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Kor 00 yiMir pnte I will curry n«i cruichets: 111
re voo. III fa you : do you iiule me T

1 Mas. An you rr us. and fa us, vuu note ua

2 Mas. I'ray yuu, put up your dagger, aud pot
out yiMir wit.

PH. Then have at you with my wit ; I will dry-
beat you with au inm wit. and put up my irun
dagger :— Auawer me like men ;

wwhtH ffiivMff frief the
i daiepU dimeM i


the immI tppm$t



f why

Wiiat vay von, Simon Catling f

1 Mas. Marry, sir, hecaoae ailver hath a sweat

I'et. Prattyt What say yoo, Hiuch Reberk r

3 Mas. I sny— stteersiwarf. becauee moslcaias
souinI fiir silver.

PrL Pretty too I What say yoo, Jamea Suund-


3 Mas. 'Faith. I know mit what to say.
Pet O, I cry you mercy i you wre the smcer : I
will say foryou. It iit—mmeiek i0$tk hrr ti lo er tmmt,
hecaoMe auoh fellows as you have seldtm gold fiir
sonnding :~

jnfH wmeiehi isi M her st/ofr S)hmb.
With epetdif ktip doth knd redrees.

1 Mas. What a pestilent knave is tlun same ?
3 Mas. Hang him. Jack t Come, well in '
tarry far the moomera, and stay dinuer. [fi


SCENE I.— Mantua. A Strett.
£a(cr Romea
Rfim. If I may trust the flatterinc eye nf sleep.
My dreams pramae aume joyful uewa Mt luuaJ :
My hoaom's lunl siLs livhtly in his tbnme :
AimI all this ilny. an unacruatomM siint
L f ^ iiH* lUMH-e Uiv gruoud witli «1i«n rfiil 1 iMMigtita

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8«» pMaud y*»t. i«i iH« now h* leA. aloiM.
AimJ tK w uurM thiM niKtit ail ap wiilt Toa;
Fur. I «iM sure, jttu Iwvm your UmmIs full all,

lu tlus mi lUMjlifU WUallMM.

lo. Cap. GimnI uicUt I

Utrt tiMM lo bed. niul m«t : for tliou jiMitt need.

lExnaU Latig CajMilet and Narae.
JmL Pfereweli ! — Uod kuuwM, wlirn we slull

meet umiu.
1 have a fumi cold fear thriUK thnxiffh oijr veiaa,
That aluHwl fr« zes ap the heat of Ijfe :
ni call th«*m buck acain tu oumfort me:—
Nurse I— >K hut s!i<iuld Hiie du here ?
My dismal kcvae I ueeds must act aUme.—
Cone phial —

What if this m x'ure dn mK work at all f
Must I vi ftirctj lie mMrried to liie couuty T—
No. nu ; — lhi» sliall turtiid it :— lie thua there —

( LmftM^i iivwn a dayifa:
What if it be a poison, whi.-li the inar
Subtly hnth mniixttir'd Ui h:ive uie dead ;
Lest in thw marrtiixe he ittioiilil b«* dwhonuur'd.
Because he'mnrhvd me betiire to Romeo f
I (ear, it m : auJ yet, meiltiiikii, it hhouid not.
For lie hath mdl been tried u holy iimu :
i will not euiertMin so IkmI a thomrht —
How if, wlitiu 1 am ImmJ mtii iO« tumh.
1 wake bel'ora the lime tbat Kometi
Come to rmleeiii me'f llifre's a feurfal point!
Siiall I uol iheu lie stided iii the vault,
To whiwc foul mouth no he.«ltiuMime air breatlMs

