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Which tMi him to an answer : Our wishes, on the
way, (ther;

May prove effects. Back, Bdmind, to my bn-
Hasten his musterv aial conduct his powera :
I must chanse arms at liome, and give the distal!
Into my hoshaiid's hands, litis trusty servant
Shall pass between us: ere kaig you are like ie

If yoa dare ventore in yttor own behalf,
A mistressli command. W ear this; spare speech;
[ C i ii i n s a /a s ear .
Decline your head : this kiss, if it dnnt apeak.
Would stretch thy spirits up into the air;—
Conceive, and fare thee well.
Edwi. Yours m the ranks of death.
Oon. My most dear Glosler

O. the diflerenoR of man, and man ! To thae

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\y Act III.]


iCiy. Hang him liwtantly.

Gfm. Pluck out hu eyas

Cptm. Leave him to mj displeasare — KdmmMl.
keep /on our mater coaipauy': the reveiiffes we
are bound to take upon jour tnuutroua ikih«r.
•f* Ml fti fur your behoklinc- Advice the duke,
wbera yuu are goinc. to a m<wt festiuate prepara-
tion : we ara bound to the like. Our poata shall
be twin. Mod intalbfam betwixt ne. Farewell,
dear aaler ;— rHrewelU nv kard of Glueter.

Bow now T Where*!! the kinf T [hencn :

8Um. My hmJ \^ G luster hath oonveyM kun
Some five w aix aiid tlurty of his knifhts,
Htit quest rists after him. iiiet him at sate :
Wlw. with siMne mher of the lonl's depeii
Are ffuoe with hmi towards Dover ; where they
To have wetl-armed Ineiais. [boast

Osrn. Get horses for your mistress.

Goa Farewell, sweet lord, snd sister.

[Ettwfd (joiieril oarf Edmund.
CSom. Edmund, fiuewell,— Go, seek the toutor
Oloster, m

Flnkm bun bke a tbieC brimr him before us :

[fianiN/ oOttr Servants.
Thouirti well we may not pass upou his life
WiihonI the form of^Justioe ; yet our power
Shall do a courteqr to our wrath, which men

L but not eontroL Who's there ! The

r blame, bo


Re-«mttr Servants, mith Gloater.
Reg. Inmteful fox ! tw he.
Cant. Mnd foMt hai corky srros.
Gte. What mean your graces T— •Good my

Too are my guests : do see no fool play. IHends.

Otrn. Biod him, I say. [ServaoU kind kam.

Ret Hard, hard :— U filthy traitor I

Gl9. Unaercifol lady as you are, I am none.

Csra To Ihie rhatr bind him : — Villain, thou
•halt find— [Refun pimclu ku btmrd.

Gle. By the kiud gnds, *tia most if nobly done
To pluck nie liy ihr beard.

JEm. So while, aud such a traitor I

Olo. Naufhty lady.

Tbese hairs, whidi thou dust rsvish tntm my

Will qnicken. and accuae thee : I am your host ;
With ruhbets* hamb. my boopiuhle favours
Yoo shouU not ruAle ihua. What will vuu do 7

Ctrn. Come, sir, what leUers had you (ate from

Mt0. Be sim^-answer'd. for we know the

trvth. f'he iraitors

Oww And what mailederaoy have you with

Lai* footed in the kinaduro ?

Jtrn To whose hands have yoo ssnt the luna-



^ _.. [uckl

OlSL I hav<p a letter Kuessingly set duwo.

Which came from one that's of a ueulral heart,

Aad ao( from one oppus'd.
Osra. Connins.

Mt9. And folae.

cam. Where bast thou ssnt the kioc I
GAi. To Dover

To Dovert Wast thoo not ehanr'd at thv peril—
Osm. Wherefore to DoverT Let him first


OtsL I am ti«id to the rtake, aod I must stand
Mm Wherefore to DoverT
Om Because I wouU not see th) cruel nails
' N« his poor old eye* ; nor thy fierce sistei


In his snointed flesh stksk bearish fimgs.
llie sea. with such a storm as h>« bare head
III liell-bkidt nifht endur'd, would have buoy'd
up, [iMan.

