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BomU She hes a loodfWor. speaks well, and ban
exoeltent giMid clothes : tlirre'» mi fnrther I
sity of qualities om ni>ike her be refused.

BmmL What's her pnc«. Buult f

BamU I cannot be huted oue diet irf'a thnnisl

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/Vf . I beUvTe 70a ;

Voiir hoanvr and jroar cnndnMt taKsb me eredH,
Wiihoat jroar viiws. Till she be roarned, madam,
hf bright Diana, whoni we iionoar all,
UnxcMar'd sIimII tliM hair nf mine remain,
I'lKiogh I viiow will int. Si 1 lake my leave.
GtMid madam, make me hleiaed in your oare
In brinioniK up my ciiiUL

Dum. I have one myarIC

Whu shall not he more dear lu my respect.
Than yuan, my 1<h^.

Fer. Madum, my thanks and prayers.

CiB. Well brinff ytiur Rmce even to Uie edge
o*tbe shore;
Tlien rive you op to the niask*d NepTune. and
Tlie f^Htleat winds uT heaven.

Ptr. I will enibraoe

Your Oder. Come, dear'sl madam — O. no lean,
Lycliurida. no t4tars :

Liok 10 your little mistress, on whose Knioe
You may depend hereafter.— Come, my lord


SCENE IV.- Ephesua A Room m Ceriroon's

Brnter Cerimon md Thaisa.

Or. Madam, this letter, and some certain Jearela,
Lav with you m your mtfer: whidi are now
At jruur command. Know you the character T

7W. it M my lonl's.
fhat ( was shipp'd at sea, I well remember,
Even on my yeaniinf time ; but whether there
Drlivefd or no, by the huly kihIs,
I RHiiuot nxfatly say : But idnoe kmf Pendes,
My weddrd lord. I ne*er sliall see again,
A vwt|il livery will I take nie to,
And never more have joy.

Cer. Madam, if this you purpose as you speak,
Diana's temple is not dwii ' '

Where you uiny *bide i

your date expira.

Moreover, if you pleaee, a nieoe of mine
Shall there aiteml you.

TkoL My recompense is thanks, that> all .
Yet my guild will is great, thuugh the gift small

V With

\ Orwl

^ Tbei

Bmttr Gower.
Goip Imagine Periclra at Tyre,
Welnum'd to hra own desire.
His wirAil queen leave at Ephesus,
To DiNii there a votnrnM.
Now i«i MarinH bend yiiur mind.
WInmii our rust Kniwiiuc scene niuwt find
At IliNisiifi. and by Clmni train'd
In Biunck. letters: who hath gamM
CH* educutMHi all the arace.
Which mnkoK her both the heart and place
Ot grnoral wmider. Unt alack !
Iliat nHNisif r riivv. oft the wrack
Of e&med pniise, Manned life
8eeks to tnke off by treason's knife.
And in thm kind hath oor Cleon
One danthter.und a wench full xrown.
Evea ri\>e fur marriage fight ; this maid
Hight Fliiluien : and it is sakl
For certain lu nor story, she
WouM ever with Mahnn be :
Bel wlien she weav'd the sleided silk
With fingers, long, small, white as nulk ;
Or when site wodld with sharn neeld wouml
The cambrick, which she nutdt n,»rv sound

By harting it ; or when to the lot*

She song, awrmade the night-bird mota.

That still records with moan ; or wheo

She would wish rich and constant pen

Vail to her misireas Dian : still

This Philoten coniends in skill

With aheotute Mahnn : so

With the dove of Paphiai might tlie crow

Vie feathers white. Marina gels

Alt pniiaes, which are paid as debta.

And not as given, litis so darka

In Philoten all graceful marka,

llwt Cleon's wife, with envy rara,

A present niimlerer does prepare

For eiwKl Manna, that her daoghtar

Mi^ht stsnd pnerlesa by this slaughter.

1lie sooner Iter vile thou«hts to stead,

(.yeni-ridH. nnr nume. is dead ;

And CdPN^ l>HMiyZN hath

The pnignaiii instrument of wrath

Prest for this l>low. 1'he unborn event

i do coniinend t<i your cmiient :

Only 1 carry wiiigi^ time

Ptwt on the lame feel of my rhyme;

Which never oonlU 1 so convey,

Unleas your ihonahts went on my wi^.—

Dionysa does appear,

Witk Leonme, a murderer. iKsM.

