r [£xi/ 2 CIvwu.

1 Clciwn digs, and sings.

Jm yowM. «A«ii /i/W Jour, iM torn,

Mrlkomght. it mnj verw mtftt,
7b contract, O, the timf, f»\ ah. arv btktm,

O. mcMoniiAl, tktre was noMtav

fhwL Has this fellow no feeling i^f
neasT he sings at grave- making.

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[Act IV

libtii. Kivak lint ymir ateepa fur I hut: yoa

miuit not think
That we nre made of ctaflTan flat and dull.
That we mo lei oor beard lie kIukiK with dungrer.
And think it {NBtime. Yuu shortly shaU hear

I I'lvml your fiither. and we loTe oaraelf :
Ami that, I hope, will leach jrou to iiuucioe,—
Uow BOW f WMt news f

JTm* Lettm. my liird. from Hamlet :

Thin to ynnr maieaty ; this to the qaeen.
JTmf. Prinr Ilamlet! Who bniuglit themT
M€g$. Sailon, my lord, they ny : I saw thera

They were riven me 1^ Claodio. be reoeivM tiMm
Of liini ihvi bnioxht tlieni.

Iftaf Laertea. you ^liaO hear them :—
Lmv« ua. iBxtt Ml


[KeadK ) ffi«* and mhktf.jm tkaU kmom. I mm
ttt Hokni on iroKr Umgdom. To-morrtne thatl I beg
lemir to jee voKr Idnglffpef: itken J ikaU,fir$t atk-
tm ynm* pankm tkertuiUn. ricomM the oenstom ^
My ptidm rnxd nmnt «;rviwe rHwrn. Hamlet

What ehoold thu uH-au ( Are all the raal oona

Or is it some abuse. hiuI nn such thiof f

Aeer. Know yuu lliu litHid I

Ktim TwllaiMlet*acliaract«r. ^oAci,—

And. M a postacni*! here, he saya, aiMc;
Can you advise me f [oome :

Lam. I am h«l in it. my lord. But bi hira
It wnriiM the Vfr)' sickiieiv in my heart,
'Hint I shall live and lell him to his teKh,

Kim' if It he so. Laertes.

As how should it lie 8<i ( how uCherwise T—

Larr. Ay. my lord ;

So fuu will nut o'er-rule me Ui a peace.

Kmm. Tu thine uwii pence. If lie be Bowre-
As dieckinK at his voyace. and that he mean
No more tu uudcrtnke ii.— I will work him
I'o Mil exploit, now npe in my device.
Under the whirh lie shall not cltooae bat (all :
Awl toK his death no wind of blame sliall
breathe ; [tice.

But even his mother sliaD uncharfe the pr«o-
And call it, accideut.

Leer. My hird, I wiU be ral'd :

The rat Iter, if ynn could <levise it ao.
That I nUgfat be the unptn.

Kimg. \\ falls rixht.

Y<j« have been tnlk'd of since your travel mooh,
AimI that in I lanilet's hrariuK, fur a quality
Wherein, thev stiy. yiMi sliiiie : your aoiu of parts
Dai nut together pluck such envy flroni him.
As did that one : snd tliMt. lu my regard.
Of the uuworthieat siera.

Lner. What pan is that, mv lord I

King. A very nMiand in the cup of yuuth.
Yet needful l«in ; for youth mt lens liocomea
'I1ie lurlit Mid careless livery ihtit it weass.
Than Mttled ace his sablux. mwl his weeds.
Importune healtli and fcreveut«s. — IWvo montlis

Here was a Kentlem:in of Normandy,— fPrench,
I have seen mroelf. and aerv'd mmiiMt. the
AimI they can wnll on huraeburJc : hut thin gallant
li.nl wiichcvafl iiri: he rrew unto his

Ami tu sorh wuiid'riMLH doinx brought his horse,
A* be had been uiourps'd aud deiui-aalur'd

With Uie brave beast: so fiir he topp*d my

That I. in forgery of shapee and tncka.
Come short uf what he dal.

hatr. ANoniiaii,wai^T

iCMf . A Norman.