And oneneh'd the stelled fires: yet. poor ola
He hoip the beavetie to ruin.
If wolves had at thy gate howi'd that stem time.
Thou should'sl have said. Good porUr, tunt tkt

All cruols else sobeenb'd : - But 1 shall see
The witiired vengeance overtake sucli children.
Com. See it shalt thou never :— b'ellowrs, hold
the ehair :—
Upon thaee eyea of thine 111 set my foot.

CGIoster ishetddomt in /tis dmr, wUla
OoitwtniX ptHcJu out om of ln» *f i
and teis km joot on tt.
Ole. Ha. that will think to live till he be old.
Give me eoow help :— O cruel i O ye guds !
it«9. One Mde will muck another; the other
Com. If you see venceanre.— (too.

Sent Hold your hand, vbij kml ;

I have serv'd you ever since 1 was a chikl ;
But better service have 1 never duue yuu
Thaa now to bid you hoUL
Bfg. How now, yoo do^T

Srnt. If you did wear a beard iipiio your chu^
rd shake it on this quurrel : What do you mean t
Osra My villain I [ Arvaw, onii nmu at km.
Stnr. Nsy, ihen come on, and take the chaaoo
of anger.
[Ansiss. TketAgkt. Cornarall ii wsaaifcrf.
Ret Give me thy sword. —(To amotktr Ser-
vant. 1 A peasant stand upthual
{Smaicktt a tmord. comts kthmd, omdMaba Aan.
Sent. O, i am sUinI — My lonl, yon have om
eye left
To see aome misehief oo him :— O ! (Aes.

Com. Lest it see more, prevent it : — Out. vile
Where is thy lustre now T (jelly f

[Tean omt Gloster's otkn ere, ami tkrmm
ti on Uee arwotd.
Olo. All dark and comforUess. — Where*s mf
siNi Edmund I
Edmund, enkindle all the ^arfcs o[ nature,
To qmt this homd act.

Reg. Oot,trswfbeniasvUlaia

ThAu call's! on him that hates thee: it was he
Hiat made the overture of thy treasons to m ;
Who is too good to pity thee. - .

Qlo. my foUieel

Then Edgar was abos'd.—
Kind gods, forgive roe that, and praaper him I
Reg. Go. thrust him out at gates, and let him
His way to Dover— Howitt, my lordl How hiok
yoo? riady —

Cora. I have reoeiv'd a bnrt : — FoUuw me,
Turn out that eyelees villain ;— throw this slave
Upon the dunghill.— Regan. I bleed apace :
Uutiniely comes this hurt : Give me your arm.
[BxU Cornwall, led bg Kegan ;— Servants
vnbmd Gluster. and lead ktm oat.

1 Srrv. ni aever cure wlwt wickedneea I do
If thin man come to good.

2 atT9. If she live long.
And. in the end. meet the old course of death.
Women will all turn m«*nsterB.

1 8ero. Let's follow the oU earl, and get tko

Bedlam (neiw

To lead him whero he would ; his roguish mad-
Alkiws itself to any thing. (whiles of egas.

2 Sem. Go thoo ; 111 fetch some flex, and
To applv lo his bleeding fiice. Now. heaven

help him I iCxeamL

•aven V

teamL . '

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»»«. A kiiuc.akinf!

VwA. No; Ue% a yeoman, that haa a gentle-
nan to his son ; for lie's a mad jeoman. that aeaa
huf sun a KeiillemaD before him.

Ltar. I'll have a thousand with red baminf
Come hisudnff iii opon ihem :— Capita

EOg. The foul (ieiid bites mjr back.

FotiL Ue'k mad. tliattrusta m the tameneii of
a wolf, a horae's health, a bujr'a love, or a whoreis

^Uar. It shall be done, I wiU arraifni them

straight :— .

Come, sit thou here, moat learned jostioer j— —

[To Edfcar.
Thou, sapient sir. ait here. \To the Fool)— Now.

C luslie fuzes l—
M)k. where he stands and glares I—
... r . . . . _ ..^1

[Act ITK S


Wantest thuu eyes ai tnal.

