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That died by bw ff»r murder of our bruf her.
Have by my means iieen butclittr'd wrongfally.—
Go, drag the villain hit her by the liair;
Nor ase. nor honour, aliall snu|« pnvileca :—
Pur tliut pnmd imick, I'll Im tliy Hlaacliter-man ;
Sly frMitiink wretcii.iha' holp'st bi make me great
In hope thyself stiould gitveru Rome and me.

Enter iliinilius.
What news with thee, iEmiUus 7

Ann, arm. my lords; Roma never had
more cause I
The Goths liave gat her'd head : and with a powar
Of hirii-rewolved iiitfii bent to the spoil.
They nither march amain. uiaJer oonJAct
Of Looioa. sou lo old Antlnmious :
Who threats, in course of thm revenge, to dS
As much as ever CorMilanas did

SaL Is warlike l.4iciiis general of the GnthsT
Theee tidings nip me ; aial I hang the head
Ac flowara wiUi frost, or cram beat down with

Ay, now begin oar som>w« to sppri^wh :
''lis he» the common petiple love so tiiucb ;
Mvself bath of^en over-heard them say.
(whan t have walked like a privute man.)
That Ladas' banishment was wnnicfully. tpomr.
*ind they havr wndi'd iliat Loaiis wrn> their am-

Tam. Why shoakl you fear t m not your cuy

Sat Ay. but the driaens (hvoar Locios;
And will revolt from me, to sucooor him. (name.

Ttm King, be thy thonghu imparioas, like thy
b the sun dimm'd. that gnats dfi dy in it I
'Ilie eagle surfers little birds to smg.
And is iMit csreful what they maan thereby :
Kotowing that, with tha shadow nf h« wiuga,
He can at pleasure stint their melody :
tveu so may'st thoa the gaJdy men of Roma.


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Dem. IIuw uiHiiy womim nw this child of his f
Jtfr. Whv, »>, bntve lords; Wbea we all Join

I am ■ kiiiib . iiui if 70a brsTe the Moor,
I'lie ehaM bunr. um ■luantaiii Uunesi,
llie oosao s«ifolls aul ••• as Aw 011 sUmhis.—
Bat, sar acaia. buw malty raw tlw child f

Ntr. C(irn«liH thr uudwife. and lujriMdf.
And MO iNM* «tM9. hut Uie delivf r*d empress.

Adr. nw omprmts. ih« midwife, and jniuisalf:
Two way keep oounael. wbvu th<t third's awajr :
6e to the emperans ; tell her, Uus I sMid :—

tStad/Mk/ ker.
Weke. wekel— su cries a pic prepor d Ui ihe spit.

Dem. What iiMtMi'Mt thtm. Aaron f Wherelbra
didst tiiuuUiisT

Amr. O, kifd, sir, tw a deed of poht^ :
Shall she hve ui bet my this andi *»( oursf
A lonK-Umau'd bHi'hIiiic ft(i*eip ? n», hicds, uu.
And now be t' kiMiwii u» yuu my full intent.
Not Air. (Nie Mil i ens lives, niy omntrymiui,
Ris wifH Ihii freHtrniixhi ams bmuxbt tu bf^
His c4iild m like Ui her. fiiir as yon are :
On iNick wiiU liiiu. Mild sive the miriher inild.
And tell them Uith the circnnisUnoe of all :
AimI bow by liiiu ilittircliiKl shall be iidvaur'd.
And be received fur ih« emperor's lieir,
And subwtituied 111 tlie pluct: of mine,
'1 41 calm tills tempest whirliitf in the court ;
And let the eiiipt* mr dandle liim for liis own.
Hark ye, lord»; ye aeOt. Hint I liave mivett her
pbysirk . ( Httniin^ <o Me N ume

And yon iiiust iieeils lientow her iunerai ;
I'bo fields are ii«Mr, uiid yiMi are fallant grooms :
litis done, shs tltet yuu take no loofer dnys,
Bttt send the midwife preseiiUy to nie.
The midwife, iind tlie nuivs, well made away,
Ttien let tlie baJiea taule whet they pleuae.

Cki. Aarun, I soe thou wilt not trust the air
With secrets.

