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piece of anythhig.

CautekMis, insklious. cantfoua.

Cearment, the wrapping of an
embalmed hotly.

Cease, decease.

Censure, to give an opinwn.

Ceninries, ooinpaniee of a huu-
dnsd men each.

Ceremonious, superstitious.

Certes. certainly.

Ceas. measure, lax, or subsidy.

Chair, throne.

Chaliced.t.e. flower8,with oupa,
fpHII cotix.

Challenge, the right of refusing
a juryman.

Cham Iter, ancient name for Lon-
diui ; also, a piece of ord-

Cbaiiihereri; inlrigoers.

ChMiiipian, an open country.

Chuiitry, a small oliapel in a

Character, hand-writing.

Charaotery. the matter with
whKh letters are made.

Chares, task-work.

Cliarse- house, free-ecliool.

Charieel. most cautious.

Chariness, ciiution.

Cliahuble, dear, endearing.

Churles-wain, the ounstellation
called the bear.

Charm your hiiigne. be silent.

Charmer, one who deals in ma-

Chartiecn, a sweet wine.

Chauoe. fortuntf!

Chary, cautious.

ClinNeR, >i term in tennis.

Chaudnm. entrails.

Cheater, for escheatour. an offi-
cer in the Bxchequer.

Checks, probably for ethics.

Cheer, countenance.

Cherry-pit, a game with cherry-

Cheveril.soft leather ; also, con-

Chew, to ruminate, consider.
Chewet. a chattering lard.
Chule. to resound, to echo ; also,

to scold, be clamorous.
Chiding, sonnd : noisy.
Child, a knight, a hero.

Child, a fomale infant.
Cliiiding. unseasonably (iref-

Chopine, a hii;h shoe.
Chopping, jabbering.
Chough, a bird of tlie daw spe-
Christom or chrisom, the white

cloth put on a new baptised

(%uok. chickeu, a term of en

Chuff, rich. uVarickMis.
Cicatrice, the scar of a woiitid.
Circummunad. walled round.
Circumstance, oouduqt, detail,

Cite, inate.
Cilul, recital.
Civil, crave, solemn.
Civil, human.

Cittern, a musical instrument
Cluck-dish, a beggar's dish.
Clamour, a term m bell-ringiiig.
Clap-Ill. fall to.
Clapped i' the clout, hit the

white mark.
Qap, to join hands.

^ flatter,
iin, awry.

, pureat.

I call.

learned, scholar-like.

I dry, or shrink up.

It. glittering.

Ck,... „i« while mark at which

arnliers sliuol
Clouted. liolmNiled.
Coach-fellow, (itie wrho draws

with a confederate.
C<Hi«tiiig, coiiciliaiory.
Cob-loaf, a crusty, uneven loaf.
Coek. cock-boat.
Cock-and-pya, a vulgar oath.
Cockshut-time, twilight.
Cockle, a corn-weed.
C«ickle-hat, a pilgrim's hat. .
Codding, amonius.
Codling, nn unrifie auple.
Codiiiece, u pnrt nf the dress.
Coffin, the cavity of a raised pie.
Cog, Ut cheat with dice, to lie.
Gaging, lying.
CoKMizance, badge or token.
Coigue of vantage, ooiiveiueut

CoiKu«?i*. comers.
Ctnl. buMile.sttr.
Cobi, naked.
Collectidii. conxequonoe. or at-

ColUed, black, smutted.
Colt, to trick.
Co-mart, a joint banrain.
Combinate, betrothed.
Come of. to pay.
Come of will, to succeed.
Co-meddled, mingled
ComAirt. to aid.
Comforting, aliening
Comma. c«inu«>ctiiia
Coiiimissiou. authority.


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Baocare. ■tand bMk, fiva pbott-

Bairn, brushwood.

Buldnck. a belL

BMle. miaerjr.

BolaAiU baoefnt.

Balkod, bathed or pilod op.

BaUaae. ballast.

Balm, the oil t*^ ooaaec ration.

Ban, corse.

Band. bund.

Biuidog, viUafe-dnR.

