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Look, airs, if nra can And the huntsman out,
That should have muidei'd Bassmnus li^ra.
Aar. My graaous kml, he<e n the Inw «»i sold

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iih a

And curtoiu'd with a oiMiiMel-keepiiur cuvc,—
We iiiny. ohHi wreathed in itw uther's arms.
Onr OHxiiiiiea done, p<«8esi a Rc>ld«'n slumber ;
Wliiittii liounda, aiid honia, and aweet meludioua

Bv unto us. a» i» M nnme'a nantc
m' liillnhf. to bnnf her twbe asletp.

Anr. MiNlani.thouKli Veunafruvem jonrdecirea,
i^itnni iM doniiniitor over nune :
WliHt laeuitiea my deadly-ataiidinff ej*.
Uy aileiice, and my cluudv melancholy f
My fleece of woolly hair thai now ancnrla.
Even ax an adder, when Kbe doth onroll
To do aiHiic fatiU execution f
N«>. Hiadani. ihew are no Tenereal adns;
Venreance is in my beart. death in my hand.
Blood and revenge are lianimehnfr in my head.
Hark. 1*aniora^— the empreaa of my soul. [Uiee,—
Which never Impea more httaven than resta in
lliia is the day of doom for Baaeqanos ;
Hia Philomel must lose her tomrue ti»-<]«y :
lliy somi make pillase of her chastity.
And waali their hands in Basmanua' blood
Seest Ihou this letter? take it up. I pray the*.
AihI rive the king this fktal-plotted scroll :—
Now queniion me no more, we are espied ;
Here comes a imrrel of our hopeful booty.
Whtdi drendK nut yet their Uvea* destruction.

Tarn A li.myBweet Moor.sweeier to me than life!

Aor. No more, fnreal empreas. BasaianusoHnea :
Be citisa witli him ; and I'll fo hlcM thv mHt$
To back thy quarrels, wliatsoe'er they 60. C^^-
&Ufr Basstanua and Lavinia.

Bb». Who have we here / Rome's royal emperess,
UnAimiah'd of her well-beaeemiog troop f
Or is it Dian. habited tike her;
Who bath abandoned her holy irrovea,
To ae« tlie general himtinfr in thin forest T

Tam. Saury controller of our private steps I
Had I the power, that, aorae my. Dian hod,
I'liy temples should be planted presently
With honiH. as was Actwin**: and the hoonda
Should drive upon thy new-tranalbmied limba,
Uumannerlv intruder as thou art !

Ijtv Tnoer your patience, gentle emporera.
Tis ihousht you have a kimkIIv gift in horuini^.
And to he douhteil, that your Moor and you
Are nnffled fortli to try experiments :
Jove sliield your husband rmm his hounds to-day !
Ti« pity, they Khould take him for a stag.

Bos. Believe me, queen, your swartli Cimmerian
Doth make 5'our h'liHtur of his body's hue,
Spotted, detested, and nbominahle.
Why are you sequesier'd from all your train f
Dismoiinted from your unow-white aoodty ateed.
Ami wandered hither Ui an ohitciire plot,
Accompanied with a baritanius Moor.
If foul desire had not conducted yoo T

Lav And, being intercepted in your sport.
Great reaMw that my noble lord be rated
For saucinesH —I pray yoo, let us hence.
And let her loy lier raven-oolourVl love ;
This valley flta the purpose paminK well [this.

Jkt$. 'Hie king, my brother. ahalT have note of

lap. Ay. for these slips have made him noted
Onod king I to be so mightily ahua'd i

TaoH. Why have I patience to endure all this?

Enirr Chiron and Demetrius.

