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Opt. Most I co show iheiu uiy nulMrti'd soouoe T

^Uh my Imno tongue, irive to my noble heart
A lie, that it niostbearT Well. I will do*t :
\ et were Uiere bat this sinfrie plot to luee,
I'iiiM mould of Mareius. they tu dust should irrind
It. [pince :—

And thmw it 'gainst the wind. —To the market-
Yuu*Te pot nir m»w to such a part, which never
1 Khali dtseharge to the life.

Com Come. oome. well prompt voa.

Fef I prVtbee now. sweet son ; as thou hasi
My praises made thee firrt a siildier, so, [said
'to have my praise for ibis, perform a part
l*hoa haat nut dune before.

Cor. Well. I most dot:

Away my dispneition, and poaseas me
Some harlot'H spint I Mv throat t^ war be turuM,
Which quired with my drum, into a pipe
8ioal( as an euuuch. or the vindu vmoe
'Hiat bkhies lull asleep ! The smiles of knaves
1'ent in my cheeks ; and school boys' tears take ap
llie g himui of my siglit ! A beggar's tougue
Make motioii through my lipa; and my arra'd

Who how'd hut hi my stimm. bend hke his
'I hut hath reoeiv'd an alms f— I will not dot :
1 4^ I surcease to h<Miouriaine own trutli.
Ami. by my body's actino. teach my mind
A iiM«t mhersnt basenesa.

VoL At thy cholne then

I'o beg of thee, it is my mors dishonour.
Than thoa of them. Come all to ruin ; let
lliy mother rather feel thy nride. than fear
I'lgr dangerous stouiuem ; for I aaick at death
Wtth as big heart m thoa. Do as thou list.
11iy vaUaalness wae mine, thou sock'dsi it from
But owe thy pnde ihyselC [me ;

Cor. Pray, be onutent ;

Mether. Tm gmng to the market- pfawe ;
Chide me uo more. I'll luouutebaiik thflr loves,
Ctif their hearts fhim them, and comt* home be-

Of all the trades hi Rome. Look, I am going :
ONunend me to my wife. PII return ohisuI ;
Or never trosl to what my tongue can do
r Ihe way of flattery, further.

VaL IH> your will. iBrU.

Com. Away, the tniiunee do aUeud you : arm
Tu answer miMly : ttr they are prepar'd
With aoousatimis. as I hear, more Ktroog
lliaa are upon you yet.

C$r. Thm word is, mildly :— Pmy jrou let us go :
Let them aoMse bm by invenUoo, 1
Win aaswer in mine homiur.

Mm. Ay. but mildly.

Osr. WeU. mildly be it then ; mildly. [BxtiatL

SCENE m. — Tke tame. The Porum
Eblcr Stciaios omf Brutus.
Brm. In tUs peine charge him home, that he
T jT s— l o a l power : if he evade us there,
IjUurrmhim with his eavy to the paopto;
Aai UM tiM spoil, got on the AutStee.

Waa ne'er distributed. —

JEmIm-m iBdile.
What, will he oome T

jRf. lie's coming.

Hrn. How a ,

JEd. With old Meneniiw, and tliose senators
Th-Ht always favoor*d him.

Sic Hsve yon a catalogue

Of all the voices that we have prueurM,
Set down by the poll f

JSd. I have; tis ready, here.

Stc- Have you collected them liy tribes!

JEd. 1 have

Sic Assemble presently the people hither :
And when they hear me km.v. // tfuU be to
r Ike Piffht and ttrtngtk o' the rommota. tie it either
Pordrath. (or Aiie. or bimishuiviii.theii let Ihtm,
If I my flue, cry Jime ; if death, cry death ;
Insisting on the old premaaiive
And power i'the truth o'lhe cause.

JBd. 1 Khali infiirm thea.

Bru. And when such time they tmve began la
Let them not ceaae, but with a dm ooufus'd
lilnlbror the present execution
Of what we ciianoe to sentence.

Md. Vevywea

Sic Make them be strong and ready for thin
When we shall hap to ghret ihem.

