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Thv aafety being the motive. [it.

Liar. Out of mv e«lit !

Kent See better, Lrar . and let me atill rrmaia
'I*he true blank of thine eye.
Lear. Now, by Apollo,-
Kent. Now, by ApoUo, kii«.

Thou awear'at thy guda in vain.
Lear. U vaaaal ! miacreaal 1

{Laamg iki« Aoad t
Alb. Com. Dear air, forbear.
Ktnt. Do:
Kill thv phyakMn,and the fee beetow
Upon the foul diaeaae. Revtike thy gift;
Or, whilat I euu vent clamour from nur throat,
I'll tell thee, thou doet evil

Lnr. Hear me, rarreant I

Ou tliine allrgumce hear me I—
^uce thou haat aouglit to make oa break oor
^ow, (pnd«L

(Whidi we durat never yet) and, with amin^
To oouie betwixt our aentence and oor power ;
( Wbmh nor our nature nor our place can IjfarO
Our ptHency madeaood, take iliy reward.
Five dava we do alk*t thee, for nrnviiiuu
'I'p kbield thee from diaeaaea or the wuHd ;
And, ou tlie aixth, to turn thy hated back
DiMNi our kingdom: if^on the tenth day MIowiaf
I'hy inuiiah'd trunk be found in our duniinioiia.
I'he iiKKSient ia thy death : Away ! by Jupiler,
Tiii» ahall not be revpk'd.
Kent. Fare thee well, king: aiooa thw tbai
wilt appear.
Freedom livea nence, and baniafameat ia here.- •
I'he foda to their dear aheltar take thee, maal


That joatly lliink'at, and haU moat nirhtly aaai t—

And your large apeectiea mav your daeda ap>

prove. [ To Regan and Gooerd.

That fuud elieola may apnag from wunla utf

Thua Keut. O prinoea. bida you all adiea :
He'll khajK* bai old oouiaa in a countiy new.


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/ Act I.l





Lnr. Kmu (tf Britain.
"•-1 of Frr —

Uvke of BoimuMlr.

I>ike of ComwaU.

p4k« of Albany.

Earl (if Kenc

Earl of Giciater.

Eilinir. mm to tiloatar.

tdniund. bmtlmrd torn to OkalOT

Corau mamrttrr.

Old Sian, tenamt to Uloater.


Oawakl. slemor^ to Gonenl.

Mm Qfletr, emptoiftd At Etliuond.

QtmUrwmm, otttrndmU oh Cunlrlm.


!^nmmt* to Ctiruwull

GooenU )

Rattan, > da«#Altr« to Laar.

Conlalia. >

■ the Kinc. Otkert^



•A Room of Stait m Kinc Laar'a

Kmter Kent, Gloaier. ami Edmnnd.

Kmt I tkoodit, tba kioc had mora afleotad
tiM dake of Allnnjr. Uuin Cuniwalt.

Oio. It did alwara aeam ao to ua : bat now, in
Um dirii^ of the kinfdoai, it appaam not which
■f tJM dokaa ba valoM moat ; fur oqtMlitwa mro
an waifb'd, that carMaity in nwtber can muke
ehoioe of aitber'a muieiy.

ICmt. la not tliw ynnr ami, my lord T

Gto. Hia bvaedmc. Mr. hath baan at mv charve:
I hnra ao oAan Maah'd to aoknowlnUga hiui, that
now I an bnxad to it.

K0OI I cannot «MioeaiTa MM.

(Ma. Sir. thw yonaf faUowli motbar ooold :
wbafanpun alia graw roand-«vombMl ; and had.
indacd, lir, a aon for bar cradle, era aha had a
kiMbaad iur bar bed. D» yon ameli a 6iolt T

Keml. 1 OHUiiot wiah tiie laoU andoue, th«t
imm of it baimr ao pruper.

Otg, But I have, «r. a aon by order of law,
aome year alder than lhM^ who yet ia no dearer,
m my aeouaut : tboufh thia knave came amne-
wbnt Muoily into the world befi»re he waa aent
fur. yet wae km mother fair; there waa food
•port at hw mahinc. and the whoreaon moat be
nekaowledffed ~Du yua know thia noble fenlle-

Um Na^mykmL

Oh. My lord of Kent : nfniember him here-
after aa mr hoooarahle friend *

Bdm My aenricea to your lordahip.

