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cauae thou hast hazel eyes ; What eve, but such
an eye. would spy nut snch a quarrel > l*hy head
is as fMI of quarrels, as an en is full of meat ;
and yet thy head hath been beaten as addle as
an eitK. Au* quarrelling. 1'hou hast qimrrelled
with a mnn (or murhinK in the street, because he
hath wakened tliv dof that hath lain asleep in the
sun. Didst thoii not fall our with a tailnr fiir
weariuK hb new doublet before fjtster T with an-
other, for ryinc his new shoes with old ribhand T
and yet thou wilt tutor me from quarrellinr!

Ben. An I were so apt to quarrel as thou art,
any man should buy the fee-«iniple of my life for
an hoar and a quarter.

Mer. The fee-simple T O simple.

Emter Tybnlt, end oPtert.

Ben. Bv mv head, hem come the Capolets.

Mer. By my heel. I rare not.

7>6. Follow me clone, ft>r I will speak to them.
Gentlemen, icood den : a word with one of jrou.

Mer. And bat one word with one or usT
Couple it with ■omethinc; make it a word and n

7>6. Yon will find mo apt enough to that, sir.
If vou will (hve me ooeasion.

Mer. Cooid you not take some occasi« m without

7m. Mercutio. thou cotisort'st with Romeo —
Mer. Consort I what, dost thou make us min-
strels ! an thou make minstrels of as, look to hear
nothioft but discords: here's my IkldleKtick:
hereV thnlT shall make you dance. *Zounds,

Bm We MUk here in the poliUo haunt of ■
Eiiher withdraw into some private plaoB,
Or reastm coldly of your gnevaooes.
Or else depart ; here all ejres case on na.

Mer. Hea'k eyes wera made to look, and I
them gaze:
I will not budge for no mun*s pleasore, L

Enler Borneo.

Tfb. Well, peace be with yoo, sir ! here c

my man. (livery :

Mer Bat 111 be hanced. sir. if he wear yimr
Marry, go before U> field, he'll be rour folkisrer;
Your woraliip. in that sense, mar call him.— man.

7V6 Romeo, the hate 1 bear thee mn aflbrd
No better term thiln tliis— Thou art a villain.

Rnm 1'vbMlt. ibe rrasou that I have to love
Doth mudi excuse the appertaining rsge fikM.
To such a creetinr:— Villain am I none:
Therefore, farewell ; I aee, thou knowte me not

Tifb. Boy. thia shall not eumse the inioriea
That tboa bast done me: therefore torn and

itoffi I do protest I never iiijored thee : Tdrnw.
Bot love thee better then thon c»n< devise.
Till thua Shalt know the reasiai of my luve :
And an, good Capu let.— which name I tender
As dearlv as mine own.— be satisfied.

Mer O calm, dishtmonrable, vde
A la etoeeata carries it awav. (

Tybalt, you rat-catdier. will vou walk f

7y6. What would'i4 thou with me f

ilffr. Good king of rats, notbinc. bot one at
yonr nine Uvea, that I mean to make bold wtthel,
and. as yoa shall use me hereafter, drv-hent the
rest of the eigtit. Will you pluck yoor sword oat
of his pilcher by the eara T make haste, lest mine
be about yonr ears ere it he out.

T9b. lam for you. [_._

Ram. Gentle Mercntio. pat thy rapier op.,

Mer. Come sir. yoor posseda [TVyJMt

Rom. Draw. Brnvolio : r>wDn ;

Beat down their weapons: — Gent lenmi, for
Forbear this outrage ;— Tybalt— Merrutio—
I'lie prince erpressly hath forbid this bandying
In Verona streets : — bold. Trbelt:— good Mer-
cutio. r Exeunt I'ybaJt and kie yfinaw.

Mer. lam hurt;—
A triagne o' both Uie houses I — I an aped :
la he gone, and hath nothinr T

Bm. What, ait thon bmt f

Mer. Ay. ay. a scratch, a acratck; many, *tti
Where is my page T— go, villain, fetch a enn e un .