Bm. Go about it—

[BxU iEdile.
Pot him toeholer straight : He hath been us'd
Ever to conquer, and ui Imve his worth
Of oontradictioo : Being once ehaf'd. he cannot
Be rein'd acain to temiieranoe ; then he v\m»ks
What's in his lieart : aud that is tliera, whioii lo«iks
With OS to break his neck.

filler Coriolanus, Menenins. Cominius, Senaturs.
smf Patricians.

Sic WeU, here he comes.

Men. Calmlv, I do beeeech yon.

Cor. Ay. as an oatler. that for the poorent piece
Will hem- Uie kuave by the volume.— The ho-

uour'd gods
Keep RiHiie in sut'ety. and the chain of Jastice
Sapphml witti worthy men! plant love aui<mg us!
lliruugoor lanre temples with the shows of pence.
And vnA our streeU with war !

I •S^e. Amen, amen I

Afra. A noble wnh.

Re-enter iEdile, wdk Citnens.
Sc Draw near, ye people. Hk^-

Md. List to your tribunes; audienoe : fWa,
Cor Pirst, hear me speak.
Bath Tn. Well. sav.-Peaoo, ho.

nirther ttuu thia

Cor. Shall I be charg'd no 1

If oat all determine hers T


I do demsnd.

If yuu submit you to the people's votoas.
Allow their officers, and are content
To Kufler lawful censure for suoh feolts
As ahail be pruv'd upon you T

Cor. 1 am ountei

Afflt. Lo. citizens, he says, he is content .
The wailike service he has done, couiuder ;
Think uu the wouuds his body bears, wtuch
Like graves i'the holy chorcliynni

Cor. Scratches with briai%

Soars to move hitlghter only.

Men Oonsider further.

That when he speaka not like a otisen.


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He tlirowa without distiiicitMi Uive me le:ive.
I'll Ku to him. ami undertake to tirinr him
Where he Khnll aiiswer, hv a lawful (unu.
(In peare) to ms utmust peril

1 Sm. Noble tnbuues,

ItM the hamaoe war : the other cuurae
Will prore too bloodV: and the euU of it
Unlcnown to the hefinniag.

&C. Noble Meneoioa.

Be jroa then an the people'a officer -.r-
MaNtera, lay down your weapuua.

Bru. Go not home.

Sic Meet <in the muitet-plaoe :— Wti'll aiteod
you there :
\'' here, if you brinir not Klarciiia. well proceed
Ii. .lur first way.

Mrn. Ill bnn« him to you :

i et me deaire yoar oompaiiy. [ To tke Senatora.)

He rooiit come.
Or what it wont will follow.

1 Sen. Pniy you. let's to him.


SCENE II. — A Room m Coriolanoa'k Bohm.

Bmier Conolnnus amd Patricians.
Cor. Let them pull nil about miue ears; ^f-
sent me
Death on the wheel, or at wild horses' heels;
Ur pile ten lull* on tli« I'nnHfiim ruck.
I'liMl the preapitalHHi niifftil duwii »trelch
B«lo*v tlip lieam of sii^ii. yet will 1 still
Be thus to tbeiu.

Enttr Volumnm.

1 All.* You do the nobler.

Cor. T mnse. my mother
Does not appriive me further, who was wont
I'u call them woollen vai«ils, thiniEs created
To boy and sell with fcrcHitK : to nhow bare heads
In congrexatiiMis. to ywwn. be still, and wonder.
When one but of my-orthnunoe stood up
To speak of peace, or war. I talk of you ;

[7*0 Volamnia.
W^hy dkl you wi^h me milder T Would you have
False to my nature T Rather say. I play (nie

The man fam.

VoL 0. Kir. sir. sir.

I would have had you put your power well on.
Before you had worn ii out

Car. Let go. [ron are.

VoL You micht have been enough the man
With striving lets to be so : Lesxer had been
The thwartimts of your diitposiiioiis, if
Vou luul not shuw'd them how you were disposM
Ere they laok*d power to cruas you.

Cor. Let tbem bang.

Vol. Ay, and bu'o'oo.

