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and the sold that's in them- Is the senate poa-
seswti of Ihw T

VoL Gmnl hidies, let's ro :— Yen. yes. yea : the
' hHs Ititere from tli« Keuerul, wherein he
.•._ ...i—i- ^^( ,1,^ ^„. i^j

lis former deeds
>us things qwke
unt you, and not


hey are true: —
save your good
\o come JorvBord J
as mure cause to


lefl arm : lliere
the petiple, when
) received, ui the

i'the tNiity.
vo in the tlugh.—

cpeditjou, twenty'

: everp icash "triz
JUmmh] Hark!

ilarcius : before

I him he learw

Death, that dark spirit. in*s nervy arm duth li« ;
Which heing adranc^d, dechnes ; and then men

A tentL ThanpeU teumd. Emlrr Cominius and

'I'ltus Lartius; betwem than, ConnhiuuH, croiow-

fd mth an oaken uariand; wUh Capuuiut, Sol-

diem, and a Uenild.

Utr. Know, Kunie,that all alune Marcins did,
Within Coriuli' Kates: where he hath won.
With fame, a iiume to Caius Murcius ; these
III honour follows. Curioluuus :—
W«lcunie to Jiuiiie, renowned Cunolunun !


AIL Welcome to Rome, renowned Curiolanus!

Vor. No mure uf this, it does utfeiid my heart;
Prav now, no mure.

Cam. Look, sir, yuur nioUier.

Cor. 01

Vuu have, I know, peution'd all the guds
Kor my proKpenty. [KnrtU.

VoL Nay my gnud suldier, up ;

My gentle Mamias. wurthy Cainit. uiid
by deed-nrhieving honour newly nain'd.
VVlvat M it Y CuriotMnua, must 1 ohII Uiee f
but. tlv wife

Car. BIy gracious silence, hail I

Wouhl'st thou hate Uugh'd, had 1 nume cuffiuM

That weep'st u> vaa me triumph T Ah, my dear,
buch eytnt iJie widowii in Ckjnuli wear.
And iiiulbeitf that luck sons.

Mm. Now tlie gods crown thee !

Oar. And live yuu yet T — U my sweet lady,
liankin, [To Valeria.


VoL 1 know not where to tora;— weUanne
home ; [ail

And welcome, general ; — And yon ars welcome
Men. A hundred thousand wetoosnes: I oouhi
weep. [come :

And I oottld laugh ; I am light and heavy : Wul-
A cunw begin at veiy root of hn heart.
That ik not glad to see thee !— You are three
That Home should dote oo: yet, by the faith of
men, (will mtf

We have some old crab-trees here at home, that
Be grafted to your relish. Yet welcome, warriors :
We call a netUe. but a neule ; and
The faulu of fools, but folly.
Cotn. Ever right.

Cor. Henenios, ever, ever.
Her. Give way there, and go on.
Cot. Your hand, and yoont :

(719 hia wife and mutkrr.
Ere in our own house I do shade mv head.
The good pntncians must be visiteo ;
FnHii whom I have reoeiv'd not only Kreetiugs,
But with them change of hoaoura.

VoL T have lived

Til rae inherited my wry wishes.
And I he huiidiiies of my fancy: only there
Is one tliiiiR wanting, wliich Idoubt not, but
Our Uiiiue will cast upon thee.

Cor. Know, goud mother,

I had rather be their servant in my wayi
Than iiway with iliein in theirs.

Com. On, to tlie Capiii>t.

[FUmriA, Comets. Exnatt in state, as beforr.

7'Ae 'i 'rihune* rtmain
Bm. All tongues speak of him, and the bleaivU
Are spectucled to see him ; Your pratling iiurae
Inio a mpture lets her liabv cry,
While she cliuta him ; the kitchen malkiu pnw
Her richest locram *bont her reechy iit^Ji,
Clauiberiiig the walls to eye him : Stiiiht. bulks,

Are smother'd up. leads fill'd, snd ridses luirs'd
With vanablt) rompieximiK ; all aKreeiii^
111 ennii^iftiiess to see hiiii : msld-itiiowu danieus
Do pretis sininiiK the popular ihronK.". uud puJf
To will a vulKiir kIhUoh : our veil'd iianies
Otniiiiii the w:ir of while and ilHmiisk, iu
Tlif ir iiirelv-Kawded cheeks, t^i the wanton spoil
Of Phutbus* huriiimc kiwes : such a iwiher.
As if thai wliat84iever god. who leiulx him.
Were silly crept into Iiih huiiian iiuwers.
And gave him graceiul piaiiure.

