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NesL Tell him of Nestor, one thai was a man
When Hector's gtandsire sock'd : Ite n old nuw ;
But, if there be not in our Grecmn hu«t
Utie mible man, that hath one spark of fire

I hfVe. Tell liim (mm me,—


rU hide my sHver beani in a cokl beaver.
And in my vantbreoe put tliiw wiiber'd bRtwn;
And meeting him, win tell him, that my bidy
Wu fairer than hai grendame, and as chasie
As may he in the world ; his youth in flood,
1*11 pnive tliis truth with my threedivpeof MoinI.

Mme. Now heavens fonid such srarcity «if

Utfst. Amen. ryiMitli!

Agom. Fait lord AieaB^ let me toodh y
To our pavilion shall I lead you. sir f
Achilles shall have word of this intent;
So shall each lord of Greece, fhmi lent to tent :
Vourself shall feast with us before you go.
And find the welcome of a nuble foe.

[ExruHl aU but Ulysees md Nestjr.

Ulfu. Neeior.

N(^. What says Utyweer

Otgu. I hare a yo<ing couceptkm in my brain,
Be you my time Ut bnug it t» eome sliape.

aW Whatistl

(Tildes. Tlitttis:
Blunt wedgea rive hard knots : The eeeded piidf
'IliHt hath to this maturity blown up
In reuk Achilles, must or nuw be crupp'd.
Or. sheddiuc, breed a nursery uf like evd.
To overbulk m all.

Ne$L Well, and how r

Ul^tg. This challenge that Uie galhmt Hector
However it is spread in general name,
Helates in parptwe only to Aoiiilles.

liest 1'he iHirpciee in uentpiruiKis even as aub*
Whuae grastitiesH btile cnaraRters sum up :
And, in the nuhliratiuu. make no strain.
But that Achilliv. were his hraiu as iMrren
As banks of Libya.— tiMiuKti, Apullo knows,
^lls dry enougU,— will, wiih great speed of Judg-
Ay, with celerity, find Hector's poipoee
PMuting an him.

Ullfa$. And wake bim to the answer, think you f

Nett. Yes,

It iii most meet: Whom may you elee oppose.
That can fhim Hertur liriiut tnuse honours ttS,
If out Adiilles f Thougtit be a spi«tlul oumbat.
Yet in the trial mnch opiiiion d«v«lls;
For here the Trqjims taste imr dear'st repute
>A> iUi their fln'st paliae: And trust to me, Ulysaes,
Our imputation shall be uddly pois'd
lu tliis wild action : for tjie ituooess,
Althooch pertirnlar. shad give a scantlinc
Uf good or leal unto tli« general ;
And in such indexee, alth<»ugh small pricks
'V9 their subsequent volumea, tliere is aeen
The baliy Ago le of the giant nmss
Of things to noma at larg«- It is soppos'd.
He, that meets Hector, iistues from our choice :
And rtKNce, being mutual act uf all our souls.
Makes nient her electiou : and Uoth boil.
As 'twere fn»m forth us all, a man dmuuSl
Outof ourvirtoes; Who misnarrying, rpait.

What heart rsrteiVM fWan hence a oonquenug
I'o steel a strung opinion to themselves f
Which eiitertain'd. bmhe are his instruments,
lu no less working, than are swoids and buwa
Directive hy tlio limbs.

£//|Ss. Give panlutt to my speedi ;—
Therefore 'tis meet, Acliillee meet not Hector.
Let us. like nierohanis, sliow our fuuleet wares.
And Hunk, perchance, they'll sell; if nut.
The lUMtre of the better shall eiceed.
Bv idiowiuf the wuree firnt. Du i
lltat ever Hector and Achilles mc.. ,
Pur iiotli our honour nnd our shame, in tha.
Are dugg'd with two Strang* fidhiwon.

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^ Act I.)