Bandy, to ezchniige aniartlf.

Bankf to sail aloug banks.

Bunninf . curstn^

BaiMiaQt. a slight repast.


Biirbnson.the name of a demon.

Barbe, « kmd of veil.

Barbed, warldielj capaniuHied.

Barber .hionimr, an asbuciale uf

Bars, to khaT*.
Bare, mere.

Barful, full of impediments.
Barm, yeast.
Bam, or hnim. a child.
Barnar4«s. a shell-liah.
U«ms. keeps m a bam.
Barren, icuoraiil.
Base, distionuurud.
Baaf, a rustic game called

Ba s e s, a Kind oC hmae breecliea

worn by rqnrairiau kuiKliis.
Basilisks, a species of canuun.
Basta, tis enough.
Bastard, roisiu wine.
Bat. a club.
Bate, strife.

Bate, to flutter aa a hawk.
BatleL an histrunient with

which washers need to beat

Batten. fa»irn>wftL
Bawoiick, u jully fellow.
Bay, the sjNice between the

main bennai uf a huuae.
Bay-curtal. a liay docked horse.
Bay-window, a bow-wiudiiw.
Beialsmen. reliiriuus iwrsuns.

maintained tu pray fur their

Beak, the forecast le.
Bear a Imui. tu (lerfectly re-
Brard. to defy.
BeaniiK, demeanour.
Beanug-cioih. a mantle need at

Beat (in falconry), to flutter.
Beating. hainnNsnng. dwelling

Beaver, hflmet in general.
Beck, a saiutatmn made with

Baoonied, beoomimt.
Beetle, to hang over the base.
Behave, to manage.
Behests, oommniHls.
Behoidiiig.vicwiiig with regard.
BehuwI. tu howl at.

Beldame, ancient mother.

Be-lee'd. becalmed.

Belongings, endowments.

Be-mete. be-measura.

Be-moiled, bedraggled, be-

Bending, iinequa] to the weight

Benefii, benehciary.

Benif tttmoat degree of any pas-

Benumbed, inflexible.

Beshrew. may ill befall.

Besmirch, to fuul or dirty.

Best, bravest.

Bestowed, stwwed away Jodged.

Bestraoght, distracted.

Beteem, to give, poor out, per-
mit, sufier.

Bewray, betray.

Bf zoninn, a mean fellow.

Bias-rheek. swelling out hke
Uie bias of a bowL

Bid, to invite.

Bid-the-base, to challenge in a

Bifokl, iwo-fokL

BiKgtn. a cap.

Bilberry, the whortleberry.

Bilbo, a Speiiish blade, made at

Bilboes, fetters.
Bill, articles of accosatkm.
Bill, a weapon, formerly car*

ried 1^ watchmen.
Bin. IS
Bird-bolt, sn arrow shot at birda

from a croas-bow.
Bissim, blind.
Bhiuk. the white mark in a

Blank and level, mark and aim,

(lertiis uf gunnery.)
Blase uf youth, the spring of

early life.
Blear, to deceive.
Blench, to start oflT, to fly oK
Blent, blended.
Bliiid-wurms, the oscilia, or

Bluud-lioltered, daubed with

Blown, puffiBd-ap, swollen.
Bluws, swells.
BliKNiy. sMnsuine.
Blue cn|«. the Scotch.
Blunt, siiipHl. inseiiKible.
Blurt, blurted, an expression of

Board, U> uccust.
Bobb. to trick.
Bodced. busgled. ohinisy.
Bodkin, a small dagger.
Bolted, sifted
Bulunc-hutch. the receptacle hi

which the meal is bolted.
Bombard, or bombard, a Iwrrel.
Bombast, the stufRng ol' clothes.
Bona-robas. strumpets.
Bond, boumlen duty.
Bony or bonny, handsome.
Book, paper uf conditions.
Buot. pront, something over and

Bore, demeaned.
Bore, thr calibre of a gun.

Bores, sians.

Bosky, Woody.

Busom, wish, heartii dasira.

Bots, worms in a horsa

Boum, boundary, rivulet.

Buw, yoke.

