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llea'H v(»WH iin> wiwiteu's Inutore! All Kood

Hjr thy fvvoli. (» hushaod. Bhali Iw UuMiKht
l*iil<M fiir villaiuy ; D<it Uirn, where'i grows;
Uiit worn, a but fur Imiim.
Pta. Good nrndnm. hear me

/mm. Tnie btiomt aieo beiiix henni. like AUae

Wera, io hv time, tlMMigkt fulse : nod Sinoo's

Did aeandal iiiaiijr a XuAy tear; toi4i pity
FnND noat true wrelciusdiieM : Su, thuu, P(«lh<l-


Wilt lay the leatrtn *« all pruper niea :
Goodlf, and falLiui. MhaU be labe aiid perjiir'd.
From thysreai r«il — Cuate. feUuw, be thoa

hnneiit :
Do Umm thy niiwttfrV bidding : When tb^Mi aee'est

A little witiiets my iihedieooe : Louk !
I draw the swtHxl iiiyveif : Uke it ; and hit
I'lie loiMiceBl iiiuiiaMMi iif my luve. my heart :
Fear wit : \» *t%t\Av iifall iliiuga. but rrief :
Thy nuaater w umi ihere ; who was. iudeed,
fhe lichee (if it : |)u bai btddimc ; stnke.
TbcHi maylM be valuuii in n better oauae ;
But now ihuu neem'nt a om-ard.

Pm. H«uce, vile iaatrument !

Thou shall mA damn aijr hand.

Imo Why. 1 most die;

And if I do ant by thy hand, thou art
No servant of thy nuuaer'a: Agajuat self-alaughter
Thera is a pntliiiNiitiu no divme.
That cravens my wtiak hand. Come, hem's my

Something's afi>re*t:— Soft. soft; we'll nodefaoce;
Obedient aa tlie srabbard.— Wliat » here T
llie icnDCurvs of the kiyal Leonatua,
All tornd to hereiw f Awny. away.
Cumi|rfera <if my faith ! you shNll iio more
Be siumachera U% my heart ! 'Ihiw may poor fiiola
Believe falMe Utaclters: Though thoae that an

Do feel thv treawm aharply, y«i the traitor
Ktauda in worse nave of woe.
And thoa. PoKthAmus thou Uiat didst set op
My diaobedienre 'gaiiisl llie king my father
And make me pal mUi couiempi tlie auits
Of pnno»ly fellows. ahaJt hercMfter find
It is no act of oommnu \mmm», Init
A strain of rareoMH : and I grieve myaelf.
To think, wlieu iIhiu shult be disedgVl iiy her
I'lwi now thoa tir'sl on. how thy mooiory
Will then be pang'd by me — FrVUiee. de»patc4i :
The lamb entreaU the iHjtciier : U here's thy

Thoa art too slow to do thy master's biddiof ,
When I de*jr« it too.

IHm. O grscioas lady,

8inoe I reoeiv'd commaial to do tlus huainifsa.
1 have not slept one wink.

Imo. Dot, and t4i bed then.

Pit. m wake mine eye-balls bliud first.

bm». ^ herefitre Uien

Didnt undertake it \ Why hast thou alMik'd
So many miles, with a pretence f this place T
Mine acttou. tuai iltme own f our horses' hiboor T
I'he Uiiie inviting thee T the perturh'd court.
For my liemg al«4*ni : whereuiiui 1 never
PuniuMt! re: am! U'hy luisl Uhni gone so far.
To br unliriil when Uiou liast ta'en thy stand,
1 na ehictMi deer beAwa thee *

At, Bat to win time

Mmt like :

To loae so had emplnymeot : in the which
I have ooiMder'd of a course ; Good lady.
Hear me with patience.

Imo. I'felk thy toogoe weary ; speak :

( have heard. 1 am a strumpet : and mine ear.
Therem fahm strock. can take no greater wound.
Nor tent to bottom that But speak.

Pit. ^Tb

1 thought you would not back agum.

Bringing me here to kill me.

Pt$ Not so. B

But if I wwe as wise aa honest, then
My purpoae wiMikl pnive well. It c
Bat that my mauler is ahus'd :
Some villain, ay. and MnguUr hi his art.
Hath done ytm both tlus cursed iiijiiiy.