Aad Uwrefore is the slorioiM ptaiML SoL
In noMe •iniBauM •uUiron'd and •pMra
Amidsi the uiber ; whoee ned'ciMble eye
Corrace Uie ill Mpeote ot planeto etrit,
AniI iMHtt. like tiie cwniiwnJment ot a kieir.
Seas ohedu to food and bad: Bat, when the

In erd muctore, to diMMder wander.

What ph«oea.aud what poitentef what mntinjr ?

Wliat rifii^ of the Ma? ahakinf of earth?

Onmaotioo in the windeT frights, changes, hor-

Divert and eraok, rend and deracinate (rors,

11m nn^ and married calm of statee

Qoite from their fixture! O. when degree it

Which if the iMlder of all high deeigM,
The enterprise ie iiek I Howcuuldoumronnities,
Osgwas in aohoots. and brotherhouds in cities,
MmsAiI ooauneroe from diridalde shores.
The prioMgenitiTe and doe of birth.
Prerogative of age. crowns, sceptres, laorels,
Bot 1^ defrecsUnd in aathentidt plaoeT
Tkke hat degree away, untune that string.
And, harli. what discord fidlowel ea£ thii«

: The bounded waten

(their bosoms higher than the shores,
And make a sop of all this solid globe :
Strength should he lord of imbecilitr.
And the rade eon should strike his Ather dead :
Fbrae shouki be right; or, rather, right and

(Between whuoe endless jsr Justice rssidee.)

Shoukllaee their names, and ao should justice toa

Then every thmg indodee itself in power,

Pbwer into will, will mto appetite;

And appetite, an univenal wnIC

So douDiv seconded with will aiid power,

Most roase perforce an univenal

And, last, eat up himeelf. Great A^

lliis chaos, when degree is enflbcate,

Follows the choking.

And this neglection of degree it is.

That bjr a pace goes backward, with a purpoae

Ith^ithtodimb. Thegeneral^dadain'd

Bv him one step below: he, by the next ;

liiat next, by him beoeeth : so eveiy step.

amplcd by the firat pace that is sick
Of his superior, nuws to an envion
'sand b l ood l es s ei

Of pale and
And *t» this

■ emulation
I lever that keepe Troy en foot.
Not her own sinews. I'o end a tale of length,
Tnigr in our weakness stands, not in her strength.
Afc«t. Most wirely hath Ulysses hi '

The lever whereof all our power ie

A wm . The natora of the rirkaees found, Ulys-

Whntie the remedy! (sm,

Dttm. llie grsat AchUlee,— whom opinion

The einew and the forehand of our host«—

Having hki ear fhll of hie airy fome.

Grows dainty of his worth, and in tiis tent

Lies uMickiBg our deeigns : With him, Phtrodos,

Upon n lasy bed, the bveloug day

Brenks scuml Jests ;

And vricb ndiculous and awkward nation

I Which, slauderer. be imitation calls,)

He p n g ea i ita us. Sometime, grsnt Agamemnon,

Thy l un less deputatwn he pohi on ; •

And. IdM a strnuinff playerw— whoee conceit

iMM m h» hamrtnug. and doth think it noh

To henr the wooden dtalogae and sonnd

Twixt his stratch'd footii« and thasbAddaga^

Snch to he pi ti ed and o*er-wrBsted eaeming

He note thy gnntneas in : and when he apse


Tto likn a chime • Bendii«; with tenH on-

Which, from the tongue of roaring Trpbcn droppV
WooU eeem hypcrtMdee. At thie fuvcy stnH;
The large AduUes. on hto pram'd bed IdliMi.
Frum his deep chest laughs out a load applaase
Cries— £xee/iail /— ' Ti$ Agamemnon >Mf .—
itfiMsptof sir Neetor ; tow, amdstrokt tkf bmrd,
A$ kt, biimg *drt$t to soeie oratum.
Iliat's dune ;— as near as the eztremef t ends
Of parallels: ss like as Vulcan and his wife:
Yet gimd Achillee still criee. ExceUaU ;
*'AsNestornipM/ ^bl9 pier Aim sk, Phtrodas,
Armmu to ttH$wfr m a nmt olarsi.
And then, TorKMith, the Jaint defecto of age
Must be the scene of mirth ; t<i cough, and spit.
And with a paley-fumbliag on his gunret.
Shake in and oat the rivM;— And at thie sport.
Sir Valour dies : cries. 0/ tmo mk. Paimdui;^
Or§imwmnb»^»UHt JtMisplUmU
In pleamre qf s^r yfaen . And in this foshion.
All our abilities, gifts, naturae, shapes,
Seversls and generals of grace esnut^
Acfaievemeuts, plots, onlere, preventions,
EUdtenients to the A«ld, or speech for trace.
Success, or looi, what is, or is net, servee
Am stuff for theef two to SMke paradoxee

