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i'lavc. [To ike Kool.J Wuy, bow now. captain f
what uu yua m this wise company T How d(«t
llkLMi« Apemantos T

ApoL 'Would 1 had a rod in my mooth, that 1
mialit antwar tiaee proAialily.

/We. Pr^rthee. Apemantos. read me the super-
•cnpiiuu oi theee letters: 1 know not which u

Aptm Canst not read f

J*ape. No.

Apem. Tliere will liUle leaminf die then, that
day iluio art hanged, riii* is tu lord Tinion ; Uim
tu Alcitnadea. Go; ihou wast t(oru a bastard, and
lu«>u*ll dw a bawd

i'oye. ruuu wast whelped a dn^; and thou
•halt (amtoh, a dog^ death. Aiuwer not, 1 am
guue. lExU Paxe

Apem. Eren so thon out-ruu'K grace. FmiI. I
will go mth yuu to lord Tiiiiuu's.

PuU. Will yuu leare me titers T

Apem If Timott suy at home.— You three serre
three osuran;

AU Hen. Ay ; 'would they serred us I

Aiiem. So wiiold L— as good a tnck as erer
baiumum serred ihief.

FooL Are you three osuren' men T

AUSIerv Ay. fiioL

fbol. I think, no usurer but has a fool to his
•errant : Uj nustreHi is one. aud I am her fuoL
Wbmi men ouine to borrow ui yuur iu.uiten, they
■pftruech sadiv, and go awuy luerry ; but they
enter my mistress' houae ni«rriiy. aud go away
•adiy : The rsasrtu of this T

Vtir. Serv. 1 could render one.

ApewL Du It then, that we may aoouunt thee a
wiMiraflBaster. aud » kuare ; wluch uotwuhstand-
MK, thou Shalt be no leas esteemed.

Vmr. aenr. What is a wboreiiiaster. f*iolf

#be<. A fool in good clothes, aud aoma , _
like thee, lis a spirii : so*u«time. it appears
*" ' * .Ukeabwyer;


Uke ajiluiosoplier, with two stones mora than hia
artificud one : I ie is nry otim like a knuch. ; and.
««nemlly« in all sIihinm. ihat man cues op and
down in, .from fuun«ore to thirteeu. this spiht
walks lu.

Var. Serv. 'Ilion art nut altiiferher a fiMiI.

fboL Nor t!iuu Hluixether a wiite man : iis inoch
fiMJery as I hure. so much wit thuu lackest.

^prsi. That aitower might hure become Ape-

lit Herv Aside, aside : h<:re comes lonl Timon.
Re-emter Timon and Flariua.

IpeM. Cuiiie with me. fool. come.

Fool. I do u<>l alwMys fulluw lorer, elder br»
ther. aud woman; sometime, the piulueophrr.

lEiruHt Apeiiumtus and Foo*.

Fiav. *Prar you. walk uear ; I'll speiik with you
au'Mi. [Exeunt Sen.

TIat. Yuu make me marrel: wherefore, ere
thit tiuie.
Had you uut f-*Uv lukl my state before me ;
That 1 mif III so liuve rated my expense,
As I liad leare i«f means T

^lifv. Vua would not hear om.

At many leiMinai I prupos'd.

7V«i. Gu to :

PttiXTiiaiice. sume siu^tle ranta^ee you took,
Wlieu my ludtsiMMitiiiu uut you bur.k ;
Audtlinl uuupiuesei made your minister,
I'hus tu excuse youraelt

t^o. O my good loid !

Ai many times I bniocht iu my accuunia.
^Laid them before yuu : you wuuld throw them ott,
Aud say, you fouiid them in miue huoecty.
When, for s<»me infliu^ present, yuu hare bid me

Kelum so much, I h '- —'' — *■ — * '

Yea, 'gaiiuA llie aui
To hold your hand i
Not seldom, nur nu
PnNii|ited yuu, in tli
Aial your great flow
I'hough you hear no
I'lie gruatest of you
To uay your preseui

Itm. Li-t all ray land be aoU.

Ftuv. Tsi all ettgag'd. some forfeited aud cone ;
And what reuiaiiu will hardly stop the month
Uf preseui dues : the future cuines apace :
VV luti sliull defend the interim f aud at length
H«iw gum our ret'koamg f

/Vei. Tu LiioedsBiiioii dal my hind extend.

