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The nuble Parw, and true Romeo, dead.
She wakes; and I entreated her eoroe forth.
And henr this work of heaven with patience:
Bat then n noiee did scara me from the tomb;
And she, too desperate, woukl not fu with me.
Bat (as H seems) did violenoe on heraelf.
AH tiMS I know ; and to the marriige
Her norwi « prtry : And. if aufht m this
Misoanliid by my fault, let my okl lifo
Oe saerille'd. »ome hour before his time.
Unto the riKoor oK sevrmt law. [man.—

Pn¥». We still have known thee for a holy
When>*s Romeo's man r what can he sny in this?

iW^ I broachl my master news ufJalieC*ft death;
And then in poet he came from Mantna.
Tb Utw same place, to thia same monument
Thm letter he early bid me mve his fother ;
Ami Chreaten'd me with death, Koinff in the Taolt,
If I departed not. and left him there.

Pnmct, Gire me the letter. 1 will look on it —
Where ia tlie oounly's pa«e, that rais'd the

watch T—
terah, what made yutir master iu tliw place?

Pmg^ He came with llowen to strew his iaJrli
And bid roe stand alooC and so 1 did
Anon, comee one with lifht to ope the tomb;
And, by and by. my master drew on him ;
And then I ran away to call tlie watch.

iVMCs: This letter doth make fuod tbe fnar^

TheiroouraeairioTe,tbetidiic>of her death:
And here he writes t hat he did hoy a (oaioo
Of a poor 'pothtfcary. and therewithal
Came to this vault to die. and lie with Juliet. -
Where be theee enendea T Capulet I Montafoel—
See, what a souunte is laid npon your hate.
That heaven finds means to itill your joys with
And 1. for winkimr at your discords too, [love 1
Hare loet a brace of kinsmen :-hiU are ponishU

Cap. O. brother Mootairue, give me thy baud :
This M my dwaghter^ jointure, for no more
Gin I demand.

J/on. But I can fire thee more :

Fur I wOl raise her statue in pure |Cokl ;
Thit, while Vertina by that name m known.
There shall no flcure at soeh reie be set,
Aa that of true and faithful JoUet.

CSsp. A* nch shall Romeo by his lady lie ;
Poor aaenffces of our enmity ! Cbrincs ;

"Vmos. a floominff peace thia mominc with it

Hie tun Imt sorrow will not show hw liead :

Oo benoe, to have more talk of theee sad tliiuo;

Some shall he pardooM. and some pauished:

For nevrr was a st4>ry of mure woe

Than this of Juliet and her Romeo. l£xcwil



CtoodiOB, Kimt pf Denmark.
"—It* ien lo<*# Jormtr, mid nepktm to


Pbloniaa. Lerrf CkeaiAertem.
Horatlo.yH0af le HamleC
Laertes, $am to Puloniua.




Oenc mcfmrtmr.









erraaalie MflOtaiL

Q^ml oMlamletls Mikur.
Furtiabrea, Frima ti Norwif .

Oertmde. Qmtm of Denmark, oad

OplMlia, i ontk ttr ^ Fblonins.

ler*, ImNsi^ QPrrrt. 9Mwn, Plntr$,





SCENE L— Elnnore. A Plat/onm btSon Om

Fnaeioaom kit root. Alter /e Mm Bernaidek
Bar, Who^ there?

/Von. Nay, answer me : stand, and onfoU
Brr. Lonf lire the kii«!
P^ram. Beraaniu I

^' « "*•

FVmi. Ton cobm most carefully npiin yoor

o_ J!f^^' ^ . (frmitcmsu.

Btr. Tm now stmck twelve ; cet thee I > bed.

Fran, For this relief, mocli thaiUu: *Us bitter
And I am sick at heart. [ooM.

Btr. Have yoa had qniet euand f

From. Not a mous^ stiniac.

Apt. Well, eoudninhl.
If yuu do areet Horatio and Maroellns.
The rivato of my watch, bid them make haste.

Enter Huratk) end Marcellns.
Fra$L'\ think. I hear them.~«tand, ho I Who
Bar. Frieude to this croond. [i* there T

itar. And liefemen to the Dane.