Nest. And in the iniitaikin of these twain
(Whom, ss Dlyaees says, opinion crowns
With an imperial voios.) many are infect.
Ajaz is gniwn self-wiU'd ; and beare his head
in such a rein, in full as proud a plaoe
As biuad Acliilles : keeps lus lent like him ;
Makes factious feasts ; rails uu <»ur slate of war.
Bold as an orade : and sets Thenuiee
(A slavr. whfiee gall coins siniideni like a mint,)
To match us in comparisons with dirt ;
To weaken and discredit our expusure.
How rai^ soever rounded in wit b tinuger.

U^ftg. rhey tax our policy, and call it coward-
Count wisdom as no member uf the war; [icp ;
Forestall prescience, and est e em no act
But that uf hand : the siiU and nientMl parts.—
That do contrive how maay hands shall sinke.
When fttnees calls them on; and know, by^taien-

Of their observant toil, the enemiee' weight,—
Why, tliis haih not a fiiicer^ dixniiy ;
I'hey call tliis— bed-wiirit. mappeiy. dtieet war.
So tliat the ram. that battere down the wall.
For the great swing and rude a ees of his poiea.
They place before hie hand that made the eiahne;
Or thims, that with the flnenees of their so«iU
By reason guide hie execution.

Mr«(. Let this be granted, and AdiUles'hprss
Makes many Thetis' sous ••"

J#asi. Whnttmmpetf k

Mem. FriimTniy.
.^m. What would yo« *fora ourient f

Great Agamemncnis tent, f pray T
A ff"'^ Even this.

Zw. May one, that is a hetald. and a pnnoe.


to his kingly ears T

il«nm. With sursty stronger than Achilles* arm
'Pore all the Greekieh heeds, which with one
Call Agamemnon bend and generaL {mkm

Mm. Fair leave, and Urge eecanty. How ni^y
A stranger to thoee moot impenal '
Know tnem from eyee of other a

I ask, that I might waken revers nc e .


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Pnm. You mn such a wonwnl one knowt not
M what ward yoa lie.

Cm. UpoD mjr back, to defend mj belly ; opon
my wit, to defend my wilee; upon my aeoracy, tu
defend mine honesty ; my mask, to defend my
beao^; and tou, to defend all ttaeee: and at all
tiieee wards I Ue, at a thousand watcbea.

Pan. Say one of your watches.

Cn$. Nay, VU watch you fur that ; and Ihnfk
one of the chiefest of them too : if I caiuot ward
what I would not have hit, 1 can watoh you for
telling how I took the blow ; unless it swell past
hiding and then it is past watchug.

iVM You an such another 1

Enter TroQus' Boy.

Soy. Sir, my loixl would instantly speak with

>\M. When? [yim.

Bog- At your own boose: there he onMrms

Pan. Good hoy. tell him I come: [£!»( Boy.]
1 doubt, he be hurt.— Fare ye well, good uieoe.

Ores. Adieu, uncle.

Pan. Ill be with you, niece, by and by.

Cre$. To lirina uncle.

Pan. Av, a token from Tmilus.

Cret. By the same token— you are a bawd.

