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And to him in U* barge with fervour hies.
In your sopposing once more pat your sight ;
Of heavy Pehdes think this the bsirk :
Where, what n done in notion, more, if might.
SShali be disouver'd ; please you, sit, and hark.

SCEtTE l^Om hoard Pencles' Skip, ^^fitylena.
A dote Pmviium oa dak, wih a curtain b^oreU;
Fsrielas wakm it, rtctu^ oa a CsaoL A Bargo
tgiHg be$ide tke I'yrian Vesset

Mktar Tbe Sailors, one belottgrng to Urn Tjrrian acs-

aeA the otktr to tktbwe; to ihem Helwanua.

7Vr. 8mL Wherels Uie lord HelicanusT ha caa
reeulve yoo. [ To tke Siailor of Mitylaaa.

O hers he is

Shr. there's a ham pat off* from Miiylena,

And ill it is Lysiniachos the governor.

Who craves to come abiiard. Whnt is your will T

HeL That hM hnve his. Call ap some sontlemea.

TfT. Sail Ho, gentlemen i my kml calb.

Enter 7Wo Gentlemen.
I Gent Doth yoar lonlship call T
HH. Gentlemen. (jroo.

There w siMue of worth woukl oooM aboard ; I pny
To greet them (airly.

[TV Gentleman and tke Ttoo Sailors i
and go on board Ike barge.

Knter from thence, Lyximachua and Lords; tke
Tyriau Genilamen, and tke 7W Smlon.
TVr. Sail. .Sir,
This is the luau that can. in anght yon woahl,
R«« live you.

Im. Hail, reverend sir ! The grids pre s erve yuo!

rtW Andvou. sir. too ' • ■" " —

Ami die as I would da

And vou. sir. to out-live the age 1 am.

Lft Yoo wisli me well.

Being on shore, honoarlne of Neptune's inumpha,
Seeii« this goodly vessel nde before us, S

I Miade to it, to know of whence yoa are.

HeL Pint. sir. what is vournlaoer

Lee. 1 am governor of thai place yoa Ua before.

ha Sir.
Oor vessel is of Tyre, in it the king;
A man, who for ihm three mouths liath not spoken
To any one. nor tnketi sustauauos.
But to prorogue hn cnef

Xml Upon what mKind w his diMtemperaturr f

HeL Sir. it wtiuld he too tediouK U» repeat ;
But the main grief of all vpniigs friNU the loss
Uf a beloved daogliter and a wife.

Ife. May we not see him. then T

Ikl You may. imleed. sir

But bootless ia your aght; he will not speak
To any.

Lne. Yat, let me obtain my arish

UeL Behohl him, sir : [PMiclea diecooertd.] Urn
was a goodly person.
Till the dieastar, that, one mortal night.
Drove hiin to thia. fHail I

f^fs. Sir. king, all hail I the goda preeerva youl
Hull. n>yal Mr!

Hrl. It M m vain ; he arfll not speak tn yoo.

1 Lord. Sir. we have a maid in Mityleue. I dung
WiHild win Buine words uf him (wagar.

Its. "In well bethoi«hL

She. qaeationlesa. wHh her sweet hamiia^r
And other chiaoe aU radians, wuold allara.

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Lt$. If she'd do the deed* of darkneM. Uiou
Kruakl*at Mf.

Btwd. Your hoooor knows what tii to nj,
well eoouirti.

Im. Well : caU fiirth. call forth

BouU. For fleeh and bigod, sir. white and red,
you ahall me a ruea : and she were a rose indeed,
If liie had hot

If* WhamNTrthee?

BotUt, O, nr. I can be nwideet.

£»• Tliitt dignirtee the renown of a bawd, no
len than ii gives a food report to a uuniber to be

fiNCer Marina

Bawi. Here mnies thatwhrJi grows to the
si ilk :— never plucked vet, I can assure you. is
site nut a fsir rrealore i

L^ 'Fsitii. slie would serve after a louf voyage
at sea Well, there'n for you ;— leuve us.

Bamd I Iwseenli your huoiiur, xive lue leave : a
wonl. and I'll have dune presently.