J?oai. Courage, man ; the hart cannot be mock.
Mer. No. 'tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide
as a church-door: but Xm enoogh. twill vrve :
ask for me to-morrow, and ytHi shall find me a
irrave man. I am peppere«l. I warrant, f««> ihia
work! —A plague o* both your hoose* •— 'Znnnds.
a dor. a rat. a moose, a cat. to scratrh a man te
death !— a braggart, a rogue, a villain, that fichta
by the book of arithmetick I — Why, the Uevl,
dime yoo between oaf I wa« hurt under yo«

Rnm. I thought all for the best
Mer. Help me mto some hoa>ie. Beovolio.
Or I shall faint.— A placue o* both yoor houaael
They have made wnrm^ meat of me :
I have it, and soundly too ^— Your honsea !

[Eieimt Mercutio mnd BenvuH*
Rom. This gentleman, the priors^ near ally.
My veiT fHend. hath got hia mortal hurt
In my behalf; my repoutmn alain'd
WUh lybalfk slander, lytanlt, that an


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tlMMT.— O. ibvm** m ii«*M«nMn in town, one Pnns.
tlMt wunld flija lay knife uhoanl ; but abe, g«iod
•ool, bad as Ueve aee a (nod. a Tery Umd. aa ve
htm. I ancer her MmelinHii. and tell her that
Pmnm » ttie pmfierar man ; bat. I'll warrant yuu.
wben I My ail. <ihe look* na pale aa any clont in
the ▼anal world Dm h nut roeeOMfy and Romeo
becin bi«h with a letter f

Rmt. At. aarae: What of UiatT lioth with

Nmrm. Ah. mocker! thafk the do*:'* name R
lilbrthedoc No: I know it bevina with aoote
etKer letter : and she hath the praitieet senten-
tM«a of It. of yon and moemary, that it wonU do
pm ceod to bear it.

JCom Commend me to thy lady. [Exit.

Kmr$e. Ar. a ihonaand timet. Piter I

PH. Awwr

Mvw Pater, tai^e my Cmi. aad go before.


SCENK V.-Capntofk OerriM.
JUL Tim nloekatnKk nine, whan I did send tbe
In imJf an b«*ar abe did prmniae to return
^ i r bmiea abe cannot meet hiin : - tbat*R w*. an.—
O. abe H lame ! hire's berakls shoakl he liHittKhta.
Wbioh ten times fiister fflale tnan the snirM beanie.
Drivinf hnek sbadnws over luw'rinc hilhi :
Aad tbersforadwnimtile-tanion'd dcires draw lore.
And tberalhre hnih the wind-ewift Cupal wings.
N«iw is the enn upon the hNrbmoat hill
Of tbia day^jonmey ; and from ntn«> till twelve
Is tbiee wm honm.— yet she is nut come.
Had aim aflhetitiaa. and warm yiiutrtfal bluod.
SbeM beaaawiftin motton ns a ball ;
My woida wonld bandy her to my sweet love.
And bis to me:

Bat old lulkH. may fslfn aa they were dead :
Dnwwidy. alow, heavy and pale as lead.

EHta" None mid Peter.
O God. aha eomea !—0 honey none, what newsT
Hatftbon met with him r Send Ihy man away
Jimne, Peter, stay at the ante. fExit IVter.
Jml Now. sond sweet norae,— lord ! why
Tbnncb news be Md. yet tell them merrily :
U loed. tboo Rimm^ tlw mnsio <if swset new*
By plasrinc it to me wiih so siiar a face.

«Vane. I am awenry, cive me leave awhile :—
r^w, bow my booea aohe I What a jaunt have I
bad ! [news :

JmL I would, tboo badat my bonea. and I thy
Nay eome. I pray tbee. apeak ;— good, fund nun«.
apenk. (awhile T

MfTsr. Jeao. what baolef can von not tUkjr
Dn yon not nee, that I am out n( breath T
JW. How art thou out of breath, when thoa
bast breath
To aay to me— that thon art oat of breath f
llw esenee, that tbun d««t make in this delay.
Is loMter than tlie tale tbtm dort exroM

la thy newa food or bad f answer

Sny ettbe r . and 1*11 stay the mrenntxtanoe :
Let me be antisAed. U\ cnod orbed T

ffmrm Well, yon have made a simple choice ;
fan knewnotbuwtoebooaea man: Rnmen! no,
■at be ; tbomeb his fhoe he better ihsn any man%,
fei bis lee eseete all mvn's; snd fur a band, and
n fot, and a body.— tbooch they be not to be
miked en. yet they ars paM compare : He is not
llw iosvar of oonrtesy,— bat, 1*11 nrarrant him. ea

V lalkcdi

ventle as a bimb. — Go thy ways, wench ; servn
God.- What, liave yoa dined al hume f

Jul. No. no : But all thi» diti I know before.
What says he of uur niarriace T what of that?

