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Vmmui [ftee.

In state of healili. tbuu sav'st; and. thou say 'at.

Meat. tVee. nmdam 1 no; 1 made uoauoh report:
He'* bound onto Uctavia.

CIta For what pood turn f

MfM. For the beat torn i' the bed.

Cleo. 1 am pale. ChannUua.

Mej$. Madam, he's married lo Ootavia.

Cleo. I'he muat lurectiuua peatilenne umm thee I


What say yon?— I
porn liune eyea

Horrible villain ! or FlI spoi

Like ladls before me ; 111 unhair tliy'liewl ;

[She Meg Atm 19 am/ 4<maii.
Ilioa ahalt be whipp'd with wire, and stow'd in

Samiting ui liag'riag pickle.

Mess. Gn

I, that do bring the news, made not the —Ink.
CJm. Say, 'tis not ao, a pruvinoa I will giv*
And make thy fortunea proud : the bl«»w thu«

Shall make thy peace, fur moving me to rage ;
And I will boiit tbwe wiib wluU «ill besale
Thy naidea y can beg.
MfSt. He's iiiNrneil. iiMdaiu.

Cko Bogne. thim haat bv'U u*» i«ni«

( Dmim a tlofttr,
M^ Nay.theu I'll run :^
What mean you, madam T 1 have niiale on laoR.

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. ^ (imt.
J Ani.


Cm. AImmiI the Alouut Miwnmn.

Anl, Whafk bii


CdBt. Great, and increadnp; bat bf aea
t%» ta aa abaolate master.

AnL So is the fiune :

'Would. we had spi»ke together! Hacte we (or it:
YeU ere we put uumelres in arms, despatch we
1'he husinefa we have talk'd of.

Cm. With most gladness ;

And du inrite you to my sister^ view,
Whither straishl I wUl IomI yoo.

AnU Let OS, LspUns,

Not lack your company.

Up. NoUs Antony.

Not sickness should defain nie.

' (FfbHiisk. EsftnU Casar, Ant, amd Lepklos.

Jlee. Welcome from Eicypi, sir.

Emo Half the heurt «f Casar. worthy Meom-
uail— our honourable friend, Agrippal—

Aqr. Go id £nobarbuB !

Utc Wc have cause to be glad, that matters
are so well digested. Yua stay'd well by it in

JEM. Ay, sir; we did sleep day out of comite-
naaoe, aud made the uiKht licht with drinkiuff.

Uee. KikIiI wild boars masted whole at a
breakfast, and but twelve pemnui there : Is this

Eho. This was but aa a fly by an eat le : we
had much mure monstrous mutter uf feasts,
which worthily desenrod nntinf.

Afor. She's a most triumphant lady, if report
be square to her.

£no. When she first met Mark AntiHiy. she
pursed up his hMirt. upiiu the river of Cydnos.

Agr. 1 here she appeared indeed ; or my re-
porter devised well fur her

Em- I will tell you :
The barge she sMt lu, hk(> a bumish'd thnme.
Burird oil the wuinr : the ptrnp was beaten gold ;
Purple the sails, and s(» perfumed, that
*i'he winds were hive-aick with them ; the oars

werr silver ;
Which to the tune uf fluu-s kept .stroke, and

llie water, which they heat, to ftilluw faster.
As amorous of thmr strokes For her own per-
il beggar'd all desrriptiiin : she did lie (son.
Jn her paviUon, (cU)th of Kukl, of tissue.)
0*er-pioturing that Venus, wherif we see.
i'htt fancy out -work iiature : on each side her.
Mood preUy dimpled buys, like sniiliiig Cupkls.
With diveni-colour'd fMiis. wlMsie wind did seem
I'o glow the delicate cliueks which they did cool.
And what they undid, dul

A§r. O. rare fur Antony 1

Emu Her gentlewomen, like the Nereides,
So many mermaids, lendt^ her I'lhe evee.
And niiule their bends adumiiigs : at the helm
A seemmv Mermaid steers : the silken tackle
Swell with the touches of those flower-soft

