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2 Lord. My most hiaiouruble lonl^ I am eVa
sick of shame, that, when your lord»lup this other
dajr sent to me. I was so unfortunate a beggar.

ran. Think nU un't, sir.

2 Lord, if you hud sent but two boors before.—

71tM Let It nut cumtitr your better remsm-
branoe.— Come, bniu; in all together.

2 Lord All oo\>rbd dishes !

1 Lord. Koyal Cheer. 1 warrant you.

3 Lord. Doubt not that, if iiioiie)-, and the sea-
son, eun yield lU

1 Lord. How do you 7 What *» the news T
3 Lord. Alabisuies is liauisliid : Hear yuu of
1 A 2 Lord. Alcibiades banished ! {A I

3 Lord. 1*is so, lie sure of iL

1 Lord. How? howl

2 Lord. I pray you, upon what T

Tim. My worthy fheiab, will yon draw naarf

3 Lord I'll tell you more antai. Herat a nobis
feast toward.

2 Lord. This is tlie old man stdL

3 Lord. Will 't hold, will t hold ?

2 Lord. It does : but time will— nnd so

3 Lord. I do conceive.

TiiN. Eacli nuin to his stool, with what spur ss
he would to the lip of his nustrttM : your dist
shall lie m all places alike. Make not a city feast
of It, t4i let the meat cool ere we ciui airree upon
tiie Hrst phwe : Sit, ait. The guds require our

You great bem^aetors, tprinkk our eoctrtt wtik
thotdtfulntas. Fitr your otm ^U. moke yoursdme
pramd : but reeerve titU to gme, le$i pour dttha be
deepiMtd. Lend to tvch man emmgh, tkat one need
not knd to anot/ur: Jor, were t/our yodheadt to
borrow qf men, men would foraake the gods. Mike
the meal be beloved, mare than t/ie man Uuit gnes iL
Let HO astembtif (^ twentf be taiUiuut a score h/ mL-
loins: Ij there sil twelae women ut the table, let a
dozen oJ Vum be — as thrt are — 7V rest of fowr
Jees, O gods,— the senators nl Athens. lageUter with
tke common las tit' iieoptt,—wiiat u amiss in tkem.
^uu gods, make siuinNe for Urstrut Iuih. Fbr thest
my present Jriends.— us tfu t are to mt nolhtng, so m
notJung bless than, and to noth/ug they an wUamm.
Uncover, ditfs, and lap.

[ The diska uucwered, ate full of warm water.

Some speak. Whui dues hw lonlship mean I

Same other. I know not.

'I\m. May you a beuer feast nevttr bfthoid.
You knot oi nittuth-fViRnds! •moKe, and Ink**
wurhi Huier


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f Act

Act ni.l


iMtc arm Many do kMp their ohunb«n, ara
Aad. if it be w far iMroml his hMlth.
Methinks. he alioakl the •onner pajr hii
Aad make a dear wmy to the gods.

Set. Ooodgodal

Ttt. We eanaot take this Ibr an answer, sir.

Flam. I^^^^] Servilius, help !— wy lonl ! mj

EMcr HmoB, in a rmgt; Flaminius/otfbwnv.
7>» What, are mjr doors oppae'U i«ainst my

Have I h«en ever free, and most my house
Be my retentive emrmy. my inM>l ?
niM place, which I hnvu ftiust«d, does it now,
like ail mankind, sliow me an inn heart T

Xmc. Sttrv. Pnt in now. I'itns.

7>1 My lonL here IS my bilL

Luc Snv. Hera's mine.

Hot. Sen. And mine, my lord.

Both Vtr. Smt. And ooia, ny lord

PkL All oar billa. (the frirdto.

TYsi. Knock me down with *em : deave ae to

Xmc Sent Alas ! my lord.—

Tim. Cot my heart m sums.

7>f. Mim*, tiliy udnnts.

7Vm. 'fell oat my blood.

Xmc. Strv. Five thousand crowns, my lonL

'lUm. Five tboosnnd drops pays that.—
What yours ?— and youra f ^

1 Var. Sen. Wy ford.

2 For. *re. My lonl,

Tun. T«ar me, take me, and the gods AdI opon

you ! [&U.