Fran. <3ire yoo good nifht.
Mar. O. farewell, hmiest soldier :

Who hnth relieved yoa {

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fW St»y then. HI ft» mI«ki6 —Fear oomM iipm
O, naoh 1 fear miom ill atilonkv UiIdk.

Bal. As 1 did sleep ander this yew-trve hera*
I dreamt nif master and autiiher foaKht,
And that my master slew him.

FH. Rirnieo 1— (ilAwnees.

Alack, alack, what blood is this, which stains
The stuny eniranoe of this sepnlclire T—
What mean these masterlesK sad gory swoids
Tp lie disoolor'd by this place of pernw T

[Emien tkf. mom um e m L
Eomeo 1 0. pale !— Who else T what. Paris Umt
And steep'd in bliiod T— Ah. what an nnkind hour
b ffuiity oflhis lamentable chance !—
The lady tUn. fJnliet make$ amd ttrrt.

Jid. 0. cdmfortaMe friar I where is my lord f
I do remember welt where I should be.
And there I am :— Where is my RomeoT

{Noi»e witkm.

fW. I hear some noise.— Lady, oonie from that
Of death, contafion. and onnatural sleep; Inesi
A greater Pkiwer tliaii we can ountradict
Hath thwarted oar intents : omie. come away :
Thv hnSband in thy hoeom there lies dead ;
And Paris too ; come. Ill disptise at thee
Amonf a swterhiNid of holy nuns:
Slay not to qnestiim. for the watch is oominir ;
Come. iro. tnod JnlMt,— [ATotisc lyam.] I dare
stay no loimr. [BxiL

M Go. iret thee hence, for 1 wQl not away.—
What^ here T n cup, dus'd in my true loTe*s

Poison, r see. hath been his timrlees end :—
U churl I dnnk all : and leave wi friendly drop.
To help me after?— I will kiss thy lips;
Haply, some poison yet doth banc on them.
To make me die with a restorative. [IfissetJktnb

Thy lipss..

1 Watek. iWUkm] Lead. boy :— Which way T

Jul Yea, noise T— then Til he brief.— O happy

dagger I [Smatckmo Romeo's rfoMrr.

This Is thy sheath ; lStab§ ktr»e(f:] tiiere rust.


CAOt M namteo^bodv, atd iiu

Emter Watch, with Ikt Page ^ Paris.
/^B0K. This is the place; there, where the

torch doth born.
I Watdt. The gruond Is bloody ; Search about
the church-yard :
tic, some of you. whoe'er you find, attach.

[BxewU M
PHiM sight ! here lies the county slain :—
And Juliet bleedinc ; warm, and newly dead.
Who here hath lain these two days buried.—
Go, tell tlie prince,— run to the Capnieis.—
Raise up the Montagues.— eume others ssar^ ^-
[Exftimi H^nr Watchmen.
We see the ground whereon these woos do lie ;
But the tme vrouud of hII these piteous woes,
W« cannot withont circumstance d ee ciy .

Ailer tome of tV Watch, with Balthasar.
S Watrk. Here's Rtimet>*s hmu, we found him

in the rhomh-yard
1 Wotrh llohl him in safety, till the prince

Alter Miotker Watcdiman, with Fnar lauraoos.
S Wutdt. Here is a fnar, that trembles, sighs,
and weeps :
^ took this mattock and this spade frnm him.
As he was coming from thb church-yard side.

BiUer the Prince and Attendants.
Prmce. Wliat misadventure is so early up
That calls our person from our monuiHrk rest T

Bnter Capulet, Ladfi Capulet, amd tthtn.
Cap. What should it be. that they so

La. Cap. The pef>ple in the streK cry— 1
Some— Juliet, and stmie— Pans; and all nm.

With open outcry. Uiward our n

PHmca What fear is this, which stanies in oar
earsT (slain;

I Watrh Sovereign, here lies the county Paris
And Romeo dead \ and JuUet, dead befura,
Wiirm and new kdl'd

Prmre. Search, aeek, and know how this fool
murder comes. [meo% man :

1 Watrh Here is a friar, and slaughter^ Ro-
With instraments upon them, fit to open
I'hese dead men's tombs.

Cap 0,'heavensi— O, wile! look bow oor
dsiicliter bleeds !
This dagxer hath miKia'en.— for. lo ! his house
Is empty oit the buck i»f Mnntacue,—
And it mis-sh«Hihe() m my daiisbter's bosom.

