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Merely npoo myself. Vez'd I am.
Of late, with peastons of suroe dufcrenoe,
CnnoeptkmB only proper t4i myseIC
Which give simw mmL. perhaps, to my behavfours :
Bat let not therelVire my gooil friends be griev'd ;

^iMMOff whioti number. LasHiuii. he y<ia one ;)
or oooe trn e auv further my n«is1(>ct^-
Than that poor bmtua, with hims«lf at war,
Ponets the shtiwi of love to otoer men
Qu. Then, Brulus, I have mudi mistook your

By OMMis whereof, this bmwt of mine hath buried
IVyaghts of grsat value, worthy oogitauons.
Tell me. juou Bruin*, can you see your face T

Bru. No, Caasius : fiir the eye sees not itseU;
Bat by redeotiou. by «ome other thing.

Oss. 'TMJnst:
And R la very much lamented. Bnitas,
Thai voa have no sotUi mirror, as wUl tura
Yoar wddea worthiness luto your ere,
niial yoa might see your KhaJow i have heard,
Wbers anny uf the bnit respect hi Rome,
(Eieapc imnmrtal CInnr.) speakmc of Brutoa,
Aod gitMUuag Hiidemeath tins age^s yoke.
Have wah'd that noble Bruins hud his eyes.

Jtm Into what dangers would you ImhI me.

That you would have iiie seek into myself

For that wliinli m not in me? [hear,

Cos. Tlierrfont. ftood Brotns, be prepord to
And, since you know yon cannot see yourself
So well iu( ity refleciioii. I, your ^ass.
Will modfti'ly duniver U» yourself
That uf yonowlf v^hirli you yet know not of
And be nut je:ilous of me, gentle Bratus :
Were I a coiiiiimhi lauirlier, or did use
To stale with orxlinary naihs ray love
To everr new pnrfexter: if y«Mi know
That I do fiiwii oil iiieii. and ling them hanl.
Aim! nfler NCiiiidul thfiu; or if you know
I'hul I prot'eat iiiy«(Klf lu huiiqueiiiur
I'u all the rout, then hold me diuicertios.


Bnt WliHt tiieau<* thiw KliiKiting f i do fear, tl «•
ChiHMe Cassar for tlieir king.

Com. Ay, do you fear it T

Then mnst I think you wiHild nut have it au.

Bru I wtrakl nut, Caasius; yet I love bin
well: —
But wherefore do you hold me here so long!
What is It that you would impart to me ?
If It be augtit lownnl the general giNid,
Set honour in oue eye. nnd death I'the other.
And I wiU look ini iiuth indiflhreorly :
Fur. let the god* ao Kpeetl me. as I love
llie name of hoiHHir mors than 1 fear death.

Com. I know iluit virtue to lie in voo, Brutna,
As well as 1 do know y«Mir outwaru favour.
Well, bonoar is Uie subject of my story.—
T cannot tell, whut yt>o niid other men
Tliink of this life : hut. for my single self,
1 hwl as lief ooi Im. mm livi* tii Hm
In awe of sm

I wan hnni fr yoa :

We both hav i can both

Endure tlio v s he.

For onoe, upi f ,

TiMt troubled er shores.


Leap in wtth \

And swim to j te word.

AooiHitred ns

And biule bin le did.

The turrent i flei it

With lu«ly SI Je

And sieminiiL^ — .^jilniversy.

But ere we could arrive the puiui proiMNi'd,

Caear cry'd, Hrlp mr, Cawius. or I$uA.

I. as £oeas. our greii ancesuir.

Did from the (huiie* of Troy iipun bw vhoakler

The old Aiiciiiiies bear, mi. (rum llie WMves u(

Did I the tired Qenar: And ihm man
Is now berome a gud ; niid Camiiis ■
A wretched creature, and must bend his body.
If Casar carelessly but n<id on him.
He had a fever when he was in Spein,
Ami. when the fit wa* ou him. I did mark
How he did nhake : \w true, tliia gud did shake :
His coward lipM did frum itieir colour fly ;
And tbat mme eye, wlmae bend doth awe the

DkI loee liii* lustre : I did hear him groan :
A V, and thai Unurue nf lii*. that bade the RonuuN
Mark him. and write Ins Kiwerlieit in tlieir Imuaa,
Alas ! it cry'd, Otee mt mtmr dank, Tilimus.
As a sick girl. Ye gul*. it dcKh amaze me.
A man of soch a feeble temiier should
So get the start of ttie lunjtistic world.
Auu hear the palm ahaie. [Shout.