Lif§ I lieseecb you. do

Bmod. First, 1 would have you note, this is an
hooourable man.

I Te Marina, wkam afie taka aside.

Mm: I desire to find bim so, ihui I may wortluly
note bim.

BnMl. Next he% the icovemor of this ooontiy,
and a man whom I am bound to.

Mar. if lie govern the country, you are bound
to him indeed : but how hoooumble he is m th«t,
I know not.

Bamd 'Fray yon, without any more virginal
feadug. will yuu use him kindly 7 He will line
your spron witli g«ild.

Jfor What be will do graciously. I will thank-
fulljr receive.

£9$. Have vou done 7

Bawd. My lord, she's not paced yet ; you must

take some pnins to work her to rour manage.

Come, we will leave bis honour and her together.

lExnmt Bawd, Pander, and Boolt.

It*. Go thy wuyx— Now. pretty one, bow luug'
have you been at tlin trade f

Mar. Whattrade,-Birr

Lf$, What 1 cannot name but I sliall oflend.

Mar. I cannot be oOended wiih my trade,
riease y<Hi to name iL

£»«. How loof have yon been of this profca-


Mar. Ever since I can remember.
* Lf$. Did you go to it so youn(7 Were yoo a
gamester at Ave. or at seven T

Mar. Earher too, sir, if now I be one.

lift. Why. the house you dwell in, proclaims
you to be a creature of nde.

Mar. Qo you know thw house to be a place of
sQf:b resort, and will come iuto it / I hear say,
you are of honourable parts, and are the governor
ol this place.

Lft. Why. hath your principal made known
uaio yoo who 1 am f

Mar. Who is my principal T

Im. Why, your herb-wooan; she that seta
seeds and ronis of Nhame and luiquity. U, you
have beard something of my power, and so stand
aloof for more senous wooing. But I protest to
thee, pretty one, my authority shall not see thee,
or else, look friendly upon thee. Come, bring me
to some private place. Come, come.

JIfar. If you were bom to honour, show it now ;
If pot upon you, make the judgment good
TMt thought you worthy o( it. (be saga.

^/ja- How's litis f how\ ihis f— Some more ;'—

Mar. For roe.
That am a maid, thoogh moi^ ongwitle foftnae
Hath phir'd me herr within thm loatbeomci stie.
Where, since I oamr. diseases have been sold
Dearer thuii pliysick,— O that the good gods
Would set me iree fn>m ihis uiihalluw'd phMO.
ThiMigh theyUid ntiHUce me to the meanest bud
That flies i'lhe partr air !

£»«. I did not think

Thou could'sl have spoke so well ; ne'er dream'd

ihon roold'st.
Had I br^iught hither a oormpted mind.
Thy speech bad alter'd it. Hold, han% gold b*

Ptors^er still in Uiat dear way tboa goest»
And the gods strengthen theel

ilor. The guds preserve yon !

Lif$. For me, be yoo thoogbtaa

That I came with no ill intent : for to ma
The very d- ore and windows savour vilely.
F'arewen. Thou art a |ii«oe of virtue, and
I doubt not but thy training bath been nobla.—
Hold ; here's more cold lor tht^ —
A curve n\HHi him, die be like a thief.
That nil» thee of thy guodneks I If thoo haarlrt

Intiii me.

1 be fur thy good
' * LvMnuir

Boult tntert.

[Am LvMnuirhns i$rmUm§ i^kupmm.

BcmU. I beseoch your iMniour, one piaoe for n«.
i4». Avauiit. tbou duniueU door-keeper 1 Your

But for I Ins virgin that doth prop it op,
Wuukl siuk. and ovei wheliu yiHi all. Away I

[ExU Lysiniachoft

BauU How's tliisi We must take aaother

coursu Willi yuu. If ) our peevmli diastity, whidi

is not worth a brenklHSt in the diraport ooo^iT

under the cope, Khali undo a whole hooaafauiJ,

let me be gelUed like a spanieL Come your wigrs.

Afar. Willi her would you hare met

BouU. 1 must have your maaleuliead taken tM,

or the coqumon hangman shall exeeote it. Come

your waf . N^'e'tl have no more gautleinaa dmoa

away. Come your ways, 1 say.