B«ilds. emboldana.

Boltered. bedanhed.

Borne in hand, deceived.

Bottled-spider, a large bloats^

Boulted. sifted.

Bowlins or bowlines, tackle of
a ship.

Bollen. swollen.

Bordrred, restrained.

Bower, a chaniber.

Brare. armour for the ana

Bracli. a huoud.

Brack, to salt.

Braid, crafty, deceitfuL

Brain's-flow. tears.

Brake, an instrument of tor-
ture; alM). M thicket.

Brands, a part uf the andirons
on whiCh tlie wood for the
flre was supported.

Brasier, a nianolactnr(*r uf
brass; abo, a veasel ui
which charcoal is burned.

Brave, to defy, also to make

Bravely, snlriididly. gallantly.

Bravery, flnrrv.

Brawl, a kind of dance.

Braying, harsh, grating.

Break, to begin.

Break up. to carve.

Break with, to break the mat-
ter lo.

Breast, voice.

Breai h. speech, almt, exercise.

Breaihing-counesy, mere ver-
Inil complinieiit.

Breeched, foully sheathed,

BrerchiuK. liable to be flogged.

Breathed, inured by conatant

Breathe, to otter.

Breed-bate, an exciter of quar-

BrilMt-huck, a buck aent as a

Bridal, the nuptial feast.

Bring, to attend or accompany.

Brize. the gud. or hurse-fly.

Bruach. to |iui on the apit. ie


BrurJt, the Iwdger.

Brogues, s kind of shoes.

Bniken. commonicatftl

9roker. a match-maker, a pro-

Brooched. adorned.

Brought, attended.

Brow of youth, the height of

Bruwn-bill, a battle-axe.

Bruwnist. a fbllower uf Brown,
a sectarian.

Brauiuig-iruns. sn allosion to
the ancient mace.

Broit. report with rhunniir.


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ANO* u»<lepreM,pink,subdae.
A B C. n aiiechuim.
Abhur, to proiMt ■gMost.
ANects, (MMMed servile per-


Able, to (iiMliiy or aphoU.

Abofftive. inaiiw beftire it* time.

AliMolute. complete, perfect.

Ahoee, deceptmi.

AbttMil, deceived.

Abjr, to pay dear for, to roe, to

Abrsiu. Hhyaa.
Aoc le, til ate or efunmoa.

Achieve, to obcaio.
Aouaitam, wolfs-baiM.
Aoqaittanne. requiul.
AetMNi.direciifNi by mate mkim,

ebarfe. «ir aocumtion.
Aetfoo-UkinK. Utipuaa.
Aoturaa. aciKwui
Addiuona, titles or charactera.
AddressL to prepere. to make

Addreaaed. nr rnlv reat, readjr.
Admittance, faviHir.
Advance, to praAir.
Advertisii«, attentive.
Adversity, contrariety.
AdwrtiaeaieQt. adnwNUtioo.
Advire. onHMletvUiio, dnrre-

|io«. tbougbt
Adviaa,lo ounaider. Ui recolleot.
Advised, •ml. cauiMioa.
Atry nr A>ery. a hawkis or

eaale's nest
Aftrt tite letur, to pnwCiaa

Aftot. biva.
AlbctMM, afledatioo, imagi-

Alfterad, onnArmed.
ASad. betraUied.
AifhMt. to coofrMit-
Ajfy. to bemib.

Aglet-baby, a diminuiive being,
not exceeUiun the taft of a
puiiit. from MguitelUM.

Agnize, acknowledge, confess,

A-goiid, in good eamesL

Aim. auesa. siuipicifm.

Airy ianie. mere verbal ealugy.

Aider-Uefest, best beloved.

Ale, a merry-meeting.

A'ltfe. at lifo.

AlUiw, to approve.

Allowance, wppnibation.

Amase. to perplex.

Amasimian chin, a beardleas

ABes-aoe. the lowest chance
of the dice.

Amiiia. mtsfortane.

Amort, di^hted.
An, as if.

Anchor, a hermit.