Skter Meiteiiius and Senators.

Mat. CtHne, come, you have been too roofh,
something too ruui^i ;
>'oa must returut aud m«ud it.

1 Sen. There's no remedy ;

Uul<*«s, by not so doine, onr food city
IMvMve iu the midst, aud perwh

Vol Pray be counsel'd :

I have a heart as little »pi as yours,
Uut yet a brain, that leads my um of auger,
I'o better vantage.

Men. Well said, noble woman :

Before he should thus stoop to the herd, but that
The Tioleot fit o'tlie tiiiie craves it as physick
For the whole state, I would put mine anuonr
Whidi I can scarcely bear. [uu.

Cor. What most I do f

M-^tt. Return to the trihrnies.

Cor Well,

Wliui then? wh%tthenT

Mm Repent what you have spoka.

Cor. For them f— 1 cannot do it tu the gods ;
Muxi I tlien do't to tbem ?

Vol. Yon are too absolota :

Though therein you can never l>e too noble.
But when extremities siieak I have lienitl you say,
Houour and |iolioy. like uusever'd fnends. (raaL
I* the war do crow tosether : Grant that, and tell
In peaoe, what eac4i tk tliem by th* other luea.
That they combine not there.

Cor. Tush, tush !

Men. A gmid demand.

VoL If it be honour, in voor wars, to seem
l*he same yon are not. (which, for your bes* ends
You adopt vou r. policy.) bow is it less, or wnne.
That it sliall hold oompanioiuihip in peace
With honour, as in war; since that to both
It suuds in like request!

Cor. Why force you this ?

VoL Because that now it lies yon on to speak
To the people: not by vour own instrortioo.
Nor by the matter which your heart prompts

you to,
BiK with sodi words that are but mted in
Your tongue, though but basrards. and qrlbddea
Of no allowance, to your bueunri« truth.
Now. this no more dishononrs you at u',\.
Than to take in a town with centb' wonls.
Which eUte would pot vou to your furtuue, and
The hnziird of much blood —
1 wiHiUI dissemble with mv natnre. where
My fortunes, and my friends, at sUKe. nsquirM.
I xhould do so in honour: I aiu in this.
Y«mr wife, vour son, these senators, the noblat;
And you will mlher sliow iHir Keneml lowts
How'vuu CHfi frown, tlian spend u fawn upon them
For tilt; iiilientance of the^r loves, and safjgoanl
Of whut ibul want might rum

Men. Noble lady !-

Come, go with us : speak fair : vou m»y salve so
Not what is daoxerutts present, but the loss
Of what is past.

VoL I pr'ythee. now, my son.

Go to them, with this nonoet in thy hand ;
And thus far having stretch'd it. (here be with

Thy knee l>u«sing the stones, (for in such bostneas
Action 18 eloquence, and the eyes of tb9 iffuurant
More leainied than the ears.) waving thy head.
Which often, thus, conrvciinc thy stout heart.
Now humble, ns the ripest multiernr.
That wdl not hold the handlinj;: Or, say tn them.
Thou art Uieir S4ildier. and being bred in broils.
Hast not the soft wuy. wliidi, thou d(«t Ooufeas,
Were fit for thee to use. as they to.claim.
In Hxkiiig their xood loves ; but thou wilt ftams
I'byself. fi>rsuoth. hereiifler tlieirs, so fiir
As thou hdst pttwer, aud person.

Mtn 'lilts bnl done.

Even OS she speaks, why, all their hearts wera

yours :
For thev have pardons. Iiehig ask'd, aa ttm
As words t« I little purpo«e.


Go, and be rul'd : alilioucti I Icnow ihua hadlrt
FolUiw thine enemy in a fiery gulf, (raiheff

Thau fiutter him m u liow«r. Here i» Caaiiniaa.

Emtei (^ominios.
OtMi. I have been I'the martat-Alaee :


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Act hi.]


temperately pniueml to what jroa woakl

1'hus Tmleulljr reUreea.

tiru. Sir. Uiom cold wnys.