Hi m AiiuUitfr general shout t

: V



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[Act r.


Jaira* Cmmr.

M Mma. LepidJW.) •'"*« *^*^-

I 'icero, Publins, Pnpilnis Lena ; smatan.

Marcos BrolOf,





Dedos Brutal,

MeteUot Cimber,

Cinna, .

FlaTins and Marullus. tribmnt.

Aitemidonfs, a aophui t^f Ctudot.

A Sootkmvar.


Another Poet.

Lucilias. lltinioa, Menala, womm Cato. and Vo-

lumniiis: frkmd* to Bntms and Casshis.
Varro, Clitua, Claodiw, Strato. Luciiut, Darda-

nias ; servantt to Bnthu.
Piodanu, $avamt to CoMtiut.

Calphornia, wife to Cmaar.
Portia, vnfe to Bruita.

Senators^ atisem^ Ouardt, AtkmUmU, 4c.

SCENE,— <b(rtfv a great part of the Ptaf.at Rome ;
a^tenoor^ at Sanlis ; amd near Pnilippi.

ar, a eiirireoB to oU ihoee; whea ther are io
great daoger. 1 recover tbem. As proper men as
ever tnid apon neau-leatlier, have gooe apua mf

Fkw. BotwtierefareartnutinthvsfaaptiMiaf r
Wby d<«t thtHi lead iheae men about the Btro^t» f
2 Gt. lYvly, sir, to wear out their shoes, U ««l
aiyseir into more work. But, ladeed, Mr, wa
nuike holidaj, to see Cssear. and to ny'oioe in hs*
Mar. Whereffire rejoneT What conquest brings
be bonie?
What tnbuiMnon 6ilIow him to Home,
To KTaoe \u <ra(itive hoods his chahiit-wheHsi
You hUicks, you stones, you wonv tlian aeasalei«

U. you hard hearts, you cruel men <if Rome.
Know yiHi not t^iiupey f Many m time ami oft
Hnre y<Hi chmh'd up lo wmIIr anc' lAlUemeata,
1'(i towers, and wiialows. yea. to rbiiuney-iupc,
I Your luiuut* ui yiMir arms, and tliere hiive sal
1 1'he live-kNuc day. with patient expt^atum.
I 'V» vee Krewt Ponipev pasit Uie streets <if K<ar.« :
And when yuu saw his chariot hut appear.
Have vuu not made an universal shout,
I'hat I'yber trembled uudenieath her banks,
I'o hear the replicatioii «if your sirtiuds.
Made in her concave shcires ?
And do you now put on your best attire T
And do you now cull out a holiday t
And d<i you luiw strew fl>iw«rs in his way,
That ooiues in triumph over Pompey's blood I


SCENE I.— Rome. A Street.

£!nlerFlavitta,llarunas,«mla rabUe ofdtixiem.

Flan. Heoce; home, you idle ereatoras, gee jou
bthisaboUdayT What ! know yea not,
Beimr medumical, you nwht not walk.
Upon a labouring day, withoat the siira
Of your profcasion T— Speak, what trade art thou r

I at. Why, sir, a carpenter.

Mar. Where is thy lealheraproa. and thy rule?
What dost Ukw with thy best apparel on T—
You, sir : what trade are you T

8 Cit Truly, sir. in resplMA of a fine workman.
I am out. as you would say, a coblor.

Mar. But what trade art thou t


\ awl: I

^ ^ wrooM


2 Ot<. A tratfe. sir, that. I hope. I may nae with
a safe ctMiscienoe ; which is, indeed, sir, a mender
of bsd soals.

M». What trade, thou knave, thou naui^ty
knave, what trade T

3 Cit. Nay, I beaeech you. sir, be not oat with
roe: yet. if you Iw out, sir, I can mend jrou.

JTar. What meanest thou by that T Mend me.
thou sauqr fellow T

ICiL Why, sir. cobble you.