Detm. For this care of Tamora,

Herself, and hers, are highly IkhiimI h> tbee.

iBxtMKl Dem. amd Clii. batrmy t^tke Nurse.

Amt. Now to the Goths, ss swifi as sweUow
There to dispnee tliis irensare m mine amis,
AimI secretly to greet the empress' fnemU —
Come 00, you thick lipp'd sieve. I'll bear you

I prav you, deliver him this petition :
Tell him, it is for justkie, and for aid :
And that it comes fnmi old Andronioui,
Shaken with sorrows in angratafbl Rome.—
Ah. £ome !-Well. well ; 1 mada thee mir ~
What Uuie I threw the people^s suffiraies
On him that doth tyrannise o'er me.—
Go, get yon gone ; and pray be careful all.
And leave yuu not a man of war nnseamh'd ;
II11S wicked epiucror may lisve shipp'd her hence.
And. kinsmen, then we mav go pipe fijr justice.
' Mmr. O, Pohlius. m not tfus a heavy case.
To see the noble uncle tlins distrsct f

Pub. 'liierRfura. my lunl. it hiahly us oononms,
By day and night to aiteod him carefully ;
And feed his huiiiuur kindly as we may,
Tdl time beget siaue careAil remedy.
' Mar. Km«nf|ii. Ins surruwa are past rsmedy.
Join with tlie Gtrtlis : and with reveocefol war
Take wreak upi Rome fur Ihw ingratiiude.
And veogeaiioe on the traitor buiunune.

71f<. Publiu% liow now T how now, luy aMsteisT
Have you met with her f (erord

hib. No. tuf good loni : Imt Pluto sends yoo
If you Will have revenge from hell, you ehall :
Many, tor J ustice. slie is so employ *d, (ehv^

He thinks, with Jove in heaven, or somewhere
So that perforpe jou most nerds stay a 'ime.

TiL He doth me wroufr. to feed me with delays,
ni dive into the burning lake below.
And pull her oat of Aclierou by tlie he«*ls.—
Marcus, we are but shrubs, no cedan we ;
No big-lNNi'd liien. fram'd of the Cyclopa* sua :
But metal, Marcus, steel to the very hack ;
Y.et wrung with wruuga, more than our backs

can bear:
And. sith thers is no justice in earth nor hell.
We will solirjt heaven ; and iiaivr the gods.
To send down justice for U> wreak our wrongs :
Come, to this gear. You are a good archer, Mar>
cus. [He gt»$ them the anmm.

Ad Jiwem, that's fur you :— Here, ed ApoUmtm ;—
Ad Harltm, that*s lor myself:—
Mere, bqy, to Paihw :— Here, to Mercury :
'Iji iwauni. Cuius, not t«i SHituroiiie.—
Yuu were as good to sIhnR against the wind.—
Tu it, hoy. Marcos, kwew wbeu I bid :
U* my woitl. I have written lo effect ;
'lliere's nut n gud leA unsoltriled. (court :

Mar. Kini'iiien. Klioot all your shafts into liie
N^ e will aflbct Uie emperor m his pnde.

'tu. Now, Qia*4«nt. draw. [Yarf s*oi
well mid. Liiciai> I
Good boy. in Virgu's lap; give it Pallaa.

Mar. My kud. 1 am a mile lMy«MMl tbe s
Your letter m wiili Jupiter by thi«.

9t.] U.

_ -,__ that pull

I'll make you liseJ •« berries, and (« roat%.
And feed on onrds and whey, and suck the goat.
AnU cabin in a cave : and bnnc you op
To be a warrior, and co m mand a camp. [&c»L

SCENE in.-rike«asie A fubtic Plac$
lSitlfrTHuM,bearimearroie$.mtkUlUnollheeMdt ,,, ,^^ , «„„«u .«.^u^ w.«.» .««» »«.«
HlH!^ • T'* ***" H*I^' »**^ ^'*^'**' «^ 1 See. >ee ilHHi hast siiot off one of Taurus' lacna.
olAsr GeuUemeu. wUk bom. j||«.. ti,„ y^ uie sport, my bml : when l*uh.