Nurse. Lord, buw uiy head akes ! what a hand
have 1 T
It beats as it wonld full in twenty piece*.
My back u* Tother side.— O. my back, my back !—
Beshrew your heurt. fiir aamlinff nie abiMit.
To catch my death with JauDtinc up and down I

JuL rHuth. I am aurry that tlion art not well :

Sweet, sweet, sweet nurse, teU me, what savs niy

Invef [man

NWrsr. Yoor love savs like an honest itsntle
And n coorteoua. and a kind, and a ha n dsome.
And, I warrant, a virtuous: Wliere is year mo-

Jul Where is my mother T— why, she is within :
Where should she be r Jtow oddly thou reply*st f

Whert ujfomrmot^r

Nur$e. O.Ood'k lady dear!

Are you so hot f Harry, come op, 1 trow ;
b thia the poultice for my aking bonea T
Hencefiirward do your measaces yourself.
JtiL Heret sutm a coil,— Come, what saya
Romeo f {d»f1

Nwm. Have yoa got leave to go to thrive to-
JuL I have. [cell :

Nttrm. Then hie you hence to fHar Laurence'
Thnre stays a husband to make you a wife :
Now comes the wanton blood up in your chaeki,
They'll lie in scarlet straiffht at any news.
Hie you to church : I must another way.
To fetc4i a ladder, by the which vour love
Must climb a binl'a neet eoon, when it is dark :
I am the drudKe. and toil in your delight :
Bui vou shall bear the burden eoon at mght
Go. 1*11 to dinner; hie you to the ceU.
JmL Hie to high fortune I— hoocel nurae. for^
weU. [Ammt

SCENE YI —fHar Lauretioe'k CHL
Enter Frier LaniVBoe nad Romeo.

Fn. So smile the heavens upon this bo^ aet.
That after-hiiurs with sorrow chide us not!

Rom. Amen, amen ! but come what sorrow eaa,
It cannot countervail the exchange of jojr
That one short minute m'vee me in her nglit :
Dn thou but clnee our hands with holy words.
Then love-devmirinc death do what \m dare.
It ia enonch I may but call her mine.

fSi, These violent delights have violent end^
And in Ihnr trinmph die: like Are and powder.
Which, as they kiss, consume: The sweeteai

Is foathanme in bie own delioio ns nss a ,
And in the taste confounds the appetite :
Therefore, love moderately: loot luve doth an :
Too swift arrivea as tardy as toodow.

EMIcr Juliet.
Here oomee the lady ^-O. ao light a foot
Will ne'er weer out the everlasting flint :
A luver may bestride the g<«snaiers
lliat idle in the wsnton summer air.
And vet not foil ; ao licht is vanity.

Jm GoimI even tn my arhoetly onnfbaanr.

FH. Romeo shall thank thee, daughter, gir na
both. [maeh.

JuL As mudi ti» htm, ebe are bis thanks too

Rom. Ah. Juliet, if 'Jie measure nf thvjoy
Be beap'd like mme. and that thy skill be mom
To blason it. then sweeten with thy breath

»9 \


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Ram. SwitRk and •pan. fwltch ami apure; or
ril err a niiitch.

Mer. Nt7, ir thy wila inn the wildHEwae
etinae. 1 hnve done; for thoo haat more of the
wild-|«M«e M niie of thy wita. than. I am anra. I
hava m my whole Ave : Waa I with yon there for

Rom. Thiiv wast never with roe for any thing,
wlien thou wast ik>i there for the aonee.

Mer I will hue thee by the ear for that jeit.

JIaai. Nay. foud gunae. bite not.