Sic. Oil the sudden,

1 warrant him consul.

Bru. Then uur office may.

During his power, go sleep. (iM>ura

Stc. He cannot tempRrntely transport hix h>*-
Krora where he hIiouUi begin, and end ; but will
Lamm ihuee that he haUi wtm.
Bru. In that there's 0(iml'->it.

Sic Doubt not, the cummouers, for whoui %>«>
But they, U|iun their ancient malice, will
Foiyet, with tiie lea»t cause, these his iibw

honuura ;
IKThich thiU he'll Kive them, make as little queFixai
As he is proud to du't.

Bru. I heard him swear,

^ere he to stmid for coiinuI, uever woiiki h**
Appear r the market -|'lace< n>'r on hiui pat
The uaplesN vesture of hiiimliLy :
Nor, showing (sis ihe msniiier w) hn wonuds
To the people, Img ih«ir kiiiikuig breatUa.
Sir. Ti

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Hfmth* world pom; that tD the paoe of it
1 may qrar cm my juarnM.
ISoL I shall, sir. [RxamL

SCENE L ~ RofiM. A jmbikk Place.
Enter Ifeneoiua, Sjcanius, md Bmtos.

Mtm. niie aognrer t«lla me, we shall hare news

Bru. Good, or bad r

Men. Nat aocurdinx tu the pnyer uf the pe<i-
ple, fur they love ool MHrriiM.

Sk Nature tearhes beasta to know their

Men. Pray yoa, who dues the wolf love T

&c The lamb.

Men. Ay. to deviKir him ; as the haiurry ple-
beiaos wuald the nuble Marcias

Bru. He's a lamb hideed, that baei like a bear.

Men. He*fe a bear, indeed, that lives like a lambw
Vou two are old men ; tell me one thinf tuM I
shall ask yoa.

Bolk Thb. WelU str

Mtn. lu what enormity is Marrios poor, that
yiHi twu have not in abundance T

Bm He's poor in no one fault, but stored

Ac Especiallv. in pride.

Bru. And loppinr all others m boastinf .

Mtn. 1'hai u strange now : Do you two know
bow yon are oeusurpd here in the city, I mean
uf us »' 'he riffiit hand Ale T Do yoa ?

Boik Trib. Why. how are we censored T

Men. Because yuo talk uf pride now.— Will you
not heanxryf

Both IVtb. Wen. well, sir. well.

Men. Why, lis no icreat matter : for a veir little
thief of oocnsion wUl rob yuu of a (neat deal of
pati e nc e : five vuar disposition the reins, and be

angry at your pfeasures : at the least, if you take
it as a pleasiira tu you, in being su. You blame
Maiaus lor beinf pmud T

Bru. We do it nut alone, sir.

Jim. I kmiw yiHi can do rery little alone : tor
fnor helps are iiuiuy ; or else your actions wouki
crow wolndrous single : your abilities are too u-
nnt-Iike, fur doing much alone. You talk of
pride: O. that yuu cuuld turn your eyes tuwnnls
the napes uf your necks, and make but an interior
survey of your Koud selves! O, that you oould !

Bru. WiiMt then, sir ?

Men. Why. then yuu should discover a brace
of uitmeritinx. proutl. violent, testy magistrate^
(altaa fools,) ns any in R*>me.

iftc Meneiiius yna are kuovm well enough too.

Men. I am kiHtwu to be a humorous putrician.
and one that luvw a cup of hut wine with not a
drop of albiyini; 'I'yher iii*l ; mud tu be suuietliing
nuperfect, in fnvuunna ilie drst ctNuphunt : hasty,
and tinder-hke. upun tw» tnvjal muiiun : one that
couvenKS tnon wuh tlie bulu»ck uf tlie night
tiian Willi the fitrehead <>r Hie nHioiiiK What I
thiok. I utter; and spend ray luulice in my hreaih :
Aleetina two saeh we^Uuitui as ynu are, (I ran-
not ealiyou L^rcurciwes} ii the drink yuu cive me.
luoeh mf palate uUvrrMly, I inuke a cru«>ked face
at ic I cannot ny, yuur wurxliiiw have delivered
Ike matter welU when 1 HimI the iun* in omiponnd
orith the major part of yuur syllables : and though
I asost he onotent tu hear with those that say you
" rave uten ; yet they lie deadly, thai