Imo. Some Roman courtezan.

Pi». No. m mv Ufe.

11 give but notioe yoo are dead, and send him
Some bloody sign «« it ; Air 'tis commanded
I shiHikl do so : Ytio shall be misi'd at cuact.
And that will well oonflrm it.

Aee. Why, good fellow.

What shall 1 do the while f Where bale! How

Or In my life what comfort, when I am
Dead to my huaband f

PiM, If yoo*II back to the eoort,—

Imo. No court, no feiher ; nor no more ado
With that hanth. noble, simple, nothing—
I'hai CkHeu. wIhnk love-euu hath been to ma
As fearful as a smge.

P*». If not at onoTt.

I'beu not in Britain muat yoo bale.

imo. Where theaf

Hath Britain all the sun that shines? Da^r. night.
Are they not but in BrtUin T I'the world's volnm*
Our Britain seems as of it, but not m it ;
In a great pool, a swan"* nest ; Pr*ytbee, thmk
'Hiere'k Uvers out of Britain

Pit. 1 am most glad

You thiak of other place. The embasaadnr,
Lucius Uie Konmn. comes to Milford-Havea
To-morrow ; Now. if you coukl wear a mual
Dark as vour fortune is; and but diaguise
1'bNt. which, to a|»pear itmlf. moat not yet be.
But by self-danger; you i«hould tread a couise
Preily, and full U vmw : yra; ba|«ly. near
Tlie rcstdenoe of IVjathomua : mi nigh, at !«•■*,
Tliat tlMNigfa his actmna w«re not vmbki. yet
Keport sUoukI rendrr liim hourly to your ear.
As truly as lie moves.

isto. O. for such meane !

Ihougfa pen! to my modesty, not death out,
1 wou^ adveutara.

Pit. Well then, here'k tlie pent :

You must.forget to be a woman ; change
Comniaud into obedieooe ; fear, and iiicenesa.
(Tlie haudmaalii of all women, or. more truly.
Woman its preUy self,) to a waggiah courage;
Keady in gibes, quick answer^, saucy, and
As quarrel lous as the weasel ; nav, yoa moai
Forget that rareat treasure of yoor cheek,
Expuaing ii (but. O. the harder heart I
Alack no remedy !) U% ihe greedy touch
Of oommon>kMaing Thmu : and forget
Vour haboursome and «iHiniy iniua, whereia
Yoa made great Juno augry.

isio. Nay. I

I see into tliy end. and am aluMMi
▲ nmn alreiMly.

Pit. First, make vounelf hot bin «

F<ire-ihinking Una, I have already fit,
i*Tik tit my ckiak-bng,) doaUet. hat, hoat, all

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In this nor pinchiiur cnv*. shall we diaodiiiiHi
The freexhif huaraawaf T We hove eeeii noiliiiig :
We are benstly : labtle as the fiiz, for prey ;
Like warlike as Hie wo](. for what we eat :
Our valour is. ro chase what fltes ; our rase
We muke a quire, as Uoih the pnsou'il binl.
And Kinc our bundaffe freelj.

BeL How you sprak I

Did yon bat kmiw the city's usuries.
Awl ftrel them kiiowinarly : the art <•' the court.
As hard to l<>nve. its keep : whose top to climb
Is certain 5<l«inc. or h> hiippery. that
The fear's as bnd ns fiillinir : the toil of the war.
A pain that im\r neems to seek out daiuter
r the nanie of niin«, und honour ; wluch dies i* the

And hath as oft a xlauderoiia epitaph.
As record of lair net ; tmy, many times.
Dotk ill deserre by doinc wi«ll ; w hut's worse.
Mnstooun'seyai the censure : - -0. boys, this story
1'he world may read in me : My body's mark'd
With Roman swonU : and mv repiHt was iaici*
first with the he«t of note : Cvniboline lnv'd me ;
And when a soldier was the themr. my nanM
Was not far off: Then was I as a tree. (iiiaht.
Wboae bonehs did bend with fruii : but, m one
▲ atorm. or robbery, call it what you will.
Shook down my mellow haniiiifcs, nay. my leaves.
And l^ft me bare to weather.
Old. t'nrertain favour!