And iheru die stmiif Ird ere my Rumeo oonies I
Or, if I live, id it not very like.
The liomble omoeit of deaili and nif bt,
I'dimtlier wiih tlt« terror of the plitoe,—
Ak in a vauli. an aiicieul reoep'acle.
Where, for theM« many huudrud yeara. the booaa
Of all my buried anoeators an* pack'd :
Where liloudy Tylialt, yet hut areeii in earth.
Lies fiwi'riiix in liiv aiiroud : where, aa they saf ,
At some hourx hi the nif lit spiriUt resort ;— '
Alack, aluck ! w it mil like, thwi I,
Jk» early wukiuir. — what with lout lisonte smells;
Atid lihnek* hke utuudniken' turn out oft he earth.
That iivinK imiituls. hearing tliem. r^u uual ;—
O ! if I wake, kIiuII ( not be distruuiHit.
Environed with all ihcM hideous fears T
And madly play with my forelkthent'ioiutsf
And pluck the nwuKled Tybult fnim his slirood 7
And, in this race, wah some itreut kinsman's hone.
As with a club, dash out my Uenperate brains I
O. look ! metliinkx. I see my noiuciii's chost
Seekinc oul Rome«i. that did spit his iaaly
U|ion a rapier's point :— Slay. 'rylNill sUy !—
Aomou, 1 cornel this do I dnnk to thee.

iSkt tkrowt htrteUoH tke bei.

SCENE IV -Capulat's HtiL
Bmltr Lait Capuhit and Nuraa.

Im.C^. Hold, take thane k«js,UMllbteh more

spices, nurse.
Hmrm, I'hey call for daUt and quincea ia the

Alter CapoleL
Cup. CooM. stir, stir, atir! tba atoond oook
bath crow'd.
Tttt earfen bell hath mitf . *tis three o'clock :—
Look to the hak'd maati, good Angelica :
Spare not lor coat.

Narst. Go. fco, roa cot-qnean, go.

Get you to had : *foith. yoa*!! ha aiok Umimmtow
For this uii(bt*s watcfaiuff.

Cap. No,notawhit; Whaiilluureeratoh'dera
All night for leaser cause, and ne'er baen aiek.
Ija. Cmp. Ay, yoo have bean a mouaa-hnnt la
your time :
Bat 1 will watch yon ftoin aueh watehmc now.
fEmml X/Mv Capulet and Nuraai
Cap. A Jealona-bood. a jealooa-boodl — Now
What's there f IfeUow

Alter Servanta. vilk fpita^ lo»t, amd fawfate.

1 Sav. Thinaa for the oook. sir ; but 1 know
not what.

Cap. Make haute, make haste. [Eant 1 Sarr.)—
Sirrah, fetch drier ksrs;
Call Peter, he will show thee where thejr ara.

2 Sen. I have a hewl.sir. that will And out hva.
And never tronhle Peter fi*r the matter [RxiL

Cap 'Ma«i. and well said : a tuaaj wboraaon I
; Thou Shalt bn Uiegnr-head. - Gond fkiih.lisday :
i The oooDty will he here with musick atraighL

For so be said he woukL 1 hear hin near:—
Narae I— Wila h-what. ho l-wfaat, nuraa, 1 aaj I

Cater Nona.
Go. waken Juliet, go. and trim her up;
III go and chat with Parian-Hie, maka haata.
Make haatel the brid««ntMiin ha ia ooom alra»df :
Make haste. I say. {Baamd.

SCENE y.^Juliar% ChamtM-; Juliet m <te Bad.
Eater Nurse.
Harm, Mistress!— what. ndstresaf—JuliaK I —
that, I warrant bar, she :—
Why, hunb !— why. lady! -^ you alog^a^ied !—
-^ * 'inifaw • •

Why, love. I say I— madam I aweet-heait f— why.
bride!— Cn»w;

What, not a word f— you take your pauaywafftha
Sleep for a week ; for the next night, I wanwit.
The county Ftfla hath set up hia rear.
That you aliall rest but linle.— God forgive ma.
(Marnr and amaa I) how souad is she adeepi
1 needs must wake hen— Madam, madaai, nmilaaiT

Ay. let the county take you in your bed ;
Hall ftvrirt you up, i'foiih.-Will it not be f
What, dreet! and in your ckitheal and dowa

I must needa wake yon : Lady! ladvi lady!
Alas! alas '-Help! help! my haly^ de«f !—
O, well-e-day, that ever 1 waa born!—
SoaM aqua-viis, ho I— ay kml I my lady 1

Emtar Ladf Oipulat.

£a Cap. What nwse is hereT

Nurm. OlamaataWed^yl

U. Cap. What is the matter f

J^vtm; LiHik.kioklObaavT*Mrl

La. Cap O me. O me 1— my chiU. my taOf hJk
Revive. hMik up; or I will die with Ihoal—
Help, help 1-eaU help.