Flaw O my guod lonl, the world is but a won! ;
Went It all yours, tu gire it lu a lirealh.
How quK:kly ware it guue !

'Um. You tell me tme.

Flav. If you suspect my husbandry, or fahaihood.
Call me liefure the ezaciest audiUtrs,
And set me ou the proof. So the giids blees me.
When all our offices hare been itppress'd
With riuttrtu feeders : when uurraults hare wep:
Wiih druukeu spiltii of wine : when ererr ruiMu
Hath bhu'd witli lighu, and bray'd with mm-
I hare reUr'd me tu a wasteful cock, [strelsy ;
And set mine eyes at flow.

'/Ml. IVythee, no more.

Ftav Hearens. bare I said, the bounty of thm
How many pnidigal bits hare slarea. and peasaais.
Thai uight eugluiied ! Who is noi Tiinou's T
What Ueart. lirad, sword, force, means, liot is

lord Tiiuou's f
Great 1'inioo. iiobie. worthy, royal Timoa I
Ah I when 'the means are gone, that bm this


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^ 8«>nriw



[Act It

Sonrnit iiT beoka. aad JvttiMr out of iMiiM !
I d'Hibi whether their len bn woith the sams
Tb«t are Kiren for 'em Priembhip'ii foil of dragi :
Meihiake, fiUae heuta efaoald nei^r have lound

Thoe h onw t fMb laj oat tbeir wealth on eiNnt'
I'd he good

Tim. Now. Anew BUM, if tboo wert not raUeii,
to thee.

_^ - No, m nothinir : fiir

If I ehoold be bribM too. there would be none left
To nil ttpoD thee; and tbeo tboo woaU*at aiu

Thov civ'at ao lonir. Tlmoa. I fcar me, tboa
Wat fife awv thjraelf iu paper ahortljr
What need tbeae l e aata . pomps, and vai



An yoo bepa to nil on aodetv onoe.
1 am awora. not to give racard to jroo.
Farewell ; and oome with letter miiaok. \JSaU.

Thon*lt not hfaar BM now,— thoQ ahalt not then :

I*U kwk [be

Thjr beaTon (inom thee. O, that mea*i ean ahoald

TocooaaeldenCbatnattoflattenrl iEsdL


SCENE t- TV aaaM. A9m


SCENE n. — TV aaaM. JJMimTlmoali

Ailar Flavhn, mA mamt btU$ m kit kami.

FUn. Norare.Boaiopl8oaenaeleeBafexpeQW,
That he will neither know how to maintain it.
Nor ceaae hia flow of riot : Takea no ■rr«Hint
How thinfta go ftxKn him : nor repumea nu care
Of what it in oontinue ; Never mmd
Was to be ao anwiae. to be ao kind.
What ahaU be done ? He wiU not hear, tfll fcel :
I moat be roond with him, now he oomea ftnm
Fye, ^e, fye. f^e I [huutimi.

Alfa- CaphM, end (V Serranta «f Udore end

Ailwe Senator, wiik f s p»i ! <■*»» *endL

Am. And late, Ave thonaand to Vam; an^
Ha owes nine thonaand ; besidea mv.i

Which makea it five and twentjr.-&ill

Of raging wasief It cannot held : it wUl noL
If I want gold, steal bat a beagar'fe dog.
And give it Tiroon, why, the ong ooins gold :
If I would sell mj horae, and buy tattatf mora
Better than he. why, cive my hutw to limoa.
Ask ntitliimr. give it him. it loala me atraigfat—
And able horaea : No porter at his CMte;
Bat rather one that smiles, and still invitee

\ Mdhi

All that pMs by. It ounnot hold ;

Can found his slate in salMy. Caphis,hol


Ctpk. Hera, sir: What Is year pleaauraT

am. Oet on year oloak, and haste yoo to kml
Timon; ^

Importnne him Ibr my monies: be not cens'd
With sUght denial ; nor tbeo silenc'd. when*
Cfanmend sif to tomr wtat te r and the cap
Plays in the right hand than— but tell him,slmh.
My uses cry to me, I muH serve my torn
Out of mine own ; his davs and times an past.
And my reliances on his tiracted dates
Have soiit my credit : I love, and hoooor him ;
But must not break my back, to heal his Anger :
Immediate are mv needs ; and my relief
Most not be toes'd and torn'd to me in woida^
But And supply immediate Get yua gone :
P«t on a most importanate aspect,
A visage of demand ; Ibt, I do fear.
When every fisather stksks in his own wing;
Lord Timoa will be left a naked gall.
Which flashes now a phonix. Oet yoo goon.


