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Cleo. Sir, I will eat no meat, ill not drink, sir ;
If idle talk will once be necessary,
I'll not sleep neither: This mortal booae I'll

Do Oesar wlmt he can. Know, sir, that 1
Will not wait pinion'd at your master's court ;
Nor OQce be chaatis'd with the sober eye
Of doll Octavm. Shall they hoist me up,
And show me to the shouting varletry
or censuring Kome 7 Rather a ditch in (^gypt
Be gentle grave to me ! rather on Niluii' mud
Uy me stark linked, and let the wuter-flies
Blow uie into ahhorrinc I rather make
My oouutry'n huh pyramides my gibbet.
And liang me up in chums !

Pro. Vou do extend

1'li«'8e thoughts of horror funlier than you shall
Find cause in C<Bsar.

Enter Dolahella.
IM. Proculeius,

What thou hast done thy iiianter Casar knows.
And he hath sent for liiee : as for the queen,
I'll take her to my guard.

/Vo. 80. Dolshella.

It shall content me best : be ceiitle Ui Iter —
To Casar I will spesk what you shall pUnixe.

I To Cleopatra.
If fooll employ me to him.
Cleo. Say, ' wouUI die.

[Exeunt Procnleioa and Sukliem.
DoL Mnrt noble empnws, you have heard oi

Cleo. I cannot tell.

DoL Assuredly, you know me.

Cko. No matter, sir. what I have heard, or
known. ^

Yoa laugh, when boya. or women, tell thoir

1st not your tnck T
DoL I understand noC madam.

Clea. I dream'd, there was an emperor An
O, such an(>ih«r sleep, that I might see
But such another man !
DoL If it might please yon.—

Cleo, His fisce was as the heavens: am)
therein stuck
A son. and moon ; which kept their course, and

The liUle O, the earth.
Dot Most sovereign creators.—

Cleo. His lees beslrid the ocean: his reurd
Crested the world : his voice was pitipertied
As all the tuned spheres, and that to fhemU :
But when he meant to quail and shake the o.b.
He was as rattling thunder. For hn bounty,
lliere was no winter in't : an autumn 'twas,
Tliat grew u,e more liy reaping : His del^his
Were dolphm-Uke ; they sbow'd his back abov

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Cbo. NobU^ of nien, wont die 7

Hart thou no rare of me ? nhall I abide
In Uua dail wtirld, which in iby abaenoe ia
No better than a viye ?— U. we mjr wuaien,
llie rniwn o' tlie eurth d«iUi melt :— My lord !—
O. wiiber'd is the Karland of the war.
The Mildier^ pole ia fallen; youof bojra, and

rel w

Are lerei now with men : the odda ia fooe.
And there n nuthinir left remarkable
Jlenenth the ▼ikilinc muun. [She faimU.

Char. Oqaietne«,kidyl

troM. She ia dead too, oar aorereifro.
Char. Ladr.-

Irm. Iffadam,—

Char. O madam, madam, madam f
Irot. Rojral ^pt!

Char. Ptoaoe. peace. Iraa.
Cko. No more, bat

i^en a woman; and rum-

By auch poor pankm an the maid that milka.
And diiea the meaiieiit cliurft.— It were Ibr nie
'J'u throw my sri'plre Ml the ininnirtis K<idi>:
1«f tell them.tliMt Ibm wurkl did t^un\ tlieira.
I'ill they h»d stolen uiir jrwel. All's but naught:
Pktienoe is sottish ; and imimtietice dues
Become a dog that's mad : llien is it sin,
1 o rush luio the secret house of death.
Ere death dare come to us r— How du yoa. wo-

What, whatT irood cheer 1 Why. Iww now, Cbar-

My noble girla !— Ah. women, women ! look.
Our lamp ia spent, it's out : — Good sirs, take

heart : [To the Gunrd below

Well bury him : and then, whiii's bruve, wliut'x

Let% do it after the hiirh Roman fashion.
And make death proud to take ua. Come, away :
I'his case of that hiixe spini now is cold
Ah, women, women ! a>iiie ; we have uo friend
But resolution, atid the dnefeiA end.

iE*auU : thott aim* btmrng o§ Autony's Aotff.


SCENE I.— Casar^ Cmnp hefort Alexandria.