Aral. How now, dear sovereign, and our gracMroa
Wh> doth fuiir hif bucM look so pule and wan ?

nm HaveJnotreaMia.thmkyoa.tolookpato!
These two have tic'd me hither to this plaoa.
A barren detested vale yon see. it is :
The trees, though summer, yet forlorn and ton,
O'emoine with moss, and baleful BKletoe
Here never ahines tlie aan ; here nothing hwietliii
UnlesH the nightiv owL or fatal ravm.
And, when thev ahow'd me tbia aMiorred pit,
I'hey told me^here, at dead time of the night,
A thousand fiends, a thousand Inning snakea.
Ten thousand swelling toads, as many urchiaa.
Would make such fearful and coofosed criea.
As any mortal bodv. bearinir it,
Shoukl atniight fall mad. or else die suddenly.
No sooner had they told thw hellish tale.
But straight they told me. they woukl hind me ham
Unto the body of a diKmal yew :
And leave me to thia miaerahle death.
And then they oaU'd me. foul adulteresa,
Ijiscivious Goth, and all the bitterest terma
That ever ear did hear to such effisct.
And, had you not by wondnais fortune coma,
ThM veufeaooe on om had they executed :
Revenge it, as yon tove your mother's life.
Or be ye not henceforth caU*d my children.

Dam. This is a witness that I am thy aun.

rSlofer B awiawa

CkL And this flnm me, struck home to show my
strength. iStaUntg km IHnmi$K.

Jjm, Ay. come, Semirarois,— nay. barbaKBOt
Tamora !
For no name fita thy nature but thy own 1 (boya.

Teat. Give me thy ooiiianl ; 70U ahall know, my
Your niotherls hand »hall right your mother%

Depi. Stav. madam, here ia more^loaga to ban
First, thraah the com, then after bum the atraw ;
This minion stood upon her chastity.
Upon her nuptial vow, her lovalty. rtiese:

And witli that painted hope biaves your migbti-
And shall ahe carry this onto her grave?

Chi. An if she do. I would I were an ennodt.
Drag hence her husband to some secret bole.
And nuike his dead trunk pillow to our lust.

Ta$n. But when you have the honey yon daaira.
Let not this wnep outlive, us both to stng.

Gu. I warrant yon, madam; we will makeliiat
Come, mistress, now perforce we will eiUof

Ihat nice preserved honesty of youiv.
Lav. 01 amora ! thou bearVA a won

Tam I will not hear her speak ; away with her.

Lav. Sweet lords, entreat h«r bear me bat a

Dem. Lititen. fair madam : Let it be yoor glecf
To bee her tears : but be your heart to them.
As unrelenting flint to drops of rain. [dam t

Lav. When did the tigers young onea t e a ch the
O. do not learn her wrath ; she uoght it thee :
I'he milk, thou suckVst Arom her, did t«» to

Even at thy teat thnn hndst thy tyranny.—
Yet every mother breedc not sons alike;
Do thiMi entreat her show a woman pity.

Chi. What ! would'at thoa have me prove myaelf

Lav. n*is true ; the raven doth not hatch a laikt
Yet I have beard. (O could I find it now I)
llie lion, roov'd with pity, dkl endure
To have his princely paws par'd all awav.
Some say that ravens foster forlc»m cliildren.

The whilst tlieir own birds famish - "-

0, be to me. though thy luird heart
Nothing 10 kind, but aometbing piiifi

n ciiiluren. y

1 in their ueati: f

itifofl /

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. ^ Kct II.)



CkL 1 cur* wit. I. knew she nml ail ib* world :
I \oiw lAvinm mom iban all the world.
Dam, Yountiimc. Imuh Uiou to mak* mhim

Lannia w ihine elder brd Iter's hope. [Rome

Avr, Why, are ye mad f or know ye not. ia
Ikfw fanuupt and impaueut they be.
And CMuiKit hruok nmipetiton in loveT
1 te!l yoii. lords, yua do but plot yoor deaths
By thM davioe.

Om Aaron, a thoiwind deaths

Would I pnipna^. to achieve her whom I lov*.

Amr. '\ u achieve tier !— How ?

t>m Why niak'st thou it so strai^e T

She b a woman, tbeiefure may ha woo'd ;
Mie IS a wiNiiau, therefore may be won ;
She ■ LaviMia. therefore miwt he liiv'd.
What, man ! m«ir» water Kikkth by the null
Than wuts the miller of: and tt<«sy it ia
Of a oat ksif to steal a shivr. we kmm :
Tboofh BaMaaans be the eiupentr's bnither.
Better than lie have yet worn Vuloin's badfre.