Coeic o'er tke btmm, Bem, '« »»< •—
FboL Utr boat luUM a leak.

And she must not speak
Wht she dares niU come over to ike*.

Edg. The foul fiend haunto poor Tom in the
foice of a ni«litininile. Hopdance cries in Tom^
belly for iwo while herring. Cn«k not, black
angel ; i have no food for thee.
iCeta. How do yon, sir? Stand you not ao
amaz*d : ...

Will yon lie down and rest npon the cushions T
Lnr. rii see their trial first :~Bruig in the
evidence :—
Thou robed man of joatioe, take thy place : -

['ib Edgar.
And thoQ. hia yoke-fellow of equity,

Bench by hia side :— You are of the commiaaion,
Sit yon too. [ibKent.

Edg. Let us deal justly.

Steepest or wtkest thou ydlv shepkardl

Th9 sheep be m the com;
Jadfor one blast of tkm mtniMn maidk,

7)kr sikerp ^i^a take no AofM.

Pnr! tbeoatisirrey. ., , u

Lear. Amiiffu her first; 'tis GoneriL I here
take my oath befi»re this honourable asaembly,
•he kicked the poor king her fiither.

fboL Come hither, mistreas; Is your name

LeHr. She cannot deny it.

fbeL Cry you mercy, I Uiok you for a joint-
•tool. (proclaim

Lfor. And here's nnother, whi«e waro'd looks

What store her heart is made of. — Stop her

there! [place 1

Arms, arms, sword, fire 1 — Corruption in the

FalM justicor, why hast thou let her 'scape I

Edg. Bless thy five wiu!

Kent. O pity !-^ir. where is the patience now.
l*hiA you ao oft have boasted to retain }

Edg. My tear* ht'Kin to iiike his part so mnch.
They'll nwr my couiiierfeitinc. [Aside.

Lear. The little dc«B and all.
Tray, Blanch, and Sweet-benrt, aee, they bnrk
at me.

Edg. Tom will throw his bead at them: —

Be thy moa'h or black or white.
Tooth that poisons if it bite:
Mastiff, grey hound, momtrel grim.
Uuund, or spaniel, brach, or lym ;

Or bobtail tike, or trundle-tail ;
Tom will make ihem weep and wall
For. with throwing thus my head.
Dags leap the hatch, and all are fled

Do de. do de. Sessa. Come, march to wak««
and faira, and market towna: — Poor Ton, thy
horn is dry.

Lear, llien let them anatomise Regan, aae
-hat breeds about her heart : la Uiere auv cao««
in nature, tiiat makes these hard hearu f— Yuu,
air. I entertain yun for one of my hundred ; only.
1 do not Uke the OnOiioo of your gamieoU : yoa
will say. they are Petaian aturs ; but let them be
changed (ToEdgftr.

K0sL Now, good my lord, lie here, and raai

Lear. Make no noiae. make no noise; draw
the curtains : So, so, so: We'll go to supper Plhm
mormng: So.ro. so.

FboL And I'll go to bed at noon.

JZc^^nler Glceter.
Gto. Come hither, fneud. Where ia the kioc

my master T
KemL Here, sir : but trooble him not, hia wito
are gone [amw ;

Olo. Good fnend, I pr'ythee take him n tfay
I have o'er-heard a ploi of death opon him :
There is a litter ready : lay hint in't
And drive towanis Dover, friend, where lha«
Shalt meet (maeler ;

Both welcome and protection. Take up tlij
If thou should'st dally half an hour, hi* liM,
With thine, and ail tliat offer to defend him.
Stand in aivured h>sS : Take up. take up;
And follow me, that will to some pntvmio*
Give thee quick conduct.

Kent Ui^reas'd nature sleepa :—

This rest micht yet have balm'd thy "^^ ^ —

Which, if convenience will not allow.