Tit. Come, Alareus, come :— Kinsmen, this is ! liu» shot,

Uie way : Ihe bull being gall'd, gave Arieasodi a knock

Sir boy. now let us see your aroliery : I Tlutt down fell both tha ram's boms w the cuurt ;

liBok ye draw laime enough, and tie there And who slioukl fiml them bot the empr«RS* vil*
straiglii: I laiul [chiaae

Ttrroi Astrma rtiiqml : ' She laugh'd. and told the Moor, he shoukl a-if

Be yon rememtier'd, Marcus, fhe's gone.slie's fled. But give them lo his muster for a present.

TU. Ha! PubbUM. PubUue, what hast thuu

Sis lake yuu tu your tools. Yuu cousins.
Oo amwd the ocean, and cast your nets ;
Happily you may tiial Iter in tlie eea :
Yet there's as httle justice as at land :—
No : PuMiua and iiempruoiua, yon must do it ;
*l'ii> y4iu most dig with iiiatt4iok, and with spade.
And pierrv the niuHNg. ceuter uf ihe earth :
y^Umtt you oome to i'lu.u's ragma.

^ And piei
> Than, w

Tu. Why. there ii goes : God give your had*
ship joy.

Enter a Ckiwn, wUk a tesfcrf. amd twoptgems.
News, news, from heavoa I Marcus, the piait

cuoie. •
Sirrah, wliai tidincs T have yoo any lectecsf
SImU J have justice ( what says Jupitar t


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To (intify your hooourmble youth.

Tba hope of Rume ; for «• he bade ne My ;

And to 1 do, •nd with his (ids preaent

Tuur loidslUps, that wli«nev«r yna liaw DMd.

Yo« isMr be aruMil mm] appointed well :

AmI au I tenve yuv both. lAside.] like Moody ▼))•

kunr ieamml Bof cmd Attendnn'.

Dtm Wbat'ehare? Aeonill;MidwntieunMUMl


Hum tftl Mnmri jaemlts, wc arat.

CkL O. tie w verve in Himioe : 1 know it well
I rend it in the KrauiiiMur Irnig meo

Amr. Ay, just !— « verse in Horace ;— riitla. yon
have It
Now, wlwt a thine it w rn be an aae !
Here's no wiund j«^tf the old msn bath

found their iruilt:
Aid sends the weapnoa wrappVl about

wAii linev
llwt w«i«iiid. beyond their foeliof, to tlte

quick. I

Bat were our wittr empress well a-f*iot.
She would applaud AndnHiious' conceit. !
Hue let her rest ID her unrest awhile.— ^
And now, yminf hmls, was^ not a happy star
Led us to kuine. rniMters, and. more than so,
Caotivas. to be ndvanosd to this heichtT
It Old nse Kond, be£»re the palace ipite
To brave the tribune in his brother's hearing.

Asi. But aie UMira food, t(» see su freat a lord
Basely insipoate, and send os ciAa.

Aar. Had he not reason, loru Demetrius f
Dnl you not use his danchter very friendly T

Dmm I would, we had a thousand Roman dames
At such a bay. by turn to serve our lust.

CkL A ohanuMe wish, and fuU of kive.

Aar. Here laeks but your aether for to say

OH. And that would she for twenty thousand
Dnt. Come, let us go; and pray to ail the fuda,
fisr eur beloved nMUher m her peine.
Aar. Pray to the devib ; the fuds have civen

tt« (/er. IASj^. FUtuntk

Ikm. Why do the emperor's Uunipsts flourish

CkL Belike, P*r )oy tlie emperor hath a wo.
Dmm. Soft ; wim onimb here f

AtfsreMursa.wuAa bht k m moor daU m her



O, tell ■•, did y*u see Anroa the Moor.

Amr. Well, ukmv or lees, or ne'er a whit at aU.
Bars Aaraa is: and what with Aaron now f

Mr O gentle AuriHi. wr are all undone I
Now hefp). or w«m i»eiid« thee evermore I

Aar. Wny, what a oaterwnulinitdiait thou keep T
Uiiat dost tlioo wnM> and fumble in ihiae armar

Nmr. O. that which I would hide fnim heaven's

Onr Bm p r e ss* shame, and stately Rome's disgrace :
Mw 0t dniiverlil, lunls. she m deliver'd.
Aar. I'tf whom f

^|0'. I

u rtie's bfuught to bed.
Mar. Well. God

On* her goed rest t What hath he sent iter r
Ifm. A devil.