La. Cop O me ! this Hcht «if death si as a bell.
That warns my old aire tu a sepulchre.

Enter Montague and othen.

Prmoe. Come. Montague ; for thou art early up.
To see thy KM) and heir more early down.

Mm Alas, iiiv lien, my wife is desd to-nirht;
Grief of my son's exile hath siopp'd her breath :
What further woe cutisptrBe asainat mine are T

Frinee Look, mid thou shnlt see. phm,

Jtfoii. O thou nntamrhtl wbst manner> m in
To press before thy fhi her to a grave T (while.

Prince Seal up the mouth f»f outrage ftsr a
Till we can clear theee ambirniiies, (scent.

And know their spring, their head, tlieir tme de>
And then will I be Kenerel of your woes.
And l««d you even to death : Meantime forhear.
And let mischance be slave to pniieuce.—
Brinir forth the parties of sospiCMin.

FH. I am the irreatesi. able to do least.
Yet most suspected, as the time snd nlace
Doth make aitninsC me. of this direfol murder:
And here T stand, both to impeach and punce
Myself condemned and myself ezcus'd.

Prin» Then say at onus what thou dost know

FW. T will be brief, for my short date of breath
Is not so \ong as is a tedious tale.
Romeo there dead, was husband to that Juliet.

And she, there dead, that Romeo*s foiUiAil wife .
I married tliem: and their stolen marr iag e-day
Was 'Ivbali's dooms-dav, whi«e untimely deith
BanndiM the new-made bridegruon frvm this

For whom, and not for Tybalt, Joliit pinM —
Tou— to remove that stem of grief from her.—
BetrothU and would have married her perfonm.
To county Paria :— Then comes she to me :
And with wild looks, bid me devise some means
To rid her from this second mamaga.
Or. m my cell there wouM she kill herselC
Then gave 1 her, ao tutor'd by my art.
A sleeping potion ; which «• t«ir4i tttari.
As (.intended, for it wnnutht on her
The form of death : meantime I writ to Rtmeo
Tliat he should hither come aa this dire twrhi
To help to take her f um her iHimm'd gravF,


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Act v.]


Pm SwMt flower, with flowera I naffn thy
Sweet tnpnb, Uuit in thjr ctrcait doKt ciiqUui
The perfect model of etemiiv :
tw Joliet, that with aiutel* doet remain,
AtinepC thn Uieet faviiur Nt mr hands:
lliat ItviofK hoocHir'd tliee.and. bein|rdead,
With fuueral praiMM do adura thv tomb !

The boT ftTee waminc. ■ometluncduth Mpprueeh.
What cumd foot wanders tliiv wwj to-iiiirht,
Ta oma mj ohaequiea and true love'a riiea T
What, with a torch !— muffle lue, uifrht, a while.

Jtair Romeo nd Balthasar. milk m torch,
maltoek, ^.

Ram. Give me that mattock, and the wrench-
ing mm.
HoM. take tins letter: early in the morninf
See thoo delifer it to nqr lurU aud hther.
Gire me the hf ht : Upon thy hfe I charre tboe,
Whate'er thoo hear'st or seent. stand all aluof,
Aad do nni interrupt me in my courae.
Why f descend into this bed of drath.
la, partlv. to behi4«i my lady's face :
But. diMly, to take th«'noe Troro her dead Anger
A predous rinc ; a rinx. that I must use
faidearrmplt^ment : therefore hence, be gone:—
Bat if ibuQ. je^doufl, dost return to pry
la what I farther MimII intend lo do,
^ heaven. I will tear Uiee joint by joint, [limha:
And eUtRW this hitnrry cliurch yard with thy
The tiaM and my intents are savaxe-wild ;
Mora fierce, and more inexorable far.
Than enptv tifers. or the roarin« aea.

Ail. I wul be cone. sir. and not trouble yoa.