Alter Capulet.
C^ Forahama.brii«JnliMfoitli; her lord ia

Hara^^'n dead, deoaasM, aheli dead, alack

the day 1
La. Cap Alack the day lahe'k dead, she^ dead,

she's dead. (onid :

Cap. Ha! let me aee, bar:— Out, alaaX alm^

Her Mood m aettled. and bar Joiata are stiff;
Life and these lipa have long been i

bee on bar. like aa nntuaaly ftust


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Act IV.l



And ere this hjim]. hjr th«e to Romeo M«l'd,
.Shall he the Uhel to anotber d«e<l.
Or iiif tme henrt with trrachrnxnt reroH
'l*ani to another, this nhiiU shiy tliem h«ttH :
Therefinra, oat of thy l(Hi|c-experi«nr*d time,
Gtf me lome pteeeni ouunsel : or. hitliold.
Twva wy extremea and mm thi* hItMidy knife
Shall play the umpire : arbitratiiiK that
Which the oommmitia of thy yean and art
Could to no inae of true honour bring.
Be Wit an liiof to siieak ; 1 long to die.
If what thou apeak 'at speak mif of remedy.

FW. Hold, dauxbter: I do spy a kind of hope.
Which cratca as desperate an exerution
As that H drsperato wliirh we vroald prevent.
R rathrr tlwm to niarrY ooovty Paris,
IlioQ haa the streiigih of will to slay thyself;
Then is it likelr. thou wilt undertake
A thine like dt-ath to chide away thia ahanie.
That riiH''at with denth himself tii scupe fnim it;
And. if thou dar'st. I'll mvn thee remfdy.

JuL O. I>id nie leap, ntlier than marry Paris,
Ftam off tlie iMti letnentii of yonder tower;
Or walk in thievish ways ; or hid me lurk
Where aerpruia are ; chain me wi'h rnarinir bean ;
Or shut ine iiivhtly in a charnel-house.
O'er^miTerml quite wit h dead iiieu's nttlling bones,
With reeky Hhnnks. and yelhiw cliapleas soulte;
Or bd me ««• into a new-made vnire.
And bide me with a dead iiion in his shrrmd :
Tkings that, lu h««r Uieiu uAil. have made me

trHinlile ;
And I will du It withouttfear iir dnuhi,
To live an niMtaiuM wiie U* inv kweet love.

FH. Hold. then. K«i hi line, he iriHrry.cive consent
To marry Pans : WtMliieM.lMy m to-morrow ;
To-n»orr«»w nnrht Imik tliat iliou lie iibme.
Lst not thy nurse lie with thee in thy chamber :
Take tlma thw piiml. Iieing then in bed.
And this disrilled liqaiir drink thou off:
When, preeetitly. Uipmgh all thy veins shall run
A oold and druwiiy humour, which Nhall seixe
EMnh vital spint ; fnr no pulse shall keep
His natural pruvriMs. b«it sureeane to beat :
No warmth, a» breuth. shall testilv thou liv'tt :
71m roeas in thv li|« and clieeks shall fiKle
To paly ashes ; thy eyes' windows fall.
Like doath, when he shuu up the day of life ;

BMsk part. deprivM of supple trovemmeni.
Shall St ift and stark, and cold, appear like ueaii
And in this borrnw'd likeness of shrunk death

Tba« shall remain full two and firty hours,
And then awake aa from a pleasant sleep.
Now whea the bridecitium in the tnominf comes
To nreee thee from thy hed, there art thou dead :
llMi (as the manner of our country m).
In thy heet nihes unnoverM on the taer.
TImm shak be borne to that itanM ancient vault.
Where all the kiialrsd of the Capfuleta lie.
In the masui time, aninat thou shalt Nwake,
Shall Komeo by my lettere know our drift ;
And hiUier ahidl he come ; and be and 1
Will watch thy waking, and that rery night
Shall RooMio bear thee beoos to Mantua.
And tha shall free thee from this present shame.