Jfer. 11iy wit ia a rery Ititiet a wee tin t; it ia a
OMiat iharp mnoe.

Rom And ia it not well aenred in to a awect

Mtr. O. bere'k a wH of chererel. that atratebee
from an inch narrow to an eil bruad !

JCoNi. I atretefa it oat for that w<ird — broad :
whieii added to the fooae. prorea thee ftir and
wide a broad cooae.

Mnr. Why. i< not thia better now than groan*
inf ft IT love f now art thoa aoniable, now an thoa
Riimeo; now art thoa what thou art. by art aa
well iia by nature : for thia drivellinr love ia like
a rreat natarnl, that mna loUhtg up and down to
hide hia bauMe in a h<^.

Ben, Slop there, stop there.

Mer. 1*hon deaireat me to atop m my tale
•fainst the hair.

Bern. Thou woold'st elae have made thy tale

Mn. 0. thoo art deoeived. I would have made
It short : for I waa oonie to the whole depth of
my tale : nnd meant, iudeed. to occupy the armi-
ment no longer

JZoai. Here's goodly geerl

Enter Nurse and Peter.

Mer. A sail, a sail, a rail !

Ben. I'wo. two; a shirt, and a amock.

A'mtw Peter!

PeUr. AnouT

Nurte. My fun. Peter.

Mer. Pr'ythee, di». good Peter, to hide her fhoa;
for her fan's the fkirer of the twu.

fhate. Otid ye good morrow, geotlemen.

Jf«r. God ye goud den, fair genilewuman.

Nnr$e. Is it good den 1

Mer. Tia no less, I tell you ; for the bawdy
band of the dial is now upon the prick of nuoo.

Nmrat. Out npiw you ! what a man an> you f

Jtom One. gentlewoman, that God hath made
binmelf to roar.

Nuroe. By my troth, it is well snid :— For hini-
aalf to mar, quoth'a I — Oentlemen, can any of
yon t«U me where I may find the young Ro-

item. I ean tell yon ; hot young Romeo will be
older wbea yoa have fimna him. than he waa
when yoa sought him : — I am the youiigeat of
that name, for Yaolt of a wocae.

Nurte. Yoo say well.

Jfer. Vea. ia the wont well T very well took,
ilhith ; wi>«ly, wisely.

ffurte. If you lie he. sir. I desire some oonft-
denoe with you.

Ben. Slie will indite him to some liopper.

Mer. A bawd, n hnwd. a bawd t Sii hoi

Jtam. What haii thou foand I

Mer. No hare. sir. unlesa a hare, wir in a
lenten pie, that ia aomething stale and htiar ere
It be

i$ verjf pooif mefot nt tmt *

But m kare that is ktmr,

b tm mnek for m trmt.
When it hoars ere Ube spenL-^

Rnmeo. yrill yoa oome to year floberlsT well to
dinner thHber.

Rom. I Will h>llow yoa.

ifsr. Farewell, ancient lady; fcreweO. ladj.
lady, lady.

TExemit Mereotio eiHl BenvoHo

Nnrae. Marry, rarewell i— I pray yoa, air. what
tnwsf me r ehant waa thia, that waa so full of hia
ropery T

Rmt. A gentleman, narae, that loeea to hear
himanlf talk ; and will apeak more in a miuute.
than he will ataml to in a month.

Nurte. An *a fpeak any thiiur acainsl me, I'll
take him down an 'a were lustier than he ia, mmI
twenty aoeh Jacks ; and if I cannot. 1*11 Aod thtw
that ahal^ Scurvy knave ! I am mme of his Itin-
aills: I Hm none of his sknins-mntes ;~AimI thnn
moat stand by too, and auffitr every knave to uaa
OH* at his pleasure T

Pet L aaw no man nae yon at hfai pleaeare; if I
hnd. my weapon shouM quickly hare been oot. I
warrant you : I dare dnw aa aoon as anotlier
limn, if I see occasion in a good quarrel, and th*
law on mv side.