Atr, Ay, and as good as Satununus may.


ikm. Then why should he despair, thai kuovra
toouurt n
With wunta. lair kxika. and liberality T
What, hast thoo nut full often struck a doe.
lad borne her cleanly by the keeper's nose T

Atr. Why theiK it seemM, some oertam snatoh
Woald serve yoor toms.

Cki Ay. so the torn wera ssnr'd.

Ona. Aaroa, thoo hMit hit it.

dm. 'Would yon had htt it too ;

Then shoakl ant we he tir'd witli this ado.
Why. hark jre. hark ye.— And areyuo such fiiola
To aqoare »*r this 7 Wiiuhl it oflead yua thea

That both sh<Hild speed f




Amr. For shame, be frieods ; aad joia for that
you jar.
"pi policy awl stratairem mwtt do
That yuu atfiMrt : and so most yuu resolve;
That what you cannot, a* yon would, achieve,
Yito most iirrfiirre aooo.-iiplmh as you may.
TMie thin of niD. Lucrrre was ntd more chasia
Thaa thM Lavinui. BaMtnnus* kive
A speedier cuurse than linterinf lanffoiahnieat
llak we peiMM. aial I have found Uie path.
My lorda. a »*»leinn hoatinc is m hand;
'iMre will lite liivrly RoniMn ladies tniop:
Thr fofeat wnlks ant wide and spacious;
Aud nmay uufmiuruted plots there are,
Fkied liy kind ft* tape and viiluny :
8«irl« you ihuher ihau Uiw dainty doe.
And strike her lajma by Airoe. if nut by words :
Hus way. «v nut st all, stand you in hope.
Cuoie. nana. iHir cmprvss. with her snored wit.
To vilhiay mid venneanre consecrate.
WiU we anquaiat wMh all that we intend :
And she shall Ale oar rncinea with advice.
llMt will aut sofler you lu Mjuare yourselws.
Bat to your wishes* bsiaht ailvanoe you both.
The empenir's ouart is like tlie house of t'nnie,
Ths palaoe full \4 toAicuea. of eyes, of ears :
The woials ara ruthlew. dreadful, deuf. and dull ;
Thara speak, and strive, brave buys, and take

Thava sewa yuur lost, shadow'd fipom heaven's

Aal revTia Uvtaia's
On. Iliy ooaasel. hal.

\ Aairv


Mis of no


Dem JI7t/asmtfacA«.miIflndthestream
To cool tliis heat, a charm to oalm theee fits.
Ptr Stfffo, per mama vekor. [

SCENE IL — i« ?hr«s(assr Rome. A IM^emen
atadisUmce. Honaandertt^ HoumU heard.

Enter Titos Andmnicus, with Hmmlert^ 4c. Mar>
cos, (Aicius, Qniiitos, ofid Manias.
Tit. The hunt is up. the mom is hriffht and rrey
The fields sre frasmnt. and I he woods are ffieea :
Uncouple here, and let us make a liay.
And wake the emperor and \m» lovely hriile.
And rouse the pnnoe ; and nnc u hnntei's peil.
That all the ctiurt may H<iio with the ntase.
Sons, let it lie your chanre. m* it is ours.
To teinl the einp-nir's penaai rarefullv :
I have been truuhird in my sleep this nicht.
But dawnimc day new conifort hath inspired.

fhnu wind a peal. Enirr Satnminns. Tamura,

Uassianus, Lavinia. Ctiinm, Demetrius, tmd At*


TVt Many Kood morrows to yoor m^iesty ;—
Madam, to you as niauy and as itood !—
I pninused your rrane a hunter's peal

Sat. And you have runf it lusUly. my kmls.
Somewhat too early fitr new-mamed ladies.

Bof. Lavima, hitw say you f

l/w I say, no:

I have hifen broad awake two hours and mor«.

SaL Come on. then, bona and oharids let at
And to our sport :— Madam, now shall ye see
Our Roman hunting. ( To Tamora.

Mar. I have dogs, rev lord.

Will rouse tlie proudest panther in the chaae.
And chnib thr liwliest pronHMitonr top.

'iV<. And 1 have home will follow where tha
Makes wav. and run like swallows o*er the plam.