That jarely frame the oOkte. From the barge
A strsi ge invisible perfume hits the sense
Of Uie adiacrut wharfr The aty oast
Her petMile out upon her; and Antony,
tntlHiMiil in Hie inarket-pluce. did sit alone,
Whwiliiut lo the air: which, but fur vacancy,
Had tfinie lo oM on Cleopaira too.
Aud mitde a gap lu nature.

i^. Rare Egyptian I

BiHO. Upon her bmding. Antuuy sent tu her,
Inviied tier lu «u|iper : she replied,
|l«h«iuld bf be.uir, ha became her g«««t;

I Antony. ^ ^
iieard speak, %


Whksh aha entreated : Our conrteous Antony,
Whoai ne'er the won) of No woman heard "
Being barber'd ten times o'er, goes to the
And, for his ofitlhiary, paya his neait.
For what Us eyas eat only.

Agr. Royal wench!

She made great Caaar lay hia swonl to bed ;
He ploughed her, and she cropp'd.

£iio. I saw her <

Hop forty pacea through the pablick atreet ;
And havtnr Inat her breath, she spoke, and |
That she did make defbct, perfection,
And. breathless, power breathe forth.

Hte, Now Antony must leave her utterly.

£iio. Never : he will not ;
Age raonnt wither her. nor costom ttal*
Her infinite vnrieiy : Other women rgi j.

Cloy th' appetites they fised : but she makea nin-
Whera most slie satiraes. For rilest things
Become themselves in her : that the holy
Bless her. when she is rigilsh.

Utc. If beauty, wisdoih; modeHy, can laMla
The heart of Antony,*OctaTia ia
A blessed lottery to'^him:

Avr. " Let us go.—

Good Enobarbos, make yourself Biy gvaat
Whilst you abide here. .

Em. Humbly, sir, I thankywi

SCENE m.- TV jmnr .i Jlooai te Obw^

£nlcr Gnsar. Antony. Octavia htfm&m Itan,
Attendants, and a S«>olhsayer.

AnL The world, and my great ottce. win aoms
Divide nw fh>m your boaom.

Oct0. All which tima

Before the gods my knee shall bow my pmyen
I'o them for yoiL

AnL Good night, sh-.— My Octatia,

Read not my blemishes in the world's report :
I have not kept my square; but that to come
Shall all be done by the rule. Good night, ter

Octa. Good night, sir.

Cm. Goodnight

[£xv<ai/ Casar «■< Oetaria.

iliil Now. sirrah 1 you do wiah yoon^lf in
Egvpt ? (nor yoa

Sooth. 'Would I bad never come Ihxn Thsaos.

Ant. If yon can, your reason f

Sootk. I soa*t hi

My motion, have it not in my tongoe : B«t yet
Hie you again to Egypt.

Ant Say to roe.

Whuse fnrtnnea sluiU rise higher. OaaaiX Of
mine T

SootJt. Casar's.
Ilierefure, O Antony, stay not by his side :
Thy damon, that's thy qnrit which keeps thee, ii
NuMe. courageous, high, unmatdiable.
Where Cesar's is not ; but near him. thy angel.
Becomes a Fear, aa being o'erpower'o ; therema
Mske specs enough between yun.

Ant. Spt^k this no mom.

Sooth. To none but thee ; uu mure, but whea
lo thee.
If thutt d«at play with him at any game.
Thou art sure to lose : and, of t hut UMiural lurk*
He beau ihee 'gauuit the odds; thy lutfN

nesny :

When he shines

say again, thy sputt


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r Arr II

^ Ami Y,


AnL Tn« do aiiM«ke jroar b m ip — ; af bio-
tber never
Did Hi«e me in his actt I did e«qoir* it :
And Iwve my learainf frnm auoM true ramnts.
Thai drew tlieir ewonls wiili jroo Did lie not

of Ponpejr. return it egaiL. ,

have tiowto wnngle in. wlien jrua liave naihiBf

AmL ThoQ art a aokUer onlf: epealt no more.

Em. ThattnithalKmldbenleiit,Iliadalniuat

, Dianredit mr aatburiur witli jriMira ;
And wake tkn want alike aniniit m.r «
HaviDK altke VMur eaOM T Of i liia, my letten .
Before did satwfj ftm. l( jrou'U patch a quarrel,
Aa maUer whtde jroa have not lu make it with,
It noit not be witk Uiie.