Har. 'f'ttith. I perceive oor masten may throw

their caps at their money ; these debu may well

be called desperate onea. fiir a madman owes

'em. iEamaL

R0fmter Tiown ami Plavms.
Ttm. They have e'en put my breath frooi ne.

Creditors I -devil*.

/V» My dear lonl. -

TYm. What ifitshookl besot

#l«ai. Mylofd.—

Tim. ni have it eo:-My steward t

Fin. Hers, my lord.

Tim. So Ktly T Uo. bid all my friends agate.
Loan*, LnraUos, and S$eiiipniains ; all :
I'll once mure feast the rascals.

Fin. O my lord.

Ton only speak from your distranted soul ;
llwre is not »» nioch left, to furuisu out
A asoderate uMe.

71st. Bet not in thy care: go.

I charge thee : invite them all : let m the iid«i
Of kna\ics once more ; wy cook and I 'II provide

vne. The Senate liiuse.
£a<«r Aldbiades. atlemted.

TV Senate $iUag.

1 An. My lord, yoo have my voira u» it : tlie
Bloudy ; *lie neoeesary he siioukl die : Ifauifs
floching embnldeos sin so much ms nwrrj.

8 8n. MtNit true : the law kh>ill bru *a liini

Jicafc. Hnoonr, bealih. and itumiMsitiuii to the

\ Ai^Ke

^ ^ ItpleaBsa

1 9n». Now. cairtam f

AMk. I am an humble HOiior to yiMir vuim
fbr pitj M the virtoe of ilie law.
Aad wmm bat tyrants use it cruelly.
It pleassa time, and furtoue, to lie heavy

Upon a friend of mine, who, in hot blood.
Hath stepp'd into the law. which is past depth
T6 those that, witiiout heed. dt» plunge into iL
He is a man, seuinx his faie aside.
Of oomely virtues

Nor did he soil the fsct with cowardice:
fAn honour lu hira. which buys out his fiiolt,)
But. wiih a uoble fury, and lairspirii.
Seeing his reputation tuuoird lu death.
He did uppiHie hiK foe:
And with such sober and unnoted paesioo
He did bohave Iiik aiicer. ere twas spent.
As if he had bui pruv'd an araument

1 Sen. You uudvrgu tuo strict a parados.
Striving to make an oxiy deed look frur :
Your woab Itave took sooh pains, ae if they

To bring mausbinghter into fbrm. set quarrelling
Upon the liead of vulour ; which, indeed,
b vulour niiabflcot, uiid came into the world
When sects and fitftmns were newly bom :
He's truly vahant, that can wisely suHer
The wuiM that man can breathe; and make his
wrongs llessly ;

His outoides ; wear them like his raiment, cars*
And ne'er prefer hb ii^uries to his heart.
To bring it iotu daurer.
If wrongs be evils, and enft>n!e us kiU.
What fdly tie tu hazard life for Ul T

Alab My lord.

1 Sn. You camiot make groes sins look dear;
To revenge is n«» vuluur. but to bear.

Aldb. Mr htrds. tlien. under favour, pardon bm.
If I speak like a captaliu—
Why do fond meu expoxe themselves to battle.
And not endure all f hreal'ningsl sleep npuu it.
And \m llie foos quietly out their thmatM,
Without repugiiniiry ? but if there be
Such valour lu the beuring. wliat make we
Aliruail T why tlien. women are more valiant.
That slay at iMMiie. if bearing carry it;
And th' am. nioru captain than the lioo ; the iska^
Loedoii wiUi irons, wiser than the judge,
if wisdom be in sufleriiw. O my fords.
As you are great, be pitifully good :
Who camiut onudemn rashness, in cnkl blood t
To kilL 1 crant. is sin's extremest gust ;
But in defenOM. by mercy 'tis most jusL
To be in anger, fei impiety |
But wito is man. that » nut angiyl
Weigh but the crime with this.

2 Sen. You breathe in vain.

dUab. In vaint hie serriee done

At Lacedamon. and Byxantium.
Were a sufllcieut briber (or bis llle.