Atcr CMar, Aarippa. Didabella, Mevniaa, Gal-
los. Prunuleius. earf oikert.

Cm. Go to him. Dolubella. biil him yield ;
Being so frustrate, tell hmi. he mocks as by
llie pauses that he nuikes.

M. CMair. 1 kltall. r£»f IHdotella

JSnlfr Deroelaa. mf4 lAe tmard of Antony.

Cma. Wherflore is that T and what art thou,
that diir'st
Af pear thus Ui us T

Urr. I am rall'd Deroetas;

Mark Antony I aenr'd. wlio bt^ was worthy
Bent to be serr'd : whilst he siimhI up. uud spoke.
He was my mArter; and 1 wore my life,
I'o spend upon his haters : If ihou pleaae
To take me to thee, as 1 was to hira
I*U beto Cvsar: if thou pleaaeat not,
1 yield thee up my life.

Cmt, What is*t thou say'st 7

Jkr. I say, O Caesar, Antony is dead.

Ccr I'lie lirvakiug of so iireat a thing shoukl

A greater crack : The raond world slumkl have

Linns into avil streets.
And citizens to their 4ena : ^ The death of Aa-


Is not a sincle doom : in the name lay
A moiety oi the world.

Der. He is dead. CMar;

Not by a publirfc minister of justice.
Nor l.y a hired knife : bat that self hand.
Which writ his hoooar m the acta it dal.
Huth, with the oourage whidi the heart dii

lend it.
Splitted the h««rt.— This is his aword :
1 n»bh'd liw wound of it ; beliold it atain'd
With his most noble blood.

Vtu. ijuak yoa sad. flrienda*

The gods rebuke me. bat it in a tidings
To wash the eyea of kings.

Avr. And strange it ia,

11iMi nature most compel us to lament
Our moat pendsted deeds.

Mer. His taints and hoooon

Wiig«d equal vnth him.

ilyr. A rarer spirit never

Did steer humanity : but yoa. guds, will give an
Some feults to make ua men. CteMU- is tooch'd.

Ifec Wlien such a spactuas mirror^ aet befiira
He needs must see himselC

Cos. O Antony 1

I have follow'd thee to this:— But we do lance
Diseasea in our biidi*^ : 1 must iwrforce
HMve shown to thee such a decliuiug dny.
Or look on thine ; w« ooukl not stall together
In the wliiile world : But yet let me Inment.
N^ itii tears as sovereign as the blood <*f hearts
Tliat thou, my brother, my competitor
In top of all design, my mate in empire,
Kneod mmI rompHnuHi in the front of wmr.
The arm of mine own b«idy. and the heart
Where mine his thoughts dal kindle,— tint cor

Unreconriliatila. should diride
Our t-quahifini Ut thia.— H«^ir me, gc
Uui I will tell you at some meeter s

SMrro Mrssenger.
Tlie bosiiiem of tliis nina Uioks oni of him :
>^ e'll hear him what lie Ni\a— WIh>iic« are yoa I

AfrM. A podr Eg>-ptmn yet The queen aqr
mist rem.
Coiifin'd in nil she has, her monament.
Of liiy intents desires iiMaracti«iu ;
ItiHt ^he preparvdly may frame herself
To the way sae's fofCMl to.

Cm». bid her hiive cnml heart ;

She soon shall know of ua. by suaie of ouia
How honoombly and how kindly we
Itetemiiiie for her: Qeaar raitMol lire
'I o he ungentle.

Mtu. So the gods preacnre thee !

Cm$. Com* hither. Proenleiua ; Go. and My.
We purpoKe her no shame : give her what ouos-

llie qnehiy of Iker pasrioN ahall requMe«
Ia^. m her gretltnrss. by seme moita) atrake
She do defeat us : hvr Iter hfe in RtNMe
U iHild be eternal ia our inompli : Go,
And, with your speediest, briag an what siie

And how you And of htr.

/Yo. Oaaar. Ishaa



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f > CTlV.l
/ I Uaro'd of


I t*ara*d of iheo. Iluw! out yet dead I not

The guard !— Im* !— U. denpiUcli me.