Kent. I moat kwe you, and sue to know yon

Edm. Sir, I ahall itody deaerrinir.

Olo. He hath been out nuie yeara, and away
he ahall afain :— The kuic w coming.

( 7VMave/« totmd tmthm.

Entor Lear. Cornwall, Albany, G<ineril. Refmn,

Cordelia, and Aitendanta. • '

l/ar. Attrnd the Ionia of tVanoe and Bar-
ftindy, Gloater.
Olo 1 ahall, my lieve

[Exemtt Gloater owf Edmund.
Lear. Mean-time we ahall ezpreaa our darker
purpose. [divided.

Girt me the map there. —Know, that we have
In three, oar kmgdom : and tia onr fast intent
To ahake all carva and busineas from our aite :
Coaferrina them on younaer streugtha. while we
UnbanlenM crawl toward death. — Our aon of

And yoa. our no leaa loving Ion of Albany,
We have thia hour a omatant will to ouhliah
Oar daufhieni' Mvernl dowers, that future itnfli
May be prevented now. I'lie pnncea, Fnuioe

and Burgundy.
Great rivala in oar youngeat daugliter*8 love.
Long in our court have made their amttriHia ao-
juum, (daughtera.

And here are to be anawer'd. -• IVIl uie, my
(Since now we will diveat ua, both of rule,
liiiereat of territory, carea of aUte.)
Which of yon. ahall we say, doth love ua moat f
nhut we our largest bounty nmy extend
Wiiere ment doth moat ciiallenge it.— Gooeril,
Our eldest- bom. speak flrst.

Gom. Sir, I {matter.

Du love yon more than words can wield the
Dearer thau eye-sigbt, vpace, and liberty ;
Beyond what can be valued, rich or rare ;
No less tlian Ule. wiih grace, health, beanty,

Aa much aa ciiild e'er lov'd, or father found.
A love *.hat makes breath poor, and speech un-
able; ^^
Beyond all manner of ao moch I love yoa
Cir. What ahaU Cordelia doT Love, and be
ailent. Umde.
Lear. Of all tbeaa bounda, even from Uua line
to thia.
With ahnduwy forests and with champaina rich'd.
With plenie«Hu rivers and wale akirted meada.
We make thee lady : To ihme and Alhony'a
inufl (dauKliter,
Be this perpetnaL — Wimt says our secoud
Oar deare«t Regnn. wife to Cornwall f Speak.
Jtey. 1 am made of that self uielal as my
And prize me at her worth. In my true baart
I And. abe names my very deed of love :
Only she ounieH too short.— that I prulesa
JUjsvlf an euriuy 10 all other J oyi, «


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Uur kiiif . and all hin rmnpany.

lliNi he can hitliar oome an aoon,

la by ptnr futtj'u thankful boun. [BxiL

SCENE m.-Tke Ih^pk qf Diana at Epheaoi:
"" Mtmmimvmartke Altar, as kipk PntHess:
ttf Vinhns M each nil; Cerinioa oatf
■ af "

wan: Lvainu
aaa a Ladjr.

[ ActNL
adBUMowal^ ^

licaiiua. Manna.
Per. Hail. Dian ! to perftmn thy Jnst oonmaad,
I here conftw nijaelf the kiitfr u| Tyn ;
Who, frklitetl from my couuiryt dkl wetl
The fair I'ham. at Pentapulia.
At aea in chiliJbed died she, hut broiiRht forth
A oiakl-child call'd Marina : who. O Kuddeaa.
Weara yRt thy silver livery She at llHuaas
Was uura'd with Cleou : whom at fourteen years
He aouKht to murder : but her better sUn
Bruucht her to Mitylene; aitainat whose shore
RidHig, her fortunes bruufht the maid aboard os.
Where, iiy her own moat clear remembrance, she
Made known herself my daoahter.

7)loi. Voice and favour !—

Tou~are, vou are~0 royal Perioleai— (S*r/anif.

Per. What meana tiie woman f she diee 1 help

Or. Noble sir. [geutlenenl

If you have told Diana'a altar tnie,
Thw ia your wife.