JZe-ea/er Bawd.

Bimd How now I What's the matter?

Boatt. Worse ond wome. mistreas: She has
here spoken holy wtmis to liie loni LjrsiHiachBS.

Bawd. abominable!

BoaU. She makes our profeesion as it ware to
Stink afore the fooe of the gods.

Bawd. Msrry, hang her up for ever I

BoaU. 'I he nobleman wooM have dealt with
her like a nobleman, and she sent him away as .
cold as a »>uowball ; saying his prayers too.

Bawd. Boult, take her awny ; oae bar at Ifay
pleasure : itr^ick the glass of her virginity. aM
make the rest mallealtle.

BouU An if she were a thornier piece of grovad
than die is, she »hall be plooghed.

Jfor. Hark. Iiark. yoo gods!

Bawd. She cutvuras : away with bar. W««U
she bad never come wiihut my door* I Marry
banc yoo ! She's bom to undo us. Will yuu not

Sloe way of woman-kind T Marry ooute up, my
ih of cliasliiy wiih ruiNMuaiy and ba\s !

Come, mistress; come yoor way wuh aw.

Whither wouki yuu have me I [dear.

BoaiL To take Irom you the Jewel yo« hukiaB
Jfor. Pr'ythee tell me one thu« llnA.


BomU. Coma now, your one thing

thou wish thine eoeaiT to he f

Afar. What canst ti


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/ SJwd


8 a

Mm did dfadain njr child, and stood bwtween
Hn Mid ber fcHtaiMis : None would look oa her,
BntoMt tbdr guzee oa Marina's &oe ;
WhIIrt oon was blurted Nt. and betd a malkin,
Not worth the time of day. It '

rruai mnirn i^

Where our en

Aad thoof h jrou call mr ooorae annataral.
Yon BoC 7oar nhild well lovinir. jrei I find.
It rreeu me. as an enterprise or kiodneasr
PerfunnM to your sole daughter.

dc Heavens faqriva HI

Mm. And as for I'erirlea.
What should he say? We wept after ber heaise,
4ad even yvt we mourn : her monument
U almost ftnished. and her epitaphs
In Rlittertaf itoMen characters express
A general praise to her. and care in ns
At whose expense tw done.

Gk. Thon art like the harpgr.

Which, tn betray. doth wear an anKel's fiMe,
Seiae with an ofiele's talons.

thorn. You sre like oon, that superstitioosly
Doth swear \o the cuds, that winter kills the flies ;
Bol yet I know you'll do as I adnse. [Exemnt.

AHer Oowar. kfwt Utt mimmmni 4f Marina •<

Got*. Thos time we waste, and longest
leagnes make rhort :

ad amis 10 cockles, have, and wish bat fort ;
ikioff. (to take ymir iniaipiMtion,)
yruoi bnam to iMioni. rexi<Hi t4i region.

nff pnrdtin'd, we commit no crime
langUNfre. lu eucli several dime,
cm to live. 1 do beseech
you (you

To learn <»f me. wh« stniid ithe gaps to tearh
The stafKes of our sUiry. Hericleii
Is now again ili waning tlie wnywiird seas,
(Attended on l«y maiiv a lord und knight,)
To see hn dauichter. all hiM life's deUgliL
Old Escanes. whom HeUciintts late
Adjane'd in tinw to great and hieh estate,
li left to govern. Bear you it in mind,
OU tWieauiis goes along behhid.
WeU-aaihmrshipe, and bounteous winds have

TMi king ui Tbarsus. (think his pilot ihooght ;
So v>th o« steerage shall your thoughts


To fMcb bv dauchter home, who firrt is gone.
Like notes and shadows see tliem move

Yow ears onto your eyes 111 rsooocile.