Fkn. Thou art a ooUer, art thoa T

2 Cit. Truly, sir. aU that I live by is, with the
awl : I meddle with no tradesman'ii matters, nor
vnmmk* matttn, but with awl. I am. indeed.

on to your booses, fiill upon your knees.
Pray to the fcods to intermit the plaxue
That needs must lifcht on this ingraliii^ie.
Flao. Go, go, good ooontiymen; aud, lor thia
AMemble all the poor men of your sort ;
Draw them to 'IVber banks, and weep your <«ari
Into the cluwiiel. till the lowest strsani
Do kias the moHt exalted shores of all.

iBxtumt Citixciis
See, wheV their basest metal be nut inov'd :
They vanisli tongue-tied in Uieir suiltioesK.
Oo;rou down that way towards the Capitol;
This way will I : Disiiibe the images.
If you do fiiul them deck'd with ceremnniea

Mar May we do mi T
Y(« know, it IS the feast of Liipercai
I FUn. It is no matter ; let no imageK
Bb huiur witli Qesar'k trophies. I'll almut,
I And drive away the vulgar from tlie streets :
So do you t4Ki, where you perreive them thick.
These growing festhers pluefc'd fhaa Gnar^l

Will make him fly an onlnwiy piteh ;
Who elae woohl soar above the view fif men.
And keep us all in aervile fearfulaess. iEamm.



Eater, in proceaskm^ mlh mkikA, CiBsar: Aatoa^,
far the courte: Calphumia. Portia, Dedos. Ci-
cero. Brutus, CaMsius. aitd CsMoa. a frssf aamt
faUowmg; among ikem a Soothsayer.
Cms Calphumia.—

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Thar* WM a jriekUiig ; Tiiis
Jotf. Utappruttohm

With oar uwu c.^r^o ; makiiuc ■ treaty, where
uig; Tiiis admits no nzooM.
appruttohfts, yoa shall hear him.

IMcr Coriobnos, wrM rfrMRf <mrf osioHT*; • crowri
4f CUiXMM WfM Am.

Cdr. Hail, kirdtl I am retara'd jrour soliliar;
No more tnlbeted with my oiiantqr'k lore
Than whan I parted heaoa. but MtiU sobaistinff
Undar vour great oominaod. Yu<i ura to ku«>w,
That imisperoosljr I hare attemptml, and
With bluody pHas;t<e, led yoar wars, even to
The gates iif Rome. Uur spoils we hare brought

Do more Uimq oouiiterpoise. a fUll third part,
Hm charges of th« at^iiuti We hare made peace.
With no less honour to the Antwtes,
llian roome to the Konmns : mikI we here delirer,
Subscribed br the ommmiUi and patnoians,
Tufretlier with the seal o'the senate, wliat
We hare oonpoouded on.

A»»f. Read it not, noiile lords ;

But tell the traitor, in the highest denrse
Me hath abus'd your puWers.

Cor, Traitor !— How now ?—

AMf. Ay. iruitor, Marcios.

Cor. Marcius!

AmS. Ay, Mardtts, Caiua Marcius; Durt Umn
ni grare thee with that rubbery, thy storn nam*
CwMilanuR, in Conoli T

You lonls and heads of the stale, perflUiouilf
He hath betray 'd your business, and given up.
For certain drops of salt, your city Rome
(I say. your mty.) to his wife and mother :
Breaking his oath and resolution, like
A twwi of rotten silk ; neTer admitting
Counael o* the war ; but at his nurse'k teaia
He whha'd and roar*d away your ▼ktory;
lliaft piges blush 'd ut him, and men or heart
LoukVl wuudeniig rach at oUiur.