^ I saost he o ont
^^ aie fvweieuirit

tell, you have soud Aw^es. If you see this m the
map of my minroowiii. ftillows it. that I am known
well enuuab too! What harm c«n yuur buson
oonspectuiiies clean out of this character, if 1 be
known well eiiuiuh tuu T

Bru Come, sir, rume, we know yoa well

Mm You know iieitlier roe. yourselves, nor
any thing. Vuu are aml>itious for poor knaves'
f»ps HtuT Iftes ; you weur out a good wholesome
forenoon, in lieannK h cause between an orange*
wife and a tiisset iwller : mid then rejuurn the
conlroveniy of three-pence lu a »econd day of
audience —When you are he.iriiix a matter be-
tween party and p»rty, if yuu chwiHW lo be pinch-
ed with the chulick. yuu uwke f.ices like mum-
mers^ set np the bloody flag lucuiiisi all pal fence;
and. 111 nmnnic fur u 'cliumlMir-piH. dismiip the
ouniroversy lileediiK, the iiiuieeiitaii<ied l>yyuur
heaniig : all Uie peace you ntiku m their cause,
l^ nailing both the parties knaves: You are a
piur of strange ones.

Bru. Come, come, yna are well understood to
be a perfecter giber for the table, tluui a neces-
•unr bencher in the Ca|iitol

M'-H. Uur very priests must become mockers,
if lliey shall encounter sunh ridiuulous subjects
as you are. When you speiik best unto the pur-
piwe, it is not worth the wa^qting of your lieards;
and your lM»inls deserve not so honourable a

grave, as tu stutTa butcher's cushion, or to be eii-
>mbed in an ass's pack-saddle Yet you must be
saying, Marcias is pruuil ; who. in a cheup estima-
tHm, n worth all your predeceasuni. since Deuca-
lion ; tlioufflif peradveniure, some uf the best of
them were hereditary hangmen, tiuod e'en to
yuur worshipa; more of yuur couvenKiiiun would
lufoct my bnun. being the hertlsmen of the beastly
I : I will be buhl to take my leave «if yuu.
[Brutos and Sidnius retire to Um back i^
the teem.

Enter Volumma, Viigilia, ami Valeria. 4«;

How now, my as fair as noble Indies, (and the
naiua. were slie earthly, no nobler,; wtutiier do
yuu follow your eyes so fast?

YoL Honniirulihi Meneoius. my boy Mardos ap-
proaches : fur the love of Juno, let's go.

Men. Ila I Marrius coming Inane T

Vot. Ay, worthy Menenius; and with must
prosperous approliation.

Men. I'ake my cap, Jupiter, and 1 thank thee :
— Huo! Maraos ouniing noine T

7'i0o LatUet Nay. 't» true.

Vol Look, hereV a letter from him: the state
hatli another, his. wife another; and, I think,
there's one at hume for you.

Men 1 Will make my very liouae reel to-night :
—A letter fix fuel

Vtr. Yes, certain, there's a letter for yoa ; I

Men A letter for me T It mves me an estate
of seven years' heHlth;4n whM*4i Ume I will make
a lip at the pliysiciun : the must sovereign pre-
scnptiou in OaUen is but empincutiok.aud,tothis
preservative, of no better report Umii a Imrse-
drench. Is lie not wounded? he %vas wont to
currte hitine wounded.

Vir O, n.1. ms no.

VoL O. he is wouialed, I thank the gods fof^

Jim. So do I Um. if it be nut too jnach : —
Briiufs 'a victory iu hw (ticket f—l*he wounds be-
ouine hini

VoL Un's bniws, Meiif nius : he coiues the third
tinie home with the oakeu giU'liuid.


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Yet eam'K thoa to • BMmel <tf tUi JaMt,
Karing fuUjr dmcd befiDre.

BHter Tltas Urtias. mtk Us power, firom tkt

Lmi. Onmnl,

Here ■ tl^e ttaed, we the cepwiMM:
Hadet thou beheld

Afar. Pray now. no more : my mother.