I'Mrt at ens 4ser. Fancies with kit fhmm; Cleon
ami Diuoyia. at Ikt Mhar Cleon s/koMs f^rir.les
iks ttfmk 4f Manna; wViresf Pencles maltet
IsMMMaan. rmta am taekrtoth, ami tn a mightf
pat$tom itfarlt. Then Cleon end Diouyza rv-

^sMt. See how belief may Miflbr by fool
show ! f woe :

TUs h(«Tuw*d passion sUads for true oM
Aa#Penoles, m som»w all deVour'd;
UMh itehs shot thniugh, and b«g«st taars
o'efBhow'rd. (swears

Lsavea llwrwas, and again embarks. U»
Nevwr t«i wash his fone, nor cat his hairs ;
He puis oa saofcckiUi, and to sea. Ho bene
A tompsst, wluoh his mortal vesael tears.

iReaiU the imteriptum on Manna's s

Thrfyirett, sweei*tt, ttftdbnt,be$ ktn,


ShewoMof Tjfrut, the kmf'$ imnkler.

Oh whomfamldeatk hath made this slamghter:

Marma wot $kt catCd; and at hnr Inrtk,

Thetis, behtif pnmd, smUUtard same part o'ths

Thneforr the earth, ftarm to be o'erjkmfd,
Bath Thetis' birth-child om the heavens beetam'd:
Wherefore she does, {mnd swears sheu asacr

Make raging bolter^ upon shores offtinL
No visor dors become black villany.
So wftll ns jHift and teuder flailery.
Let Perinles believe hin daughters dead.
And bear his ooorhos to be onlered
By lady furtuno : while our scenes display
His daiirhtfi-'M woe and heavy well-a-day,
111 ber iiiiliulv service. Paliptire then.
And think yon now are all in Mitylen. lExiL

SCENE Y. — Mityleiie. A Street before the Bn-

Enter, frtm the Brothet, Two Gentlemen.

1 Oent. Did you ever hear the like ?

2 Oent. No. nor never slinll do in such a place
as this, she being nnce gone

1 OenL But to have divinitv preached there I
did vou tfvcr dream of such a thing ?

2 Gent. Nii. no. Come. I am for no more tiaw-
dy-houses : Shall we go hear tlie vesUls sii« T

1 0*nt. I'll do any thing now that is virtuous;
hat I am out of the road of ratling. f*»r ever


And yet he ridas it iMit Now please yoa wil

Tlw apitaBh ia for Marhta writ
~ wiSedli

SCENE VI. -TWsssM. A Itoom in the BrotheL
Enter Pander. Bawd, and Boult

Pond. Well. I had rather than twwe the worth
of her, she had ne'er come here

Bawd. Fye. (ye upon her; she i<« able to freeze
the god Priapos. and umlo u wliitie ceneMiion.
We must f iiher xet her ruvislie«l. or iw ral of Iter.
When she should do for vhenn her liiinont, and
do me the kindness of our profession, she has me
her 4nirks, her reasons, her niM*ter-reiisoo», Imi
prayers, her knees; that she would make a pun-
tan of the devil, if he shouM cheapen a kiss of

BoMtt. 'Faith, I most ravish her, or shell dis-
fbruiah us of all our cavalieia, and make all oar
sarearers urieats.

Pond Now, the pox upon her greeu-stcknew

Bawd 'Psith. thereV no aray to be rid onX but
by the way to the pox. Here comes the lord Ly-
simacbtts. disguised.

Botdt. We shoald have both kml and lown. if
the peaviah baggage woold but give aray to Ctta>

JSbifcr Lysinmnhaa.
Xm. How now f How a dtoen of virginitias T
Bawd. Now, the g«ids Ui bless voar honour t
Bemtt. I am glad to see yoor'houour in good

Lgs. Too may so: lis the better for vou that

year rsaonen stand upon sound legs. How now.

iniquity T Have yuu that a n
deal withal, and defy the surgeon f

Antfd. We have here one. sir, it she would—
bat there never came her Idle in j^iiyleue.

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a^ww. W«U. (bllcw me. my mMt«n : you shall
Sunre jroar money presently. Wife, take her ia ;
tastmct ber what ahu has to do, that sha ou^ nut
be raw in her enteitsinment.

lExaml Pander ami Pfrataa.