ThMt Mem like prudeut helpa, are venr poiaoiHios
M'here the diaeaae ia violent : — Lay bauds apoo
AimI bear him to the rock. [him,

OfT. No ; I'll tlie here.

[Dntwino his gword.
Then*** aoroe among yo<i have belield nie nchtinc ;
(xMue. try upon youraelves whaa you have seen

Jffli. Down with that nwonl :— Tribaoea. with-
draw awhile.

Bm Lay handa upon him.

MttL Help, help. Mardoal help,

YoQ that be noble : help bim, yoanc and old I

Oil. Down with him. down with bim I

ibi tku wmtm. V^ Tribanea. tkt iEdilee,
and tkt people, an ail bnt m.

ite*. Oo.Ket you to yoor hooae ; be ffooe*awa]r.
All will be oaacht etoe.

2 9m. Get yoo guoe.

Cor. Stand faat:

We have aa many friend* aa eneraiea.

JVm Shall It be put to that ?

1 Stn Tlie (rods forbid !

I pr*ythee. noMa friend, home to Uiy hoiue ;
Leave oa tu core thii canae.

ifett F(ir 't|3t H Mire upon na.

Yoo cannot tent yoaraelf : Beaune, 'Ii«mn)cIi you.

Com. Come, air, alone wiUi ua.

Cor. I wouid they were builwruuia. (um tliey
are, Oire luH.

Though in Rome Utter'd.) mrt Roiiuiiih (tw they

Though calv'd I'lhe porch o'the CmpiiuIj-
Pot nut yoor worthy rage into your tongue ,'


One Ume will owe

Cor. On fair gruuiid.

I could beat forty of them. -

Mem. I could myaelf

Takm up a brace of the beet of them ; yea, the

Own. But now lia odda heyotaJ anihmeticJc :
Aial uianhtMid la cali'd foolenr. when it atand»
Agaiuat a railing fabnck.— will yuu hence.
BrfiMe ih« tag ratum f whuae rage doth rend
Like interrupted watem, aiaJ o'erbear
Wbat they are uaud to hear.

Men. Pray you, be gone

I'll try whether my old wit be in rMMeat
With th««e that tiave but bule; this mutf be

With doth uf any colour.

Coai. Nny, come nway.

[Eremtt Conolanua. Coniiiiius. and others.

1 Pot. Tliw man hut marr'd hw /urtuiie
Men. His nature k« too noble for the world :

He wouki not flutter Neptune for liia trident.
Or Jov« for his power to thunder. Ilia heart's liia

What hia breast forgea. that hia tongoe must
And, being angry, doea forget that over [Vent ;
He heard the name of death. [A miae wUkin.
Here'ia gooilly work I

2 Ft. I would they were a-hed !
Men. I wnohl they were in l>ber I— What, the

CuoU be tuA Hpeak them fair r

Re-enter Bnitua mnd Sirinina. tmth Ike robbk.

5bc. Where ■ thu viper.

That wonld depupu!a'e the eity, and
Be every man tauuaelf r

Me*. You worthy tribunea,-


rpeian W

Sk. He shall be thrown down the Tarpeian
With rigorous hands ; he hnth resiiiteil law.
And therefore law shall sotni him further trial
Than the severity of the puhlick power.
Which he so seta at nought.

1 CU. He shall well know.

The noble tribunes are the people's mouths,
And we tlieir hands.

at. He shall, sure ont.

iSeoerat epiak together.

Men. Sir.-

Sie. P©aoe.

Men. Do not cry, havock, where you shookl
but hunt
With modest warrant.

Htc. Sir. how cornea it, that yon

Have holp to make thia rescue T

Men Hear roe speak :—

As I do know the consul'f woithineas.
So can 1 name his faults :— —

Sic Consul I— what oonani ?

Men The consul Conolanua.

Brm. He a ooosnl I

Cit No. no, no. no. no.

Men. If Iqr the tnbunea' leave, and yoan, food
I may be limrd, I'd crave a won! or two ;
'Itie wliicli sliull turn y^tu to no further harm,
I'haii so much lues of time.

Sk. Spenk briefly then.