Drm. Ciiinm. we hunt not, we, with liorse nor
But hope to pluck a dainty doe to ground


SCENE m.^Ad*mrtP»rtQfthePbrt$*,

Enter Aaron, with a bog of gold.

Am. He that had wit, wouM thrak that I hid
To bury so much cold under a tree, (aona.

And never after to inherit it
Let hm. that thinks of me so ahfectly.
Know, that this gokl most coin a stratagem ;
Which, cunningly eOeoted. will beget
A very rxceUant piece of villnnv :
And so repusa, sweet goM, for their unrest.

That have thair alms out of the empress* chest.

Ekter Tamora.
TWm. My lovely Aamo. whersfora look^ thoa

Whea everv thii« doth make a gleeftil boast 1
The Nnk ehannt melody on every bosh ;
The snake lies rolled m the cheerful sua :
The green htaveii quiver with the cooling wind,
And make a cliequer'd shadow oa the ground :
Under (heir sweet ahade. Aaron, let us sit.
And— whilst the babbling echo monks the hooadi^
Replyinar shnllv to tlie well ton'd boms.
As if a double hunt w«rB heard at once,—
Let OS sit down, and mark their yelling noise:
And— aDer ciHiflict siuth as wnn «iipp(«*d
The wandering pnnoe of Ihdo taaM eti^oyM,

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Mj lord, be nird hj me, he won at Inst, '|
DisMiiible all your erif fsand diioHiUiOla:
You are but nttwlj- nUiuted in your Uirone:
Lert then ibe ptH>|>ie, and pat rir^aiui luu,
Upoo a just Kurvey. take 'I iiu»* p«it.
And m BupplMut us for itupntiiude.
(Wluch Miune reputes tu he a iieioous


Yiekl at entreats, and then let me alone ;
]*ll find a day lu massarre them all.
And raze their funhm. and th*;ir family.
The cruel futlitsr. and hn tnutoruas sons.
Tn whom I Mued for my dear tnm*n life :
And make tlieui know, what 'lis tu le( a

Kami in the streets, and beg for yrace in


Come, oontf , sweet emperor,— come. Aiidruaicua,
Take np tb jt Koid oU man. and c4ie«r tb« heart
Tliat dies in tempest of thy niitry I'mwu

Sn. Rise, 'htus. rise; my empress bath pre-

TU. I thank rnor mmcsty. irnd her. my lord :
These words, tliese Uiokit, lufune new liie m ui«.

Tom. Titus. 1 am luctirpuraie m Home,
A Koinan now udopted happily.
And must advi^i 'lie rmpemr fur his Rond.
This day all quairelv die. Aiidrunicus;—
AimI let it be mine hi»nnur. KtNid my lord,
I'hm I have reominl'd vonr Aiends and voo. —
For yo«i. pnnre Bassiauuv. I have pam'd^
Mv word and proiuiM* lo the emperor,
1 hat voii will he more mikl mid tmctuble.—
And (ear imA. lordM.— and you, Larinia ;—
By my tulTice, all hiiiiihled on yiHir knees,
^ou Mlmll ask pardon of bis iiiiuesty.

Luc. We do; and vow to heaven, and to hia
1*hal, what we did, was mildly, as we mirbl,
TeiMi'nuc our Muter'K honour, aial our own.

Mar. I'bat ou iiiiue honour here I do protasl

SaL Away, and talk not ; trouble us no more.—

Tmn. Nay. nay, sweet emperor, we must all be
The tribune and his nephews kneel for gmre ;
1 will not be deuied. 2>weei heart, look back.

Sai. Uarcun, fur thy sake, uiul thy brother's
And at my lovely Tamonr» entreats.
I do remit these young iiiKirs heinous fiialta.
Stand up

Lavinia, thougli you left me like a churl.
I found a fneial : and suie ii» dealli I swure,
I would not part a hurbelor IrtHn the pnest.
Come, if the eioperorV court cnu feast two brides.
You are niv cuest. Lavini:i. uml your fnends :
This day shall he a love-day. I'aniora.