Ijttr. UpoD my life, Lamard.

JSag. The very auMu

iMtr. I know him weO : Im is the bnocii ift-


King. He made oonfessiaa of yoo ;
And Kiive you sooli a masterly report,
For art and exercise in your iMfence,
And for your nipier most es|ieciaL
That he cned out, Hwould he a siaht indeed.
If ooe couhl match you : the acnmera of their

He swore, had neither mutioa, gnanl. mir eyv^
If vou opjfMw'd them : Sir, this report uf hw
Did HaiidK su envenom with his envy,
lliat he could nuthiug do. hot wurii awl ba|r
Your sialdeii coming o'er, to play arith you.
Now, out of ihw,^—

iMfT. What, out of this, aiy loidr

Jftitf . fjiertea, was your father dear to joa t
Or are yuu like the patating of a sunow,
A face without a heart f

Ifirr. Why ask fOQ tUaT

Km. Nut that 1 think, you did not lofv yow
But that I know, love is begnu by time;
Aud that I aee. in pamagea of prtMrf'.
Time uuiditiea the spark and nre uf it.
Tliere IiVMi within the very flame uf hiv«
A kiiMl of wick, ur snufT. that will almte it :
Aud nothinr is at a like gimdnuas sUll;
For guoduiias. gmwing tu a oluragr,
Diea lu his own toc»-niuch : That we would do.
We siiuuld du wIhw we would ; for this waald

And hath atNitenirnta and delays as maay.
As tliere are Urnguea. are hands, are a oc ak iit s ;
And then this aktmid tu hke a spendthrift sigh.
That hurtN by easing. Bat, t« the ^uidt vf thn

Haml^ cnmes hack : wiial would foQ "Mtffifcn,
1'u show youraelf indeed your folher^ eon
More than in words ?

Latr. To cut hia throat i*the chvreh.

KJMg. No place, indeed, should munler shimv


Revenge abuuhl have no buomla. But, good

Laertes. fW:

Will you do tlita. keep close within your chann

Hamlet, relum'd. shall kmiw you are oomn

home :
Well put on those shaU fnMt your exneUeooa,
AihI set a double vanush uu the fame
llie Frenchman gave yoo : bnng yon. m f nn

And wager o'er your heads * he. being nmuM,
Moat cenerous. and free Irom all contrivmg.
Will not pemse the foila; so that, with euan.
Or with n little shnflUwr. yon nuqr oboiM
A sword unbated. «ud, in a pass of pmciicn,
lUanite him foryoar ioher.

LatT, Iwilldn^:

And, for the pnrpnee. Ill anoint my sword.
I bouglit an onetran of a mtiuntebauk.
So mtirtal. that but dip a knife in it,
Wliere it drau-s McknI. mi cataplaam an ram,
Collecled frum all simidea that have virion
Under tlie nioun. can save the thine fiMn death,
l*hat IS Imt scratch'd withal : fU 'ouch ngr

pMh, /


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I^H .Hir wale turn Ihe beam rose of Majr I
liear hmhI. kind «Mt«r, aweet Ophelia I->
O tMMveusI i«*t piB«ibl«. a yonnf mnidV wits
Sbouid Iw ■• mnrtB^ as an okl man's life T
Nature Is flue iu lov« : uiiii, where 'U« flne.
It Nends some preentus luetanoe of itself
Afler the Uunn it luvna
Opk. ThffbortllHmban/^doHthibms

i didst penroade

fv jroo well, mj dnre !

Lmr. Hadst iImiu thy wits, and
b ooaM WK move thus.

Opk Yoa must sinit. 0mm a-dovn^ mtfmaiU
kirn a-i/wpw- a . O, hitw the wheel beromes it. It
ia the false si award, that stole his master's

Laer. This nnthinf's nwire than matter.

Oph. 1'here*M raeemarr, thatV fur rememhmnoe;
pray jrnu. luve, remember: aud there's paosies,
tbai^ for ihvwihta.