Bfwd. Boalt.take you the marks o( her; the
roli»ur of her hair, oumplexion. hei«tit, sfre, with
warrant of her virfinily : and ny. He that wiUgivt
wtoil,tkaU kove kerjtrtt. Such a maidenhead were
no cheap thinit, if men were as they have been.
Get this dtMie as I command jroa.

BtmiL Performance shall ftiUow. (Eal Boalt.

jllar. Alack.thatLeuoinewassoslack.soslowi
(He should bare struck, not spoke ;) or tiwt these

(Not ennofrh bailwnins.) had not uferboard
Thrown nic, to seek my mother I

Bnod, Why Innientyno, pretty one T

Mar. That I am pretty.

Bawd. Ctmta, the gods have done their part in

jller. I acense ihem noL

Bsio^. You are lit into my bands, where yim are
like to Uve.

Mar. The more my faolt.
To 'scape his hands, where I was like to die.

BoasB. Ay, and you shall live in pleasure.

Jllor. N.I.

Aawrf. Yrs, indeed* shall yon. and iai*te senf le-
nen of all fiislnons. You sliall fare well : you
khall luive liie diflerenoe of all n»mplexi«ius.
What ! do yoti slop your eare !

Mar. Are you s woman f

Bawd. What would you have in«i be. an I be m it

Jlfor. An lionest woman, or mit a woman.

Bawd, Marry, whin thee, ffuslinit: I tinnk I shall
have sumeihinic to do witli yon. Come, you are s
yooiur fiiolish rapliny. and must he bow«3d as 1
wiHild have yon.

Afar, The gods defend me !

Bawd If it please the ends to defend yon by

t comfort you, m<
p —BouU's


you, men must stir you up

Enter fkmiU

Now. sir. hast thnn cried her thnmuch the mnrket 7

BohU 1 have cried her almost lo the number

of her hauv; I have drawn her picture with my

Bawd And I prithee tell me, how dost thou
And the inolinatiottof the people, especially of th«
fpunfrer sort T

Bamlt. 'Faith, thev listened to me. as th«y would
have hearkened to their fother's lextamant. There

was a Spaward's mouth so watered, that be wenl^ >To faster it, or ever to preserve.


to heil lo her verv des iption.

Bawd. We shall have hhn here to-mormw wiUi
his beat ruff on.

Bomli. To-nifht. to-night. Bnt, mistress, do you
know the French knight that ouwere I'the '

Bawd. Who ? mmisieur Veroles f

Bfmii. Ay ; he oflr«red to cot a caper at the pro>
damatMHi : hot lie made a groan at it, and swore
he would we her to-mom>w.

Bifwd Well, well; as for him. be brought his
disease hither: here he does but repair it I
know, he will coMie in uur shadow, to scatter his
cnmii?> in lh« sun

ButUt. Weil, if we hud of every nation a travel-
ier. we shall lodge ihtim with tliui idign.

Bawd Pray you. come hiUier awhihi.. You have
funuues rumiugupun vou. Mark me; yon must
M9t.m m do that fesrfnlly, which you commit wil-

gain. To weep that you Uve as vou do, iwikea
pity in your hivsra : Sekloro, but that pity bo««la
you a good opinioB, and that opwiun a man

Mar I nnderrtami you not.

BomtL O. lake her liouie. mistress, take bar
home : thess blushes of here nusi he qnsoobMl
with some preeent practice.

Bawd. niKMa say^st true, i'faUh, so they maat,
liir your bride goes to that with sbame, which m
her way to go with warrant

Botdt. 'Faith, aome do, and some do not. Bat.
mistress. It 1 have borgain'd fur ihe joint,——

Bawd. 'Iliou may'st cut a moisel otf Ihe spit.

Bimit. I may so.

Bnod. Who should deny it 7 Come, young uoo,
I like lite manner of your garments well.

bouii. Ay. hy my huth, they shall not bechanced
yet. ^^

Bawd. Boult, spend tlmu that In Ihe town : iw-
port what u wHuururr we have . voull loae notli^
l>y ousUhu. Wlien nature framed Uiis piere, aba
nnMiil Uiee a good turn ; therefore say what a
puragon she is, and thou liast the harveot o«t W^
ihine own report.