Cm. Yua pniae ytmntU

Bf layimr defects «W jndfmeat to uie ; but
foq patcliM ap fonr eicusM.

jm. NutHKunlm;

I know yon n»oU not taiitk. I am ceriam iail,
tery nsosssiiy of this thooglit, lUai L
Yoor pnrtaer m the ouimi 'gaiuai wlurh he

Conld not with sraoeAd eyes attend tho«e ware
Which '(nmied mine own poNoe. As fiir ny wrfe,
I woukl yon had her spim m such aaiuiher :
llM ihinl o'the world ie yo«r>: which with a


Yon wnM( this pneeBce,tharefcre s

JbssL Go to then ; roar considerate sUaio. *
Cmg. IdonotnioebdisUketheniatter.bat
The manner of hia sneeofa : for ii cannot be.
We ehall remain in nriendehip, onr oonditaias
So diflsrin; in their ads Yet, if I knew
What hoop shooU hold as stMnoh. frum edfa t»

O'the tMvrld I wottU parme it.

Agr. Give me leave, OMtf^

Cm. Speak, Aimppa.

Agr. Thoahastasisterbythemother^Ma,
Admir'd OnUvia : irreat Mark Antoqy
b now a widower.

Yod mar pace easy. boTaet such a %

Mm- VV.MiU we hml all vtich wives, that the
men auirht so to wars with the wo m en !

Ami. 80 mneh aneuraMe, her farbotb, CsBear,
Made out of her impmifonK (whKh ant wanted
Shnwdnum of policy too.) ifrievimc crant,
IHd yua too morh dMquiet : br that, you moat
Bat Wy, I CMOld not help it.

Cm. I wrote to yon.

When notant in Alexandria : you
Did pueket up my letters, and with Unnta

Ml gibe my mwi
eSil opim me.

ly mwnve 00^ of audience..


If Cleopatra heard yon. yiwr rei
Were weUdesenr'd of raslmem.

Say notsn. AKrippa;


Threa'kmts lli^^^Wiirfemted. iii4 dkl waa
Uf what I was I'the mondi«: bat. next day.
I tol^ hMB of myaeif; which wasns ftuch
As to have ai4'd him panlun : Let this feUew
Be oof hwc of our strub ; if we contend.
Ooft sf onr qaeiiam anpe him.

Cm, Yam liave hraken

The ertide uf yov oath : which yo«vshall never
Haea tongae lo charge me with.

Xi - So<t,<

Atd. No, Lepidna, let him apeak;
The hooonr's siwmd whhsh he talks on
SnppiishMr that 1 hsafc'd it : Bat on. Closer ;
Ihe artiele uf nqr outh.-n

Gas. To lead aw arma. and aid. whan I re-
•uirM them;
The which yoahwih denied. \

Amt. NcKleeled. rai her :

And then, when Oiasan'd hoarii had humid me up
Prom nriae own knowl^tVie. As nearly as I uiay,
111 play the pewtent to yua : but miue iioueety
Shall net make pour my tfaainess. nor nqr power
Work withont it : Truth is. thai Fulvin.
Tb havn me oat of Enrpt, mwle wars here ;
Fur which aiyseIC the igaoraut Htoiive. do
ie fer sea pnraon. as bellle uaue houonr
Td Sloop m each a case,

X49- Tie mibly naken.

Jmc If « aught plenn yea. la enfqioe no fhr<



Uf W<«thUy spbke. Mecmnak

Am. Or, If you borrow one another's love fsr

The grieA li e t weea y« : to ftirxet them oaita.
W«f« III rvoMuiber that the present need .
t|<aakB. to at4«e you.

Agrippa funher speak.

ilgr. To hoU you in perpetoal amhy.
To make you brothers, and to knit your henita
With an unslippuur kuot. take Anionv
Ootavm to his wth : wliose beauty cuima
No woiae a hosbaud tlian Uie beat of men :
Wboee virtne, and whose seaeral graoss, speak
That which none else nan atur. Qy thia mnr-

All little jealooaiee, whirh now aeem great.
And all great laains, wliich now import- their

Woold then be nothiug : troths woaU be bot

Wheia now half talee he traths: her love U*

Would, each to other, and all lovea to both.
Draw after her. Fudon what 1 have spoke:
For tis a studied, not n present thought.
By duty runuoated.

ilal Wm Oaaar speak 1

Cm. Not tdl he heaia how AatoM ia toochM
With what hi spoke already.