[£nf Paudarus.
Worda, tows, griefe, teaia, and Ioto's full sacn-
He otttn in auuiher's enterprize : (fice,

Unt more in 'I'roilus Uiuusuud fuld 1 see
lliau in the class of PaudHr's praise may be;
Yet hold 1 off Wuiueii are angels, wo«ang :
Things won are done, joy '« wml lies in the doing :
That she beknr'd knows nought, that knows not

Men prize the thing nngain'd more than it is :
That she was never yet. that ever knew
Love got so sweet, as when desire did sue :
Therefore this maxim out of love I tench,—
Achievement is command : ungonrd, beseech :
llien though my heart's content firm love doth

Nothing at that shall from mine eyes appear.


SCENE UT.— TV Grecian Obsv*. Bc/brr Aga-
memnon's ThU,

Thanptis, JTaler Agmmemnoo, Nestor, Ulysses,
Menelaos, Mrf of4a^
Agam. Princes.
What gnef hath set the Janudioe on your cheeks T
llie ample proposition, that hope makes
In all designs begun on earth below.
Fails in the promis'd largeness : checks and dis-
Grow in the veins of actions highest rear'd ;
As knots, by the ouiifloz «>f iii«eUng sap.
Infect the sound pine, and divert liix grain
'I'onive and errant fn»m his oi>un« uf growth.
Nor. princes, is it matter new U» us.
That we airoe short of our BUpp<«e mo fnr.
That, aAer seven years' siege, yet Truy walls
Sith ev4*ry actiun that huth gone before, [stuiul ;
Whereof we have reoonJ, trail did draw
Hias and thwart, not answering the uim.
And that nnbudiad figure of the thought
That gav't surmised shape. Why then, you

Do vou with cheeks abash'd behokl our works ;
And think them sha m es, which are, jaleed.

nought else
But ibe pnttractive trials of great Jove.
To flaU persistive constancy in men ?

The fineness of which metal is not found
In fortune's love ; for then, tlie bokl and
I1ie wise and fool, the artist and unread.
The hard and soft. >eero all alHnld and kin :
But. lu the wind and tempest of her fivwn,
Distinction, with a broad and powerful Un,
Puffing at all, winnows the light away :
And what hath mass, or matter, bv itself
Lies, rich in virtue, and unmingleo.

Nest. With due observance of thy godlike seat.
Great Agamemnon, Nestor shall af^
Thy latest words. In the reproof oi efaanoa
lies the true proof of men: the sea being snuotk
How many shallow bauble boau dare sail
Upon her patient breast, making theu* waf
With those of nobler bulk ?
But let the ruffian Boreas once enrage
The gentle llietis, and. anon, behoUT
The strong-ribb'd bark through Uquid mountains
Bounding between the two muist elements, (cut,
Ldte Perseus' horse: Where's then the snuof

Whoee weak untimber'd sides but even now
Co-rival'd greatness t either to harbour Oed,
Or made a toast for Neptune. Even so
Doth valuur*« sImiw. and valour's worth, dnride,
In storms of foituue : Fur, in her ray and bnght-

The herd hath more annovanoe by the briae.
1'han by the tiger: but when the splitting wbd
Makes tlezihle the knees of knotted oaks.
And files fied under shade, Why, then, the thinf

of courage.
As rous'd with rage, with rage doth qrmpalhiaa.
And. with an ao«nt tun'd in aelf-sanie kay.
Returns to ohaliug fortune.

Ullfv. Agamemnon.—

Thou great commander, nerve and bone of Greece,
Heart of our numbers, soul and only spirit.
In whoiA tlie tempera and the minds ui all
Should be shut up.— hear what Ulysses s
Besidtis the applause and apprubatMHi
The which. — must mighty for thy place and
sway.— [ To Agamemnuu.

And thou most reverend for thy stretchHl-out
hfe.- [7-0 Nestor.

I give to boih your qieeches,— which were sueh.
As AcHmeinoun and the hand of Greece
Should huld up high in brass : and such a
As venerable Nestor, hatch'd in silver.
Should with a IkmmI of air (strong as the azletree
Ou which heaven rides.) knit all the GreeUsh
ean [both,—

To his ezperienc'd tongue. — yet let it please
Thou gieai,— and wise,— to hear Ulysses qwak.
Aifam. Speak, pnnoe of Ithaca ; and bet uf leas
That msuer needless, of importless buideo,
Divide thy lips : than we are conrident,
When rank i'liereiitv open his mastiA' jaws.
We sliail hear musick. wit. and orucle.