1 Sen. What's that! (vine,
Akib Why, I say, my lords, h'as done fkir ner-

And slain in light many of your enemies :

How full of vakMir did he bear lumeelf

In the ia!4 conflict, and made plenteous wonialsl

2 Sen He has made too much plenty with 'em.
Is a swum noter : h'as n sin tliat often (he
Dntwns him. and takes his vulour pnsoow :

If Uiere were no (has, th.-it wttre enough alone
I'o ••vercome him : in that iMiastIr fury
He has lieen known to commit outragee.
And cherish fiM^iiais : Tis inferr'd to ne.
His 'teys are (buU and hiit dnnk daugeru«M.

1 Sen He dies.

AIcA Hani fkte! he might have daal in war.
My lords, if iHit for aoy parts hi iiim,
('rhough hit ncht arm might pontiiase hH own

And bft III debt to none.) yet. more to move yoo.
Take uiy draerta tu liw, and juta tliem both :

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H« hm moch (UtgnKt'O ne tet ; 1 an amtry at

Tliat miirht hava Imuwa mj place: 1 wa ao

•enae fur%
But hia ooRBWina micht liava wno'd ma flrat ;
For, in mjr ounariaiioe, 1 waa the firet uiaa
llial a'ar raoeivad Kift fnini liini :
And doaa he think an bHckwHrdljr of me now.
That 111 raqoila it laat T N<i : au it may prove
An aisooMat of lamrtiter to the rMt.
And I amoofit the lorda iw thoiicht a fooL
I had rather than the wmth of edrire the anm.
He had Mmt to me fiist, but for my miiMi't sake :
I had aooh a coarage to du Uim good But uow

And with their Mnt reply thia anawer join;
Who batea mine honour, lUiall uul kuuw mjroohi.
Serv. Excellent! Yoor lonl*hip*B a goodly vil-
lain, llie devil knew pot what lie did, when lie
made man pulitick; he cn«i»ed himaelf byt:
and I cannot think, bat, in the end. tlia Tillaniea
of man will aet him clear. H<»w fiurly Ihia lord
athvea to appear foal ! takra virtnoua oupiea to
be wicked; like ilKwe tliat. under hot anient
leal, woukl aet whnte reiilnw <in fire.
Of aoch a natiin> i« h*« (Mtlitick lore.
Iliia waa ny lonl'tt bent hiipe ; now all are fled.
Save tlie goida only : Now hia fhenda are dead,
Doora, that ware ne'er acquainted with their

Many a boonteooa year, niual be employ'd
Now tofoard aura their maiOer.
And thia ia all a liberal nminw allowa ;
Who cannot keep Uia weaiih. muat keep hia

house. lExiL

SCENE IV. -TV anav. A MaU m TiuuMli

EhUt T\bo Senranta ^ Varro. end tka Senraot ^
Ludoa. meetntft lltua, Hortenaiua, and oiheT
Senranta lo 'i'unuo'a credUon, waitmg ku oob»>


For. Serv. Well net ; good morruw, Tltoa and

Tit. The like to yoa, kind Vanro.

Hot. Lndua f

What, do we meet togetherf

Imc Serv. Ay, and. I tliiiik.

One b n rin eai doth com m and oaall; lor muie

TU. So is tbeire and oura.
AU0- Pfailotna

Lme, Serv. And, air.

Phi kituB tool

Pid. Oood day at once.

Lite. Suv, Welcome, good brother :

What do yoa think Uie hour T

PkL Lahoaring for nine.

Imc Serv. So much T

PU. la not my loni aren yet I

Imc Serv. Not yet

Pkt. 1 wonder on*t; he waa wont to ahiue lit

Lve. Serv. Ay. but the daya are waied ahorter
with him :
Too moat cuiiMMler. that a pnidival coutm
la Uke the aon'a ; but uut, like hui. rucuiverable.

Tw deepest winter m hinl l^mon'k purse ;
1'nat la, one may readi deep euuugli, and yet

Pki. I'm of your feer ftir that.

TVt ril ahow jroa how to <

much deep; and it shoahl

Your lord aenda now for money.
Bar. Moat tme. he doea.

TU. And he wean Jewela now of limun'a

For which I wait for money.
Hor. It w agaiiist mv heart
Imc. Serv. Mark, how strante it ahowa,

Timon in this ahookl p«y more than he owes :
And e'en an ii xuar lord ahoukl wear nch jewHa,
And aeud f«ir nNMiey fiir 'em.
Hor. I'm weary of thai charge, the ^als can
I know, my lord hath spent of Timon's wealth.
And now iiirratitude nakea it wuiae than
1 Var, Serv. Tee, mine^ three thousand
cruwna: What's year's T

Luc. Strv. Five t* '

1 For. Serv '"

eeem by the sum.
Tear maaterV ciNitkltiooe waa
Else, sorely, lua had etiimU'd.