For we are peremptory, to despatch
Thia viperous tnutor : lo eie«t him hence.
Were but onn danger ; and to keep hini there,
Onr certain death ; therefore it is decreed,
I le (lies to-night *

Mrn. Now the good gods fiirbid.

riiHi our renowned Rome. wlioNe gratitude
I'owtirds bur dewrvtwi children is eiin»ll*d
In Juve's own liook. like an unnatural dam
Should now out up her own I

Stc. He's u diaenatt, that must be cut away.

Men. O. lie's a limli. that bait but a disease ;
.Mortal, to cut ii olf ; to cure it. easy.
Wlwi has he dune to Rome, that's worthy death T
Killing our enemies f 'I*he blood he hath kiat,
(WUidi, I dare vouch. Is more than that he hath.
By nuuiy an ounce.) he dropp'd it for his country :
And, what is Usti, to li«e it hv his country.
Wore to us all, that doX and sulfer it,
A brund lu the end o'the world.

.sshx This is clean karo.

Bth. Merely awry: When he did love bis
It hOQOur'd him. [country.

Men. llie service of the fiiot

Being once gangreu'd, is nut tlien respected
Fur what before it was 1

Bm. Well hear no more :—

Pursue him to bsi lionse. and pluck him Uienoe ;
Lest his infeetmo. being of catching nature,
Spread further

Men One word more, one word

Thia tiger-fiMiteil nbce. when ii shall And
The arm of iinaeaun d itwiftnMss, will, too lata.
Tie leaden puundu to Itis heeU Proceed by pn>-
Leat parttes (as \w is behtv'd) break out, [cetf.
And sack creut Jiuiue wiUi Iluinans.

Bru. If it were an,—

Su. WImt dove talk?
Have we iKit liud m tiste of his oliedienoe 1
Our £diles Muote f ourselves resisted f— Come :—

Men. Consider this; — He has been bred I'th*
Since he could draw a sword, and » 111 sohool'd
In buulted lungnage ; meal and lirun tugtther

•thef y

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lliiui erer (ruwu'd in Gre«oe ! By Jore himwlf,
it make* the cumubi base : and inr soul ukes.
To know, when two uuthoriues an; ap.
Neither tuprenie, how mod ounfn-ion
May enter \wixt the gap of hutb, and take
'ilie one bj the otiier.

Can. Well— on lo the mmrket-plaoe.

Cor. WhoeTer fcare that ononael to riTe forth
The com u* the sture-hooae loraiia, as Twas ua'd
S«inietuue m Greece.

Jfet. Well, well, no more of that.

Cor. (Though there the people had more afaau-
lute power.)
I say. they nounali'd diaobedienre. fed
Tbe rain of the atate.

Bnt. Why. ahall the people ipte

One. that qwaks Ihoa. their voice 1

Cor. ril nve nir reasoua.

More worthier than their vnkfeii. I'liey know, the

Was not oor reronipenae ; reatinx well aasar'd
They ne'er did nerTice fort : Beiu« |»rwai'd U» tbe

Even when the narel of the state was londi'd.
They would not thread the Rates : this kind of

Did nit deaenre com f^ratts : lieiiig i*the war.
Their niuiinies aial revolts, wherein they show'd
Most valour. Mfioke not for Uieiii : The Hocanation
Whicli tiMfy have oiien iiuide against the senate.
All cause uiilioni, could never lie ilie imiive
Of our so frunk dtmauon. y» ell. what Uieu T
How shall thai lio!<oni niuliiphetl di::«»t
The seuMle's courtKhy T l^rl ileed» expreaa
W hat's hke to he heir wordy . — We did rtquett U ;
We an the grtaUr poll, and tn tnejear
'Ilttpgave us mir dtmamts :—Th\t» we dehuae
I'he nature of our iteats. iiud iimke the mhble
Call our care*, team: which will in tune break ope
Hie locks o' the Kenate. and brinir in the crows
To peck the eagles.—

Meru Come, enough.

Bru. Enough, with over-measure.