Cor. Hear'st thou. Mare T

Ja/l Name nut tlie god. tho i buy of tears,—

i»t Hal

AMf. No more.

dor. MeaMun-leai liar, thou liut made my heart
Too great fiir what omuius it. B4iy 1 U sUiTe I—
i^uiion me. lords. His ihe (irftt time UimI erer
I was ibrc'd to acold. Your judgments, my grare

Moat iHre tins ear tlie lie : sod his own ntitidn
(Who wears my stnpes impress'd un biiu: that

must bear
My beating to his grere ;) shall Jom to thrust
Tbc he unto him.

1 LpnC. Ptoaoe, both, and hear me speak.

Cor. cut me to pieces. Voices ; mt^i and lads.
Slam all your edgos on me.— Boy I Kalaa hound !
If yoo hare writ yuur annals true, 'Us tiwre.

That hke an eagto m a duvewxiie, I
Flurter'd your Voices m CurioU :

AW- Whr. noble Ionia,

Will yoa lie put in mind of his blind fortune.
Which was your shame, by this unholy braggart
Tore your owu eyes and ears 7

Coti. Let liim die for^ [dkoenoi tfMk at mit.

Cit. [i^mtkmt prtmigemnuHf.} Tear him u»
pieres, do it presently. He killed my son ;— my
daughter ;-4le killed my cousin Marcos :— He
killed my father.—

3 Lointf. Peace, ho ;— no outrage ;— peace.
The man is noMe. and hie fcroo fokls m
This orb o' the earth. His last oflenoe to us
Shall hare jiulioious hearing.— StaiMl, Aufidius,
And trouble not the peace.

iJur. O. that I had him.

With six Aulkliuses, or more, his tribe.
To use my lawful sword I

Am: Insolent Tillain I

Cbfi KilU kill. kill, kill, kill hiiu.

XAurtdius and tkt Cous|Mrat4ira tfraao, mti
ktU Conulanu^ wto JiiUs, and Aufidius

Lor^ Hold, hold, hold. huhl.

Auf. My noble mssters, hear me spimk.

1 Lard. O Tullua,-

2 Lord. Thou hast done a deed wjwreat valour

will weep.

3 Lord. 'Vrtiiti not upon him. — Masters all. be

Put up yiHjr sworda
Aitf Aly lonht, when you shall know (aa in this

Provok'd liy him, you cannot,) the great danger
Whicif this man's Ufe did owe you, you'll re-

That he IS thus cut off Please it your hooours.
To call mo to your senate, I'll delirer
Myaelf your lo^ral aenrant, or endure
YobrlleaTieat censure.

1 Lord. Bear (tom hence his body,
And mourn you fiir him : let him be regarded
As the most noble curse, that ever lieriUd

Did follow Ut his urn.

2 Lord. His own impatienoe
Takes (mm AuAdim a great pari of Maibe.
Let's make the best of it.

AHf. My ran is gone.

And I am struck with sorrow.— Take him up: —
Help. Uiree o' the chiefest soidien ; I'll be one.-*
Beat thou tbe dram, that it speak moornAtllr :
Trail your Sieel pikea— Though in this city he
Hath widow'd and nnchikled many a cue
Whicb U> tins hour bewml the injury.
Yet he shall hare a noble mem



<4e6qi4r qf Coridlauas


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/^ 718


[ActV . S^

The plAheiiins tuiTe cot jroar fellow-tribaBe,
And bntr him up and down ; nil sw«aring. if
The Roman ladiea brimr not oumfort hoiDe,
They'U give him dteth bjr inches

Bnitr moikt r MeMenger.
ate. What>thonews7

JtfiBM. Good news, good news :— The ladies hate
The Voices are dislodf 'd. and Mareios Rooe :
> meiTier day did never yet greet Ronte,
No. not Um expQlsion of the I'arquins.

Sic Friend.

Art thon oertain this is tnieT is it most certain T

Met$. As oertain as I know the son is fire :
Where have you Inrit'd, that you make douhl

of it?
Ne'er throofrh an arch so harried the Mown tide.
As the reoonifbrted ihroosh the gates. Why,

iThtmpets oni hmaboif$ aomnded^ and
dnmabeaUn^aU together. She


. saokbuts, psalte

and C7mbals, and the shouting Aumans,

icbuts, psalteries, and fifes,

The trampets,

Taborsj and cy

Make the sun dance. Hark yon !