Mm. Igo.sirt-taketheb«M]saloaffwilliyoa,
Md have the dates in cumpt.

Cspk. Good even, Varro

You oonw Aw mofotf T

Vmr. Sen. bt not ynor ba

Capk It is ;—«nd yours too, Isidore
UkL Sen.




Cop* 'Would we were aU diaehaif *d !

Vmr. Sm. I fmr it.

Ov*. Hera oomes the lord.

ErnUr Timon, Akibiades, «mf Loida, 4«:

Tisi. So soon as dinner's done, well forth agalB,
My Akibiades -With meT Wbatis your wilFf^

Capk. My kird. here is a note of certain doaa.

Tlisi. DiMsT whence are yua T

Capk. Of Athena here, my kwl.

Tim. Go to my steward. (off

Capk. Pleads it yoor kwdship he hath pitt nm
To the soooession of new days this month
My master is awak'd liy great -— ' -
To call ep ■
That with

To call aiNm his own : and hnmUy prMS yon,

Jh voor other noMe parts you'll soit.
In aiving bun his rigtit

Thmr Mine htmest fHsod, '

I pr'ythee. bat repeir to me next morning.

Ceiik. Nay, good mv kml,—
' T>ai. Contain thyself, good Aie«d.

Vmr. Sfn. One Varro's aervant, niy good bird.—

bid. Stn. Prom Isidore ;
He bumhlv prays your speedy payment.

Capk. If you did know, my hod, my maater^i
wants.— (weeks.

Vmr.Sm. 'TwasdaeaalbrfUtars,mylotd,auc
And past.

Jnd. Sen. Your steward pats me oA; my kwd :
And I am sent expressly to your lordship.

TM. Give me breath :—
I do beeeech you. giiod my lords, keep on;

{£kmii< Alcibindes and Lotds.
ni wait upon yoo mstautly. — Come hither, praf
you: (TbFlavina

How goes the world, that I am thns eneounterVI
With clamorous demands of date-broke bo»ls.
And the detenUon of long-ainoe-dae debts,
Against my honourT
• Fiav. Pleaae you.

The time is nnagraeable to this i

Your importunacy cense, till after

That I may make his lordship onderstand
Whersfors you are not paid.

TIsi. Doso,myft

See them weU eateitalnad. tbU TmM

Flta. I pray, draw near.



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y Act!.]


Ai/«r Cnpid.
O9. Hail to thee, worthr Timon ;— and to all
That tff niM hountiei laste f— The five bert aenaiii
Acknowledce thee their pntroo ; and oome freeljr
To oomnxolate thj plenieoiu bdwim : The ear,
I'aitfc, tiiueh,aiiiell. all pleas'd from thjr table riae ;
Thejr uulr now conie but to feast ibiue ejrea.
1m. 'Ibef are weloume all; laC them iiave
kind adniittanoe.
Ilusick, nuike tlteir welcome. [EaAl Cnpid.

1 Laid. YtKi see, mjr lonl, how aiupljr yoa're

afitfjol. H»-ttatf Copid, with o mat^ite qf Ladies

Arem. Hey day, what a sweep of Tunitjr ooroes
this way!
They dance ! they are mad wnraen.
Like roadnoM m the f k>ry of tliis life.
As this pomp shows to a htile nil, and root
We make uurxelres foobt. to disport ountetves;
And spend our flaiteries, to driuk thuae men,
Uuon wliose axe we votd it op airaiii, [not

Wiih puiaiMiuas spite, awl envy. Who lives, that's
Depraved, or depraves T who dies, that bears
Not one spam to Uieir crave* of their friends' itiftT
I sboakl lear, those that dance liefure me now
WoQldooedaysianipuponiue: It has lieen done :
Ilea ahoC their doors against a aetuuir tun.