Cor. No, take more :

What may be sworn hv, both divine and human.
Seal what I end withal I— Thsi double worahip,—
U hem one part does disdain with cause, the other
Insult without all reason; where gentry, title,

Cannot conclude, but by the yea and no
Of general ^oranre.— it must omit
Keal necessities, and give way the while
T<o unauhle slightness : purpose so barr'd, it fol-
lows, [you.—
Nothing is done Ui purpuse * Therefore, beseech
Ybu that will be leas fHurful than diacreet :
lliat love the fuudHitienlal part of siute,
More than you donin the change oft; that prefor
A noble life before h huig. aial wish
To jump a body with a dangerous physick
Thai's sure of denth without it.— atouoe pluck out
The multitudinous loiigue. let them not lick
The sweet wliicli is i heir poison : your dishonour
Maudes true judgment, and bereuves the state
Of that integrity which should become it ;
Not having the uower to do the good it would,
Fur the ill whicn doth control it.

Bru. He has said enough.

iAc. He has spoken like a traiUir. and shall an-
As traitors do. {.awer

Cor. Thou wretch ' despite o'erwhelm thee !—
What should the people do with these buld tii-

huiies T
On whom depending, their obedience Aula
lo the greater bench : In a rebellion,

When what's not meet, bat what most be. wa«


Tben were iliey ehoaen ; in a better hour.
Let what is meet, be said it must be meet.
And throw their power i' the dost.

Bru. Manifost tieMKHL

Sic This a ooasnl f no.

Bn. Tbe JEdOea, ho! — Let him be afipn-

aic. Go. caU the people; tBrii Brntus.] is
whose name, myaelf
Attach thee, as a traitorous inaovator,
A foe to tbe public weal : Obey, I ebaige thee
And follow to thine answer.


San. 4- Pat. Well surety him."


Cor. Hence, nitien thhig, i
Out of thy garmeuta.

SiC. Help, ye c

Ased sir. hands oC
f , or I shall shake thy

Be-enter Bratua, milk tJte iEdilea, oad a raUk </

Men. On both sides more respect.

JiK. Here% he, that would

1'ake from yoa all year power.

Bru. Seise him, Aldea.

Oil. Down with him, down with hiui I


2 Sen. Weapons. weapiNut. weapons I

{Thit aU tmslU obeui Coriutanas.
Tribunes, fiatnciaiis. ciiizeusf— what hu! —
2>iCinius, bruius, Coi lol.oiuv, ciiizeiai !

Oil. Peace, peace, peace : slay. hold, peace I
> .If m. W hat u alKMjt to he f— riii out of br^rth ;
CunfusuMi'K near : 1 cuuuol speak :— You. tnbane*
To the people,— Conolauus, patience :—
Speak, good Siciuius.

Stc Hear roe, people;— Pe ace.

Cit. Let% hear our tnl»une : — Peaue. Speak,
speak, speak.

Sic You are at point to loae your liberties :
Maroius would have all from yoa: Mantna,
Whom late youVe nam'd for consul.

Men. Fyo,fyti,fyml

This is the way to kindle, not to quench.

1 Sen. To unhuikl the city, and to hiy all ftat

8k. What IS Uie city : but the penile.

CU. True,

The people are the city.

Bru. fiv the Gbusen> of all, we wereestablJahM
The peoi^e's magutrMtes.

Cit. Yoa ao remain.

Men And so are like ti> do.

Cor. 1'hat is the way Ui lay tlie city flat;
To brine; the roof to the foundaticm;
And bury all, whicli vec distinctly rangea.
In heaps and piles of ruin.

Sie. This deserves daa«h.

Bru. Or let us stand tn our authority.
Or let OS lose it :— We do here pruuouace.
Upon the part o' the people, in whuae power
We were elected their% Maroius is worthy
Of present death.

iitc. Therefore, lay hold of him ;

BeiiT him to the rook Tkrpeian, aind fntm thenoe
Into destruction cast him.

Bru £diles, seise him.

at. Yield, Mandus. yield.

Men. Hear me. one word.

Beseech jrou, tribunes, hear me b« a word.

£di. raaoe, peace.