Bri. Mv fault beinir nothinf {mi 1 have told you

Bat that two villains. who»e (ulre finlhs prevail'd
Before my prrf«H>t hiuaiur. swotm lo Cymbeline,
1 was nouMdemte with the Konians : so,
PoUow'd my baiunhmeut : and. this twenty years.
This rurk, and these demesues. have been my

world :
Where I have liv'd at honest freedom : paid
More piiMis debt* to heaven, than in all.
The lure-end of my lime— But, up to the moan-

This is not hunters' bimrmtve . -He. that ntrikee
1 Im venison first, shall be Ihe lord o' the feast ;
To him thf (*lhfr two sliidl minister :
Aad we will fear ihi poison, which attends
la place of itreater sute. Ill meet yon in the

valleys [Exnmt Goi. ami Anr.

How hard it a^ to hkle tlie sparks of natore !
Thaaabovs know III! le. theyaresuns to thekin^:;
Nor Cjrmbeline dreuius that they are alive.
Thojr think, they are mine: anid. tbooirti train'd

op thus meanly
rtboea«a,wbereiu ih«y bow. their thonchts do hit
TW rooft of palaces : ami nature prompts them,
b iiaple and low t bines, to |»nnce it. much
Beyond the tnck of otlteni This Pnlvdore,—
The heir of Cvmliclim' und Bntain. whom
Ttie kinfc his tatlier cali'd Gualenus.— Jove I
When on my three«f<Mit stiail I sit. and tell
Tlie warlike feais i have il'«iie. btt spin's fly oat
Into Riy story : say.— T^tais mnie trnmnfeU ;
And Mas /«el mv/oot on hu mek ; even then
The pnnnely blood flows m hia cheek, lie sweats.
Strains his yoonf nerves, and puts himself in pos-
ture (wal.
That acts mv wonls The youmrer brother. Cad-
(Once Arviraans.) in as like a rtirare.
Btnkee bfe into my speech, ami shows monfa more
His •iwn onooetviMr. Hark ! the game is roos'd I—
O Cyaiheline ! heaven, and my ctaisoience, knows,
Tboa daiitt anjoatly banish me : whereon.
At three, and two jrearv old. I stole tliese babe* :
Tbiakniff to bur tliee of
Tboa raA'ai we of m

'l*hiio wast their norse ; they took thee for their

AimI everv day do hnooor to thy grave :
Myself, Belanns, that am Morgan cali'd,
'I'bey take for natural ftlher. The game b op.

SCENE lY. - Near Milford-Haven.

Enter Pisanio and Imngen.

.bio Thoo told'M me. when we came fnm

horse, the place
Was near at hand :— Ne'er long'd my mother so
To see me flrat. as I have now :— Ptsanio f Man!
Where is Ptasthtkmas 7 What is in thy mind.
That makes Uieo stare thus 7 Wherefore breaka

that sigh
From the inward of thee 7 One, but painted tboa,
Would be interpreted a thine perplez'd
Beyond self explicatioa ; Pnt thyself
iiiiu a haviour of less fear, ere wildnem
Vanquish mv stakJer senses. Wlul's the matter?
Why tetaler A thou that |»aper to me, wilii
A hMik iintend«r7 If it be summer news,
Smilu lot before : if winterly, thou need'st
but keep thnt c«>unieiianoe stilL — My hosbamfs

'Iliat drwr dninn'd Italy hath out crafted him.
Aiul he's at some lianl point. —Speak, man; thy

May take <»tf mane e.tiremity, which to read
Wiiuld be even mortal to me.

Pit. l*Iense you, read ;

Ami you shall Ami me. wretched niuu. a thiuc
The muu disduiu'd of fortune.