Xam. So ahalt thou show me friendship. —Take

thoo that: Mow.

Uva. and be pnieperoas: and (hrewcll, good M-

BaL For allthis same. I'll bide me hereahoot;
His looks I foar. and his intenU I do<ibt [Rettre$.

Sam. TbcM detestable maw, thou womb of
OofgM with the dearest morsel of the earth.
Thoa I anliiiroe thy rotten Jaws to open.

[Brrmkimg open the door qf the mtomummL
Aad. ia despite. I'll cram thee with more fond !

Pmr. This is that bauish'd hHiichty Montague.
Thai Munler'd m}r love's oousm : — with which
It » soppoaed, the foir creature diedr-
And here » atue to do some vUlaino<is shame
Ta the dead bodies : I wdl apprehend him.—

Slop thy onhallow'd toil, vile Montagoe :
Qui vengeaiiCM be pomu'd fWrtlier than death f
CondemnM villMin. I do npprehend thee :
Obey, aad gii with me ; for thou moat die.

JEoM. I must, mdeed; and Iherelbre oama I
hither —
Good gentle youth, tempt not a desperate man ;
Piv haaoe and IfMve nm ;- thmk upiNi theee gone ;
Let them iifrrixlil Mim.— 1 beseecb thee, youth.
Heap not auiither sin uptm thy head.
% anbag me to fury :— O. be aooe I
Br heaven, I love thee beUer than myself:
Fur 1 come hither arm'd against mywtlf :
Siajr not, be gone ;— live, aud herealler say—
A madman's mernr bode thee run sway.

Far. 1 do defr thv cmuuritiKHit.
Aad do attach thee as a rd<Hi h«rr

Rom. Wilt thou provoke me T then have at thee,
boy [TktvJhhi,

f\m. O lord! thay fight: I will en call the
wal6h. (Emt Page.

Par. O. I am shiin I [FkU».y-U thoo be m«r>
Opete iha tomb. Iny me with Juliet. [Act.

Rom III faith. 1 will:— Let me perosa thli
Mercutio's kinamaa, n«»hle county Paris :—
What said my man. wlit<n my batossed aool
Did not attend him as we roue T I think.
He told me. Pans sbimld have married Joliet:
Said he iMit so f or did I dream it so f
Or am i nnul. hearing him talk of Juliet,
To think It was so ?— O. aivH me thy hand.
One writ with me in sour misfortune's book !
I'll bury Ui«e in a thoiiiphant aruve.—
A crave T O mi ; a lantern, slaughter^ roath.
For here lies Juliet, awl her beauty makea
1*his vault a lesisting prttsence full of licht.
Death, lie thuu thern. by a dead miui interr*d

( Laiintg Panii in the motumaU.
How oft when men are at the p(Mut of death.
Have they been merry ? wluch their keepers coll
A lightmiur before death : O. how may I
Call this H lichinma 1—0. my love! my wife!
DeHUi.<ihal hath suok'd the honey of thy breath.
Hath had no iMiwer yet upon thy b«tiiuty :
Thou art not omquer'd ; lieau'y's eiiMffn yet
Is cnmson in Uiy iipe and in thy cheeks,
Ami death's p»le Hug is n<it udvuuced there.—
Tyhalt. best thou there in thy bloody sheet?
O. what more fxv(Mir can I do to thee.
Than with tliut hniul that out thy youth in twalo.
To sunder his (hat was thine enemy T
Foraive me. OMisin !— Ah. dear Juliet
Why art thou yet so fair T Shall I beUevo
That unsobataotial death is Nmoruos ;
And that the lean abhorred nKmster keepa
Thee here in dark to be his paramour?
For foar of that. I will sUy with thee :
And never firom this nniaoe of dim nigtit
Depart attain ; here. uere. will I remain
With worms that am thy rbamber-maida ; O. hare
Will I set np my evertastinc rest;
And shake the yoke of inaospirious stars [hwt I
Prom this world- wearied flesh.— Eyes. kM»k yuor
Arms, take your last embrace ! and lips, O you
1'he uoorsof breath, aeal with a nxhteous kirn
A dateless bannun to emcruevinc death ! —
Come, bitter conduct, come, unsavoury guide '
Thou desperate plot, now at once run on
The dashing rocks thy sea-sick weary bark *
Hare'a lo my love !— {Ona*» 1 true apothecary »
Thy drugs are quick — I'hus with a kim 1 die.