Who hae a charter to extol her blood,
^^ ben she does praise me. prieyee ma. I hare

As jmu hare done ; that^ what I can ; faidac*d
As yiMi hare been : that% for my oomitiy :
He. that haa but effected bis good will
Hath orerta'Mi mine act.

Com. Yon shall not be

llie (crare of roor deaenrins : Rome must know
I'he value of ner own : twere a cunoeadment
Wurae than a theft, no less than a iraduoement.
To hide your duiugw ; and to sileooe that.
Which, to the spire and Uip of praises Tuoch'd,
Would seem but modest: Therefore. I beseech
( In sign of what you ara. not to reward [you.
What you have done.) before our army bear me.

Mar. I have aome wounds upon me, and they
To hear themselres remember 'd. [bmurt

Com. Should they uot,

\veU might they Ihater 'gainst Ingratitude,
And tent themselTea with death. .Of aU the



(Whereof we h«Te ta'en nod. and good store.) of
The treasure, m this field acbiev'd. and ci^.
We render you tlie tenth : to be t«'en forth.
Before the common diatribntiou, at
Your only choiae.

JIf m; I thank yoo, general ;

But cannot make my heart consent to take
A bribe to pay my sword : I do refuse it.
And siand upon my common part with tooae
That have lieheUl the doing.

lA Umg Jhunak. '/Tkqr mil ay, Marnua!

Mardua ! obi< tip Omr cap$ and lancet;

CiHuiiiius eiirf Liirtjus aUmd bar*. \

Mar. May these aaoie instromenta, which vou

profane. (shall

Never sound more 1 When drums and trumpeu
I' tlie field prove Aatterera, let couru and ciues be
Made all of falae-foo'd aooihingi When steel

Soft aa the parasite's silk, let him be made
An overture for the want ! Mo more. I say :
For that I have not wash'd my nose that bled,
Or fiiil'd auuie debile wretcli,— which, withoot

Hera's many else hfve done,— you shout me forth
In aoclanMUMius hyperbolical : i

As if I lov'd my Utile should be dieted
In praisea sauc'd with lies. |

Com. Too modest are von ;

More cruel to yiMir kixnI report, than grateftil ,
I'o us that giv«r you iroiy : by yuur patience,
If *ninst yourself you be luceus'd, we'll put you
(Uke one that means hia proper harm,) in maua-
. clea, [known,

Then l^oaun safely with yoa— 'Hierefora. be it
As to us. to all the world, that Cwus Maroius I
Wean this war's garland : in u»k«i o( the which '
My nohl« steed, known to the camp. 1 give bun.
With an ha tnm belonging ; and. from ihw time,
Kor what he did before drnoh, call him.
With all the applauae and chimour of the host,
OsMtf Marciug Conotamu.—
Bear the addition uoltlxerer

\ Bearth

iOI. Cains MarRinsCanohmus!

Cor. I will go wash :
And when my fiioe is uir, you shall perrenra
Whether I Muah. or no: Howbeit. I thank yon —
I mean to stride your steed : and, at all times.
To nnderoreet your gmid addition.
To the ftuness of my power.

Cam. So. to oar tent .

Where, ere we do repose us, we will wnt«r
To Rome of our success.— You, Titos Laitias.
Must to CorioU back : send us to Rome
The best, with whom we may articulate
For their own good, and outl

LarL I afaall. my lord

Cor. The goda bemn to mock me. i that nmi
ReAis'd maet princely gifts, am bound tu beg
Of my lord genenil.

CoML Takett: tisyoure— Whatistl

Cor. I anmetime lay. here in Corioii,
At a pour mant houi« : he ns'd me kindly :
He cried to me; I saw him priaooer;
But then Aufidius was wiiluu my view.
And wrath o'erwhelni'd iny pity : I request yoo
I'o give my poor boat freedom.

CW. O. well beag'd !

Were he the butcher of my son, he sboulu ■
Be free, aa is tlie wind. Deliver him. Titus.

/Art Marcius, bis namel

Cor. By Jopiter, forgot :~

I am weary : yea, mv memory is tir'd.—
Have we no wwe herel

ConL Oo we to our tent :

The Mood opoo your voage dries : tis time
It should be lookM to : come. {ExewtL

SCENE X.-The Camp of tke Voices.

A JUmriA. Comets Enfer I'ullus Aufidios,
bloodttVttJt 't\ooor '/<lrK Soldiers.