'/it To-nnirrow. uii it please your in^esty.
To hunt the panther and ilie hart with tne.
With horn and hound, we'll give your grace ten-

» It so. Titos, and gimuerqr toa



8C1N1L— TVmmic. B^9n the Patau.

Enter Anna.
Aor. Now dimbeth Tamora Olympas* top,
Safe not of fortune's shot ; and sits aloft.
Kecore of thunder's cnick, or lii;htniii|t'8 flaxh ;
Advano'd above pale envy's threat'muic reach.
As wlieu the golden sun salute* tlie mom.

And. havinr (tilt the ocean with his bMdM.
Gallops the xodiack in his glistering coach.
And overlooks the highest-peering hilla;
So I'amora.—

Upon her wit doth earthly honour watt.
And virtue stoops and trembles at her ftown
1'hen. Aaron, arm thy heart, and Ht thy thooghtt,
1'o mount aloft with thy imperial wistr s i .
And monut her pitdi ; whom Ihou in trhanph lorg
Hast jiriMoncr lield. letterM in amomns chains ;
And tiuiter bound to Aaron's charming eyes,
1'han is Prometheos tied to Caucasus
Aw,iv with slavish weeds, and idle thnoghtsl
1 will he bright, and shine in pearl and gold.
To Wfiit op(Mi this new-nade emperw*.
To wait, said I T to wanton with this queen.
This KoddeM. this Seminunis :— Thw qnsen,
Hiis syrwn. that will charm Rouiets Satorcin*.
And see his shipwreck, and his common wemi%.
HoUa 1 what storm w this I

£Rlcr Chiron oni Demetrins, ft imrfn j .
DewL Chiron, thy ysnrs want wit. thy wit wants

And manners, to intrude where I wn grec'd ;
And may, for aught thou knowtt. all«!l«d be.

CAi. Demetrius, thon duet over-ween in all ;
And so in this to bear me down with braves.
Tis not the diflereiMX of a year, or two.
Makes me less gracious, thee mora foitnnatn :
I am as able, and as fit. as thoo.
Ti» serve, and to deserve my mistress' grace ;
And that my swonl upon thee shall approve.
And plead my passions kir LavinM'k love.

ilor. Clubs, clubs! these Uiveia will not keep
the peace. [vis'a*

iVsi. Why. boy. although oar mother, nnad-
Gave yc»u a dancjug-rapier by yoar snle.
Are you so desperate grown, to thrant your

Go to : have your hith gloed within yoar shsnih.
Till you know heUer bow to handle it.

CkL Mean while, sir. with the little skill I have.
Full welt Shalt thoa pemeiTe how much 1 darn.

Dem. Ay, boy. grow ye so brave f [Tley ^rmm.

Aar. Whv, how now. lonls t

So near the emperor's pulace dare yon dimw.
And maintain such a quarrel openly I
Pull well I wot the noaiid of all this gnidgn ;
1 would not for a million of gukl.
The cause were known to them it most ooocems :
Nor would your mible mother, for mooh mot*.
Be so dishonoiir'd m the ooort of Jtomn.
For sliame, put up.

Dem Not I : tUl I hnvn shenthM

^ly rapier in his hisHini. snd, withal. Ithiust,

'fhrust these repniachfal speeches down ha
11iBt he hath breuih'd in my dishonour here.

CkL For tluu I am prepar'd and full reeulv'd,-
Foul-spoken cowaitll that thunderlst with thy

And with thy weapon nothing darVit perfiirm.

Aar. Away. I say.—
Now by the gtahu that warlUte Oolhs n
lliis peUy brabbCe wdl owlo us all.—
Why, lonis.-«nd Uiink yoa not be
It is to jut upon a pnnoe*ii right?
What, IS Lavima then become ai* loose.
Or Bassianus so degeneratn.
That fur her love such quarrels may be fannohM,
Without ouiitruliiieat, iustwe. or revenge 1
Young lords, beware! an shonld the i

'Iliis disconl's grxiOiid the

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AMd tapen bnni m briitht. and ererf thin;
In rnadiocai ftir Hfiaetwiw 8>anO.~
I will DfiC ra aalnta tba streetii of Rnaie.
Or climb my nalaoe. Ull (Wmii furtli thw place
I lead eepniM^d my hnde aittoK with me.
'fkm, A«m1 here, in si(hl of heiiven. to Rome I

DmI gracioiislj plead for his funerala

Let not vouuf Mutiua then, that wae thy jcy.