Aar. Why. lh«i sbe'k the devU's dan ; a joyful

tiar. A joflaas, dtomal. Mack, and ionowAil


> Is the bidie. aa loathaonie as a toad
mpt the ftirsst b i ss d s n uf aur oliaw.

The emprsss aeods it then, thy stamp thy seal.
Is thee ohrbteo it with thy daner** point
Out. out, you whorel ia Uaok so base a

Sweet Uowse, yon are a beauteous btossooi, aars.
Dam. VUlain. what hart thou done T
Aur. Doaef thatarhiohthoa

Canst not undo
Ckt. Thou hsat undoos our mother,

^ar VUlain. I have done thy mother.
DeaL And Ibersin. heUish dog, thou hast un-
done, (ehdcel
Woe to her chance, and damn'd h«- kiatLad
Aocors'd the oflEbpring of so foul a fteod I
CkL U shaU not live,
ilor. It shall not dia.
Nar. Aaron, it mast: the mother wdb it sow
Aar. What, most it, nuraeT then let no man,
Dn eatecutioo on my fleah and blood.
Dan. ni braaeh the tadpoU oa my rapier's
plant ; [it.
Nurse, cive it me : my sword shall sooa desoatch
^ior. Sooner this vwurd shall plow thy bowek upw
Suy. mtinlerous vilbuns! will you kill your bn»-
N«»w. by the bumiiw tapeis of the sky pbsr I
rhat Khone so bnghily when this boy waagot.

Me dies upon my scimitar^ sburp point.
" ^ •" — soaandl


That touohee this my first-bora s

I lell you. younglings, not Knoela

With all h» threat'ung band of Typhon's brood.
Nor great Alndes. nor tlie «iid of war,
Shallseoe this prey out of his father's hands.
What, what; ye sanguine, shailuw-hearted boys I
Ye whitn-Um'd walb! ye alehouee painted signal
Cool-hlaak is beuer than another hue.
In that It scorns to bear another hue:
For all the water in the ooeen
Can never tun., a swan's black leas to whila.
Although she lave them hourly in the flood.
Tell the emperess irum me. 1 am of age
Vo keep mine own ; exruae it how she can.

Dan Wilt thou betray thy noble nsistress thus!

Aar. My mistress is my mistress; this, myself ;
The vigour, and the plot ure of my youth :
This, before all the worid. do I prsfer;
I'bw. maurre all the worid, will I keep info.
Or some i»r vim siisli smoke for it in Rome.

Dan. By this our mother is for aver sham'd.

Ckt. Rome will deepiea Iter for this foul eeeape.

Nar. The emperor, in his rage, arill doom her

CkL I Mu«h to think upon t[

Aar. Why. there's the privilege your beauty
bean : (nig

Pre. treacherous hue ! that will betray with Mush-
Tiie close enacu and couossbi of the heart !
Here's s young lad fram'd of another l«fr :
L4M»k. Iiow the Mark slave smiles uinni ' lie fill her;
As «i ht* shouU say. 0(d ia< / asi libac ewe
He is your brother, lords; sensibly M
Of that seir-bluiid that first gave hfo to you ;
And, from that w«tinb. where yiHi impriauo'd wan,
He ia eufraiichieed and come to livlit :
.Nav, he's your brother by the surer sale.
Although my seal be stamiied in Iim Ckw.
Mir. Aaron.what shall I say unto the empersss T
Dtm. Advise thee. Aanm. what M to be done.
And we will all subsonbe to thy udvaie ;
Save thou the child, a* we nmy nil be safo.

Aar 1'hen ak we down, aial let us all ounsatt.
My eon and 1 will have the wmd of you :
Keep there: Now talk at ploasure of yuur aafoty.
[Tkap ml am Ikt ^

raaarf y

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Y 818


AlUMHigb, ray lord, I know, my noble aaot
Lovea nie sh dear as e'er my moUier did.
Aiul would not. but iu fury, flriKtit uiy youth :
Wbich made me down to throw my books, and fly:
Caoaeieae, perhapa : But pardon me. sweet aont :
And. madam, if my uncle Mareoa go,
1 will moKt williiifly aiteud your ladyihipi.