TV Lonls rim from table, with mmek adoring ^
Timoo ; earf, to shorn thtir iovet, eadk $i*tults otU
'am Amasom, and all donee, men wiih women ; a
inftt strain or two to the haatt/oft, and eeoM,
Tim. Yon have dona our pleasarsa moch
icrace. fiiir ladies :

Bet a fair feshion tm our entertainment.

Which WM not half so heaunfal and kind ;

Yon have mlded worth unto X and hvely lostra.

Ami eolertain'il nie with mine own device ;

1 am to thank yiMi fur iL
1 Ladif. My lonl. yoa take us even at the beat
Apem. 'Faith, for Uie worrt is filthy ; and would

Bot iKikl taking. 1 doubt nie.

- Aai. Ladies, iliere is an Mile banquet

Attends you : Pleaae you to d»pose jroonelveai
AU Ud. Muat thankfully, my \wni.

[ExemU Capal. and Ladiea
7*11. navios,-^
Fiao. My lord.
7Vnt The liule CMket hrinf roe hither.

Aav. Yes, my lord.— Mtire jewels yet I

There w no ciup4ac him in his huiiMiar : [Aside.

Ktoe 1 slHMiid tell liini.— W«li.-r faith, I sliookl.

When all'x spent, he'd heonita'd then.au he onuld.

Tis pity, bounty had not eyeit behind ;

I'hat man might ne'er be wretrhed ft>r his mind.
[£>«(, and returns wOk IM casket,

1 Lard. Whern be our men I
Arrv. Here, my loid. in readiness.

2 Xior^. Our burses.

T^m O my friends. I have one wonl

To say tn yoo :— Look you. iiijr coud lord. I aoat
Entreat y<iu. h«Hiu<ir uie no uiunh. as to
Advance ilu* jewel :
Accept, and wt-ar ii. kind my lord.

1 Lard. 1 am M far already in yuar gifts,—

iUt So are we all.

. My iMd, there are oeitaia nobles of tho
»w|jr aliihtod. Md oone to Vint joa.

TYei. They are fidrly welcome.

Floe. I beseech ynm* htHitmr,

Vouchsafe me a word : it d<ies ooucem y«« near.

'fim. NeitrT why then another time KU h^nr

I pr'vibee. let oa be provided [thee :

To Mhuw them aolertainiuent.

Ftao. I scarce know how.


Baler amalher Sentwal.

2 Serv. May it pleaae your honour, the lord
Oat of hb free love, hath preaented to yoa
Four milk-white horses, trapp'd in silver.

TVat. lehall accept them fairly: let the presents

Enter a third SarnML

what news 7
L honourable
rtur company
OS sent ycui

them be re-


his come to f

e great gifts,

1 me this,
BS good.

^ __-, .le owes

For every word ; he is an kind, that lie now

Pays interest for^ ; his lands put to their books.

Well, 'would I were gently put out of ufBce,

Bvfore 1 were furc d oail

Happirr is he that has no friend to feed.

Than sucUi as do even enemies exceed.

I bleed inwardly for my lord. [Exit.

Tint. You do yooraulvee

Much wrong, yoa bate too much of your owu
Here, inv lonl. a trifle of our love. (me its :

2 Lurd WiUi more than uouuuun thanks I will
nsceive iL

H Lord U, he is the very aoul of bounty f

TVm. And now I remember lite, my lord, you
Good woitls tlie other day of a hay courser
1 rude ou : It is yoars, becjuse yon lik'd it i

a Lord I beeeeoh you, purduu me. n^ htrd. in
that. (no luun

7W You maylnke royword. my lord; Ikuow,
Can justly praiar. but what he does aflect :
I weiKh my fneud's nflTeotion with mine own :
I'll tell you true I'll call 00 ytm

Atl Lords. None so weloume.

Ttm. 1 take all and your sevenU visitations
Sn kind to heart, 'tis nut enough to give :
Meihmks, 1 cituld deal kingdoms to ii«y mends.
And ne'er be weary — Alcibiades,
I'hou art a soldier. ihere£*re seldom rich.
It oomes in dtarity to iliee : for all thy h^'ag
Is \iiougBt the dead : and all the lands then hjdt
Lie in a pitch'd field.