Abate thv valour in the acting it.
M. OtM Me.O give mol tall om not of Ihar.
/Vi Hold; get you gooa, be strong and prot-

1b this reaolve • 111 send a friar with speed
I'e Mmttim, with my leture to thy lonl.
M. Lov^pvamestrei«thl ami sire««th shaU
hetoaflbfd. ^^
fhroweU, ifanr iMhw. I

SCENE n.-il Jloem m Capule's Homte.
B/der Capnlet, Ijtdt Capulet, Nurse, and Ser-
Cki!p. So many guests invito aa here are wnt —
{BxU ServMuU
Sirreh. go hire me twenty cunning cooks .

2 &rv. You shall have none ill, sir; lor 1*11 try
if they can lick their fingers.
Cop How canst thou try them sol
2 Srrv Mnrnr, sir. 'tis an ill cook that cannot
lick his own huffers: therefore he. that canncjC
\^\. I... «»•.,- —wj, noi with me.

r.- [Exit SfrvaM.

y nnfureish'd for tliis liuie.—

y itor gone to firiar Lourenoe T

ot h. [her :

uiv chance to do some good uq
i \\\ harlociy it is.

Ai/«r Juliet

re she airoas from shriA with

mv heoiktrongf wlwre havo

re lenrii'd me to repent the sin

lehrsts ; and am eivoin*d
to full iiMsirete here
on :— Panlun, 1 iMaeech you!
n ever niPd by you
le outtiity; gi> lell him of thia;
knit up to-niom>w morning,
uuthfiil lord at Laurence' cell;
tl bpcoroed luve ! niigiit,
,lie hounds uf miid«>stv. (up :
glad on*t ; tliis is welL.— stand
OH —Let me M>e the tatuiiiy ;
y. nnd fetch him hither—
[lis reverend holy fnar,
is much iNiuiid to liim
ymi go with nir iiiU» my closel«
icli needful omainents
furnifli me to inorruwT
i Ull niunday ; there is time

go with her :— well to church
r. [Exeunt Juliet onJ Nurae
all be sliort in our proviaioo *

Tufth ! I will stir abyut.
1 be well. I warrant thee, wife :
help to deck up her:
ight ;— let me alone ;
rile for this once.— Wliiit.h«»' —
: Well. 1 will walk n^self
B prepare hiro up
r : my heart ia wnnd'rous licht,
lywuU girt is so reclaim'u



fee are heat:—? ittjgMtle aWM^
I me to myself t«. night ;

I ' many orisons

1 .. •»».« ».« nva^ens to smile upon my stato.
Which, well thou know'st, is rruas and full of sin.

JMm* Udy Onpvlet

Im. Cap. What, are you boqr I do yon need ngr

Jul Nojnadam; we hava cnll'd aoeh neoessnnaa
As are behoveful for our atate to-murnm -

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y 891



Waking, or tlf^pine, Rtill mv care hath h«en
To have her mardrd : and hartng now pruridail
A nnileraan of prince! v parenta|re,
or fair demesnes, youthful, and nohlj tnin'd.
SiufTd (as they say) with hunoiiral)le parts.
Fr«iunrti(in'd as one's heart could wish a niaa,—
An«i ilien tu have a wretched pnlinc fool,
A whiniiia mnnintet. in her fortune'ii tender,
'Vo miswer— /// not wtd.—J cannot torn,
lam too ifoung.—lvray you. pardon me ,•—
But, an you will not wed. PI! pardon you : [me:
Oraze wiiere yiHi will. ycMi slmll not houae with
jUiuk UtX think ont. 1 do not use lo Jest.
Thursday is near: lay hand. on heart, advise :
An you be mme, Til give yo« to ray fHend :
An yon be not, bang, bef, stanre, die i' the

For. by my soul. Ill ne'er acknowledge thee.
Nor what to mine shall never do thee good :
Trust tot, bethink you. 111 not be furHwom.


Jml. Is there no pity sittinc in the clouds
That aees into the botioni of niy gnef T
O, sweet my mother, cast me not away !
DeUy th» iiiamage for a month, a week ;
Or. if you do not. nuike the hhdal hed
In that dim moiiomeut where 'ryiuilt lies.

La. Cap. I'ulk not to me. for Til not speak a
Do as ihou wiltf for 1 have done with thee.


JuL O God !— norse ! how shall this be pre-
veiiiud T
My husband is on earth, my faith in heaven ;
Huw shall that faith return again to earth,
•Unless tliHt hofcband send it me fntm heaven
Dv leaving earth T— comfort me. counsel me.—
'Alack, alack, that heaven should practise striita-
Upun so soft a sot^ect a» myself!— [fom*

what say'st thou T hast thou not a word ofjof I
Some comfort, nurse.

