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Fortune, good night : smile once more : torn thy

wheel! CAi^

SCENE WX^AvmrivfthitBnOL
Enter Eiifn.
Bdg. 1 heard myi«lf proclaim'd ;
And, by the happy hollow of a tree,
Eicap'd the bant No port w free : no place,
'l*hat guard, and most unusual vigilance.
Does not attend my takiwr. Wiule I may scape
I wiU preserve myself: and am bethought
To take the b as e st and moat poorest stiape,
That ever penury, w contempt of man.
Brought near to beast: my fisce 111 giime with

Blanket my Imiw: elf all my hair in knota:
And with presented nakednesa out-face
The wiihIs. and persecutions of the sky.
1*he cituutrv gives me proof and precedent
Of bedlam beggars, who. with roannc vu4oea.
Strike in their numb'd and mortified hare anai
Pma. woi«l«in pncks, nails, sprues of rxisemary ;
And with thiK nomble obiect. from low fama,
P.ior pelting villaaea, sbeep-coiea and mills.
Sometime with luuatick bans, sometime with

ppiyen^ (Tom I

Enforce their charity — Poor Turiygood I poor
'lliatliaaaiethuig yet;— Edgar 1 nottuog am.


SCENE IV -Btfon 01oeter*s CaHb.
EHltr Lear, Fool, entf Gentlemaa.

Xcor. Tie strange, that they should so depart
from home.
And not aend bacK my messenger.

Oemt. As 1 lenniM,

1*he night before there was no parp««e in them
Of this remove.

Krmt. Ilml u> thee, noble nuMMrl


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BaO' No DMurvel then, thoogb he were ill af-

Tie tbejr have put him cm the old man*! death,
I'o have the waste ami spoil of his revenoee.
( have this preaent eveiiiiur fruni nty aurter
Been well inforni'd of theni; and with aiiefa

I'hat, if thev come to SMJourn at ntj houae,
I II nut be Lirare.

Coni Nor I. amure thee, Regan —

Ed«iuiid..( lieHr that you have sliowu your father
A cluld-Uke ulfi««.

EOwi. Twas my duty. tfr.

G/o. He did hewray I'V pniriice ; and reoeiv'd
This hurt you h<«. niiiviiiK u> apprtrhend him.

Com. Is he puntiind T

Qlo. Ay. mjr gooil lord, he is

CttTH, If he bn taken, he shall never more
Be ffar'd of doing harm : make your own pur^

How m my strength you pleaae. — For yon. Ed-
Whmm virtue and obedience doth thn instant
tin much commend iisdf.you sludl he ours;
Natures of kucIi dtrp trust we sliall much neeu ;
You we Unit seize ou.

Eiim. I shall serve you, nr,

Truly, however else.

Oto. For limi I iliank your (trace.

Com. You kmiw nut why we came to visit
yt>u,— (niieht

tUg. 1'hus out of NrawM : tlireiidinff darb-ey'd
Oorasions. u«il>lf G<(»ier. of Miioe poize,
Wherein we inust have use uf vour advice :— '
Our father lie haili writ, so hatb our sister.
Of differenctK. which I best tlioufflit it rit
To answer fnini oar home; the several messen-
gers li'neiid.
From hence attend deapatch Our rinnI old
Lay comforts to your biisom ; aial bestow
\ our needful counsel u\ our busmeas.
Which craves the lUslMnt use.

iHo. I serve you. madam :

Your irraoea ara right welcome. [ '

SCENE W-B^art Globter's CattU.
BiUtr Kent And Steward $everaUif.

Stem. Good dawning to thee, friend : Art of

Kmt. At.

Sum. Where may we sat onr hones T

JCnU. rUie mire.

sum. Pr'ythee, if lh«>u love me. tell me.

Kent. I love thee not.

Sum. Why. tlien I care not for tliee.

Kent. If I had thee in Lipsbury pinfold. I would
make thee care for me.

Sitm. Why dost tlioa nae me thosf I know
thee uoi.

KaU. Fellow. I know thee.

Stem. What duet thou know me for?