Af^. I'he town b tsVn I (tam.

1 SoL I'will be deliver'd bock oo good oundt-

Aitf. Condition 7—
I would, I were a.Komnn ; for I cannot.
Being a Voice, be thut I mii.— Condition !
What good cundiiMNi nau a treaty And
rthe part that w at iiiercy \ Five limes, Manaoa,
I have fooxbt witii thee; au often iwat thou

b«ut me;
And would'st do so, I tliiiUi. ahouM we encoonler
As often as we eut— By the elements.
If e'er again 1 meet hini beard to beard.
He is mine, or I um liw : Mine emuhuiuo
Hath not that honour int. it had : for where
I thoctght to (»-ush liiiii ill an equal force^ (way ;

Srue sword to sword.) Ill pikch at htm aune
wrath, ur craft, may get him.
1 SoL Het the devil

Anf. Bokler, though not ao kublle : My valourt
With only suHenng stain by him ; for him
Shall fly unt of itnqlf : nor sleep, nor sanctuary
Being naked, sick : nor fiuie, nor Caprtol.
I'he pruyers of iiritntta. tmr limes of sacrifice,
KiiitianiuemeutH all of (\iry, khall lift up
'Hieir ruiteii privilege and custom 'gaiust
My luite ui Mardiu: where I rind bim, wete it
At home, upon my ffrutber's guard, evto Uiera
Agaiust tlie luMpitable canon, would 1 ^nt) ;
Wnsh iny fierce hand in his heart. Go yoo Ui U.e
Learn, how 'tis held; and what theysre, ihni
Be bostagoa for Roma. (iii»4

ISoi. WiUnotyoug.>r

Anf. 1 am attended at the qrprssa grove :
1 pray yoo.
(* ris south the city mills.) bring me word tbitlier

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If hM tiM tfMnp of MarotiM; Mid I Mava
Uvfore-tim* aMn bim iboa.

Mar. Come I Um late f

Com. Tb0 •hapbanl knows noi thatider rrooi a
Mora than I know tbe aound of Mamus' tongoa
From erory meaaar niaa's.

Mmr. Cunte 1 Un* lale f

Com. Ar, if yon eome noi in lUa bhwd of
Bo* mantlad in yuor own. L«Miieri,

ifor. O! let roe cli|> you

In arnia aa aoond. as wbeti I woii'd ; in beart
Ak merry, as wlieo our iiuptiNl Uay was done.
And lapers buni'd tu iiMiwiinl.

Omi. Flower of warrioca,

How lat wjtb Titoa Lartiua 7

Mar. As with a iiiau buated abiMit df^eea :
Cdndemoinff some in deuth, ami wMiie lu exile :
KansiHiuiic lum, <ir pHyinc. ilireui'iiiu( t'uUier ;
Hutdinc Coriob m Ine mune nf Kouio,
Even UK0 a fuw>iitt|C creyuuuud m lb* leasb.
'lu let turn abp at will

Omi. Wbere is thai sbiTe.

WUiea toltl nie they bad beat yuu to your

Wbere is lie I Call bim Uiher.
Mur IjuH hini alone.

Ha did uifiirro the truth : But fur our aeutleuivii.

Tbe cumnKNi ttle, (A plague I— Tribuitea (ur

The mouM ne'er shnnn'd tlie cat. as Ibey dal

Fruni rascals wucaa tban lliey. [budge

Ce«i. But buw preraii'd you t

Mmr. Will the tune serve to leU I 1 do noi

Wbers is ibe enemy T Arayoa lunlso'thefiaUI

If not, why cease you liil yuu are aot

We have at disadrantafe Ibufht. and did
Hetira, to win oor purpuae.

Mmr. How lies tbeir battle T Know yoo on
which sale
lliey have piau'd tbeir OMn uf tn»t T

C^sei As I gUfiK, Mairins,

Tbeir bands in the T<iwanl are lb« Autialaa»
Uf tbeir btmt truat : o'er tbem Aulklius,
llietr very beait of hope.

" I d« liOMMfb you.