* [Dtm.

EmUr, ot the other rmt of tt^ehmr h iprd . Friar
Laurence. tsi/A a loMtem, cnm, am upade.

Fn. Saint Fiaucis be my speed I bow oft to*
nucht [there ?

Have my old feel stumbled at araves T — Whot
Who is It Uiat cuiiMirts, so late, the dead ?

Jbt Here's one, a fneod. aial one that knowa
you welL

FW. 0la«beu|ioiiyou ! Tellme.gnodinyfneod,
What torcii » youd'. that vnioly lends his light
To grnhs and eyeless sculls ; as I discern,
It huroelh in iheCapeU' mtHiumeiit. [tar,

Bal It dutli so. holy sir ; and there's my maa>
One that yoo love

Fn. Who is it ?

Bal. Romeo.

Fri. How long hath he been ih(>re r

BaL Full half aohoor

Fru Go with me t«» the vault

BaL I dare not. sir

My master knows no* bni I am cone henne


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I drawnt, my lidjr

(Strange dream f that girae a dead man leave to

And breath'd Bueb life with kisaes in my Upa,
I'bal I reTiv'd, and was an emperor.
Ah me I Imiw aweet n love itaelf poenet'd.
When bat luve'e ahadowe ara m nch in iujr !

£Mer Baltbanr.
Newt flnom Veronal— How miw, Balthawr T
Dost tboa not bring me letten from the fHar ?
How dotb my iadv T Is my father well T
How turn my Juliet T That I ask again ;
For nothing can be ill, if she be weU.

BmL Then ahe is well, and nothing can be lU:
Her body sleeps w Cape Is' mooamont.
And her immurtal part with nngels lives.
I saw her laid low w her kjndred'a vault,
An^ presently took puat to tell it vou :
O pardon me for bringing these ill news,
Smce you did leave it for my office, sir.

Ram. Is it even so f then 1 duly you. stars !—
Thou knuw'st my lodging : get tue init and paper.
And hire ptvt-bcifws ; I will hence to-night

BaL Panion me, sir, I will not tesve you tbos:
Your Uioks are pale and wikl, and do import
Some misadveutare.

iiosi. Tush, thou art deceiv'd ;

Leave me, end do the thimr I bid thee do :
Haxt thou no letters to roe from the fnar I

BaL No. my good lord.

Ram No matter : get thee ipnm.

And hire those horsrs ; TU be wiib thee straigtit.
' Exit Balthaaar.
Well, Jnliec, I will lie witli thee to-night.
Let's see for means :— O. mischief I thou art swift
•!.« — .- •- .w- .1 i.,- ../ -lesperate men 1

-whom late I noted.

whelming brows.

were liis looks,

t«i the iKNiea:

»ise hung,

)r skins

lit bis shelves

r boxes,

1, and musty seeds.

i ok! calces <if ruses.

Ice up a show.

V And«

X Need

n now.
in Mantua,
ould anil It him.
fiire-run my need;
ust sell it me.
le the house :
bup is shut.—

Enter Apotfiecary.

Ap. ■ Who calls so load 1

hom. Come hither, pian. — I see. that thou art
Hold, there is fiiriy dncats : let me have
A dram of poisoii ; each sooo-epeedinic geer
As will dispentt itaelf through all the veins.
That the life-weary taker may fall dead :
And that the truak may be dMClmrf'd of breath
As violently, as hssty powder dr'd
Doth hnrrv from the fetal cannon's womb.

An. Soon mortal drugs 1 have ; but Mantua^ law
Is death, to any he that ntter* them.

JEosi. Art thou so bare, and full of wratohednens.
And fear*!* to die f fhmme is in thy cheeks.
Need and oA^reNsioii sianreth lu thy wyes.

Upon thy back hangs ragged mnery.
The world ia not thy /riend. nor the worlds law ;
1lie world affords no law to make thee hcli ;
Then be nut poor, but break it. and lake thia.