LiKr. A document in niadueas; thoughts and

Oph. lliere's fennel for voo. and columbines :
—there's roe for jrou ; and here's some fur uie ;•»
we may call it. herb of frace olSundays : — rnu
may wear your rtie with a diAirrnce.'-'l'here s a
daisy :— I would inve yoo some riolets ; but they
withered all. wbeu my fiiiber died : — -They say.
Im OMide a good etid^—

fbr Arnnqr mtfrt Robtm it ett wtg ja9,'^9ixit[^

l^er. Tbooffht and affliction, piiaaioo, bell itself.
She turns to fiiTour. aud to prettineas.

0^ AmtwiUheiwtameaoamt [Sings

And wilt kt not come OffttiMt
No, no. he t$ diad.
Be nemr will come ogam.


tie is 90m, ke it tome.

And we cait eisof siMa,
God *a merqr on ku eotUt

And of all nhristian soab ! I pray God. G<id be
wt' yna ! iBxU OpUelm.

Lttr !>• yiKi see thn, Ood f

ICmf- Lttertes, I must eommune wii h y»ur gnef.
Or yutt ileuy me rwtiu Go bat apnrt.
Make rhutne uT wiNMii yonr wisest friends ymi will.
And tliey ehall haar and judge twut yuu and me :
If iiy dirrrt ur l>y ooll«t4iral hand
Thev AimI lis towrh'd. we will our kingdiim give.
UnrWuwn. iMir life. a»d all that we call ours.
'1 .1 yiMi in i^tiitfaflUun : but, if not,
Br TiMi aatieat to lend your patience to as,
And we sliall jointly labuor with year soul
I'm aire it d«a cuoteot.

L/MT. Lotthiebeso;

llf* means of death, hie obanue funeral,—
No iniiitiy, sword, our hatchment, o'er bis bonee,
Nu wi.ittf nte. nor Aimal oatentatiun,—
f rv tu h« heard, as "'twere fruui heaven to earth.
Iliat 1 oraei aUl'l in gueslion.

ICtng. 80 yoa shall :

Ami. where the nOenoe ia, let the gnat axe Ul
I pray yuo, fo with ma. {Batmit.

»CKNK Yl "Another Roam m the tame.

Mnler Horatio^ mnd m Senrant.
. What are Uiey that woold speik with me r

Sen. Sailori,iir;

They say. they have letten fur yon.

Hot. Let them come in —

I do not know fnim whnt psirt of the world
I should be greeted, if nut from loni Hamlai.

£nfsr Sailun.

1 Sou. God blew yon. iir.

tior. Let him bless thee too.

1 SaiL He shall, sir. ant plrase him. There'a
a letter fur y4iu. sir; it cnmee from tha arabass**
dor thai was b«iund fur England ; if yoor name be
Horatio, as I nni let to know it is.

Hor. fReiids] Humtio. when than thdt hoot
ooeriooked this. 0ve thest /eUows some means to I'm
king ; thep have letters for him. Ere we were two
dof/s old at sen, a pirate of vern warlike appomtmenS
gave us chace : Finding ourselves too slow ofsatl. we
put on a campeUtd voUmr ; and in the grapple t
boarded them : on the instant, theg got dear of omr
skip i so I alone brcame theur prisoner, 'fheg have
dealt with me, Hke thieves of mercg ; bmt theg kmw
what theg did i I am to do a good twm for them,
ly^t the king have the tetters I have snU ; ami repair
thou to me with as mneh haste as thorn wonld*st fig
death. I have words to speak m thine ear, will mnke
thee dmnb ; get are theg mnch too t/ght for the bore
of Ike matter. These good fellows wtU bring thee
where 1 am. Rusenrrainz and Guildenateni hold
their conrsefor England ; qf them I have much to
tell thee. FarewelL

He that then knawesl tkim, Hamlet.
Come. I will give you way for these yoar letters ;
And dot the iipenlier. thsi yuu may direct ma
To bim flrom whom yiMi brouglit them. {Bxemni.