Btmlt. I wMrrant you, mistress, thunder abnii
utrt so awiike IIm beds «if eels, as mv giviw out
her boauiy stir u|> tlie lewdly luchned. rufaniM
luNiie Mime tu-uigtit.

Bawd CtiniK) our ways: follow mo.

Afar. Il tires Iw hut, knives sharp, or watora
Untied 1 siiiV my virgin k%t vriU keep.
Umna. aid my purpose !

Bswrf. What have we to do with Diana? Pray
you, will you go with us t [BnmmL

SCENE IV.— niiann. il Room m Cleon'b /foMs.
Enter Cleon mad Dioayxa.

Diom. Why. are you foolish T Can it he nndoM?

Ck. O Di«Niyza. such a piece ot slaughter
The sun and moon ne'er look'd upon I

Dion. I thwk

You'll turn a child again.

Ck. Were I chief lord of aU the spncioa
I'd give it to undo the deed. O hidy.
MurJt less iu hlooil than vtitur, yet a pria
1 o equal any single crown othe earth.
Ithajustice of compare I O villain I
Whom thou hast puiaun'd too !
If thou hadsi drunk to him, it had been a kindnsas

fiinc well thy feat: what canst thou sm.
When noble Pehclee shall demand hm chddT
Aon. Tha^ she w dead. Nurses are not the telei^


8be died by night; I'll say so. Who can c
Uniees you p^y the unpiuos ii
And for sn honest attribute, c
She died ^joalptag.
* Ck- O. go to. Well. wnll.

^ all tlM faults beneath the heavens, the loda
Ipuhkn this wont.

'V/>»an.'^ Be one of thoaa. that think

The preuy wrens ot I iuiraus will dy henoa,
Andx>peu tin* to Pendes. I do shanw
To ihmk of what a nnblr strain you sre,
And of bow ouw'd a spirit.
.. ^'^' To sudi nriinndiaa

Wiio aver hut his appruhatiou added,
llMMigh not hai prsHxmsent, he OmI not flow

Diem. Be it so then '

Yet nona does know, bat yyo. how rfia casM daai,

III b > * U> dmipisa proiU, where you have most I Nor mine can know, Leonine beinr guna.

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/ KfftV



Ha will ftMsnx. tha hrewlth of his ffreat rofin :
BlaMe hoth mjr kml and me. that we have ta en
No care to tour b(«t nnur«t«f . On, 1 prajr yoa,
Walk, ami he cheerful once ncain ; reaenre
TMht evrelient nmplexMm. which UtU ateal
The eyes i>f ynoiiff ami old. Care m)t fiir me ;
1 can to home alone.

mm- WetUIwUlgo;

Bat yet I have no desire to it

Oen. Ci>ine. ooom. I know \m «nod tnt jvto.
Walk half an hoor. Le«Niine, at the least ;
Bea>ea»ber what 1 have shhI

X/wi i warrant jroo. madam.

Ikom. V\\ leaTe joo, my sweet lady, for a
fray foa walk aoAly, do not heat your blood':
VlhatI 1 most have a eare of you.

Mar. I'liaoks. sweet nwNlam.—

btkis wad weeterly that Mows T

Lem. Soothwesr.

Mmr. When I was bum. the wind was m»rth *

Lem. Wast Ml T

Mmr. My father as nurse said, did never fear.
Bat eryld fesrf mumn ! U* the sailors, sallinc
His knaely hands with haolinr of the rupes ;
And. clasping to the mast, endur*d a sea
That almost hurst the deck, and fh>m the ladder-

Wash'd oir a ranTsa-dimher ; Hnl says one,
WtU mu f and. with a droppinf industnr.
Tbey skip fmin st«in4b sl«>m: the boatswain

The master calls, and trebles their confusion.

Utm. And whan was this?

Ifer. It was when I was bom :

Never was waves nor wind mute vkdeiit.

Xmmi. Come, sey your prayers speedily.

Mar. What mean yiiu T

Uam. If fcn require a little nane for prayer.
I traut It : Pray ; but be not tedioua.
For the icods am qoiok of ear. and I am swora
To do my work with haste.