Nnrm. 'Fsilli. here *tto: Roowo

Is banished ; and all Uie world to nothing,
'llial he dares ne'er cunie hack to rliallenge yoa ;
Or. if lie do, it needs muKt be by stealth.
Then, since llie cuse so stands us now it doth,
1 think it he»t you m:irried with the county.
O, lie's a lovely centleiuNn !
Rumen's a dnhcTuui to him ; an eagle, ma
Hi/kU not so green, so qniok, so fair an eye.
As Vmh» huih. Beshrew my very heart,
I think you are happy in this second match.
For It excels your nrst : or if it did not,
Yonr first w dead ; or 'twere aa good he wera.
As living here and you no use of^ liim.

JhL bpeakest thou from thy heart T

JVvrsp rniui my sool too :

Or ebe beshrew them both.


To what?

JtiL Well, ihoo hast comforted me marvellous
Go in ; and tell my lady I am gone.
Having d»|>leiis*d my hither, to Laurence' cell.
To make confession, and to be ahsulv'd.

Nurte. Marrjr. I will ; and thto la wisely done.

Jul Ancient damnation ! O moat wicked fiend I
Is it more »>in— to wish me thus l(>nwom,
Ur to dispraise my lord with that same tongue
Which she liaih prais'd him with above compare
So many thousand times f— Go.otunsellor;
ThoM and my bosom henceforth shall be twain.—
I'll to the friar, to know hia remedy ;
rf aU else fiOl, myself have power to die. [ExH.


[Act m.


SCENE l.^Phar Laurenoe'k OeO.
Enter Friar Laurence rnnd ?vm.
FH. On Thnrsday. sir ? the time ia very abort
For My father Capulet will have it ao :
And I am nothing slow, tu «hKk his haate.
Fri, You auy, you do not know tbo lady'k
mind ;
Uneven is the course. I like it not.
Par. Immoderately alie weepa for Tybalt a
And therefore have I little talkVl of Iov«;
For Venns smiles nut in a bouse of tear*.
Now. sir. her father connu it dangerooa.
That she doth give Iter sorrow ao mocb away :
And, in hn wvdatm. hastes onr mamage.
To stop the inundation of her tears ;
Which, too much minded liy herself alooc.
May be put from her by society :
Now do yuQ know the reason of tliia haate.
FH. I would I knew not why it should be
shiw'd. [AaUt

Look. sir. here comes the lady towarda my call

AUer JoUat.

Far. Happily met. my lady, and my wifc f

JW. Tliat may In*, ah-, when I may be a wife.

Pur. lliat may be. most be, love, on Thwada*

Jul What most be ahall he.

Frt. Tfaafk a certain text

Par. Come yoa to make confoasioa to thv
father t

JuL To answer that, were to confeM to yo«.

Par. Do not deny to him, that you love ma.

Jul 1 will mnfess to you. that I love him.

Par. So will yon. I am sore, that yoa love mm

JuL If I do so. it will be of more price.
Being apoke behind y«»ur beck, than to yo«r feea.

Par. Po«ir aool. thy face la mock aboaVl vnUi

JuL The tears have got small victoiy by that .
For It was bad enough, before their sprte.

Par. Thou wrong'st it, mora than tears, vrjth
that report.

JuL 1'hat ia no slander, sir. that la a tnitk;
And what I spake, I spake it to my fsce. [k.

Pat.'Wvf face is mine, and thou bast alandeiM

Jid. It may be sq. for it is not mine rtmn.—
Are yoa at leisure, holy father, bow ;
(te'anall I come to yon ut evening mass T

FH, My leisure serves me. penaive daoghtef^
now :—
My lord, we must en'reat the time alone.

Par. God ahield. I sliuuld disturb i^evuiMiB ■->
Juliet, oo Thursday early will I rouse you :
TiU then, adieu ! and keep ttato holy kWa.

(£nl Forte

Jul. O, ahot the door! and when tlMW Imm

done so, M||(

Come weep with me : Poat hope, past eore, Mt

FrL Ah. Joliet. I already know thy grief;
It strains me past the comims s of my wito:
l^hear thon muat, and nothing moat pmrugot it.