Andeiii, an ensign, or atandard-

AiuKle, a fiahing-md.
Aniglit. in the nigbu
Answer, retaliaUon.
Anthropophagi, cannibals
Antink, the fiiol of the ok! play.
Antiquity, old age.
Ant res, caves and dooM.

Appeal, to

Appeared, made apparent

Apple-)nbn, an apple that will

keep for two yeara.
Apply, to attend to. conaider.
Appointment, preparatwa.
Apprehension, opinion.
Apprehensive, quick of compre-

Appmbntion, entrjr nr protmtion.
ApprooC approbation, pniiif
Approve, to jastify. prove, ee-

Appruvad, experienced.
Approvera, thoee who try.
Aqoa-vita, strong waters, pro-
bably osqaebaogh.
ArabHh bird, the pboMinL
Aroh, chief.

Argentine, silver.
Argentine, the goddess Diana.
Argier. Algiers
An(i«i«a. sliipa laden with great

Argument, subiect foroonvenap

tion, evidence, prnoC
Arm, to Uke up in the anna.
Aroint, a vaunt, begone.
A-row, Buocessively.
Art, practice aa uistingniabod

from theory ; also, lhear:\
Articulate, to enter into ar-

Artificial, ingenious, artful.
Aa, as if

AacaunL. askew, sklewaya.
Aspect, cuuntenaiice.
Aoperaion, apriiikhng.
As (Htini. completely armed.
AsMay. test

Amiiiegu. a mule asa.
Astniigttr, a gentleman Ihl-

Assuranre, mnvevanoo or deed.
AsRured, ufflaiioed.
Ates, instigate from At«, the

goddess of bloudslied.
Atomies, minute partiitlea viai*

ble in the aun's rays.
Attasked. Uken to task.
Attended, waited lur.
Attent, attentive.
Atone, to reouodle.
Attest, attestation.
Attorney. depuiati«ia.
Atutrueyship, ttie discretioiinl

agency of another.
Attomied, supplied by subsuto*

tiou uif embassies.
Aadacioua, api riled, animated.
Audrey, a corruptam of £tlirW

Aorani, procnoaticaiioaa.
Auk wan), adverae.
Authentic learned.
Awful, mverend.
Awleea. (ailing to



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7%aiMa, daughter to Simonides — Per. 827

Tkaliard, a lord of Autioch Per, 827

TkerHtem, a scurrilous Grecian

TVoiL tk C 638
Tkeamut, duke of Athens ..ifM. M D. 178
TkofHog Beau/brt, duke of Bxeter^

1 Hen. VI. 501
2%oiMiM,dnke of Clarence, son of King

Henry iV - 2 Hen. IV 446

7%oMMW, a f riar Mea.for M. 128

7%oMMM tfornrr, an armorer ,...

2 Hen. VI 534
Thomn9 Feretf^ Earl of Worcester....

1 Hen IV. 420
Hunnns Rntherhatn, arcbbithop of

York « Rich. Ill S77

f%r«t> WiUUem Maeb. 852

l%Hrio, in love with Silvia

Two Gttt. Ver. 62

ThifreuMf Mend to Geesar Anl. Jls a 743

Tlmatuiraf mistress to Alcibiades

Tim. of A. 667

Time as Chorus » mntet^t T. 310

STImaom, an Athenian noble. 27m. qf A. 667

TftaHiOf queen of the fairies

Mid. N. D. 173

TUiniuBf friend to Brutus Jul. C. 120

TUms AndromUms, a noble Roman..

ru. And. 804

TUus LmrHns, a Roman general

ariol. 687

7V<N«. a scrrant. Thn. qfA. 667

Timehstmne, a clown ,,...Am You L, 239

TraM<Oy senrant to Lucentio

2hm <{f & 287
J^mvera, a domestic to duke of North-

umberUnd .2 Hm. IV. 446

iyet6«M»i«ur. conspirator against (.'lesar.

Jul. a 720

Tf-esMtd - „ Rich. IIL 677

7Wi«0tfl4», a jester » 7kim>e«< 43

TroilfM, son to Priam TroU. d; C 638

Tttbftl, a Jew Met. Yen. 214

ThUhs AuAdiua, Vol:$cian general...