Bnitr DnroeUiM omd Guard.
I Gmrd. W Im 'a Uie ooisn T

4 Ml 1 have dona my wurk ill, frieuUs; O, uiatke
an end
Of what I have befun.
% Gmrd, Th« iitMr i* fallen.

1 Onard. And time w at im pemid.
AIL Aiiui.andwoe!

AmL Let bin that lovra me.stnke uie dead.

1 OmnL Nut I.

2 Omird. Nor 1.

3 Omni. Nor anjr one. [Exnint Guard.
Ikr. Thy dearh and fortuuea baJ thy fuilow-

Thiaaword bat-ahown toCeKtr, with this lidiuga.
Shall enter me with him.

Enter Diomedea.

Dh. Where'k Antony T

Der. There, OiiHned, there.

Dio. LiYeahe?

U nt ihoo not anaweri man T l^^t Deicetaa.

AmL Art thoa there, Dioiued T Draw thy awonl.
andinve me
Bofltdnf alrukee (or death.

Die. Most aboolnte lord.

My miatreaa I Cleopatra aent me lu thee.

Ant. When daJ ahe aeud thee 1

Die Now, my hrni.

AnL WheraiaaheT

Dio. Look'd in her monument. She luui a pro-
phesying fear
Of what hath come h> paaa : for when ahe raw
'Which never ahall be found) yuu did xu-ipect
Mie had dunoa'd wiih Oeaar, and tliat your raite
W«»ald not be pnrs'd, ahe sent yuu word ahe waa

Hot, fiannx aince Yum it might work, hath aent
Hp tn proHaim the truth ; and I am come,
I dread, too late.

Ant. I'tNj UOe. good Diumed : — Call my iroard.

VtU. I

Dto. WiuA, Do! the emperor'a Roanl! The
fuanl, wbatfhul
Come, your lord caUa.

Snter torn ^ Iht Gonrd.
AinL Bear bm, fuod frieoda, where Cleopatra
Tli the laat aervtee that I ahall command yon.
1 Omard. Woe ara we. air, you may not live to
A9 yoO' ^'M foUoweri out.
JUL Moat heavy day I

Ami, Hay, good my fellowa. du not pleaae ahurp
To gnoert with your aormwa : bid that weU

WhiHi oooMrt to ponMi na. and we punish it
tremmc to bear ii li^ily. Take nw up :
I have led you oft ; oirry me now, guud frienda.
Aad have my Ihanlu Uiv all

[£r Ml/, bmrmo Auumy.

tCENE Un—Tht mme. A MinumtmL
Mmttr tto m, Cleopatra. Charmian. m»d Iraa.
Cko. O Charmian, I will never gu frum hence.
Ofeer. Be oun&irted. dear uiadam.
Obau No. I wdl noc

AH atraaft ami terrible eventa an wekuuie.

But Romforta we ifeiipisn ; our aixe <>f aorrow,
Propurtiiin'd tit our cause. iiiu»t be as great

&tier Diomedea.
Aa that wliirli makes it.— How now 7 is he dead T

Dio. His dearh's upon him, but not dead.
Look out o' Hie iitlier side your monuim-ut.
His guard have brought him thither.

JSMrr Antony, borne bf the Guard.

CUo. O thon san,

Bum the great sphere thou mov'st in !— darkling

The varying shi»re o' the world !— O Antony !
Antony. Antony !— Charmian, help: help. Iraa:
Help, friends b*>low ; let's draw him hither.

AnL f.

N<it Cvear's vahior hath o'erthrown Antooy,
But AiitiHiy's liiith tnoiiiphed on itself.

Clto. So it sliuuld he. that none hut Antony
Should Conquer Antony ; but wtie *tia ao!

AnL 1 n^ii(lyiu<. l::gypt,dying: only
1 here importune denth a while, uniil
Of many thouiwiKl ki^aes the |ioor last
1 lay upon thy lips —

Cleo. I dare mit, dear,

(Dear my lord. pard«»n,) i dare not.
Lest I be takr'n : ni»i Ihe iniperiiMJs show
Of the full-lortiiu'd Casar ev*fr ahull
Be brooch'd wiUi me ; if knife, drugs, serpents,

Edge. Rtimr, or operation, I am sale :
Your wife Octavis. with her modest eyes.
And still couclusioo, shall acquire no honour
Demoring upon uie.— Bui come, come. Antony.—
Help me, my wuiuen.— we must draw Utee up ;—
As8iit,guod friends.