1 threw her o'erboaid with theae very ai

Cer. Upon thia ooaaL, I warrant you.

Per. I'm most certain.

Cer. Look lo the lady :— O, ahe's but o'eijoy'd.
Early, one blusi'nnf mom. this lady was
llirown on this shore. I op'd the oiiffin, and
Tound there rich jewels; reoover'd her, and
Here in Diana's temple. [plae d her

Per. May we see them 7

Cer. Great sir, they shall be broofht yon to
my h<KiKe.
Whither I invite you. Look I

7«ai. O. let me look I
If he lie none of mine, my sanctify
WiU to my sense bend no licentious ear.
But curb It, spite of seeinff. O, my lord.
Are you not Pende* ? Like him you apeak.
Like him you are : Did you not name a lempeat,
A birth, and death T

Per. Tlie voice of dead Thaisa I

Timi That Thaisa am 1. suppoaed dead.
And dn»wn'd.

Per. Immortal Dian I

ITtat. Now I know yon bettar.—

When we with tears parted PenUpolv,
The kim, my father, gave you such a rinv-

[Hhoms o rino.

Per. Thia, thia : no more, you (rule I your pre-
sent kindness
Make* mv past miaeriea sport: You ahall do
That on the tiHicbing of her lips I may C^ell,
Melt, and no mora be aeen. O come, ne buried
A second tmie within these ariua.

Jfor. My heart

Leapa to be gone into my mother^ bosom.

[KneeU to 'lliaisa.

Per Look, who kneels here! Fleah of thy
flesh, Hiaisa;
Tliy burden at the sea, and call'd Marina,
For site was yielded titers.

THet. Blcsa'd, and

ikt. Hail, madam, and my qneeo [

7*01. Iknowvoa

Per. Yoa baye heard ne aay. whea I did flf
I left behind an andent aobstitata.
Can yoa remeoUwr what 1 call'd tiia man?
I have nam'd bim oA.

TkaL Twaa Heliouias thott.

Per. Still conflrmation :
Embrace him. dear 1'haisa : this is be.
Now do I long to hear how yoa were found ,
How possibly preaerv'd ; and whom to Umnli,
Besides the rods, for thia great miinnle.

That. Lord Cennion. my lord ; this uiitn
I'hrough whom tbe gods have ahuwii UmJt

power : th *' can
Fnim first to hiat resolve yoa.

Per. Revennd sir.

The goda can have no mortal oOir^r
More like a god than yon. WiU yon deliver
How this dead queen ra-livea T

Cer. I will, my loid.

1 you. firat go with me to my booa^
Where ahall be shown yoa all waa found wiUi

How ahecame planed here within the icmpto ;
No needful thing omitted.

Par. Pore Diana r

I bleas thee for thy visiua, and will ofler
Mvnighi oblations to thee. Thaisa.
This pnnoB, the fiur-betrothed of your daoghtot
Shall many her at Fentapulia. And now,
Tliis ornament that makee me look ao diamaU
Will I, my lov*d Marina, cbp to form :
And what this fourteen yeaia no raaor tovehM,
To grace thy marriage-day, 111 beaatify.

Thai. Lord Cenmim hath letters of good cndU,
Sir. that my father's dead. (my que«ii.

Per. Heavens make a star of him ! Yet thMei,
We'll celebrate tbeir naptiala. and oorselvea
WiU m that kingdom apend our fblluwiug daya;
Oor aoQ and daughter snail in Tyraa mgn.
Lord Cerimoo, we do our longing stay.
To hear the rest nntoUL— Sir, lewl the way.

- fTHtrnt.



Oom. In Antioch, and hia daoghtar, yo«
have lieaid

In f^Bri^lea, hie queen and

Of monstrous lost the doe and jnat n

s queen and daognter. seen
laird with fortune fierce ami

Vinoe preaerv'd from fell deal mctinoli Mm,
Led on by heaven, and cn>wn\l with Jcqr at

In Ilelioanaa may yoa weU descry
A figure of truth, of fkith.of lovatty:
In reverend Cerimim there well appMia
The worth that learned charity aye weara.
Fbr wicked Cleon and hia wife, when fom«
Had aprsad their oorssd deed, aad Itoaoor'il

or Peridee, to rage the city tara ;
That him and his tifoy In hia palace bara.
The gods for murder s eemed m> cnnteai
To punish them: alihongh nu doae, b<


I yoar patfoaoe everamre atiaading.
joy wait on you I Here oor play \



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Per. O. slop there m 1IUI« !