AtU. What power ia hi Agnppa,

If I woaM Mv. ilervpo, A* « M,
To Bwke this good?

Cm. The power of Oaaar, aad

His power onto Ootavia.

AM. May I never

To tills good purpoee. that ao fairlvvahowa.
Dream uf imModinieutl— Let me nave thy head :
Further this act of grace; and. from ihia hoar.
llie heart of brmhera govern in our lovea.
And sway our great dtiagns I

C«s. llwre is my hand.

A awtar I bequeath yoo. whom no brother
Did evrr love so dearly : Let her live
lo j«sii our kiacdonie, and our heaiu ; aad never
Fly odf oor lovee agam 1

W Happily, amen!

AmL I dhl not think to draw my swocd Igninat
For he hath laid a

Of hue upon me : 1 muet thank him only.
Leet mv remem b r a nce eufler dl repott;
At heel of that, dai^ him.

I^p. Time calla opna 1

Of as most Pompey presently be euught.
Or else he essks oat us.

AmL And where lirs he?

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EiUer Pbmpey, MeiMcratea. mrf Mmum.

Fom. If Um> Kraut gmb be jMt, they ihaUMriirj
The (leeds of jneteat Bien

Mtm. Know, wortiij Pompejr,

That wiMt thej do delay, they not deny.

Pum. Whiles we ue loitora to their throne.
The thtair we iue for. [decays

Mem. We, knorsnt of oarsolves.

Bef often oar own harma, which the wine fiowers
Deny ns for o«r giiod ; so ftnd we profit.
By lostav of oar prayers.

PomT Ishalldowell:

The people love me, and the sea is miue :
My power's a crufcent. and my aiurorinir hope
S^ys. It will come to the (bU Marie Aniony
In £nrpt site at dinner, aiid will make
No wars without duurs: Caisar get smoney« where
He l««es heans : Lepidos Datiers huih.
Of both is fiatter'd ; bat he iienhrr lores.
Nor either caree to him.

Men. CiBSMr and Lepidas

Are in the 5eld ; a michty r rmiicth they cany.

Pom, Where hav« yua litis f 'tis fiil^e.

Mm. Phhii Silrios. sir.

piam. He dmms; I know, they are in Rone
Looking fur Antony : But all charms of lor«
Salt Cl^itpHira, soften thy wan'd lip I
Let wiichoraft join with Iteauly. lust with b
lie ap the Itbeitine in a field uf feasts !
Keep his bmin ftininf ; EpieArBan rooks,
Sharpen with eloylees aaooe his appetite ;
That sleep and leedinic may pmrofoe hishononr,
Even till • Lethe'd dahMes <-How now, Varrios i

JBnIcf Vanrins.

Viar. This is most oeitain that I shall deliver :
Mark Antony is evefy hoar in Rome
Expeoted; sinoe he went flrom Esypt, tie
A atMOa for farther-travel.

Fom. I could have oven less matter

A better ear.— Menas. I did not think,
This amoroas aarfnter wookl have dooVI his

For soeh a petty war : his soUier^ip
Istwiostheotherlvaln: But let us rttar
The hiffher our oplninn. that uar stirrina
Can fhim the lap of ERypfs widow plodi
The ne'er lart*weoried Antony.

Jfm I cannot hope,

Onnr and Antony shall well freet toaeiher :
His wife, that's dead, dkl tree p i a wes to Cmir :
His hriitlier warr^ upon him : alibut^h, I think.
Not mov'd by Antony.

i^sm. I know not. Means,

How koser onmitiea amy give wsy to greater.
Were't not that we stand np a«ain«t them all,
Twere pregnant ihey should sqimre between


For they heve entertained oanse enoash

i'o «lraw their swords : but Im»w thn frar of as

May oemeni their divieions. and hind up

1*he petty diflh r ance. we yet not know.

Be It ae oar gods will have it t it only rands

^ .. . ^ hands.