]mo. iRtadt.1 Thifm$$trrss.Vwinut.hatk plated
the ttnmpet inmtfteit; the Uslimowrs wkerrof be
Ueeding in me J speak not out of weak tnrmisrs :
tmi/ram pnmfat ttrony a* my (/r/c/. and a- rerlam
at 1 expect mf revmge. Tkat part, thorn. (*iwiiii(»,
mmst act for me, if thy fatlh fjt not tomtni mtk the
trmdk of here. Let thtnt owm hands lake awa^ her
life: I iJutU ante ther opportunities at Milfixd-Ha-
ven . she hath aif letter Jar the parpoae : Where, \f
thou fear to strike, and tomakemgrertam it u done,
thou art the pandar to her dishonour, and equafl^ to

2?^ s^


r my hMMl*. kuripbile.

Pis. What shall I net-d to draw my sword 7 tlio

her throat already.— No. tis slander :
Whose edce is sharper than the sword ; whose

Outvenoms all the worms of Nile ; whose breath
Rules on the Doeting winds, and doth behe
All coraen or the world: king8,qoeens, and states
Maids, nratrona, nav. the secrets of the irrave
Thia viperous slander enters. — What cheer, ma*

bno. False to his bed I What is U. to be folso 7
To lie in watch there, and to think on him 7
To weep 'twist dock and clock 7 if sleep chargt

To break it with a fearfbl dream of him.
And cry myself awake I that's false to h« bed?
Is it 7
Pu. Alas, good lady ! (chiiDo.

fmo. I false? Thv conscience witness: — la-
Tbon dklat aoeose him of iiictaitinency ;
l*hoa then look'dst like a villain ; now. methlnks.
Thy fevour's good enough.— Some jay ot Italy,
Whoee mother was her painting, halh betn^A

Poor I am stale, a garment out of tehioQ

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SCENE II. — Another Xoom m the mme,
Emter Pi«ink>.
Pis How 1 of ndiiUenr T Wher«ror« writ« you
Whnt nionxter'M her nrr.uwr !— Leunatut! [not
O. muster ! wliut u itrance infention
In fallen intii thy ear f Whnt Tulite Italian
(As potiHHious tunirued. ns handed.) hath Drerail'd
On I hy tcMi readv lieMrinf; T— Disloyal T No :
She's (tunish'd lor her truth ; ana utwlerfcoea.
More ffodUeiis-like than wife-like, nuch astiaultii
Aa w luld take m suine ▼inae. - 0. my master !
'Iliy mind tit her is now aa low, as were
Thy lurtunas.— How ! that I should murder her T
Upon the lore, and troth, nod rcms, which I
HaTe made to thy command ?— I, her?— her bloodT
If it be so to do irond serrice. neY«r
Let me be counted serrioeuble. How look I,
That 1 should seem to lack Imninnity,
So much as this fact conie« to? Do't : The Letter
That I have tent her, bf her omt command
Shfftt gne thee oiiportumty :— O damn'd pjiper!
Black as the mk Uiat'x on thee ! Senseless bauble.
Art thou a feodary for this act, and look'Ht
So virsiu-like without T Lo, here slie ctmiea

.&i/cr Iroofen.
I am iraomnt in wlmt I am commanded.

hno. How now. Pisanio t

Pit. Madam, here is a letter from my lord.

Jmo. Who? ihy lord T that is my lord ! LeoooiasT
O. leam'd indet^l were that iisiniooiner,
That knew the stars, us I hin rhnractera^
He'd lay the future open.— Yi*ii rinhI ^ods.
Let what is here cont^un'd relisli of love.
Of my lord's lieHlth. of his coirmt.— )ret not.
That we two are asunder. liM iliui Rrieve him. —
(Some griefs are uitHl'anaiile :) liiut is mie of

For it doih physirk love;— of Im content.
All but in that !— Good wax, thy leuve : — Bl«>ss*d
be. [vera,

Yod bees, tha* make these locks of counsel ! Lo-
And men in dnnrfrtius bondx. pray not ulike:
lliough forfeitures vou cost in pniMiii yet.
You clasp younft Cupid's tables. — UkmI news,


Jutttce, and fimr father*t wralh, thoutd he take
wtemhit dominion, eomtd not be to nurl lo me, at
901$, O the dtarrtl of creatur^t, toould not ntn re-
mem mewilh fiw e^rt. Take notice that J am m
Cambria, at Mttjord- Haven : What your own love
will, oat of thu, attvix you, follow. Ho, he wtthet
you all hnppinrst, that remamt loyal to hii vow, and
your, fncreastny m love,