SCENE I.— Tliarvus. An open Plaot, nsor Ac

■ Bmter Dkmyxa and Leonine.

Amu. Thy oath rem e mber; thou hast sworn to
*Tts hot a blow, which never shall be known.
Thou canst not do a thing itlie world so awm.
To yield ihe«* wi much profit Let not o
WhiHi i» but nild, inflame love m thy t
Infiaiiie Um nicely ; nor let pitv. which
Even wumen have cast oC melt thee, bot be
A soldier to thv purpose.

i>oa. I'll dol : bntyetriie is a goodly erntors

Dkm The fitter then tlM gods •faoalJ have her.

Weeping she enmcs for her old nursed denlk.
Thou art resolv'd I

Leom. ^ I am reeolv'd.

Ailcr Marina, with m botktt ofM^tn.

Mar. No, no, I will rob Tellos of h«>r weed.

To strew thy Ktwen with floweta: tiie yeUowa,

The purple violets, and niarigolUs, CMuas,

ly daughter is no^^^ Jon f Do noC

Shall, as a chaplut. hHox upon thy grave.
While summer dio'K do lust. Ah me ! poor maid.
Bom in a tempest, when my UHiUier died,
niiia world to me is like a lasting storm.
Whirring me fhan mv frieiala

Dton How now, Marina I why do yoa keep
How chance my dat ,

with sorrowing
Anuraeofme. I^apil
With thia unprofitable
Give me your wreath of
Wadk forth with Leonine : the air ie quMt tkars.
Piercing, Slid sbaniens well the stomach. Onne;—
LeiNiine. tatce her by the arm, walk wilk her.

J#er. No. 1 prey yo9 ;
111 not bereave joa oC yov amrvaat.

Dnm. Coaw,eiMM;

I love the king yoor fether, and yonia^
With more than foreign heait. Weavwydar
Expect him here : when he shaU ooma, aad dad
Oor peragon to all reports, thoa btastod.

b! On

woe! Cnaie,CiNna



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f Act

/ Kich




Rieh lira abnut yoa. thoalil at these early boon

Btiake uff the fiihlen slumber of repos*.

*i ia mcMt straiiffe^

Na> are should he so oooversaot with puin,

BeiMff thereto not oumpeUU

Otr I held it ever.

Virtoe and conniiuc wera endownienis irsatar
Thaa auhleneaii oud nches : careless hem
Mmjt the two lattfr darken and expend ;
But ioiniort«liiy nltimdii the rnniier,
MakhK a man a giid. 'Tis known. I ever
liave studied phjrstr.. thmuich which secret ait,
fihr tomUif o'er authtirities. I have
rronelher with uiy pmcticn.) made bmiUar
To OM and to nijr aid. the blest infasmas
That dwell in veiceiives. in meuU, stones;
And lean speak of the disiurbaneee (rm

That nature works, and of Iter cures : which ffives
k more content in ooune of true delifht
Than to be thirsty after luttrriiiff bouoar,
Or tie ny iresanre up in xilken baits,
To pleaee the fiiol and death. fforth

S QtnL Your hiMMMir lins llirooKh Epbesus puur'd
Teur charily, and hundreds call ihenieelves
Tour creatures, wlw by you have been rastor*d :
And not your knowledge, perstmal pain, but even
Toor purse. ^11 open, hatli built lord Cerinioa
Snoh siTMiK renown as time shall never ^—

£nlrr 'Ase Servants, wdh a ckt$L

arrv. So ; lift there.

Or. WhatisthutT

9frw. Sir. even now

Did the sea toes upon our sliors ihn chest ;
Tis of siMue wreck

Cer. Set t down, let's look on it

2 0nt Tts like a ouffiii, sir.
Or. Wbate'er it be.

*Tis wondrous heavy. Wrenoh it open straight:
If the sea'ii suimaoh be o'erohaifM with foU,
It w a copd constraint of lortiMM, that
It belehee apim os.

3 OcMl Tb so, oqr lord.
Cer. How close tis caulked and bitaoi'd I—

Did the spa cast it up T

&r«. I never saw so huge a billow, rir,
As toss*d it upon shore.