Cbrfol. 687

TMarto RuO^tHd ..3 Hen. VI 550

Two 6«M(l«iMen» prisoners with duke

of Suffolk 2 Hen. VI. 524

TifbaUf nephew to i^ady Capulet

Rom. & J. 878

Vlfi—em, Grecian commander ~..

Troil.^a 688


XTrswAOf Lady Hero's attendant

Muck Ado 160

VaientiHe, a gentleman of Verona.....

TSeo Oen. Ver. 62
ral«nHi»«, attendant on Duke Orsino.

Twelfth N. 104

VnUntine ...TiLAnd. 804

VtUerUi, friend to Virgilia Ooriol. 687

Farroy semint to Bnitus Jul. C. 720

Vat»rius Mea.for M. 128

VttrrluSf friend to E*ompey..^n<. rf C 74.1

FaM» « 2 ^cn. VI 524

VetiHdlHS 2Vm. itf A. 667

VetUiditta, friend to Antony.iiitf. <fi; C 743
Vetgra, an officer of the watch ^

Much Ado 150
FernoiAt of the White Rose fiiction —

1 Hen. VL 501
rtneenHo, duke of Vieti ntL.Mea.for M. 128
ViHeetUio, a gentleman of Pisa

7\im.qfS. 287
Fiola, in love with Duke Orsino

Twelfth N. 104

Fiolenia -~«^4i<'* WeU 262

Virffiila, wife to Coriolanus — Cbrio^. 687

Fb/MtHMfufy a courtier ...Ham. 905

VolutHnia, mother to Coriolanus

OoHol, 687
Volumniwt, friend to Bmt\iB..JuL C 730

ITfltor ir%<«iMore ^....2 Hen. VI 524

Wart, a recruit ....2 Hen. 7K 446

WUUatn, in love with Audrey

As You L. 239
WiUlam Lonaaword, earl of Salis-
bury ..K.John 875

WiUiam Mareahall, earl of Pem-
broke ..K. John 375

WiUiam Stafford 2 Hen. VI 524

l»7//io##i/t, a soldier Hen. V. 478

Ifdoifv/lle. lieutenant of the Tower...

1 Hen. VL 501

Tomtg CatOf friend tb Brutus..«7ttZ. C 720
Fowntf Ciiffordf of the kinK'sparty..

roMNiy aiward ^^Maeb. 852


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Moderigo, a Venetian gentleman


Jtmmwf son to Montage Rom. & J. 878

JtoBolind, daughter to the tmnished

duke „ As YouL. 239

JtMaUne, a hkdy attendant.Lof>e*« L. L. 192

X4>s«tu>mHUe •, Ham. 905

/io««. a Scottish nobleman ^.,Maeb. 852

MugbUfSeTivit to Dr.Caius.^

JIf . »F. qT JF. 82
Jiumw «..^ ^en. IV. 446

A««l#inlo» friend to Bassanio-ilfer. Fen
SttiariHO, friend to Raasanio. Jf«!r T>».

.V/(ieWOf a messenger ^er. Ven.

Sampson, servant to Capulet

Horn. 6c J.

SntnrniHHSf emperor of "Rome


MtinmSf friend to Antony An/. <t C

SenUiU dMtrtar Maeb.

Scroop, archbishop of Yorlc.l Hen. IV.
^roo|»«archbishop of Yorlc. enemy to

Kim? Henry IV 'I Hen. IV.

iy«f#«-<vrf»if«i*«» frieud lo Viola.

Twelfth N.

Sftn»onntnin.:. «..2 Hen, VI.

Sehastlan, brother to king of Naples.


Sf*4t9tinn,hT0theT ioV\olR.TweifJiy.

StdeHCHS, attendant on Cleopatra

ArU. & C

Srtmpronius, flatterer of Timon

Tim. qf A.

H^mproniHM ^ - TU.And.

Stti^UiHM, serrant to Timon. Tim. qf A.

Seaetum Pitmpeit$s Ant & C.

S^lfton Mach.