SCENE VII — AnoMcr Reom intketaaw.
Enter King and Ljiertea.
inng. Now mnst your cooaeience my mequH^
loiuw m!hI.
And you niusi put me in ynar heart for. friend;
81th y<»u liiiVM heMnl. and with u kwiwing ear,
TliHt hf . whM-.h liutli yuur noble lallier shun,
i'lirsu'd my life.

iyier. It well apmars :— Bui tell a

Why you pruceeded nut nciiiiiM lliese feats.
So cnmeful aud mi m|Htiil m nature.
As by yuur safety, gntatuess. wmkim, all tU

Yuu mainly were stirr'il up

King. O, (ur I wn special reaanaa ;

Which may to yi>a perliapn t^emm mucli unsinew'd,
But yet Ui me tlitiy ura strung. Tlie quaes, hii

Lives almost by his Imiks ; and fur myself.
(yiy virtue, or my plague, be it either which,)
She m so oonjunaiive to my life and anal,
11iai. as the sUir muvee mk Init in hw sphera,
I could nut but by her. 'I he utlivr motive,
Wliv tu a puhlick cuuiit 1 iiiigbi iHit an,
I* tbr great luve the ireiierul gender Iwnr him:
Whu, diu|»uii nil hiN liiulis in tlHNr affection.
Wurk like the nprina that tumeib wuod to stoni,
Cuttvnrt hui cyves tu gntces ; su that my arrowa,
;iViii sliKhiiy iiniber'd fot so hmd a wind,
Wuuld havo r«:vert«d to inv huw again.
And nut wh«re I had aini'd tJieni
I laer. And so have I a uui4e fether loat;
' A sister driven lutu deiiperate tf rmsi

Whose worth, if praises may go back
Stood challeiuiac oq.aniuni o( all the aga •
For her perfeetMos :— Bat my rsv^ugv wdl

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Opk. Weil. God'ielJ 70a! Th«r mj, the owl
WM a bnker'* tlaashter. Lonl. we know what
we ere. but. know not what we may be. God be

iHrng. Conceit upon her fiither.

Oph. Prajr. let us hnve no words of this ; hot
when they ask yuu wliat it means, say you this :

Oi»od momm, *tis Saini ValeiUim's dag

AUinthe monattg betime.
And J a maid at ymtr wmdomt

Tobepottr Vekntim:

TVn vp ke nm, and don'd kit oiMAes,
And dnpt^d tkt ekmber door:

LetimVy! maid, that oiU a maid
Never departed more.

King. Pretty Opiielin ! Cont :

Oph. Indeed, without an oath, Til make an end

Bf Git. and b^ Saint Chantjf

Alack, and f^e far thame !
Ytmng mm tmU doX if tket come to*! ;

Bt cock, thnf *fre to blame.
Quolh ske, before you tumbled aw,

You promi^d me to wed :


80 would J kn* done, bf yonder tim.
An tkoH kadtt not come to my bed.

King. How lont hath she been thosT
Opk. I hope, sll will be well. We most be pa-
tient : but I cannot cIiinmu! hut weep, to think,
tliry Hhould lay him i'the cold gniund : My brother
sluili know of It, and so I tliunk you for your cimkI
ooniiMel Come, my fioach ! Gontl niicht. ladies:
good night, sweet ladies : good night, good niRlit.

King. Follow her dose; irive her rood watch,
I pray yon. [Exit Horatia

O! this is tho poison of deep grief; it sprinics
All from tier fai Iter's death : And now behold,

Gertrude. Gertrude.

When wirriiws ruuie. they c*>me not single spies.
But in butiiiiiuiut ! Fina her father slain ;
Next your son gone ; and he most nolent author
Of his own just raiiiove : Hie people muddied.
'I'hick and unwholesome in toeir thouciits and

whispers, (greenly.