Cer. CooM, wrench it open ;

8oA. soft I— it smells most sweetly in my sense.
3 0mI a delinM odoor.
f>r. As ever b* my noetril ; so,— up with it.
O you most potent (rods ! What's here T a com '
I Ocat Mnet strange !

Cer. Shrouded in doih of state; balm'd and
With bass of spices full ! A passport too !
Apollo, peribot me ithe oharaoterHl

Btf i glmH» mutertimmi,
Hfe*er iku n^Hm dnve^lmtd,)
LpMt Hwrklm. kmm loet
Tins fMww, tmrtk aU mtr s mar to n t <
, Wktpti* kn. 9tm ker^rprnt,
ahtwm Ike ^mehltr^m kirn:
3mim tku t rmm a n /ortfm.
The tede repute kuekgrUi/ 1

If thoo Ihr^, Psricles. thuu hast a heart

'IImi even cracks for woe !— 1 hi* ohancM to-night

a OcMl. Muat bkely. str.

Cer. Nay. certainly tn- nisht ;

rue hjuk. how fresh she looks I— They were tou

rhat threw her la the sea. Make An within ;
FMcii hither ail ti«e buiM im my clueet.

Death may usurp on nature many houn.
And yet ilie lire uf lile kindle affain
Tlie uverpressed NiMriia 1 have heard
Of ail EcypUaii, had nine hours lien dead.
By good applianoe was reoovared.

Enter m Servant. tetXAAeoan, napkitu, meifbrt.

Well said. wkII said : the Are and the dotbs.—
I'he much and w<iful music that we have.
Caoee i'. to wound. 1)0800011 you. (Modi f

The vial once more : — How thon stir/st, thna
The muaick there.— I prey you, Kive her air :—

This queen will live : nature awakes : a warrotJi
Breathes oat of her : she hatb not been entrancM
^Above Ave hours See. bow slie 'gins to blow
^nto life'k flower afsiu 1

I Qnd. The h«avens, sir,

Thniutli you, increase oar wonder, and set op
Y.Mir fume for ever.

Cer She b alivH ; behold.

Her eyelids, cases to those heavenly Jewels,
Which Pencles hath lu<
B*-ion to part their frinites of lirutht Kold ;
The diaoNindu iif a in<«t pniseil ws'er
Appear, t» make Uie wiMid twice rmh O live.
Aiid make us weep to hearyiMir laiv, (nirr^^ainra.
Rare as you smtiu lo be 1 [Ste sioeei;

Tkai O dear Diaini.

Where amir Where's mv lord T What world is

3 0ffi/. Isnotthisi>traux««? (thiil

I (Jml. MiMit rare.

Crr, Hush, Kentle neighlioiirs;

Lend me your bands : to ilie uexi chamber beat

net linen ; now this matter ituist be l«M>k'd to.
For her rel«ps« in mortal Coiii«, come, come ;
And Asculapius guide u:i !

( EnwU, aurtitig 'Itiaisa ais«f

SCENE ni -lliarsus. A RMm in Cleon's Hmm.

Enter Ptricles, Cleou. Dionyza. Lychorida, and

Per. Moat htmour'd Cleon. I most nee«hi be gime ;
My twelve nnHiilw nn* expir'd. and Tynis standa
III a litiimus (NtHoe You. nml your Indy.
Take fhnu my heart ail ihiinkfalness ! 'I1ie xudn
Make up tlie rest uptai vou !

CIS. YiKir shulU «>f riirtnne. thoi^ they hurt
yoti OHMially.
Yet fflaaiDe Aill wiuid'riuitly on ns.

Dion U your sweet queen t

lliat the strict Ihtes had pleas tl you Iwd biooght

her hit Iter,
I'o have bies»'d lutue eyes !

I*er. We cannot but ah«y

Tlie powers abi*ve us. GoukI I note aial n«r
As doth the sea sIim \tm in. vet th«i end
Must be as tia My liuhe Maniiu (wImnii.
For slie was b<im at wac I havr luun'd so,) hare
I Cham yoar dianty withal, and leave her
IVie infant of your care ; beaeechinit y«m
To fbve Iter pniioelr irawmf , that »iie may be
Manoer'd a* mIm w bom.