Stand in hanl cure. — Come, help to bear tlif

Thou must not stay behind. ( 7b fhe FooL

Oto CoBM, oume. awmy.

lExtmit Kent, Gloster. and the Fool, bearu^


Edg. When we our betters aee beanng ow

We acarcely think c

Who alone Kuflfen. auflfora nMMt ilbe nuod ;

Leaving free things, and happy showa, behind^

But then ihe uiiiid much sumranoe d<^ o'rr-
skip. (shtp^

When gnef hath matea, and bearing ieUovv>

How light and p4>rtable-mv pain i

When that, whicli makes me b
king Uiw ;

He childed. as I faiher'd !— Tom, away :

Mark the high Miiaea : and.tliy8elf bewrajr.

When false opinion, whook wrung thought de-
files ihee.

In thy just proof, repeals, and rccoocilea thee.

What will hap more to-uight,safe scape the km|r I

Lurk, lurk. {ExU.

SCENE VIL->| Room m Gketer'b Cnlk.

Enter Cornwall, Renn, Goueril, Edmund, asoi

Com. Pnet speedily to my lard ywnr hv^hntMl ;
show him this leUer: — the ann> of Praane m
landed —Seek out the villnin Gloster.

lExiwu «Mnc qf imUfi

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/ act J1I.3

J Um, Why.

^ to MM i Mr «r


Um, Wbj. tboQ wert hector in thy cnive, t
with ihjr uiiooTerad body thii
tkiet— ftniar "^ '

Mr«ll: llioa <

mt an perfume : — H« ! hera**
•oplMticiacd!— Thou ert the thine iteelf :

i HMn » BO OMU* but each n poor,
ben. forhed uimal ■• thou Nrt — OC oCyw
lendiaf*:— Oomm; unbutton hare.—

{T^mrma <4f ^ tioOm.

FhuL Pr*ytbce, nnnele, be ouutented ; this ie •
Moctity n^t to swim ia— N<»w m littie Hre in •
wild teU were liiM> en old ledier'e heart; a
■mall wparfc. all the raet of hit body ookl —Louie,
here comee a walking Are.

Kdw lliiiii the fool AendFUbbertinbbet: he
befftae at eorfew. and walks till the firrt onck :
be pves the «veb and the pin« squints the eye.
and awken the hare-lip; Bildews the while
wheat, and hurts the poor ereators of earth.

Sunt WilMd UoUd tkriet tke wtM.
Ht mH Ute niitkt-mare,amd her mme-/otd ;

Amdk^ troth viitkt,
A^mrmmt lktt,mtiek,mrmmt tkml

JCml. How force yoor fnaoe /

EmUr Gloeter. imtk m lorek.
Lser. What*s be?

MtmL Who's there T What wt yon seek f
Ois. What are yoa there? Yoarnaaiesi
Mdf. Poor Tom : that eato the swimraiair ftnf .
the todl. the tadpole, the wall-newt, and the
water ; that ia the fury of hn h«art. when the
iatoL flend racaa. eats oow-dunx for «allets ; swal-
lawB the old rat. and the di ch-du|t; dmiks the
t rsea maatle of the standinf pool ; who is whip-
ped fmHi tythiac to tythiair. and stocked, punch-
ed, and im|>nsuiied ; who bath had three suits to
kis hadu su shirts to his body, hoiao to ride, and

He said it wuohl be thus :— poor baaiehV maa 1—
Thou sa]r*st, the kinir craws mad : I'll tell '
I an alinoaC mad myaelf : I bad a son. (fHeud,
Now ootlaw'd from my blood : he aought ay

But lately, very late ; I lov'd him. friend.—
No fother his son dearer : true to tell thee.

iSlorm emUimmt.
The ffftef hath eru'd ay wits. What a nipht*s
I do beseeeh your fraoe.— [this 1

Lemr. 0. cry you merqr.

Noble philosopher, your eompany.

£rf9. Tom's a-«i»ld. C^^^rm.

Glo In. fellow, tliere. to the hovel : keep thee

Ltar. Come, let's lu all.

Kent. This way, my loid-

Uar. With htm ;

I will keep still with my philaso|»her.

Kent. Good my Uinl. sooth him. let him take

Olo. Take him you on. (the follow.

KenL Sirrah, oome oa; fo alooir with us.

Leer. Come, good Athenian

Olo. No wonIs.no worda:


Sdy. CkMRomlani to thf dark tomer coma,
Bi$ word was s((((.-#V. JM. eatf fiam,

SCENE V.-4 Jtoom m GlosUi^ Osiffe.

