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£•00. 1'was very atrai^e.

Mi A ml yet but j ust ; for though

This Ung were great, hie greetness was no g««nl
To l«r heitven'a shaft, but sm had hai reward.

£$ea. I'm very true.

Enttr Three Lunlt.
1 Jjord See. not a timu m private ooofersnoe,
Or oouttcd, baa reepeot with luro but he.

2 Lord. It ahall no h«ger grieve* witiuNit :e>-

proof. (iC

3 Lord, And cure'd be he that inll not aeeowl
1 Lord. Follow me then : Loid Helicane, «

fief. With me T and weteome : Happy day, mv

lords. li-*p,

1 Lord. Know, that our grieft are risen to the
And now at length they overflow their banka.
UeL Your gne^ for what! wruog not th«

prince you love. [rane ;

1 Lord Wrong not youraelf then, noble Unh-
But if the prince do live, let us saluie him.

Or know what graund^ made happy by Itia

If in the world he live, we'll roek him out ;
If in his grave he rest, we'll find hiin there;
And be remilv'd. he hvev to govern us.
Or dead, fives cauae to mourn Itia funeral.
And leaves us to our frpe eleotioa.

2 Lord Whoee death's, indeed, the tf u u gee t

m our censure .
And knowing tins kingdom, if without a bead,
(Like goiidly buiklinga left witlntuta r<iaf,)
Will siioo to ruin fitll, your noble self,
lliai best know'st how to role, and how to raiga«
We thus submit unto.— f*ur soveratgn.

AIL Uve,nobleHelicanel

JkL I'ry hooour'a cause; forbear your soflfhucea:
If that you love prince Peiiclee. forbear,
lake I your wish. I leap into the aeaa.
Where s hourly trouble, for a imnate% ease.
A twelvemonth longer, let me then entreat yon
To forbear choice i'the absence of your kmg ;
If Hi which Ume expir'd. be not return,
I Kliall with aged petience bear yoor yuke.
But if I rannui win you to this love.
Go Nearob like noblemen, like noble sabjeett.
And III y«>nr search, ^wnd your adventaroaa

Whom if you dnd. and win onto retoni.
You shall bke d uun onds ait about bis crown.

1 Lord. To wiKlom bet a fool that wiU nog
And. since Liiffd Helicaae enioineth na.
We witli our travels will endeavour it.

HeL llien you love ua, we you, and well elasp

When peera thus knit, a kingdom ever sianda.

SCENE v. — PeniapoliaL A Room m ike Plrnr.

Emttr Simonides, rtodnto n lrl/«r, Ike Kaigfats

1 Kmiokt. Good morrow to the gtiod Simnaidesk
Sam. Knights, from my danghler this I lot yiMi
know. *

I That for this twelvemonth, shell net oadertake
I A married hfe.
' Her.reeson to herself is only known,

i Which fhMn heteelf by no means can I get.
3 Kniffkt. May we not get aooeaa to hrr. my
lonU [lied bee

I Snn. 'Fkith. by no meane; she hath eo atiicUy
To ber chamber, tlwt it is inpowble.
'One twelve moons mora abell wear Diaaa'%
I livery;

I Thia by the eye of Cynthia hath she vowM,
And on her vngin houuor will not break rt«
3 KmgkL Though loath to bat fkraweO. we

take our leavee. (<

Sim. So (leiier:

Tliey'ra well despetob'd ; mtw i« my dauabivr'e
She tells uie here, she'U wed the aiiaugerka^

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^ Kcrt



£jMtf a Knifkt: kt Mtrt

like ttnot. OfH
jiki^M to like PnnoeM


AtM. Who n tb* first thiu diith prefer hiniMlf T

TVl a kaiffat itrstorta. my rMiuwiMdfittlier;
4wl tb* Uevics b« benni upun liia ahMkl
!■ a Uaflk Aihiop. rraeliiuir at iba sau ;
TIm worU. litf hn win vimu.

mm. Ha lovaa yoo wait that liokU his life of
jroo. [Tim tmmd Kuuht pmM$t$.

Who la tha saooml, that prsaitnu hiniMif ?