Nurte. 'Now. afore God. I am ao vexed, that
every pert about me quivera. Srurvv knave ! —
Pray yon. sir. a word: and aa I told you. my
young lady hade me inquire yoo oot ; what alia
bade me aay^ I will keep to myself: liut finit let
iiie tell ye, if ye should lead her into a ft*ol^
iiiirndise. as they say. it were a very gnaa kind
of behaviour, as they ray; for the gentl«W(»tnan
IS young: and. therefore, if yoo should deal
double with her, truly, it were an ill thing to be
oiFftred to any gentlewoman, and veiy weak

Roiti. Nnrse. commend me to thy lady and mia-
'rf*s8. I protest unto thee.—

Nurte. Good heart! and, i'Mth, I wfll tell bar
•B much : Loi^l, lord, she will be a Joyful wo*

Riim What wilt thoa taU her, nonaT tlioa
«l(wt not nmrk me.

A>Vr«r. I will tell her, air,— that yon doproteot;
whii*li. BN I take it. is a gentlemanlike oflar.

Rum. Bid her devise aome means to noma to
TliiKftnemoon; (shrift

And there she shall at friar Lanrenna* cell
Be shriv'd. and married. Here is for thy paiBBL

Mo-se. No, liuly. sir ; not a penny.

Rom. Goto; I any, yoa ahaU.

Nurte. This afternoon, sir? well, she ahall ba
there. r^<^ :

Rom. And stay, rood nnrse, behind the abbey-
Withiu this hour mv man shall be wiih thee ;
And tiring thee cnnls made like a tackled atair :
WhicJi to the iiuth lop-gallanl of my joy
M out be my convoy in tlie secret niglil.
Farewell !— Be trusty, and 1*11 qu<t thy paina.
Farewell 1— Commend me to thv mistresw.

Nurte. Now God in heaven blesa thee l-^Baik
you. air.

Jloai. What •ay'st ttioa. my dear nurse T

Nmrtt. Is yoor man secret 7 Did yon oe'ar baar

Two mav keep ooanaeU potting one away T
JZom. I warrant thee; my man^ aa tma -aa


An old hare hoar,

Nurte. Well, sir; my ro l i tro aa te lheswoet«>«t
lady — Lord, luid 1 — when twaa a little pru ii^

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Act II.]



Or if »•( an. il en lM>rB I h t it riclit—
Ow Run*«« bath w* bMU id bed u>-nicht.

Rom That biat m true, iha sweeter rest wm

PH. Giiil pardon sin ! wast thim witli R(«aUDe f

Ram. Wiih Roaaline. nijr cbuittly iMtherT no;
I bnve ktr^ni that nanie. nmI that name's wue.

#V>. Thai's m7 Kood xm : B«t wb^re hast lb<«
bean tben T

Rtm. I'll tell I bee. ere thou a^k it me again.
I bave been foastHHr with niiue enemy ;
Wbera, no a sadden, inmi buih wouixied ma,
TbaC^ Of no wtmnded ; both our r^inodws
WHUo tbv help and holv phjrsick Ihm :
I bear no hatred. bleMeJ niau ; for lo,
Uf iaiarosasion iikswiM steads mr foe.

firi. Be . pi<uo< f«Ml soo. and bometjr in thj

liddUaR eoa2ipSBtoa find* bat riddlinff shnft.
£oat. 1*ben plainly know, my heart's dear

lofe IS set
On the hit daof htar of rirfa Capulet :
Aa imiM f« bar's, au her's is set on mine ;
Awl all oonibin'd. snve what iboo must oonibioe
Bt holy mamaca : Whim, and where, and how,
We MMl. we wwi'd. and maiie exchance of vow.
m toll thre as we pass; bat tUw I pray,
TiMt thou oonaent t4i marry us this day.
FH. Hi»ly Saint Prauosii what a change is

b lUviliiie, whom th«iu didst love so dear.
So snai forsaken 1 yuiiiut men's luve then Uea
Not iraly in their liearts. but m tlieir eyee.
Jam M«na I what a deal uf bniie
Hath wasfa'd thy sallow cheeks for Rosaline I
How much selt water thrown away lu wasto,
To aaaaon lovr. that of it doth not taste !
The son mit yet thy aiirbs from heareu clean,
Tliy old KTunaa ring yet in my ancient eare ;
Lo, here upon thy cheek the stam doth sil
Of aa old tear that is not wash'd off yet :
If e'er tho« wast thyself, and these woes thine,
Tboo and theae woes were all for Jlosaliae ;
Aad art tboa chanir'd T prunoonce this sentence

VooMO may fall, whan there's no strength in
Mmm, Tboa diidd'st aw oft for loving Roi

Fri For doting, not Ibr loving, papil mine.
' i ba<rst me bury love.