Tins ■ Um rarrat dr«at i thiU «'«r dul' ^leep
DhI muck mkI foolii withal : tliia ainiHit be.
M]r«laiiKhter'»horml. (>Ui(/ej Well;— where were

ni ttaar jrua OMire. to the buttom of jout storjr,
AmI never interrupt yoa.
Jtfer. Yoall vemroe believe noe ; twere beat I
<lid give u'er.

i give u .
I will belMve voa bf the afllable
t you ahall (Mirer. Yet, give me leave :•

Ofv , __^

Huw oMae v«io in ttoeee pons T where were jn»u
brad? (me:

M^, 'llie king, mjr fiaher. did in Thanms leave
TUl eroel Cleaa. with hia wicked wife.
Did aeek tu murder me : and havmit wtiu'd
A villmu Ut Miiempi it, who hnviu« druwu.
A erew of ptrates eaine and mnued me ;
BniUffht me t4i Mitylene. But. now. guud nr,
Whitlier will yuo have me f Why du yuu weep T

It iiiuy be.
Ton think dm aii im(in«Uir : n«. kikmJ faith;
I am the daniriiier ui' kiu« Pencitm.
If paid kioK Perir4e» lie.

nr, Hu. U«lt04uu» I

tki. Call* mv gractooa lonl 7

Per TbiMi art a grave and iMible oouneellor.
MiMt w«e in general : Tell me. if thiiu canst.
What ih» uMid n. or whai w like tu be.
That thus hath made me wiM'p f

Met I know not : bat

Hrrr m the rvcHiit. sir, of Mityleae.
Speaks uoUy «*i her.

Ifv She wiHiU nevrr tell

Her parentage ; being demaiided that,
She woold sit slill aiid weep.

Per. O Helicanoa. strikr me, himour'd sir ;
Give me a gMsli. put me t<i present paiii ;
Lest thM KTsat km uf iuys mshimt upon me,
l/erbear the sliures uf my mortNliiy,
And drown me with their nweetuess. O.eome

Thna that liegefM him that dal thee beget;
Ihoii that west bom at sea, Itoned at'lliariaB,
And tivad at sea axain ! — O HelM^nus.
Down un thy knees, thank the ImiIv ggds, as loud
A* thunder threatens us : This is MHrina.—
What was thy moiiier's dmom r tell mp but that.
For truth can never be OMifirm'd enough,
Thuqgh doahu dal ever sleep.

Mar. First, sir, I pray.

What is y<Mir title r

Per. I Min Psriolee of Tyre : but tell me now
(As w the reet thou hast been godldce perlisct.)
Mf drvwn'd queen's name, thou art the heir of

Aad aaoifaer bfc tu Pisneles thy fiither.

Mar. b It no more to be your duugliter, than
Tn say. my OKithrr's name was Thaisa T
Tbaisu was mv muiher, whu dal end.
The awaote 1 began.

Per. Nuw. Mesatuc oa thee, rise ; thou art my
Give aw freah garments. Mine own. Helicanoa,
(Not dead at 'niarsos. as slie shoukl have been.
Bv sav^e Claim,) she shall tell thee all :
When tlwMi sltalt kneel and Josufy in knowledge,
»ha ■ ihy very prinresa —Who is thisT

Hti Sir. *tM the governor of Mitylene,
Who. heanog of your awlanohiily sute.
Did opMs to see yoa.

J%r I e adwatj e you, sir.

Olve mm my robes; T am wild in my beholding
bcavMH Mess my girl ! But hark.what miMck f—
T«U Helwaaoa, my Manna, tell him

O'er, point by point, lor ye the seems Ui douhi.
How sure yuu are aiy daaghier. — But what

Uel My Itird. I hear none. [muiuok t

Per NiNieT
The musick of the sphersa : list, my Marina.

Lft. it IS not guild to eroas him ; give him w^f.