'PmL A prinoa tiir MaeaUoii. my rujTNl father ;
Aad the Uevioa he hears npua Uw •htekl
is aa amM kniglit, that's ooaquer'd hjr a lady :
1 ha mutto thos, in Slpanlsh, Piu prr thdmra fm
per/mata. [lyit U)»rd KmgUi pms$e$.

Sim. And what** the thinl r

Tkm 'ilM Uunl of Antunh :

Aed hi i derwa. a wreath iif nhtvalry :
11m wufd, JfryeaifNt ptoaexU 9prx.

[Tmjcmrtk Knigfat ptutei.

Sim. What is the ftiarth f (dowu :

Teal. A buminv torch, that's tamed upMide
llM woni. Quad mt mUL, mt '^mvmt

Sim. Wiuch siw»wa. that b«au;j hath his puw«r
Which oaa aa well inOaaie. aa it can kill

Jt'nejutk ICawht pa«ef.
aMVimoed with okiuds ;
Uoldiaf out vukl. liiat's bjr Um uniohatooe tried :
The BMiIKi thus, !tte $ptamtuUtJidr$

[ Tim tuik Kaiirlit yaMM.
aiai. Aad wliat'a the MXth and bat, which the
kaarht lun«eif
With each a graoaful ruartasjr deliver'd t

lltm. He aaeiuK a atranffar; Imii his preaeat is
A wnlier'd bmuch. that's only Kraen at top;
I'be BMiUo, Ulmctpt mvQ.

Sim A pratty luoml ;
froai the d<!|ee.ed state wherein he is.
He hopes Uf yuu his lurtaaee yet way Ikmrish.
llmd HahadaeednMaubetlarihauhiaont-
Om any way spank ia h« jast coniaiead :
Fbr. by hai natty ouunde, lie appeara
T* iMnre practn'd naire the whipatuck. thaa the
hMK)e [cunias

ILmd. Me well omt be a atransar, tar he
Taaa hoaourM tnnaipU. straiNcely furuuhed.

3 Ltrd And <at vet parpiiw let liia annuur rast
Otfil thas day. to aouur it lu the duat

Sitm. OpiaMNi's but a fnut, that makaa us snaa
The ontamrU habit by the inward man.
Bat stay, the knnihta an ouuiiuc ; wa'll withdraw
IBM Iha gallery. [EttwU.

{Onrnt atani s , end etf cry. The aMau kmglit.



Talsr Siaowdes, Thaisa. Lurda, Kai«his, mti

«a». Kaicfata,
To say yoo are wsleoais, were aoparflooas.
I'o place opiaa Uie vutoaM vt yvnr deeda,
Aa M a mie-pafe, yuar worth in araM.
Wrra a>ire thaa nw expect, or more than^ lit,
¥iaoe eveiy wmtii ai show eoaiateoda itselll
Prspara lur nortl^ Am* awth beooaMe a fhast:

Tkm. Batyoa.Biykaifrhtaodgoaat;

Ta whoai tkm wreath of vieiwry 1 Rive.
Aad enswa yoa ki^ of Ibis dayls happiaeas.


ttr Tm nRNO by (oitoae. Isdy. than my aMrit.
4ha. Call M bf arhat you will. *ha day w >uun> :

And here, I hope, is none that envies it

In framuic anitttjt. art ha li thus decreed.

To make wmim; kimiU. hut utiiers to eare ed.

And you're tier Uimur'd scholar. Cooa, qoeia

otlie feast.
(For, daagtier. so you are.) here take your plaoe:
Marshal tii« reau as iliey desnrre their ffraee.

KmifkU. We ars houour*d maoh by food St-
nionidea. [I<«re.

Aat. YiHir presenoe flada oar days : honour we
Pur who Imiea lioiHNir, liaies the guds above.

Mmrak. iiir, youd's your plane.

i^. 5«Hue «icher is mora fit.

1 Kmfkt. Cuntend aot. sir; for we are geatla>

That noiher in our hearta. nor outward eyea»
Envy Uie great. n<>r dw i he kiw despi»e.

Ftr. You are right ouurteuus kni4(hta.

Stm. ISit,sit.air; siL

J'er. By J»ve, I wonder, that is king of ihoughta,
Tliem caies reMwt me. she iiiit thought upon.

Tinu By JuiMi, that b oiieeu
Of uiamage. all the viuimIm that I eat
Do saefo uiuavuury, wtkliiiig liia my aieat 1
SHire lie s a gallant guutleiiuui.