Cie. Fear not. my lord :

Your grace, that fisd my oo«iiiLry with your com.
( Kor which ili*> |ie«>ple*s prayers at ill fall uptm y«i«.
Must in yiMir cliild be Uiouirhi on If' negleclMNi)
Should tliereiii make me vile, the ouinmou body,
By you relHiv'd. wifuid lurce umi to my duty:
But if to tliat my nature uevd a spur,
Ilie gilds revenge it U|mni me aud mine,
Tu iIm rud of geueratam I

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^ •n.



That. M a dock for life Uiat divM.

8<i up and down Uie ptNtr nhip dmrec,

I'hnlMdy Rhrit'kM, Hiid. Willi M-n«iir!
I DoUi fMii III truThil wiUi her ^ar :

And wliai emuM lu Uim fuil wurui.
I Shall, fur itacir. lUwIf perform.

I Bill retell, adMin may

CoaveuMNitly the rem eoovey :

Which iuiirht nut what by ui« n told.

In voor iiuaitiiiaikMi hidd

Thia Mage, lae Mhi|i, upon wh<a« deek

TIm tm-Uwi phuoe appean Ui Kpeak (Aett.

8CBNE I.— Ailer Peridef . on m ship at tea.

Ptr. Th<Hi Gud ufthii great vaat, rebuke tlieae
surfea, [hast

Which waab hulh heaven am! hell ; and thou ihai
DpMi the wioda Mnooiand. bind thetii in hraM,
Havii« call'il ihMu fnnu the deep! O Oill thy
deaTninf. (ble,

Thr drewKiil ihuodem ; notly quench thy «um-
SnlphureuuB dakheal—O bow. Lycburida.
How duea my queen T— 11i(Nisturai, Uiiiu ! venom-

Wilt thou hpit all thyaeir?— '!*he aeainan^ whistle
Is as a wtaiaptr in tlie ears U death.
Unheard.— Ly^4iunda i— Lucina, O
Diviuesi pNlnaieiis. and nndwife. irxntle
1 u tht«e that cry by ni^bt, cunvry thy deity
Aboanl iHir damaiiit buat : make Kwift the pangs
Of a<y queen's travaite !— Now, Larcbonda

Emkr Lychotida, with an mfmi.

hge. Here is a thing
Too yunng siir sacli u place, who. if it liad
Conceit, would die as i nm like to do.
I'ake in your umis this piece of your dead queen.

Ptr. How! bow, Lychoridu !

Lfc. Patience, ((o« Ml sir ; do not assist the storm.
Here's alt thai m kdt living of your queen.—
A little daughter for the sake of it.
Be manly, and take comfort.

PtT Oyouguck*

Why do you make us lore your gnodly gt(ts.
And snatch them atnightaway T We, liera below,
Mecall not what we aire, and therein may
Vie houoar with yourselves.

LfC. Patienoe, gotal sir.

E«^u for this charge.

ftT. Now, mild may be thy life,

For a more hlusi'mos birth had never babe :
Quiel and gentle thy oouditioos !
For thou'it lite rudeliost weloom'd to this world,
That e'er was pnuoe's ciuM. Happy what lol-

Thou hast as chkling a uaiiviiy,
Aa fire, air, water, eartti. mimJ heaven can make.
1 o iierakl thee fnHii the womb : even at the Arst,
I'hy loss is mora than can thy portage quit,
With all thou canst find here.— Now the good
_ gnds

Throw their best eyes upon itl

Ailsr Ttoo Sailors.

1 SaiL What courage, sir T God save you.

Ptr. Coun^ enough : I do not fear the Haw :
It hath done U» me the worst. Yet, for the love
Of this iKior infiint. Uiis fVvidi-Dew aea-fitrer,
I would it would b« quiet.

1 Stt»L Slack the bolina there: tboo wile not,
wilt thou T Bliiw, and split thyiieir.

2 HaA But sea-room, an the bnue and
billoH- kiss the mo«»n. I care not.

1 SaiL Sir, your queen must uveiiwafd ; the s ua

works high, the wind is Imid. and will not lia till
the ahip be clenred of ih« deail.
Ptr. That's voursupereiition.