AledK Ay. defiled land, my lord.

1 Und, We an to virtuously bound,——
'fim. And ao

Am I to voo.

2 Lard. So infinitely endeared—
Tun. All to yoo.— Lights, more hgbta.

1 Lard. The best of hapttnesL

Honour jmd ihrtonea, keep with yuu, lunl iWai I
Tim. Ready for his friends.

Cfi»ml AldMMki. Lonla, 4*.

671 >

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[Act L

H« « KuiM bapfqr. and has left me rirli :

1 hen, u in muteful Tirtne, I un huuui]

Tu yoor free heart— I do retorn thtiao talenti.

Duobled, with thanks, and senrice, frum whuee

1 denv'd libedy.

7im. O. by no means.

Hun«st Veiitidius : yuu iniiitailce my lure ,
I iniTe it freely ever ; and ihere*» ntme
Can truly My, be itires. if be receives :
If oor beUers play at thai Rame, we roust noC

To imitate them ; Faults that are rihh. are fiur.

Fm. A nuble spirit.

(TAey ail ttand eertmonioiulf lookmg am

71m. Nay. my lonis, oereroony

Was bat devis'd, at first, to set a floss
Ou faint detids, hollow weldimes,
Beoautuig Kuudneas, sorry ere lis shown ;
But where there ■ true friendship, there needs

Fnj, sit ; more weloome are ye to my fcrtonea,
llian my rurtuues to me. [T^ *'^

I Lord. My kml, we always hare omifea'd it.

Apam, Hu. ho. ounfess'd ill hang'd it, have
yoo uuiT

Tbn. O, Apcmantus!— yoo are welcome.

Aptwi. No,

7uu sIimII nut make me weloome :
1 cume to iisve thee tlinisl me out of doors.

71m. Fye. thou art a chnri ; you have gut a bo-
nitiur there
Does not become a man. tis much to blame :—
lliey ssy. my lords, that ^ a /iaror bnm$ eM,
But Vund' niun*s ever angry.
Go, let him have a table oy himself;
For he does neither affect company,
Nor b he fit for it, indeeil.

Apea%. Uit me stay ut thiiie own perfl, Timon ;
I outne to obeerve ; 1 give thee warning on*t.

Ynn. I tiUte no heed of thee; thou art an
AUienian; therefore welcome: 1 myself would
have no power : pr'ythee. let my meet make thee

Apem'. I soom thy meat; *twoold choke me,
for 1 klumkl
Ne'er flatter thee.— O yoo gods I what a number
Of men eat I'imou, and he sees them not i
It grieves me to see so many dip their meat

SI one man's blood ; and afi the madness is,
e cheers them up toa
1 wiHuler men dare trust themselves with mea :
llethinks, they dioohl invite them without

Good (*r their mea^ and safer fbr their Uvesi
There's much example for't ; the fellow, that
Sits next him now, parts bread with him, and

The breath of him in a dirided draught,
Is the readiest man to kill him : it has been
If I Iprov'd.

Were a huge man, I abould fear to dnnk at

meals; [notes:

Leet they should spy my wfndpipels dangerous
Qnat men should drink with tiamsia on their

71iM. My lord, in heart; and let the health fo

iLord. Let It flow this way, my food lord.
Apem. Flow this war!

A brave ftllowl'he keepa his tides welL tv
* mon, fill

Those healths will irake thee, and thy state, look
|lare\itbat, which ii too weak to be a smner,

Honest wnter. which ne er left man i* the mine :
Hits, and my food, are eqnnls ; there's no adds.
Feasts are too proud to give thanks to the guda.

APBMAirn»*t Geacb.

Ipratfortio mton^ but wtfiitif:
OrmU I mof mtver praae m/omi.
Or a karUtt.for ker ttOfp ing ;
Or a dog, that Mtmt a $Ufpiat;
Or a hieptr with wtf/rrtdam ;
Or wtt /nmds. if l$kotdd need *em.
Amen. Sofalltxft:

Much good didi thy mod heart, Apemantos!
T^m. Captain Akabiadea. your heart'i in th«

field now.
Afdb. My heart is ever at your semca. mr
lord. '

T^ai. Yoo had rather be at a breakfast of eae-
mies, than a dinner of frieuds.