^hN He'sbvt

A ouuntiy gent leman ; (dear:

Ha haa Jout* imi more than other knights Imtc
Briiken a stall, or mt ; si» let A peas

7'Aai. I'o me he s«*fiitts Uke Jiaitiond tn glass.

Ptr. Y«m king's to mit, bke to my fioher's pie*
Which tells me, in that gUirr once he was ;
Hatl princes mi, Uke a; ant, about hia throne,
AiMTlke the sun. fur iheiu to reTereiice.
None that belieUl hiiii. but like hMser lighia.
Did vail their crowns to hw supremacy ;
Where now hw sou's a )ciuw-w<»nu iii the night.
The which haUi lire iu darkness, none lu light;
Whereiiy 1 see that Time's the king of men.
For he's tlietr parent, and he is their grave.
And gives iliein what lie will, uui what th^

Sim. What, are you merry, knights 7 [crave.

1 Ifai^l. Who can be other, in thia rvyal pce-
eenoer [brim,

Sim. Here, with a cup that's stor'd onto Um
(Aa yuu do l«>ve. fill tu your nuetreea' Upa.)
We drink ibis liealih tu yuu.

iCwwMs We thank yoargiaee

.^fan. Vetpauaeawhile;
Yon kniglit, meihinks, doth sit Uio melaaehoty.
As if the enleruiniuent in our court
Had nut a sliuw miglii ouunlenrail hia worth.
Note it not yuu. 'I'baiaa f

TkmL What is it

Tome, my Oa: bar I

Sim. O, attead, my dsogbter ;

Priaoea. in this, shouhl bve iiae guds above.
Who freely give to every one that coaani
To honour tliera : and pniicea, nut duing so.
Are hke to gnaia, which make a aouud, but kill'tf
Are wooderd at. laay,

I'harafire to niuka's entrance mors sweet, here
We drink this ataodiag-bowl of wine to lum.

Thai. AhM, mr fiither.it bettta not ate
Unto a stranger knight to be ao boh!
He may my pmOsr take fiir an uflenoe.
8iaoa wmu take wonea's gifts fur impadeace.

Sm. Howl
Do aa I bal yoa, or youll awva bm ebw.

Thai Now, bjr tue guda, be oooM not please
me better. [Amdt.

Sim. And farther toll him, we desire to know.
Of wheare lie at. his name and lawe n taae. (yoa.

7^«. 1 ua ikiiuc Uiy father, sir, liaa unmii le


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tw ■ dar fits jun, Knuch it oat of the oUendar,
aiHl DO ouJjr will look aft«r iL
Per. Huf, MB, tbo aea hftth oMt apnn jronr

2 Pith. What a dninkaa kaave was tlie aea, to
cant tbea in oar war !

P*r. A man wbom both tho waton aad the
In that vast toanis-ooort. hath nade the hdl
Fur them to play opuo. entreats joo pitjr him ;
fie asks of jrou. that never os'd bi beit-

1 Fitk. Nu, friend, cannot you her T here^ them
in our aHmtry of Greece, g<rts mure with bennnf ,
than we can do wiih woriung.

2 fM. Canst tliuu catch any flshea then I
Fer. I never practised «.

2 #V«k. Nay, then thou wilt starve snra ; Ibr
here's outbinc to be got now-a-dnys, unless thou
cau'st fisli AirX

/^. What I have been. I have funcot to km»w;
Bat what 1 am. want teaches me to think on :
A man shrank ap witl. ookl : my veins are chill.
And have no more of Ufe. tlmn may MilBoe
'I'u give ray tongue that heat, to ask ytKir help;
Which if yoa shall refuae, wlien I aw dead,
Fur I am a man. pray see roe buned

1 Fish. Die quoth-a f Now gods forbid ! I have
a guwn here ; ounie pat it im ; keep tlioe warm.
Now. afore me. a iiandsume fellow ! Cume. thou

Shalt gii huine, and w«*ll Iiuva desh fur lutlidaya,
lieb (ht fiwting-daya. and moriNt'rr poihliugs and
flaMMka; and thoa shall he waloome.

pir. 1 thank yoo. sir.

2 FUk. Hark yuu.my friend, yon said yoa cuold
not beg.

Per. I did bat crave.