[ShouHma agtan.

Men. This is Rood news :

I will ICO meet the ladies. This Volumnia
Is worth of cuasnls, seuHtors. patriruans,
A city fall ; of tribunes siioh ns yoti.
A sea and laud full : You huve prufd well to-day;
1'his morning, (or ten thousand <if your UinNits
I'd not have given a doit Hark, how they joy !
{Shouiinif and mtmrk.

Sic FIrrt, the gods hless you I'ur their tiduigs :
Aooppt my thankftilnesi.

Jfcw. Sir, we have all

Great cause to give great thankx «

Sie. They are near the dry f

Mes$. Almost at point to enter

Sie. We wiU meet them,

And help the joy. [Ooinv

Enter the Ladies, aceoauanud 6$r Senators, Pain-
dans, and People. They pass over the Stove-
1 .Sim. Behold our patroness, the life »( Hume :

Call all your tribes together, praise the gtids.

And make triumphant fires; strew flowers before

Unshout the noise that baaish'd If amius.

Repeal him with the welcome of liii

Ciy, - WelooaM, ladies, welcome !—
AIL Weloome, ladies I

Welcnmel U Murigk with dnans and tnanitets.

SCEN& v. — AnUum. A publiek Place.

Enter Tulli<s Aufidius, with Attendants.
A»^. Ou tell the lords of the dty. 1 am here :
Deliver them this paper: having read it,
Bal ihem repair to the miirket-plaoe : where I,
tven HI ihem and in the coiiimuiis' ears.
Will vuucii ilie truth of it. Hini I aocuae.
The ciiy ports by that liath euterU. and
Intends t<» appear before the people, hoping
Tu.pttige himself with wonls : Desptucli

lExnmt AUeudanU.

Knter Three or I'bvr Conspirators of Aufidius'

Meat waloome!
1 Con. How is it with our geueralT

Anf. Bvwk so^

As with a man by his own alms empoisun^i.
And with his charity alain.

3 Om. Most noble sir.

If you do holil the same intent wherein
You wiah'd us parties, we'll deliver you
Of vour great danger.

Inf. Sir, 1 cannot tell;

We must proceed, as we do find the people.

3 Con. The people will remahi uncertain, whibt
Twixtyou there'k difference; but the fall oTeiUMi
Makes the survivor heir of alL

AhT. I know it;

And mr pretext to strike at him admits
A good construction. I rais'd him, and 1 pawnM
Mine honour for his truth : Who being so height-

He wnter'd his new plants with dews of flattery,
Seducnig so my friends; and, to this end.
He bow*d his UMture. never known before
But to be rough, uuswayable, and free.

3 Con S$ir. his stoiitiiess.
When he did stand (lir consul, which he lost
By lack of stooping.

Anf. That 1 would have spoke of:

Being banish'd forVlie came unto my hearth :
Preaented to my knife his throat : I took him ;
Made him joint-eervant with me ; gave him way
In all his own desirss : nay. let him chooee
Out of my files, hia pn^ects to accomplish.
My best and freshest men : aerv*d his Ueaignmeota
lu mine own person : hdp to map the fiune,
Whicli be did end all hn ; and look some pnde
To do iiiyseir thn wrong : till, at tlie last,
1 seem'd his follower, not paitner; aud
He WHg'd ine with hi» couuienauoe, as if
1 had faieen mercenary.

1 Ooa. So he did, my lord :

The army marvell'd at it And. in the hist.
When lie had carried lomie; and that we lookM
For iH» less spoil, timu glory.——

Anf. There was it ;

For which my sinews fhall be stretcii'd upon him.
At a few drops of womm's rheum, wham are
As cheap as lies, he sold the bkiod and labour
OC our grettt ariiou ; Therefore shnll he die.
Aud I'll r«mew me in hw lall. But. hark I

[Drvmt and trumpett eotmd, with gremi
ehouit of ihf ptopte.

1 Con. Your native town you entered like a poat.
And had no welooiites home ; but he retuma.
Splitting the air with noise.