1 Sail, l^rdon us. sir: with us at sen It stiU
halh been obi^rved ; and we are strong in eareeaL
Therefore briefly yield her: for she must over-
board siraighu (quern I

Ptr. Be It as you think OMet.— Must wratobad

Ltc Here she lies, sir.

Ptr. Aierrilileehild bed hast thou had, nydenr;
No light, no lire : tbe unfriendly elements
Forgot thee utterly ; nor have 1 time
To give thee hallow'd to thy grave, but straight
Must cast thao. scaroely nolfin'd. in the ooie :
Where, for a monument upon thy boues.
And aye-remaiuing lamps, the belching whale
And bumming water must o'erwhelm thy ourpna^
Lyimr with simple shells. I^ychonda.
Hd Nestor bring me spices, mk. and paper.
My casket and uiy jewela; and bal Nicander
Bring me the saitiii coder: lav the bnbe
Upon the pillow ; hie thee, whilea I say
A priestly hirewvU to her : soddt* nly. woman.

[Enl Lychorida.

2 Sail. Sir, w« have achest beneath the hatdies.
caulk'd and bituiiied ready. (this 1

Prr. I tluink.ibee. Manner, say what coast is

2 Sail We are near 'l*hnrsus.

Ptr. Thither, gentle nuu-iner, (reach it t

Alter thy course lor Tyre. When cau'st thno

2 SaiL By brrak of day, if the wmd cease.

Ptr. U make fiir 'I hareus.
There wUl I vwil Ctetiu. (or the babe
Cannot hold out to Ty rus : ihers I'll leave it
At careful nursing, uo tliy ways, goud manner T
ru bnng the body presently. (JSzennl.

SCENE IL— Ephesus. A Raom in Ceriuun's .


fSalsr Cerimon. a Servsnt, and somm
have bitM tktfiartcmtm.
Car. Philemon, bo I

BHttr Philei

PhiL Doth my li>nl caU T

Cer. Get fire and meal for these poor men :
It ha* been a turbulent and stormy night.

Serv. I have been in many ; but aubh m nigfal
Till now. 1 ne'er endur'd.

Cer. Your master will be dead ere you retom.
Theft's notliim^ can lie loinister'd to nature.
Tliat can recover lum. Uivn this to the 'puth*-

-^ (7V»

iEaeauU Pliilenum. Servant, and tkoat «to

I cloudy

EHter T\bo Gentlemen.

1 OtmL Guild momiw, sir.

2 GttU. Good morrow to your hMrdshipw

Why do you sth- so early T

1 GttU. Sir,
Our lodgings, standmg bleak upon the aea.
Shook, a* tlie earth did quake ;

The vrry principals did seem to rend.
And all U) topple : pure surpiise and lear
Made me to quit tiie house. (eark ;

2 QttU. Tliat is the cnnse we trouble you so
1'is mit oar husbandry.

Cer. O, you say wall.

I Got/. But I'mnch marvel that yuor lunlshi|k


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Or MV«r more to riew mir day nor lurht.

Mirtreat. tin well.yonr chiiice amtes with mine ;

1 like that well :— ujr. how iih«olut« iihe'e \n\

Not niiiKliiic whether I dial ike or mi !

Well, I cofDmeiul her nh«Hce ;

And will no liMixer have it he delajr'd.

Shift, here he cornea :— I must diaeeiuble lU

JEMtr Periolea.

Prr. All ftirtane in the irood Simonidca !

Sbm. To jToa as niacJi, eirl I am beholden to
fat jour tweet mnxick thia laat night : mjr eaia.
I ^ pmleat. were never hetter frd
#ith aoeh deliitlitful pleaxin^ harmony.

Per. It ii ynar i;nioe*v pleasafe to
Niit my deoerl

Am. 8ir,jrou are mnick^ maater.

Pn. The worat oi all her aeholnni. my Kood
lord. [think, lir. of

9un. Let roe ask one thjnc. w|wt do you

Ptr. kMtd u rooat Tirtoona princeaa.

AEm. And ahe is Mr too. is she not 7

Per. As a teir day in aommer ; wtHnrrous fsir

9im. My daufhter, sir. thinks very well of yoa;
Ay. so welU sir. that vuti roost be her roaster.
And sbe'H yoor acholar be ; thereAire look tu it

Per. Unworthy I to he her srhiMtlmaster.