Ulpt*. Truy, yet upon his basis, had been down.
And the great Hector 's si» old had lack'd a ma»i«r»
But for these instances.
The specialty of rule hath hteu neglected :
And. look, how many Grecian tents do stand
Hollow upon this phiin. «o many hollow fectioos.
When that the general w not like the hnre,
I'o whom the forajcera shall all repair.
What houiy is expected T Degree being vimded,
I'he uuworthiest shows as feirly in the mask
The heavens themselves, the planets and thia
Observe degree, priority, and place, [oesuif

liisisture. course, proportion, season, form,
Otfioe. and custom, in all line of order:

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— T


^ ActM


jorn aa idle IumuI, too will eal chickens i* the

PvL I awMtchnoM hot langh. to think how
Kh« tickled hk chin I — Indeed, she has h msr-
vellous white hand. I must needs confoss.
Op*. Witboot the rack.

/W And »he take* upon lier to spj % white
hair (ki hn chin.
CVw. Alas, poor chin ! innny a wait is richer.
Pan But. there was such lau^rhing I — Queen
Ilecaba !auched. that her ejes ran u'er.
Cm. With mill-stones?
PvL And Casnodra Uughed.
Cm. Bat there was a mure temperate fire
Older the pot uf her ejea;— Did her eyes run
eef louT
Pwn. And Hector lauched.
Oner At what was all this laushinc T
?an Mairr.atthewhite hair iliat Helen q>ied
on Troilus' chin.

Cra. An't bad been a sreen hair, I should have
lauched loo.

Am. They lauffhed not so much at the hair, as

at his preity answer.

Ores. What was his answer f

Ptm. Qnuth she. Htrt'n tmt one amd fiitt hatr$

OH yoMf dkm, ami om q/* thm i$ wAtte.

Cru. This is her question.

Prnt. That's true ; make no question of that.

Om and Aftf ^rs. quoth he. om/ OMe ivAile ; That

wktte hair is mtfiUker, and ail the re$l are his soiu.

Jupiter I quoth she. loAicA cf these hairs is l*aris

mr hmsbamit The forked one, quoth he, piudi it

oat, amdaive il htm But, there was such laturh-

iiifl and Helen so blushed, and Paris so chafed,

and all the rest so laughed, that il uassed.

Cres. 8u let It now : ^ il has been a great
while fiijmt by.

/*an. Well, cotwin. I told yoa a thing yester-
day; think oo't.
Crr* St» I U«.
Pan. VU lio sworn. Im true ; he will weep yuu,
as 'twere a man burn in Aprd.
Crr^. AuU ['11 spring ap in his tears, an twers

I uetti«) ainiinst Muy. {A retreat sotmded.
fan. Hark, tliey are coming from the field:

-^hall we siMod up here, and see them n tiiey
HtssiowamJ HiumT guod uieoe,do; sweet niece

Cres. At your pleasure.

Fan Here. here, here's an excellent place;
*fre we may aee moat bravely : I'll tellfoo them

II by their names, as they pass by; but mark
roilus abuve the rest.

JEnema passes over the Stat/e.
Cres. Siieak not so loud.
Pan. 1'liat's Aueas ; Is not that a brave man!
I'm iHM ot the flowera of Troy, I can tell yoa ;
It mark Troitias ; you shall see auoo.
Ores. Whu'athatI

Antenor passes over,
Pam. Th«t*a AnieDor ; he has a shrewd wit, I
1 tell yuu ; aiid he's a man good enough : he's
} o*tha suumlest judgments in I'ruy, who-
ver. auMl a pnMier man of person : — When
iititt Truilus f — 1 11 show you Tmilus anon : if
sea me. ruu sbail see him nod at me.
*re». Will lie give you the uod T
'trm. Y«*u aliall see.
rre«. If he ilu. the rich shall have n>oi:%.