Afar. Luciu*. I will.

(Lavinia tunu ovtr tkebookswkidk Ludos
ftas let fall

Tit. How now, LaTinia * -Marcos, what means
Some bonk there is that she desires to see :—
Which IS It, girl, of theae T— Open them, bu«^ "
Bot thou art deeper read, and belter skiU'J,
Come, and take choice of all my library.
And au begoile thy sorrow, till the heaTens
Reveal tlie daroii'd ooutnver of this deed.—
Why lifts slie op her arms iu aequeitoe thoa T

Jfor. 1 think, she means, that there was more
Confederate iii the fact ;— Ay, rotm there was : —
Or else to henveu »lie lietiTes ihem for revenge.

7>/. Luaus, what bu«ik is that she tosseth soT

fioy. Graodsire, *it» Ovid's Metamorphuaia;
My mother gavet me. ^

Mar. For love of her thafk gone)

Perhaps she cull'd it fmiii auioug tlie resi.

7 if. Soft ! see, how busily she turns tue leaves I
Help her :-

What wuoid she find T— Lavinia, shall 1 read T
litis is ihetrafic tale of Hiiloaiel.
And trrats ot Tereus' treastm, ami his rape ;
Anil rape. 1 fear, wus mik of Uiiue annoy.

Afar. See, bruiher. see ; note, Ihiw she quotas
the leaves. (girl.

Tit. Lavinia, wart thoo thus surprix'd, sweat
Kavish^l. and wrong'd, as Pliihimela wa.<i,
Forc'd in the rothless, vast, and gloumy woods?—

See, see!

Ay. Kuch a phK» there is, where we did bant,

K, had we never, never, buiiied there I)
ttem'd by that the poet here deaoribes.
By nature made for murders, and for rapes.

Mair. O. why should nature build so foul a den.
Unless the giids delight in tragedies I
Tit. Uive signs, sweet girl,— for here ar^ none
bot fneuda.—
What RfNnan Utnl it was dorat do the d«ed :
Or aluak nut baluriiine. as Tarquiu erst,
I'bat left the camp lo sin iu Lucrece* bed T
Afar. Sit down, sweet nieoe ;— brother, sit down
by me.—
Apollo, PttllaK, Jove, or Mercury,
Inspire me. that I may this treason find I
Mv lord, look liere ;— Look here, Lavinia:
'I'his sandy plot is pUio ; Koide. if thoa canat,
1*his alUr me. when 1 liavv wnt mv name
Wilhoul the help of any hand at all.

iHe-wnta his name wUfi ku sU{f, and guides
U with Iu9/tet and motulL
Cnrs^be that heart, that forc'd us tu tliis shift !—
Write tlioii, goiid uie«-e : and here display, at last.
What God will luive discover'd for revenge :
Heaven guide thy pen to print thy sorrows plain.
That we may know the traitors, and the truth !
mtk ktr Mtumpe, ami mritee.
TIL O. do you read, my lonl, what she hath
8lmnan—Ci ur om Demetrius.

Mar. What, what !— the lustful eons of Tamora
Pirlbmten of this heinous, bloody deed I

Tu. Mayne Dominator poA,
Tmm kmmaamli$§eeknT tam Imtus mdeat

Mar. O, cnim thee, gentle lord I

althoogh. I ^

There is enough written onoo this earth,
Tb stir a mutiny in the mihlaat thonchta.
And arm the minds of infiuMa to exdaims.

My lord, kneel down with me ; Lavinhi. kneel :
AimI kneel, sweet boy, the Roman Hectur% hope;
And swear with me.— as with ihe woAil faera.
And father, of that chaste iliSlitHiour'd dame.
Lord Junitts Brutus sware for Lucrece' rape.—
'I1iat we will proeecule. Iiy irood ailvice.
Mortal revenge upon these tnutoruos Goths,
And see their Mood, or die wuh this n»n«ch.

TU. Tissure emmgh, an you knew how.
Bat if you hart theae bear wlielps, then brwara :
l*he dam will wake : aial. if she wind you onooi
She's with the boa deeply still m league.
And lulls him whibt sh« phiyeth un her back.
And. when he sl«:eps. will she do wluit she lioL
yuuVe s jrouug huntsniMii. .Marcus; let it

, I wdl go set a le»«f of l*rasa.