Our lives upon, to use unr stnMigeMt n

SCENE IL-Rom». A Room m the Houm ^

JBnttr Enobnrtias oitd Lepidas.

Zjp. Good Enohnrhns, t» a worthy deed.
And shall beoome yon well, to entreat your caf

To aoft and gentle ^MddL ;

Emo. I shall entreat ban

To answer MM himself: if GMsar move him.
Let Antony look over Oosai^ head.
And speak as loud as Mars. By Japiter.
Were I the wearer of Antooios* heaiid.
I woold not sfaav\ to-day.

L9. Tie not p time

For private stumaohtatf^

Am. f^T*'7 *'"**

Serves for the matter that is then lH*m in ft.

Ifp. But small to greater matters moat gtv*

Bm. Nut it the small come Arst

Lep- Voar speech is pnssNiu :

But. pray yon. stir no embelrs np. Hscn coai^
I'he nutde Antony.

ESafer Antony eiHi Ventidioa.
£^ And yonder Cmar.

AilfT Onnr, Mecaaias. eiHi Aicrippn.
AM. If we oumpoee well here, to Fwthm :
Hark ytna, VentJdjns.

Cm. I do not know.


Lfp. NoMe frienda.

That which combined o« was most grant nitd

let not
A leaner nctam rend us. What's s

Mayitbegently^heanl: When we debate
Our trivial diffisrenoe loud, we do commit
Murder in healing wounds: Then, noble pari-

(The rather, for I earnestly h es e e cl i.)
TiNidi you the sourest points with sw^aetesl

Nor cn r s tn e m grow to the matter.

Ant, Tin spnkea well:

Were we before our armies, and to fght,
I shookl do thus
Cm$. Welcome to Romn.
Ant. Humkyoo.

Cm Sit

AnL SiLnrl

Cm. Nny,

AnL I leam. yon take things lU, which are not
Or. being, concern yoo not. [so;

,^C» ImaKb•laagh'4a^

If. or for nothim. or a little. I
Shonld say myself oOhnled ; and with yo«
Chiefly i' the world more bu«h'd at, th«i I

Onoe name yon derogataly, when to aowid pov

It not coooernVl me,

ui^!"* H. , My being hi Egypt, Cm«^.

What wast to yna f

Cm. No mora th«n my ramdinc here at Room
MichtbetoyoainEikypt: Yet if voa there
Da) practise on my stale, your lieihit in Egypt
Might be my qoestitHi. >

Ant. Htm intend you, practni'd f

Cm. Too OMty be pleas'd to oatch at aune m^
By what did here beM BM. Year wife, and hs»>



Wsa theme fbr you, yon were the wonl ol


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Act I.]



With keels nf •nry kiml ; Mnnjr hot inronds
1limr make in IinIv : die honJ«rs nmriiiuie
UcK Muoil to tbioik ont. ami doitli youth veroU:
NoTeMel cnn pe«p forth, bat Iik m mkiq
Taken as m«u : for Pumpry'ii otfUM strikei nore.
Thaa ooolU h» war reita ed

Cm. Antnoy.

Lea?* tttj laaohrjoot waivails. When thoa oooe
Wait heaten froni Mudena. where thou slew'at
Hhrtius and hinsu. onoNulit, hI lliy heel
Did famine follow; whom tiiou fiiujdir'at airainst,
Tbouffa daio'ily broofht dp, with pniiKnce more
Than aaraxe* ooald aufler : Thou iliiha, ilhok
The itala of horaee, and the gilded puddlv '
Wk^ beaato would coogk at : thy palate then

did deign
The iwichest berry on the rudest hedge ;
Tea. bke the stag, when, snow the pasture

The barks of trees thoa tJrowaed'M ; on the Alps
It n repotted, thoa didst eat strange flesh,
Whidi siMne dal die to look on : And all this
(It wounds thine honour, that 1 speak it now.)
Was home so like a soklier. that thy cheek
8d mooh as lank'd nut

Ic^. It is pity oT bim.

Cm. Let his shames quickly
Dnva him to Rome : 'TIS time we twain
Did show ourselves i'the field ; and. to that end.
Assemble we immediate counnil : Fompey
Thrives m our idlenesa

X49. To-morrow, Onar,

I shall be fytmlrii'd to Inform you rigntly
Both what by sea and land I can be able.
To 'front this present time.