Ap My poverty, but not my will, conoenta.

Rom Vpay thy poverty, and not tliy will.

Ap. Put this in anv iMioid thing vou will.
And drink it off; an«, if yon liad the strength
Of twentv men. it w<iaU despatch yoo straight-

Aom. There is tliy goU ; worse poiaon to umu't
Domg mdre mnrders in this loathsome world.
Than these poor coiupoands that thou may'st uol

I sell thee poison, thou haot sold me none.
Farewell : buy fiM^l. and cet thyself ia fl««h.—
Come, cordial, and nit piasim : go with me
I'd Juliet's grave, fur there moat I use \h»-^.

SCENE Il.-fVwr Uurencels CtIL
Bmter Friar John.
Jokn. Holy Franciscan frtarl braitlMr, hoi

£R<er Fnar lAnrenne.
LoM. This same sboukl be the voice of fViar Jul«
Welcome f^om Mantua : What says Romeo *
Or. if his niiiul be writ, give me bis letter.
Jo*n. Going Ui find a bare-foot brother oat.

One of our unler. t4i assuctate n..,

Hera w this city visiting the sick.

And finding him, the sesrchere of the town.

Suspecting, that we liotli were in a iMMise

Where the infedifais pestilence did mgn.

Seal'd up the d<MNra. and woakl not let ua Amh ;

So that my apetid to Mantua there was stay'd.
lau Who hare my hrtter then to Roroew T
John. I ci»uld not send it.— here it ia again.

Nor get a iiiesaenger to linng it thee.

So fearful were they of infection.
Uni Unhappy fortune ! by my brotherhood!.

The letter waa 4iot nice, but full of rharga.

* ; and the neglecting it
U langer : Frnu- Johl^ gn heaea ;

G 1 crow, and bring it straight

I) -a «•

IT, 111 go and bring it thee. (JBstf.

inat I to the moaament alooe .
V 'ee hours will feir Juliet wake ;

S rm me much, that Borneo

H ficeof iheMMcaleala;

fi B a«aio to .Mantua,

A ii uiy cell Ull Komeo oome:

F H*. olua'd in a dead luan'M Umib !


SCENE in.-il Ckmtk-Yar4; m U, a Mmmmmtl
ktkmumii lo Uta Cs|Nileia

Aifer Phria, omf ku Psge. bearmt J lumt mud a

Far. Give me tliy torch, boy : Hence, and ataad
Yet put it out, liir 1 would m4 be seen.
Under yon yew-treee lay thee all along.
Holdinjr tliine ear cluae te the hulhiw ground ;
So shall no foi>t upon the charoh-yaid trrad.
(Beimr looee. nafirm. auih digginc up of gravoaj
But thou Shalt hear it f whieUe Uieii to me.
As signal that thoa liear^ aonwihinc uppnaieii.
Give ne thoee flowera IXi aa 1 hid th^. go.

Fage. I am almost afraid to stand ahme
Here in the ohurDh-yarU ; yet I will artvmif ore.

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^AcT IV.)



Opoa th» •WMtant flower offtU ih» fleU.

Aecmaad tiiM 1 anfiriuAAie old inaol
ymne. O UuiMBtiible daj !
lA Cte OwofQltbnel

Cup. Death, that hath U'aa her hanoa to maka

TIaa up mf toucoa, and will not lat ma apeak.

JMiT .FHar Laoreoea onrf Faria, wifA UMiidaM.

PH. Cone, ia the bride ready to co to ohuroh T

O9. Ready u> fr<i. but never to ratorn :
O eon. the nitrht before thy weddinr day [liMf
Hathdaathlain with thy bri«le:— See thara aba
flower aa aha was. delluwrred by him.
Death ia my ana-m-law, ileaih ia my heir;
My daoghtm^ he hatli wedileil ! I will die.
Aad leaTa him aU ; life l«^vii«. all iadeaUi'k ihf,

/W- Have 1 UtooKlit lonir to «ee tlii* momina'a
Aad doth it cive me sucli n aiKlit as thia f (d«r !