2 Con. And patient foola.
Whoae children he hath sla.n, their baae thnaita
With giviug him glory [*«ar.

3 Cmt. Therefore, at your vantage.
Ere he express hinieelf, or move tiie people
With what he would miy, lot limi feel your swoni.
Which we will second When he Iioh • ' ~

A/ter your way his tale prouounc'd shall buiry
His reasons with his body.

Anf. Say no more;

Here come the loids.

Enter the Lords of the dtf.

Lord*^ You are moat welcome home.

Anf. I have not deserr^l ft t

But, worthy lords, have you with heed peraM
Wtiat I have written to you !

Lord*. We have.

1 Lord. ' ■ And grieve to hear ft

What fauIU he made before the last, 1 think,
MiKht have luuqd eaiy flnee : bat there tu eiki.
Where he wu to begin, and give away
The beuent oi «mr laviea, anawenag «m

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Maieh to MMialt thr cmiatiy, than to trsad
(Tnut loX tbua ahalt not.) m Ugr nratlMi^
TlMt bioaght tbae to this world (wmnli.

Vir. Ay. and im mine.

That brooKht yoo fiitth this boy. to keep yoar
Lmng to tint. (luuue

Bey. He shall wit tread on me :

m rim awaj till I am bqanr. bnt then I'll fifht.

Otr. Not of a woniaa'k lenderneM to h«i.
Raqnirae anr child, nor womaa'a five to see.
I Iwv* m too loof. (JUsmg.

rei Nay. co not tram as thus.

If it were so, that oar request did tend
To save the Runmos. tliereby to destroy
The VoloM whom yi>u serre, you might oondemn
Aspoisoooaaufyoarbnaottr: No; our suit [as.
Is. that yuu raoonntle them : while the V^tlnes
May say. T%i» SKrcy we kam akom^d;
Tku we reedv'd : and each m either noe
Give the all-bail to thee, and ory. Br bk$^d
nr maiuMff up tki$ pemotl llioa know*st. ursat

The sad of war's «Qeertain ; but this oertain.
That, if thou conquer Rome, the beneiit
Which thou Shalt thereby reap, is such a name,
Whoee repetitioQ will be dofcr'd with curses :
Whose oliruoicle thoa writ.— Dhs mm ism iieMt,
BM With kiMtaatalkmft he wif^d Ucmt;
De^ra^'d ku romtlrt : and kit mum rtmemu
To tke etwmm oge mbkmr*d. Speak to me, son :
Thoa heat aflbcied the fine atnuns of honour.
To imitate the Knees of the ffods;
To tear with thunder the wide cheeks o'the air,
And yet to chante thy sulphur with a bolt
That should but rive an oak. Why dost not

spMk T
Tkink'st thou it boooorable Csr a noUe man
8iiU to rsnwmbor wnmgs T — Daughter, speak

HaoarssaotfitryoorweepiM. Speak thoa, boy:
Perhaps thy ehikliahaeas wiU more him nM>re
Than can oor r sas u ns.— There is no man in the

world [prate,

More booad to his mother; yet here he leu me
Like OM i'the stocks. Thou hast never in thy
Show'd thy dear motiwr any courtesy ; [hfe

When she (poor ban I) fond of no seooad brood.
Haadork'd thee to the wars, and safety home,
Loaden with h<Nioor. Say. my requeslfs uojust.
And spam roe back :** ' ' '
llwaartnot hnoest


That thoo rsstrain'to from roe the duty, which
To a muthar% part beiooga.— He tarns awv :
Duwa. ludies : let as shame him with oar kneea.
To his e a m a m e Conolaaas 'longs more pride,
Thau piiy to our prayers Down ; An eisd :
Thw IS the last;-So we will home Ui Rome.
And die auwtng oar neighbours —Nay. behold as :
Th« buy. that eaonut tell what he wooid have.
But kMwIs, and holds up hands. f«ir fellpwsliip,
Does reason oor petition with more strength
lliaB tliou naat to deny^t.— CooM. let at go :
TbM fellow bad a Volsnan to Ins moibir;
Hts wife IS in Corioli. and his child
like him by rhance :— Yet give as oor daspaloh :
I'm bush'd UttUi our city be afire,
Aod tkea I'U speak a UUle
Cw. O mother, nsother I

rBsUtev Vdamnia bp ike hmtit, mb
What hava yoa daaal BehuU the hraveos

The gods hiok dowa, aad t

ThaylaaghaC OaiyaMthw. motliarl 01
Toa have was a happy vi««wy to liume :

And spam roe bock : But, if it be not so.