P*r. Raresrsuondsl
Do ye not heart

Lt». Musick Y My lord. I hear

Pir. Moat heavenljr musick :
It mpe roe onto list'ning. nnd thick slumber
Hamcs oo mine eye-iids : let me rest. iHe »k

Lift. A pdluw fur his heml :

{The atrtam before Ike pavttiom of Pericles is
So leave him all. Weil, my oompanlon-fHends.
If this but answer t«> my juist belief,
I'll well reroeiiiher you.

{ExeuMt LysiaiachoM, Heliranns. Marina, oad
- - -Lady.

SCENE n. — Thetamt

Pttrides oa tke deck asleep; Diana
kim tsina visum.

Dm. My temple stands in Ephesos; hie thee
And do upon mine altar sannfice. [thither.

I'liere. when niv maalen priests are met together,
BeA*re the peopltt hII.

Reveal how thou at sea didst lose thy wife :
To mourn thy croeses, with thy dniighter'a, call.
And give them repetiimo to the life.
Parlorro my bidding, or tliuo liv'st iii woe :
DoX and be happy, bv my silver how
Awake, and tell thy Jrearn [Diniia duoppean.

Per. Celestial Dwn. gnddesa argenriiie,
I wUl obey thee l-Helioanus !

BmUr Lystmachos, Helicanns, and Marina.

Uel Sir.

Per. My purpoae was finr Thanius, there to
The inhospitaDle Claao ; but 1 am [stnka

Fur other service first : toward Kphesus
Turn our Mown sails; eAsuuns I'll tell thea

why.— (Y'oHelJi

Shall we refresh us, sir. opoa yunr »hure.
And give yuu g«»ld for sudi pruvauuu
As oar mtents will need?

Lt$. Withall myheart.sir; and when you ooaM
I have another suit.

/Vr. You shall prevNil.

Were It to woo my daughter: for it seems
Yuu have been n«ible towards her.

£»«. Sir, lend yonr srm

iW. Come, my Marina. [ExmM

SMtr Gower, Acfors ike lempk uf Diana at
Got*. Now our sands are almoat run .
More a Utile, and then done,
litis, as mv hwt boon, give roe.
(Fur sooh kindnesa must relieva roe.)
Tliat you aptly will sup p ose
What pageantry, what fents. what shows
What miiisirelsv. snd pretty din.
The regent made in Mitylin.
To greet the king. Su he has thrtv'd.
That be is promis'd to be wiv'd
To feir Marina : Imt in no wise.
Till he had doae hw saonfire.
As Dian bade : wheretii heme hound.

llie interim, prur jrun. nil oinfuumi,
In feather'd briefnews saiU ar«f flII'd
And wishes CUl fMit an tlipy'rr « '
At kIpUvsus, the temple see,


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^ Awin




Aad make a hatieir tliiough hi* deafen'd paita,
Viriik4i now are midwajr ttopp'd :
She, all a» hapn]r as or ail ibe fairaat,
b. with hrr frllow makJeos. now within
liie leafy shelter that abats afainsi
The island's side

[fit whispers tme<ftke atlmdmU Lnrds.—
Erti Lord tn the bargt nf LjrsiinachuR.

Ifirl. Sure, all's eflectleas; jret nothini? we'll

omit (kindness

That bean rrroverv's name Bat, since yuur

We hare strtunird thus fitr, let os bes eech 70U

1 hat for oar guld we may pmriskm hara,
Wherein we are not dRSiiiute for want.
Bat weary ff»r the stateness.

i ««. O. sir, a oonrtesy

WUch if we »houUl denv. the m«ist juMt God
For every rrnflr wtmUl m'iuI a caterpillar.
And so inflini cHir prurinoe. — Yet oone mora
Let me entrrat to k now at large the cause
Of vonr kind's sorrow.

IkL Sit. sir, I will recount it ;—

But, see, I am prerented.