2/M. But crave? Then 1*11 turn cravertoo,
and so I shall 'scape whipping.

Ptr. Why, are ail yuur b«giars whipped then T

2 FUk. U. nut all. my friend, nut all : for if all
voar beggars were whipped, 1 would wi»h no bet-
ter uflke than tu be bt-adte. But, master, I'll gu
draw up the neL I Exetmt 'two nf Ike (''isheraien.

iVr. How well this '

1 Fuk. Hark yoo. sir ! do you know where yoa

Ptr. Not well

1 FTsA. Why. n\ tell you : this is called Penta-
pt^. and oar king, ilie giHid Siniouides.

Prr. The good king Sinionides. do you call him T

I #)M. Ay, sir; and he desenres lu lie su called,
&ir hi* peaceable reign. hikI guiid government.

PfT. He IS a happy kiiu(. siiice from his subjects
He xains the name uf r«kmJ. by his luvrniment.
lluw fur m his cuurt ilistMui fruro this shore T

1 Fttk. Marry, sir. half a diiy's journey ; and 111
tell you. he haih a fair d.iughier. and lu^ morrow is
littr birth-day : and iliere are princes end kuigtits
OHiie from all parts tit Uie world, to just and
tourney for her luve.

Per Did but my fiirtunes equal my desirea.
IM wish to miike one there.

1 Pi$k. U. sir, things must he as they mav ; and
what a mnu cannot get, he may lawfully deal for
—Ills wile's siNiL

Be-tmUr tkt l\oo Fishermen, dramtio ypaneL
^ fbA. Helu, master, help: here's a llsh hangs

in the net. like a poor mans nghi ui the law;

'twill hanliy oume uut. Ha ! huts ou'i, lis oouie

at hist, and 'tis tamed Ui a ruKty anuuur
Ptr. An armour, friends I I pray you, let me

Thaaka, fortune, yet, that after all my


Thoa givHA me somewhat to repah- myself i
And, thoagh it was mine own, part of mine ben-

Which my dead ftither did beqneath to me.
With this strict charge, <evea as he left his UlhO
'Tmstf nwamt AteU: (and pointed to this braee :)
Fbrtkotilm»'dwie,kMfit; m Uk* mecmttf,
WkKk fods fircUei Ikmfram! H wmf d^fmi Ikm.
It kept where I kept, I so dearly lov*d it;
Till the ruuah seas, that spare nut any man.
Tuiik it in rage, though oalm'd. they giv*t again :
I ihunk thee for*! ; my i4iipwreck*s now no ill,
Since I have here my fstlier^ gift bv will

1 Fuk. What mean you, sir f

Ptr. I'o beg of yuu. kind friends, this coat ct
For It was soutetime taiget to a king:
I kiiow it by this marlL He lov'd me dearif.
And fur Ins sake, I wish the havinfof it;
And tliat you'd guide me to youi snweraina^

Where witht I may appear a gentleman ;
And if that ever my low fortunes better,
I'll pay your bounties; till then. re»t yoord^Mor.

1 Fish Why. wilt thou tourney for the hKljt

Per. I'll show the viitue 1 have borne in araas.


1 Ft$k Why, do ye take it, and the gods give
■ * !

t hark yoa. my friend ;

aeams of the' watt-ni : Uiere are certain cmd^-

the (RMid on't !

2 FUk. Ay. bat hark yoa, mv friend ; *twaa wa
thai made up this garment thruugh r'

meats, certain vails. I h<ipe, sir. if yoa thnve»
you'll remember frtan wbenre yoa had it.

Ptr. Believet, I will.
Now, by yuor furthenince, I am dothM in stert;
And spite of all the rupiuro of tlie sea.
This jewel holds lim biding uu my arm ;
Unto thy value will I mount mvsolf
Upun a courser, whoee delight/ul stepa
Sliall make the gaxnr joy Ut see him trsnd.—
Only, my friend. I yei am unprovaled
Of a pmr of basex.

2 Fm. Well sore provide; thoa shalt have my
best gown to make thee a pair: and I'll bring the«
to the oonrt myself.

Per. Then lionoar be but a guel to my will ;
This day I'll lise, or else add ill to 01. {Exnaii.