KenL A knave ; a rascal, an eaier of broken
meat*; a baae. prood. shallow, beftgarly. three-
suited, hundred-pound, filihy won»ted-etockin(t
kn^ve; a lily-liver*d, action- taking knave; a
whoraon, claafs-auziiix, supent«rvic«5uble. finical
rogue : one-tniidc-inlieniinf slave ; one that
wouklVt be a bowd, in way of fc<Nid service, and
art nothing but the compuaition of n knave, beg-
gar, ouwunl. itauder. and the mhi and heir ofa
bMinKrel bitch : one whom I will lieat into clam-
orous whining, if thou deuy'st the Irast sylhible
if thy addition.

Why, wliai a monstrous fellow art thoa.

thus to rail on one. that is neither known of
thee, mtr knows thee ?

KenL What a bnsen &ced varleC art thoa. ti*
den;r Ihon knttw'Bt me T I* it twu day* ago. ainca
I tniip'd op thy heels, and lieat thee befiire the
king? Draw.yoa rufme: Ibr. though it benight,
the moofi slimes; I'll niiike a aop o*the HMJon-
shine of you : Draw, you wlMifNin culltonly bar-
ber-mouft^r, draw [Drammt km smord.

Utew Away : I have mithing to do with thee.

Kent. Draw, yoa rascal: y«iu cimie with let-
teis agniust tlie king, and tak« vanity the pup-
pel's part, acainat the myaliy of her father :
Praw, yuu ropje. or 1*11 so CMrbooado your
ahanks :— draw, you raacal : come yoor waya.

Slew. Help. bo! murder! help!

Kent. Strike, you slave ; stand, rorne, stand ;
yon neat slave, utrikr. [Beating tan.

Stem. Help, bo! murder! murder!

Enter Edmuud, Cornwall, Kegan. Gkiater, and

Eihn How miwT \% hat 'k the matter 7 Part.

Km/. N\iih yi>u, gtKNiniMu boy. if you please;
ooiiie, I'M Jlesb you; ciHiie on. young master.

Gio. WeapoiwI arms! What% the matter

Com. Keep peace, upcni your lives;
He diea. that strikes again : What is the matteif

Reg. 1 he messengers Inim our aster aiMi tiM

Com. What is your differeuoe f Speak.

Stem. 1 am scarce in breath, my lord.

Kent. No marvel, vou have so braurr^ yov
valour. You cowardly nutcal, iwtare ilisriaiw
in thee; a tailor made thee

Com. iWu art a strange feUow: a tailor
nuike a man ?

KmL Ay, a taUor, sir; a stonecutter, or ft
painter, could not have made him ao ill, llioafli
they had been but two hiKirs at the trade.

com. Speak yet, how grew your quarrel 7

sum. Thw ancient niffian, sir. wboee life I
have spar'd.
At suit of ilia grev beard,—

Kent, i Immi wfiorsoo zed I thou oi


will tread thai unbolted villain into nortar,

letter! — Mv lord, if you will give me

lie leave. I

daub the wall of a jakes with him. —Spare my
grey lieanl. yon wagtail T

Com. Peace, strruh !
You lieastly knave, know yon no reverence t

Kent. Yes, sir ; but anger haa a privilege.

Cam. W by art tliou angry 7

KenL 1'hat such a slave as thia dioald wnr •
Who wears no hooeatjr. Soch smiling r

Like rata, oft bile the holy cords atwain
Which are too intxinee I'unloose : smooth mmtf

That hi the natures of their lords rebels;
Brmg oil to fire, snow to their colder mooda:
Kenege, affirm, and turn their halcyon beaks
With every gale and vary of their mastoia,
Aa knowing nought, like d««s. but folh*wiuf .—
A plague upon your epileptick vwagr !
Smile you my speeches, as I were a fool I
Gooae, if 1 had you uinhi Samm plain,
I'd drive ve cackhmt homo to Camelot.
Com. What, art thou mad, old lelhm f
Gio. How feU yoo nvcf

Sav that

Kent. No rootrariea hold more tatapathji
Hian I and »Mr.h a ki«ave.


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Act II.]