AnL O. quick, or I am gone.

Ofeo. Here's sport, indeed !— liow heavy weigh
my lord!
Our strength is all gone into heaviness.
That makea tlie weight: Hud 1 great Junols

The RtnHur-wing'd klereury shonhl fetch thee na
AiHl set ihee by Jove's sale. Yet come a little,—
Wishtsrs wer« ever Ibob :— O, come. come, come {
[ 7 W flfrew Antuny mt
And welcume, welcome! die. where thon hast

liv'd :
Quicken with kiasing: had my lips that power
1 bus wuuld 1 wear them out.

AiL A heavy sight !

Aia.lnm dyhig, Egypt, dying :
Give me some winu, and let me speak a Uttle.

Cko fit*, let uie speak; and let me rail ac»
That the faiae huoaewife Fortune break hm

Pmvok'd by uiy ofieuce.

AnL One word, sweet queea

Of Casur seek jroiir honour, with your safety —

CUo. Th«y du nut gu tugoiher. [0 1

AnL Gentle, hear me;

Noim alKMit Casar trust, but ProruleiiM

Cico My resoluituu, and my hands, I'U trust;
Nuue utiiHit Qesar.

Ant. The miserable cliange now at mv end.
Lament nor sorrow at : but pleane your ihiHights,
In feediiiK ih*'iii with th<i»e my former iurtiiuea
WhereiM 1 liv'd. the areaiest pniice o'ihe wurld.
The nubiest and do now iMit liuaely die.
Nor cowanlly : put olT my helmet to
My countryman, a JR<miau. by a Kinnan
Valiantly vnnquish'd. Now . my spirit la goiv,
I caA no morf iSm.

V •

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Cko, To the ^

MkhliMU, «n tell him I have ilain fflyteu;
Siijr UiNt the Ivt I qwke wu Antofi.r,
And worti it iN-'yUiee, pitomMly : Henoe,
MiiMian ; and bdng me how lie takee njr death •
I'u Uie muaament. [JEceiMt

SCENE XIL -> Tike «mie. i4N0/Acr Hoom.

Enter Antony enii Eras.

4JII. Ena,tboa]retbehoM%tmeT

Brm. *- Ay, nohle loftL

Ant. Soroeiime we see a dood timi'sdrasoniah:
A vapoar. sunietiMe. like a bear, or lioo,
A'tMwrr'd citadel, a pendent roek,
A (firked rouanuiu. or blue promontorjr
Wiib trees opunt, that nod anto Ihe w
And mock oor eyea with air : iboo bast seen Itoaaa

l*bey arebiack vesper^ pageanta

Brot. Ay. my lord.

AnL That whteh la n«iw a burae, eren with a
Tke rack dialimnsi and makes it indisUnot,
As water is in water.

Enm, • It does, my lord.

iln». My ffiM«d knare. Eros, now thy eaptaia is
Even such a body : here I am Aiituny ;
Yet cannot hutd this ▼isArie shape, my knave.
1 made-tbese wan for li^pt: and the qoeenr^
Whoae heart, i thuoght, 1 had. Ant she bad mme ;
Which,, whilst it was mine, liiid snnex'd ontot
A raiilidn more, now lust.— she. En«. has
Rsek'd canis with CMac and Wse phiy'd my glory
Unto an enemy's triumph.—
Nay, wenip not, aentle Eros : there is left na
OnrselTea to end oumelves — O, thy vile lady I

Sba has roMi'd me of my aword.

ifor. No, Antony :

My austrssa hiv'd thee, and bar fortuuea mmglad
With tbtee euurely.

AM. Ueooe,saofly eunttdi

Sbe bath beiray'd me, and shall die the

Har. Qsnthiif one persoM can be paid bat .,
And thai she haadisoharg'd: What thou wuokl^

Is done unto thy band ; the last she spake
Wen, AuiiNiy I nioat noble Antony I
llNm m tlie midst a tearing gnian dM break
Tlie name of Antony ; it was divided
Between berkeart and h|ja :

%^ Ma

; she rendered life,

Ant. DeadtlnraT

Har. Dead.