For giMid Pohniins'deHlh ; nnd we have done but
In hucger-muaer Ui inter iiim : Pour Ophelia,
Divided from herself, and her fair judgment;
Without tlie which we are pictures, or mere


1 jwt, and as much containing as all these.
Her bnilher is in secret come from KriMce :
Feeds im his wtmder, ke<>ps himself in clouds.
And waiitM not buzzers to infect his ear
With pestilent speeches of his father m death ;
'A hsrein iieceMilv. of matter bOKgiir'd.

%Vili iKitliiiig sticft our perwm tn arniign
111 far awl esr. O uiy dear Gertrude, this,
Uke to a murdering piece, in many places.
ftivfR nit superfluous death. [A noist wiiMin.
Qmeen Aladi 1 what nuwe is this T

EfUer a Gentleman.

Ktno. Attend! [door.

Where are my Swiizerst Let them guard the
What is the matter!

Gent. Save yoorsel^ my lord ;

Tlie ocean, orerpeering of his list.
kUirii oiA the flats with more impetuous hsste
I'iMU yuong Laertes, in a njUius head.

O'erfoears your oAoers ; The rabble call him. Ioid«,
And aa the world were now hut to begin.
Antiquity forgot, custom not known.
'Ilie nitiflers and pmpa of every word.
1'hey cry. C*ooae we ; I/terlet tkalt be king I
Caps, hands, and tongues, applaud itlotbeckMidiL
Lterlet tkatl be king. Uiertet kingi [cry I

Quetn. How cheerfully on the fiiln traU tfaef
O, this is OMinter. you false Daniah don.

King, llie doors are broke. C>6te wdkm.

Enter Ltttttn armed; Danes folhmn^
Laer. Where is this king? — Sirs, stend yon tQ

Dan. No. lefk come in.

Laer. I pray yoo, ghre mm leawik

Dan. We will, we will.

[7Vr retire mitkemt the doat.
Laer. I thank you : — keep tlie door.—O iboa
vile king.
Give me cy father.
Queen. Calmly, good Laertes.

Laer. That drop of Mood thatt calm. pmHatwa
me bastard:
Cries, cuckohl. to my father ; Inrands the harloc
Even here, between the chaste unsmircfaed brow
Of my tme mother.

King. What is the cause, Laertes,
lliat thy rebellion hioks so giant-like T—
Let him go. Gertrude ; do not fear onr person {
There's such diviniiy doth hedae a king.
That treason can but peep to what it «roold.
Acts little of his will.— I'ell me. Laertes.
Why thou art thus inoens'd ; — Lei him gn. Ger-
Speak. man. trude ;—

Laer. Where is my fsther ?
Kntg. [)ead.

Quem. But not bjr him.

King. Let him demand his filL (with :

Xaer How came he dead ? 111 notbejuagted
To bell, allegiance ! vow*, to the blackeet denl I
Consdenoe, and grace, to the prufoondest pit I
I dare damnation : To tliis point 1 stand.—
That both the worlds 1 give to negligenoe.
Let come what comes ; only I'll be revengM
Most thoroughly for my father.
Kmg. WhoshaUsUyyoaT

Ltttr. My will, not all the workl's :
And, lor my mmins, I'll husband them so well,
Thev ahail go far with little.

iCmg. Good Laertes.

If yon dcshv to know the certainty fvenge.

Of your dear fatlierls death. is*l writ in yoar ra-
That, sweepstake, you will draw both friend- aud
Winner aial loser f [foe.

/•Mr. None but his enemies.
Kmg. Will you know them tbe« r

Laer. To his good friends thus wide Til ape aqr
And, like the kmd Ufe-rend'nng pelican,
Ketnist them «»ith my blood.

Kmg. Why, now yua wftoak

Like a cood ehiid, and a tme gentleman.
I'litit I am goiRless of your fioher^ dentin
And am mtsit aensibly in gnef for it.
It shall ss level to your judgment 'pear.
As day does to your eye.
ihinss. {Within \ Let Iter ooow ia.