Emter GentUnuin.
How nnw ! mn the hnnm mdjr T
6t»L R«N<]j. nr lunl.
i/itr. Come, bojr.

fM. Sh« that M nwid now. And laofdM at njr
Shall nuf iia a maid loaf, nnkw tliiBca be eat


SCXIfE \.^A Opart mithm the CosOe t^ tke Eari
of Giiwter.

EiUtr EUAiuihI and Curna wttttnv.

Mm. Save thae. Contn

Or. And foo. sir. I have been with four fii
dMr; and Kiveu hiiu iMtUcv. ilmi liir duke uf
Corawali. and Brgut litit dudjei*, will be here
wiUi hun tif-awht.

£±m, Howoomeafhatf

Cur. Naf, I know not: Yoo bare heard of the


I abroad : I aieaa, tbe whispered (luoa, fur
are yet bat enr kiaainir arfuinenu t
bn. md I : 'Pray yoo. what are they T

Oir. Have yua heard or no Ukely ware t4>ward,
twist the dukes of Curawall and Albany T

£rfsi. Noiawiird.

Car. Yua DMy then, in time. Fun yoo well,
sir. {Kxtt

EtMt. The doke he here to-nifht? The bet-
ter! Bwtl
Ihis weaves lUeif perfiiroe into my busineMi
My teher haih ael xuani lu take my hni'lier;
And 1 iMve owe ihinc. uf a queaay questHm,
Which I mwt ac£ : — Brurfnem, aud furtone,

work I-
Bratlier, a wonl ;-Hleerend :— Brother. I say ;

Eater Gdnr.
My (alher watofaea :— O «ar, fly th» place ;
laiellatenoe is fiven when* vciu are bkl ;
Yon have now the food advaotace of the
nifhi:- (wallT

Have y«>a mit iHNiken 'gainst the duke of Com-
Ha% eMtunc hiiber; now, i'the night, Tthe

Aad lt«on with him ; Have vito nothing said
Upun hw party 'fainai the duke of Albany T
Adviae yoanelf
£d0. I am sore oa*i. n<it a word.

Jma. 1 hew my htlier ooniiiif . — Pardou

Draw; been to defend yourself: Now quit yoo
well. [here!—

YWd: eome before my ftitber ; — Uflit, ho.

F.y, bnitbar; — Tordieal loicbes!— »>, fare-
vselL— (/Sn/EUsar

fMM blood drearn mi me arooU besfet ••pinnni
[ Wtmmita %u arm

Of nqr more fleree emleovaior : I have seen

fl» aiore than ibis in sport— Pal her I Ihthert
9lop,slopl Nobelpr

Eater Ohitfer mmi tfenraaU mik ItrHm.
Ole. Now. Edmoad. where's tlw villain T

Bat where !•


Edm. Look, sir, I bleed.

Glo. Where is the villnm. Edmn.al f

Bdm. Fled this way, sir. When by au nieaae

6to. Paraoe bim. bo!— Go after.— (£j;^/ 8enr 1
By n<> means. — what T Islnp ;

Eiiim. Porsoade me to the maider of your lunl-
Bnt thai I told him. tbe revemqur midii
'Gtiiiist pamcides did all their thundera bend ;
Spiik«. with how maaifohl and stnmg a bond
The rhild was bound to the fsther;— ^ir, in flns^
Seeiuit hiiw loathly opfioeite I stood
To his aiinatural porpticp, in fell motion.
With his prepared sword, he eharires buaw

My onpruvKied body. lancM mine arm :
But when he saw.my best aterum'd nirlta,
BoUl in the qoNrrel% right, rons'd to the «»-


Or whether casted by the noiee I made.
Full suddenly be fled.