JSalrr, yroM tkt barge^ Lord, Manna, ami a foimg

L9$ O. here is

The lady iliut 1 sent fi>r. Welcome, fair ooa I
1st Mt a goodly preeenoeT

HeL A f Altant Iiidr

L99. She's sudi. that were 1 well assur'd she
Of leentle kind, and noble stock. I'd wish
No better cliince. aiaJ think me mrely wed.
Fair one, all aiMiduees that miiiNisis in bounty
Exfiect even here, where is a kiiigly palicut:
If that thy prusiierous artiflrial feat
Can draw hint but Ui answer thee in aofrht.
Thy sacred ptiysidc slinll receive such pay
As thy desires can wuh-

Afor. Sir, I will use

My utmost skill m his reonverr.
Provided none but I and niv companion
Be siifler'd to come near him.

l/f». Come. let i» leave her.

Aim the |ods make bar prosperous !

[Marina tbig$.

Lj». Mark'd he your muskdi f

mar. No, nor lookM on us.

Lm. !^. she will speak to him.

mar. Hail, sir ! my h»nl. lend ear :

Ptr. Hi|m! ha!

Mar. I am a m.iid.

My lord, that ne'er befors invited eyea.
But have been Kaz'd en. mriiet- like : she speaks,
My lord, that, may be, hath eiidur'd a Krier
Might equal yuura, if both were justiv weigli'd.
Thtfoich wayward fortune did malign my sUte,

My derivation was from ancestors

. . »'"!te^
And to the world and aukwnnl CNSualties


a st4i(id equivalent with mighty kings :
Bat time hath Moted out my piireniai
And to the world and aukwnnl CNSUa..
Buuud me in servitude. — I will desist .
But there is amnethinc glows u|Kin my cheek.
And whispers in mine ear, GonoltiUke speak.


Per. Mv fortunes— parentaie— good parentage—
To equal mine !— was it not thun T what say jrou T

Mar. I said, my lord, if you did know mjr pa-
Yitu would not do nie violence. [rental,

fVr. I do think sa

I pray you. torn your eyes again upon me.—
You are like something that— What country-
Mere of titese shores T twoman T


JIfar. No, nor ot anv shoraa :

Yet I was mortally hrrH^t forth, ami am
No other than I appear. fw e e p hiir.

Per. I wn givat with woe. and shall di^vai
Mv dearest wife was like this maid, and snnh a («a
My daughter mi^t have been : my queen*ii aquara

Her aiaturt u% an inch; at wand-like atrajght:
As silver- vjic'd : her eyas as jewel-like.
And rasM as rinhlf : in pace another Jutfto;
Who starves the ean me feeds, and makes them
hunsry, (live f

The more xhe Vivea them speech.— Wher* do ro«

Afar. Where 1 am but a stranger : frma Uw deck
You may du)cem the place.

Per. Where were yon b»Hi f

■And how achiev'd you these endowineuts, whicti
You make more rich to owe ?

Mar Stiould I teH mv histhry,

TwoukI seem like lies disdain^ in the reporting.

Per. Pr'ythee speak ;
Falseness rannot come Anm thee, for Ihoo Inok^
Modest as j'lxtice, and thou seem'st a palace
For the cniwn'd truth to dwell inf I'll beltsve
And make my senses credit thy relatjoo. (\hra
To piHiiis liiut seem hnpot^dhle; for thoa lonk'vt
Like one 1 lov'd iitdeed. What were thy (hends f
Didst thou nut say. when I did push thee bM*k,

i Which was wiien I peroeiv'd thee.) tJiat thoa
^nim guu(i descending T [cam^il

Mar 80 indeeil I dal.

Per. ReiNHl ihy parentage. I think thou s ^^
Thou hiMl^i been loss'd from wnmg tn injury.
And tli.nl Ihou th-nght'st tliy gnefii migbt eonal
If b«ith were opeu'd. [nune»

Mar. Some such thing indeed

1 said, and mid no more but what my thoaghta
Did warrant me was likely.

Prr Tell thy stoiy;

If thine conaider'd prove the thoiisandth.p«t
Of my endurance, thou art a man. ami I
Have stitfor'd like a girl : yet thou d««t look
Like patience, gazing on kings* graves, and soliag
Extremity out of act What were thy OrieDdt f
How lost thiMi them? Iliy mime, my moat kind

VIOtlM ?

Beoount, 1 do lieseerh thee: come, sit bj me.

Afar. My name. Mr, is Manna.

Per O, I am mook^

And tliou by soroe^noensed fnd seat hMMr
To make the world bingh at me.