Aicib. So I hey were bleeding- new. my kml,
there% no meat like them; I could wwh my beat
friend at such a feast

Apem. 'Wookl all thone flatterers were thine
enemies then : that then thou mights kill 'em.
and bid me to 'em.

1 Lord. Migiit we but have ilmt happiness, my
lord, that you would oooe use our hearts, whereby
we might express some part of our zeals, we
shituki think ourselves fbr ever perfect

Tim. O. no doulit, mjr good friends, but the gods
themselves have pn>vided that I shall have moeli
help from rou : How had you been ny fHends
else? why have you thnt charitable tiue from
thousands.dul yoo not chiefly belong to my heart T
I have tokl more o€ you to myselt than yoo can
with modesty speak m your own behalf; and thos
far 1 confirm you. O, yon gods, thmk 1. what
need we have any fHends. if we should never
have need of them t xhtj were the most needleas
creatures Uving. shook! we ne'er have use for
them: and would most resemble sweet instn-
menu huiig op in oases, that keep their aoonds
to themselves. Why, 1 have often wished my-
self poorer, that J might come nearer to yoo. We
are born to do benefTts : and what better or pro*

Sirer can we call oor own than the riches of oor
iends f O, what a preoioos comfort 'tis, to have
so many like brothers, commanding one anoiher'is
fortunes ! O joy, e'«i made Kway ere it can be
bora I Mine eyes cannot hoM out water, ma>
Uiinks ; to fbiget their fisulls. I drink to you.
Apmt, Thou weepeat to make them drink,

2 Lord. Joj; had the like oonoeptkm in ooreyo^
And, at that instant, like a babe sprung up.

Apem. Ho, hoi 1 lai«h to think that baba a

3 Lord. I promisa you. mj lord, yoo mov'd m

ilwai Much! r7VlvlMMMM.

3ba. What means that tramp f— How now t

tfsre. Hea^ you. my lord, there an eeitahi

ladiea most desirous of admittance.
Tim. Ladiee 1 What art their wiUsT
Sera There comee with them a foranmaar, mf

lord, whioh bears that oiBoa, — '—"' "^

Ton. Ipraj,l«ttliaabe

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r Act M



Aprm. TiUIIwcnilte,itajibrUuKOod mmv

When Umm mit Timaa^a do«, and Umm kium
7m. Whf diMt thon oall Umid IciwtmI thoa

luinw*«t UMm not
ilMK Are thar Bot AttentemT

dpam. 'Vbrn I Npmit not

Jksw. Yoa know im, ApemuitaiL

d,em. Thoa luiow;^!! do; I oaU'd tboo bf

71m. liioa ait prood, ApemutOL
Jpmi. or noUuBs ao nmoh, •■ that 1 am not
TliM. Whithor ait going T . . . ..

A^em. To knook oat an hoaeat Athanian^

t. TwAldhiadcs.a

twonty hocM. all nf oompaitiunship.

7iaL Prajr entertain them ; give them gnide to

OS.— iBxamt tome Attendanti.

Too most needa dine with uie:— Go nut yua

Tai 1 haveUiank'd yoa: and. whon dinmr^i
thia piece — I'ni joyfal of your aighta.

Tkm T1ut%adeedtboiintdiefor. ^^^^
AfOL Bight, if doing nothing ha death by tha



M tqr
It fbr


airf (T^aaMt.

ilpeai. 80,110; there!—

Achec contrtfit and atanre your aupple jointa 1—
That th«re ahoald be amaU love luougat theaa

.-I baboon and monkey. . , [oat

JkA Sir. yoa have aav'd my longing, and 1

Moit hangiily on yoor eight.

Tbm. Riglit welcome, dr;

Ere we depart, we*U ahare a bonnie(>u8 time
ladiflerentpleaaarea. Pray yoii. let ni in.

[£acnMi ttU Imt Apemantoa.

ErnUr TWeliorda.
1 Lord. What time a day liX Apemantoa 1
Ajmm. Time to be honeet.

1 Lord. Thai time aervttt atill.

Jptm. I'he moai aocuraed thoa, that iUU

omit'at it.
a Lord. Thoa art going to lord Tiroonli feaalT
Apem. Ay ; to aee meat fill kuavaa, and wuM

heat foola.