"^ and the goda will plagaa

V Theyla
> Toa h»

But. for your sim.— believe it. O, liel««ve it.
Moat daijgiirou(4y you have with hiiu prevail d.
If not roost monai to him. Bat. let it coma ;—
Aafidius though I ouiinoi make true wars,
n I frame convenient peace Now, good Aufidiiis,
Were you in niy steMU, sar, woukl yoo have heanl
A mother leas T or granted less, Aufidius T

Anf. 1 was mov'd withal.

Cor. I dan) be swmn yoa were :

And. nr, < is no little thing to make
Miue eyes to sweat oorapassioa. But. good Ur.
What peace you'll make.advsw me : for my part,
ru not to Home. Til back with you ; and pray

Stand to me in this cause— O mother I wife I

AtW. I am glad, thou hast aet thy mercy and
thy luMHiur
At diflbreooe in time: oat of that 111 work
Myaelf a former fortune L^ifMe.

[Tke Ladies moke tigiu to Coriohmns.

Opt. Ay, by and by :

[To Volamnia, Virgilia. 4c
But we will drink together; and you shall iiear
A better witurss Ink»k than words, which we^
On like conditions, will have counter-seal'd.
Come, entor with us. Ladies, you deserve
To havi> a tomple built yoo : all the swords
In Italy, aud her confederate arms.
Could not have made this peace.

SCENE IV. -Rome. A Fublie Ptaeo.
Enter Meneuius amd Swinjus.

Mtn. See you yond' coign o'the Capitol ;yowr
corner-atone 1

Sic Why. what of that!

Men, If it be posslb^ '

with your little finger. ^

ladies of Room^ especially his mother, may pra-
Tail wHh him. Bui 1 say, there is no hope in 't ;
oar throats are seoteuced, and stsy upon ezaeu-

Sic. 1st poaaiMe. that so short a time can alter
the ouodition of a man f

Mem. Iliere is a diflerency between a gmb.
and a butteiHy : yet yuur biitterdy was a grub
This Marcius is grown from man to dnigoii : he
has wings : he^i more than a creeping thing.

Sk. He lov'd his mother dearly.

Men. So did he me : aial lie no more remom*
hers his mother now. tlian an eight year old
hone. The tartness of bis face soon npr irrapeN.
When be walks, he movee like an eiiKine. aud
the ground shrinks befora his tnadrac. He m
able to pierce a corslet with bis eye : talks like
a knell, and his bom n a battery. He mu in hv
state, as a thmg made for Alexumler. What he
bida be done, is finished with hsi bidding He
wanU nothing of a gud. bat eternity, and a heaven
to throne lu.

Sic Ves. mercy, if yoo raport him truly.

Mem. I paint tiiui in the character. Mark what
mercy his mother sball bnng fitan him : Then
is DO mon mercy in him, than then m milk in a
male tiger ; that shall our poor city find : auil all
thw IS Mong of you

mc The gods b« cood unto as!

Mem No. in such a caae the gods will not l«i
good unto us When we banish'd him, we rtr
spaded nui them : aiul be returning to break odr
necks, they respect not us.

Mem. Sir. if you'd save your Ufe. Pf to yooi


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Fo/ttmnia. Why dost not speak ?

Think'st thou it honourftMe for a noble mao

^ Think'At thou It honourable for a noble mao y

> Still to remember wrongt? Comolahw. a« t.. Imm III. . ^

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80BNE in.«- 7% 31nf ^CoftolaatM.
Emter CoriotaaiM, Aafldios, amd 90mt,

Otr. We will before the wells of Rone to-
Set down oor hoeL— Mt perttier in thte actinii,

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