Laer. How now! what noise is thati

Ail«rOphelia,/aiito«fv»i^ircssB< mitkatraam.

O heat, dry up my brains ! tears, seveo t
Bum out the setise and virtue of mine <
By heavenv thy madue*aehaU he paal vni


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llM pffwnit deiOh (if HNinlet. Do it. England ;
Por likn tiie hactirk iu my hlood ha r»R««.
And iboo must core me : 1*111 I know lis done,
Uowa'er i^y hai«, injr jojrs will ne'er begin.


SCENE IV.-4 Plam te Deumark.
AUer FortiBbras, ami Form, marchbV'
Fbr. Go. captMin, from me irreet the Danidi
Tell him. that, bf his lioenoe. Fiirtinhnis (kiug;
Craves the co n v e yance of a pniroiii'd iiiarrai
Orer his kiwedom. Yoa kmiw the remlexvooa.
If that his miOesty wuald auxlit with us.
We shall express <Hir duty in bis eye.
ind let him know so.
G9. I will do'i. my locd.

Ar. GoaoftlyoB.

C£snai/ Fortiuhras end fbroes.

B»ttr Hamlet, Raeencrantx, Guildenstem, 4c

iisai Good sir. whose powers are theee T

Csp They are of Norway, sir.

Bim How parpoa*d, sir,

I pray yo« f

Gas. Aiaiast some part of Poland.

/hai. Who

Cnmmande them, sir f

Oop I1ie nephew to old Norway. Foriinhras.

Mm Goes K aipimst the mam uf PuUiud. sir.
Or for some fronljer T

Cap Truly to siieak, sir. and with no addition,
W«f fii to gam a liule patch of cnMind.
That hath m it no profit hut the name.
To pay five ducwts, five, I wtiold mit farm it ;
Nf>r will it yield to Norway, or f ht* Pi»le,
A ranker rate, should it he sold in fee. [it.

/InN. Why. then the Polsck never will defend

i:mp Yes, 'tis already aarrisiin'd.

/Ism. Two thousand souls, and twenty thou-
sand doaiiM.
Will not debate the qoestkm of this straw :
lliis H the imptMbume uf much wealth and

That inward brpaks.and shows noraoae wit boat
Why the man dim —I humbly thank vou. sir.

Cmp, God be wi'ymi. sir. ( Exit Captain

Rm Wiirt please virfi go. my lord f

Hess I will be with yon straiftit 0>i a little
before. {Btntmi Ri« ami Guil

H<>w all occasi«aw do inform animtt me.
And spur my doll revenge ! What is a man.
If bis chief good, and market of bis time.
ISir iMit t«i sleisp and feed f a bftasi. mi more.
Kur«,h«,that m<ide uswrh sncb lante discourae,
Ltioking beliire. and aAer, gava us not
'fhat capabtUty and godlike rrastm
Iu fOMC m ON unus'd. Now. whetlier it be
B«fMti«l iihlivinn, or siHiie craven Miruple
•'>f thinking too iirecamlv *h» th« event.—
A Utonght. which, qoarter'd. hath but one pert

A a J. ever, three parts coward.—I do net know

Whv vet I live to aay. Tm$ ikhiv't to do;

!$iih I have mose. and wUl, aial strength, and

Tc J j\. Bxamphv. grasa as earth, exhort mm :
Wii««ai. thM army at sorh mass. nimJ charge,
L«d ny a delicate ami tender pnnne ;
U'|i<«e spirit, with divine ambition puffVI,
Masse months at the iovliatile event ;
Kxfaaiag what la aortal, and nnsnre,
1 u all that Airtane. dea'h. and danger, daiik
ndielL Rvhtlytobegr-

Been M- an egg-shell.

Rut greatly to find quarrol in n xtraw.
When iMMionr^ nt I he xiNke. How sund I than.
I'hai have n fitiher kill'il. a m<ither utain'd,
Kxcitements of my muHm. mihI my hliiud.
And kst all sleep ? while, lo my i>liaiiie. I aee
The imminent death of twenty thousand men,

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