Not in a grave.


To lay tm» in. another out to have.

Mam, I pray thee, elude wA: she,
love now.

Doch graM l^r grace, and love for love allow ;
The other dal Boi sa

Ph. O. »be knew well.

llnr love did read by n>ie. and cnukl not spell.
M oi«ne, yooM waverer, come go with me,
la one ree p s et nl thy assiioant he ;
Porthia allianoe may so happy prove.
To torn your k.oaoeholds' rancour to pore love.

JUn O. leC OS hence; I sund oo sodden

JK Wisahr, aad alow; Thry stamhle. that
raaftist. [ExtmU.

SCtNE IV -A Strfft.
Emter Bmvolio and Mereutio.
Whore I lie devil should this Roaie) beT—
be aot borne to-night?
Noi to bm fhtherls; I apoko with Ma

Afcr. Ah. ilwi same pale iianl-bearied weut h,
thul KoMiline.
Tormeuts h m sa that he will sore ran mad.

Bnt. 'I ybiili. the kinMnan of old (^pulet,
HmiIi sent a loiter to his lather's bouse.

Mrr. A cliuilenve. on my life.

Ben. RfNiieo will answer it.

Mier. Any man, that can write, may answer a

Ben. Nay. he will Mtiswer the letter's masic *,
how he dares. Iieiiut dHrml.

Mer. A\a». poor Komeii. he is already dead!
stabbed with a white wench's black eyo; shot
IhcnMurfa tlie ear wi;h a love-song; ihe verv pin
of his heart ole/t with the blind bow hoyV Viult-
sbaA ; And is he a man lo enoouotor Tybalt 7

Bra. Why, what is Tybalt T

Mer. More than prince of cats. I can tell yoa.
O, be is the courageous captain of ctmiplimeuta.
He figbta as y<>a Ming prick-song, keeps time, di»-
tanoe, and pn»portio»; rests me hw luiiiim real,
one. two. and the Hiird in your Ixiaom ; the veiy
batcher of a silk buUoo. a duellist, a duellist ; a
gentleman of the very first house, — of ibe first
and second cause : Ah. the immortal paiaado ! ,
tli« punUi revemi ! the hay !

An. 1'he what 7

Mer. The puz of sodi antick. lisping, aflectiag
fantasticoes ; these new lanere of accents!— £^
./ent, a nfry ffood blade!— c very taU mw* !—e verf
lined MAorr/— Why, in not this a lamentMhIe thiiw.
grandsire. that we should be thus aflUrted with
these strange flies, these fashion-mongers, these '
ptirdtmmet-wtoi^St who stand so much on the new
form, that they cannot sit at esse on the old
" ' T O, their boms, their kwu/

Ben. Hera <

Mer. Witbont his roe, like n dried herring: —
O. flesh, flesh, how art thou ftshitied '—Now n he
for the numbera that PMrarch flowed in:— l^nra,
to his lady, was but a kitchen wenrh : — many,
she had a better love to he-rbvme her : Dido, a
dowdy; Cleopatra, a gipsy; Helen and Hero,
hildincs and harlots; TbiabA. a grey eye of so.
but not to the porpoee. — ^nior Romeo, bm
jcmrl there's a Frenoi salotalion to /nor Preach
slop. Yoa gave as the ooanrerfsit fUrly ha4

^Ram. Good morrow to yon both. What ooan-
torfeit dal I give yoo T

Mer. The alip, sir. the slip; Can yon not cob>

Rom. Pardon, good Mereatio. my bo s in ess waa
great; and. in soai a eaae as mine, a man may
strain courtesy.

Mer. That% as moch ao to say— soeh a case as
foara oonotraias a ntaa to bow in the haaia.

Jloai. Meaning^to coarfsr.