Glo. Let hnn fly far *

Not ia this laiMl shall he ivmain nncanght :
And found — Despatch. —The noMe dnke aqr

N Toi

st«M4l he m the dark, his dwrp

nek*^ ebamta, conjuri
aas|jKuias mistreas :—

M—Wlna of wiek*^ dmrma, conjuring tbe

My worthy arrh and pair

By his authority I will procjaim it.

lliat he. which finds him. sliall deserre oar


Bringing the morderoos oownixl to the slake:
He tliai (tuuceab hiiu. death

Edm. N^'hrii I dustoailvd him from hv intent.
And liHind hnn pight Ui du it, with mmt »peech
I ibrmteii'd i» dumver liini : He replied.
Thorn UHpo9$e$9imQ baeiardf doet ihim think.
If I would etand mmnet thrr, wmtii tkt njmal
Of anf tn$9t, virtut or wurth, m thee
Make thf word* Jatth'd 1 No: what lehmdddewf,
{A$ thu I womtit ; ey. Ihamh than dtdtt prvdmca
Mft vtr§ rharaeter,) Id Iwm U mf
To thv snvgrtbOH. ptot. and damn*d p rmrtiee :
And tha¥ mu$t make a dmUdrd of the wortU,
If /Vy aol thomtht the profit* <lf My death
Were oeri prrvnant ead potential span
7b mcdu thte atek a.

Oio. Strang and fcstenM villato 1

WooU he deny his letter 1—1 never gut him

Vr^vnpeU mttkm.
Hark, the dake*fe tnunpetal I know not why he

AH ports ni har ; the villain shall not 'aeapa ;
llie duKe muet great me that: bendea, hb pio-

I will send far and near, that all the kingdom
May have due note tif hint ; and uf my land.
Loyal and natural hoy. Ill work the means
To make thee CapabM.

£ater Cornwall, Regaa, e»tf Attendants.

Oora. How now. my noble fHendf shios 1

came hithi^r, (news.

(Whkdi I can rail but n«iw.) I have heard Strang*

Reg. If it be true, all vengeance oomea too

••hort. (lord T

Whieb otn porane the oOrader. How doet, my

Oto. O. madam, my old heart is orack*d. m
craok'd! (life*

Keg. What, did my fiiiher^i godson aeek your
He whom my fiither luini'd T your Edgar T

Oto. O. laJr. Imly. xhame would have it htil !

Reg. Was he not dHnpamoo with <be rioioos
That lend upon my lather T (knichte

Oto. 1 know aol. madam:

It IS too bml, too bad —

Edm. ' Yea. madum. he wan.

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J ^±


(Act I.

6 per-

PMir KOildcMi, hear! Sovpend th.r purpose, if
TboQ didct in end to make tbtt creator* fmitfal!
Into bar womb convey cieriliry I
Dry np in her the orKan« of increase :
And fmm her demmiie btidT neTer sprioff
A babe to tumour her! If khe must teem.
CrpMt* her child of spleen ; tliat it maj lire.
And be a thwart disiiatur'd torment tu her I
Let it stamp w rink leu in lier bruw of jrooth ;
A'iih eadent tears fivt cliannels in her cheeks;
Tarn all her mother's pains, and beiieAts.
To lanchter and contempt ; that she may feel
How sharper thsn a wrpentV tooth it is
To hftTe a thankless child I— Away. awM I


JJk. Now. cods, that we adore, whervof comes

€km. Never afflict y<Nir«eIf to know the cmtwe;
But let his dispi«ition bsTe that scope
'i hat dotage gives it.

Re-^ntrr Ijbv.
Ltar. What, fifty of ray followers, ni a clap I
Alb. What's the matter, sir ?

Lmt. I'll tell thee;~Ule and Uealb! I am
That thoo hast power to shake rov nmnhiNxl
thos: 1 7b GtHienl.

That these hot team, which break from me

SbooUI make thee worth them — Blusts and fopi

upon lliee!
llie ontented wuondinics of a fMlher'a rui>e
Pierce every sense about tiiee !~Old fiHid eyes,
Be«veep tliia cause asain, I'll pluck you <»ut;
And cast you. with the waters tlml you lose.
To temper day —Ha ! is it come to ibw T
Let it bo so .—Yet have 1 left a dNUghier,
Who. 1 am sore, is kmd and oomfortiible:
When she shall henr this of thee, with her nails
She'll Oav Uiy wtiitiKh visaice. I'hiHi shalt find.
That 111 nmonie the shape wlurh thoo dost
think (thee.