BmUr Corawall md Edmund.

Com. I will have my revenge, era I depaii Ida

Boi mkt, mod rmt$. mod muk mooU dftr.
Uses Asm 7hmi*$ food for mom hog vemr.

Beware my follower: — Psare, Smolkin ; peace,

Ole. What, hath your grace no better onropanyf

£4pi. The pnaoe of darknem ia a
Moito h^ oUI'd, and Maho.

Ole. Oar iesh and bloiid. my loid, is grewa so
That (t doth bate what geta it. (vile,

Ed§. PuorTom*Ba-eoId.

Olo. Go in wAh me: my dat;
To obey m all/uurdaaghten^ I
1*hiiagb their isj unction be to her mv doora,
Aad let thto tyrannous night take hold upon yoo;
Yet have I veatur'd to come mek von oot,
Aad bvtac yen where both foe ana food ia raady.

L0mr. Fuat lei ae talk with thaphikieopher :—
What IS ihe cauMe of thuadert

K*id. G«iod my lord, take his eOer;
Go iaia the bouM. (Th«baa :—

Umr. ni talk a word with this saam learned
Whet is TOUT study f fmin.

Ed$ Huw th prevent the head, and to kdl var-

Xisar. Let aie aak you one worU in privata.

JEmt Imfiortmw bim once nmce to gu, my lonl.
Mm wite bapn to nnseule

CMe. Oaa'sc thou Mama him T

Bsdaariitenaeek hM death: -Ah, that good

JEdsi. How. my locd, I may be eeaeared, that
nature thus gives way to loyalty, something tela
me to think ci.

Com. I now perceive, it was not alto«ether
your brothel^ evil dispusiiioa made him eeek his
dea t h ; bat a pnivuking merit, mt a*worfc by a
raproveaUe hudnem in himself.

£d!ai. How malicious is my fort

ipenttobejustl llus is the letter he spoke ot

rhicll ( " - • - ... -

malicious is my fortune, thst

advantafcee of Fraoce. O heavensiths

ap(iruvee bim an intelligent |

to the

treason were nut. or not I the detectorl

Com. Go with me to the duchess.

Edwi, If the mauer of this paper Ke oartate,
you have mighty business in hand.

Osra. True, or folse. it hath made thee earl of
Gloeter. Seek out where thy foiher is, that he
may be ready for our appiehensioo.

Edoi. [Aside] if I find him comfonjngthe
kingt it will siulThis saspiciiin more fully'.>Al will
peraavers in my course of loyally, though the
__-._.. ^ beiweea that sind my biood.

Com. I will lay trust upon thee
dmit fold a dearer fother m my luve.

and tho«

SCENE VL-il Cheaper ia m Phrtm-Homt, mi-

Emkr Oloatar, Lear, Kent, Fool, end Edgar.

Olo. Hera is better tbaa the opea air : take it
thankAilly: 1 will piece out the comfort wuh
what addition I iao: 1 will not be long from

KaU. AU the power of hia wits has nven way
to his impatience :— The guds reward yuur kim^
neml [iCnl Cluster.

Bdo. Frateratto calls me : and tells me. Neru
is an aiuder in I be lake of darknem Pnyr, inno-
cent, and beware the foul fleml.

FktoL Pr'ythee. nunde, tell me. whether a
madmen be a genlUman. or ayeoman t




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JRma Lnr.^\ hare fiiU oaow of weeping ; but tbiv heart
Shall Dreak into a hundred tlioiiaand flaws,
Or ere ru weep. — fbol, I shall go mad ! k„^ i ,^,, ^ m ,




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Bdwi. Ifoct HiTiHrB. and aoiiatorml I
Oto. Go to; ffiv jroQ noihinfr: 'Hiere is dirwiao
between the dnkes; and a worve matter than
that: I have received a letter Uiiii night: — tie
dangerooa to be spiiken ;— I have l<ick«sd the let-
ter in my doeet: these iiyaries tlie kinc nn«r
lievrs will be revensml home : there is part of a
power alrendy ftmied : we nnist inclme to the
KinK. I will seek him. and privily mlieve him^
fo yon. and maintain talk with ihe dake, tliat
my charity be mit of him perceived : If he ask
^ir me, I am ill, and gone to bed. If I die fur it,
as DO less is thntatened me, the king my old
master most be relieved. Inhere is some Mrange
thing toward, Edmund ; pray yoa, be carefal