EiUer Klanuiiius.

TU, One of hml Timon's men.

Imc Srrv., KlaiiiiiiMui ! Mr. a woni : Tngr, ia
my lord ready lo cmiie riaili f

Flam Nu. iihI««^, he si not.

Titi. We Miieiid hia lonfathip ; pray, signiiy eo

Ftam I neMnot tell him that: lie knows, yoa
are tou dilucent. lExtt l-lamimua.

Enter Mavius. m a ctoak, w ty fl td .

Imc. Sent. Hu ! is u*ii that hn atewuid moflled
HeBoea uM-ajr in a Huud call iiin,aUI him. lau t

"ni. l)uvuu hear. Mr I

I Var. Srrv By your leave, sir,—

Flav. Wh«l do you ask of me, mv fHend T

TU. We wait for certain money tmre, air.

Fiav Ay,

If money were as certain aa yoar waitinc,
Twere sure ciiourh. Why then preferrld yoo not
Your sums aiaJ bilU, when your lalae maateia e«t
Of ny lord's meatt 1'hen thay ooukl smile, and

Upon hia debia, and take down th'intereat
Into their gluuonuoa mawa. Yoa do yoursalvea

but wrung,
I'o stir nie up : hH me pass quietly ;
Believe *!, niy lunl aial 1 have made an end ;
I have nil niura to lackun. he to s|«iid.

Imc Serv. Ay. but this anawer will mil aarve.

Flav. If twdl uul,

Tib nut au laMe aa you : fur yuu aarve knavea.

his cadiier'd

1 Var. Serv. Howl what duea
wonthipniuilvr f

2 \'ar. .Serv. No mailer what; he's poor, and
tliMt'n ivvKiiceeiiiiufrli. Who can ftieak liraaler
tlutu lu* tliMi liiis iHi buui« to out Ilia bead wf
such may rail agaiiaH great iHiiklinga.

Enter Serviliua.

TVf O, here's Sertdius; now we aliall know

Ser. If 1 mutht beseech jroa, gentlemen.

Tu repair aome oilier hour, I aliuuld much
Denve fmm it : fur. Uike it mi my htiul.
My kird leans wuU(J*nMi»iy to diai»inUsMt.
H« oomfortalila tamiwr has furaiiok hm ;
Ha ia much out of uaalth, i

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J Ac



we aliv*. that lir'd t Flf * danwied hMe-

I'o him that wonhipa thea.

[Tkmmima th^ wtomt awn.

iMMf. Ha! now I aar. thoa ait a fool, and At

%ar thf maatar. iB*it Loouliu*.

float. MaT thaw add to tha nombar that majr




that part

XSaXUn.—Tlmtmm. ApMiHtPlatM.
EhUt Lodna. mtk Tkret Strangera.
Zmc Who, the lord Tiuhm f Im is mjr rerjr
Rood Mend, and an Imnoorable fentl«nittn.

1 Araa. We know liiin far no less, thoufth we
are but atranaani to Innt. Bat I cau tell jou mie
thiof . mjr km, ami which I hear from oomoMNi
rvmoora; now lord Timon'k happjr hoara ore
done and peat, and hi* Mtate shriolta from him.

Uk. rye, nu, do not heliere it; he eaiiuot
want for money.

2 Stran. Bat beliere jroa thia, m^ lord, that,
not loaf ago. one of hia men was with the lord
I^Kmllaa, to bam»w so manjr lalenta ; najr. anted
eztremelj twt. and showed wliat aaeaesitj be-
lonaed to 1. and yet waa denied.

Xnc Howl

2 Strmm. I tall jroa, denied, mjr lord.

Lmc What a strnnire caae was that ! now, he-
fors the aoda, 1 am ashamed out. Otmied that
huuoarabw manT tliera whs very little honour
sIiowmI {n't. For my own part. I ninst needa
oiinfesa. I have raeeired aooM small kindnesses
from lUm, as money, plate. Jewels, and soeli like
trifles. iH Ahinf oonipanng to hia ; yet, had he mis-
took him. and sent to me, I shoold ne'er have
deaied hia oceaaion so many talenta.