Amt. Eroa, Unarm ; the long day** task is done.
And wa most sleep t—lliat tboa daparfM henre
sale, [off;*-

Pues paf thy Ubour richly: Oa — OK pluck
[Etit Mardian.
Tlie seven-lbkNblekl of AJax cannot keep
The buiiery IhMn my heart. O. cleave, my sides I
Haart. imoe be stninger than thy otmCiuent.
Crack tliy frail tsasef— Apane, Eros, apace.—
No more a soldier :— Bruiaed weoes. go ;
You have been nobly Uirue.^Frum me a while.—
[EtU En«.
I sriU o'eitake tbea, Cleopatnu and
^ eep fur my pardon. So it niUHt lie, for now
All lenaih^iB taitura:— Wnoe tha'toTcb is oat.
Lie down. and stray no further: NowtatilabOttr
Mars what it doe* ; yea. very force eutanglea
Itiwlf with stremcth : Seal then, and all is dooe.—
Gros 1—1 coma, my Hueeii :— Krua I— tltay for ma :

Where soals do couch oo flowers. wa*U band te
hand, [faaa;

And with oar aprightly pon make tlw ^waia
Dklu and her ^oeiis shall want tniota.
And all the haaiit be oors.'-'Come, bios. Eroat

JCr.«nier Eroa.

Em. What wnnkl my lord f

Am, Siiire Ckmpatra died,

rve UtM in soch distaoooar, that the goda
Detest my baseness. 1, that with my sword
Quarter'd the worki, and o*er green Neptunels

With ships made dtiet, condemn mvaelf. to lark
Tlie coorage of a woman : less noble niitiri
llian she. whk:h. by her death, our Cesar tiella,
I am cttmqmrw qS wv0^ Th«N] art svNitn Erua.
'Iliat, when the eiicattt ahouM ooaie.< whii h now
Is come, indeed.) when I should see behind ma
The inevitable praaeoati<m of
Disgrace and hormr. that, on niy command,
Thoa then woukllA kill me: dot: the tune ■

Thoo strlk'st not me. 'tis Caaar Uion defe^t'st.
Put colour hi thy cheek.

Erm. ThegodawRiilidldBM!

Shall I do that, which all the ftithian darta.
Though enemy, lost aim, and coaU noif

AM Eroa.

Would*st thoa be windowV! fn gteat Rome, and aaa
Thy master thtis with pleachM anna, bawtii^

His eorrigibla neck, his Ace slibdbed
To penetrative shame ; whilst the wheera aeat
Of fortunate Qnsar. drawn belbre hiai. brandad
HiibBaeinhiaMt«niiuedt '

Erm. , 4 Would not aea^.

AnL Come then; for with a wound 1 moat h«
cnr'd; ' -

Draw that thy l^aqeat swoid, whkdi thoa liaai

Moat Qsefttl for thy couhCry: ^

Avt. 0, fir. pankm ma.

Ant, When I'did iMke thee free, awor^ thoa
not then

To do this when I hwhrtliMT Doitaloaoa;

Or thy preCedant 'services arrf hll

But aocidenia anparpoa'd. Draw.imic

En*. •'I'um fnm aie then that mihla cooatiH

Wherein the wo^ip of the whole wortd liea.

Ani, Lnthee! vNmmt frmihimu

Erm. My aword ia drawn. -

AnL Then let. it do at onoa

The thing why thoa hast drawn it

fihw. My dear mastar.

My captahi. and my emperor; let me say.
Before I strike this bkiody stroke. farewdL

Ant Tis said, man ;— and forewell.

ErOt. Farewell, great diief. Shall I slrUa

Ant. Now, Eros.

Erot, Why^ there then : — [FkOf mkbtmr^}
Thus xht I eacape the sunuw
Of Antoqy's death. iDnm.

Ant. Thrioe noMer than myaein

llioa teachest me. O traUaut Eroa, wlmt
I ahould. and thou oouU'st nut. My qoeeir ami

Have, by theh* brave insthM^tkin. foil upon tt(a
A noltteness in rvcord : But I wilfbe
A bridegmum in my deaih,aad nm iM4rt
As to a lover's bed. Qime then ; aad, Ena.
lliy master dies thy sdudar ; to do thua


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£Mer Enobarbos.
I Sold. If we be DuC retiev'd within UiiR iioar,
We laiart reinra Ui Um ouurt of cuMnl : Tbe night
b stiiujr : mmI tliejr mt. we shnU eni' '*
" "' ' ' iir I ihe rooni


Bf the MrcuniJ biiur

2 IMd, lliie li

A ahrewd 4iue to m.
Emo. O. bear me wituf

3S9U. What nan iiilusT

2 SM. Stand oUiee. and lift to him.
fino. Be witncei to me, thiMi ble«ied moon,

^ben men revolted shall apoo reo6rd
Bear hateful lueniory, poor Enuharbue did
BeAire thy face repent 1—
lawrf. Inobarboa! ^

Hark further.