Bdm. This ouortesy, forbid thee, shsll the

IwteBtiy kmiw; nnd of that letter too :—
litis seems a fair deserving, and ninKt draw me
That which my father hises ; no lew than nil :
The younger nsea, when the old doih (all

SCENE IV.^d Fart qf the Uatk. wUk a Hovd.
Enter Lear. Kent, ami VixiL

Ktmt. Here is the place, my lord; good my
k>nl. enter :
The tyranny of the open night's too muKh
For nature ui endure. iStorm MtUL

Lear. Let me alone.

KitmL Good my lord, enter here.

l^ar. Wilt breMk mv heart T

iCml I'd rather break mme own : (3uod my
lord, enter.

Lear. Thou think VA *tis much, that thisoonteu-
Invades us to the nkin : so tis to thee ;
But where the greater malndy is Az'd.
The lesser is sraroe felt. 'I'hou'ditt shun a bear:
but if thy flight lay toward the mging aea.
'l*hou*dsl meet the lienr i'the mouth. When the

mind's free.
The body's delicate : tlie tempest hi my mmd
Doth from my seiutes tnke all feeling else.
Save what benU there.— FiUal ingmtitude f
Is it not as this mouth Khould tear this hand.
For liftinx food tot?— But I will punish home :—
No. I will weep no more.— In such a night
To shut me out!— Pour on : I will endure :—
in audi II nurlit as this ! O Regun. Goneril !—
Your old kind father, whoae frank heart gave

U. that way madness lies; let me shun that;
No more of tlist,—

Kent. GiknI my lord, enter here.

Liar. Pr'vihee, go in thyself; seek thine own
niiis tenii 1^ will not give me leave to ponder
On things would hurt me more.— But I'll go in :
In. boy : ffo finit.— i To tke Fool J You houseless

poverty. —
Nay. get thee m. I'll pray, and Uien FII sleep —
[Fool goa in.
poor naked wrrtrhes, wheresoe'er you aie,
I'ha! bale tlie peltinc of this (Htiieiw atorui.
How shall vour houseless hoad», and unfed sides,
Ybur loopM and wiialow'd raggeduess. defend

F^om seaatHM such as these? O, I have ta'en
Too little rare of this! Tske phjraick. oomp;
Expose tliyvelf to feel what wretRh*« n^l :
lliat Uh»u iiiay'st shske the miperflnx to them.
Aul show the heavens mure Just.

f Act III .

EJg. r WiihmA Pathmn and ball; fathom ani
half! ro«.r1om!

( 7^ Fo«»l rvHf 0H< from tkt koaoL
PhoL Come not in liere. nuaele, here's n spirit.
Help me, help me !
Kent. Give me thy hand.— Who^ there T
PaoL A spirit, a spirit ; he says his name's poor
Tom. [I'therstrawT

KttU What art tliou that doat grumble tbera
Come forth.

Emter Edttar, dtamattd at an

Bda. Away I the foul fiend follows m«I—
Through the sharp hawthorn blows the arid

wind —
Humph ! so to thy cold bed. and warm ther.

Lear. Hast thou given all to Uiytwu^agkt<
And art thou rome to this? . (era?

Edg. Who riven any tliingto poorT«im T wh««n
the foul fieial liaih led thniuirh Are and thruucli
flame, Uiroiirli ford and whirlpool, over Ing and
qiiagmirf : that hath luid knivt-s under bis pil-
low, and halters in liix pew ; set r»t»Jwne by hia
porridge : inadi* hini pruial of heart, tu nde on m
bay iroltiiix-iiorse ov«r four-iuclied bridges, lu
course hi« own shadow for a traitor:— Blem ihv
Ave wire ! 1'om*s a cold.— O. do de. do de. do d«i.
— BI«Mi thee from whirl wiials, lOar-bbntiNK. nnj
takiUK 1 Do poor Tom aome chan'y, whiini tJM
foul fiisnd vexes: There could 1 have him now. —
and there.— and there. — aial there axam, and
there. [ Storm ivm/nrMW.