O. for a horse with win^s !— Hear'st thoa, Piaanio?
. He is at Milfurd- Haven : Head, and tell me
* How Ikr *l» t hit her. If one of mean aflkuv
May plod it in a week, why may not I
Olid* thilher in a day T— Then, true Pisanio.
(Who lonit'st like me, to sea thy lord; who

0. let me 'bate,— but not like me :— yet long'st,—
But in a fainter kind :— O, not like me ;
For mine's beyond beyond.) say, and apeak thick,
(Lore's counsellor should fill tlie bores of bearinf ,
To the smotheriuf of the sense.) how far it iM
To tins same blesaed Milford T And, by the way,
Tell m« how Wales was nwde so happy, aa
To inherit soch a haven : But, first of all.

How we niHV steal from hence ; and. for the itap
That w e sIimIi moke in time, fitim onr heoo^iaiBC.
And our return, to excuse : — but firM, bow pk


Whv should excuse he horn or e'er beftoCt
We 11 talk of that hereafter. Pr'ytliee. speak.
How ninny score of miles may we well ride
'Twixt hi»ur and hour T

Pit. One score, 'iwixt snn and ami.

Madam. ^ enou|rh for you ; and too much t4io.

Xsio. Why. ime that rode lo his execution, warn.
Could never go so slow : I've heanl of ridiaf

Where horses have been nimbler than the sands

That run i'the cl«ick's Iwlialf: But this m

foolery :
Go. hid my woman feim a sirkneas; say
She'll home to her fuilier : and pnivkle me pr»-

A riding suit ; no costlier tliaii wookl fit '
A franklin's lioUiMiwiftf.

Pit. Madam, you're best consider.

jtno. I see before me. man. inir here, nor iiere.
Nor what ensues; but have u ft« lu them.
Iliot I cunuot look throuch. Away. I pr'ytliee ;
Do as I bid thee : There's no more lo sny :
Acoeasihle is none but Milford way. [fi*

SCENE m.- Wales. A

with a Cave.

Enter Belanos. Guiderius, and Arrinutoa.

BcL A coodly day ma to keep boose, with soch
Whose roof's as low as onra ! Stoop, boys : 'Jliis
gate (yua

Instructs you he »w to adore i he heaTsns : and bows
'i'o moruiiif 's holtr office : I'he gates of mooMrehs
Are arch'd s«i iiish. that rinuts may jet tlinMUgli
And keep their impious turbans un. without
Good morrow lu the sun —Hail, ihoo fair beavsn !
We bouse i' the rocJc. yet use thee not so honllf
As prouder livers da

Gm. Hail, heaven!

Arv. Hail, hsavca !

Bel. Now fiir our mountain sport : Up to yon
hill, (aidsr.

Your lf>ff!i are yoanc : 111 tread these flats. Cotf
When you above perceive me like a erow.
That It is place, which lessens, and sets off
And you may then revolve what tales I've told yoa
Of courts, of prinrss. of the tricks in war :
This service is mA service, so bring done.
Bat being so sllow'd : To apprehend thus,
Qraws us a pn>fll from all Iniiiga we aee :
And often, to our comfort, shall we flad
The sliartled beetle in a safer ImiM
Than is the full wing'd eagle. U, this life
Is nobler, than ui lending, for a check .
Richer tlian doing nothing for a bobs :
Prouder, than mstlinc in nnpsid-for silk :
Such gam the cap of hinv Uiat makes them te»,
Yet keens ha book oncross'd : no lits to uars.

Qui. Out of your proof yoa spsak : ws, poor
unfleds'd, fnot

Have never wing'd (mm view oihe nest; nor know
What airs from home Haply, this lifo is bssi.
If qniet life be best ; sweeter to yoa.
That have a sharper known : wall oor
With your stiff age : but, unto ua, it is
A cell of ignorance ; Iraveiiinf abed ;
A prison for a debtor, that not dares
To stride a limit.

Arv. What shonld ws spaak at.

When we are okl OS yoo T when we shaU hasr
I'hs nua and wiad bsat dark Dsoambsr, how.