Afar. Patienoa. food mv

Or here 1*11 cease.

Per. Nay. I'll be patient ;

Thou little kiibwhit how thou doat staifle an.
To call thyself Marina.

Afifr. The name Marina,

Wu given me by one that liad some powor;
My father, and a king.

Per. How I a kii«^ daMhtorf

And caU'd Marina?

Altar. Yoa'satd yon would believa MM ;

But. not to be a trooUer of ytmr peaoa.
I will end here. ^

Per. But are yna flash aad Mood I

Have you a working pulse T and are 00 faiiy t
No tootion T Well : speak on. Whan were joa
And wherefore calrd Marina T rbota I

Mar. CallM Mahoa.

F(»r I was bom at sea.

Per. AtseaT thymothM't

Afar. My mother was the daughter uf a kte ;
Who died the wry minute I was bom.
As my gfMRl nurse Lyulionda hath oft
Deliver U wveping.


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flMt Why, I ooaM wish him lo be ny ntaiiUr,
m raih«r. my mictrPM.

Mar. Nrilher of Uwm are yet to bad m thoo
Sinoe ther do batter tbee in Uiair oommand.
Tboa hoId'M a place, for wluch the painadlrt

Of hell woak] not in reputation change :
Tbou'rt the daron'd dour-keeper to every eopttni
That hithar omtet enqairing fur hie lib ;
Tit the rboierick Hbiimk uf each rufnia Ihjr ear
Is liable : thy T«ry fiNiiJ i» »urh
As haih been belcii'il on by inlMStad langa.

Bomtt What w«N)ld yon h«Te me T go to the
wars. wcNild yon T where a man may sar^ seven
fmnn for the hiss of a left, and have not namey
aaoo^ in the end to bay hmi a wooden one T

Mmr. Iiu any thing but this thoadont Empty
Old laceptjiclea. common sewera, of Alth ;
Ssrve by mdentare to the oomrooo hangman ;
Any id ihrae waya are better yet than ihia;
For that which thoa profeasest. a baboon.
CoaU he bot spealt. would own a name too dear.

thM the guds wuoU aafcly (hm thw place
DeUvar me ! Here, here is gold for thee.

If that thy master woitkl gain anght by me,
Pruddim that 1 can ainf weave, sew. and dance.
With oUier virtnee, which 111 keep from boast ;
And I will undertake all these to leaoh.

1 doobt not bat this popak»aa city will
TmU many scholars.

AsalL Bat can yon teach an this yon speak off
Jisr. Prove that 1 cannot, take ma home again.
Aad proritnte me to tlie basest froom
That doih freqaeui yoar house.

BbM. Well. I wilt see what I can do for tbae:
If I caa piMoe thea. 1 will.
Mer. Biit. aoHNicst honest women T
D i mU . *Kaitb,my aoquwintauoe liee little amongst
them. Bot siuce iiiv nuiNtvr and mintnaM have
homrht yuo, there's sio going but by their cuiiseut ;
tbarefors 1 will make them acquainted with vow
pwpuae. and I doubt mit but I shall find them
tiMlabla amMgh. Coma, I'll do for thee wliat 1
ana; euma yoar arays. iExemmt.


Oam. Marina thoa the brothel aoapaa. and


loasat ho«sa, oor atiiry says.

■ bke one immortal, aiid mo
As guddsas like to her admired lays :
Da^ darks she dumba : and with bar neeld

W ""


HaCaia^ own shape, of bud. bird, branch, or

Thart avan l»r art si«tani th* natnral nsna :

aiskla. silk, twia with the rubied clierry :
t papua h«kii sha aooa of naMa race.
I poar their bitauty on her; and her aain
Sha givea the cursed liawd. Here we liar

Aad to bar fiither turn oar thoughts again.
Where wa htft hu». on the sea We there

huu tfwt;

ITWnoe. dnvsn before the wi«da, he is ar-

nv*«l (const

Hare arhare Ms daagh^er dwell! ; aad on this

H a wa w hue mm at anchar. TMOi^stnv'd

God NepfuneV annual foast to keep: froas

l^maclius our T>rian ship espiee,
His biiiiDeiasahle.trinim'd with ridi ezpeace^

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