On lliaraday next be nuuried to this euonti.
Jul. Tell me not, fnar. that Iboa IwaiVt

I^nleaa thou tell me how I may pmrent it :
f. in thy wisdom, tboo canst ghrit ao help.
Do thon bat call my reaolution wiaa.
And with thto kwfo VW help rt nrcsently.
God jonwd my heart and Ruwao^ tb«aiuar Imaife

— T


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JmL O furtuM, fortooe! all nwo call thee

if Ummi art ftnlile. what d<«t Uioa with him
That n reoowirU ftv fs«ith T B« fickle. fertOM :
fur Uiaii. I hope, Ukiq wilt uut keep liini looir,
Bot veiid hiri hack.
La. Qw I IVi'Am.] Ho. daufht#r ! are yoa opT
JmL who ta*! that ca<lst to it nijr iatlf oiotjMrl
b the mrt d«iwn m late, or op mi early T
What DoaeciMium'd cmum pninarai tier hitlMr T

Em'er Lmtf Capulet.

/« Cfp, Why, bow now. Juliet?

JmL Mittlitni. I am not well

Ia. Otp Ennuan weepmg Ibr jruur oooMa'e
death T
What, wilt ihoo waria him tntm his grave with
learaT (live;

Aa if thou ooaM'sC. tboa eoald'Ht not make him
There6*re. luive done : Some crief sti<iM% love;
Bai wutrh of Kiief shows still some want of wit.

Jmi Yet l«t me weep Ibr suoli a feelinic Iom

La. Cmp. Stiahall you feel the k«B, but tiot the
Winch yi*u weep Air. (frieod

Jmt PaeliBf so the loss,

I nniDot ebo(«e hut ever weep the friend

La. Cam. Well. rifl. thou weep'st not so much
Aa that tiie villam Ihrea which slaoffhter'd him.

JmL What viilam. mndauiT

La. Ca». That same villain. Romao.

JUL Villain and he are niauv miles asunder,
Oud pardon bim ! I do. wjlh all my heart;
And yet no mam like he. d4*Ui vneve my heart.

La. Omft That ». beoanse the traitor muidarar

Jid. Ar. mndaai. frum the reach of these ny

banda [Ueaih !

'Would. noiHt bur I miirht venfta mv oousinls

£m. Cmm, We wUl have veaatrauoa ior it. fear
tlwNi not : (tua,—

TWa weep u>i mora 111 send to one in Maa-
TAIwre that nuue lauiiahVI niuaipite doih lira,—
That shall liea'uw mi him so suru s drauf lit.
That be shall wmni keep Tybalt company :
And then I hope thou wilt be satisfied.

Jml Indeed, i never shall be saiistied .
With Romru.tUl I behokl him-dead-
Is lay poor heart so for a kiusnuto vttx'd :—
Madam, if yon could find out but a man
To bear a poitou. I would tenitier it ;—
That Bomao stMHild, np>Mi ieoei|iC tttereof.
Boom sleep in quiet — O. how my heart abhora
Tto hear him nam 'd.— and ranwi' OiNiie lo liim.—
To wraak the hive I bora my ouu«iu Tylmli
Upoa his body thai hath alaualiier'd luiii !

La. Cmf. Had thou the uieaiM. and Hi tod

Bat now 111 tell thee jiiyfnl iidinca, girt '^.me :

/a/. And joy OHwes well lu such a naedlul
What are they. I Iteee u ch v«Mir ladyiriiip T

Lb. CSm Well. well. tiMm hast a carafol Cik-
Oae. who. u* pot thee (hmi thy haaviaiw,
llah aortad out a sodden day of joe,
1 hat tiMMi espact'st »«. nor 1 louk'd not for.

JmL Madam, ia happy lima, what day is that?