And with a gad of si eel will write these worda.
And Inv it b^ : the sniery iHtrtbrni wind
Will blow theae sands, like Sybd's letivea. abroad.
And Where's your lessoo then f — Boy. what say

5oy. isay. my lonl. that if I were a man.
Tlieir mother's bed-chsmber shoukl not be sale
For these bad-biNHlnien to the vuke of Roma.

ifor. Ay, that's my boy I thy &ther hath ftiU oA
For this ongrateful country done the bka.

Boif. And uncle, ao will i, an if I live.

TU Come, go with me into mine armooiy ;
Lonius, I'll lit thee : and withal, my boy
Shall cany from me to the em pr ess* sons
Presenu, that 1 intend to send them both :
Come, come: thonlc do thy message, wdt tbom
not? t't'"^

fioy. Ay, with my dagger in their bneoma

7U. No, boy, not so; 111 teaoh thee i

Lavinia. come :— Marcos, look to my hooae ;
LuouK and I'll go brave it at the court ;
Ay, niariy, will we. sir; and well be waited a«.
{Exeunt litas. Lavinia. ami Boy.
Jfar. O heavens, can yoa hear a good man

And not relent, or not compassion him T ,

Marcus, attend him in hsi ecstaiqr. ^

I'hat hath more acars of sorrow in his heart.
Than foe-men's marka upon tus batterVl shield :
Bat yet so just, thai lie will not revenge :—
Revenge the heavens for bid Andronicus ! [ JCry

SCENE n.-7%ea

A Room m the rielmem.

Bnitr Aaron, Chiron, and Deroetnns, at omt dome ;
at another doar^ naun^ Lunus, amd an Atu-Md-
ant, wUh a kumlie a/ Msa p s o s , ami otnts mrii

Chi Demetrius, hers'k the aon of Loans;
He hath some meesaae to deliver to us.
Aar. Ay, some mad message from his SMd

5oy. My lord*, with all the hnmbleneas 1 nay.
I greet your honours fnan Andromcus;—
And pray the Roman goda, conlbond yoo hoik.

wWk tha


Dem. Gramerpy, lovely Lootna:

newsf . ,

Bo9. That yoo are both decipher*d. that^ tha
For villains marit'd with rape. lAmdo.} Mav ft

Diease vou.

please you.

^grBndsire. well-advis'd. hath sent by a«
I goodliest waapoas of hia armoarj.

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Act III.]



He Imvm his pledgM dearer than his UIb.

F&rswelJ, LHTinia, my nohle sisier ;

O, *w«iutd thoQ wert us iboo lofore bast been !

Bat BOW nor Lucius, nor Lavinia lives.

But in oblivion, and hateful griefo.

If Lncios live, he will ruqaite your wmmes :

And make prood Sutuminos and his empress

Beir at the gates, like 't'arquin und his qoeen.

Now will I to the Goths, and raise a power.

1'» be reveng'd <m Runae and Saturnine. [JSztt.

SCENE IL — il ItooNi m Titus' Houm, A fisi»*

ffMdsef OMl.

^iter TitM, Marcus. Lavinia. md tomg Lnctus,


TV. So. so; now sit: and look, you eat no
Than will preserve jost eo much streiidh in us
As will revenge tliese bitirr woes of uurs.
Marcos, uuknit that sorrow. wreatben knot ;
Thy uiere and U |ionr nrenturex. want uur hands.
And cttuuot |««ai«inate our tenfold grief
Wiih folded arms. This poor right baud of mine
Is kft to tyrannize npoii my bre.*^ :
And wh«M my heart, all mad with misery.
Beats in this hollow prisfHi of my flesh.
Then thus I tliomp it down —
Hmm map of woe. ibat thus dost talk in signs !

[To Lavinia.
When thy poor heart heals with outrageous

Tboa canst not strike It thus U* make it still.
Wound it with sighing, girl, kilt it with griwns ;
Or get sooM littl« knife between lliy teeth,
Aad just affaintt tbv heart make thou a hole ;
That all the t«ars titat thy watt eyes let tail.
May roil into lUai sink, anil sua* ma in,
Diuwu the laiiMtnting f>iul in st»i-8jlt tears.