9m. She thiuka not ao; penuie this writing

Pn. What% lierr ! (else

A letter, that she Itives the knif ht of Tyre T
H'ia the kiofr*s soUiliy. to have mv life. iA$iie.
O, seek not to Intrap. my anicioiM lord,
A stramrer. and dutresMNTaeutlemnn.
That never aiin'd sii hldi. tu li>ve your daofhter,
B«t hent all i4Bf>m to iiumiur her.

Am. Thoa haat bewitch'd my daoffhter and
A villain. phou art

Per. By the «oda I have not, sir.
Never dkl thoofUt of mine levy oflenne ;
Nor never daJ my actions yet commence
A deed minhi gam her luve, ur your displeaaura.

SmL Traitor, thou licsL

Ptr. Traitor!

Sua. Ay, traitor, rir.

Pwr. Even in hia thruat. (nnlees it be the kwf .)
That call* me tmriw, I return the lie.

San. Now. by tbr gods, 1 du applaud his cour-
age. [Ande.

Pn. My arCinas are as noMe as my thoughts.
That never reltsli'd of a baae descent
I eane onto your court, (or honour^ caoea.
And not tn be a rrbel to her sute :
And he thet utherwise accounts of me,
lliis sword shall prove, he's boooor's enemy.

Sfm. Nof-
Hefe Boiea my daoghtar, ahe can witneaa iL


Ptr. Then, as yon are as virtuous as hit
Raaolve four angry Aither. if my t<mtiie
Vki e'er aoUcH, «>r my hand subscribe
To aay sylbible tl»at made love to you T

TkH. Why. sir. aay if you had.
Who lakea oasoce at that would make me glad 1

91m. Ye*, miatreas. are you so peremptory T—
I wm ^ of it Willi all my heart. {Aside.) HI
111 brMg yoa in suhiectHm.— [tame you -

wm jma. not havtag my cunsent. bestow
Tmw love and your ali«ctjoo» on a stranger T
(H'ho. for aoght I know to the oouirary.

orthMk. aMtybeasI
Uaar l^reMe, misl


(DOW to the oouirary,
sVeatiahloodaal.) {Amde.
' tresa; frame your vrill to

n am. ^

And you. air. hear you.— Either be rul'd by ihm.
Or 1 will make you— man and wife — [Uai —
Nuy. come: votir hands ami lips moat aeal it
And beiag joiii'd. I'll thus your hopes deaiiuy :~
Ami for a fun her rriaf.— Uod give yoa joy i
What, ara you bulb pleaa'd '
Thau Yea. if you kive me. m.

Per. Even as my life, my bkwd tlwt featois it.
Sim. What, are you both agreed I
Boik. Yes, 'please your maieKtv. •

Smt- It pieaHeth roe so well. 1*11 see yoo wed ;
Then, wiili wliat luutte you can, get yuu to laid


Etiter Gower.
Oom, Now sleepy slaked hath the rout;
No dm hot anoraa, the house about.
Made louder by the o*er-fed hreust
Of this moat pompous marriage feaaC
The cat, with evne of burning dial.
Now cooehea 'lore the moose^ bole;
And crickets sing at th' oven's muotli.
As the blither for their dfooth.
Hymeu hath brought the bride to bed.
Where, by the ln« of maidenliewl.
A babe is moulded ;— Be altent.
And Ume tliai is so briefly spent.
With your Aiie I'ancies quaintly eche;
What's dumb ia sb«>w. I'll plain with i

Enter Pe ielea mitd Swumidea at em tfeor. with
A tendants; a Mew^ugermeeUthem^kmeU^amt
mv^e Pencles a UUer. Paricles stetar iKo Si-
niuiiideii; the UrnU kneel to the former. Then
enUr 'lliaisa teith chUd, and Lydioriila Simo-
nides shotn his danyhter Ihe Ittlet ; she rejmees:
she and Pencles take leave t^ her Jather, and de-
part. 7%m Simouides. 4c refirt.