That** Hector, that, t

;, look you, that ;

There's a fellow !— Gt» thy way. Hector !— There »
a brave man. niece.— hnive H«r.ior! — Look,
how he looks! there's a countenance : lat not a
brave man T

Cres. O, a brave man !

Pan. Es'a nott It dues a man's heart good —
Look you what hacks are on his helmet T look
you/onder, do you see T look you there t there's
no jesting; there's laying on: taket off whe
wilC as they suy ; there be hacks !

Cres. Be those with swords T

Paris ^sses ooer

Pan Swords ? any thing, he cares not ; an the
devil come to liim. it's all oue : By cod's lid. il
does one's heart good : — Yonder comes Paris
yonder conies Paris : look ye yonder, niece ; 1st
not a gnllant man too. ist not T — Why. this i*
hrave now. — Who said, he came hurt borne to-
day? he's' not hurt: why this will do Helen'a
heart good now. Ha ! 'would 1 could see Truilu«
now !— you shall see Troilus anou.

Cres. Who's that I

Helenns passes over.

Pan. That's Helenns.— I marvel, where Troilus
M ;— Thai's Helenus ;— f think he went not forth
to day;— Thafk Helenns.

Cres. Can Helenus fight, uncle ?

Pom. Helenas ? no :— yes, he'll fight indifferent
well :— 1 marvel, where Troilus is ! — Hark ; do
you not hear the people cry, Troilus ? — Helenas
Ha priest.

Ores. What sneakmg feUow comes yonder *

Troilus passes over.

Pan. Where ? yonder ? that's Deiphobus : 'TIS
Truilas ! there's a man. niece ! — Hem I — Brave
Troilus! the prince of chivalry.

Cres. Peace, for shame, peiuw !

Pan. Mark him ; note him ;~0 brave Troilus !
—look well upon him. niece : l<Ntk you. how hia
sword is bloodied, and liix helm more hack'd
than Hector's; And how he looks, and how he
goes! — O admirable youth! he ne'er saw three
and twenty^ Go thy way, 1'niilus. go thy way ;
had 1 a sister were a grace, or h daughter a K«id-
deas. he should lake his choice. O admirable
man I Paris? — Paris m dirt to him; and. I war-
rant, Helen, to change, would give an eye to

Fbreupass over tke Stai/e.

Ores. Hera come more.

Pan. Asses, feols, dolts ! chaff and bran, chwff
and bran! porridge after meat! I could live and
ilie i' the eyes of I'rodus. Ne'er look, ne'er look:
the eagles are g.>ne ; crows and daws, crows uiid
dawsl I had rather be such a man as Troilus,
than Agamenmou and all Greece.

Ores. I'here is among the Greeks, Achillrs: a
better man than Troilus.

Pan. Achilles? a drayman, a porter, a very

Ore. WelU well

Pan. Well. weU?— Why. have you any dtocre-
tion ? have you any eyes f Do you know what a
man is ? Is ni»t birtti. beauty, good shape, dis-
course, manhood, learning, geutleuess, virtue,
youth. liberhlily, and such bke,the spice and »alt
that season^a man !

Cres. Ayjji minced man ; and then to he baked
with no date in tlie pye, — for then the man's
date IS out.


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/ 010



[Act I.

Is. M a virtue, fix'd. UmImj wm DMtT'd :
H« I'hMl Audmniiiehe. aua itruck his arniourer :
Ami. ilka H» there were iiasbaiidij in war.
Before the nan niM, he wiu huruttsit'd ligbt.
And to the field goes he ; wtiere every flower
Did. M m urupliel, weep what it furaaew
In Hector^ wnth.
Cret. What was hia eaaae of aoferf

At*!*, llie noise goea, this; lliere is amuog
tile Greeks
A lord of Trojao blood, nephew to Hector ;
They «»U him, Ajaic.
Crtg. Good; and what of hinf

Ales Thejr wj he is a very wan p€r «,
And >J»'y*f alooe.