1 have cast off for ever: I lion shnlt. I warrant
( Eznmi Lear. Kent, ami AtUndants.
Goa. Do you mark Uiat, my lord T
Alb. I cannot i>e so partial. Uoiieril,
To the irreat love I bear you,—

Om. Pray you content— What. OMwald. ho !
Tou, sir, nM>re knave than foul. aAerjrour mas-
ter. int^Fwtl
fboL Nuncle Lear, noucle Lear, tarry, and
take the fool with thee.

A fox when one has oaofrht her,
And such a daoeliter.
Shookl sure Ut the slaiHtliier.
If my cap would boy n halter:
So the fools follow after. C^^-

6an. I'hix mnn hHih had piod counsel : — A
liiiiMlred knichis!
*Tis poUiirk end sufe, to let him keep
At point a liuiNlred knigtits. Yes, thht oo eveiy

Each Ihiz. f HCh fancy, each complaint, dislika.
He may eneuard hw doUfe with their diiwera.
And hold our lives in mercy— Oswald, I say 1—
Alb \V«li. yi»u may fear too fkr.
Goa Safer than trast:

Let me still lake awav the harms I fear,
NiH Tear still to he tsken. I know his heart :
What he liatli uiter'd. I have writ my sister;
If she soMtain him ami hw hundred kniehts.
When i have show'd the tmAluess,— How now,

Alter Steward.
What, bava you writ that letter to mj sleler %

Stno. Ay. wedam. [horai.

GoH. Take von eome company, end awiqr to
Inform her Aili tf( mv particular ibar;
And thereto add socn reasons of your own.

As may compNCi it more. Get you gone ;
' iten your reiora. [Em 8u '
my lord.

Stew] No, Mw

11iis milky gentleness, and conne of yonn,
1'liougli 1 condemn it not, vet, under panloo.
You are much UMire attask^d for want of wisdom,
'lliau pmis'd for harmful mildness. 0«1I;

Alb. How fur your eyes nmy pierce, I cannot
Striving Ui better, oft we roar what's welL

Oem. Nay. then—
Alb. Wi 11. well ; the

SCENE V.^Conrtb^ontktM

EttUr Lear. Kent, ami YokA.

Lear. Of> yon before lo Glcieter with these let-
ters : acquaint my dannhter no Airther with any
thiuK you know, than comes fhim her demand
out of the letter : If your diligence be not speedy,
I siiall he tliere before you.

KnU. I will not sleep, my lord, till I have de-
livered yoor leUer. f JSMC.

t^toL U a man's bmins were m his haela,
wf!re*t not in danger of kibes I

Lear. Ay. boy.

Fool, 'llien. I pr'ytliee be merry ; thy wit shall
not go slip-cliod

JUor Hs. hu. ha !

Fbol. Shalt see. thy other daughter will oae
thee kindly : for though site's as like this as a
crab IS like an apple, yet I csn tell what I caa

Xresr. Why. what canst thou tell, ny hoy T

fhoL She will taste as like this, aa a orah
doee to a crab 11iou canst toll, why one^ Mwe
sUnds ithe middle of his (ace?

Lrar. Na

FboL Why. to keep his eye* un either side hie
noee : that what a man cannot smell oat, ha omt
spy into.

I^ar. I did her wrooc :—

FboL Canst tell bow an oyster makea hie

I^ar. Na

FboL Nor I aeither: but I caa tell why a smS
has a house.

. not to give iC
his hones with-

Lear. Wlivl
Fbol. Why. to not hie head te
iway to hie danghters. and leave

away t
out ac

J>er. I will forget my «._._
ther !— Be my horses ready t

FboL 'lliy asses sre gone about ^m. Tbe
reason why tlie seven stars are bo more thaa
seven, is a pretty msoo.

Xeer. Because they are not eight f

Fbol Yea, indeed: IImm wouMest aahe a
good fbol.

Ltar. To take It again perlbire I— MoeMer w-

FboL If thon weft mv hrA, nunde. I'd have
thee beaten for being ukl befon* thy time.

Lear. Ilow'sthstf

Fbol Thou should^ bU have beea »hi befere
thou hadst been wise.

I/vr. O let me not be mad. not OMd sweK
heaven! Kvep me lu temper; i wiie'd

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/ /act I.]