£Msr Serriliaa.

Sgr. Sea, by cond ban, yonder^ my loid ; I

have s we a t Ui see bie nonoar. — My bonoarsd

Lmc Servihus

you are kindly met. sir. Knrs

tbee well: — Commrnd me to ibv htmoorable-
virtoooa kml.— my very ezuuisite nriend.
8er. May it pisaas your honour, my lonl bath

Lme. Hal what haaheaentf lamsomnofaett-
dearsd to that kMnd; he'k ever aendii^: How
shaU 1 thank hia. thhikest thou 1

Sir. He haaonly sent
my l«»rd ; reqaemng yoar runlehip to aufply hia
hii4ant nee with so many talenta.

Lne. I know, his lordship is hot many with


wmm i iw wiMot Want fifty-five hundred talenta.

Scr. Bnt in the mean time he wants loas, my
IT hia oenaaion ware not viftnooa
I ihonbi not nrge it half so fiiithrolly.

X«ft Doat then speak aeriwialy. SanriUiMf

Ar Upon my SMil. tis true. sir.

Lue. WhMi a wicked beast was I, to disfhraish
mysrif against such a guoil time, when I nui^ht
hive shown myself honoaruMe I how onlockily
it bappened, that I should purchaae the lUy be-
fore for a little part, nml undo a great deal of
h<«AuurI — Servihus, now before the gods, I am
not able U» do*t ; the OMire beast, I say : — I waa
■e litrd Tiiiion myself, theee gentle-
•»». «... njtness: but 1 wuald not, for the
wealth of Athena, I bad done it now. Coounend
me boontifolly to hai good lordship ; end 1 hope,
his honour wiU conceive the foireet of me, De>
oanae I have no power to be kind:— And tell
him this fhnn roe : 1 ooont it one of my great*
eat afllietions. say, that I cannot pjeasore such
an honoarable gentleman. Good Servilins. will
yna befriend me so (hr,aa to oaa mine own words

Ser. Tee, sir, I shall

Ime. I will look yoa oat a good tarn, Ser*
viljos - lExU ServiUaa.

Troe. as yoo said. Timon ia shrank, indeed ;
And he, that's once deaied. will haidly apeed.


1 Stran. Do yoa observe this, Hortilius t

2 5lrsa. Ay. too well
1 StroH. Why this

Is the worid"* soul ; and Joat of the same piece
Is every flaitererVi spirit. Who can call him
His friend, tliat dips in the same dish f fur. in
My knowing. TimcNi has been iliis lord's fiiiher,
And kept bw credit with Ills purse ;
Supported his estiii« : nay. 'I imoii's n
Has paid bis men tlietr aragea : He w
Bot Tinion's silver treads npim his lip ;
And yet, (0, see the nu»nstn>usuess of man
When he looks out in nu ungrateful sliapa I)
He does tleny liini, in rsMpeot of hia.
What cbantMble men aOonl to beggan.

3 Strom. Religion groans at it.

I Strati. P'lr mine own pait,

I never tasted TiintMi in my life.
Nor came any iif his iMunties over me.
To mark me Ut his friend ; yet, I protest.
For h« right iMilile mind, illustnoos virtna.
And iKNKMinihle tairnage.
Hnil lux iitmoMniy made nse of me.
1 would have put oiy wealth into dmmtitHi,
And the liesi half vliould have retum'd to him.
So luudi I love bis heart : Bui, I perceive.
Men must learu now with pity to disfieiuw :
For policy siU alnwa ciNmi4enoe. [Anmt

SCENE in. — TV tame. A Rotm m Sempre-
iiiuv'it HouM.

Ktler Sempfxmias. and m Servant ^ TlmonV.
SewL Moat be needs tnmUe meintT Hamphi
He might have tned kafd Lodna, or Lneallas ;
And now Ventidius is wealthy Uw,
Whian lie redeem'd from prison : All thnaa three
Owe their estatee unto him.