By aU tbe battlea wherem w« imve kiugbU
Lf ibe hluud wo'vv sbnd tocetber. by Uie v»ws
Ue've mude tu endure fneuds. ibia yuu directly
Dei me itgiuiMt Autaiiua, and ha Auiiaias:
Awl Ibai yuu nui deiwy tbe pruseat ; but.
I'llUaff ibe air wi.b »w«into MdvaaoM, and ilarta.
We prove tbui very buur

Cum. Tbuuab I could wish

lou were laaMlue ed to a iteiiiie bnib.
And beluia applied to yuu. yet dare I never
Uvuf ruur MMuig ; take your cbuHM uf tnuaa
lluti ui«t can Hid your action.

Mmr. IlKiaa are tbey

1'UM<. naa* are wiUinit :— If aay audi be here,

I As it wsra sm U» doubt.) ibai luve ibis painiim
Wherew yoo see me smear M : if any fear
Lem ii r bai paiaoa than an ill report ;

II any tnwa. brave dea h ouiwe«lis l«d lifi.
And that bia country's tiearer tiiau bimeelt ;
i4*i bun. aluue. ur su many, su uiUMknl.

Wave thus, (wsrav ku kami,} tu express bis dm-
And fulktw Mareiua
htm 19 m tkfW emu, mmd cmM m^ Vnu a
O MM. akine l ilak« yuu a swoni uf me I
If i4*e«e sUuws Iw nut uoiward, wiucb uf yuu
Bai w&Mr Vuter»f Numu uf y<Mi. 'mu m

\ B«iis6

Able to bear afaiust the fraai Aofldiw
A sliield as hard sm hw. A crrtain number.
'I'houfb thanks tu all. must I salect : the resi
Shall bear the hOhiDeaa in sums iitber fifht.
As ttauae will be nbey'd. PleaM yuu to march ;
And fuur sliall quickly draw out my cominand.
Wliicb men are best lucbu'd.

i^m. Marrii on, my felkiws :

Make Kood this usteniatiou. and yuu shall
Divxle in all with us. [Exttmt.

SCENE VII. - TV Giite» of CoriuU

lltus Lartius kmviiig »et a gmard ypom Cunub. ••-
ing mlh a drum mmi irumptt toward Cuuiimus
mmd Cams Marcius, titters mtk m LMUlrnaul. «
p€trtf of SoUbmt*, and a SouuL
Lcrf. ijo, lei the porta be guarded ; keep yuur
As I liave set them down. If I do spnd. dexpiituh
'I buee oviiiuries to oor aid ; the reMt ^ ill serve
fur a sliurt huklinir : If we lisie tbe held.
We CHUiiui keep the town.
Imu. Fear not o<ir care. air.

Lut. Henoe. and abut yuur rnie» u|>uii ua —
Our gUKler, oume : lu lite Kuumii couip uiNidwl
us. itiXrHtU.

SCENE vm -.^ F»Hd t^f BxUk betmm tkt
Kunittu mud Mr VuUs'iau Uuni*.

Aimrmm. Utttr Marcius aisrf Aubdioa
Mar. ni flfbl with uuue but thee: fiir I do
Wune I ban a prumne-breaker.

Attf. We bate alike;

Noi AfHcJt owna a serpent I aMiur
Mure than iby fiune and envy : Fu thy Ami.

Mmr. Let tlie ttrat bniger die tbe uiber's slave.
And the gods duuw him alter*

AhT, U I fly. Maroius,

Hal km me like a Imre.

' Mmr. Wiitiiii theae Uiree hours. 'I'lillus,

Aluue I luugbl in yi>ur Curiuli walls.
^nd made what wurk i pbnu^d : Tis nut my

Wherein IImhi seest me nuisk'd : ibr tuy revenge.
Wrench up-Uiy power lu lue huliest.

Am/. Weit tlmu tbe Hebtur,

'I'bai wua the whip of yuur briMtg'd prugeuy
Tbuu sbuuld^ nut scaipe me iiure,—

I'itttuJiiikt^mtmt ctiuna Vukses emte lo Ikt
mAmt Auhditts.
CMBemua, and not valuint->yu«j uuve sbamM me
lu yuur cvuueiKUcd secmidN.

\,&tm»a pyklmj^ drtmn tm b§ .Mamua.

SCENE UL - TV Kumau Cteegi.