£mo. O MiTereicn miftieai of true melanoholy,
Tbe ponunoue damp of niirht disponge opuo me ;
That life, a very rebel to my will,
May hauf no lou|wr on bm : 'llirow mr heart
AcBinat the llint and haidneas of my bult:
Whi^ beinc dried with gneA wiU bivak

And iniah all foul thoochta. O Antooy,
Nobler tkan my revolt it influnooa,
Furnve me m ihiue own pamcular ;
B«let the wmid rank me in ntfttter
A ■MM«er>leaver. and a fugitive :
UAnttny! OAnloigrl [JJk*.

2aokL Letliapeak

I AM. LeC*«beM> him, for the Uui«a be speak*
May ooooeru CMaar
^SoU. Utiidoao. But he sleeps.

1 AsM. Swoons rather; for so bad a prayer as his
Was never yei for sleeping.

3 Sola. Oo we to him.
3 SM. Awake, awake, sir ; speak to u*.

2 Sou Hear you, sir T
1 SqU. Tbe band of death hath ruught htm.

Hark, tbe drums iDnumt afar qf

OMMrsly wake tbe sleepers. Let ue bear hint
To the ouurt of gnani ; fieisof not«; our hour
la fully ouL

3 SM. Come on then ;

He may recover yeL iExtmnt with iMe bodf


Jmrr Anloay mirf 8carua. wA #Wr«i Bierettiv.
Ami. Thmr p«»panHion is to day by sea;

We pleaee them MC by bmd.
9tmr. For lioth, my InnL

AaL I would, tJMy'd fight i*Um Urs, or in Uie

We'd fight there too. Bnt this it Is ; Pur foot

Upon I be bills adjoMiinc to tlie city,

bball stay wi h us : older for sea is given ;

They buve put forth the haven : t^rther oo.

Wiwrv their appoiat m en t we may best disoovi ,

And look on their en d ea vour. jEnaml

Ayer Caasnr. anrf Aw #Weet SMrdtenf .

Cm. Uoi being ehari'd. we will be still by land.
•^ - i« I lakX we shaU ; fiir lushest forae


all : ril bring thee wonl
Straight , how *lis like to go. [Es^.

Scar. Swallows have budt

In Cleopatra's saib their nests : the augurers
Say. they know not,— they cannot tell! — look

And dare not speak their knowledge Antony
Is valiant and d4k>cted ; and, by starts.
His freUed f«irtunes give him hope, and I
Of what he has, aad has not.


Jte-enler Antoqy.
Ant. All is loot;

This foul Egyptian hath betrayed me :
My fleet haUi yielded to the foe; and yonder
They cast their caps up, and carouse together
Like friends long lost— Tnple-tum*d whore 1 tit

Hast si^ me to this novioe : and my heart
Makes only wars on tliee.— Bid them all 4y;
For when 1 am reveng'd upoA an charm,
I have done all :— Bid them all fly, be gone.
O son. thy uprise shall 1 see no more ;
Fortuue and Antony part here ; even here
Do we shake hands —All eome to thia?— The

That spnnierd Die at heels, to whom I gave
Tlieir wiehee, do disoandy. melt their sweets
On blossoming Casar; and this pine is bark'd,
Th»i overtopp'd them uU. Betray'd I am :

Kftmkr Antony ami Soama.
jNt.Totthe^wAioia'd: Where yemler pine

O this false soul of Egypt I this grave charm,
Whuee eye beck'd forth my wars, and call'd them

Whoae bosom was my cmwnct, mr chief end,
like a right gipsr. hath, at fost and kioea
Bccuil'd uie to the very heart of kjes.—
What, Eros, Eros!

fMo* Cleopatra.