Sir. O, my lord,

Tlmy hava all been tonohM, and ftrand baae

metal: for
Thay hava ail denied him 1

am. Howl have they denied him T

Haa VaMidiaa and LncuUos denied hhn T
And dose be send t<i me T Tliree T hamph l~
bot little kive or Jodgment in him
be his bwt refngel II» friemk, like phy-

Thrive, give bim over; Moat 1 uke the cutt



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. f G74


[Act Hi.

TIm IxwUi ■ BOM wbanof thiinrmiM is made : I Bid him suppose. MMM 9Dud

PaMt-woo, AM»-Io«t: one ciood of winter sbowen,ToaetaM bis rnwiid, which cnvM tu be r e m ea

These flies sre ooocii'd. ber*d

TtM. Come. Mrmon me m> farther : Willi thtve five tsleoU - — ibmt bed.— [to FUt j

No TillanoQS boonty yet bath pass'd my bitart ; give it theee fellows

UowtHeiy. not ignoblv, have I nren. |,lack. To whom lis instant doe. Ne'er speMk, or think.

Wby dust tboa weep r Canst ihou the consaenoe lliat Timoo'S fortune *muag his intsuds can wnk.

To Uiink I shall lack friends T Secure thy heart ;
If I would broach the vessels of my luve,
And tiy the arxumeut r>f hearU by borruwiog.
Ifeo, and mens fortunes, could 1 frankly use.
As I can bid Uiee speak.
rim. AssuFsnce bless your thoughts I

Tim, And, in sums sort, theae wants of nune
are crown'd,
Tiiat I aocxiuut them blessings ; for bjr these
Shall 1 try friends : Yuu shall perceive, huw you
Mistake my fortunes; I'm wpalthy in my fheuds.
Within there. h«> !— Flaaunius 1 Senrilius 1

EmUr flamhiius, Serrilius, and tiUktr ^rvauts.

Sen. My kml, my lord

VlisL I will despatch you severally. — Vou. to
lord Lucius,—
To loid Lucullus you : I hunted with his
Honour lo-day :— Yuu. tu Sempromus ;
Commend m« to tlieir loves ; aiid. 1 um proud, say.
'llwt mv uooasioiut have found lime tu use ihem
Toward u supply uf money : let the request


As yuu have said, my lord.

Fim. I would, 1 could ^Dot Uuuk it: llivt
thought IS bounty's foe ;
Beii« free itself, it thinks all others so. [fiaramC.


SCENE L — Tike snne. il /Zoom it Locanns'a

Flaminius wiitmg. Enter a Servant to him.
Sent. 1 have told my lunl of you ; he is coauag
duwu to you.
flttm. 1 thank you. sir.

£M«r LocuUns.
Srr9. Here's my lord.

LucuL iAAie.} One of kml Timua^ menT a
gift, I wainuiU Why. this liiU rwht; 1 dmunt
uf a silver liasoii :ind ewer lu iiiglit. Flaiuinius,
honest Fluiiiiaius ; ytm lire very mspenlively w«l-
rtam. a» jwu •••*« muu. uij luiu. come. Sir.— Kill uis sume wme.— [i;;nl Servant J

FUm. Lord Lucius, and lord LocullusT humph ! — And how dues that liunouruble. ctaupleie. free-
{Aside, hearted seuUemau uf Alheus. tiiy very bountiful
7Ssi. Go you. sir, [to anotker Serv j to the seua- guud lord and iiuuner !

tors, I F/osi. His heal. h is well, sir.

(Of whom, even to the state's best health, I have ■ LucuL I am rigUi glud that his health is well.
DHerv'd tliis hearing,} bid 'em send u* the insiant sir: And what hnsl thou there umier tby cloak.

"- ' ' ' pretty Iflaiiiiiiitti T

Flam. 'Faiih nuthing but an empty box, sh-.
.which, in my lunl's behalf. I come to entreat
your houuur tu supply ; who. having great ana
instant oorauiou to use lifiy lalenU, hath sent to
your lordship lo furnish him ; nothing doubting
your present aasistaime tiivrHiu.
LucfU. Ln. lu, hi, la,— nuthing doubtiug, says

he t alas, guud lurd! u iiutile gentleman 'tis, if he

That now ihey are at fidl. want treasure, cannot wuuld nut keep mu guud a huuse. Many a time

Do what they woulu ; are suriy— yuu are bunuur* and ufien I liwe dined with him. and told him

able,— unt; and cuiiie aicaiii tu supper tu tum, uf pur-

But yet they could have wishM —they kuuw not pose to have him spend leas : and yet he wuukl

—but -' — ' - - - -^

Something hath been amiss— a noble nature

Flav. I have been bold,

(For that I knew it tlie room general way,)
lo them to use your signet, and your name ;
But they do shake their heads, and 1 am here
No nclier w return.