Shadow, a recruit - 2 Hen. IV.

SUntlow, a country justice.^. W. qf W.
ShttUo4v, a country justice..2 Hen. IV.

Sktn'lffot WUUhire Rich. Ill

Shwloek, a Jew »Mer. Ven.

SUtiniUM FeltUus, tribune of the peo>

pie Oariol.

silence, a country Justice...2 Hen. IV.

SUiHM, an officer Ant. A C.

SUeln, beloved by Valentine

Ikoo Oen. Ver.

SUffiHMf a shepherd A» You L.

SlmonuioB, king of Penupoli8..»/Vr.

Mmpoo^ an impostor ..2 Hen. VI.

Himpoo^m •rife 2 Hen. VL

Slmpie^rf^xA to Slender M. W. of W.
Sir Andrew Aaneelte«'k...Tweiftk N.

Sir AntUontf DeuH^ Hen. VIIL

Sir Henrtf anildford Hen. VIIL

Sir Ungh JSvana, a Welsh mrson...

M. W. qf W.

Sir Hngh Mortimer, uncle to the

dake of York .^ .3 Hen. VI.

Mr Humphrey Stafford..^ Hen. VI
SirJmnee Biomtt Rich. IIL

\ SirJt


T K77 ^


SlrJ^mnes Tffrrel Rich. Ill SJl

Sir tTohn Coleeitte, enemy to King

Henry IV 2 Hen. IV. 446

Sir Jftkn £Hl9U$tr. M. W.qf W. 82

Sir John FtOmtnff- 1 Hen. IV. 420

Sir John h'nlHtnff. 2 Hen. IV. 446

Sir John Fnstolp9 1 Hen. VI 501

Sir John Montgomery 3 Hen. VI. 550

Sir Jo9tn MorHmer, uncle to the

duke of York .3 Hen. VI WO

Sir John SomenMle JiHen. VI 5o0

Sir JttlM Stanley 2 Hen. VI 521

StrMiehaH 1 Hen. IV. 42 >

Sir Nathaniel, a CHrate...Lotw'* //. L. 192

Sir Nieholam Vaojt Hen. VIII 610

.Sir Oliver Marteaet .....JIm Kom L. 239

Sir Plt^ree of Eaotou Rich. II. 396

Sir R. Brakenhitry, lieutenant of

the Tower Rich. IIL BTJ

Sir Richard RaUliff. Rich. IIL 577

Sir Rieliard Verttou 1 Hen. IV. 420

Sir Stepiien Scroop Rich. IL 396

Sir Thotnag Erpinffhatn....Hen. K 473

Sir Thomas Oargrare 1 Hen. VI. 601

SirThttmnm <7rp{fyconspiratorat3inst

KingHenrvV Hen. V. 473

Sir T%i>maM ¥.,ovrU ..Hen. VIIL 610

Sir ThfunoM Vnnghni^..^ .Rich. III. 577
Sir Toby Belch, uncle to Lady Olivia

Twelfth N. 104
Sir Walter Maul, friend to King

Henry IV I Hen. IV. 420

Sir Walter HeHmrt Rich. lU. fHl

Sir WiUiam Cateahy Rich. in. 577

Sir inUlam Glan»daie...l Hen. VL 501

Sir WUIltnn Lacy 1 Hm. VI. 501

Sir WiUiam Stanley Ji Hen. VL 550

Slward, English geneml Maeb. 852

.Vl^'iuletscousintoShallow.if. IK.of IF. 82
SmitIi l/ie weaver, a follower of Cade.

2 Hen. VL 524

Snare, a sheriff's officer 2 Hen. IV. 446

Sno$U the tinker ..Mid. N. D. 178

Snug the Mner Mid. N. D. 178

S*dinuM, duke of Kphe^us. .Cbm. qfS. 837
Son that hoe kUled hlnf^ttlter

3 Hen. VL 550

Soothmayer « .Jul. G 720

Soothsayer « .Ant. A C 74S

Sonthwell, a priest 2 Hen. VL 524

^p<«cf. servaut to Valentino

Ttoo Gen. Ver. 62

Spirit ^ „ ..2 Hen. VI 524

StnrwdliHI the tallnr Mid. N. D. 178

Stepha no, tk AnxxkkeTk hwWex... Temped 4!!
StephaiM, servant to Portia-flfcr. Ven. 214

Strato, servant to Brutus JiiL G 720

Snrveyor to Duke Bueklnghan%...