Cm. Till which encounter.

It is my bosiness too. Fluewell.

I^p. Fkr«well. my lord : What yoa sUail know
mean time
Of stirs ahmad, I shall beseech vou. sir.
To let ■• be partaker.

Cma. Doubt not, sir;

I kaew it for my b.aML [ExewU.

dCENE Y.-Alenndria. A Koom in tkt Palaet.

Mmltr Claopatra. CbarmiaD, Iras, mid Mardian.

Where think 'st thoa be is now ?

sita heT

Or does he wnik t or is he on his horse T
O happy lione, to bear ilie weisht of Antony !
Do bravely, horse ! for wut'si tliuu whom tboti

The demi-Atlas of this earth, the arm
And bur^niet of men— He's apeakiug now,.
Or marm'nng. What's mp ferpent of old NiUt
For so be callii me ; Now I food myself
With most delicious poiwm :— Tliink on me.
That am with PtKBhus' amorous pinches black.
And wrinkled deep in Ume T Bmad-fronied Oiaear,
When thou wast here above the gnMial. I was
A morsel for a mooarcli : and grnt Pkimpey
Would sund, and iiiak% his eyes grow m my

hn>w :
1*here would tie anchor his asptet, and die
With looking on his lil«.

Ester Alena.

A/ex. Sovereign of Bcypt. hail I

Cteo How moch nniike art tluNi Mark Aut^aur I
Yet, Cuming friHU liiui. that great lueirciue haia
With bin tinct irildml the**.—
How goes It with my bravM Mark Auiouy t

Akx. \JMX. lliiug be did. dear queen.
He kii«'U.— Ihf last of many doubled kiMes.—
'litis oneiil poiirl ;— His itpe«cli aticks lu my heart.

("Jm. Muie ear muat pluck it thence.

Alrx. GuimI fneod, qooth he.

Say. The firm Romim to frtat Etml $md$
Taif tt rasu r e of am ofMer ; ni mko$t foot,
7b mmd the pe//y pr^mtU^ t mdl piieot
Her opHUnt throne miih ktmjtioms ; AU the eoMt
Say thou. Oatt call her uuMrtu. So ho noddad.
And soberly did naiunt a termagant steed.
Who msich'd so hucli. that whatl wuakl bavaspoka

Wa» beastly dmnb'd by hiiu.
Oo. What. %vas he sad. or merrr T

Atex. Like t«> the tune u'lhe year between the

Cftar. Madam.

Cbe. Ila,ha!-
fliva OM to drmk aaadrsgorm.

Char. Why. madam T

Cke. That I might daap oat tbw great gap of
My AaUaqr to away.

Omr. Yoa tbhik of him


CHSL Ctraason!

Cktr. Madam. I trust, not so.

CIm. Tho«,eaatK!fc! Mardian!

Mm. What's your highness' pleasure T

CSbsu Not warn to hear tbae sing; I take no

li aaght an aonach has : Tis well for thee,
tkal, halaf iMamiiiarU thy fkaer thoochu
May aoTtr forth of Cgypc Hait thoa afleo-

Mm. Tea, gracioas madam.

Oket. bilMdf

mm. Mel te dead, Mdaa; for t can do no^

a« «ta?h3eed to benaeC to be done :
Vst I have llerra afleotions. and Ihmk,
What Vaaaa dU with Mars.
Ctal' O Charmian.

V rstlhave
> ^ What Va»

Of heat and cold ; he whk imn- sad nor merry.

CtM. O well<divided diapoertitHi !— Note htm.
Note bim. good Chanuiau. tai tite maa; bat nutn

He was not sad ; for be would ekmm on thoaa
That make their looks by hto^ he was not merry;
Which seem'd to tell them, his remenibraace lay
la Egypt with his joy : bat between both :
O heavenly mingle I— Be^ thoa sad, or muiii,

• iiroTeit* ^

l*he violenoe c

So does It no man etoe.—Mal'st thoa my posts \

X. Ay. madam, tweatv

Why do yoa aend so thick f

Oea. Who's bum that dv

When I forget to send to Antouy.
Shall die a beggar.— Ink and paper. Charmiaa.^
Welcome, my good Alezas— OM 1, CUaruuM,
Kver hive C asa r sol

Chnr, O that brava OMar!