Am. IsttrueT canitbeT

Ftav. They answer, in a joint and corporate

May caich a wrench — wuuld all were well


Aad so, intending other aerions matters.
After distasterullooks, and these hanl fracUona,
With certain half-cape, and cold-moviiig node.
They froze me into silence.

7mi Yuu guds, rewaid them I

I pr'ythee, man, look cheerly ; I'hese uld felluws
Have their iiiKniiiiude in ihein hereditarv :
Their bloud is cak'd. 'tis cold, it seldum flows;
Tw lack ol' kiuuiy warmih, tliey are not kind ;
And nature, as it grows again tuward earth,
Is fasiiioii'd fur the juumey, dull, and heavy .<—
l>o lo Venlnhus,— [to a Serv.J 'Fr'ylhee, [to Fla-

viusj be not sad,
1'hou'rt true, and honeat : iucpnuoosly I speak.
No blame belongs to thee : — [to Serv. J Veutidius

Bofiad his father; by whose death, he^ stepp'd
Into a great estate : when he was poor,
(npnsun'd, and m snaruty of fHewla,
1 ciear'd him wiih five talents : Greet him from

.embrace no 9uuim:1, take no warning by my
' cuiiiing. Lvery iii.ui has Ids fault, and honesty

til IS hb

i could never

.1 have tohl huu ont, but

get him from it.

/2e-eafer Servant, m(ik wine.

Serv. Please your lordship, here^ the wine.

LucuL Flaminius. I have noted thee always
wise. Hera's to thee.

Fkm. Your lordsliip speaks your pleasure.

LucuL I have observed Uiee always foi a
towardly prompt spinl,— give thee thy due.— aial
une that knows what belungs to reawn: and
canst use the time well, if Uie Uiue use thee
well : good parts lu ih«e.— Gel you guue. sirrah.
— [ To the Servant, wko goes oaf.J — Draw nearer,
honest Flaminius. I'liy lurd'fe a bountiful gen-
tlennan: but thou art wim; and ihuu knowe^t
well enough, although Uum cuniest to m«. that
this is nu time to lend uiuney ; especially upon
bare /riendship,.without security. Mere's thnv
solalares for ihee; guud boy, wink at ui
say, thou saw'sl me nut. Fare thee welL

Flum. 1st poHSiitie. tlie world slMNild so mon^

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&il»r Apsniiuituii ONtf c PiioL

Catk. Star. itay. ham »)!»«• the fool with 4p*-
auuavm : let » hsvn MNiie tport with 'em.

Var. S(n>. Hanir hiiii. ho'll iU)uaa at.

Inrf. &rv A plarue ucmhi him. dug !

Var. Sent. How dinit. fiMilT

Apem. Dost dimlotnie wi. h ihv iili:idow T

Vur. Sent. I Kpeaii uui to Uioe.

^MM^ No; *t« to thjMir.—CuiiM nwny.

^^ [Tb/iteFool.

iU^ »rv. [To Var. Srnr J Tliera'^ Um fool
hMiga on roar back already.
I Apem. No, tboa rtaodte •iiiKle. tiiuu art not oa


C^ Where'a the fool now f

Jpam. Ho laat asked the uuertntt. — Poor
n«ues and osaren^ men! buwib between goM
and wanti

All Suv. Wlat are we, ApemautasT



Apem. That jnn ask me what jroa are, and do
not know jruurMlres.— Spe dt to %oi, fool.

PhoL lluw du jroo, geniieiurn r

AU Sero. Ummmerdes. kiioJ fool : How d«ies
jrwur mntiessT

FbaL S&lie's e'en aetthur on water to seakl eiaeh
chickens as jrou are. 'Would we oniU see jua
ai Cortuih.

Apem Ooodl gramerqr


PbeL liook roo, here comes my nuatresi* pace.

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