Hen. Vm. 610

Tnlbot, earl of Shrewsbury..! Hen. VL 501
7V»mor«Vy queen of the Ooths.7^ And. 804
Taurus, lieutenant-general to Cssar.

Ant, A a lU

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fMvia, a rich countess- Ticelflh N. 104

4Htverf brother to Orlaiido.-i4« You L. 239
ippheiia, dmoghter of FoloDius...ifo«n. 905
OriantU, in tove with Bosallnd

At You L. 239

fh'HnOf duke of lUyria. I\ge(flh N, 104

OtfHr. a courtier « Ham. 905

OMwnld, senrant to GonerU....i5r. Lear 847

4HheUo, a Moor OtheUo 989

Owen Qie»uiower,SL Welsh cbieiuin.

1 Hmu IK 420

JPaire, a follower of Fal8U(r..2 Hen IV.

PniHtrr Tim. qf A.

Jiandar, a, and wife ~ Per.

JHandarumf uncie to Cressida.


i^^nUUno, servant to Antonio-

ISco Oen. Vfr.
l^aris, in lore with Jnliet...i&>m. d: J.

Parts, Bon to FriauL TroU. <fe G

l^anMem, a braggart All '« WeU

i'totieitoe. woman to Queen Katharine.

PMrodHs, Grecian commander

J^tuUna „ Winler'e T.

l^fasebioBsom, a fairy Mid. N. D.

P*9dmiU Tarn, of S.

PerdUa „ WiiUe?t T.

P»rMe», prince of Tyre Per.

Peter, a frtar....^.^-. »,Mea.for M.

Peter, Homer's servant 2 Hen. VI

Peter of Pomfret, a prophet... AT. John

i^Bter, servant to Juliet's nurse

Peto, follower to FalstaflL....l Hen. IV.

Peto ., ^^ 2 Hen. IV.

i'eeriieliioy a suitor to Katbarina, Bap-

tisu's daughter Thm.qf S.

PJiehe, a shepherdess As You L.

Philario, friend to Posthumu8...C^H.
Pbil0w»o9»9 servant to Cerimon....Aw.

PhiUp, king of France K. John

Pi*Ujp PmHleonbridffe, basttard son

of King Richard I K. John

Pttilo, friend to Antonv Ant d: C

PhUostratef master of the revels

Mid. N. D.

PhUottis, a servant Tim. qf A.

Ptiryniaf mistress to Alcibiades

Tim. qf A.

Plnehf a schoolmaster Qm. qf R

Pindarus, servant to Ca8sius..Vii/. C
Pl^anlo, servant to Po8thumus-.Qm.
PiMol, foUower to Fal8taff...iV^^ W. i/ W.

PtMta „ 2 Hen. IV.

Pistol, formerly servant to Falstaffl...
Hen. V.

PUtyers « « Ham.

Poet «. Tim. qf A.

PoinSf a companion to the Prince of

Wales 1 Hen. IV.



Pwlns 2 Hen. IV.

PoUaoenes, king of Bohemia.

Winter's T. 310

PoionltM, fother of Ophelia Ham. 906

Pompey, a servant Mea,/or M. 128

PopiiUts Lena, a senator Jul. C 720

Porter ..Madt. 862

Portia, a rich heiress Mer. Ven. 214

Pmrtia, wife to Bruius » Jul. C 720

Priam, king of Troy lYoiL <fe C 688

Priest Ham. 906

l*rince of Arraffon Mer. Ven. 214

Prinee Henry, son to King Jobn...„

K. John 875
Prince Hnmphrey of Oiettefster,

son of King Henry IV 2 Hen. IV. 446

PtHnee John of jAtneetster, son of

King Henry IV 1 Hen. IV. 420

PrSnee John of Lancaster, son of

King Henry IV^ 2 Hen. IV. 446

Prince of Morocco Mer. Ven. 214

PrtneesM of l*'rance Low?s L. L. 192

PntettlHus, friend to V2»s.T..Ant. & C. 748
Prospero, banished duke of Milan...-

l>inpeit 48

Proteus, a gentleman of Verona

Tico Gen. Ver. 62

Prwfost Mea.for M. 128

Ptilttins, a senator Jul C 720

PuMi9ts,9on to Marcus Andronlctis...