SCENE U.— Tke mme A pmbUt H^ay. or Ptai-
Jorm, ItadiHa to Ike IJ$U, A Prnttornkflket '
of tl, Jor the i
Lords, 4c.

r reeepUm pf Ike King,

Ivea. I

and oir I

■ sra, I


£biter Simooidea. Thaisa. Lorda. entf Attendasta.

Sim. Are the knighu reedy to begin the tri>

lX.0rrf They «re. my lieae
And slay your coming to prsa

Him. Return them, we are ready
In honour of wh(«e birth these triumphs _.,,
Sits here, like beauty^ child, whom nature «<
For men to aee, and aeemg wonder at


That It pleaseth yoa, my Aither, to express
Ify commendations great, artnise meritHilen.

Sim 1'b lit it should be so ; for pnnces are
A model, which heaven makes like to itself:
As jeweU kne iheir glury. if neglnrted,
Su pnuces their reiiowu. if not respected.
*Tis now yuur honour, daughter, iv explain
The labuor of each kniglit, in his devase.

'Aei. Whiob. to preserve mine hoaoor, HI

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f Act IM


EM#r Pericka, mtk Attandaata.

Per. Lord cuvwnor, for to we hear jou are,
let not our ahipa and Darabar uf oar men,
Be. like a beaoon ir'd. to anarae tour erea.
We iMve heanl yoor auianaa aa mr aa Tjra,
Aad aaeo Um deaoia t io u vt jroar atieeta :
Nor eoaie we to add aorrow to jroar toara.
Bat to reliere tlMn of tiieir hearjr hiad :
And iheM oor ahipa too happily mav think
Are. like the TniiMn liurae. war-»iutf 'd within.
With Unudjr Tiewa. expt«UnK uTerthrow,
Are stor'd with cuni, to make ytiur needy bread.
Ami Kive tliem lile. wiiu are hunger-atanr'd, half

AU. 1'hc fpNlt iif Greece pniCect yoa I
And we*U pray luryuu

^ Ar. Kiae. I pray vou. riae ;

We do one look for rereremw. but fur lore.
Aad hnrfaiMmare im (MnwlC, <Mir shipe. and men.

Cfe. The wUicli when aiiy ahHll ntA gratify,
Oi pay yua wAh untbaukfuIneM in ilM>ai(ht,
Be * tiar wivea. our chddrtn. or ounKlvea.
llMeurMuf heaven and men Rocoeed ibeu-erflal
TOl whao. (the which, I hope. ahall ntt'ar be aeen.)
lour graoa ia welouroe to our town and ua.

1^. Which waloome we'll aonept ; icuat here a
Oma o«r atara that frown, lend ua a amile.

ACT n.


Qtm. Here have you aeen a mifhty kiof
Hja ohdd. I wh. to inooat hnu« ;
A beitor pnure. and benicn lurd.
Prove awful biitli lu deed and wnnL
Be quiet Uieu. a» iinhi Miiouid ha.
1*iU he hath pui»*d neooMity
III ahow yiMi tbuaa lu intublM reiicn,
LtUNttK a niita. a uiuiuitiuu Rain.
1'he Koud w oonvemiaHi
(1 o wiHNu I give Hiy bauiftm.)
la atdl at 'Hiamua. wlwra each man
1 hmka all la wnt ha ■puken can:
And. to remember what lie does,
Gikl lui atatua ttlunuoa:
Bat tidinita to Ui« otmirary
Are hnMfht your eyea: what need apeak IT


Cater of ent dear PlBnclea,tottmtf Mi/* Cleon: otf
Mr Trala mtk tktm. Emt/r at mmtktr door a
fiaailaiwan. iwl4 m mur lo Pahctea; P^riclea
MoM«i4aiMcrloCleoo; tktHgnu Mr Me>«eii-

atir m mmrd, and km^kt* kim.
Ueuo. *

4^ tnmrdUt.
G9m. Good Uelioana hath ataid at hone.
Nut to eat honey like a druoe,
PfOB oiher'a Inooon; forth he atrivt
To kilien had. keep good ahve;
And. to foldl h» pnuee* deaire,
Haiide word uf art that hapa m 1>re ;
l^luw Thnlianl oame full haul wHh atn.
And hid latent, to murdar lum ;
And I lat M Tharaus waa nut beat
Longer for hua to make hai raat :
He knowing ao. put fl<rUi to a
Wkera wha« man baan. Uian
Ftar now the wind bagma to htow
lIuHnlar abova. and daapa below,

Make lunh unquiet, that the ahip

Should houae him aafe. ia wreck'd aad aplit ;

Aud he. giMid prince, hovrng all loat,

fir wavea from ooaai to otaurt ia toat;

All periahen of man, of pelf.