/ bare put c


bare put nnl : and ladies too, I her #iU not let I
me haTe all fool to niysi^lf : they^ll be snatch-
iiifr. — Give lue au egg. nunde. and Pll give thee
two crown*. i

X/ffT. What two crowns shall they be T
F^foi. Why. after I have cut the ecg ithe mid-
dle, and eat up the meat, the Imo cniwos of the I
eifir When thou rlorest thy crown I'lhe middle,
and cnvcst away both paru. Ihou h<»re8t thine ass
nu Uir buck over the dirt: Thou had'»t little wit
lo Uiy haul cmwn. when thou jcarest thy golden
tm« away. If I speak like myself in this, let him
l)« whipp'd that flrst finds it aa

fbcU hod n^er kss gract in a tear I (Siugiug
Fbr wise men tire grown fotvuh ; \

Ami know not haw their wits to wear,
'JTmr manners are so apuh.

Ltar. When were vou wont to be to ftaU of
«finvs. sirrsh T

FM I huve used it, nnncle, ever since thou
nadeiit thy duiighters thy mother: for when
thou garcMi them the rod, and put'st down thine
o<vB bretnrlies.

Then thrf/or smitten j09 did weep, [Siiiging.

And / Jor sorrow sang.
That iotk a king AoaU plat bo-ptept

Ami wotkt /oolM amtfim.

Pr'ythce. nnncle, keep a school-master that can
tM£li lliy fuul to lie ; I would fain learn to lie.

Uar. If you lie. sirrah, we'll huve you

FbaL 1 marvel, what Un thoa and thy daughl-
ars are : tliey'll have me whipp'd for speaking
true, thou'it have me whipp'd fur lying; and,
SMnctimes. I sm whipp'd fur nulding my (leuce.
I bad rather lie any Kind of thing, than a fuul :
aivl yet 1 wuuld not be thee, nuncle ; thou litist
pared thy wit u*both sides, and left nothing in the
HMldto : Here oumes one o'the parings.

Enter Gooeril.

leer. Huw miw, daocliter T what makes that
Itrndlet on f >ieihinkv. yu«i are tiMi much uf late
iihe frown.

fbo/ 'l*lioa wast a pretty fellow, when thou
ImmI'si no need to rare fiir h«r fhmniiiff: now
Uiuo art an O wiiituui a figure : I aiu better
than tboa art nuw : I am a fool, thou art no-
llHMt.— Yes. furiNMiili. I will hold my tungue ; so
yuor Uim [to Gon ] bids me, though yuu say no-
thing. Mum. mum.

He Itiat keeps norcmst nor cruin,
Wrary of all. shall want some.~
Tbat's a sheal'd peasmd. [,l*ooittng to Lear.

Oom. Nut only. sir. this your all-licens'd fiwl.
But other of your insolent retiuoe
Do boorly carp and quarrel ; breaking forth
In rank and nut-to-he- en dured riots. Sir.
1 had thoochl, by making Uin well knuwn unto
y«»o, tful.

To hafnlbund asafe redma; bat now grow fear-
B9- what yourself tuo late have uioke and done,
Tkat yen pnaeot thw ononie, and put it un
By yuur allowaoca; whicti, if you shoukl, the

WoaU !»•«

HImHl in tiM tender of a wholesome weal.
Madtt in llieir working da yon that offence.
U kidi else were iihaine. that then neoeasity
^iWJ nnU dJsoraai immerding.

F^tot. For you trow, nuoole.
The hmfgu-iitiarrow fed the cuckoo so long.
I'hat It hiid Its hnul bit off by its young.
So. out weni the candle, and we were lelt dark-

Dw. Are yon our danshterf

Con. Ciiine. sir. I would you would make use
of that giMid wuidom whereof I know yon are
fraught; and put away tht^se disiweitioiis. which
of late tntusluriii you frum what you rightly

Fbol May not nn ass know when the cart
draws the horse T—Whuop. Jug! I love thee.

Ltar. Does any here knew me T —Why this is
not Lear: dues Lear walk thus^ apeak thus!
Where are his eyes T Either his notion weakens,
or his diacemings are lethiugied. — Sleeping or
wukiiur T — Ha! sure *iis not so.— Who is it that
cuu tell me who I am T— Lear's khadow 1 1 would
leant tliat; for by the murks of sovereignly,
knowlodee. and reason. I should be fabe per-
suade«l I hud daughters —

FooL Which ihey will make an obedient

Xenr. Yuur name, fair gen. lewoman?