Tit. And. 804
Puck, a fairy Mid. N. D. 178

Queen to King Biehard II,Pich.II. 396
Queen Kathnrine, wife to Henry

VIII Hen. Vm. 610

Queen, wife to Cymbeiine Cvm. 774

Quince, the carpenter- Mid. N.D. 178

Quintus,9on to Titus Andronleus.

TiLAnd. 804

Hamhures, a French lord Hen. V. 478

Refian, daui^hter to liear- K. Lear 847

ireitflrni4-r, duke of Anjou....l Hen. VL 501
Jfeffnaido, servant to Polonius../fam. 906
Richard, duke of Gloucester, son to

the duke of York 9 Hen. VL 550

Richard, duke of Gloucester, after-

wnnls King Richard ni......Bich. UL bTI

RioftardPiantaffediet,duke of York.

1 Hen. VL 601

2 Hen VL 624
RiehardMHatUaaenet,duke of York.

3 Hen. VL 650
Biehard, son of duke of York

2 Hen. VL 524
Biehard, duke of York, son to King

Edward IV Rich. III. BTJ

Robert Bigot, eari of Norlblk./T. John 875

Bohert Panleonbridge JC. Jolm 876

AoMm* page to Falstair.

"ii'.'w. 0/ IT. «l ^


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jr. JBmil, LepidHs, a triumyir^

Ant, AC 7^
Muek & th f a ScoUlah ffeoenU, after-
wards king of Scotland Macb, 8S2

Macthiff, a Scottish nobleman Jlfac6. 852

Macduff's 90H^ ^ Macb. 852

MnenuprriSf an officer in KingHen-

ry'« army « JSen, V, 473

Maieoln*, son to Duncan, king of Scot-
land « ^,Macb. 852

Jif«l«oIio» steward to OUria..2Vi!e{^iV: 104
jramai<u«,sonof I/eontes mii/er'«r. 310

MarceUus, a Danish officer Ham. 905

MareiuSfWan to Coriolanus.....Cbr<o/. 687
MareuM AndronieHS,htoiheT to Ti-
tus Andronicua TU. And, 804

JforoMtf AtUonius, a triumvir „..

JuLa 720
Marcus JSrutus, conspirator against

Caesar ^uL C 720

Mardian, attendant on Cleopatnu...

Ant. <fc C 743
MargarsUmf bastard son of Priam...

TniLJiia 638
Margaret* married to King Henry

VL. — 1 Hm, VI. 501

Margaretf quceu to King Henry Yl.

2J7e».K/. 524
Margaret, queen to King Henry VI.

Margaret, queen to King Henry VI.

Mich. m. 677
Margaret, Lady Hero's attendant....

Much Ado 160

Margaret J'ourdain, a witch

2J£isn.VL 524
Marin, a lady attendant.. i>oneP« L. X. 192

JTario. Olivia's waiting^woman

IkoeffihU. 104

JTaHafMfy betrothed to Angelo

Sfea,for M. 128

MaHana AU^t WeU 262

Marina, daufffater to Pericles Per, 827

Marquis of Harsetfton to King Ed-
ward IV.'s queen JHeh. JIT. 577

Marquis of Monttfgue,o( the duke

of York's party 8 Ben. VL 650

Marshal Per. 827

Martius, son to Titus Andronicus ....

TU. And. 804

MaruOus Jvl. C 720

Master Gunner of Orleans, and his

son 1 Hen. VL 601

Master Page....^ M. W.qf W. 82

Magor of London :.t H^ Vh 601

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