Ah.tbonspein Avnunt.
Cite Why Is my lord euragil i«ainst his loveT
AmL Vanish ; or I shnll give thee thy deservmg.
And blemiiOi Gasar's triumph. Let hiiii take thee.
And hoHrt. thee up to tlie shouting plebeians :
Follow hu chariot, bke the grsatest spot
Of all thy sex ; mont nMmster-like, be shown
For poorst dimmutives, to dolis; and let
Patient Octavai plough thy visajce up
With her pnrunred nails. [finlCleo] Tie well

If it be well ta rive: Bnt betUr *twere
Thou foll'sl into my fury, for one death
Might have prevented many —Eros, bo!
I'lie shirt of Nessus is upon me : Teach me,
Alctdes. tliou mme ancestor, thy rage :
liSt me lodge Ltchasouthe horns o' the moon;
And with those haudii. that grasp'd the heaviest

Subdue my worrhiest self. The witch shall die ;
To the Romnn boy »he huth sold me. and I foil
Under this plot; she die« fort.— Ems, ho* {EtiL

SCENE Xl— Alexandria, illfosm ta 'Ar /\yne«.

Bm/ar Cle«>patra, Charmian, Iras, ami Manban.

Geo. Help me. my wiHuanl O, he is more mad
Than TeUnMNi ibr kMsbiekl ; the buarofThSMaly
Was never ao cwbuea'd.

Ckar. To the monument:

There lock yoonelf, and aead him wonl you art

The soul aud budy rive not moet m pnitmc.
'ilau gnmineis guiiui u«f






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y ^ im^



[Act IV.


Itatain no joC, 1 chaixd Ibee : write to hi«
[\ will Babaenb^) Keiille ndieas. and grMtinits :
%»ay, that I wish lie never ftiid more cmum
To elmnire « master.— O, mr furtunes have
Comipted buusMt uieu :— Erus, despatch.


8CENB VL — Cbaar't Camp htfart Alexandria.

FtanhA. Enter Cssar. wttk A^ppn, Euobarbua,
ami others.

Cm. Go forth. Afhppa. and bagia the fifht.
iHir will is, AnUmy be took alive ;
Make it su known.

A0r. Casar, 1 shall. {Exit Agrippa.

CSm. The time of universal peace is near :
Prove this a prosperous dajr, Uw IbnM-oook'd
Shall baar the oUve freeljr. [world

iZkfer a llesaenger.

Me$$. Antony

Is come into the AeM.

Cm. . Go. eharte A^rippn :

Plant thoae that have revolted in the van.
Iliat Antony may seem to spend his tnn
Upon himself. [ExrwU Oeenr and hit Tram.

Bm. Alezas did revoU: and went t4i Jewry,
On afEurs of Anion/ ; there did persuade
Great Herod to incline liiraaeir to Cesar.
And leave his master Aulony : for this pains.
<'«sar hath hauf'd him. Canidins, and the rest
lliat fell away, have entertaiumeul. but
No honourable trnst 1 have done ill :
0( whicli I do aooose myself so sorely.
Iliat 1 will Joy no more.

filler a Soldier 4^0Mr^

SM. Kuoharbos, Antony

Hath alter thee sent all thy treasnre. with
His boantjr overplus : llie mesaenfer
Tame on my roanl : and at thy tent is now
L'nl<MHlinir of his niuUv.

Em>. I cive it you.

Sold. Uock me not, Enobarboa.

1 tell you true : Best that yon saf *d the hrinfsr
Out of the host : I most attend mine oflSce.
Or woald hare doiiet myself. Your emperor
Continues still s Jove. iExU Soldier.

Bho 1 am alone the villain of the earth.
And feel I aui so most. O Antony.
Tiiou mine of liounty. how wonkPit thoa have paid
Mv heuer aervioe, when my lorpitode ( heart :
TfwHi diwt so crown with gold I This blows my
If swtd thouffht break it not, a swifter mean
Shall ootstrike thomrht: but thought will dot,

I flchl aininist thee !— No : 1 will to seek
Some ditch, wherein to die ; the foul'st best fits
My latter part of life. [BiU.

SCENE VII. — PMd of Bottk between the Camp*.

AlanmL Dnans and Irmnpets. Enter Agrippa,

Agr. Retire, we have engac'd ourselves too fer :

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