La Coa. Marry, my chdd, early next lliaxa-

TWcalbiat. rouag. and noble fptntlamaa,

Ttocouatr Pwia. at Si. Pater's ehurrh,

**• ^ ' ^ethaatharsaioirlUlvida.

JmL Now. bf 8t Psier^ charoh. ami Foster too,
• shall wir awke me therv ajoyful bnda.
WMaler at tius haste ; thai I must wad

Ere ba, that sluraUl be husband, ooroaa to woa
I prav you tell my lord and foihar. madam,
I will not marry yet : ami. when I do. I swear.
It shall be Koiiieo. wlitmi you know I bale,
Hather Uiaii I'aria:— I beae are news indaed*
Lo. C^p. Here oonias your father; tell hiii so
And saa how he will take it at your haadi.

fnler Capulet omd Nona.
Cap. When the son sets, tha air doth driula
Bui for the sunset of my brother's son. [daw •
It rains downnaht.—

How now 1 a conduit, girl f what, still in tears*
Evermore showenng T In one litiie boily
I'hoQ uiMinterfeit'Bt a bark, a sett, a wind :
For still thv eyes, which I may call the sea.
Do ebb and flow with tears ; the Imrk thv lioily it.
Sailing in this salt AimnI : the winds, thy siglm:
Who,— ragtiic with thy tears, and thev with
Wii bout a nudden calm, will overset [tbem.-~

now. wife 1

1'hy tempeet-toaaed body.— How
Have von deliver*d to her our d«

Im. (JSnp. Av. sir : but she will i
you ihanka
I wookl the fool were married to her grave!

Cirp. Soft, lake me with you, take ma with
you. wife.
How! will she iMMie T dtith ahe not giv« as Ihnnkaf
Is she not proud ' doth she not count herblaas'^
Unworthy as ah** is, iliat we have wrought
So worthy a gviiil«uuan to lie her bndaaroom T

JmL Not proud. y*Ki have ; bat thaakfol, that
yoa have ;
Prood can I never be of what I hate ;
Bot thank All eveu fiar bate, that is meant lova.

Cap. How iiuw I how now, chup-fogick I What
to this f (not;-*-

Prood. — and. i thank yoa. — and. I thank you
And yet not pnaitl ;— ItiMirMa million, you
lliank me no thankmcs. nor promi me m> pronds.
But aettfe your fineioiuta 'kniiuiI I'hunalay neit.
To an with Pans to St. PaterHi church.
Or I will drag Him on a hurdle Uiiilier.
Out, you greeii-eidUMSS carrion ! out. yoa ha|h>
Yooialfow feoe! (sage!

La. Csp Pre, fye ! what, are yon madf

JmL OtMHl feiher. Ibaaeech you on my kneas.
Hear ma with patience but to speak a wortl.

Gsp. Hanc thee, young baggage! dnobedieat
wrnieli I
( tell thee whet,— gel thae to church oThoiaday
Or never aAer look me in the fere :
Speak not. reidy mit. d<* not answer ma :
My togers itch. — Wife, we scaraa thoaght m

That God had «ont na hut thto only child ;
But now I Me this one is one too mucli.
And that we h:ive a curse m having her ;
Out on her. hikling !

Nmrte. God ta heaven blaas bar 1—

You are to blame, my lord, to rate her ao.

Cap Aad why, my haly wisdom T hokl yoor

Oood pmdrooe : smaller with your gossips, go.

Ifmne. I speak no treason.

CSap. O, God ye good den I

Narar May not one speak f

Cap. Pkiuce. yoa mumbling fool t

Utter your gravttv o'er a giaaip's bowl.
For bera we aaeu it nut.

lo. On. You are too hot

Cap. God's bread ! it makaa na mad thf

night, hite. early.


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^k JKoiiMV.— Farewell, fitrewell! on« kUs. and I'll descend. a

I ^^ BOMSO AMW JVLIBT.. Act III.. »MM t ^^

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Ilappines* ooarU lh«e m lior be«t aimy ;
Hal. like » misbeluiT'd kimI salkn Veiich,
1*hoa potttlt opuo thv fsrtaue and thjr kire :
Take ba«dt take h«eiL for such die mwerable.
Gil. geC Ihee to thjr love, m wm decr«^,
Asoead her chamber, hence and oouiitirt her;
Bat, look, thoa aUy not till lite watch be wt.
Fur then thoa canst not pan to Mantua ;
Where thou shait live, till we can find a time
I'o blase foor marriaee. reci»nciie your frienda,
Bflf pardon of the pnnoe. and call thee heck
With twenty hundred thousand times more joy
1*han thou went'st forth in lamentation.—

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