Mv. Fye, brutliar, fy« ! t«ur4i her not Ihns to
Soeh viuieut hands upon her tender life.

7lf. Huw uow I has sorrow made thee dote
already T
Why. MsrcuM. no man should he mad but 1.
What violeiit hands can idie lay on her life f
Ah, wh«)r»fure dost thou urge the name of

To bid iSoMis tell the tale twice n*«r.

How Troy was burnt, and ht> made miserable T

0. handle not the ihemf , bi talk of hands :

Lsst we rememlter still, tliat we hiive none.—

Pye. ff. hi'W fraulickly I aqiiare my talk 1

As if we should forget we IdmI no liaiids.

If Marcos dal not name the word <if hands !—

GuiMo, let's fidl to ; and. gvniie girl, eat this ;—

Hers u no dnnk! Hark, Marcus, what vhe

I tarn imerpnft all her martyr'd ngns :—
She snys, sIm dnnks no other drinK but t«ars.
Bnw'd with her sorruww, ni««h'd up«M her

tpsiicihliss aMsplainer. I will learn thy th.iUghl ;
In thy domb aaifHt wdl I be as perfect.
As bsiggiag heruiiu in their holv prayers :
ThoM stelt not sigh, nor hold tny stumps to

Hei wiak. nur nod, nor kneel, nor make a sign,
B« L of ibMMi. wiM wrest an atpliabei,
Aad, Of sUII praetioa. loam to know ibv meawng.
Jbp. Gotaf craudMra, le.ive these mu«r deep


lake mxf aaai merry with some pleasing tale.
Ifer. Alas, the tendar bov. in paMion. inov'd.
ilMk wean to see his giawUre'S hoavmeiat.

ars will

Ttt. Peaoe, tender sapling; thoo ait made of

[l quickly melt tliv life awav.—
[Marcus Uttka the duk with a Amfi^
Whatdost thou strike hi. Marcus, with ihv knifef

Mar. At that that 1 have ki'l'd. my lonl: a fly.

To. Out on thee, murderer 1 thoo kili*st my
Mhie eves are doy'd with view of tynnay:
A deed of death, done on the innocrnt.
Becomes not Titos* bnitber : Get thee gone ;
1 see. thou art not for ray oonip:my.

Mar. Alas, my lord, I huve but kiird a fly.

TU. But bow, if that fly had a fitther and
How would he hang his slender gilded wings,
And buz Umentiiig doings in the air f
Poor harmless fly !

Tliat with h» praUv buzzing melody.
Came here to make us merry: and thoo bast
kiird him. [flv,

Mar. Panloii me, sir : twas a black ill-fltvnor'd
Ukn to the empress' Moor; therefore 1 kill'd hiuk

Ttt. 0. O. O.
Then purduu me for reprehi^uding thee.
For ibou hiutt d<ioe a oliariiable deed.
Give nie thy knife. I will insuU on hiiu;
FIntieiiog myw:lf. as if it were the &loor.
Clime hither pnrpi«ely to poison me.—
Iliere's for tUyiailf. und that's fur Thmora.—
Ah, sirrah !

Yrt ) da iliink we are not brought so low.
But that, between uk. we can kill a flv.
That oimies in likeuess of » coal-Mack Moor.

Mar. Alio, poor man ! grief has so wrought on
He takes fulae shadows for tme substances.

TU, (kNoe, take away.— Lavinia, go with roe :
V\\ to thy closet ; and go read with tliee
Sed stones, chanced in the Umes of old.—
Come, boy. end go with me ; thy sight is yonnc.
And thoo shall read, when mine begins to dazzle.



SCENE 1.— The mrnt. B^ort Titus's Ifoase.

Bmter Titus and Marcus. Tken mter fotmg Ln-

eiua, Lavinia npming after him.

B09. Help, grandsire. help! my aont Lavinia
Follows me every where. 1 know not why :—
Good uncle Mureus. see how swift she cimies i
Atait. sweet aunt. I know not what you mean.

ifer. Stand by me, Lucius; do not fear thine

TU. She loves thee, boy, too well to do thee

Sot. Av, when my father was in Rome, she bid.

Mar. Whut means my niece Lavinia liy theiw

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