Men. Be that you seem, tmly your ooottiyli


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Act III.l



Cor. Tullus AaMios then had made new head 7
Lart. He had. my lord ; sod Uiatil was which

Oar swifter cuuiinmiii mii (caos'd

Opt. Sit ilien the Vii1r»« aUnd but as at tirMt:

ReaJ/, when time aliall prumpi tbem« to make

Upon u» intuu [mad

Com. 'Vhef are wum, lord consul, so,

That we shall hardly m our ages «ee

I'lieir bwtoem wave again.
Cor. Saw yott AofUios T

iMui. On satifoaid he oamu u» me ; aud did

A^nst the Voices, for they had so vilely

yielded the ti»wn : h« iB retired to Aotiuiu.
Cor. Spoke be of lue f
Iferl He did« my lunl

Cor. HowT whatT

Lart. How ofti'n lit had met you. sword to

That, of all thu^s nptn the earth, he hated
Your person moat : that he would pawn Uis for-
I'o hobelesB rest K ution, so be miglit [tones

Be call'd your TauqoMiier.


o deepiss

J your


Lari. At Antiom.
Cor. 1 wiiiii I luid a«aase to seek him thera.
To oppose his haired fully — Welcome home.


EmUt Sidnins omd Bratos.
Behold I these are tlie tribunes of the pe<i
1*he toocoeso' the cuuniou month. I'

For tiMy du prank them in authority,
Afaiaat all noMe suflbrauce

Sk. , Pmss no Autber.

Cor. Hal wbaliitbatT

Bnt. It will be dai^anMM to

Goon: noAirther.

Oar. WhatmrnkeatbtechanfceT

JfM. The matter!

Com. Hath he not paw'd the nobles, and the

Bru. ConuniaStOO. fconunnosT

Car. Have 1 had ohUdrent voioes f

1 Hem. Tribnnes. fmre way; be shall to the

Bru The people ars iooens'd afainst him.

Jbc. Stop,

Or all wdl &I1 in brail.

Cor. Are these your herd f—

Muei theae have voioes. that can yield them now.
And strainht disclaim their (oo|roee 1 — What are
your ulBoNi f (teeth I

You beinc their nttMiths. why role you mil thev
Have yon not set them on T

Mem. Be calm, be calm.

Opt. It is a purpos'd ttajuff. and grows by ploC.
To curb the will of the nol4hty :
Suivr It, and bve with such as cannot role,
Mot ever will be mlU

Bru. Calltnotaplot:

Th» people cry. you mook'd them ; and, «»f hUe,
When com was gnren them graus, you rvpinVl :
Soaadard the suppliants Ah- the people: caU'd

IWie plea we r s. flattersrs. Ibee to nobleness.

Cor. Why, this was known belbr*.

Am. Niit to them all.

Cor. Hare you inform'd them siuoe f

Bru. How ! I uirurm them T

Oor. You are like to do such businew.

No' unlike.



I ^^


way, to better yoora.

■. Why then should I be oonsnl T By yon

Let roe diiienrH mi ill as you, and make me
Your fellow If ihuue.

Hic. You show too much nf that,

For which the peiiple stir : If you will piuai
To where you are bound, you must inquire your

Which you are out oC with a gentler spint ;
Or never Ije so u«»tile as a consul,
Nor yoke wiili hini for unbone.

Mtm. LfCt'k be calm.

Ooas. Tlie people are abos'd : —Set ou.— 'i'h«
Becomes not Rmite : nor has Coriolanus
Deserv'd this mi d«h«mour'd rub, laid fidselj
r the plam way uf ha uienL

Cor. Tell roe of com!

This was my speech, and I will speak't again ;—

Mem. Not n«iw, not now.

1 Sem. N<it in this heat, sir, now

Cor. Now. as I live. 1 wdl.— My nobler fneuda,
1 crave their pardous :—
For the uiuiaide, ranK-eeented many, let them
Regard me as 1 do tuA flntler. and
'ilierein beliold Uieinaelves : I say again.
In sooihifut them, we uourwh 'guiusi our senate

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