Be harr\l his entranoe here.

If Satwniae advance the queen of G<Ah«,
She will a handnuuii he to his dMurrs.
A kirnur anrae, a nturher to his youth.
Sat, Aaoead. tar queen, Pantheun : — Lords,

Voar noble eotperar, and his lorely hriile.
Smui by the hesvene liir prmne Saturnine.
WhoM wisdam hath her fiMluiie oonquer'd :
rhere shall we coiwmtimata uiir spousal rites.

iJUnmt Satummas.ffNrf *w Fkdlomen ; Tamora,
ami ktr mm ; Aaron, tmd GnHha

TM. I am not baJ to wait upon this bride ;—
Tibm. wbe« wert thou wont to walk alone,
Diahuiiow'd thus, and ohallen«ad of wnmcsf

Mtfniif Marcus, Lucius, Qoiutos, attd MartiaiL

Uar. O. THos, see. O, see, what thoa hast*
hi a had ^luarrel slahi a virtnoos son.

TU No,fauUBhtnbme,Do: nosonormine.-
Nor thoa. DOT these, oonMerates in the deed
Tloit hath diriioonttr*d all our ftimily ;
UawoT • •

Oiife "'

7><. Rise

Th«* diamall'M dar is this, that e'er I saw.
I'o he dishonoar'u br my sons in Rome !—
WelL bury him. awl bury uie the next

[Mulius isjmtimioiht Utmt.

Imc There lie thy bones, sweet Mutius, with
thy friends.
Till we with trophies do adorn thr tomb !—

AIL No man shed tean for iiulile Mutius :
He lives in fame that died lu virtue's cause.

Jfor. My lord. — to step out of these dreary

■i iiaiH ui» w i w pwii H ail wur larniij ,

wrorthv bmUMf. aad unwoithy sons !

[sK. But let us mve him burial, as becomes;
. a Mulius burial with o«r brethren.
Tu. 'rraiiors. away 1 he reitis not in this tomb


I Ave hnadrail years hath stood.

Which 1 hava somptooosly i«-edifled :
Hera none hot soUiers, and Konie's senritors.

baavly slain in brawls :—
Bonr bun where von oaa, he comes not here.

mmr. My kml, this is impiety in vou :
My nephew Motius* deeds do plead for him ;
He must be buned with his brethren.

i^un. Mart. Ami shall, or him we will aooom-

Td. i{I!d'sh«Ur What viUyn was it spoke

that word r
Qam. He that would voucht In any place but



VU. What,woahljoabut7hlminmy
Ifer No. noble Titus; but entreutof thee
lupardon Mutius. and to bury him.
1m. Marous, even iJkm hast strvek upon my
Aad, wHh these boys, miae boooor thou hast

wo«r '
My foes I do

la me DO mors, bat nc vua ipiae.
Ua is Mi wKk yoHair; let us with-

^te. NotI,tiUMatMm hoMs be boried.
^^ (Mams mMlMcsswqr Titos tesil

Msr. Bmkar, iiir \m that aaow doth nature
flMi. (spealt.

^te. ntter. aad ia that aame iloth nature
nrfjpe^tlM aa Mota, if aU Uie rest wUl

Jtar. Hiaiaraiil TItai, mora thaa half my
XsK. i>sar fitfhar, aool and sobstaaoa of as

Mar. SSSCrthrhfotlMrMareas to inter
Ms asMa aaphaw hsra te vutoe's nss^
That died ia haaoar aad Lavinm's causa.
Thaa art a Bmaaa, ha aoc barbarous.
The Oissm. opoa advice, did miry AJax
nisft daw hinnelf; aad wise Laertee' »«

HcHV conies it. that the subtle queen of Goths
Is of a sudden thus advaiic*d m Rxmie !

TU. I know not, Marcus ; but, I know, it is :
Whether by device, or no. the henvens cau t«f II :
Is she not iheo behoklen to the man
niiat brought her for this hich food turn so iur f
Yes, and will nobly him remunerate.