Ne aoght eacafien but himielf :

Till fortune, liiM with doing had.

'Ilirew him aabora. to give him glad :

And here he oomea : what ahall be nexl.

Pardon old Oower: thialong'a the text. {Exit,

SCENE I.— Pantapolia. An cftH Plaa h Ma

Per. Vet ceaae your ire. ye angry atari of heaven I
Wind. rain, and thunder, remember, earthly man
Ix but a suhatanoe that most vaild to you :
And I, iia lita my nature, do nbev yoo.
Alaa. the tea hath cast me on tne rocka,
Waah'd me fVoni sliore to ehore, and left me braff h
Nothing to think on. hut enxuitig death :
Let it luffioe the Krratiie<« uf vuur powera.
To have bereft a pniien of all his fortunea;
And having thrown him fnim vour wat'ry greve.
Here to have death in peai«. k ail he'll crave.

EHler Three Fbhermeo.

IfUk. What ho. niche!

2 Piek. Ho ! ooiiie. aial bring awav the neta.

1 F^$k. Whnt PMtclilirMHJh, I sayl

2 eUk. Wtiat My you. iiiwuerT

I FUk. Look liow ttiuu atirreat now I ouoie
away, or I'll ftftoh thee with a wannino.

3#tM. 'Kaith, maator, I am thinkiug of the
poor men that were oaat away before ua. even

1 P^. AlaS; Door aoala. It grieved my heart to
hear what pitiial criea they OMde to oa. to help
them. when, well-a-daf. wa ooald aoaice help

3 PUk Nay. master, said not I aa much, when
I saw the porpua. how he boonnad and tomblml I
they aay. they are half fiah, lialf flaah: a pl.iaue
on I hem, they ne'er come, but I look to he waah>
ed. MMBtor, I marvel how the rtshaa live in Uie

1 FM Why. aa man do a-land : the great ooea
eat up the hitle onee: I can compare o<ir nch
mwere lo nothing ao fitly aa to a whale: 'a playa
and tuniblea. driving the poor fry bet<ire him. and
at last devours them all ai a niuutliiiii. Such
whales have 1 heard on athe land, wlm iwver
leave gaping, till they've awallow'd the whi>le
panah, church, ataeple. balla, and aU.

Per. A preUy inoreL

3 Fisk. Uut. master, if I hnd been tlie aextoo. I
wookl have been that day in the heli'rr.

2 fM. Why. man I

3 F^ak. Because he should have swallowed me
too : and when I lual lieeu in his belly, i wmild
have kept such a jaocliuc of the hell*, that he
ahould never have hi ft. UU he cast belU, s(«Mple,
church, and pannh. up again. But if thti gu<Ml
king SinwMiKlea were uf my niind^—

Per. SimonidesT

3 Fisk. We w«Hikl purge the land of th«?aa
runes, that mI> ihe bve iirher honey.
Ptr. How rmin tlie Unny Mil^ient <if li.e aaa

These tt»lMirs UtU tlie lulirniiiam i»f nmii
Aad frtMii their watry araptre nH-)oU««t
All that iiMiy men approve, or meu Oatoct I—
Peace be at your labour, honest lUlMrnnen.
2 Fak. llouoat! guud fellow, whafk that

»if* ^

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Who Bhuns not tu break one. will rare crack both:
But in oar orbs w«'U live ko roood aud safe.
Iliat time of both thia troth ahall ne'er oooTinoe.
llioo ahow'dst a aobject^ shine, I a tme prii

SCENE in. -Tyra. An Ante-dtamber m Og

TtoI.SothiiitTyr«.andthiai8theooart Here
moat I kill kin^ Poricles: and if 1 do not. I am
aura to be handed at home *ii!< dangerona —
Well, I peroeive he wan a wiae fellow, and had
good diaerttion. that beinf hid tii ask what he
wiHild of the kittf, desired he mirht know none
of his aecreta. NTiw dn I atw he had some reason
for it: ftu- if a kiuf; hid a man be a villain, he is
boand bf the indeiitorr nf liis oath Ui be one.—
Uuah, hen oume the lords of Tjrre.