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SC£NE V.~Tte«rm<' Amttker Room m ike

Sitter PMihumas.
FoH. Is thera do way for nien to be. bat womea
Mmlhebalf-workeref We arehiuaanlsmU:
And that moat venenible roau. which I
Did eall my father, wm I kuuw luit where
Whea I wft» stampVI ; aonie comer with his tooia
Mmle toe a coanterfeit : yet my mother ReemM
llut Diana of that time: to doth my wife
Tlie iHmpareil of tJiis.~-() veiiceanoe. veD^eanoe !
Mi> <if my lawful pleiunire iilie rentrain'd.
And pray'd me. oft, rurliearaiioe : d.d it with
A piidtfiicT M» rosy, the sweet view uii't (b<*r

Micht well have warmM iild Saiura; that I thongbt
Aa chiute ua unauun'd snow :— O. all the devils !—
This yellow lachimo, in au hour.— wawl not I—
Or hwe.— at first: Prrchance he spoke not; but
LiKr N rull-aciim'd boar, a German one,
CnrM. ok I and mounted : found no opposition
But what be iook'd for should uptxiae. and aha
Should from encounter guard. Could 1 find out
'11m* woman's part in me ! Vttr there's no mutioa
'I'liat teada to vice a( man, l»ut I affirm
It ■ the woman's part : Be it lyimt. note it,
The wnman'a flattehnf. here; deceivinff. Iiere;
Lost and nak thouirhts. hers. Iiere; revenues. heriM
Ambitiooa. oovetinita. cbauffe i»f pridea, disdiun,
Nice lonfians. slandera. muiabiUiy.
All faolts that may be nam'd. nay. Uiat hell knows,
Why hers, in part, or all : bat, rather, all
For ev'n to vice

They are not ouostaut, bat are chanfrin; still
One VMe. hot of a mmate old. t«»r one
Not half so «*ld us that. Pll wrttn tucainst them.
OUast tliem. curse them :— Yet 'lis irreater skill
1b a true hut«. to pray they hHve their will ;
The very devils cannot please them better. {Exil.


SCENE L — Britain. A Room ^f Statt m
Qrmbeline's Palace.

EHltr Pymheline. Queen. Cloteu, and Lords ot one
door; wot at amttker, Caias Luous ami Altend-

CfOL Now say, what would Aogostos Cesar

with oaf

Lae. When Julius Cssar (wboae renembranoe

yet [timfues.

l4vca lu noen's eyes; and will to eara. and

Be ibeoie. and haannic ever.) was iu thin Britain,

And oouQuerM it, Coasibehin, thine ancle.

(JKtoioos m CaMor^ praiues, no whK leea.
Than in ha leau deaenrmf it.) ibr him.
And bis suoceaaiun, granted Rome a trihute,

Yearly three tb«NisaiMl poands; which tqr thee
Is left unieBder'd. [lately

And. to kill the marvel.

CIS Hiere be many Cnsara,

Era such another Juhoa. Britain is
A world by itself; and we will ituthing pay.
For wearing mur own noses.

Qaem Thst opportanity.

Wluoh then they had to take from us. to re

W« have agatu —Remember, sir. my tiefte.
11m fcioffs vour aa e es tors : lofetber with
1lMaatani»«av«ryof youraOe: whjoh

As Neptune's pnrk. rihbml und iniled in
With nicks Lnsc;ileiihle. and roaring watera :
With sandx, that will not bear your enemies*
boats, [conquest

Bat sack them up to the top-mast A kind of
Casar made here ; hoi inude not here his brag
Of oame, and sow. and overcame: with shsnie
O'he firrt that ever touch'd him,) he was carried
Prom offourcoost. twine beaten; and his shipping
(Poor tRnomnt baubles!) on our ternhle seas.
Like egK-shells mov'd'upno their surges, cnink'd
Aw easily 'vHiitst our rofks : For joy whereof,
1'lie fatirj Ciuwilichui, who wus tnice at point
(O, gtxiol fortune!) to roaster Caosiir's sword,
MiHle 1. lid's town with nfjoicimt dres bright.
And Uribins sinil with r^mrace.