Mer. Thou bast most kinJiy hit it.

ilnni. A most courteous ezptntiiKin

Mer. Nsy. I am the very piok uf ooorteay.

iloai. Pink i«»r flower

Mer. Rwht
Rom. Why.tl
Mer. Weflsa

then IS my pump well flowered.
•Ml : Follow me tbM jest now. till
thoa bsot worn vnt thy pnmp; that, when the
singhi sole of it m vrom, tiie jest may remain,
after the weartng . aolely aingolar.

Jtom. O siagla ooled je s t, s olely singular for Iha

ifsr. Cone betwaen no, good BenvoUo; Mf


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Whk4i is the god of m) ^lolatnr.
Ami I'll believe thee.
Rnm. ]( mj hearfk dear lore—

Jul Well, do nnc ewear : althouch I Jogr in tbeo,
I have iiu itty of this oontract to nirht :
It » too rash, tun uiiadviH'd, too vudden :
Too like the lightniitf^, whicli doth oeaee to be,
Kre one can aay—lt IiRhieiit. Sweei , good night ;
This bud of love, by Kunimer's ripening breath.
Miy prove a beauteous flower wheu next we
ineet. [rest

Good night, cood nichtl as eweet repoae and
Come to thy heart as that within injr hreNSt !
JKoai. O. will thou leuve me so uuMiisfied T
At What satisfMCi iou canst thiMi have ti>-aight T
Rpm. I'lie exchange uf thf love's fiiilhful vow
for miue. lit :

JhL I gave thee mine before thoo didst rrquest
And yet I woukl it were to give again. .
Rom, Would'K thou withdraw it T fiir what

purpose, love t
. Jul But to be frank, and give it thee again.
And yet I wish but for the thing I lunre :
My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
Mv love ae deep ; the more I give to thee,
The more I have. Air both are infinite.

1 hear some noise within ; Dear love, adieu I
Anon, good nurse I— ^weet Montscue, be true.
Stay but a little. I will oome again. {ExU.

Rem, O blessed blesspd nighi ! I am af!»agnl,
Bemg in night, all this is but a dreaiii,
I'oo flauenng-sweet to be sobetanuaL

Re-fnier Juliet, abovi,
JhL Three wonIs,dear Romeo, and good night.

liSt me stand here till thon remember »l

JuL I shall f»nrrt,t<i have thee still stand thm*,
Rememb*mu( how I love thv company

Rom. And 111 si ill stay, to have thee still fotmi,
ForgeUing any other home but this.

jM.Tisalmdst morning, I would have thee gone:
And yei no further than a wanton's bin) ;
Who leu it hop a little ^om her hand.
Like a pour pnsuner in his twisted gvves.
And with a silk thread plucks it back aga
So loving Jealous of his liberty.

Rum. 1 would, I were thy bird.


Sweer. so would

If tiiat thy brill of hive be honourable.

Thy purpuee roamHce. send me wofd to-momiw,

By one that I'll prucure to oome to thee.

Where, and wlua unie, thou wilt perform the rite ;

And all my fiiriunes at thy foot HI ley.

And follow thee my hrnl ttiruughoui the world.

JVntm. [(VtlA/a./ Madam. [weU,

JuL I come, anon : — But if thou maan'st not
I do heaeech thee,—

liurm. iWilhin.} Madam.

JuL By and by, I come:—

To cense thy snit. and leave lue to my grief:
I'o-monuw will I send.

Rom. So thrive my aool,—

JuL A thousand times good night I {ExU.

Ram. A thoueand umes tlie wonct to want thy

lighL— [books :

Love goes toward love, aa school-boys from tlieir

But love from love, toward school with heavy

[Rttirmt tUmlf.

R$-€HUr Juliet above.

JuL Hist. Romeo, hist !— O, for a fahsonert voice,
lu lure tliia lassel-fenUe back agiiin 1
B4«idag« is hoane. and may not vpeak aluud ;
Else would 1 tear the cave where echo lies.
And make her airv tongoe mors lioarse ihwu mine
With repel iiKHi of my Romeo's name.

Jlom It H my soul, that calto upon my name :
flow silver-sweet sound lovera* lonnutis by night.

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