Enter Helicanna, I-Iscanes. and other Lnda.

Hel. You shall not iiet^, my (jellnw peers of l^ra.
Further to queation of yuur kinf 's departure.
His aeal'd commission, led in trust with me,
Doth speak sufficiently he's gone to travel

Thai. How ! the king gone !
' Hel. If further yet you will be satisfied,
^Vhy. as it were unlicens'd of yuur lovn,
I le would depart. 111 give some light unto yoo.
Being at Antioch

ThaL What, from Antioch ? [Aaide

HeL Boyal Antiochna (on what cause 1 know
not.) [so;

Took some displeasure at him ; at least he juog'd
And doubting lest that he had err'd or siiinM,
To show his sormw. woukl correct hiiiii«lf :
!^i puts himself unto the shipmaii's toil.
With ▼ horn eiich minute threatens life or death.

ThaL Well. I perceive [A$idM.

I slittll luil be liung'd now. although 1 would ;
But since lie's cime. the king it sure must please.

H« 'soip'd the land, to perisli on the seas

But III present me. IVtare to the lords of Tyre !

Utl Lord I'haliunl from Antiochus b welcome.

'fnat. Prom him I come
With message unto priiicelv Pericles:
Tut since my landmr.as I have understood
^ our lord has took hinaKlf to unknown travels,
11} message most return fhim wlience it came.

fki N^'e have no reason to desire it. since
C^ommended to oar muster, not to us :

Yet, ere you shall depart, this we desire.

A friands to Antioch, we may least in 'I'yra.


SCENE IV.— Tharsca A Room m the
Governor's Honae.

Enter Cleoa, Dionyxa, and AUendanta.

ris. My Dkmysa, ahall we rest us here,
4ud by reUtJng tales of otherls griefs.
See n 'twill leach us to forget our own ? [it :

Dh). That were to blow at fire, in hope to quencli
For WHO digs liills berause they do aspire,
ThroHia down one mount uin. to oast up a higlier.
i> my nixtresaed lord, even such our gneft ;
liere they're but felt, and seen with mistful eyes.
Bat Idra t<i gnives. being topp'd. they higher rise.

Cle ODiouyza,
Who iranteth Ibnd, and will not aav he wants it.
Or can conceal hia hunger, till he famish f
Our tongues and aorrows do sound deep our woea
Into the air : our eyes do weep, till lungs
Felci* bresth that may proclaim them krader ; that.

They mav awake their helpa to omnfort them.

I'll then aisonorse our woea. felt arreral jrear«.

And wanting breath to i^ieak, help me with tenia.
Dh. I'll do my best. air. [ment,

C^. This Tharsos. o'er which I hare govem-

iA citv. on whom Plentj held fhll hand,)
^or riofaes, strew^ herself even in the streefts:
Whoae towere bore heada so Ugh. tliey kiaa'd the

And atrangera ne'er beheld, bat wonder^ at ;
Whoae men and daaaes so jetted and adorn'd,
Uke one another's glass Ui trim them by :
Their tablea were stor'd fell, to gfawl the sight.
And not so mnch to feed on. as delight *.
All poverty was scorned, and pride so rrest.
The name of help mew odioos to repeat.

Dio. O.tis too true.

C^ Batsee whatheavMicandoI Bythbow
Theae moutbs.whom butof late.earth.s
Were all too tittle to content and pfeeai
Althoogh they gave their creatures in ab
As houses are defii'd for want of tne.
Thtey are now starv'd for want of eserciae :
I'hoae palHt«fS. who not yet two snmmere jor
Must have inventions to delwht the taste.
Would now be glad of bread, and beg ft»r it :
Those mothers who. to noosle up their habea.
Thoudit nothimc too cnnoos, are ready now.
To eat tboee little darlinga whom they lov'd.
So sharp are hooiier'k teeth, that man and wife
Draw lota, who first shall die to lengthen life :
Here stands a lord, and tliere a lady wreping:
Here many sink, yet there wliicli see them fell.
Have acaroe strength left to give them burial
la not this true f

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