Clo. l^inie. I here's no more tnhute to be paid .*
Our kingdom is strougtir tlian it was at that lime ;
and, HS I said, there is no more sncii Cenare:
other of them m»y have criMiked nuees; but, to
owe suuh Rtruiebt arm<, none.

Ctm Son, let your mother end.

Cio. We hnre yet many lunong us can Knpe aa
hard us Ciut<iilielun : I do otA S)iy, I am one ; liat I
liNve a hand.— Why tribute T why slioald we pay
tribute T If Cmsar ran hide the sun fmm us with
a blanket, or put the moon in his pocJcet, we will

pay him tribute for light; else, sir, no more tri-
bute, pray you now.

Qfm You must know.
Till the iqinriiKM Rimiaus did extort [bition.

This tribute from us. we were free ; Cesar's am-
(Which swell'd so much, that it did almost stretcli
The sidex o'lhe world.) a^iinst all colour, here
DkI pot the yoke upon us; which to shakfi uS,
Becomes h warlike iwopla. whom we reckon
Onrselves to lie. we do ony then t4t Cesar.
Our anrestur w.i8 that Mulmutius. whicli
Ordain'd onr latvs ; (whose use the sword of Cesar
Hath too niucli mangled ; whose repair, and fran-

Shall, by the power we hold, be our good deed.
Though Rome he therefore angry;) \fulmntiua.
Who was the first of Britain, wtuch did put
His brows within a golden crown, and call'd
Himself a king.

Luc I am sorry. Cymbeline.

That I am to pronounce Aui^ustus Ce«ar
(t^«sar that hath iiK>re kings his servants, than
Thyself domestick (HBoen.) thine enemy :
Receive it from me, then :— War. and confusion.
Iu Cesar's name pronounce I 'iraiust thee : look
For ftiry not to be resisted :— Thus defied,
I thank thee for myself.

dm- Thoa art welcome. Caioa

Thy Cmsar knighted me ; my youth I spent
Much andtfr linn ; of him I oittier'd honour;
Which, he to seek of me a^iii, perforce.
Behoves me keep at uttentnc*« ; F am perfect.
That tlie PanuoiDatut and Dalmatians, for
Their liberties, are now in arms : a precedent
Which, not to rend, would show the Britons cold ;
So Cesar shall not find them.

Lac. Let priMif speak.

Clo. His majesty bids you welcome. Make
pastime with us a day. or two, longer: If vou
seek us afterwards in other terms, you sliall Hitd
us in our salt- water sirdle : if you beat us out of
it. It is yours; if yon fiill in the adventure, oor
crows stull fare the better for you ; and there^
an end.

Lac. So. sir.

CfM. I know your master's pleasore. and ha
All the remain is. welcoma. [Exeaai,

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ladL If I hnd hct it,

f shonkl hKve l(M>t the worth of it in rolU.
I'll make a Joiinicy iwice m far. lu eiijuy
A aecuiMl nutiit of siirh sweet KlHirtneirft. which
U H8 iiiiiie III Bntuiii : for ihtt niut w wihi.

Pott. 1'he klutie's Uto haiU to ootue l»'.

hch. Not a wliit,

Voiir lady being so eiisy.

/'ott Make not, air.

Vonr l<ii« your aport : I hope, you know that we
>luM not ooniinue fhenda.

Jack, Good sir. we roual.

If you keep covenant Had I not brought
1 he knowledge of your iniMtreM himie, I grant
We wrre to question further : Ikii I now
Profess myself the winner of her honour.
Together with your ring; and not the wronger
Of tier, or you, having pruoeeded but
By both joar wills.

Poti. If yoQ run rnnkeH apparent

Tlut you have tasteil her in tietl. my hHiid,
And ring, is vours : If not. the f<Mil opinion
YiKi had of her pure honour, gniim. or lodes.
Vour swoni. or mine ; or masterless leuves lioih
To who shall find ilieut.

lack. Sir. my circumstances.

Being so neiir the initlt. as I will make iliem.
Must first induce you t4i believe : wIumo slntiigtli
1 will confirm with oath : whiiUi. 1 doubt iitit.
Vuu*ll give me leave Ut spare, when you bIiuU find

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