Lear. What, have his daughteia brouxbt hioi

U» tins paas ?— [ibein all ?

Coflld'st thou save nothimrr Ditl*st thun mve

PboL Nay. lie reserved a blanket, eba: we had
been all stiamt^.

Leor. Now. all the plagues that m the pandnl-

ousnir (vn:

Hang fiOed ii'er men's feulls, light on thy d«t^c.

Kent. He hath m* daufthters. sir. (dn'd ftaton

l^ar. Death, traitor! nothinr ooold hav» sob.
To such a lowness, but his unkind ^ughlers.—
Is it the fiwhion. that discarded fathers
Should liave ^hus little mercy on their lleab T
Jutlicious punisliinent! 'twas thia fleah heguK
I'lKwe pelican daughters

Edg. Pillicuck hu on paiioock's-bill ;— ^
Halloo, lialltNi. 1im>. kail

Foot. This atkl night will turn us all to fbols
and madmen.

' Edg. Take heed o*ibe font fiend: Ohsy thy
parents; keep f liy word justly ; swear not ; com-
mit not with man's sworn spooae; aet nut thy
sweet h«*art on prond array : Tom's a-cohl.
« Lntr. What haitl thou been T

Edg. A aerviiivman. pnaid in heart and mind;
that mrled my hair; wore ghivea in mf cap.
served the liwt of my mistress's heart, and did
Uir act of darkness with lier; swore as mates
oatha as I spake words, and brake then in th«
sweet face of heaven : one. that slept in lb« coo-
triving of lust, and waked to do it : Wine head
I deeply; dice dearly; and in woman, out-rara-
BMinred the I'urk : False of heart, light of car.
bliNxly of hand ; Ha« in shith. fox in stealth, wcdt
in greediness, dog ui madness, lion m prey. Let
not tlie creaking of shoes, war the ruailing at

silks, betray thy poor heart to wtmien : Kerp thy

' -^ ""-"-'- " - hand out of plMhcr

oka. and deQr the t
fiend. — Still through the hawthorn blows I

foot out of brothels, thy hand out or plaakcisL
thy pen fhan lomlers* books, and delV the Ai^

cold wind: Says suum. mun. ha no nonny. dol-
phin my boy, my bi^, aaw* ; let him trot bi


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I will Ulk further with jrua.

KnU. ' No,do_.

Fitr ouofimHiiino that I mn roach more
Than my out wall, ooen thw purse, am) take
What A oontaina : li you sliuli see Cordelia,
(As fear not but tou shall,) show her ihis rii^;
And she will tell jua who your fellow is
That yet yua do not know. Fye on this storm !
t will CO seek the kinit. (to say 1

Such sheets of fire, such hnreu of horhd thander.
Such irroans of ruunng wind uiid rain, I never
Kenieniher lo have heard : nutu's nature cannot
The affliction, nor the fear. (carry

Lear Let the great ftods.

Thai keep thifi dreadful M^her o'er our heads.
Find out ihetr enemies now. Tremble, thou

, , - , 'ITiai haul within thee undivaUed crimes,

Qmi. Giv« me your hand : Have you no more Uuwhipp*d ofjus'ire: Hide tliee, thou bloody
Kent Few words, but. to efiect. more than all { _ . nand ;
ret ; (your pnin !

That, when we have found the klnr. (in wlik^

That WMy ; HI this :) he that first lights on him^
HoUa the other. {Examt tevenXt).

SCENE Xl-'Amlker Pmri qf the Hnlh, Storm

Enter I^ear and Pool,
leor. Blow wind, and crack your cheeks ! racel
Too cnt a raets. and h urricanoea. spout (rocks !
Till y*m have drench'd our iit«^plea, drown'd the
Tou sal|>hnrous and thought-ezecuUuK <\reti,
Tsunt couners Ui oak-eleaTing thunder bolu.
Sinfe my white head I And thou, all-sliakin«


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