2 Lord. Fare thee well, (hre thee weU.
Apam. Thoa art a fool, to bid me fiuowell




aZm. {'rmSckoaoSandllwa,if thagodawiU
lott ...

Jfer. If tndBd(doit,thegod8dolt ^ ^
Apam. TnOBcfc'b thy god, and thy god confoond


Tm. Whattnwpafkthatl

2 Lord. Why. Apemantoa T
Apam. Shooldat have kept one to thyaelf, for 1
mean to give thee none.

1 Lord. Hang thvMlf.

Aptm. No, 1 will do nothing at thy bidding;
make thy reqoeeta to thy Ariend.

2 Lord. Away, unpeaoeable dog, or 111 apara
thee hence.

Aptm. I wiU fly, like a dog, tha haela of rhe
am. [JEnt.

1 Lord. He's oppoeite to hamanity. Come,

•hall we in.
And taste lord Timon% lioanty t he ootgoea
'I'he very heart of kindnem.

2 Lord. He poaia it out; natoa, the god of

b bat his steward : no meed, bat he r
Sevenfold above itself; no gijft to him.
But breeds the giver a rstam e aceedi n f
All nse of qaittanoe.

1 Lord. The noblest mind be eairiea.
That ever govere'd man.

2 Lord. Lone moj he live m fortanea ! Shall

we in T
1 Lord. I'll keep yoa company. [ Bx mmL

SCENE IL— TV saaM. AMotm^StaHim
Tuuaa*o Uotm.

Ihaiftsi* ■Isyiw lotid mmokk. A groat lonfoel
otrved m ; Flaviua and othero aitemdmo ! tkm
snier Timon. Akabiadea, Looias, Lacallas. Sean
proniaa, and other Athenian Senators, mth Ven-
Udioa, md Attendanta. Tkem oosms, dropping
nfUr oU, Apemantoa, disoonlcnleddr.
Vm. Moat hoooor'd Timon. t hath pleM'd tte
guds remember

My fiUh«r1s age, and caU him to kii«

Digitized by


1 of lord Tin

I PortOM with her ivory huidwa/U to h«r
Who— pnM w i i t i i i i o to p rMa n l<IW— — d mn
TtniaBlal«a Ui rivals.

i^MN. Tis oooonv'd to wops.

Tlw throno. this KortOM. nimI tbi* hill, aethi
With OM RMo beeknn'd from the ml bolow,
Bowioc bia UmhI ftcaiost the eteepf iwNUit
ToeUmb h» happinif, wuold be well eipwM
In oar ooudttioa.

P*i«t Nay.rir.butheermeoo:

AH ihoee whioh were h« Jblluwe bat of late.
(Some better Ihmn his value.) oo the aMmient
Follow hia strides, his lobbies flU with tendanoe,
Jlain sacriiloial whinenngs in his ear.
Make saorad even his stirni|», and thnragh hia
Drink the free air.

Fam. Ay.aany.whatortheeeT

J'otL When Fortune, a her shift aad chan

Spams down her late belovU nil

Which laboor'd after him to the moontaia% top.
Evan on their kneee and hands, let him slip down.
Not one aooompanjring his 'M'*'»*'*f CMit.

Puin, Tiscummon :
k thoosnnd moial painUnfs I can show, [tone
That shall deowinstrate ibese oaiok Wows of £«•
Mors prenumUj than wonls. Tet jrua do well.
To show lord 110100. that mean eyes have seen
The fijot above the head.

mL autr TImon. eModW; tkt

Servant oTTentidios lettnv filk kirn.
TIsi. lmprison*d is he. ssy yon

Ym.9vw. Ay, niy good lord: five talents is hi
His means most short, his rrsditon Boit strait :
Toar honoaraMe letter be desiras
To those have diot him up ; which frllfaifr to him.

Tbm. Noble VintidiosI WeU;

I am not of that Ihather. to shake off
My ftiend when he roost need me. Idokaowhim
A gentleman, thnt weU deeervee n help. (him.
Which he shall have: 111 pay the debt, and free

Fm. Are. Your hmlsiiip sver binds him.

Tim. Commend me to him: I will send his

And, bein||,euftnaehis'd, bid him come to me :~

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