Cko Be chok'd with soeh another empharii I
Say. the bruva Antony.

Omr. The valiaat OsMr!

Cteo. By Us. I wiU giva thaa bioudy teeth.
If tlKHi with Qasar paiagoa «pun
My niau of luea.

Char. By yoar most gracioas pardon,

I sing but after you.

Oto >fy salad days;

Wlien 1 was green in judcment :— Told in bkiud.
To say ax I said then I— But. come, away :
Get me luk uimI paper : he shall have every day
A several gret- ting. i»r 111 oapaople l^pt.

Digitized by


Or Hum, the itmtast aoklier uf Uie world,

Art tnni'd Uio iraaiost liM*.
Ant. Hownow.ladjrl

On Iw«MiU.lhMlthrinc)t«:Uioo%liookrat

There were e beert in EffpL

The stmiiff necimtf of tinie oomniamie
Oiir Mrvioni a while : bat mjr full hovt
Renuuiw in use with you. Our Itnljr
Shioee o'er witli nvil ewonde : tSevtun Pompeine
Mekee hie eftpninrhra to ihe port of Rome :
Equality of two d«iinesiir. poweri
Breed* anrupolous fHOtJuu : 'Hie listed, grown to
■tPBimtlu fpejr,

Are newljr cruwn to knre : the cnmlenin'd Pbm-
Rich in his fnlber^i honour, cmepii iipitOK
Into the hearts of such as have not Uiriv'd
Upon the praeent state. whoee nnmhers threaten ;
And quietness, ffmwn sick of rest, would punve
By anv desperate chaaie : My more partksular.
And ttiat which most with you shoald safe my
Is Ftolvia's death. (iMnfft

Cleo. 'fhouf h age Anom folly oould not give me
It does from chiklishness :~Gan Fulvia die T

Amt. Sbe^i dead, my queen :
Look iMre. and. at thy sovereiai leianre, read
The garfaoils she awak'd ; al the UuX, beat-
See, when, and where she died

Cko. ■ O most falae kive I

Where be the sacred riab thou should'st fiU
MTith sorrowful water 7 Now I see. I see.
In Folvia'k death how mine reoeir'd shall bb I

Ant Quarrel no more, but be prepare to know
' porpoees I bear : which are, or oeaae,
.As yon shall give the advire : Now, by the fire


lint quickens Nilus' siime. I go from benoe,
Thy soldier, servant : making peace or war,
Aa thou aflecfst.

Cleo. Cut my lace. Cbarmian. come ;■

But let it be.— I am quickly UU and well :

Ant. My inva^rvm «|«c«ii. wvn

And iti>e tme endenoe to his love, wbich
An h'lnouralile Lnal.

Cko. So Puhna Uild me.

I pr'ytliee, torn aside, and weep for her;
I'beo bid adieu to me, and suy, the tears
Bekwg to £^pt: 0«Hid now, play one scene

2[ excellent dissembling; and let it look
ke parfeot honour.

Ami Yoo*ll heat mv blood ; no more.

Cko. Ton onn do better vet : but this is meetly.


Ant Mow, by my

And tanet.— Still he

But tbie is not the beet: Diok, pr'ythee. Char-

How this Herculean Monuui does
The carriage of his chale.

AnL 111 leave you, lady.

Cise. Coorteous lord, one word.
Sir, you and I must part,— but that's not it:
Sir. you and 1 have h»v*d.— but there's not it :
That you know well : Something it is 1 woajd^-
O, my oblivioQ is a very Antoay.
And I am all foigutlen.

Ant, But that your royalty

Holda idleness your subieot, 1 should take yoa
For idleness itself

Cko. Tis sweating labour.

To bear such idknem so near Uie heart
As Cleopatra thia. But. sir, forgive me :
Since mv beoomina kill me, when they do not
wen to yoa : Tour honour calls rou henoe ;
ifore be deaf to my onpitied folly.

V Since my

> ^wefl


And ell the ends t» with you ! upon yimr swuitf
Sit laurelM vic-ory ! and Munolh succes s

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