Mv. Why will yoo kill me T

Iftm. To satiafy my lady.

mr Why wuukl «lie have me kiird f
Now. ae I can remember, by my troth,
I never did her hurt in all my life :
I never spake Isnl wnnl. nnr did dl turn
Te any Iivibk crsainre : believe me. la.
laever kiU'd a moose, wir hurt a flv :
I tiod upen a wurm amuust mv will.
BtK 1 wept Ibr it. Huw have 1 offended,
Wh erem my draih wiKht yiekl her proAt, or
My hie imply Iter danger 1

Lcaa. Mv

b net to rcaaiNt vt the deed, hot do it

Mmr. Yoo wiU not dot for all the world, I
To* aie well favoorsd. and your looks foreshow
Yn« have a iceoUe heart I saw you lately.
When you eanclil hurt m partinx two that fuufrtit:
Goial south. It si wi wid well in you : do m now :
Yeor bidy seek s my Ufo : oonie you between.
And save peer me, the wraker.

Uom. 1 am sworn.

And wUl despatch

r Marina <» sfmgviM^.

a Pwmit. A pme ! a pnse !
SiVerie HalfiMtfi. matea, half-part Come,ta(t^
Jjmm her aboard suddenly

( ^» MM/ hratce. mtk Manna

V SiVeM Half.
^ lUse her abunni

SCE.NE II -The Sam,

Rt-enter Leonine.

Lfim. These rorins thieves serve the great

pimte Valiles :

And they have seiz'd Marina. Let her ko :

There's no hope she'll return. I'll swear she%

And thrown into the sea.— But III see ftorther;
I^haps they will hut plense themiielves upon her,
Not cany her ahniml. If she rMOiain,
Wh<im tbey have ravisird, must hy ine be riaio.

SCENE m. — Mitylene. A Roam m a BrotktL
Emter Pander. Bawd, attd Uoult

Pami. Boult

BomU. Sir.

Fattd. Search the market nermwly; Mttyfene
IS full of tallanta. We hist too much money this
mart, by being loo wenclilesa.

B^mC We %vere never so much out of rrentaree.
We have but poor three, and ihey can do no more
than they can do; and with oiMitinual action are
eveu as irood as rotten.

i^snd. Therefore let^ have firesh ones, whatever
we pay li»r them. If tliere he nut n cuiviciem* to*
be um'J in every tnide, we sliall never pnwper.

Bated. 'Itiou sny'st true; 'tis nut the hniurtnit
up of poor hasianls, as I Uiink, I hnve hrtHurtU ap

Botdl. Ay. to eleven, and limiticht tli«m down
again. But sh:ill I senreh tlie market T

Batod. What else, man T The stuff we have, a
wtrunx wind will blow it to pieces, they are so
pitifully smlden.

Pana. Tliou sayHA true ; they are loo onwhole-
some o'runscienoe. 'llie ptwr TranKilvannui is
dead, that lay with the little hanace.

BotiU. Ay. she quickly poop'd hini ; she made
him nauit meat for worma :->but I'll go aeareh the
market [Kril Boult.

Fond lliree or fonr thoufwid cht^uins were
as preuy a proportion to live quietly, and so give

Aosd. Why. to give over. I pray yo« ? is it a
shame lo cri when we are old f

FemL O. our rredii comes mit in like the oom-
morfity ; nor the commodity warn not with the
danger; therefore, if in iHir youths we onokl piok
up some preuy estate, 'twere not amiss to keep
o«r door hatch'd. Be»>ideM, the sore terms we
stand upon with the gods, will be strong with us
for mving over

Bawi. CiMne. other sorts oOend as well as we.

Famd. As well as we! ay, and better too; we
oflhad worse. Neither is our prufeeuon any trade;
it's no calhug :~-bul here comes Boult

falrr <*e Piratee eatf Boult, drapipiw «• Marina.

Bom/t. Come yoor ways. (7b Marina.]— My
mnsiers, you sny she's a virgin t

1 Firate, O. mr. we dootit it not

BomU. Master. I have gone thorough for this
piHOR, yon see : if y«Mi like her, so ; if not, I have
kisi my eeriir-st

Bamd, Boiili;hMS she any qualities r

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