Goes. By many a deam and painAil perah.
Of Fancies the careful March
By the four opposmc cmgiies.
Whicb the world U«ether joins,
la made, with all due diliguiioe.
I'hat borw and saiU and higfi expenoe.
Can stead I he quest. At buit fnim I'yra
tl-'ame ausweniK the nusit klnaig inquire^
To the court of king Simomdee
Am leuers bniught ; tb«> iMiiour ttieae :
Antjuchue and his dau^hler's dead ;
I'lie men of Tyms. on the head
Of Heltcnnus would set on
The crown of 'lyre, but he will none :
Tlie mutiny there he hastea t'a p p e aaa;
Says to them, if king PerMea
Couie not, in iwMM aw r
He obedient to their doi .
Will take the crown. Tlie sum 'tf thin,
Brouglit hither to Pentapoha.
Y-ravnhed the regions round.
And every one with eh^N, 'gan aound.
Our Actr Ofmarent is a kmt :
Brief, he must hence depart to lyre :
His queen with ohikl makee her desire

Sf/htch who shall cross T) along to go ;
)mit we all their dole aial woe;)
yohonda, lier nurae. she takna.
And ao to aea. Their veasel shakee
On Neptuneli billow ; half tlie flood
Hath their keel cut ; but fortune's immnI
Vanes again ; the gnxsled north
Oiigorges such a tempest drUi,


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I /


fn. I tbank bim.

Thai. Witbini; it to niud) blciod unto roar life.

Ftr, \ tliank boUi liim aiul jrou. and pledfo
him freely.

Tkni. And furihttr be dedite to know of joo.
Of whence yoa are. jrnur name and parental

Ptr. A RenileiiMn <»f 'i>r»— <nijr name, Pendea;
\\s educMlKMi heinc iii arta and arnu:)—
Who looking fi>r adveniares in ihe world.
Wait by the mufcli leiis ma of iibipe and men*
And. ader abipwreck, driven upon Uiis abore.

Then. He thank* your ftrace: niunea hintself
A g«ni leinan of Tyre, who only by [Prridae,
Mmbrtune of the aena ho* been bereft
Of abip* and men. and caat upon this ahora.

&m. Now by the g«*da, \ pity hi* misfortune.
And will awake him from hi* melancholjr
Come, gentlemen, we sit tou Iiwk on tnflea.
And waste the time, which luoks for other

Even in your amioura. as yoc are addreas'd.
Will very wkU become a suldier** dance.
I will not have excuse, wiih saying, thia
LnHid musick w toit Imrsh fur ladies' heads;
Since lliey love men in turnis, as well as beds.

[ 'Vht KuMchls danrt
So, this was well usk'd. 'twas so well perlbnu'd.
Come, sir:

Here i* a lady that wants brent Iting tot* :
And 1 have un«ii heanl. you kunthls of Tyre
Are excellent in luuking ladies trip ;
And that their measuies are as excellent

Per. In those that practise them, they are, ny

Sim. O, that's ae much as you ^ould be deni
C7%« KiiigtiiK and Ladies-don
Of your fair courtesy — Uuciil^p. unclasp;
Tliaukt, gentlemen, lo all ; all have done well.
Bat you the best. [Tq Pericies.J Pages and
lighta. conduct [sir,

Theee knights unto their several lodgings: Yours,
We have given order to be n«-xi our own.

ftr. 1 am at your grace's pleasure.

Sim. Princes, it is too late to talk of love.
fbr tbal'a the mark 1 know vuu level at :
Tkerefore each one betake him to bw rest ;
To>morrow, all tor speeding do their best


8CINS IV. — Tyre. A Room m t/u G«>vrmor%

Bmtn Helicnnus eiMf E*raiies.

BtL No, no. my l^scaiirs : know this of me,—
Antiochus fhim incest liv'd not free;
For which, the most high god* not minding
longer (atore.

To withhokl the vengeence that they bad in
Doe to thia heiiiooa capital offence ;
Even in the height and pnde of all his gloiy.
Wlien he wa* seated, and liia daughter with him.
In a chariot of inestimable value,
A fire from heaven came, and ahrivell'd up
. Ilietr budiea, even to loalliing ; for tliey ao atunk.
That all thuee eyes adorM tbem era tbeir fitll.
8oom now their band should give them burial.

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