6on. Cuiiie. sir ;
This adminition is moch othe fiivour
Of other your new iminks. 1 du beseech joa
I'o understand my purpiwes uright :
As you are old and revereiaJ, vou should be wise:
Here do you keep n hundred kniglits und squires;
Men kodisonler'd, so debuoch'd und holil,
1'liat this our court, infected with their manners,
Slmws like a riotous inn : epicurism and lust
Make It more like a tavern or a hrolhel,
1 liun a gruc'd palace. 'I'he shume itself doth
For instant remedy : Be then d«»(ir'd l*penk

By her, that elae will take the thing she b^
A liulu lu dLM]uanUty your train ^
And the remauuJer, lluit shall sull depend.
To be such men as may besurt your age,
AimI know tlieniselves and yon.

Lear. Darkness and devilsl—

Saddle my horses : call my tram together —
Deaeiierute bastard ! I'll nut trouble thee;
Yet have I left a daughter

Gon. You strike my people; and your din*
ortier'd raMile
Uake aervants of theu* betters.

Enter Albany.
Lear. Woe, that too late repents,— O. sir. are
you come T (my horses,

b it your will? [To Alh.] Speak. sir. — Prepare
IngmiitiHle ! thou marlile-heurted fiend.
Bfore hideous, when thou show'st thee in acliild.
Than tlie sea-munsierl
Alb. Pray. sir. be patient.

I^r. Detested kite ! Uiou liesi : [ To Gooeril.
My train are men of choice and rarest parts,
1'hat all partkMihirs of duty know:
And in the most exact regard support
niie worships of tlieir name. — O most small

How ugly didst thou in Omlelia show !
Which, like nn engine, wrench'd my frame of
nature [Xvno,

From the riz'd place; drew (rum my heart all
And added tu the gall. O Lear, Lear. Lear '
Beat at this gale, that let thy folly in.

iStrHang his ksjd.

And thy dear Judcraent €Mit !— Go. go. my people.
'" " ' * ' "■ I am Ignorant

Alb. Mv lord. I am guiltlcaa.

Of what hath mov'd you. (h .

Lear. It may be so, my lord. — Hear Natiue.


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Lmr. Who woald'»t tuou serve I

Kent. You.

Lmr. Dust thoa know dm, fellow T

Kent. No, nr ; bat jrou bare that in fonr ooan-
tenanoe. which l woiihl fain call nuuter.

Ltar. What's that?

Kmt. Authority.

Lear. WhalHenricMcnnstlhoudo?

KenL I can ke«p honest counsel, ride, ran,
mar a ouriuutt ule in telling it. and tlehrer a
plam messaire bluntl/; that which ordiiiary men
are fit for. 1 am quaUiy'd in : and the beat of ui«
is diliicenoe.

lyoT. How old art thou f

Kent. Not so young, sir. to loTe a woman for
■inf in; : nor so old, to dote on her for any thing :
I have yenni on my bnrk forty-eight.

Ltnr. FoHow me; iliou shalt »enre me: if 1
like ihee no worse :ifier dinner. I will not \mr\,
from thee yet. — Dinner, ho. dinner —WheiuV
my knave T my fiiolT Go you. uud cull my fo«il

JEMcr Steward.

You. you. sirrah, where Is my daughter ?

/ttem. So please you.— r£»/.

Uar. What savs the fellow there T Call ilie
dot-poll back.— Where's my fool, ho ! — I think
the w. aid's asleep. — How nuwT where's Uiul
mtmgrel T

Kmyia He says, my lord, your daughter is not

lmr Why came not the slave back to me.
when I call (] him T

KniglU Sir. he answer'd me in the roondeat
manner, he would not.

ltar. He would not !

KnniU. My lord. I know not what the matter
is : but, to my iudnneui. your liixhness is not
•ntertiiin'd with tnut ceremonious affection as
vou were wont: there's a great abatement of

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