Cret. So do all men; onless they are drunk.
Sick, or have no legs.

AUx i his manTuidy.hath robbed many bea^s
»( their particalar additioos; he is as valiaut a^
the Ikui, churlish as the bear, slow ss the eJe-
phant : a man iulo wbuui uators hath so crowded
nuniuuni, that liis valour is crushed into fully, hn
it'Uy sauced with discreuon; there w no man
httita a virtue Hut he haUi iMt a gUnipae of; nor
Muy man an attaint, but he camea aooie suuu uf
it : lie M uiehuichuly without cause, and merry
amuust the hair: ho hath the ^uts nf eTsijr
ihiitg; but erery lluiuc su uui of juiui, Uiat h« mi

u gMiiiy Bruireus. nuiuy liauds aud uu uss
lurbiiiMl Argus, all eyes aud iu> sigUL
L'us. But howahould this man, that makea me

purbiiinl Argus, all eyes aud uo sigUL

Ctts. But howahould this
smilt), make Hector aiiirry T

Akx 'I'liey sajr, he yesterday coped Hector in
the beUle, and straot him down; the disdain
J sluuue whereof hntli ever «uoe kepc Hector

CrtM. Who

Akx If adani. yoor uuele Pandarua.

Crt$. Ilei^or's a ipUaut man.

Akx As may he in the worki, lad/.

I'm. What's that f what's that T

Crtt. Gowi nitirrow. uncle Pandams.

Fou Otiod morrow, ouwdn CreMid: What do
yiio talk ofT — GtMtd mumiw, Alexiualer. — How
do you. cousin T When were yon at Ilium 1

Crtt. I'hw inomiiig. uncle.

J'an. What were }uu talkmg of, when I came T
Whs Hector anueu, and gone, ere ye came to
Ilium T Helen was not up, w«n she f

Cret. Hector was Kooe ; but Helen was not op.

Pan. E'en su ; Heotiir was stirring early.

Ciet. I'hat were we talking of, and of his

Fan. Was he angry?

Cret. So he says here.

pan. True, he wan su; I know the caose too ;
he'll lay about him to-day. I can tell them that:
and thera is Iroilus will not come far behind
him : let them take heed uf Trodns; I can t«U
them that too.

Cret. What,isheanffi7tooT

J'an. Who, TroiiusTl'roaus is the better
of the two.

Cret. <Xf Jnpiter ! there'k no comparison.

Pan. What, not between Iroilus and Hector?
Do yua know a man. if yuu aee him T

cVci. Ay ; if I ever saw him before, and kiMW

Pa*. WelL I say, I'niilns is Troilus.

Cret. l*hen yon say as I sajr : for, I am sure, I

Pom. Mo, nor Hector is nol Tnitius, in son

Oet. Tu Just to MBh of them

Pan. Himself? Alas, poor TroUus! I would, he

Ores. So he is.

Pan.' -





^ \

»d gone bnre-iwt to

0. he's not himself.~*Wottld
elL tite suds are abom ; 'lime
id: W^ll. TriHlus, well,- 1
ere hi her body I— No, Heotar

, pardon me.



I it. If he have Ua

■ tot: yon f
f the uthftr^ come tot.



Pan. Norhisqnalitieai

Cret. No matter.

Pan. Nor his beauty.

Crtt. Twoold nol become him, h« owals

i^Bii. Too have no ji
herwif swore the "
brown favour. (Cm-

bo jodgment, niece: HeJeft
other doy. that lYoilos. for a
so tis. I most ooafoss,) — Not

to say troth, brown and mC

Cret. No

Pan. FUth,

Cret. To wy the truth, true and not tive.
Pan. She prais'd his oumplexiiin above Fath.

Cret. Why, Paris hath c

Pea. So he has.

Cret I'hen, lYoilos shonld hare too mndi : tf
she prsieed him above. hiH comp|e»ioo is higher
than his: he havinc colour enough, and ths
other higher, is too flsniinf a praise for a good

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