Atarwn. A retreat u mmmied. FUmruk. Enter,
mt MM Mie, Cuiuuuus ami Kuuiaiu . ml ikt vtmr
Miue, &la4t;ius, wun mu mrm m m aoarj, ami uUte$

Com. If 1 abuuld tall thee o'er this iby day's
work, *

I'huuli nut bebere thy deeds; hot fU repurt i*.
W here aeu«tur» shall miarle tears with smiles ;
y^ iiere great painnaas shall attend, ami Mirutf.
r tbe ruU. aduiue ; wnere UhIm* sliall be inicu<«d,
Ami. gladly «|uak'd. bear mure; wbere liie dull
I nlNines^ lourx,

IhaU wnn Ui« fury plebeians, hate thine imhi.
Mmi I say. aga.nst Uietr lieaiis, — He Muni Ms

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TV VoloiM nOer, mi fou «fwr tht tinge.
Mar. Thvf frar at aut, bui issue furtli th^ir

city rfii*t

Now pat your Kbwkto twfom your hearts, and
With Marts more proof than siiHtklK — Advaocs.

hniTe 1*itas :
Th«y do drtdaia as moch herund «*ar thooffhCa,
Which nmkes me sweat with wrath. —Coom on,

niy fellows;
He that ratires. ill take him for a Voloe.
And he ahaU feel aune edge.

A'wrwm, «mi €wnmt R<Hnmns miH Voices, JUiktimt.

The Romaas mrtbrntem back t» tketr trmckei.

A»«nler llaroios.

Afar. All the ctmtagkNi uf tlie auuth ludit on
yoa. liAntntf

Ton shames of Rome ! — yon herd of— Buih and
Plaster yuu o'er : thut ir«»u mav lie abiiurr'd
Farther than Keou, unu mw mfent auotlittr
Against the wind a mile ! Yuu sou In of iraeae.
That bear the sliapeit of men, how Imve ytui run
From siavn thai himss woukl heat 7 Pluio and holl t
All hart liehind : fwcks red, and faces pale
With flight and a^aed fear I Meud. wud charge

Or. by the (Ires of heaven. Til leave the foe.
And make my wura on vua : look tot : Come on :
If Toall stand fast, we'd beat tliem to their witm.
As' they ns to o«r ireuches fiiUuwed

Amtketmlanm TVVoloes antf Romans r« flUfr,
mnd the light it renewed. 7 V Voloe* retire ado
Coriuli, and Itaroius fiMam them to the fates.
80. now the gates ara ope : — Now provo guod

Tis for the folltiwers fortoae vridfos them.
Not for the diera : mark me, and do the like.

{He tntert the aates, aM it thai m.

1 8nL Fuol-hanJiness; not L

2 SW. Nor 1.

3 SM. See. they
Have shot hia in. (AlMnm nmtamrt.

AIL To the pot, 1

2 Bml And I Uiis.

3 Ram. A nianrain on\! I took this fur silver.

lAttmm comtames ttiU afar t§.

Ralar Marcius ami I'ltos Lartias, imlk a tmmpeL
Mar. See here tht^e movera, lliat do pnze Uieir
At a crack'd drachma ! Cinhioas, leaden spoons.
Irons of a duit. doublets that hangnieo would
Bory with tliuHe tliat wore tliem. tbfcse baae shiveo.
Ere yet the fight be dune, pack up :— Down with
them. [hun >-

And hark, wbwt noise the freoaral makes! —To
lliere » the man of my soul's bate, AofUiua.
Pierdnf our Kouiaus : Tben. valiant Titas, tnke
Convenient numbers to make cuod the city ;
Whilst I, with tbuoe that have the spirit, wUI hasta
To help Cuuinioa.

Lort. Worthy sir. thon bleedVl ;
Thy esarciae hath been too violeat for
A seoond ouurse of dgbL •

To the pot, 1 warrant him.


Bnter THna Lartias.
Isrt. What w beeome uf Miircius f
AIL Slain, sir, doubtless

1 SoL FoUowioc the fliers at the very heela.
With them he enters : who. upon tlie sudden,
Clnpp*d-to their giitea : he is himself alone.
To answarall the city

£ar<. O noble fnllow !

Who, sensible, oatdares hit sentelea sword.
And, when it bows, stands up I Thou art left,

A carbuncle entire, as big as thou art.
Were not so hch a Jower Thou wast a soldier
Even to Cato't with, uot flerne and terrible
Only in stntkoM : but. with thy ^m lookt. and
Itie thunder-like perc«u»iun oi thy sounds,

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