La. Cmp. Accors'd, uiihHpi»y, wretched, hateful
Must ntiarrahte iHMir. that ere time saw-
la laatioc laiMHir ai hw pilgnmase!
But oue, pour ime. oue piMir atid hivinf child,
But oae tnnic 10 r^iioe and solace in,
Aad cruel dtmth liatli caicird it from my sicht.

Morse O woe ! U wi>ful, wufol. wuful day I
Most lamentable day ! iimmi woful day,
Thai ever. ever. I did ret liehold !
O day I O dsv ! O dav ! O hateful day !
Never was wen sn Mack a day as thw :
O woful day. O wnfnl dav !

Pur. Bt^uird. divorced, wma«ed, spited, slain I
Muat dates »ble deaih. by thee beiniilU
By cruel r^roel Ibee quite ovenhniwQ !—
O love ! lile !— n'« 1if«. but luve in death I

Chga- (leauai'd, distreaseil. bated, wartyr'd.
kill'd! —
Oaeomliirtiible time ! why oani'st thou now
To narder iininler our sidenimty ' —
O chiki ! O child !— my aiiul. and not my child !—
Dead ait thou, dead I— alack ! my chdtl is dead !
Aad with my chikl. my j<»vs are buried I [not

/W. Psaee, ho, 6ir shame ! ooafuskai'score llvee
la theee cuafoxinna. He«iven and yourself
Had part in iliis fair maid ; now heaven hath all,
And all the belter n it Ihr the maid :
Tonr pan in her you ooukl not keep frmn death :
Bat heaven keem his part m eternal life.
The aKiat you sumrlit w as h er pnmmiioo ;
For *twaa your lieaven, she should !« advanced :
Aad weep ye now. seeimt she is advanc'd.
Above the ekiods, as hiirh as heaven itMelf f
O In thia love, yoo love your ehikl an ill.
That yoo run mad, aeeiu« that she is well :
8be> not well amnried. that Ihres married long ;
B«t aba's best married, that dieai married youuf.
D17 up your laars. and stkk your roHeniHry
Oa tha fliir corae ; and. aa the custom is.
In all her beat array liaar her tu churcli :
¥m thuofh load lutfurw bide us all lauient,
yet nators^ team are reason'b memmeat

C^p. All tlm^M, ihiit we ordnined festival.
Tarn fhaa their ofltoe to Mack fbaaral :
ihir inatrameois. to melancholy Iwlls;
Uar weddina cheer, to a sad lainal fettst ;
Our solemn hymns to solleii dicsee chumre ;
Unr brklnl flowers aerva ft>r a buned omw.
Aad all things ohanfa tlii<m to the OHUrary.

#Vi. SSir, fco yoa hi,— and. liiailam, ro with lum :—
Aad Ro. sir Paris ;— avary one i>repare
I'l* Mhiw thw fnkr ronm anto her crave :
fhe baavons do k>w'r upon yon, ft*r auine iR :
■■ — •' — ■ no mora, by ensmnf their hish will.
(£»aaf rMpalt>t. I^hI^ i:apn.et, I'ami.
Mmt YtMX.

1 M«9. Taith, we may put up our pipe*, and ba

iVifrse. Honest jtood fallows, ah, put np, pat op^
Por, well you know, tlus is a pitiful caae.

\Exil Nuna.

1 Mws. Ayt by aiy troth, the case nay be

Alter Peter.

PeL Mnahdans, O. musickins. HearPB &m. hmrf§

earn; O, an yua will have uie live, play — AesrTs

\'Mu$. ^bfkeart*sta$eT

Pel. O mnavnans, becauaa my heart itaelf playa
"Mr heart 1$ fuU <tA ttoe: O play me aume utarry
dump, to cnmliirt ma.

2 Hm$, Nut adomp we ; *tia no time to play nanr.
Pet. You will not than I

Mat. Nu.

Pet I will than cive it you aoundly.

1 Mas What will you cive us T

Pet. No money, on my faith ; but the itleek : I
arill ihve yon the minatrel

1 Mas. Then will 1 cive yon the aemaiC'Cn a*

Pet. Then I will lay the aenrimc eraat ore's daf>

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