FtomiA. Rie-mUr at am tide, Satnmiiius. •/•
; Tamora. Chiron^ Deineinux. a*id
: At the atmr, Bassianus, Laviiua, attd


Sat. So. Bassianus, yon have playVl your prize;
God give you joy. sir of your gallant bride.

Bos. And you ofyoan, nty lord: I ssy no
Nor wBih no tern ; and so I take my leave.

SaL I'mitiir. if Rome have law. or we have
Thou and iliy laction shall repent this rape.

Ba$. Rape, call yon it, my lord, to seize niy
My tme-betrothed love, and now my wileT
But let tlie bwii of Rome determine all ;
Mean while 1 am possess'd of that is mine.

Sat Tis good, sir : Yon an very short with as;
But. if we live, we'll be as sharp with you

Baa. My lunl. wliat I have dune, as best as I
Answer I must, and shall do with my life.
Only thus much I give your grsoe to know,
Bv all the duties that fowe to Rome.
This noble gentleman, lord Titos here.
Is ia opinion, and in h<Niour. wiont'd ;
That, in the raanue of Luvtnia.
With his own hand did slay his voongewt sini.
In seal to you. and highly mov'd to wmtb
To be oontrolrd in that he frankly gave :
Receive him then to (iivour. Sutumine ;
riiat liuth express'd hiuntelf, in all lin deede,
A father, and a fneud, to thee, aud R>Hiie

Ttt. Pnuce BNSKiunUH. leave to plead my deeds *
*Tis thou, iumI thu«e. that have dislionour d me *
RiMne and the nahieuus lieav«u» he my jodga.
How 1 have lov'd and honour'd Sniumine !

Thai. My worthy lonl, if ever Tsmora
Were gracious in ih<«e prinflely eyes of thine,
llim hear me speak imullersnily for all :
And at my suit, sweet, pardon what is past.

Sat. Wliet ! madam f tie dislioaour'd <*penly.
And baaelv put it up witliout revenge f

Taai. Not so. my kml; llie gudsof Roaie fore-
I should be aothor to dishoaoor yoa !
Bat, on mine honour, dam 1 undertake
For good kml Titus' innocence m all.
Whoee fury, not dissembled, speaks his griaA :
Thau, at my suit, hjoh graciously on him ;
Lone iMrt eo uotile a fneud ou vaio suppoee.
Nor with MHir l«M>kB tttniiai hiK gentle heart.—



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All. lYotRl and ambitioiu tribone.can'stthoa

7V. Pntieuce, prinoe Satarnine.

Sat. Rucnans. do roe ryrtit ;■

Patricians, draw jour Bwonln, and sheath them
Tdl Saiumjnus be Home's emperor :— [not

Androiiicus, 'would thou wert ahipp'd to hell,
Railier than mb me of the peoples hearts.

Luc Proud Satomine. interrupter of the food
That noble-minded Titus nieana to thee i

1\L Content thee, pnuce; I will restore to

thee [Helves.

The people's hearts, and wean them from them-

Bas. Audniuicus. I do not flttttvr thee
But honour thee, and will do till 1 die ;
My faction if thou strengthen with thy fnends,
I will most tiiankfoi be : and thauka, to men
Of noble ntinds, is honourable meed.

Tu. People of Kume, and people's tribunes
t ask VMur voices, and yoor suffrages ;
Will you bestow them friendly on Andnmicos 7

Tnb. To rratify the good Andronious,
And gratulate his safe return to Rome,
The pecmie will aoceot whom he admits.

TU. 'Iribunes, 1 thank you: and this suit i
l*hat vou create your emperor's eldest son.
Lord Saturnine ; whose virtues will. I hope.
Reflect on Rome, as I'iian's rays on earth,
And ripen justice in this common-weal':
Then if you will elect by my advice.
Crown him. and say,— L(»v late our emperor I

Mar. With voices and applaiuw of every sort.
Patricians, and PlebeiuiiK. we create
Lord Satuminus, Rome's great emperor;
And nyi—Long tive our emperor Satumme !

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